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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 23, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>>. new at 6:00, tomorrow's big step in demolishing the old bay bridge. it could be the end of the line for the old school land lines. and... a gas fire fight, what we did to reignite the flame. >> to allow us to grow together, to ride together. >> norcal was clinton country once before. the former president asking for help for his wife.
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good evening, thanks for joining us. hillary clinton's campaign announced they will not debate rival bernie sanders, sanders camp saying they're disappointed but not surprised. >> we dohave team coverage on the countdown, including a lawsuit just filed over voter registration. let's begin with laura anthony, live in stockton. laura? >> reporter: clinton spoke to a packed house. the campaign moved past bernie sanders and is focused on putting hillary clinton in the white house. >> i ask you to do for hillary what california did for me then. >> reporter: former president clinton swept through the central valley, taking swipes at her presumptive republican rival, donald trump. >> do you really think he's going to be a force to raise
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people's income? we've got to do this together. and the would be first gentleman launched into vigorous promotion of his wife's policies. >> she's got the best ideas to allow us to grow together. >> time we break barriers and put a woman in office. we'll be in better shape. loved obama. it's time for a woman to be leading us. >> absolutely not. you cannot blame her for his action. >> you can't take this stuff too seriously. >> clinton didn't want against focusing on the negative, urging voters to set sights on the future. >> all will be well if california will show up, shout out, and center to that
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convention. >> with that, the former president headed off for another stop in sacramento. >> tonight, bernie sanders will hold a rally in santa monica. today, rosario dawson introduced sanders. some waited six hours for a chance to hear from the senator. his speech lasted over an hour, and touched on health care, higher education. and the economy. that poll found clinton beating trump 46% to 43%, within the 3% margin of error. only washington state will hold a primary and the california primary is just over two weeks away. >> today is the dead line to register to vote. a federal lawsuit has been filed
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to change that. abc7 continue was this story. sergio? >> reporter: well, voters who do not want to wait have until tonight to decide if they want to participate in california's contested democratic primary. here in alameda county, this span and other drop boxes are actually going to be accepting filled out voter forms until midnight tonight. >> so we've got to have an election. >> supportered focused on the primary, there is still confusion. >> just trying to understand the primary system because for example, the last primary was in colorado. >> it's why the attorney filed a lawsuit on behalf of bernie sanders supporters and members of the american independent party in hopes of pushing back the deadline.
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>> people are going to the polls and they're unsure how to vote for president. that is a problem. >> some confusion is over california's quasi-open primary process. there are three parties allowing voters to cast a ballot if asking for a party slate. >> democratic, libertarian, american independent are offering cross overvoting. >> no word yet on if, and when it will be heard. volunteers have been calling unaffiliated voters and green party members to see if they know about the rules. they're hearing a lot of frustration. >> is this, you know, a way to disenfranchise voters? is it where is this coming from? why is this happening? the answer is no. the rule has been in place. >> voters hoping to change the registration to participate have until midnight to submit forms.
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you have to register to vote or register for a party by midnight tonight. voters can request a mail in ballot and voters will go to the pools on june 7th. >> the nba ruled warriors all star draymond green will not be suspended. green raised his leg on a shot and today, officials decided not to suspend him for the next game. instead, fining him $25,000 and that is important and one more flagrant foul and that will result in an automatic suspension. green and warriors will try to even it up tomorrow in oklahoma
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city. >> tonight, investigators are on the lookout for something who fired shots over the weekend. no one was hurt. it's the latest in a string of shooti shootings on highways. >> police say a millbrae man was killed by his ex-girlfriend and she's not the only one now under arrest. tiffany lee and her current boyfriend and another have been charged. vic lee is live tonight with what may have led to aarrests. vic? >> abc7 news learning tonight more about that stormy relationship between keith green and tiffany lee.
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how that relationship turned ugly, but first, to the arrests. friday, deputies arrested olivier adella. a s.w.a.t. team converged on tiffany lee's home, arresting her and her boyfriend. a once loving couple. lee, the daughter from a powerf wealthy family from china living in a mansion, her mother brought in hillsborough. they had a bitter break up. april 28th, green went to the millbrae pancake house to meet lee. may 11 his body was discovered in a field off highway 101 near geyserville. >> the body was not in good shape. and it was outdoors. >> abc7 news learned the body
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was found with a gunshot wound to the neck. >> i was concerned and had a hunch what might have happened. >> he was once green's lawyer, and he told abc7 news it was an acrimonious smith. >> he discovered tiffany had an affair with his friend. >> last fall, lee accused him of stealing her ranch rover. she told police she was meeting green in a starbucks. prosecutors threw the case out when he showed them a text to lee. hananiah says he gave the information when first hearing green was missing. >> police are looking for smash
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and grab thieves who made off with firearms from a gun store. embers and smithers was hit. police chief they used a vehicle to smash in the front of the store. >> two more jail jep tis have surrounded on charges of beating an inmate. that makes five who have been removed from duty in less than a year. >> two deputies probably didn't want to come into the office and turn themselves in. they've been sued by an inmate whom they're charged with assaulting. >> in reality, it's 10-15 minutes. >> investigators say the 49-year-old inmate and now two
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jailed deputies both in dark jackets are facing charges of assault. abc7 news was there as they came in under orders to be booked in jail. >> the unit interviewed over 24 inmates, witnesses. they traveled down a prison on the california-mexico border and once we determined we believe we had a case, we brought it over to the district attorney. >> the two correctional deputies have an on leave most of the year during the investigation. garcia's attorney filed a suit against them and said deputy lei apologized but only went so far. >> he goes it is what it is. welcome to my dorm. >> that prompted the sheriff to
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investigate other beating allegations. >> they're under the microscope. and that is going to come back. i think lessons will be learned. >> this is another delay for the man accused of killing sierra lamar. >> how much longer the family will have to wait for justice. >> i don't care what people say. i just do what i need to do. >> next a gathering that welcomed the pack back to the city. >> unsettled weather pattern with a possibility of isolated thunderstorms. the accu-weather forecast is coming up in just a moment. and going beyond the headlines with cheryl jennings,
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tonight a vigil and rally since a man died during a traffic stop by hayward police. police body camera video of the stop, and i-team investigation this month and he was tased
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three times and restained. his family accuses of excessive. we're live outside with the rally. leanne? >> it's been a peaceful rally with many family members and friends wearing white tee shirts. you can see, let's say -- they say justice for james greer. >> it was a gathering to remember the 46-year-old james greer, who died two years ago, following a dui traffic stop. in this video, he's seen cooperating with officers as greer is given a sobriety test. he tells police he has a stomach hernia and knee injury. then, he takes steps back from
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police. that is when officers pulled him down. police were unable to handcuff greer, who weighed 380 pounds. greer was tased and restrained. police had him on the ground and officers noticed something wrong. the. >> you can see his lips look blue and discolored. >> greer died at the hospital an hour later. the medical examiner determined he died exerting himself while under the influence of p.c.p. the district attorney only investigates a death when police fired a weapon. the family is pushing the county to change that. >> and in this case, the
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district attorney had no clue. >> both the city and police declined to talk to us today because of pending litigation. another hearing and delay for the man accused of killing sierra lamar. a judge delayed the trial until july at the earliest. his attorney is expected to file several motions next month. >> you can see a significant delay in this case. >> it's inconvenience to a family that suffered enough. and i have confidence and hope justice will be served for sierra lamar. >> he was last seen in march,
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2012. prosecutors say lamar's dna was found in torres's car. >> a crowd of political celebrities gathered to welcome back a san francisco power house. >> she's one of the most powerful people in city politics but don't hold office. her name is rose packs. >> why she's back. >> reporter: rose pack is a legend in chinatown. everyone from the mayor to the lieutenant governor to the new acting police chief greeted her at sfo. >> she has a network of friends and enemies and is a player. >> pack has been an influence, took credit for ed lie's ascension, then feuded with him for supervisor. >> we agree 99% and so we do
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have our differences. >> in china, she was undergoing a kidney transplant. she said some enemies came to make sure she was dying. >> to those people that harbor those illusions i dedicate the next five years to take care of each one of them. >> critics contend this insider has too much power. >> i don't care. i just do what i need to do. >> you can't criticize someone for exercising moral authority. >> pack used her clout to rebuild the chinese hospital and had a street named in her honor. she says she'll turn attention to a chinatown public housing project. she was losing her voice today, but not her spirit. she's a force. no question.
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>> yes. >> let's get a look at the forecast. >> yes. spencer christian is outside heading back to work for another week. >> it was beautiful. and we still have beautiful conditions. partly cloudy skies and a little cooler than average. and average here is unstable. and it's possible an isolated shower or owe two can pop up in the bay area, calm conditions from emeryville. it's 57 here in san francisco. 61 in oakland. 67 in san jose, morgan hill, 55 half moon bay. from roof top camera, mid-60s now. 70s in fairfield. and it was a look at partly cloudy skies over the golden gate.%éñ and.
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caltrans tens demolition of the old bay bridge, crews will lower the third 500 truss span and it's expected to take two days. each truck weighs more than 25
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tons. >> san francisco landmark is giving unwelcome visitors who cannot seem to stay away. >> tourists have managed to find their way in. >> there is a will, there is a way, right? >> check out the video shot yesterday by this photographer from our partners at hood line. people walk through a hole in the chain link fence to get in and three more people walk out, having gotten their shot of the painted ladies. many women because the picture appeared in the tv show "full
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house". tourists aren't the only ones having a hard time, locals exercise dogs and hang out with friends. the park closed to begin an improvement project including removal of diseased trees, replacement of irrigation and a new wheelchair accessible rest room. >> wow. >> thank you. >> thousands of acres in monterey county are on fire. it could be the end of the line for the old land line number. the state assembly bill stirring up controversy. >> it's overwhelming to raise
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money for what you think is a good cause and to see the cause firsthand. >> going beyond the headlines and travelling to vietnam, to see what a difference bay area
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today, president obama made a visit to vietnam. the trip included a major step, the removal of a 50-year-old arms embargo. >> vietnam and america show the world that hearts can change and peace is possible. >> gun sales will be conditional based on the country's progress on human rights. the president is the third american leader following bill clinton and george w. bush to visit vietnam since the end of the war. a bay area woman was among the guests at a state banquet. she is the founder of a group called roots of peace. some women raised more than $100,000 to support that group's efforts to remove land mines in vietnam. >> then, they flew there to see how that money is helping.
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it's a really moving story. >> reporter: we traveled with roots of peace to see the work to help farmers and years after the deadly conflict. these are the images many remember during the deadly conflict. the aftermath is still leaving scars on those who served and their families. it's still affecting families in the former battle zones because of land mines. he's missing an arm because a land mine destroyed it when he was a kid. >> he said when he was 15 years
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old, one day, he wanted to plant trees and a bomb exploded and he lost an arm. >> the farming club were created by roots of peace. tim is growing taro plants. he is learning how to make it work. they taught him and others how to grow high-value crops using the latest technology. they have to pay for seeds and fertilizer. >> they have to take investment. after first year, many, many
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farmers they say that oh, i agree. agree. i want to try that. >> roots of peace began working in vietnam in 2010 with a donation in a partnership with the u.s. department of state and cooperation of the vietnamese government. >> you cannot work around the world where roots of peace works without permission from a local government. >> the firs get rid of the land mines and unexploded bombs. the demining organization is worked in a former major battle zone. mag trains citizens to become deminers. farmers can plant crops. >> he is introducing these women because they're major donors to roots of peace they travel
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thousands of miles from marin county to vietnam at their own expense. they were inspired by huedy kuhn and her family. the donations were matched by the u.s. department of state. >> it's overwhelming to raise money you think is a good cause and then to, see the cause firsthand. >> it's wonderful. >> being able to clean up and demine and allowing farmers and families to enjoy their properties and tiebl to plant a vine like this and see the
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fruits of their labor. >> they saw the farmers getting new prosthetic legs. dan and ama? >> incredible. thank you. >> police are looking for a man they say started a house fire that they believe to kill their son. police say the 53-year-old sprayed accelerant on the house and set it on fire. neighbors say the couple fought. >> to have somebody burn a child, a family, what is this world coming to? >> he is considereded armed and dangerous. a 13-year-old boy suffered minor
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injurys. >> the biggest wildfire in monterey county continues to grow. it is just 40% contained now but flames are not threatening homes but there is concern they can damage power lines and cause outages. >> when it doesn't work or can't be fixed there is only one thing to do. call michael finney. >> how he turned up the heat on the manufacturer of this broken fireplace. >> over 80% of old land line usage dropped. >> new at 6:00, people who say those old school land lines are really lifelines for all of us.
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. eeshgs a fireplace . >> a fireplace that doesn't give off heat. >> i'm sure you remember according to murphy's law, if anything can go wrong, it will. but it feels like what happened
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with this fireplace installed in this home. >> then it was a gap between out of frame and insert. >> peter chrysler talked about the side panels on his fireplace. it got bent out of shape four months after install yachlths london fireplace agreed to replace it. the chryslers didn't turn it on again until october. that is when peter's wife, barbara heard what she describes as a little explosion. >> i heard boom, really hard. we thought a blast would come out. >> the flames seen here reached just half of the height. the fireplace failed to heat the room. >> after two hours, it just went to 66 degrees, or 67. >> no remedy could be find. london fireplace installed a
7:42 pm
loner. the owner explains what happens next. >> the manufacturer came out, agreed let's get a new model. >> the new model was sent but it was the wrong one. they asked for the correct model. after further delay, they called 7 on your side, that is when london fireplace say things got moving. >> when you got involved, everyone all of a sudden jumped up. >> the chryslers received a new fireplace. >> so happy 7 on your side, the way they supported it. how fast, unbelievable. >> it may not have been timely, but he got what he wanted. >> london fireplace blames delaysed tape between them and the manufacturer. to see my reports go to the sections tab and select 7 on your side. you can find 1,000emoji
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characters on your phone, 70 more are coming out next month. tonight a little known group of engineers that gets to decide on new emojis and how you can have a voice on what emoji comes out, next. >> i want in on that. >> there are so many. >> yes. >> about 40% of american homes no longer have land line phone services. >> who is fighting a push to roll up tables and
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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. how many of you have a land line? numbers are getting smaller. some companies like at&t dismantle the old telephone network. jonathan bloom explains that is not setting well with people. >> it could be the end of the line for the old school land line. these protestors are screaming mad about it. even if the public is too busy
7:47 pm
texting to notice. >> save your land lines. say no on ab2395. >> the bill would let phone companies phase out old analog networks in favor of fast, fiber internet with a voice hook up and cell phone. >> this is a clear case of corporate profit over public access. a spokesman insists no one would lose access. he says the bill is about modernizing the technology, not eliminating services. >> under this bill, no one is going to lose their basic home telephone service. >> he explained it goes back to 100 years ago. at&t strung copper wire across the country for the first transcontinental phone call. it became a utility, regular hated by the state. tiny devices could do the same job, at&t is required to maintain the old network. >> you have old systems and new systems. it's expensive and inefficient to maintain in parallel. >> protestors point out the old
7:48 pm
stuff works. >> in an emergency, in a power outage, land lines generally continue to work. others are useless. >> earthquakes can knock out cell phone service and cut power to internet based phones. >> land lines are the highest quality available. it's not a advancement to destroy our highest quality voice network. >> if the bill passes california would join a dozen other states, letting their old phone networks fade into history. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. a long awaited lyft feature. the ride company is testing out the ability to schedule rides in advance. it's only available in san francisco right now. rides can be requested up to 24 hours in advance. >> sports authority says closing
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sales are xekt start by friday. the retailer is closing locations just three months after filing for bankruptcy. and has almost 500 stores in total, including 20 locations in the bay area, look for special deals. >> yes. >> it was a beautiful day, take a look at the blue skies and share your pictures with #abc7now. >> let's getack to spencer now. >> getting chilly, but mainly dry. there is active weather in the sierra. looks like a mix of thunder and showers and snow.
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>> unstable conditions and a better chance of showers over the terrain. the weekend arrives, temperatures will rise up to almost summer time level. >> we have grit news for warrior fans, draymond expects to do a lot as they prepare for game
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nba ruled draymond green will not be suspended for kimming adams in the groin. he had a foul upgraded to a
7:54 pm
flagrant two. this is what kiki vandaway had to say. during a game, players flail their legs and green's actions in this case warned it an additional penalty. and no suspension. mike shumann says they're looking forward to making amends tomorrow night. >> it kind of killed by name because of the boos. i love boos. >> this now makes game four a must win. >> i got to panic when it comes to what happened last night. >> last night's loss hurt, but
7:55 pm
sometimes, the defeats hurt worst next day. warriors have no choice but to get ready on tuesday night. >> you have to understand in the playoffs, a side line, you know, winning or losing. you know, having it down 2-1. have you to understand that going into game four. >> draymond played perhaps his worst game and if available, he will respond. >> nothing that happened is going to affect game four. >> warriors down against memphis and cleveland, coming back to win three straight games. how is this different? >> sharkses are trying to bounce back from a loss. they're in st. louis for game five and they're getting chippy early on. brendan dylan says get that
7:56 pm
stick out of here. martin jones makes a great job but jaden schwartz is this for a rebound and tied. cory broward puts st. louis on top. take a look at the goal. you'll see he hit the puck on mid air. st. louis leads 3-2. former giants pitcher ryan vogelsong had to be carted off the field today. he now plays for the pirates is facing jordan miles when getting nailed by a fast ball. he was making just his second start of the season. giants are hosting the padres
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tonight. this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by orchard supply hardware. so we'll see how well he can do. >> that is good news. >> join us tonight coming up, mark zuckerberg spent millions to buy homes around his, what he plans to do with them, at 9:00. and the critical meeting underway now bringing the chief back to back with key members of the community. >> here is is the line up. >> at 11:35 it's jimmy kim yil live. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on
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twitter. we appreciate your tiechl. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. from the entire team, we appreciate your time and hope you have had a great evening. >> yes. go down to the beach. what a gorgeous evening in santa cruz. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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pam's on vacation, and she gets back tomorrow. so, it'll be nice to see her. it'll be nice. and, uh, she set a date for the wedding with roy. uh, june. summer. so, that'll be nice.


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