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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 15, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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i think it's a good idea to monitor what is going on. if they see something ahead of time, maybe they can prevent. >> a deterrent of way to catch criminals. the city of pittsburgh hopes cameras will catch a string of shootings, thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. the shootings are a problem on highways throughout the east bay. the city of pittsburgh will consider using cameras on city owned or private property to keep the community safe. lillian kim has more. >> reporter: shaniqua johnson was shot and killed thursday.
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davis was stuck on the freeway when it happened. >> it feared everybody to get off the freewaybut we were stuck there for awhile. i knew somebody was dead but we didn't know it was a senseless shooting. >> reporter: witnesses say the car was shot repeatedly but someone in a white mercedes. with cameras, police hope to collect more information. >> somebody says we saw a car but that doesn't tell us much, a white car, that doesn't tell us much. if we have a camera, that gives us a visualization on what happened. >> reporter: pittsburgh residents say that makes perfect sense to them. >> it should, license plate, facial feature, i'm for it 100%. >> reporter: the plan so to put two cameras on city property along the freeway. the same throughout the city, they provide 360 degree views and can zoom up to a city block. the cost $100,000.
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>> we need more cameras everywhere so they can catch these people because it's just ridiculous. this is out of control. >> reporter: the counsel votes on monday. in pittsburgh, lillian kim. >> the 105th runs of the breakers race had thousands running across san francisco today. abc 7 was in the panhandle as sanitizing workers picked up the trash. >> my dog was there this morning, straight down the street. a whole different vibe. it's bad but not as bad as its been. >> many neighbors said this year there were more police busting rowdy and drunken partiers. cornell bernard was there. >> sky 7 hd captured the start of the most unusual foot race. 40,000 runners taking on the
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streets of san francisco. up and over the grueling hill and out to ocean beach. >> what an amazing thing. >> 28-year-old isaac from grand prairie texas was first across the finish line defending his title from last year. >> tell me the toughest part of the race for you. >> two miles to finishing, that is the toughest. >> for others, just finishing the race was tough, especially when you run with a 28-pound basketball hoop. steph curry would be proud. >> i'm a wor warriors fan and i thought this would be fitting for curry being the mvp again. >> these folks give a shoutout to broccoli and kale. >> we want to promote being healthy, living strong. >> donald and hillary proved they are in a tight race. how was the race today? >> donald approves. >> i have no comment on this at all. >> later, the race became a
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street party. alcohol not allowed. we saw police officers taking beer away from people and pouring it out. neighbor alan norton believes the crowd is less rowdy this year. >> very nice crowd. very well behaved crowd. just people having fun. >> not all neighbors agreed. >> we see people come through. they drunk. they fighting. they falling all over the place and cars. >> police will be here until the beta breakers race and street party wraps up. in san francisco, cornell b bernard. sky 7 hd was over the race. isaac mukundi was the winner with 25 minutes, 33 seconds. the fastest women grew up in kenya from boulder, colorado. her time was 40:36. well, there is hot weather come thing way this week, but a cool down, too. tonight, there are mostly skies
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above the golden gate bridge camera. don't expect that to change in the days ahead as it heats up. for more let's head to drew tuma with live doppler 7 hd and the roller coaster ride, drew? >> you need everything. we'll go up and down to the temperature department. this is how it looks. time lapse from this evening and mainly clear skies, the only exception along the coast. we have a little marine layer so the coast tonight will have some low clouds and those low clouds will push into part of the bay area. overnight tonight here we go, south of the golden gate, you know right around oakland half moon bay, santa cruz, livermore, that's where we'll have cloud cover in the north bay that we'll have clear skies, upper 40s to mid 50s will be your starting temperatures tomorrow. we'll time out how quickly the clouds clear out and how hot we get before we track the cool down and a chance of showers in the full forecast. >> drew, thanks a lot. right now the great highway in san francisco is closed because of sand blowing across the road there are no vehicles
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allowed between lincoln way and skyline boulevard. police said shortly before the closure a motorcyclist was injured after skidding on the sand. police are trying to find a man who tried to rob a car wash with an empty being of potato chips. it happened friday night at casey's world water. the man put the chip bag on the counter and told the cashier to fill it with cash. he said there was a gun in the bag but the clerk didn't see one. when the employee called a co-worker for help, the man ran away. new details tonight on the swarm of aggressive bees in a neighborhood. police say most of them have been killed and it's now safe for residents to go outside. the bees killed two dogs and stung several people along hitchcock road. police say only a few remain in the area. the problem was first reported friday when an armature beekeeper went to check on his backyard hives and bees attacked him. the san francisco bay trail is a bit longer today. a new 2.5 mile segment of the
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trail just opened at the edge of the wetlands at sears point and allows visitors to get a look at the growth of the marsh. conservationist allowed tides to come. the path is linked to a 1.5 mile trail. the bay trail will eventually grow to 500 miles around the entire san francisco bay. pricey protection for a top u.c. berkeley administrator. still ahead, the rising cost of the fence outside this campus home. plus, there is a new hope for george lucas' pop art museum to be built in the bay area. and nasa looks to a popular sci-fi science that could help astronauts explore the solar system.
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u.c. berkeley is the home of a 7 million dollars fence. the budget was $20,000 and included heavy duty driveway gates but the budget went up. the good news, it's expected to save about $200,000 a year by reducing security costs. george lucas is reportedly looking once again at san francisco for his pop art museum. they met and talked about the west side of pressure island. lucas ran into problems trying to build the museum at chris field. mayor lee plans to write lucas a personalized letter pitching the pleasure island plan. deep sleep is a concept that tells stories about travels and
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deep space and nasa funded a project. aerospace work enterprises is researching an astronaut chamber that could be used for long-term space travel. the chamber will slow down the ageing process. nasa hopes it could travel to mars or even saturn much easier. a popular east bay weekend event is back with changes. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, what's new with the jack london square market and it's about to heat up. meteorologist drew tuma is up at the forecast. sharks giving the blues game one of the finals but just the opposite as the blues beat the sharks at their game. speed, physicality and defense
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. after a two-week break, at popular farmers market is back in the east bay under a new organizer. abc 7 news was in oakland for the first farmers market run for the sustainable agriculture. customers can now connect directly with farmers and people selling specialty foods. we found lots of people grabbing lunch. some buying food for dogs and some picking up tasty snacks. >> people get to go out and enjoy the environment, different people, quality foods and when they come here, they get delicious kettle corn. >> the market is free every sunday from 9:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon and it was a gorgeous day for it, wasn't it? >> yeah, if you liked today, you'll like the first three days. warm, sunny and showers.
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got it all in the next zcsen days. live doppler 7 hd we'll show you we do not have rain on the map. generally cloud free at the moment. the only exception is right along the coast. we still have a pretty active breeze right now, especially along the coast. half moon bay thunder and wind gusting to 18 miles per hour. sso has a gust to 35 miles per hour but once you get away from the ocean water, the bay is pretty calm, between 8 and 14 miles per hour. as we continue to go into the overnight period, winds will relax. it will not be as breezy tomorrow afternoon as today. current temperatures are warm in spots. 62 in concord and 66 san francisco with the breezy conditions. 61 san jose and santa rosa holding on to mild air sitting at 65. future weather as we go hour by hour, first thing tomorrow morning, you'll notice there is a difference in cloud cover depending where you live. the north bay will generally be
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clearing with lots of sunshine from get-go. the south bay a little different story. more in the way of cloud cover in san jose, even along the coast of half moon bay. the good news is the marine layer is very small meaning those clouds will burn off rather quickly and by 8:00 in the morning, most spots are seeing tons of sunshine. at 70. the coastal cloud cover but lunchtime, the clouds are essentially gone and by noon, fairfield already in the low 80s. toronto on their way to a warm day. highs on monday, 70 in san francisco and 83 in fairfield, the same and 76 fremont after morning clouds in san jose up to 79. and napa up to a comfortable 82. your weather well witness, tree pollen and pine and juniper but look what is happening to grass pollen. it's surged to high levels. the dry breezy atmosphere is conducive for the pollen to
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swirl around and that's likely the issue you're sneezing and have itching eyes. that will be the trend into much of the accuweather forecast. jump ahead to tuesday, the temperatures really take off. look at this. mid and low 90s inland around the bay it is very warm. a lot of spots are going into the low 80s. by wednesday, we'll see the coast cool down first. we'll go backinto the 60s. san francisco more comfortable in the mid 60s and away from the ocean warm above normal in the 80s and 90s. watch on thursday, temperatures will tank everywhere. are going to cool off as a nice on shore breeze takes hold and drop more spring-like levels on thursday. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunshine, lots of warm temperatures and turns hot around here on tuesday across the board. hot in spots on tuesday. we're much cooler on thursday and that's a chance of showers mainly in the north bay on friday and saturday and sunday it's just a cooler pattern that sets up. we are dry with a mixture of sun and clouds. up and down we go.
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>> up and down we go. >> drew, thanks a lot. all right. who is singing the blues tonight? >> well, whiplash -- >> whiplash. >> the sharks got a whiplash from your hometown st. louis blues. >> what can i say? >> the sharks in the western conference finals for the first time since 2011 facing the st. louis blues. game one tonight in the gateway city. joe thornton getting his beard tugged. first period, st. louis on power play. martin jones first goal of the game. but 34 seconds later, hard shot by brent burns and tips it. bounces off the skate for a goal. we're tied at one. second period, the blues. shot by martin jones. go as far as your goalie and 2-1 blues. tough. now joe pavelski plenty of chances in the second but former college teammate at wisconsin, brian elliott made the stop. 2-1 blues after two. third period best chance for the
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sharks. bounces off the post around elliott's shoulders. he pounces on it almost by chance and the sharks lose it 2-1 and had their chance to score more and they know it. >> when we, you know, put a good effort and don't get results we want, it's tough to separate but you just got to throw it another game like that and you got to stay with it. that's all you got to do. >> it wasn't any plus game for us, but, you know, i thought we got better as the game went on and we had some opportunities to score more than the one we got. we got to cash in. this time of year, you're not going to win games with one goal. i think the goals were there tonight. we just didn't stick them in. >> all right. the month of may is one to forget for the a's entering today they lost 10 of 12 and last night shutout for the first time all season, the last team in the majors to get shutout. today, a much-needed boost from one player. that was danny valencia had a career day. make sure they won't get
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shutout. home run off tampa. just like that. 1-zip a's. valencia with a man on. moore knows that is gone. his second of the game. two-run shot but the a's down 5-4. top nine, a's down. a man on for valencia and does it again. first career game. he has five. 7-6, the third win of the month and back home tomorrow hosting texas. toronto sweeps the snakes. hoping their bubble doesn't burst. trever brown starting catcher and line drives the first pitch he sees in the third for a home run. 1-0 giants. their only hit for eight innings tied at one in the ninth. crawford rips one of his own and pence scoring for second. the throw home is not in time. giants up. umpire's original rule, double play no good and arizona tied it up but as a review, they got it right. giants take it 2-1 the fifth straight victory.
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the warriors getting in the final practice. tip off tomorrow night at oracle against okc. andrew did practice today so he's questionable for monday night. steph curry said it's about pain tolerance for the rest of the playoffs. interesting chess game of matchups. >> i think that will be a theme in this series is the pace. they like to play fast, too. it will be interesting to see the different matchups, different lineups that both teams throw out there. >> each guy, each individual does everything different and they do some really well. so much versatility on both teams so that will be fun. they can go back, we can play small. it will be interesting. >> practice is fun but games are better. we're ready to get out there and compete. >> this might be the most interesting matchup. more from the sharks, little nascar, golf and boxing match in baseball coming up at 11:00 p.m.
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on abc 7. >> did dana valencia point those out of the ballpark? >> he didn't call them. >> thanks a lot. next, captain american on top but could change next week. a look at the big box offic
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coming up tonight, four different haywood police body cameras. a world renowned dumpling restaurant is so popular it's forced to change its no reservation policy. the warriors get back to it tomorrow facing the oklahoma city thunder in the western conference finals. game one tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. with game two wednesday in
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oakland. the series then shifts to oklahoma city for games three and four sunday and the following tuesday. the box office now, the summer movie season will kick it into high gear over the next two weeks with the releases of "x member," "angry birds." and the comic book movie is closing in on a billion dollars worldwide. "captain america civil war," the eighth biggest second weekend total of all time and introduced the black panther. disney's "the jungle book" earned 18 million and the wall street thriller money monster debuted and darkness and mother's day rounded out the top five. feel like a comic book movie, this was pretty darn good. it was worth however much i spent. it was worth it.
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>> part of a billion dollars. >> glad to contribute to the cause. that's it. the next news cast 11:00 and for updates on any major story any time, download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts for immediate notifications. have a great evening, everybody. we'll see you later.
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♪ it's the michelle meow show, your a-z covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between. ♪♪ here's michelle meow. welcome. thank you so much for joining me here tonight. the michelle meow show is your a-z covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between show. tonight we have a special program for you. we'll have two interviews, one with longtime lgbtq activist harry britt, who also is a former board of supervisor. we'll also speak to supervisor jane kim and ask her about the changing political landscape right here in san francisco. before we get started with the program, let's check in with what people are saying about the lgbtq community. this month we've seen a couple, or i should say a few, states try to pass anti-lgbtq bills. one is georgia. hb 757 is the name of the bill.


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