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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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the warriors make it look easy in game 2 of the western conference final. the series is now evened up at one apiece. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> the warriors beat the thunder to be at one game apiece. >> steph curry made a scare when
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he dove into the crowd going after a loose ball. his elbows got scarred up but won the game. >> abc 7 news reporter katie is at the oracle arena with very happy fans tonight. hello, katie. >> reporter: it is a true atmosphere of celebration out here. the warriors didn't just win this game. fans are calling it a blowout. >> the game was awesome. a goodwin f win for the team. >> whoever was open, they let them score and played good defense tonight. >> we won one. it's okay. we're doubt, baby. don't doubt us, baby. >> reporter: but one of the younger fans out here tonight you can se showing off his excitement with some pretty sweet dance moves. that was fun to watch. then overhead, of course, the
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celebratory fireworks. so all of these things point to winning. this is what the fans here are used to. this is what they expect. and the warriors definitely delivered. all eyes now on the next stop, which is, of course, oklahoma city. live at oracle arena, katie marzulo, nbc 7 news. >> the games shift for games three and four to oklahoma city. le larry vila will have more in sports. breaking news, a search is on for a flight that left paris for cairo. it left at 11:00 a.m. paris time with 69 passengers and 10 crew members. we'll have more on twitter on the bay city news area. now let's move to the race
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for the white house. bernie sanders made three stops in the bay area today. his final rally was in alaya tonight. he's certainly showing no signs of giving up. >> our job is to go to the democratic convention and together win the democratic nomination for president. [ cheers and applause ] >> before the vallejo rally, sanders appeared at an unannounced rally in san francisco. it was just over herman plaza where sanders spoke to a crowd of about 500 union members. >> reporter: bernie sanders started his rallying in the bay area where he was hoping to convince voters to vote for him this fall. some supporters waited for hours to hear sanders speak. abc news reporter chris nguyeh
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sponguyeh spoke to him. >> the most important thing in our lives at the end of the day is to see that love always trumps hatred. >> reporter: he made no mention of his primary opponent, hillary clinton. >> we have had to take on the political establishment in every state, in every state that we have run in. >> reporter: right before taking the stage, senator sanders met one on one with abc 7 news, appealing to the public for votes ahead of the primary. >> i think my idea of raising minimum wage to $15 an hour, comprehensive immigration reform, addressing the global climate change, i think that's consistent with where the people of florida are. i see people and i talk to people who want to stand up and fight and create a government that works for all of us, not just the 1%. that is very gratifying and
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inspiri inspiring. >> reporter: political reporter an abc 7 news political analyst carla gnucchi says it's now or never for the senator. >> he has to come away with a win or he's pretty much done. >> he knows what to say, he knows where to take the hits, and he knows what matters. >> reporter: the focus on california more intense than it ever was before. >> a new poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton virtually tied in a match-up. the fox news poll has trump at 45%, clinton has 42%. that's within the margin of error. the poll found that clinton has strength among women and hispanics while trump has men and white voters. tonight donald trump is entering a new phase of his campaign, meeting with legendary public statesman henry kissinger and sending out a list of potential court nominees. >> reporter: one day after saying he would break with u.s. policy and meet with north korean dictator kim jong-un,
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trump today visiting a former secretary of state, henry kissinger, and releasing this list of 11 possible supreme court picks. he has promised the best. >> if i win, we're going to put good, solid, brilliant, conservative judges on the court. >> reporter: on trump's list, eight men and three women, all conservative, all white, most under 55 years old. and at least one who has marked trump. texas supreme court don willett tweeting last month, we'll rebuild the death star. it will be amazing, believe me, and the rebels will pay for it. darth trump. is trump looking past all that? his wife says he is turning over a new leaf. this clinton superpac ad now turning his words against him. >> a person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. >> reporter: ivanka trump
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defending her father. and trump himself sitting down with megyn kelly ending the n e nine-month feud. >> you called women pigs, dogs, blobs. >> reporter: and he explained the things he sent to her. >> that was a retweet. did i do that? >> many times. >> it's not the most horrible thing. over your life, megyn, you've been called a lot worse, wouldn't you say? >> reporter: trump's softer side does have its limits. >> i will say this. if i don't go all the way and i don't win, i will consider it to be a total and complete waste of time, energy and money. >> reporter: that texas judge we mentioned in our story laughed off the possibility he could be
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one of donald trump's supreme court picks instead of commenting just as don willett said, quote, he's exercising judicial restraint. abc news, new york. oakland city leaders are taking presumptive nominee donald trump to task over comments he made dissing their city in a "new york times" article. the writer asked trump if he had ever been to iraq. trump said no, then he added, there are places in america that are the most dangerous in the world. you go to oakland or ferguson, the crime numbers are worse, seriously. they tweeted a response, saying, in a "new york times" story, the most dangerous place is in donald trump's mouth. he said, mr. trump, i'm extending an invitation to you and your family to visit oakland. love oaand, love life. >> download the abc app to get updates if they happen.
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stay with us. a lot more ahead for you on this wednesday night. coming up, it looks like a party but this is work. the new devices and developments revealed by google today. meteorologist sandy vitales with our weather. >> the sun dropped to the coast today. i'll let you know when. pop star selena gomez is pop star selena gomez is shooting a
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. police in san francisco are releasing new information on the case of this missing two-year-old, aryana fitz. her mother was found dead in a park a few months ago. >> reporter: officials are hopeful that two-year-old aryana fitz may still be found alive. >> i think she's in bait area and i think she's still alive. >> reporter: her mother was found may 9 in a shallow grave. aryana was not with her but being cared for by a couple in oakland and by a woman in emoryville. apparently nicole was trying to get her life back together. according to the investigation, the mother had argued with the couple and was struggling to get her child back from them.
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the couple cooperated with investigators early on, but are now refusing to talk to police. >> we then attempted to reinterview those individuals and had them come back in to clarify information and provide additional information into the investigation, and since that time they've refused to come back. >> reporter: police say they were the last to see the mother alive. while police have searched three homes, they haven't found anything that iplicates them. the fbi has been brought in to help. today aryana's aunt asked for the child's safe return. >> i know that what she wants is for aryana to be home with family. >> reporter: nicole worked for best buy. the chain store is now offering a $10,000 reward for any information in the case. leanne melendez, abc 7 news. the case of a missing millbrae man is sadly now a
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homicide investigation. the body found was nick green. he was last seen at the pancake house. he went to meet with his ex-we to discuss custody issues of their children. his body was found last wednesday. shefrt the sheriff's office made that announcement today. >> obviously that information wasn't anything any of us wanted to hear. for now, this case has taken a turn and is now being investigated as a homicide. >> investigators say there are no suspects at this time, but they do have leads in the case. green's family and friends released a statement on facebook thanking everyone for their immense support, warm thoughts and continued prayers. san francisco's city administrator is releasing a statement that led to the arrest of 25 people. the rally was 100 strikers who were denying police in the city.
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protesters refused to leave city hall after closing time. a spokesperson said the vandals have not been arrested. google laid out its latest devices and developments. here's what's worth looking out for. >> reporter: it began with a drum solo, but the headliners of this show are the rock stars of tech. google's biggest development conference ever is in the biggest venue ever. >> we're in this huge space usually reserved for concerts. >> reporter: the shoreline amphitheater is in google's backyard. >> you'll see people riding bikes. you're in the middle of it. >> reporter: google made new material, and -- >> the new messaging app called arlo. arlo understood it was a picture of a dog, that it was a cute dog. >> reporter: it has an uphill
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battle. >> no one needs more than one messaging app. they only need the one where their friends are which for a lot of people is the facebook messaging. >> reporter: in a direct shot at amazon's echo, google hopes to ship later this year. the names are typically sweet. >> nutella? >> that's a good one. >> reporter: google is in full festival mode giving out t-shirts, water bottles and, of course, sunglasses. >> it's so much more open. >> it's a little too sunny but it's still fabulous. >> i'm trying not to get too burnt but maybe a little tan. >> being outside has its perils but it's perfect for this. google's reality on phones has been limited. >> it's a bit of a delay when you're moving your head around.
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some people got dizzy. what daydream is doing is solving for that. >> reporter: google says nearly every big phone seller will sell one. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. a decision today means big changes to california's water use restrictions. state regulators voted to allow people to set their own charges. the board now wants water suppliers to ensure they have at least a three-year supply of water under drought conditions, and if not, they're required to put in conservation standards to meet that mark. this decision eliminates an order from the governor back in april of 2014 for 20% reduction of water use statewide. any water coming from the sky any time soon? it's been hot lately. >> maybe there's a chance. >> thanks, you just gave away my forecast, guys. there's a chance. you didn't give away my
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forecast. that's not going to happen until the end of the work week, beginning of the weekend. here's live doppler 7hd. we do have patchy fog right along the coastline and it will be spreading as we head to the overnight hours. highs today got up to 100 in antioch. pretty hot there. 64 in half moon bay so a 36-degree spread. 87 santa rosa, 86 oakland, 93 livermore. so the cooling really was confined to the bay and the coast inland areas. pretty hot, still. that is going to change tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow, it's warm inland in the 70s and 80s. 50s and 60s elsewhere. a live look from our emery camera. it looks terrific right now. breezy and cooler tomorrow and a chance of showers friday and saturday. here's what's going to happen. overnight tonight the fog that is around near the coast will spread in over parts of the bay, so your morning commute will include some foggy spots.
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just be aware of it, especially if your commute takes you through these areas. temperatures will start out in the 50s. inland areas will not be quite as warm as they were this morning. still mild. and then here's what's going to happen tomorrow afternoon. the fog will burn off,ill happe breeze kicks in and the cooling spreads all the way to the inland valleys. so you go from the 90s to 100 to 80s inland. you'll notice a difference. 60s and 70s coast and bay. 69 fremont, 67 in oakland, 75 in santa rosa, 64 san francisco. half moon bay 60 degrees. livermore, concord, upper 70s, lower 80s. antioch, still going to be warm inland, just not as hot as it was today. then we bring in our storm scale. we rate our storms from 1 to 5 to help you plan. 5 is a severe storm, 1 is a light one. for your friday-saturday, we have a 1. most areas expected to see less
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than a .1 of an inch if showers do materialize. a slight possibility of thunder. friday morning, 5:00 a.m., could be a few wet spots. you'll notice green on the screen. go into the afternoon hours and we'll still see the potential for a few showers, but mostly on the outskirts. then saturday it looks like there will be some damp spots in the morning and really continuing right on through noontime. now, i do want to tell you, this model is the wetter model. the other model is not showing as much in the way of rain, so as of this point we're going with the chance of the showers. accuweather forecast, 70s and 80s. upper 70s to lower 80s with a slight chance of a shower on friday. saturday will be our best chance. temperatures will be well below normal, 50s to 60s. we will bump up a few degrees
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but we're not looking for what we saw recently. dash cams are a necessity for regular cars. have you ever thought of buying one? >> this man did and gout ot outa traffic ticket. and this man said he was being scammed.
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santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all bait arthe bay. this is abc 7 news. they jumped santa clara's
9:25 pm
prized amphibians today. the 47th annual capital frog jump today on the east lawn of the california capital. petey took the top prize, jumping a foot and one inch. you can check out all the frogs in the santa clara county fair which runs through june 2nd. selena gomez is producing a new netflix series called "13 reasons why." extras and stand-ins are need to do play high school students, parents and coffeehouse hangers. more than a dozen people were invited to facebook today to talk about what's happening -- more specifically,
9:26 pm
what's trending and making the list of trending topics on facebook. next, who was there and what was said. also, images of the yellowstone bison and what tourists saw before it was put into this suv. the baby boom
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facebook ceo mark zuckerberg sat down with a group of conservetors this afternoon after word that he was soliciting certain stories. >> the trending stories show up on the right side of your news
9:30 pm
feed. here's more from menlo park. >> reporter: it's alleged that facebook staff didn't list certain stories as trending, raising the specter of bias. the claim was made by a former facebook employee, and the story on the tech website gives motive. it led ceo mark zuckerberg to call a meeting of conservatives to learn how the stories are chosen. one told them her travel arrangements. >> the community will benefit to learn a little bit how facebook makes these determinations, and i hope facebook will learn the importance of having diverse conservative voices about the content they promote. >> reporter: glen beck commentator was also invited, and just over a dozen people in all. they were told the meeting was off the record. afterwards ceo mark zuckerberg put on his blog that he welcomes the opportunity to discuss.
9:31 pm
it doesn't make sense to suppress political content. facebook learned about its journa journalastic responsibility. >> as companies like facebook start to move into different domains like journalism, they need to be aware of the need for more disclosure about how they make their decisions. flyers are being increasingly frustrated about the long lines at airport security, and it could get even worse. a record number of passengers will take to the skies this summer. >> reporter: flyers are in open revolt. >> it's just confusion here. >> it's ridiculous. >> are you [ bleep ] kidding me, tsa? what the [ bleep ]? >> very frustrating. >> reporter: sharing that anger on the #ihatethewait. check out the lines at o'hare this morning, tucson at 5:00 in the morning.
9:32 pm
tonight a dire prediction those lines will just get worse. expect this summer to be the busiest ever. expectations of 228 million paejz r passenge passengers. that's up from 222 million passengers last year. and fewer screeners than usual. >> the morning and evening are the worst. even in the middle of the afternoon the lines here at o'hare seem to go on and on and on. >> reporter: late this morning, members of congress being briefed by airline officials about what's going so wrong. >> we think tsa needs to be a little more customer friendly. >> reporter: calling for the tsa chief to step down by memorial day if the problem isn't fixed. other flyers agree. >> if i did my job this bad, i wouldn't have to resign, they would resign me. >> reporter: but one airline is
9:33 pm
trying to diffuse frustrated flyers by playing music. the "game of thrones" scene perhaps not striking the right chord. they propose spending more to speed things along here at checkpoints. many are bracing for a long summer ahead. >> some airlines are offering a bit of help. american, united and delta have all pledged to allow workers to assist in non-screening functions at security checkpoints. the pentagon says chinese warplanes interrupted a war plane in the south china sea yesterday. it came within about 50 feet from the plane in international air space. the pentagon characterizes the incident as unsafe. tensions have been high where beijing have been building small islands in military bases. yesterday the pilots said they had flown in a professional and safe manner. a canadian tourist is
9:34 pm
admitting he put a baby bison in the back of his suv thinking he was saving it from the cold. the calf had to be euthanized. another tourist shows what she claims is the same calf, stumbling to cross in front of her car. that tourist thought he was helping. new revelations tonight about the o.j. simpson murder trial. in his first interview in two decades, a leading member of his legal dream team, robert shapiro, is talking about the knife, that glove, and for the first time, sharing what it was that o.j. whispered to him the moment after the verdict was read. abc news reporter lindsay davis has the story. >> reporter: robert shapiro is back in the headlines tonight, back with the interview with fox news' megyn kelly where he talks for the first time in 20 years where, among other things, he thinks the prosecution went wrong. >> the prosecution limited themselves to one knife, one
9:35 pm
killer theory. i think it's pretty clear that it was within reasonable medical probability that more than one knife was used. >> reporter: shapiro was recently portrayed in the hit fx series "the people versus o.j. simpson." he also discusses that fateful moment when the prosecution acts him to try on the glove, the same glove shapiro now admits to first trying on himself. >> here's what i told o.j. simpson. hold up your hand like you're holding the olympic torch and pull and tug on that glove. because it will not fit. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: he also reveals what o.j. whispered to him moments after the verdict was read. >> he toyou told me this would e result from the beginning. you were right. >> reporter: shapiro didn't say whether he thought o.j. simpson was guilty, but he did make a
9:36 pm
distinction between legal justice and oral justice. he believes legal justice was served. researchers are trying to develop embryos that are part human, part animal. they hope the experiments will eventually save the lives of people with a wide range of diseases. but scientists and bioethicists believe this crosses the line. some scientists are using private money. the federal reserve made it clear today that an interest rate hike could come in june if the economy keeps growing. given the sun likelihood for a rate increase, the dow turned slightly lower today. the nasdaq and s&p 500 were up. meanwhile, tesla announced they're going to sell nearly $2 billion in stock to help sell model 3. it was up a fraction of a point in after-hours trading. san francisco homes remain
9:37 pm
the most expensive with a median sell price of $1.3 million. core logic says they're up 18% from last year. marin county at $960,000. april was the 49th consecutive month to see a year-over-year increase in home prices. about 20% of those homes were sold to absentee buyers, mostly investors. coming up, the pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance.
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(vo) linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation, or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass. do not give linzess to children under 6 and it should not be given to children 6 to 17. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. today e.t. came home. sort of. take a look.
9:41 pm
this is e.t. 94, a critical piece of nasa's space shuttle program and a fuel tank. it arrived on a barge this morning. it will be proudly displayed rat the space center in los angeles. it weighs 16,000 pound and taller than a space shuttle. it was never used in a space mission, which is why it still exists. it was meant to power in a launch and then detach. tv stars instructing the pay gap by playing the cue of the character she plays. robin wright, who plays the first lady on "house of cards" demanded equal pay and she got the raise. >> reporter: tonight actress robin wright breaking the silence and living up to her tough as nails character on "the house of cards." >> i'm worried about you, clair. you're not making any sense.
9:42 pm
you've let your ego get in the way. >> i've always been your running mate. you just didn't want to see it. >> reporter: tonight the actress opening up about her real life fight for equal pay, revealing how she fought about the same amount as her co-star kevin spacey and won. >> you had to guilt them into it? >> and i did it on my show recently. i'm like, i want to be paid the same as kevin. >> reporter: spacey was reportedly making $500,000 an episode. wright, 120,000. she made the case to the producers that not only were their characters equal on the show, but that research showed her character was more popular with viewers. >> tell me, am i really the sort of enemy you want to make? >> reporter: a move that could be ripped straight from the playbook her character emulated. >> i'm like, you better pay me or i'm going to go public.
9:43 pm
and they did. >> reporter: tonight, side by side on screen. and equal pay in real life. up next, meteorologist sandy vitale has more on our active temperatures. and europe's most active volcano is at it again. abc 7 news at 9:00 continues.
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. a helping hand from mother nature shows fingerlings had the ride of a lifetime. >> reporter: call it a modern twist on an ancient passage, waiting for the salmon to come
9:47 pm
downstream. only on this day, they were stuck in traffic. >> it's going to come about right there. >> he's talking a tanker truck at the fishery near lodi. about half the fish stop for a direct deposit on the waters at pillar point near half moon bay. >> i'm a fisherman. i want to make sure i've got some fish to fish for out there. >> reporter: oh, they'll get fish out there. for a fleet already hit hard this year by the crab season and by the salmon season, this is an act of hope. >> it's a three-year hope that three years from now, these fish will be upsized to be caught by us. >> reporter: the chinook will spend five days in this pen acclimating in the water. then away they go. with luck, four out of 100 will return. if that sounds like a low number, consider the context. >> you have to keep in mind in 2003, the coleman hatchery
9:48 pm
released 1200 fish. zero of those survived to become adults. >> five days from now and from then on they are on their own. >> what we kind of wonder about is they go back upstream to spawn. we're wondering if they're going to come back here and look for the truck going to the hatchery. >> maybe that's the difference between hitching a ride to hatching one. europe's most active volcano is erupting. mt. aetna spewed gas and ash into the air today. thanks to the weather conditions, the ash isn't spreading too far outside the volcano and flights have not been canceled. it is the most activity on the mountain since december. let's focus on our weather forecast. sandhya is here with one last
9:49 pm
protest. >> take a look at hd. if you're doing some traveling, it will be hot in palm springs. 61 in tahoe heading to eureka. 69 degrees. here in the bay area, you're looking at temperatures that would continue to come down. you were 100 in antioch today. you're going down to 80 degrees. a significant drop today. 60s right around the bay and along the coastline. it is going to be breezy to windy for your thursday afternoon, which will help to take those temperatures down. now, when you look at the temperature trend for san jose, average high is 75 degrees. notice for the next 7 days, you're going to be below normal, particularly friday and saturday. only mid-60s. and our rain chances will be increasing during that time period. friday a small chance. saturday, 30% chance we will see some showers here in the bay area. the forecast continues right on through saturday, one with a
9:50 pm
storm impact scale with a chance of showers on your saturday. and sunday is looking dry in case you're making plans. bill joins us now with more oracle arena. >> they needed to win badly tonight, larry. >> reporter: and they did. steph put on a show, but in addition to the ankle and knee problems, now we also have a bruised elbow to talk about with steph, because he went flying -- steph, because he went flying -- the thing is, we're a
9:51 pm
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coming up tonight on abc news at 7, we are following a flight with 69 passengers disappears from radar. we'll have the latest. tonight donald trump is facing backlash for his controversial comments on the east bay city. >> those stories and more coming up at 11:00. a big night for the warriors. >> fabulous night, and they pulled it off, larry.
9:54 pm
>> reporter: yes. and ama, you said i was sad and somber on monday. everybody is happy tonight, i think, here at oracle. the warriors desperately needed a win tonight in game 2 ensagai okc. they came out and hammered the thunder, so now they're tied at one apiece. the tone knocks down to 3 and then it's steve adams all the way down the court. we love hustle,ut you don't want to see this. steph curry went diving into the fans to save a loose ball. holding their collective breath. curry a voids major injury but he's left with a massive knot on his right elbow. 23 with the brake gs front. clay thompson responds to
9:55 pm
stepping back several feet. a tip by weston, straight to andre. no look, flips it up, reverse in and good. 57-49 warriors. >> third quarter alone for stuff, and that really put the thunder away. dagger after dagger. the warriors think this game was much better. >> let steph curry out and get him to score 50 in quarter. moving the ball around, getting everybody involved. traymont green talked about it afterwards. >> when we were moving the ball around like we were, that's the key. that's when we're at our best. i think tonight we did that.
9:56 pm
the way they've been defending, you know, it's been hard getting a rhythm if you don't move the ball and play with decisiveness. >> in the future, warrior fans are going to go crowd searching. catch him when he comes into the fans. >> there was a guy taking photos and i was like, help him off! don't take his picture. >> momentum for them going into game 3 which is always tough with a change of venues. let's get to the baseball, because right across the way here at the complex, the a's were out trying to get a sweep of the rangers. grabbed by a fan, they have a scorecard and a pen in his mouth. danny valencia on a tear since returning from the.
9:57 pm
a few batters later, mark knocks valencia home. >> sprix out desmond with a swing and a miss. . he goes deep again to the ale. the giants in action tonight looking to extend their 30? strikes out "will joyner." hunter pence with a two-line drama. pence with his seventh of the year.
9:58 pm
equet. we have the conference finals here in case they won that. the sharks will return home, starting tomorrow. >> despite having the worst home record in the regular season. those two games will certainly. in the playoffs, you need to win that. >> we don't have home ice advantage in this series, but by getting that split, we do now. we've got to expect the weather team come back. we're getting a good job.
9:59 pm
>>. all right, abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota on a winning night for the golden state warriors. dan and ama, back to you. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you at 11:00 on channel 7. >> bye for now.
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