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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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after watching from the side lines california is now fronty and center for the democrat with the primary 15 days away. bernie sanders is here and hillary clinton is on her way. good evening thanks for joining us. >> bill clinton made 3 stops in support of his wife. the last tonight in sacramento. where he challenged the idea that hillary clinton is part of the politicalex establishment. >> she's not thej one in congress 25 years.
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she served, she served 8 careers in the senate. four years as secretary of state. and spent 40 years as change maker making other peoples >>reporter: after clintontoni l rally[ sacramento state the formerhs president headed to áand mr. clinton has0m an event in fremont tomorrow. >> bernie sanders isff holding a rally in santa monica in. earlierw3 today the bernie sanders was in east los angeles. some sanders supports waited 6 hours for a chance> it's getting very interesting tonight. a news poll show it race tightening between hillary 0winton and trump. trump has a lead over clinton within the
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margin of error. trump is set to return to the campaignjk trail this week ands planning to make a stop in california. here's the tom. >>reporter: tonight new poll show donald trump with momentu momentum. catching up to hillary clinton. the rest now a dead heat. and that momentum not stopping trump from digging up former president clinton six scandal. everyone using the voice of monica lewinsky. trump campaign post thanksgiving video with audio other women who raised accusations about sexual misconduct against the former0j president. trump video then end with this. hillary clinton laughing with the words here we go again. tonight the clinton campaign saying that type of tactic won't work with voters. and just last week hilary said this when pressed about decades old accusations against her husband resurfacing. >> do you ever feel compelled to defend your honor the honor of your husband. >> no.
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>> with statements that he's making that go to the core of the relationship. >> no. not at all. i know that that's exactly what he is fishing for and tell i'm not going to be responding. >>reporter: today in detroit clinton launching her own attack against trump describing him as an empty suit dangerous for america. >> he could bankrupt america like he bankrupted his companies. i mean ask yourselves. how can anybody lose money running a casino. really? >>reporter: bill clinton putting the pressure on trump to release the tax returns. >> her opponent who never tires of telling us how much richer he is than the rest of us won't release his tax returns. >>reporter: clinton may be focus on donald trump but they industrial to worry about senator bernie sanders who is not giving up and who just moments ago demanded that hillary clinton debate him before the california primary. hillary clinton saying she's not going to do that. this is abc news new york.
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today is the deadline to register to vote in our state primary but federal law suit has been filed to change that. election. and bernie sanders supporters focus on the coming california primary there is still some voter confusi.4c>> just the tro primary i voted in was in colorado oyshtion it's the reason why attorney bill filed a federal law@ñ suit on behalf f bernie sanders supporters andir members of the american independent party in hopes of pushing back today's registration deadline. that's kind of a problem. >>reporter: some of the confusion iswl over california three parties allow non-party affiliated voters to cast a ballot if they ask for a party slaichlt democratic, libertarian and american
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independence parties are forgq no party preference voters. >>reporter: nokc word on if and when the lawsuit is heard. at sanders company headquarters volunteers calling unaffiliated voters even green party members to see if they know about california rules t.hearing a lot of frustration. >> is this a way to disenfranchise voters. like where is this coming from. why is this happening. well the answer to that is no. the rule has always been in place. >>reporter: voters hoping to change the registration to participate in the democratic primary3 have until midnight to submit the registration form at county registrar offices or on line at the california secretary of state web site. sergio, abc s news. >> you can stay on top of all the late breaking development á thee news app just down load it for free and unable push alert. in other news 5 people on sky diving tour died in hawaii when the plane crashed. the single engine plane went
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down 12:30 this afternoon on the island of kauai. pilot, two instructors and two jump percent on board during the crash. investigators not sure what went wrong. it was a clear day so they don't think weather was a factor. second crash happened just few yards off the shore of oahu. faa said the plane had engine trouble and landed in the water. two occupant of the small plane were able to swim away after it crashed 30 yards from this beach. here's video of the plane after it settled under water. pilot and passenger went to the hospital with minor injuries. mainly seat belt abrasions. they are okay. virgin america flight bound for san francisco made an emergency landing after hitting a bird. passenger jet turned back to denver after take off. the here's more. >>reporter: tonight terrifying emergency landing playing out just moments after take off. virgin america flight taking off just before noon headed from denver to san francisco. 122 passengers and 5 crew on
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board. the pilot radioing for help declaring an emergency. air bus 320 suffering bird strike according to the airpor airport. >> know where the bird strike was. >> right engine. >>reporter: you can see the flight path here. they were in the air less than 20 minutes landing back on neighboring runway without incident. visual inamerica saying in a statement the safety of passengers and crew was never in question. but it's very real fear in the air. >> bird streaking planes just weeks ago a bird denting the front of the dallas bound american airlines flight forcing to it return to seattl seattle. the landing on the hudson river in new york city in 2009. >> thankfully nobody was injured but bird strike are a major concern and according to the faa they the cause more than 3 million dollars in damage every year. sdwrool vallejo police look for for man they say deliberately start add house fire that killed the boy.
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believed to be his own son. >> this is video of yesterday blaze on stellar street. neighbors trying to help people escape. police say 53-year-old the shoe make senior sprayed accelerant on the house and set it on fir fire. blaze killed the 5-year-old so son. boy's mother hospitalized with third degree burns!ú. neighbors say the couple fought often. >> family at the time family what is the world coming to. >> he's considered armed and dangerous. police not revealing a motive. 13-year-old boy who was also in the home suffered minor injuries. firefighterslz say they are amazedxj man suffered only scratches after he was trapped on the track under a moving bart train. we were at the embarcadero station in san francisco where 0to safety.ble to pull the man firefighters say he fell off the platform? was able to tuck himself into a space along the track. about 6 cars passed over him.
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service from the station to the east bay would stop for about an hour and a half until around noon. two more jail deputy have surrendered on charges of beating an inmate last summer at the santa clara county jail. that makes 5 jail guards who have been removed from duty in less than a year. here's the david louie. >> in reality it was about 10 or 15 minutes. >>reporter: investigators say that was the victim. frain-year-old inmate reuben garcia and now two jail deputy 41-year-old tan leon the right and 27-year-old philip sanders on the left both in dark jacket facing charges of assault under the color of authority. abc 7 news was there as they came in under orders to be booked at the main jail. garcia suffered a broken jaw last july. >> our crime detective unit interviewed over 24 inmates. witnesses. they traveled#ol:,ñ down to a p? on the california mexico border4 and interviewed a witness6o.
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andóz once we determined that we believeoñ we had-p a case we brouj@á the case over to thecác district attorney's office. >>reporter: two correctio8ul ave been on administrative4.pp+e most of the year during the investigation. the garcia attorney earlier lee apologizedwj the next day fx injuring him but only went so far. >>j÷ i remember telling him look q"" to me. t my face. he gñ it is what it ist÷ welcome to mñ;tjuz. >>reporter: the beating might beating.j by three differentpw l deputy#t a month later. that$j incidentxb prompted shef smith touñ investigate other beatingz  allegations.$ç >> they are under the2s microscope(. withc9 powerfó in any institutin li#p%árq)iff's department@íkg ae think lessons will be learned. >> in san jose, ñxdavid louie ac 7 news. >> we have much more ahead?÷ for you on this monday night. coming up. new details on the
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investigation of a millbrae man's what we learn about his ex and the two men police arrested with her. w >> also on the list of must take selfie for a lot of san francisco tuvrmingts next. the length to which some people will go to get the perfect picture of those painted leads. >> sandhya is here with the weather. >> live doppler 7hd has been track ago few showers right around ukiah. i'll let you know who has the best chance tomorrow coming up. >> thanks sandhya$q and spectacular images any traveler would be proud to take including one from the bay area. area. >> 7 news
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tonight investigators are on the look out for somebody would fired shots on 5 80 over the weekend. chp released the photo of this. license plate is listed here. no one was hurtzzerñ latest in a string of shootingsd ay highway. 2 costsbx in the last 6 months. accused of this case. tiffany lee current boyfriend the andrv another man named oliver del all charged now. missing for two week before the body was found and identified.
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vic lee has the late owner what might have led to his death. last friday sheriff's deputy arrested oliver del at his apartment on true dale avenue in pwirling game early saturday morning s.w.a.t. team converged on tiffany lee home broke through the steel gates and arrested low and current boyfriend. with once loving couple green and lee with two young childre children. lee the daughter from a powerful wealthy family from china. . living in a mansion which her mother had bought in a fluent hillsboro. they had a bitter break up. april 28 green went to the millbrae pan cake house to meet lee. day after the cell phone found in golden gate park. may 11 his body was discovered in a field off highway 101 near geyserville. >> this body was not in good shape. being it was out doors we needed departmental records to confirm the i'd. >> abc 7 news has learned green
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body was found in a single gunshot wound to the neck. >> i was concerned. iad a hunch what might have happened. >> once green lawyer in a case against lee. case that had him worried about green safety. he told 7 news it was an acrimonious split. >> it all began with keith discovering that the tiffany had an affair with his friend the and he caught him. >>reporter: he republiced green last fall when lee falsely accused him of stealing her range rover and told police she was meeting green at starbucks. that's where they arrested him. but prosecutors threw the case out. when he was shown a text from lee to green saying she had filed a false stolen car policeá report. at the says he gave this da when hekv rjvic lee, abcdo 7 news. w closed for renovation.
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touristszy found way to getãpast the chainsx link fence.é photographer steve brock ñ walk through and then holding ar5 walk out through theaá same holó come because of& the iconic picture that of course appears in the opening credit of theo tv show full house. >> everywhereóo youlook. everywhere. s who needsuk?# you. >> 9 "nth renovation will include tm removalff of diseased trees replacement of the irrigation>ú system and newíf the department says)o hole in te fence is fixed?e at least for z and any one entering6g the construction zone could be[6 cited. just(% wait5 until it's open again. >>hm let them finance jewish in] pretty much any placel@ you go isóp ni. >> true. qá's get our accu-weather here iny
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area with allól that cloud cover round ukiah÷ area.ç reallyéo only 1/100's inch so faryu. few sprinkle showing)h uprw clear  lake area. that's aboutj, it right now but that#- will change again tomorrow..i look at this.7t hard to believem it's almosto june and the highest elevationzp showershj right now. those passes heading'( up to the tahoee% area. our inland spotwl like con quord anm today high pressure were good two to 4 degrees below normal.## we continue with the pattern emeryville camera you can see the clouds as weu look across and bay bridge.çkn franciscíui- unsettled pattern+é through tomorrow.p isolated showers are po)vr!le muh ñ off the friday continuing right on ññb$ká 11:00 p.m. you are head into tomorrow morning.
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noticet a little blip of green showing up. it's just isolatedfy shower that could 1f/ear tomorrow morningw] !nç7@ó?ón] during the commute. most of you will just" dealing with the clouds and you it is going to start off on the cool side. as far as the rest of the day here's how it's shaping up so the morning7 8:00 as you take the kis off to school now you go into the afternoon/[. this is going to be the best l6#xp'd thunderstorms potential. ukiah c,74er dale clear lake area and alsoqwñ around mount mountain basically in the south 4:00 p.m. still lookingéát potential for showers and . just a disturbance overç@ thus could trigger those showers. mostc of you will beéu just dealing with the cloud. tomorrow afternoon 70 degree ins morgan hill. 69 inf; the south bay. san jose in cupertino. nab3 sana clara 688q along with sunnyvale on the peninsula. you look at
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mid upper 60's from san mateo,b to redwood city. monbay. daly citys'h"egrees.q% north bay this is where you< will likely see the wet4t weathr like you did today. 67q@ at lake port. in ukiah. 71 santa rosa. 66 in san rafael2. 67 vallejo. good idea to hang on to the and mild weather. 70 in livermore and 71 in concord. fast forward to the weekend since it's a holiday weekend saturday. it's warmer. you see the 80's maybe even 90 in antioch. 60's coast side. similar pattern and on memorial day the weather looks fantasti fantastic. not too hot orr cold. wemr go with 60's to 80's for most of you. here's the 7 day forecast slight chance of isolated shower tomorrow and then wednesday is when we continueñ with the same below normal average theme.
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temperatures come up thursday. warmer day. continuing right on throughqu friday and even the weekend isd looking really nice. bump youtt up above normal after the below normal days. >>cs all right thank you so muh sandhya.0v >> you know that the deserves. >> fine more than 1,000 khshingts on your phone. 70 more comelñ out next month. tonight we reveal the little known group of engineers who decide on new signs and have a voice on what comes out next. tonight at 11:00 on channeléé 7. >> wonder what the new ones will be. first at 9:00. millions to buy the8uáátj arou
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>> we reported recently that mark zuckerberg had purchased a 4 houses surrounding the house this palo alto. well now we are learning he's planning to bull dose those houses including one that cost him 14 million dollars. originally bo&3ht them for privacy protection. san jose mercuryeñ news says hes . nota( fair what he intendsq to could withu÷ those structures. >> entryeu in this 84 travel  yearç contest at the at national contest at the at national geographic are stunningu features san francisco. icture taken by joe murphy. he says he was in alameda when he was lucky enough to have hiss perfect.'y another 60 shot this is in bangkok thailand. shows one of the many night markets. look at a zebra in a field of flowers. beautiful. near the national park in
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tanzania and here is a cool sunset at pinnacle park in washington state. that is neat. may 27 to enter the competitio competition. >> tough to judge. another 30ment of abc 7 news at 9@:00 is next. coming up. search for clue in the mystery of egyptair flight 8 4. but the final transmission from the plane is telling investigators. >> also the president historic visit to nam what he just agreed to. >> and the shake up in the tsa. how the lines at some airport are already get being shorter. >> another
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i drive a golf ball.
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i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar.
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i have a driver. we begin this half hour with new clue in the mystery of
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egyptair flight 8 04. >> that's right. the final words from the pilot to air traffic controllers. 'dd what it may reveal what brought the plane down. >> with egyptian ship with grim remain of flight 8 04 on the surface of the sea the slashed purse, battered seat, warped shoe tonight this french ship began trolling the sea bed for answers dragging a listening device on 4000 foot long cable to pick up the ping of the black box. the flight recorders will be key to helping explain what happened between the time the pilot chipper exchange with the control tower. and dire message from the on board computer. warning of smoke and possibly fire in areas with electronic that fly the jet are housed. overnight the aviation administer about the soil. how big is the search area. >> around 60 something kilometer.
9:31 pm
>> 5000 square miles bigger than hawaii big island. minister telling me today the fuselage is also far away from being found. it's critical to find out whether it was mechanical error or terrorism that brought down that plane. because the air bus a 320vá is one of the world work horses. flight taking off or landing every two seconds. matt, abc news cairo. president obama will address the vietnamese people tomorrow in hanoi. today he lifted the american arms embargo on the former enemy then this unexpected moment. he shared a meal with american celebrity chef anthony. bob woodruff with how the meal came together. >>reporter: outside the noodles shop the presidential limo the beast sat conspicuously while in the president dined casually. signature on the blue plastic stools with a beer in hand. celebrity chef anthony shooting for his tv series praising the president chop stick skills
9:32 pm
before picking up the 6 dollar tab for the leader of the free world. it was a low key end to an historic day. with u.s. lifting the decade old arms embargo on vietnam. is sending a message to china about the expansion efforts. >> united states and vietnam are unit entered our support for a regional order including in the south china sea. >>reporter: president trip is also brought very good news to american giant boeing which signed an 11 billion dollar order today to deliver 100 jet liners to vietnam. hanoi. it was a deadly weekend on mount everest. reports say 4 people were killed. one each the past 4 days. most recent death happened early yesterday. man from india died from altitude sicknesses. the other included the map from the netherland and australia and 25 year old shevrp a gichltd or 25 year shurpa guid guide. 30 climbers developed frost bite or become sick near the
9:33 pm
summit. >> east coast and family vacation nightmare in north carolina. mother let her 11-year-old son drive a golf cart backi to the could the tan toned up handcuff and accused of child abuse. ryan smith has the story. >> what is this guy doing? >> you are under arrest. >>reporter: stopped by police on the island he told the observer this was the last thing she expected. >> then he pushes me down into the ground. puts his knee on my back. >>reporter: why. she let her under age son drive a golf cart. her husband recording the mother of two handcuffed. and later jailed in leg irons. police charging her with resisting arrest and child abuse. and tonight the video raising new questions about the limit of police conduct during arres arrests. ideallic island off the coast of north carolina accessible by boat and the only way to get around by golf cart. arresting officer cleming they
9:34 pm
were swox indicated uncooperative and obstinant. charges eventually dropped but for julie the incident won't soon be forgotten. >> now i just have the memory of being shoved to the ground by some guy for reasons i can not even fathom. >>reporter: ryan smith abc news new york. >> tsa taking action to reduce long wait times at airports. today the agency replaced head of security with the forker head of security at lax. o'hare airport has become the poster child for long wait times. chicago mayor said today that wait times plummet from 2 hours this weekend. tsa reportedly rushed in 100 part-time tsa officers an 5 canine teams help out. we are living longer worldwide life expectancy has increased 5 years since 1960's. new report from the world health organization says the biggest increase is in africa where people are living 9 and a half years longer. tributeed to reduction in
9:35 pm
childhood death and progress in the control of malaria. and hive. elsewhere the longest life expectancy is in japan where children born last year can expect to live to almost 87 years of age. we americans have a life expectancy of 79.three years. up next. going beyond the headlines with cheryl jennings. >> she takes you across the pacific. how some bay area women help mostly clear farm fields left riddled with land mince more than 40 years
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flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. bay area woman was among the guests today at a state banquet welcoming prt to
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vietnam. heidi the founder of group called roots of peace. >> recently bay area women raised more than 100,000 dollars to support the group effort the row manufacture land mines in vietnam. >> important work then they flew there to see first hand how the money is actually helping. >> cheryl is on the headlines with them and has the moving story. >> these are the images many remember vietnam during the deadly conflict that ended in the 70's. the aftermath of that war is still leaving scars on those who served and the family. it's also still affecting family living in the former battle zone because of land mines and unexploded bomb. this is one of the victims. it's tough for him to farm his land. he's missing part of one arm because a land mine destroyed it when he was just a kid. >> when he was 15 years old one day he's on the field anlfçiz
9:40 pm
dig to plant trees then the bomb explode. he lost his arm. >>reporter: he's one of 2000 farmers enrolled in programs in rural vietnam bringing hope and prosperity to poor farmers. farming club created bay california non-profit called roots of peace. he's growing a vegetable in sandy soil near the ocean. but he learned how to make it work. thanks to local roots of peace expert. they taught him and other farmers in the club men and women how toú grow high value crop using the latest taking knoll joy to control pest and disease and improve the soil. they have to pay half the cost of start up package including seeds and fertilizer to enroll. >> we ask to pay them contribution. toc; ask their the if they have to pay the contribution by cash in advance. they have to the take victims. after first year many, many
9:41 pm
many farmers say that i agree i agree i want to. >>reporter: they began working in 2010 with an anonymous donation in partnership with the u.s. department of state and cooperation of the vietnamese government. >> the vietnamese government is incredible. can't work in any country around the world without permission of the local government. >>reporter: first step get rid of the old land mine unexploded bomb. the group known as magazine is working in the province of former major battle zone. they train local citizens to become diviner. after he can please i was removed farmer safely plant variety of crops. this is the leading agricultural consultant with roots of peace. he's introducing these women because the major donor to roots of peace. >> amazing. impact roots of peace has here.
9:42 pm
>>reporter: they travel thousands of miles from marin county to vietnam at their own expense to meet farmers in the program. they were inspired by roots of peace finder and her family. her son tucker ran the vietnam program for three years. marin women join campaign called become a peace builder. they raise 125,000 dollars in one night. donation were matched by the u.s. department of state. >> it's so overwhelming to raise money that you think is for a good cause and then to see the cause firsthand. it's wonderful. i'm really pleased to be here and seen it. being able to clean up these fields and demine and allowing these the farmers and these families to enjoy their property again and be able to plant the a vine like this and see the fruits of their labor is just fantastic. >>reporter: it moved a lot of people to tears. tomorrow we take to you a health clinic where the work had a profound impact on the
9:43 pm
donors. they saw the roots of peace former getting new tros thet to wrist more money to help farmers in the program. ÷ thanks very much. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. >> in the lasti% 10 years over 0 percent of old land line young has dropped. >> people who say the old school land lines are really school land lines are really life lines for all of us
9:44 pm
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>> how many of you still have a land line phone?o the number is getting smaller each year and now bill in the state assembly would let phone
9:47 pm
companies like at&t dismantle network as jonathan bloom explains, that's not sitting well with people who still use their land lines every day. >> it could be the end of the cñ3 landj> line. screaming mad aboutur÷ it. the 29n if the public is too busy texting toruu)q say nojj on ab 2395. >>reporter: bill in california assembly wouldz let phone companies phase out their old analog network. in favor of fast fiber inin it that comes with a voice hook up annual the ever popular cell phone. rofit over pu access. >>reporter: but spokesman for access to anything. bill he says is about % technology not about eliminating>reporter: he explained it all goes back to 100 yourself
9:48 pm
ago. when at&t strung copper wire across the country for the first trans continental phone kawchlt the analog system was a utility regulated by the state. even though tiny$ digital devie cost now do the same job. at&t requiredif to maintain the old network. >> you have a mish-mash of old systems and new systems and very expensive and very inefficient to maintain the systems in parallel. >> protestors point out the old stuff works. >> in an emergency in a power outage land line generally continue to work where the oral alternative are useless e-earthquake can knock out cell phone service and storms cut power to know net base phones. >> land line telephone are the highest quality,@ voice service available so it's not a technological advancement to destroy our highest quality voice network. >>reporter: but if the billr passes california would join at >> look what they are doing next door in >>reporter: letting old analogb phone network fade no history. in san francisco, john thopoz still a land line i don't
9:49 pm
know for how long. don't use it much. >> we'll see how long itm! last. time for last check on our weather. >> we have the forecau. >> hi there. continue with the pleasantly cool weather for tw!tñ more day bm#re we bump up thexu temperatures around the end of the work week going into yourny weekendínñó. the we show you quite a bit of and it's going to stick around which is what has been travel to tahoed or yosemite look at potential]j for snow sátuj. letáujuju in the northernbu portion of the state.sp down south inr' los angeles.s 66 degrees it wila qjq)e. bay area7ú around lakepiq'docino county where you have thevx best chance of seeinñ some showers and thunder. rest of you you are lookivç at cooleref thanh' average condit. low 60's=x near the coast and cloud cover.
9:50 pm
if you going to the giants game they host the padres tomorrow evening at at&t park.u/ it's pretty cloudy and cool so yñ . uáver 50's at first pitch and we look at mid 50's;k by 10:15án the evening.:g week ahead for sanhb$se willúshe day forecast show you when thedc warming begins on thursdaycñ.  looking weekendj> plans. >>2h 7 news7 hasíu confirm that group which!ñ includes nfl hall of famer?ç ron lotbñ make a bido of famer?ç ron lotbñ make a bido get raiders in oakland. the executive director scoj mcgib says he met with lot and members of the group last week. similar meetings have taken place with oakland officials as well now we reached out to rai raider officials today but they had no comment about the meetings. >> we have rick for all things
9:51 pm
sports. >> a lot going on. >> a lot of nervous warrior fans today as nba rules on green possible suspension. and how about them sharks on and how about them sharks on st. louis e
9:52 pm
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9:54 pm
so. come up tonight 7 news at 11:00. 5-year-old boy killed in a tragic house fire. tonight police say there is a man hunt for an arson.=g >> 7 on your side michael finy reveals little known bay area group deciding7÷ the next set of images. images. that's tonight at 11:00 o'cloc >> lots to talk about. >> we have fun watching the warriors and sharks. >> don't forget about the shar shark. they have quite a season themselves. western conference final hereinafter losing on the home ice san jose returned the favor. things got chipy early on. get the stick out of here. break it on the first take another look at this.
9:55 pm
knock the puck right out of the air. past jones. shark tied up in the second. on the poweró] play. at the find the nechlt you see late& in the second and found in the slothv. 2 all5after 2.fñ in the third it's1r burns with the shot but redirects the puck. make the 4-3 shark'u san jose added a pair@vx empty neither in the finalm minutes. wrap around. trip to the stanley cup final washington win at home on wednesday. >> i think we remind them we t there yet. a lot of left and left we know the team on the other side there and the they are not going away and we have been close before and let teams off the map.a >> so many emotion throughout a play off. try not to get too high or too low.
9:56 pm
attack for us and everyone play add key role in it so far. has to continue to # after taking 2 out of 3 from the cubs. giants. hosting the padres tonight. sharks win but how about the giants? johnny did his part. he strike out brent looking in the second. in the third. ramirez goes down swinging. ends the inning striking out former athletic drew. giants had 2 on in the seventh. third out here. the final is just in. the giants have beaten the padres 1 to nothing. a's in seattle. this man goes for foul ball with the beer and woman next to him gets the splash landing. look at her face there. mariner bases loaded with one out in the second. get out of the jam. this game scoreless until the seventh. steven vote connects off walker for a solo home run. oakland would break it open with 4 runs in the eighth.
9:57 pm
base load double they beat the mariners 5 nothing and team high seventh victory. >> huge sigh of relief today when the nba ruled green will not be suspended for kicking center adams in the groin as you have probably seen dozens of time green going up for shot in the second quarter yesterday when he wound up kicking adams down under. at the time he was assessed a flagrant foul upgraded to a two if he gets one more he would be automatically suspended for one game. >> after the incident the warriors went down in game 3. managed 6 points and 4 refound here. mick reports they are looking for to makingaz amends tomorrow night. >> killed my whole game. so that was pretty frustrating. especially with all the boo. i love boo. usually helps me play well.
9:58 pm
frustrating i couldn't get it going. >> 0 and 3 and game 3 this post season but 9 and 1 if all other my off games. game 4 a must win. >> not going to know pa ick when it comes to whether happened last night. >> sometimes those kind of defeat hurt worst the next day. warriors no choice but to get ready for game 4 on tuesday night. >> fine line between winning and losing and down 2-1. you have to understand that going in game 4. >> he played perhaps worst game as warrior and if he's available for game 4 he will respond. >> he has mentally that nothing will affect game 4 except light a fire. >> warriors down twice last year against memphis an clevelandnb and came back to win 3 straight games in both series. how is this one different. >> tell we know what had hefi[i to do in game 4 we had to win.
9:59 pm
>> this is oklahoma city. >> eastern conference final drake cheering on raptors against the cavs up by 2 late if the game toronto to rosen gets the second chance and this time it goes. lowery all but seals the deal with this drive. scored a game high 35 as raptor even the series with a 105-99 victory. game 5 is wednesday if cleveland. in this sports report has been brought to you by toyota. and dan. >> thanks. we want to thank you for spending some time with us in. i'm am mail. i'm dan ashley for rick, kwan, sandhya, larry all of us we appreciate your time. time. see you again in an hour.
10:00 pm
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