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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 10, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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clinton 49-41%. 37 delegates are at stake. >> sanders made a surprise visit to his campaign office in oakland today, rallying supporters. as they gear up for next month's california primary. >> abc7 news is live with the story tonight. leanne? >> of course, bernie sanders waiting on edge for the results of the primary in west virginia. earlier, sanders told them he had to win the future primaries but that he had to win big over hillary clinton. >> thank you. >> bernie sanders showed his persona walking down college avenue, greeting supporters. it was a visit few expected but
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many hoped for. sanders is making california a priority, a state he hopes to win. if hillary clinton is dominating the count, sanders told reporters he's the only one that can beat republican contender donald trump. >> what every poll shows is we need a bunch coming out today is that against donald trump, bernie sanders is a significantly stronger candidate. >> word sanders would show up started as a possibility which spread on social media. >> i did see that on facebook and i knew this is going to be crazy. i purposely came down early for this. >> this sanders supporter continues to reach out to the african american community of oakland. >> they seem to be less informed on better points, bigger points. so we just need to get out there and canvas. >> last night, sanders was addressing 15,000 people and this morning attending a rally
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in stockton. >> it's a huge rally of 6,000 people this morning. we will be back here in oakland. and we'll be in san francisco. we're going to be launching all over the state.his afternoon, ht a stan fran coffee shop. he will be in oregon tonight. in oakland, abc7 news. and a new independent poll finds bernie sanders has a stronger chance of beating donald trump and hillary clinton in a key swing state. in a match up, sanders wins all three florida, ohio and pennsylvania and a match up between clinton and donald trump, clinton losing only ohio to trump. the past 80 years, no candidate has become president. only republicans are on the ballot in nebraska's primary.
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and donald trump is projected to win. same story in west virginia. and there is a new campaign submitted a known of a white nationalist as one of the pledge delegates. a spokesman blames the error for adding william johnson's name to the list and says he's not a delegate. >> twitter just released this new chart. tweets are the most popular represented by the top shield bar. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders seem to be following a path of increases as well as decreases. it corresponds with the biggest increase for trump happened during super tuesday when he won seven of 11 states and more than 250 delegates in a night. >> well, today, the san
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francisco district attorney announced he's filed charges against two sheriff deputies that were reported striking a man named stannus loss potrof. he led cops on a chase across the bay bridge that ended in san francisco's mission district. abc7 news is live with the live with the latest in this case. >> deputies remain on paid leave, they will both have to self surrender tomorrow, bail set at $140 thour. the san francisco public defender says it was one of his former students that alerted him to video. the district attorney says this video showed sheriff deputies striking petrov at least 30
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times. >> this is a case of a police officer acting beyond the authority of the law. >> in november, he led sheriff deputies on a chase that ended in a san francisco mission district alley. and. >> this goes very deep. >> the da admits the case took a long time. >> there are people who are charged within a day or two of assault when you have evidence on video. >> one deputy's body cameras turned on and captured evidence, including petrov. >> so now, i can't use my hands or text. >> the da's office and sheriff's office are investigating whether
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a third deputy gave him gold chains to silence them, the civil attorney says we should see one or more deputies indicted for theft. there have been changes at the sheriff's office. >> every use of force gets reviewed up to and including assistant sheriff. >> he is on drug and gun charges stemming from a separate investigation. a sheriff's deputy is accused of molesting a young girl. anthony felix diaz is accused of sex with a minor under 10 years old. investigators say it happened in spring, 2010, involving a child he knew. he is now on unpaid leave. >> sky 7 hd was above as crews
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dis-mandeled a homeless encampment today. there were 50 tents set up. santa clara's city council is going over super bowl expenses. they made a modest profit, still a profit. abc7 news is live outside of the chaem bers. >> the city council made a deal, and they got reimbursement for virtually every super bowl related ex-pension. the committee came through with the money and santa clara came out ahead. the only time it happened was on
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southbound sunday. someone had to pay for security. santa clara budgeted three and a half million dollars. >> in the looking at the budget and so just so happened we're right on with the budget. >> expenses mounted for the police, fire, and planning department. santa clara eeked out a profit after spending three and a half million. sports economists and professor roger noel says it was a good deal. >> this would be reimbursed for the cost. >> santa clara did lose money. it kept residents engaged.
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>> here is what we had to do and that is a cost that they won't have incurred had there not be a super bowl. the citizens got the benefit. >> santa clara is waiting for final figures. rooms and houses rented out contributed $18,000 in taxes. >> officials reported first zika virus infection in the country. officials stress it does not represent a risk to the community. it is spread by a mosquito that hasn't been detected in marin county. governor brown is reminding us california is in a drought. and with that in mind, they're taking a step to normalize
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things today. >> this is almost an embarrassment of riches. >> never heard it or saw it. the drought ended at 2:00 p.m. with this vote. >> just like that, approval from the board ends the drought surcharge. it means beginning july 1st, the average customer will see his or her bill drop by more than $four per month. >> so we told customers we'lling charging as long as we needed to buy supplies. >> it may come as a surprise to
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many of you the fishing is good. >> you learn to let the fish come to you. >> i am. i'm surprised. and you know, they'll change their mind. >> we should add a preapproved increase does take affect. cost of doing business. >> we have health care costs that go up and labor costs. costs of operating our systems. >> if your head hurts if the information, take a break and go fishing. there is plenty of water for it. >> an off duty muni driver
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caught on camera using a racial slur is being disciplined. >> what's happening to the man that made the comments. >> next, how $17 million will help the police department rebuild trust in the community. >> nice warm up is coming our way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up coming up. >> next, a live report on the
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under a new budget plan, community violence prevention would get most of the $17 million he's proposing to address the call for police reform. vic lee is live with the story. >> the mayor and chief have been vocal about this new training and other reforms. and this is the first time we heard about the cost, the money. >> our budget reflects $17.5 million to police reform and violence prevention. >> community groups told the mayor, programs were essential in rebuilding trust. >> san francisco is showing it's
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a city that nes how to deal with a flawed situation. >> we cannot rest until every person in this city enjoys a relationship of trust. training started here at the police academy with simulators on how to deescalate teps situations. >> the department will spend $1.4 million on direct training for staff with regard to bias. >> it's a wild spread net that will allow us time to subdue the person. >> the key to the training is
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that the sanctity of life should be the center of every decision a cop makes on the streets. a police officer is poll jiezing after sending out a tweet directed at the black lives matter movement. white was fired but got his job back and he wrote he will work to earn back the trust of residents. >> the nba voted on a league's most valuable player and it's steph curry. laura, could it get better? >> it seems hard to imagine he could get better but it did.
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>> less than 24 hours after the first time in mystery, the vote was unanimous. >> i looked at the list of everybody who won before and they're legends and to with the first unanimous winner is something i can't even put into words. >> he shimmied down the side line. >> like he did last night with 17 points in over time, the
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28-year-old set records and led the league on the way to leading the team to 73 win season. the coach who worked with the star for two years. >> guys like him don't come around often. so the organization is lucky to be a part of what he is doing. >> clearly a special player in his prime. >> they're putting their old orinda home on the market. it sits on a nearly acre of land. inside is 4700 square feet. the family moved to a bigger home in walnut creek last
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november. >> wow. >> we're privileged to see someone at this level in our town. >> i know. >> how about the weather? >> looking good, too. sunny skies and inland, 12 degrees warmer in fairfield and here is a look over san francisco. low clouds beginning to push over the city. it's 57 degrees in san francisco. 55 in half moon bay.
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this is the view at sfo. and from forecast features, mild to warm, upper 80s and a cooler pattern friday. by 5:00 in the morning, visibility will be diminished and will move back into the coastline and will have a mainly sunny mid day and afternoon. lows into low to mid-50s and highs around 80 degrees. low to mid-60s on the coast. up in the north bay, highs around 80 degrees so we'll see
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mid to upper 70s and low to mid-80s inland. and here is our accu-weather forecast. a cooler day friday, carrying inland with mid-70s inland. lovely weather is ahead. >> coming up how this new street >> coming up how this new street design is supposed to protect
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maybe you've noticed drivers seeing road changes. >> how new bike lanes are changing how people park and drive. >> these are protected bike lanes. and i want to show you how it works. bicycles ride here, between the sidewalk and parked cars. the markings have been years in the making. officials tell brated with a ribbon cutting this morning. and there are medians with pedestri pedestrians. there are 66 accidents involving bicyclists in the past few years. >> allowing to ride between
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curve and ride we create a sharper environment. so wem don't open their car doors. >> they city planners say after san francisco did something similar, those merchants saw increase in business. >> do you know what could be in your wine? one test found traces of weed killer. >> there is a birthday in the neighborhood a year since twitter opened to give back to the neighborhood. the twitter ceo on abc7 news. >> the tail of a squirrel. coming up.p.p.
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a car is fallen into a large sink hole. >> here is a picture of the car with a family inside. >> yes. abc7 news joins us live on the phone. and katie, did you talk to the family? >> i did. and the family visiting from what la and on the way to the airport so as you look at the scene, they've been able to pull the suv out and trief it. the drive left at this point as has the family taken off to try to be on their way to the airport. and they told me it felt like a
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flat tire. the fire department told them to stay in the suv so they can stabilize it. and they said they were terrified and they're out of the hole and the question is what caused it? >> thank you. >> well, a lab test from ten california wines concluded they all contain active ingredients from some weed killers. >> dan noyes is here with an investigation.
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>> this is an important to many people. a and the wines from napa and mendocino counties are from st. louis, missouri the team has been testing food and rev beverages for years. critics prove they don't prove a slight dip in the wine. >> how competent are you? >> it is a popular weed killer used on big barns and gardens.
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and jennifer is the executive director and she says she welcomes testing. >> nobody is more interested in a healthy environment of the vineyard than us. >> for decades, round up enjoyed a reputation as a safe alternative to harsher chemicals but today it's at the heart of the controversy. >> consensus is that it will pose no risk when used to cording to districters. >> adding if it is in the wine, it's too little to cause harm. a person would have to drink around 8,000 bottles of wine in
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one day to meet the intake. >> the epa says some are concerns levels are too high. >> there is an increase of safety limits in the world given enough time, can result in potentially serious disease. >> he and 13 other scientists expressed concern they site studies linking to high risks to the kidneys and liver in rats. they say more tests are urgently needed. >> then, we can get to the bottom of what we're exposed to.
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>> in past years, various bodies had concluded it did not pose a cancer risk but last year, the world health organization cancer research agency classified it as a probable risk. and the state of california said it wants to list it as a known carcinogen. they found it in wine, breast milk, urine and drinking water. >> that really needs to stop.
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>> for this vineyard consultant, weeds are good. >> the vine needs plants to help it thrive to do its job. >> bio dynamic farming is based on the idea the right weeds help water. >> we go back to a lot more labor and to shovel work. >> it's tested at lower levels than conventional wines. >> three days later they pulled it off the web and said evaluation is not final.
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>> coming up next, the tale of the tail. the messages coming from a squirrel's tail. >> we're part of the community. >> abc7 news sits down with a product
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we have breaking news out of west virginia. abc news projects bernie sanders is the winner there. the remaining votes going to write ins and other candidates. sanders and clinton will split the delegates because of the rules on how delegates are divided. moving onto the first time tonight, we heard from a woman who recorded video of a muni operator yelling racial slurs at her over a parking space. >> i'm not -- >> doesn't matter, your mentality. >> she said the other driver
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passed a spot, she pulled in. the man started yelling. and she pulled out a video to record it. >> i couldn't believe he was so openly racist like that. like me, videotaping him. he didn't care. >> muni sent her an polling. the employee is on paid leave. sources told us muni is working to fire him. a possible solution to safe an ethnic studies program and end a hunger strike at san francisco state university. the school president says he will meet with the strikers team tomorrow morning. he says he believes the sides can reach an agreement to ensure ongoing support. four students began the hung yir strike if response to funding cuts for ethnic studies. new at 6:00, the new study from ucsf finds quitting smoking makes a quick drop in costs. researchers say if just 10% of
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current smokers stopped, the nation would save $63 billion in a year. the study estimates that because smoking rates in california are lower than the national average, that saves our state $15 billion in costs every year. new at 6:00, an abc7 news exclusive. the only ones to sit down with twitter founder to find out why the company is focused on what my belly pain and constipation? they keep telling me "drink more water." "exercise more." i know that. "try laxatives..." i know. believe me. it's like i've. tried. everything! my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know that.
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all right. you're looking at body language from the animal kingdom in video. a flick of the tail, according to researchers expresses frustration when it can't get enough from a box. >> that is frustrating. >> twitter is now 10 years old and the first birthday of what they call the neighbor net where employees give back to the
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community. why the company is trying to make an impact. >> when jack dorsey sent a tweet, he never predicted this. >> you know, i can see world lead leaders speak to each other. >> twitter took over a big building and ruffled fatherers. >> they're not even, you don't see them. who are they? >> that changed a year ago. the founder is back in charge and committed. >> this is where we live and work. our community. and we want to be part of this. >> it's rare for a company to invest and open doors to the
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community. >> to fill out housing applications. i didn't mow how to do them. and now, i'm learning that. >> he she gets to focus. >> the biggest barrier is access to child care. >> and this no birthday is complete. a new curriculum. >> starting with ability to use a keyboard and mouse. >> i want them to feel like they can't live without the internet. >> just one of the fastest ways to see what's happening in the world. importantly, people finding what's happening within the community. and that is what this is about
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as well. >> warmer weather is on the way this week. check out the sunshine this morning. captured by amy. >> post your pick yours online, you can see them on tv as well. >> yes. spencer is back to update the forecast. >> warmer weather is getting close. here is live doppler 7 hd. clear skies and low clouds at the coastline. and those clouds and fog make a push across the bay. statewide, sunny skies and warm conditions away from the coast. 91 in fresno. in l.a., 73 degrees. and there is our two day warm up. wednesday and thursday, highs up to about 80 around the bay.
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mid-60s on the coast. all areas cool down friday and remain in a study temperature pattern into the week. a great win for the warriors and a great moment today. >> absolutely. >> did something happen? >> i was screaming at the tv. >> yes. >> coming up in sports, more on steph curry being named league mvp. and some bold words from
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in the 61 year history of the nba's most valuable player, no one, never has there been a unanimous winner until today when steph curry was named mvp. he was presented his trophy as the leading scorer, leading to a record 73 and 9 record. his daughter, riley had her eyes on the prize and reporters.
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curry is the first to win in back to back seasons since steve nash a decade ago. his teammates joined him on stage. it's not just his basketball skills but his character. >> everyone that steps in our offices every day, they appreciate you. you're revered and it is absolutely deserved. there is nothing fake about you. you're as authentic as they come. that is my favorite quality. your authenticity and humility. man, you can punt on both those and people wouldn't care. but you're the true essence of both of those. >> it's the determination. it's the love for the game. there is no agenda. it's just i want to get better. there is no agenda. and every day, you come in and you work. what that means for coaching staff is our jobs are incredibly
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easy. you set a tone for the organization. we have a team full of guys that work and want owe get better every day. >> i try to surround myself with people that push me an keep me focused on the right things in life. and i have that on the stage right here, my family. and for that, i'm extremely blessed. people didn't think i can be back here, i try to achieve what could not be achieved. that is something i'm very, very proud of. thank you very much for this award. thank you for supporting us. every day. and let's win a championship! >> the award comes a day after curry left everyone, including charles barkley, searching for superlatives. he came off the bench to store 40 points including a record 17 in a five-minute overtime. the warriors rallied to win,
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132-125. they can wrap up tomorrow night at home. blazers owner's face says it all. after being dealt a crushing lost, draymond green says portland is done. >> it's up to us to close it out. i trust our team to come out, ready to go. and so of course i think they're done. >> the kings introduced dave yaeger today. he becomes sacramento's ninth head coach in ten years. >> a's continue to sink if the west, they appear headed for a loss. the first batter takes him deep
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to left. only getting worse. two batters later, he knows it. giving up eight runs and now, in the 8th inning red sox lead. the giants host toronto tonight. this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by orchard supply hardware. tough times for the baseball team but warriors. >> yes. >> thank you rick. >> join us tonight at 9:00 a man injured by an e cigarette explosion is speaking out about what happened. >> michael finney tests freshness and safety of food long past the best buy date. >> here is a line up on abc76789
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and it is jimmy kim yil live. t news at 6:00. >> from the entire abc7 news team, we hope have you a great evening.
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