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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 16, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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8. that will do it. oklahoma city. >> and warriors get rocked by thunder in game one of the western conference finals. good eveni. thanks for joins. i'm amma. >> i'm dan we are not used to it going this way. warriors took a 13 point lead at the half on curry buzzer beater but the thunder led a comeback to leave the crowd stunned as oklahoma city took game one of the western
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conference finals. >> complete with controversial ending as travel call missed on west brook late in the game. cornell bernard is live at oracle arena where the fans were surely surprised after rare loss at home. >> yes. lots of sad faces leaving oracle tonight. nation knot disappointed this is not what they were expecting. one fan just told me he forgot what it's like to lose because it never, ever happens. now earlier tonight we were cheering on the team as they jumped ahead of the thunder for really most of the game. later in the game the thunder came back in a big way to close the gap. and take the lead. warriors fans were watching but they really couldn't believe it. >> it was close. i don't know how we blew a 12 point lead. i mean, they are playing hard but oklahoma they look like
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they want it. >> it was just exciting and then kind of got sad at the en end. oh, well there's another day. another game. so i'm ready for the next one. >>reporter: take a look at this. this is kind of a high point. lighted wrist band. every fan got a free one. sink ronize with music. cool experience. enhance the fan experience for all of the warrior fans in oracle tonight. warriors say they want a rematch on wednesday night and they are going to get it. live at oracle tonight, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much cornell. game two does start at 6:00 o'clock wednesday at oracle. the series just oklahoma city for game 3 and 4 sunday and next tuesday game 5 at oracle may 26. sports director larry has more ahead in sports. >> moving on. calm returning tonight to san mateo neighborhood after flames damage an apartment building there. fire crew from san mateo,
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foster city, belmont respond to the scene here. stretch of the road was shut down for nearly 3 hours. it appears the flames started on the second story balcony but fire crew still don't know the cause. now we have a story about animal cruelty and we have our reporter vic on that. >>reporter: all of this happened shortly after 5 yesterday evening. at the pet smart store on el camino in san mateo. police arrested 38-year-old juan vat who worked as groomer at the store. now something terrible happened when the owner left the dog henry in the groomer's care. here's sergeant rick decker. >> about three minutes after the groomer took the dog into the back to be groomed the groomer came running out saying the dog was having a medical emergency. owner said he could see the dog was foaming at the mouth and blood in his mouth. >> the man reportedly rushed the dog-year-old docksy
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henry to a pet hospital next door. l here's what the vet found. >> after the dog had died the veterinarian did a post mortem x-ray and found the dog had two broken ribs and funk your lung. >> police tell us they are certain this was not an accident. the man has been booked in san mateo county jail and charged with felony animal cruelty. pet smart the corporate headquarters did release a statement late today. they say they are quote heart broken at the loss of henry the dog and they are conducting an internal investigation and of course they say they are cooperating with police here in san mateo o. vic lee, abc 7 news. we have more on this story ahead on 7 news at 11:00 hear from a north bay family whose dog died under similar circumstances. what they are doing to prevent this kind of thing from happening again. that's tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7. we have developing news in antioch where police say a shooting on city streets ended
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with 4 arrests. along highway 4. sky 7 hd conspire toured video of officers walking empty freeway looking for evidence. you can see officers putting evidence marker down on the street. the yellow markers there. it all began with reports of a shoot out between two cars just before 3:00 o'clock. we have video showing one of the arrests. this one happened along highway 4 near martinez at cummings sky way before 4 this afternoon. sky 7 hd show the window of car shot out in parking lot in antiochj(. police responded to reports of shots fired by two people in a black jaguar. police found weapons in two cars. one weapon was a rifle. investigation forced mr. is to close all westbound lanes of highway 4 at love ridge road in pittsburgh. lanes reopened after huge trafficjvsj!ack up that you can see here from sky 7 hd at 6:45. because of the recent shootings the pittsburgh city council tonight approved spending 100,000 dollars to install security camera along
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highway 4 similar to those already in use around the city. police in san leandro know the identity of man shot an killed outside a party last night. but the motive and the suspect are still mystery. here's more now from carolyn tyler. >> 28-year-old man was attend ago private party at the san leandro senior center along with nearly 100 others sell brit ago first commune on. police say the manteca man had stepped outside and even though children were playing nearby some one opened fire just after 7:30 last night. >> we do not believe at all that this is a random act of violence. we do believe that this is a targeted homicide. >>reporter: according to lieutenant mcmahon as the shots were fired a gray minivan was with several passengers peeled out of the driveway and collided withb another vehicle in front of the center before hitting a utility pole.>l in fact it was that crash officers first responded to before learning of the murder.
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they haven't been able to catch up withw those individuals in the minivan and aren't sure î role they may have played. >> we do not know whether or not they were involved in the homicide or whether or not they fled when they heard the gun shots and were screws trying to get away to safety. >>reporter: this woman says she heard the gun shots and saw the chaos. they were very loud. they were about 8 rounds shots. we looked out the window and we see people were rung. >>reporter: today some activity at the center senior were cancelled as police investigated using surveillance video from the building and nearby businesses. this is the city second homicide of the year. in san leandro, carolyn tyler6], abc 7 news. g0 prominent resident in concord facing child pornography charges. investigators found graphic video on jeffrey casper home computer. he's a former president of the concord chamber of commerce. he also headed the now disbaned mountain diablo health care district board and alternate concord city council member.
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tonight there is a sign of progress in one of san francisco most iconic parks. that is one of about dozen tree in alamo square that need to be removed because they are in danger of falling. park has 160 trees total. the city will plant about 40 new ones over the next several years. the tree was coming down and remember when you see news where you live please share it with the hash-tag abc 7 now. more ahead monday night. up next. >> surprise somebody got caught. >> tesla19ur(sq can cost 6 figure. one worker claims the hourly wage was only single digit. tonight we investigate. >> clean up following the bay area biggest street race almost as big as the race itself. >> sandhya is here with the weather. >> yes. we have beach weather in the forecast. take a look at the numbers coming up. >> that's new push to get earthquake warning system here earthquake warning system here in
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ya electric car makerwn tesla promise to go invráigate charges thatax some of the contractp6 workers were paid as littletq as 5 dollars an hourg4o buildbn a new paint shop at fremont facility.a÷ factory rathern. laborers camem from eastern europeés and hired by sub!z
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contp$@tor. here's david louie. >> it'sl6 said to be one of t most advanced auto plantyv in te ÷ from on here claimedha& he earnedcv 5 dollars an hour26d/ building a new paint shop. he was recruited by sub contractor and promised 40 hour week at 12 dollars an hour but he worked without over time and fell three stories from scaffolding his job ended and the money stopped. his san jose attorney calculates he made the equivalent of 5 dollars an hou hour. >> certainly less than even federal minimum wages. certainly less than state minimum wages. certainly less than a person who was going to be a supervisor doing specializeed work. >>reporter: dresser filed a complaint seeking damages from tesla, contractor and the sub contractor. although cal/osha the state workplace safety regulator declared tesla was not responsible for the accident critic argue that tesla was was neglect. >> if tesla was liable with the sub contracting company they would have gotten in a lot of
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trouble and would have been forced to know what is really happening. i think they really just need to pay more attention to what is happening and hold company to account. >>reporter: tesla issued response mercury news investigative story quote if he or colleague were really being paid 5 dollars an hour that's totally unacceptable. if the claims are true tesla will take action to ensure that the right thing happens and all treated fairly. friends in the east bay hise attorney says the man owes 90 900,000 dollars in medical bills n.fremont, david louie abc 7 news. life is returning to normal after yesterday massive san francisco street party otherwise known as the bay to to breaker. we were at ocean beach parking lot as crews picked up the last é>/t out this was the finish line for the race. more than 40,000 people registered for the iconic race. tens of thousands more took part. police reported relatively few problems. we have been hearing about earthquake early warning systems for years and there are
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prototype systems available. now governor brown is calling on california lawmakers to provide the funds to get one of them up and running. here's more. >> very quick. light shaking expected/á in 60 seconds. >>reporter: this is what an early warning system sounds like. professor hawk seismologist from caltech says knowing even seconds before the big quake hits could be the difference between life or death. >> a lot of stuff can be done in a few seconds. you can get under a table. you can get in a safe place. >>reporter: prototype warning systems like this one have already been developed and tested by university like caltech and uc berkeley. but due to look of funding have been delayed but in a major reversal governor brown who has supported the system but refused to use state money is now asking lawmakers for 10 million dollars. >> hopeful because the number of state legislators now actively advocating for this in sacramento but this was the
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first indication we got the governor on board and strong indication. >>reporter: governor added the 10 million dollars to his revised budget proposal a-6 million used for station and sensor to educate the public and remaining money used to pay for staff. professor hawk says country like japan and mexico use early warning systems. >> in japan they have been operating this system for i think about 8 years. and so they have quite a bit of experience in terms of issuing alert and evaluating different type of earthquake. >>reporter: legislature has until june 15 to pass the budget. if budget is approved limited system could be ready as early as 2018. abc 7 news. all right time to check on our weather on this monday. >> yes. start of another week. sandhya is here tracking kind of an interesting week. >> yes. absolutely. you guys both remember roller coaster right. >> yes. so you remember the big roller coaster.
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>> yes. no i won't trumptize you with the weather. but our weather is on a roller coaster. big swing right now we are in the warmer sector of it. tomorrow we are going to continue with the it up take in the temperature then get ready for the toms really drop. we show you a little bit of fog right near the coast line right now and as you take a look at the temperatures the wide range from the low 70's around concord antioch to 55 degrees in half moon bay where the fog is sitting so it is looking like summertime weather from our emeryville camera live picture of downtown oakland and visibility is good here. warming trend continues tuesday. breezy and cooler later this week and showers are possible believe it or not by the weekend. so tonight at 11:00 p.m. we have the fog right near the coast. maybe few patches around the bay. tomorrow morning commute will include a few patches of fog but watch what is going to happen in short time here with the fog. it will burpp@4erurr(ssv. upper 40's to the upper 50's
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for our warmest spots tomorrow morning when you get going. it starts out clear in most area except for the patch of fog along the coast and around the bay. now the fog will pull away quickly as you take a look at the time line here but it will come back as we head towards the 3:00 o'clock hour. temperatures before we get to the fog returning. we are in the 70's to the 90's so warm to hot afternoon on tap for your tuesday. warm enough to hit the beach. high uv index so you need sun hat. sun screen. glasses obviously. temperatures will be in the low 70's to the low 80's for most of our beaches. monterey bay 66 degrees. in case you have the day off enjoying the weather. item warm in the south bay. nice day. 88 degrees in morgan hill. gilroy 89. 86 santa clara. 87 san jose. on the peninsula 87 in palo alto. los altos mid 80's redwood city. 82 san mateo o. 73 half machine bay. i know some people do not like this warm weather. don't worry. we start to cool things down at the coast first on wednesday. but not tomorrow.
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73 sunset district. 77 downtown san francisco. north bays@ you see the temperatures ranging from the 70's at our beaches to the 90's in some of our inland areas. 90 degree if his nap a.91 calistoga. 90 santa rosa. 85 in san rafael. east about a items above normal for this time of year but far cry from record so we are not expecting record tomorrow. 83 downtown oakland. 82 berkeley. 87 castro valley. head inland and temperatures on the hot side. 90 flees fairfield livermore. 90 pleasanton, 91 concord 90 walnut creek. some inland records just took a look at them. they are in the triple digit for tomorrow. so nowhere near record but it is going to be hot inland accu-weather 7 day forecast shows it to you for a few days. along the coast it will be warm. we look at low 70's tomorrow but notice on wednesday temperatures start to drop down as we head sea breeze is back. fog comes n.mid 60's coast sid side. then as we head into thursday out of the 90's.
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out of the 80's. low 60's to upper 70's. it's a much cooler pattern friday through the weekend. you look at only low 70's for our warmest spot and slight chance of showers on saturday. so late in the season but not unheard of to get wet weather. >> thanks. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. it just wouldn't let go. the woman who came out of the water. shark gripping her arm. >> crazy. how exercise can play a big role in reducing the risk of some cancer. scientist quantify it a little bit more. bit more. we h
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this is so strange. it happened in florida yesterday when a woman walkedry out of the water@ with a nurse
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shark firmly9% attached to her forearm. no matter what she did, the two foot shark refused to let go. even when it died it continued to bite down. paramedic ultimately took the attached to at boca raton tú,jráal. she is8 doing okay tonight. +t on southern californias6 beaches. the rotting5 red crab=u are tun9 o inches long and over the beach. see they are in newport beach. experts say usually found off baja but because of el nino currents from the south push the creature north. officials in newport are forced to rely on the tide to clean up the ocean front beaches. new social app from google. today the tech giant announce the app called spaces which focus on group sharing, apple allow small group of users to tap into other google services including google search you tube and chrome to post link
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and share content without moving in between app. spaces is seen as potential competitor to facebook messenger or what is that. and link as part of tweet$y 140 íúif a tweet has both users only have 92 c1+racter left to type a message. bloomberg news says the cha being would roll out in the next two weeks or so. exercise can reduce your risk of more than a dozen types of cancer. new study shows people who do 2 and a half hours of moderate exercise like walking every day exercise like walking every day reduce the risk of cancer1 7%. people who did strenuous exercise like running or swimming more than an hour a day had a 26 percent lower risk of lung cancer. 16 percent lower risk of colon cancer and 10% lower risk of breast cancer. study is published in the journal of american medical association. another half hour of 7 news is next. latest on donald trump ballot with the new york times and
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fight back with alleges that he mistreated women. california voters with ill go to the poll in just a few week. high turn out expected. see how much extra help is needed to make sure every vote counts. >> anger is growing as the airport lines get longer.m% we have some tips on how to get through faster. >> another half hour of 7 news >> another half hour of 7 news at 9 intromercedes-benz c-coupe, redesigned with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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donald trump exposedfu to "new york times"report" on his relationshiphf with womenlb as a >> former model now coming forward contradicting the article saying trump gave women opportunities. >> cecelia has the latest. >>reporter: former model quoted in a front page "new
9:29 pm
york times", investigation into donald trump relationship with women is tonight coming to his defense. miss lane now deannouncing the story. it said when she met the billionaire trump immediately took her into a room at his estate asked her to put on a swim suit and then paraded her before a crowd. >> i think they had an agenda with that one because as many times as i asked and many times they promised that it was not a hit pooe piece clearly it was. >>reporter: the times portrayed the incident)u"rj bun to >>ód he was very much aqh gentln and he'sa] plight. he's thoughtwful. he's a9ñ good listener. >>reporter: 8k trump today tweetingjñ we have exposed thed bk reporting.j saying miss lane was quote÷9ñ fairly6, accurately at
9:30 pm
trumpkd introduced himselfwr ad kissed herko on the lips shezk d and calledhu it gross.jt it wasn't÷ the only reason trump was 8urvr'g defense today. he alsom9 fireduk back atl brih prime minister david cameron who called his proposed muslim ban stupid.2 not stupid okay. i can tell you that right now. just the opposite. >>reporter: but cameron not the only one challenging trump intellect. >> in politic and in life ignorance is not a virtue.wg it's not cool to not know what you are talking about.gz >>reporter: hillary clinton today seizing on the theme too. >> let's just imagine i'm on a debate stage with donald trump. so let's suppose here's the question. so what is your plan to create jobs? his answer is i'm going to create them. they are going to be great.
9:31 pm
i know how to do it. but i'm not telling you what it is i'm going to do. >>reporter: hillary clinton making some headlines of her own in kentucky when she said she wanted to put her husband quote in charge of revitalizing the economy. her campaign today playing down those comments saying it would be getting ahead of oneself to talk about any kind of formal role for any one in a hillary clinton administration. abc news lexington, kentucky. ceo zuckerberg meet with several conservative media figure this week about report that facebook is suppressing conservative view in the trending section. according to it will include beck and romney fox news and g.o.p. poll sister. mark will bring in president bush deputy chief of staff to the meeting. election day for the california primary three week away now an counties across the bay area are looking for poll workers to help out on election day. john thon explains why they are
9:32 pm
going to need a lot of them. >> what i need to you do is go. >>reporter: you could call it the calm before the storm. >> we tripled capacity of the voting center compared to 2012. >>reporter: registration early voting taken over the ground floor of san francisco city hall. >> we have feet on the ground to indicate the direction to the voting booth. >>reporter: with election day fast approaching they have recruited some 2400 poll workers and they still need at least 300 more. >> we are only just three week away from election day even though on target the time is getting less. getting nervous. >>reporter: preparation amid prediction of biggest turn out. >> people get excited about presidential contest. the numbers we are seeing this year are far and above that. >>reporter: california secretary of state says they are especiallyí up with young people. >> that's good news because young people that typically vote at lower rate and register at lor rate that. >> could mean the democrat have a fight on their hand. >> yes it looks like hillary
9:33 pm
clinton will be the nominee but as we know bernie sanders has a lot of support in california. he may even win california. >>reporter: democratic primary is open to registered democrat or voteers who chose no party preference when they registered but only register republicans can vote if the republican primary. deadline to register or switch parties is may 23rd. >> when you are done marking the ballot remove the two stub. >>reporter: election poll workers avoid what happened in 2008. >> we had lines wrapping around city hall to get into the building to use the votinga= center here. >>reporter: after seeing the long lines this year in arizon arizona, cavalry leased extra funding for poll worker. >> we can see what went wrong in the other states whether long lines in certain states or polling places running out of ballot and other states, california should not repeat the mistake. poll workers in san francisco make 142 to 195 dollars on election day and the the testimonial show they seem to enjoy it. in san francisco, abc 7 news. only one week left register
9:34 pm
to vote in california. next monday the deadline to register for particular party. you can request a vote by mail ballot through the end of may. california primary is scheduled for june seventh. now remember stay on top of the race for the white house with the abc 7 news app down loaded for free and unable push alert to get update as they happen. now to america growing outrage over the long lines at the airport. more and more passengers are missing their flights and even the airlines are complaining. david explains what is causing the trouble. >> again tonight thousands of passengers are waiting in line some more than two hours. for hundreds last night they missed their flights. option for some spending that entire evening at chicago o'hare airport on a could the. >> not the greatest. could have used a bed. that would have been nice. >>reporter: why because security has been bogged down with more fliers no increase in screeners and tighter security. how can you get through faster. there are some ways. book during non-peak times morning and evening are busy.
9:35 pm
midday is lighter. check the bag. items to screen. try the my tsa app that provides wait times at the airport. and probably the smartest move is to sign up for pre-check. fast lane. it cost 85 dollars and requires a hand print. which is the most important ti tip. >> know the rules. know what you can bring checkpoint and can't bring to the checkpoint. >>reporter: that is david reporting. case of the chocolate cake slur was a hochblingts the pastor accused whole food of defacing his cake with anti-gay slur. but today brown dropped the lawsuit against the grocery chain and apologized saying he was wrong to perpetuate the story. company released joyed that proved the cake had not been tampered with and vowed to file a counter suit but today the company said given mr. brown apology there was no point in moving forward with the suit. baby bison resulted in the animal death.
9:36 pm
yellow stone park rangers had no choice but to put the animal down after 2 tourist loaded it into the car saving the bison from the cold. we have the story. >>reporter: cute as it looks this picture gone viral of baby bison in the back of a yellow stone national park visitor suv is latest evidence of people herding the things they claim to love. park rangers say visitors were worried about the little bison so they took to it a field office. the result the bison was rejected by its mother and tonight had to be euthanize. >> we have a little saying here give them room. use your zoom. >>reporter: frustrating trend. people snapping bison selfie. this woman was caught by another visitor actually petting the new national mamma mammal. authorities went after these boy scout leaders after they shared video showing them toppling a fame us rock in utah dating back to the jurassic period. they feared it would fall. and this week there was a fine
9:37 pm
for post thanksgiving on instagram. her name and boyfriend carved into arizona famous red rock. >> oh, man. >> that's neal reporting. coming up here. meet the students who beat the odds in more way than one. odds in more way than one. >> over came to splityk
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. well as we approach the month of june there is the annual excitement for high school graduates. at every school one exceptional student earns the titles of valedictorian for best grade point average but in small lake county town of middletown of all places there's actual lay twist. wayne has more.
9:41 pm
>>reporter: springtime has brought renewal of faith and optimism in the seasonal flowers. in construction that is replacing some 1200 burned homes. middletown high school we found it in 4 graduating seniors with a number in common. >> 4.19. >>js 4.19. >> 4.19. 4.19. >>reporter: jonathan, parker, jake, trevor, 4 valedictorian sharing 4.19 gpa from this year graduating class and that's a tough crowd we might add. help you with the homework. >> i never needed help with my homework. >> they didn't skip a grade. >>reporter: you did. >> yes. >>reporter: 4.19 times 4. how can that happen? well statistically it's more likely than you think. all 4 kids make straight a in all core classes all 4 kids make straight a in the same a p classes. statistical tie.
9:42 pm
turns out principal bill wrought rick witnessed the scenario before. >> it happens. 5 last year. >>reporter: more in common all 4 are athletes. all 4 were eagle scouts. all 4 known each other most of their lives. all 4 still have their homes. jake and jonathan will go to brigham young university. park tore uc davis. trevor uc berkeley. we asked if there should be a value dick attorney tie breaker. >> riding bike. >> solving a rubic cube under aw minute. >> mud wrestling. >> tick tack doe. >> game of wit there. >> how about the difficult year they all shaivrmentd every kid is exceptional. >> from lake county wayne friedman abc 7 news. so true. >> yes. up next on 7 news at 9:00. ♪you lost that loving feeling ♪ . >> can you rehow many years ago tom cruise and fellow airmen
9:43 pm
belted out that song? >> anniversary of american classic. classic. that's next
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>> 30 years ago today top gun hit the big screen. here's matt on what we never knew about the american classic. ♪you have lost that loving feeling ♪ . >>reporter: but hardly. >> gone. gone. gone. ♪. >>reporter: tom cruise5z cemented blockbuster status as grinning 23-year-old famouslygf playing volleyballda.
9:47 pm
feltlñ the need. cruising on the motorcycle he boosted ray ban sales by 40 percent. spike. speaking of which close your eyes. this scene wasó only added because testing audience wanted something more steamy. that's enough. nostalgic. good news. sequel in the work. >> you can be my wing man any time. >>reporter: matt, abc news los angeles. >>0 crazy. >> we all wanted the sun glas glasses. >> forecast one last time. >> we need our sun glasses the rest of the week. sandhya has the an. >> plenty of sun. especially the next couple of days. tomorrow there's a sign that the warming trend that started today will continue because there's only one little patch of following on live doppler 7hd so that marine layer is
9:48 pm
definitely shrinking doing traveling. loss alaska 72. partly cloudy. 65 in tahoe. with the sunshineing in eureka 66 grows. bay area temperatures are in a narrow range so 70 beaches to the 90's inland. pretty much everyone in the warm to hot category. sunshineing 90 degrees santa rosa, napa 85 san rafael. 77 san francisco. 82 san mateo o. 83 oakland. low 90's fairfield. livermore concord 87 palo alto and san jose. 80 degrees in santa cruz. now the week ahead the temperature trend will show you what is going to happen. tomorrow santa rosa will get up to 90 degrees good 15 degrees above average. remaining on the warmer side of normal on wednesday but look at those temperatures. they really come down friday, saturday, sunday, i mean you are in the low to upper 60's below normal for few day so we have got the warmer and the cooler to please everyone and then temperatures will bounce back but with this warmth comes
9:49 pm
obviously concerns. grass pollen running high. tree pollen moderate. you have to be careful because of this uv index running very high. look at rain chance we also introduce that at santa rosa best chance 20 percent chance on saturday. now tu buy this other computer model going wet for many parts of the bay area saturday and sunday. sort of splitting the difference for now going with slit chance. here's the 7 day forecast. low 70's to low 90's tomorrow. we cool it at the coast and bay wednesday. everyone drops thursday as much cooler friday saturday with that possibility of some showers this weekend. >> all right. thanks sandhya. >> oakland dress shop is showing the pride in a way. >> the designers created one of a kind dress and put it smack dab in the center of the store front window. blue gold get up has pictures of the players there. pretty fancy and lots of
9:50 pm
attention but not exactly wea wearable. >> we love to see somebody try but i don't think it would quite work. it's all papier-mache and then we do lots of yarn work and pom pom tissue stuff like that. >>reporter: don't wear that ]-éá8if)%wnerhon the shop is a e long oakland residentml and lovv show her supporti for local teams and/é causes.rk >> we are all showingly our support for the warriors/a7# despite$s tonight's not faf7rabe larry is live at oracle tonigh tonight. game 1 not the way we wanted it. >> no. and you are right. s+ the fans leaving were stunned andym silent. they are not used to this at all. watching the warriors lose at home for the first time in the play offs. playv&l the highlights. went rightd what went wrong. is
9:51 pm
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>> come up tonight at 11.h!
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stray bullet flyas in the east bay after shoot out between cars. the new plan just approved tonight that could prevent this kind of violence. >> trip to the groomer ends in a dog's death. pet smart reresponsibleing to the tragedy. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel we want to talk about sports and warriors leave the fans stunned tonight. >> larry is out at oracle tonight. only one game but tough way to start. >> this is certainly not the start that kurr wanted. sad surprised people at corkill as warriors lose at home for the first time this season at the oracle. 108-102 to the thunder at oklahoma city. they gave this game away with too many turn overs and poor shot selection especially in the second half and started without look at the star power on the court in this series. it's magnificent.
9:55 pm
you have curry. kevin and you have west brook and i tell you what this is must see tv. first half warriors rolling. curry hits a rainbow 3 and warriors up 13 at the half. curry goes for 26 point. 10 rebound but also had 7 turn overs. kevin with a jumper. okc on a run in the third quarter. up 5 in the third and west brook took over 19 of 27 point in the third quarter. knock down a 3. sudden lay 2 point game then west brook with the miss but cantor with offensive rebound and score and outkm rebounded ad green drive. score. warriors on a run. down 3 at that point with 33 seconds left it's kd the slim reaper with the dagger. had 26. make ate 5 point game. 27 seconds left. andre to the hoop. he scores. warriors back within 3 and ensuing possession west brook does he travel yes he did. dragged the pivot foot didn't
9:56 pm
get the call and kurr was really frustrated that's not what lost the game for the warriors. they walk off losing 108-102 and down in a play off series for the first time this post season as mike joins me now and shoe it was a quiet warriors locker room after this game. >> i think like us they were stunned that they lost this in game one. they haven't lost at home in the play offs. haven't lost back-to-back all year and curry kind of carried the theme on in his post game press co it's fun to be able to have this opportunity to come back and show what we are made of. show our resilience. and turn this, it's going to be a long series so we have to be ready on wednesday. >> kind of impose their will. i think as far as the tempo and the flow of the game. i think we played their game tonight instead of them playing our game. >> we have a w the first game one but a lot of basketball to be played so we can't be too excited. it was a goodwin for us but we
9:57 pm
are not going to be jump up and down chest bumping. >> don't want to go down 2. i don't have to tell our players. we'll come out and play better. >> the xon phrase afterwards maybe it was good for us to get punched in the mouth in game one so i think this team will come out on fire in game 2 on wednesday. >> really want to see how that see if the theory holds up. >> the punch. thanks shoe. speaking of baseball actually as we just turned it into a baseball segment now. by the way game 2 for the warriors wednesday tonight kind of a must win scenario but the baseball story locally is tim is now a former giant reportedly agreeing to deal with los angeles angels. giants were apparently in the mix to the end but tim wants to are the take. giant don't have a spot in the rotation and angel have need in so many different places. deal hinges on timy passing a physical usually that's a technicality but tim comes back from hip surgery.
9:58 pm
white sox were also interested in him but angel biggest need for starter right now. tim to make few minor league starts before the angel call him up and he hasn't pitched in nearly a year coming back from hip surgery. now across the parking lot oracle the rangers and a's rookie on the hill and plenty of good seats still available for that one. fourth career start. best showing and gave up 4 hit hits. run and struck out three. got some help in the sixth. no mary was with a sinking liner to center. have no fear billy burns is here and has a diving catch. marcus. he has clout. this is his tenth home run of the year t.desmond just over his glove right there and a's win it by a score of 3-1. bay area sport hall of fame as of tonight has 5 new members and one of them is a former warrior in fact this year class includes former cal star and ex
9:59 pm
giant second baseman kent and crib and former giants owner peter mcgown and richmond who is now a part of the basketball hall of fame and the bay area hall of fame. >> my good friend chris mull inwas in deducted couple years ago so it's a long list and great list and i'm just proud to be a part of it. >> it's a great class and i'm honored to be part of it. and at the end of the day it's all for the kids. all what we leaf for our children and their children for the future. >>reporter: all right. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> great job out there thank you. >> all right thanks for joining us tonight. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> see you at 11:00 over on >> see you at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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