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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 14, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. a swarm alert in the east bay. people are being told to stay away from a concord neighborhood because of aggressive bees that are already being blamed for the deaths of two dogs. good evening, i'm eric thomas. tonight police are warning residents to stay indoors as county crews work to round up dangerous bees. the so-called bee zone is centered around the 3800 block of hitchcock drive. the bees are blamed for the deaths of two small dogs, miniatu miniature dachshunds. two people were stung and had to be taken to the hospital. even our own videographer was
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stung shooting video today. bee eepers say they think the bees are africanized and they warn they are very aggressive. >> these bees here are a little bit off the wall. we've been having africanized bees moving into california for quite a few years, up from south america. >> it feels like my whole head was buzzing. they were all over my hair. i had to get out my hair band and shake it off. they were covering my hair. >> the main hive has been removed and beekeepers are using fapheromones to calm the remaing bees. police in morgan hill are trying to find a driver who hit someone in a wheelchair and drove off. the department posted this picture from the crash seen. it happened around 6:40 a.m. around monterey road and tenant avenue. the victim suffered minor injuries. police say the driver may have been in a black suv. in santa cruz, this man is accused of attacking a woman with a golf club. police arrested landon horseman yesterday. they said the 28-year-old
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transient approached a woman sitting on a bench outside a coffee shop and hit her on the head and shoulder. the woman went to the hospital. investigators say the attack was random and unprovoked. in san jose a car crash started a fire in the brush off interstate 280. firefighters shut down the southbound off-ramp during the response. they have it mostly contained and they'll keep an eye out into the evening for flare-ups. the driver was not hurt. supporters of california's transgender community rallied in the south bay today urging people to take a stand in support of equal rights. abc 7 news was at city hall when the group transform california called on state leaders to sign a pledge to oppose discrimination against transgender people. mike honda supports the bill. his 8-year-old granddaughter is transgender. >> this way we can look at each person and say, they're not illegal, they're not a mistake. they're all god's design.
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>> yesterday president obama directed school districts nationwide to allow transgender students to use the bathroom to match their gender identity not hir birth certificate. tonight thousands of people are in san francisco getting ready for one of the world's most unique races. tomorrow beta breakers returns for its 105th year. race organizers have been setting up the route tonight. runners picked up their bibs an shirts tonight. bait da breakers may be the silliest running event in the country but also one of the oldest city foot races in the u.s. crews are moving barriers into place along the route and right now howard street between the embarcadero and main street is shut down so they can set up the starting line. the rest of the route will be assembled overnight. this is a race that brings out serious runners and more leisure leisurely revellers every year. >> you have people from all over the country to come to race. it's a great course. it there's nothing like running through san francisco.
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>> i did it two years ago with one of my best friends and i actually was living here at the time. we had a blast, and i thought, what the heck, why not do it again? >> runners will not be able to bring any kind of backpack as a security prekaugsz after the bombing at the boston marathon. police officers and security workers will not allow backpacks on or near the course. there are 40,000 registered runners this year. the race begins at 8:00 a.m. and today was a bit overcast, but there's no rain in sight for tomorrow's race. for more on what will happen tomorrow, let's check in with meteorologist drew tuma. >> eric, quite the opposite. we're tracking a really nice day in store for runners. but tomorrow morning they'll be dealing with a headwind for much of the race. wind speeds onshore anywhere from 13 miles per hour gusting to 25 miles per hour at fairfield. and that wind will continue overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. we'll be breezy for the runners and cloudy from the start. here's the breakdown hour by hour, 7:00 a.m. notice lots of clouds in the sky, a pretty
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comfortable temperature of 55 degrees. by 9:00, we're already calling it peeks of sunshine. i do expect by 11:00 and through the afternoon we will have sunny skies so lather up with the sunscreen. the uv index will be very high tomorrow. we'll take a look at how the rest of the bay area is shaping up in terms off the cloud cover for sunday and then we're tracking very hot temperatures moving in. we'll have the numbers in the forecast. repair crews worked hard to patch up a sinkhole just one block from the race course. you can see the intersection of mission and new montgomery patched up today. 141-year-old sewer main broke causing traffic problems since tuesday. abc 7 news will have complete race coverage sunday morning. we'll stream live ariels just before the start of the race at 8:00 a.m. you can watch it throughout the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts to get race information as it happens. well, today the public got its first look inside the newly expanded san francisco museum of modern art. the project has taken seven years. it doubled the museum's exhibition space. abc 7 news reporter cornell
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bernard takes us inside for opening day. >> reporter: a shower of red biodegradable confetti rained down on howard street. signaling the grand reopening of the san francisco moma. >> this is a real institution. >> reporter: three years of institution and $305 million worth of private donations later, the wraps finally came off the museum and folks got their first look. what's the wow factor for you? >> the building. >> we're bigger but we're much better. >> reporter: deputy director ruth bersin says there's not more room from the original museum built 21 years ago. >> we have essentially tripled the amount of square footage dedicated to art. >> reporter: the new collection is impressive. several floors house the private art collection of gap founders do don and doris fisher. the lobby had to be big enough for this sculpture by local artist richard sarah. >> it reminds me of like being in mt. design zion or something
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that. >> reporter: the architect designed the moma to reflect the bay area, resembling a canopy of redwoods. >> and the stairs, you guessed it, they re-create the hills of san francisco. there are plenty of them here. try to take them all in if you're feeling up to it. when you walk through the building you'll see thing that's might remind you of the city that you live in or that you're visiting. >> reporter: kidsor under 18 can visit the new moma for free. the "new york times" calls this the new standard for museums. and they may be right. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. more than 80 volunteers in oakland are sending a strong message to vandals. you are not welcome here. abc 7 news was in chinatown today as they painted over gra 70 50ty. business owners say the problem is just getting worse. a new program encourages anyone who lives in oakland to adomt a building or a block and keep it free from vandalism year round.
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still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, why lawmakers are 0 go fg after one of the more secretive commissions that makes decisions about california's beautiful coastlines. plus -- >> a year ago, he had 11 days left. and we had no idea. >> facebook executive sheryl sandberg opens up about the loss of her husband in an emotional commencement speech when we return.
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. state lawmakers want california's coastal committee that makes decision on shoreline development to be more open. a newly proposed bill would ban members of the commission from meeting privately with lobbyi lobbyists, developers or environmentals.
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the legislation came after the commission quietly fired its executive director this february. supporters of the bill told "the los angeles times" the firing was an attempt to make the agency more friendly to developers. on thursday, the commission voted to support the bill. the family of an oakland man killed in a highway crash received a college degree in his honor today. this is video from lincoln university in missouri where the family of darrel blackman received an honorary sociology degree this morning. in 2014 the football star was on his way home after working three jobs when his car slammed into a guardrail on highway 101 in mill valley. the abc 7 news i-team reported that a flaw in the guardrail's design may have led to his death. facebook's sheryl sandberg delivered a powerful call for gratitude during her commencement speech to uc berkeley today. sandberg said the sudden death of her husband dave goldberg last year has made her appreciate life so much more. >> it is the greatest irony of
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my life, that losing my husband helps me find deeper gratitude, gratitude for the kindness of my friends, the love of my family, and the laughter of my children. thank you. >> sandberg is chief operating officer for base book. she urged new grads to be resilient like she's tried to be despite facing so many challenges. a california boy decided to take action when two classmates were diagnosed with cancer. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, how he's turning this sour situation into a sweet story. and a warm-up could be on its way. meteorologist drew tuma is up with the forecast next. spending the weekend in the desert, buster posey delivers when he needs it.
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a 6-year-old boy in vacaville is making a small but mighty effort to cure cancer. ethan put up a lemonade stand in front of his school to raise money for two classmates going through chemotherapy. this is video of him getting ready yesterday. one classmate is a 4-year-old boy diagnosed with cancer last fall whose father is also undergoing cancer treatment. the other is a 9-year-old girl battling brain cancer. >> i want to help kid cancer. >> today's event also included a raffle, face painting and massages. >> great stuff. >> it is. weather is nice, too. we squeaked out a nice afternoon. more sunshine on the way for tomorrow. less in the way of cloud cover and i think the clearing skies will happen much quicker than they did today. live doppler 7 hd, you see a mixture of partly to mostly cloudy skies but we are dry
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tonight. outside we go, earlier today this is how it looked from our sutro tower camera. the may gray making a comeback. then it tries to spread inland. and i think overnight tonight the farther south you are in the viewing area the best you have of seeing the clouds first thing tomorrow morning. where we are seeing them right now, live look from our exploratorium camera showing us the clear skies earlier afternoon now taking over by cloud cover. we'll have clouds first thing tomorrow morning over san francisco but clearing happens right around 10:00 tomorrow morning in the city of san francisco. 59 in san francisco, 60 in concord, a comfortable evening, on the mild side, 59 in san ha roen, same in san francisco. livermore checking in on 61 degrees. overnight tonight, we'll see the clouds continue to filtder in but you do notice much the north bay, napa, santa rosa mainly clear skies. the it looks like the south bay, east bay, peninsula, more like there to have the cloud cover. future weather picking up on the
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pops of green so there's likely isolated drizzle overnight, the best bet right along the coast and potentially around san jose. future weather hour by hour, watch the time stam much. we have the clouds building, 7:00 a.m. we will see a fair amount of sunshine in the north bay as the sun gets up more in the way of cloud cover as you move down to 80 into the ouj south bay. by midday the clouds really break down rather quickly. a lot of sunshine is on the way. you notice throughout the afternoon and evening the clouds really not going to come back. the second half of the day most likely everyone will see those sunny skies to round out the weekend. highs on your sunday shaping up to be nice. 76 in concord tomorrow 65 san francisco up to 74 santa rosa after the morning clouds afternoon sunshine 72 san jose and antioch warming up to about 80 degrees. if you're headed to the coach, the beach, clouds first thing early on. they will break down the day by the afternoon it's tons of sunshine. so really nice beach day tomorrow afternoon the we'll see a very high uv index so put on
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the sunscreen. the ocean water temperature still rather chilly, 57 degrees. dare to dip your toes in. watch future tracker temperatures. jump ahead to tuesday, we get rather warm from fairfield, concord, napa. 'rwe sitting in the low 90s, some 10 to nearly 15 degrees above normal. even around the immediate bay, temperatures in the upper 70s to lower 80s. we'll do it once again wednesday. m midweek we'll still have the heat, lots of sunshine. it will warm up rather quake live. as we go into thursday, temperatures are going to tank rather quickly. if you don't like the heat too soon, it's not going to last all that long. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow a breezy afternoon after the morning clouds, bright sunshine on the way tore monday. then it warms up really quickly tuesday and wednesday. we're hot in spots the low 90s inland. it is short lived. by thursday we are much cooler, temperatures dropping inland. friday and saturday, increasing clouds and temperatures cooling off into the 60s. >> something for everybody. something for everything in your wardrobe. >> you've got to love it.
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>> drew, thanks. buster posey, you're a hero. >> i didn't even know baseball season has started. giants with the first four-game win streak, in arizona. jake peavy a good outing but didn't get the win. giants fans are everywhere, couple of teenagers in arizona. fourth inning, hunter pence digs it out into the seattle seats. two-run homer. jake fivy on his way to a second win. allowed just three hits. his best outing as i mention of the year. but the bullpen couldn't hold on. d'backs tied it in the eighth. ninth bases loaded two outs for buster posey. clutch ground rule double. two score. giants hang on to win 5-3, third straight win over arizona. a's in tampa facing the rays.
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four home runs last night, a's bats went cold. oakland starter graichb not as lucky, 5 2/3, alaues four runs, big hit in the third, brad miller two-run homer. rays add two in the sixth. keirmaier out of the reach of kaug lan. 4-0 tampa. andrews pitches his first complete shutout. first time a's have been shut out this season. now 2-10 in the month of may, 6-0 the final. sharks flyingor under the radar for game one which begins tomorrow night of the conference finals. both teams have a lot to play for because neither have won a stanley cup. these teams are well matched. sharks were 2-1 against st. louis in year with the road teams winning all three games. however, that was the past. brand you new season in the western conference finals. >> i think you throw regular season stuff out the window this time of year. i think it's a clean slate for
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everybody. you know, i think even from the last time we played them we're a different team and they're a different team. >> both teams are playing well at this point, you know. like i said playoffs are a whole different ball game. i wouldn't read too much into the regular season record. we'll continue to touch up on what they like to do and their tendencies. but ultimately this series is about how we play, not about how they play. meanwhile, warriors center andrew bogut sat out again with an upper thigh injury. warriors hope him to be on the court tomorrow before monday. steve kerr said -- would start if bogut can't go. they'll need their big men. when these two met in february, fans remember steph curry's game winning hot in overtime. they were rebounded. draymond green was asked about that today. >> i have no clue. that's one of the craziest things i've ever seen, to think
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it was 63-33 and you win a game? that's not supposed to happen. i don't care if you have 5 turnovers, get outrebounded by 30, we can't do that in this series, that's for sure. the players championship at tpc sawgrass in north florida known for the island green on 17. jason day your second round leader with the likes of rory mcilroy chasing him. leader jason day strug eld early on, shot a 39. his lead was cut to 1 but he battled all day. chips in to save par on 15. meanwhile, russell knox tied for fifth at 8 under until the famed par 3 17th. after his tee shot found the water he shanks his re-tee. now his fifth shot still from the tee not the drop area. he'll find the water for the third time. he'd finally move to the drop area, get on the green and two-putt for a 9, fourth highest
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score on the 17th. he finished 8 over 80 on the day. jason day ends up with a 1 over 73. a four-stroke lead going into sunday's final round. for the next two weeks it will be either a sharks game or a warriors game almost every night. great tob time ime to be a bay sports fan. >> as we are. >> they'll be taking your money on the games pretty soon. next on abc 7 news at 9:00, a family devastated when their beloved dog runs off. turns out he wasn't saying good-bye to them but hello to his buddies. his buddies. where he
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♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. coming up tonight at 11:00, aggressive bees have taken over one neighborhood. tomorrow residents hope they'll be bee free. are you getting ready for a crazy day in san francisco, what you need to know ahead of beta
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breakers if you intend to enter the city tonight at 11:00. a family in north carolina thought their 5-year-old golden retriever riley had run away from good until they got good news from doggie day care. seems riley broke free from the family's backyard. the call came in, riley was safe and having a good time with his friends at day care. apparently the everyone had driven past the day care earlier in the day. riley saw some dogs playing and when he got a chance riley sneaked away. then he walked more than a mile from the backyard to visit his buds at day care. they shot the breeze there for a couple of hours. then he had to go home. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. our next newscast is at 11:00 over on abc 7. thanks for joining us. have a good one.
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