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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 13, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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since an officer suicide in 20 faeng. >> o'brien also committed suicide. it was that suicide that prompted the internal affairs investigation that is now under way into the sexual misconduct police officers. we have learned today the alameda county da is conducting investigation. here's what the chief had to say. >> we will notz÷y tolerate
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criminal misconduct on the part of our police officers. we will hold them accountable. we owe that to the rest dents of oakland. owe it to the hard working men and women of the o pd that continue to do a good job day in and day out conduct sdññrñr manner with integrity. ?$ type of conduct is[eñ happening at this moment in time when this department to2dy[k !i0 has made so muchorw progress. >>reporter: both the mayor and the police chief emphasize that a police officer's conduct is expected to be at the highest level regardless of whether or tntu$e time.icer is on duty at also going forward o pd will @kbmovx+ulvx19ai
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. >> waiting in ambulance. >>/ydw 4 people into the water after personal water craft overturned. all of the people are out of the water and have life jackets on. they are sent to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia. we'll continue to follow this story on air and on line. breaking news at any time follow us on twitter at 7 news bay area. bizarre twist in the presidential race. trump is accused of pretending his own media spokesperson
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during a phone interview recorded 20 years ago. trump is denying that it is trump is denying that it is him on tape he he's standing on his on tape he he's standing on his decision to not release his . and hopefully . >> soon suspicious. john miller was trump himself. bragging about his own exploits with women. >>knúqar somebody that has a lof options and frankly, he gets called by everybody. yxgc1 3 3 2v
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give them. it's under routine audit. >>reporter: 4 years ago trump said then republican nominee mitt romney should release his returns. >> he has to get the tax returns out. >>reporter: one of the things trump returns will reveal how much he pay ins taxes. >> fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> is what your tax rate. >> none of your business. >> this is from washington. >> today mark 25 days until california presidential primary. secretary of state alex spoke to state and local leaders in $(l 3 finding way tonbbí expan,t2.v
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red ma redman is due back in court may 31st where he might replace his public defender with a private attorney. the trial of the man accused of killing sierra lamar may not start add planned. in court, the public defender told the judge they need more time to prepare to represent him. torres then filed a motion for a new attorney, which his lawyer said would delay the trial another year. torres met with the judge in closed court, then withdrew that request but the judge says he can refile it later if he chooses. sierra lamar was 15-year-olds old when she disappeared back in 2012. her body has never been found. governor brown released his reviced budget today. the $122 billion spending plan includes $72 billion for
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k-through 12 public schools, an increase of nearly $3 billion. medicare spending hold steady, and it would put $2 billion into a rainy day fund. >> instead of pulling back, in the last two recessions, the state of california accelerated its spending, and therefore made the budget cuts all the more painful. >> the governor's budget now heads to the legislature for a month of intense negotiations. by law, legislators must send the governor a final spending plan by june 15th for the fiscal year that begins july 1st. well, we are on whale watch. humpback whales have been spotted in the bay this week. abc 7 news reporter melendez has the video. >> at around 3:00 this afternoon, at least three of the whiles were spotted near baker beach just outside the golden gate. from sky 7 hd, you can see the humpbacks spouting and feeding. surrounded by marine birds. they have been feeding on large
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number of anchovies that are going in and out of the bay. they prefer krill, but they are found in colder, deeper waters. when humpbacks find a good source of food, they stick with it for a while. and when they run out, they quickly leave the area, and that's what researchers hope will happen. in the meantime, marine biologist john stern worries about the possibility of a ship striking one of the whales. >> with ships, their sound gets projected mostly backwards. so a whale in front of a ship doesn't really hear it that well. so they don't have much time to react. >> reporter: people gathered near baker beach this afternoon to watch them as they came closer. the spokesperson for the fair alons national marine sanctuary says they are asking boaters and kite surfers to keep a distance. >> we can't physically go out there and intervene. so what we can do is get the word out that the responsible thing to do is to resist the impulse. >> reporter: they are hoping common sense will prevail.
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in san francisco, lee ann melendez, abc 7 news. >> that's incredible. >> awesome. we were up in the weather office watching. we're very busy. >> pretty nice day. it's not like we were tracking any rain. >> it's going to be a nice weekend. heat spikes early again next week. dry conditions for most of next week. just some drizzle possible first thing tomorrow morning. live doppler showing you partly cloudy skies to the north. you do notice temperature-wise it's much cooler, especially inland. look at these numbers right now. we are topping out in the upper 50s and lower 60s. antioch, you can see pretty cool right now with temperatures some 10 degrees cooler right now than they were this time yesterday. we'll take a live look outside. a good amount of sunshine across the bay in the afternoon. right now partly cloudy skies over the city of san francisco. showing you the beautiful lights of the bay area. our forecast will crawl for that drizzly start perhaps tomorrow
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morning. i think the best chance would be right along the coast and into portions of the north bay. cooler than average for the weekend ahead and then a warmer pattern sets up for monday, tuesday, and wednesday. mainly in the 50s right now outside. 58 in oakland. 56 in san mateo. one low 60 in antioch. not as warm as we were yesterday. 55 currently in nova tow. overnight tonight we have clear skies. once again the clouds are going to move back in. partly to mostly cloudy skies. 53 overnight in san francisco. 51, fairfield, and 54 overnight in antioch. future weather we'll show you as we start the clock, you see the clouds, the fog moving in once again. then what we're all watching. there's a cold front that will begin to move onshore. it's a narrow line of some very light showers. it's really going to fall apart as it approaches the region, but really for the first half of our saturday, there is the chance that we could have a little bit of drizzle right along the coast. that front just falls apart in the afternoon, but what it does
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do, bring in cooler air. so temperatures stay below average for saturday and even into sunday. so high saturday starting in our south bay location, 72 san jose. 71 the high in san jose. 70 the high in sunnyvale. along the peninsula, some drizzle along the coast. 60, pacifica. 60 menlo park. downtown san francisco tomorrow, afternoon sunshine. 60 in daly city. 71 santa rosa. 69 sonoma. 67 vallejo. 67 in oakland tomorrow. 66 richmond. and inland it's a blend of sun and clouds. 72 livermore. 73 in brentwood. we do have beta breakers occurring sunday morning. early on we have overcast skies but the clouds are going to clear rather quickly. 9:00 we have peeks of sunshine
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and by 11:00 and into the afternoon we are sun soaked but a bit of a breeze with temperatures in the mid-and low 60ss. we have morning drizzle tomorrow. some afternoon sunshine, though. it's breezy on sunday, but remain dry. welcome to may. it's great so far. >> thank you so much, drew. well, free wi-fi is available at coffee shops, hotels and airports, but how can you tell the real thing from the fakes set up to steal your information? >> it's always a cat and mouse game, and, you know, since there's no such thing as 100% security. >> so how can you spot the threat and protect yourself? 7 on your side's michael finney shows you in a special investigation tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7. but first here on abc 7 news at 9:00, getting the cold shoulder. see the priceless reaction from hundreds of penguins as
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cupertino, wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> it's good to be a bay area sports fan right now. both the warriors and the san jose sharks are in the western conference finals. today abc 7 news was at the warriors' practice facility in oakland as the team got ready for the oklahoma city thunder. steph curry got plenty of shots in and says he hopes to be 100% by game one monday night at orac oracle. tip-off is at 6:00. [ bell ringing ] >> sharky from the san jose sharks helped ring the friday the 13th bell at the winchester mystery house in san jose. last night the sharks advanced
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to the western conference finals. the sharks haven't made it this far in the playoffs since 2011. >> from sharks to penguins, it turns out they aren't the biggest fans of opera. ♪ >> wait. >> come back. that's british tenor nick al ender on a visit to ant arkt recently. alan tells us he's a big giants fan. who knows, maybe he could scare away all those seagulls at at&t park. another half hour of news is next. coming up. >> one of the most outrageous examples of perjury by a police officer. >> only on abc 7 news, the surveillance video that prompted a judge to call a local police officer a liar. also a train conductor is being called a hero tonight for warning passengers about what was about to happen.
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then -- >> and to have a letter come from arlington saying that her service doesn't count, she doesn't matter, it's -- it's heartbreaking. >> meet the bay area woman who took on the pentagon so her grandmother can rest in
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>> announcer: live from the kgo tv broadcast center. a federal judge has accused a san francisco police officer of perjury after video evidence directly contradicted his testimony. this is the video the judge saw which led to dismissal of the case. >> reporter: officer nicholas buckley had signed a sworn declaration detailing the arrest last december in the tenderloin.
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he was testifying yesterday in federal court before judge charles breyer. he repeated what he said in his declaration, that he and his partner had just broken up a dice game on eddie and taylor streets, that he engaged simpson, who looked suspiciously at him, ignored his commands, acted aggressively and tried to sprint away up the hill. buckley and other officers took him down and arrested him. that's when they found a gun. public defender jeff ha da chi has a different account. >> they went into court and just told bald-faced lies to the judge and to the u.s. attorney. >> reporter: after buckley testified, simpson's lawyer showed the court a security video from an apartment building near the intersection. it shows officer buckley and his partner arriving first and breaking up the dice game. they interact with simpson. there's no evidence he acted aggressively, nor did he try to escape by sprinting up a hill. they grab him quickly and take him down. other cops arrive and help as
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they struggle with simpson on the ground. >> they went up to this man and basically grabbed him for no reason. >> reporter: after viewing the video, prosecutors asked judge breyer to drop the charges. the judge said the officer perjured himself and that it was an affront to all of us and that he was deeply saddened. in an unusual move, judge breyer ordered prosecutors to give copies of the video to chief greg sir. brandon simpson was released late yesterday thanks to the video. now, the question is will the officer and his partner, who also wrote a sworn declaration with the same scenario, be charged with perjury under oath? san francisco police department told us they've launched an investigation. now to the uproar ignited by george zimmerman auxing the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. zimmerman put the gun up for sale after another auction website took it down.
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protesters try to disrupt the sale with wild bids of up to $65 million. >> reporter: tonight the internet strikes back. trolls with mocking names like racist mcshoot face jamming george zimmerman's gun auction. zimmerman set the opening bid for the handgun he used to kale trayvon martin in 2012 at $5,000. he described the gun as a piece of american history, using pictures from his 2013 murder trial. he was acquitted. earlier, zimmerman was reached by phone, dismissing his critics. >> they're not going to be bidding on it, so i couldn't care less about them. >> reporter: but then they did start bidding, by the dozens, with names like stone wall mccracker, triggering a fictitious bidding wars, with offers topping $65 million. so many hijacked the account that the website, a small website with a big-sounding name, creaked to a stop under the immense traffic.
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zimmerman has also vowed to use proceeds to bring on the demise of groups like black lives matter and the policies of people like hillary clinton. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. america's so-called toughest sheriff is on the other end of the law tonight. a judge has found long time sheriff joe arpaio in contempt of court. the judge ruled the sheriff disobeyed orders in a racial profile is case. the charge could lead to fines or even jail. a federal law requiring public schools to accommodate transgender students is brewing controversy in some parts of the country. here in california, a law just like it has been on the books since 2014. the school success and opportunity act requires school districts to provide access to school programs and facilities consistent with a student's gender identity. at el cerrito high, that means making sure transgender students have access to bathrooms. >> transgender people, they are what they want to be. like the whole point of the united states is to be, you know, free.
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it's more frightening to have somebody hide it and for that to lead into more consequences. >> the law also requires schools make sure locker rooms and other facilities can accommodate transgender students without harassment or discrimination. a train conductor is being hailed as a hero for leaping into action before a crash on the tracks. it happened in western poland. you can see the train conductor just running through the aisles there, warning passengers to get low and brace for impact. then you see the train bearing down on a truck stuck on the tracks. he saw that there. it hit the truck at 60 miles per hour. those on board, they threw themselves to the ground as instructed and remarkably, no one was killed or seriously injured. there it is again. look at that. the crash and the conductor's heroics caught on camera. philadelphia police reportedly attached a google maps logo to their surveillance van to try to disguise it. it's not clear who made the decision to use the logo, which has since been removed. google says the van was definitely not part of its
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street view fleet of vehicles which drive around with 360 degree cameras on top to korea the street view images available online. congress has sent president obama a bill that, in the minds of many, corrects a snub for women aviators. it began with a petition sent by a woman here in the bay area. only on abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman has the story. >> reporter: the airplanes on her mailbox might serve as a tip-off. >> sure. lots of women flew. >> reporter: look around jean harmon's home. she didn't just like airplane planes. she flew them in world war ii as a member of wasp, testing and delivering military planes. as far as the wasps were concerned, they were already in the army air corps, just waiting for confirmation any day. they marched. they saluted. they lived in barracks. they flew every earn in the arsenal, complicated machines
9:36 pm
saufn often in difficult conditions. >> we flew by railroad tracks and water towers with the name of the town. those were our best navigating aids. we didn't have the radio directional guides at all. >> reporter: but navigating politics would be more difficult. the wasps only received recognition by the veterans administration in the 1970s. >> it was the usual lack of respect for our organization. >> reporter: then last year an ultimate insult to the wasp. the army, which runs arlington national cemetery decreed it had no more room to inter them. >> only this week congress reinstated the honor. thank tiffany miller who wrote a petition on behalf of all wasps including her grandmother, who just passed away after a long battle with cancer. >> to not be able to lay her to rest is just heartbreaking and to have a letter come from
9:37 pm
arlington saying that her service doesn't count, she doesn't matter, it's -- it's heartbreaking. so we knew that we had to make it right. >> reporter: and now she has. it's nice to have the option, jean harmon told us, but she did marry a navy man. >> my husband was buried at sea, and we're going to have a little kayak flow till la. >> reporter: in menlo park, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. the death of a 116-year-old new york city woman leaves just one person on earth who was alive in the 1,800s. emma mir an know is now the oldest living person. she still lives on her own in northern italy. she was born a month before 1,900 began. england's queen victoria was still on the thrown. william mckinley was president. when asked about the secret of her longevity. she says she had a daily glass of home made brandy and eats two eggs per day. she gets to sleep at 7:00 every
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night and wakes up before 6:00 a.m. doctors say genetics probably played a role as well. you've heard the slogan made in america before. soon you could be hearing made in san francisco more often. new at 9:00, the growing
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we're all used to labels that say made in china, but how about made in san francisco. jonathan bloom found out lots of things are made in san francisco, and they're being celebrated all weekend as part of sf made week. >> reporter: a new shipment's just arrived. >> this is our fabric warehouse. we have fabrics basically from all over the world. >> reporter: it's part of the cut loose clothing factory. >> this is our fall 2016 collection. >> reporter: an operation that makes and ships clothes all over the world. from right here in san francisco. >> i think maybe 10, 15 years
9:42 pm
ago it would have been lucrative to go offshore. >> reporter: but rose marie says china has become more expensive, and san francisco is more efficient. everything you make starts out white? >> pretty much. >> reporter: nothing gets dyed until its ordered so nothing goes to waste. >> this is one of the most popular colors in our summer range. we call the color wasabi. >> reporter: cut loose isn't as unusual as you might think. there are some 650 businesses manufacturing in san francisco, employing as many as 5,700 people. >> don't necessarily have a college degree. you aren't going to go and work for a big tax company. and to provide them with a halfway to a good living and a steady job. >> reporter: that's the mission of sf made, a nonprofit supporting san francisco's manufacturers. >> we have programs that help people to find talented workers. >> reporter: and space. perhaps the scarcest com otdity. >> we look for spaces for about eight months. >> reporter: ed go bow is not
9:43 pm
making clothes. he's making beer. >> we love the soul of san francisco. we love the water that's coming in here to make our beer delicious. >> reporter: it's a perfect pairing for this. >> not the kind of stuff you find at ikea. >> reporter: shop floor makes custom furniture the old-fashioned way. you might not know it's here unless you stop in for a drink. >> the brewery draws in customers to the showroom? >> absolutely. >> that makes it work? >> it totally makes it work. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, we'll check back in with meteorologist drew on the weekend forecast. plus -- >> and i guess all of you are thinking you wish you was me right now, right? >> the $400 million-plus
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the quintessential san francisco experience takes place this sunday. beta breakers is the longest running annual foot race in the world. more than 50,000 people took part last year. abc 7 news will have complete race coverage. we'll stream live aerials just before the start of the race at 8:00. you can watch it through the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts to get race information as it happens. how's the weather going to be? let's get to our meteorologist for a look. >> we're going to see some clouds early on on sunday but the sunshine will pop out pretty quickly. it lego into the 60s by the afternoon so looking just fine for all those runners. my doppler is showing some high clouds in northern california. across the state tomorrow, a little bit of rain happening in northern california in eureka, chico, some showers and fog along the coast in the morning. 98 in palm springs, l.a. up to 73 for the start of the weekend. as we move into the bay area tomorrow, we'll start off with fog, low clouds. it's going to be a blend of
9:48 pm
clouds and sunshine out there. 63 in san francisco, 70 in palo alto. 70 lake port, 72 san jose, and there's going to be a warming trend early next week. we'll take you into san jose. below average for the weekend but watch temperatures really spike. by tuesday, especially into wednesday, it could be near 90 degrees. here's the seven-day forecast. breezy afternoon on sunday. nice weekend all in all. then monday, tuesday, and wednesday there's that warming, especially inland nearing 90 degrees with plenty of sunshine out there. so enjoy. >> perfect. thank you so much, drew. a new jersey family came forward today after hitting that massive powerball jackpot. a mother and her seven grown children will split a prize worth nearly $430 million before taxes, of course. abc news reporter lindsey jan us tells us they already know where some of that money is going. >> reporter: tonight the smith family claiming thei giant jackpot. >> you wish you was me right now, right? >> reporter: breaking the news to the world and everyone they know.
9:49 pm
>> are we live? they're finding out right now? >> reporter: 70-year-old pearly may buying the ticket for the whole family. mom paying just $6 to play twice. her daughter, valleerie came th magic numbers came to her mother in a heavenly dream. >> we had divine intervention gave us the numbers. that's the only way you can explain that. >> reporter: so these aren't regular numbers that you always play? >> no. no birthdays, no anniversary dates. >> reporter: valerie, a corrections facility employee for 27 years, says now they can fulfill their own dream. >> we each have dreams that we want to fulfill in this life and do for our community and our families. >> reporter: stephen asked if he'll buy a hot new car. >> it's not about flashy clothes and cars and spending frivolously, no. i'm more intelligent than that. >> reporter: they're splitting that lump sum of $284 million eight ways. have you calculated what that number will be?
9:50 pm
>> that depends on our tax guy. i just met with him. >> reporter: we did the math for them. after taxes, it comes to about $25 million each. lindsey jan us, abc news, trenton, new jersey. all right. time to check on our sports. >> normally -- well, sometimes i'm very envious of the few who win the jackpot, but i feel great about that family. they really, you know, could tell they're going to have a good time, do the right thing, take care of everybody. freedom. >> good for them. >> free at last. some of us will continue to work. the warriors are getting ready to work for the thunder -- or work on the thunder or against the thunder. this is the danger of ad-libbing. ad-libbing. the
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, sex, drugs, and explosives. tonight east bay police are on alert, warning high school students not to play a dangerous game. and free wi-fi sounds great,
9:54 pm
but it could be fake, set up to steal your personal information. 7 on your side's michael finney reveals how you can stop the internet imposters. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> announcer: this sports report is brought to you by your local toyota dealer. we have plenty of sports to discuss tonight, larry? >> we'll get to the warriors in just a bit. let's start with some baseball and the a's. it's been rough lately after their worst four-game stretch in history, the a's needed some good news. rich hill and danny valencia both delivering tonight in tampa. first we have mascot on mascot violence. oh, look out! the official gets knocked out. at least no mascots were injured in the making of that video. a's chris davis, his eighth homer of the year. a three-run clout and it's 3-0 a's in a flash. two batters later, valencia, he has clout. that's a roof shot right there. his first of the year. he's been battling a hamstring injury. he had another one in the sixth.
9:55 pm
a's starting pitching has been painful, but rich hill, dr. feel good with a curveball. struck out seven. in the ninth, ryan madsen in trouble. valencia robs evan longoria of what looked like at least a double. that saved the game right there. oakland snaps their five-game losing streak. giants and the d-backs in arizona on a very orange friday in the desert. don't try catching a foul ball with a cup full of $10 beer. the guy loses his beer, doesn't get the ball, and look who gets drenched. the girl is like, really? this is what we came out. sem ar ja, eight innings, allowed just one ron, struck out eight. his one blemish comes in the fifth after the pitcher shelby miller triples. d-backs up 1-0. that lead did not last long. in the sixth joe panic gets the green light. three-run homer. his fifth of the year.
9:56 pm
the jiepts prevail 3-1. the warriors went back to work today practicing for the western kroens finals. steph curry and draymond green did work out. bogut shot around on the side a little bit, could practice tomorrow. the warriors will face oklahoma city in game one at oracle. kevin durant and russell westbrook are so dangerous. warriors, well, if they were shocked to see okc knock off the spurs? >> going into the series, i wouldn't have been surprised, you know, who was going to win either way. after game one, it kind of is impressive how okc turned it around and put that behind them, which is a lesson for playoffs as a whole. each game is its own -- takes its own identity, so you kind of have to figure it out. >> everybody in the league knows as talented as okc is, when they really click, they're really, really good. >> game six tonight.
9:57 pm
raptors and heat, toronto up three games to two. the second quarter, terrence ross does this. he has some hops. later in the quarter, josh richardson with authority as well. this game looked like a dunk-a-thon at times. miami was up seven at the break. dor doran drag it doran -- the heat force a game seven which will be on abc 7 on sunday. 103-91 the final. after a game seven thrashing of nashville last night, the sharks are now halfway to a stanley cup title. they're face the st. louis blues in the western conference finals on sunday. it's the fourth time the sharks have reached the third round, but they haven't had much success once they've gotten there. a 3 and 12 record. unlike the past three visits, the sharks, this year they had depth and they've been getting some big performances up and down the roster. that was the goal from day one. >> we're not here with that depth, and i think you look at
9:58 pm
the team standing, the teams that are left standing are there because of their depth. you know, that's been a message since day one. you know, you're not just here to watch the big guys play. you're here to contribute and you're a big piece of this. >> game one eastern conference finals, the lightning and penguins bizarre moment here. ben bishop hurts his left leg, was taken off on a stretcher. x-rays negative but no word even on what he injured or how long he's likely to be out. the lightning inspired a win for their goalie took a 3-0 lead in the second period. then backup goalie andre bass lef ski stopped 25 of 26 shots. lightning win 3-1 and take a 1-0 series lead. round two of the players championship, the famous 17th hole, the water hole. no hole in ones on that hole since 2002, and that's about to end right now. will wilcox shot a 1 under 71.
9:59 pm
he's five under par. nine shots back of the leader jason day, 5 under on the day. almost an eagle right here. rims out. these got a three-shot lead at 14 under par. abc sports brought to you by toyota. >> thank you, larry. thank you for joining us tonight. for all of us at abc 7 news at 9:00, thanks for watching. we'll see y at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, jennifer hudson soars to fame on the hit tv show "american idol." but life for the family she leaves behind hits a tragic note. and terror in times square as a man parks an s.u.v. rigged to


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