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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 24, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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the brink of elimination. >> after trailing by 19 at the half. warriors back in the game with the big third quarwnr. >> larry is in with reaction later in the newscast. >> now the warriors cap tie the series with a win in game 5 back at oracle thursday. needless to say that is going to be a critical game. game 6 saturday in oklahoma city and game 7 would be monday back in oakland. let's move on now. >> investigators are looking into what happened today when an amtrak train hit and killed an suv driven by a mom who had vanessa and her 3-year-old daughter sadie. >> happened around 1:30 today and david louie has more. >> amtrak train with 39 passengers on board was northbound from san jose to sacramento.
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when it crashed into the dark suv when the woman and young child inside. the suv was caught on the tracks with no way to escape. >> it appears that the vehicle that was strucknj today was trapped in traffic. was stuck there prior to the railroad arms going down and was unable to get off thebñ trak safely before it was impacted at high rate of speed by the amtrak train. >> thinks all that is left of the suv after both passengers were removed. first responders describe the child as approximately three years federal investigators are on scene to check the crossing arms and warning system. the speed of the train hasn't been determined but amtrak says the maximum speed is 79 miles an hour. 244 people were killed last year in rail crossing accident accidents. this is the second amtrak involved virginia fatality in two days here. yesterday a pedestrians was struck and killed at davis street. this accident pass particularly difficult for first responders. >> what i get from a lot of them is blank stare and that because of the fact they are fathers. i get that because of the fact
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people in that vehicle are the able of their family members. >>reporter: responders will be offered council to go deal with what they encountered. miss say they will be looking for video from neighboring businesses and homes to see9k if any one recorded the accident. unclear is how much time there was for the two people to get out before impact. passengers aboard the amtrak train were transferred to a bus to continue their journey. in san leandro, david louie abc 7 news. >> the investigation into the shooting death of man in palo alto last year has found no evidence that police did anything wrong. the santa clara county district attorney released video of the incident showing the man charging at officers with a knife. >> drop the knife. >>reporter: we are not showing you the video of the actual shooting because it can of course be disturbing. here's the audio. you can hear how many shots were fired. man shot to death was william raft. da believes he created a fake emergency to commit suicide by
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attacking the officers. he had attempted suicide twice before the shooting. palo alto police release this statement. we have tremendous sympathy for the raft family and william's friends and loved ones. also mindful of the lasting effect this incident has had on our personnel and any witnesses. few answers after the court appearance today of three people charged with the murder of a millbrae man. one of the 3 suspects tiffany lee is the daughter of a wealthy family in china and the ex girlfriend of the murder victim. vic lee has more. >>reporter: mother and brother of murdered suspect tiffany lee takened the arraignment but left without saying a word. lee, the 3 suspects appeared in court charged with killing keith green. lee's former boyfriend and father of her two children. murder charge is enhanced with a special alleges. >> the allegation that a
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firearm was used in the commission of the offense by one of the parties involved. >>reporter: abc 7 news learned earlier that green died from a single bullet wound to the neck. his body was discovered two weeks ago dumped on small road in sonoma county. green disappeared april 29. the day he went to the pan cake house in millbrae. reportedly to meet lee to settle child custody issues. sources who know the family tell abc 7 news tiffany lee is the daughter of a rich and powerful family in china. she lived in this mansion which her mother bought in hillsboro. early saturday morning a sheriff's s.w.a.t. team converged on the home. broke through the steel gates and arrested lee and current boyfriend. she was arrested the day before in burlingame. green and lee had an acrimonious split when she began an affair. business records show him as president of american healing collective. listed on yelp as cannabis clinic. but office address in foster
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city showed no such company. other address listed was tiffany lee's hillsboro home. as to the custody of green and lee two young children lee attorney says it's still up in the air. >> as to what is going to happen with that, that will go to court and don't know an answer to that. >>reporter: they no longer have a father. the question now is whether mother will ever come home. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> santa rosa police say a shooting of a 15-year-old boy last night appears to be an attempted suicide by cops. police say an officer shot the boy in the foot when he upon upon theed a handgun at him 1 11:30 last night in coffee par park. investigators say this was the weapon the teenager was carrying. it's an air soft pellet gun. they believe the teen removed the orange tip so officers would shoot him. they also say he was the one who phone entered a report of man with a gun inside the park. he's now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. investigators are trying to establish the identity of man found dead in san francisco's
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golden gate park this morning. they found the body of older man floating face down in the lake at about 7:00 a.m. miss say this may have been a struggle and they are treating the death as azgáu they drained theb! lake, searchd forx evidence8 ane neighbors about the identity.jz >> the bee that terrorize a >> the bee that terrorize a and agricultureos found theq wered#rupricannk'm were thochltok but just europeanxr hy earlier this month the bees9ñ several people6p along hitchcock roadh in concordbjy most of the bees captureddñ or c city of san josefb one step closer to securingh) the highly sought aftergg google fiber,a service. s evening council members approvew a fiber line construction plan that would%s bring blazing fasten net speeds toch of the city. >>reporter: we have all been there before. anxiously waiting for a down load to finish. >> it takes forever to÷q load it
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so i think the fiber would actually speed up the process. >>reporter: this evening the san jose city council unanimously approved google application to install fiber cable across the city. service google fiber would allow customers to transfer data at up to 1,000 meg bit peri second meeting meaning a movie could be p-un loaded in a minute but some have questioned if there's really a need for it. >> we want everything pretty much at the snap of our finger. it make sense for down loading this but i feel it can be a little excessive. >>reporter: others say it's absolutely necessary in a tech driven society especially in silicon valley. >> we don't want other country to go ahead of us we want to be the leader and to be innovatio innovation. we want to be lead intertechnology. >>reporter: san francisco will likely be the first california city to have the service but only be available in selective apartment and condo. assuming all goes as planned san jose would become one of only handful of city across america with city wide google fiber service joining places such as provo, austin and kansas city.
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san jose state professor says google fiber forces company such as comcast and at&t to ramp up the game. >> they have to compete and bring up the data rate. they have to lower the price in order to survive. >>reporter: google plans to install then fiber hud in san jose this summer each with capacity to serve 40,000 customers a piece. but the city says it could take up to three years to install of the fiber cables n.san jose, abc 7 news. protestors gather at trump event tonight. also the clinton campaign reaches out to shark tank investor mark cuban. could he play a role in the campaign. >> reservation cancelled and that's exactly what people wanted. how much it would have cost to make sure you had a place to picnic. >> sandhya is checking on our weather. >> yes. it has been unseasonably cool to the start of this work week. but that is going to being cha. i'll talk about a warmer weather pattern coming up. >> still ahead. how brad pitt came to the rescue of young girl being
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>> anti-trump protestors cleared away in new mexico. smoke grenade where he was speaking were fired. protestors tried to break through police barricade and
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storm the trump event. officers blocr" them sought crowd started burning t shirts and throwing bothers at officers. at least one person was arrested. hillary clinton won the democratic primary in washington state tonight. although it doesn't get her any delegates washington delegates were awarded through the caucus in march. bernie sanders got 74 and clinton got 27. clinton was in southern california tonight giving supporters in riverside a preview of how she's going to go after donald trump. >> he says we should pull out of nato. we should ban all muslims from come to the u.s. a country founded on freedom of religion. and we should return to tortur torture. >> tomorrow clinton will campaign in salinas before holding a fundraiser and will visit san jose on thursday. and tonight there is word that clinton's camp reached tout meet dallas mavericks owner and star of shark tank mark cuban.
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he has grown increasingly critical of donald trump. billionaire has previously said would he consider the vice-presidential slot on her ticket. >> former president clinton spent today in the bay area. we were in fremont when the motorcade arrived at private home for fundraiser. price to attend started at 1,000 dollars. mean time uc berkeley professor is long time friend of the clintons and served as labor secretary under pill clinton. but robert rice not supporting hillary clinton in the election. he's becoming bernie sanders instead and he explained to us why. >> it's never an easy decision. i feel very fondly toward hillary clinton. i have phone her since she was 19 years old a lot of faith in her. i think she would make the great president for the system we now have but the system we have doesn't function well. i endorse bernie sanders because i think he's the best candidate to change the system into the system we need. >>reporter: today bernie sanders rallied followers in
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southern california. he told supporters in anaheim that his campaign is about challenging greed. sanders also held a rally today in riverside and campaigned in san bernardino. >> yesterday the phone day to register for the june primary and 200,000 people signed up. many of the new voters are between 17 and 25 years of age. the california secretary of state says it was the most on line registration activity this year. your own patch of grass for 30 to 250 dollars just seems like we are a nickel and dim dimeing our city. >> after big backlash san francisco recreation park department cancelled a park reservation policy. people worried they would have to pay just for a spot on the grass at popular park. >> carolyn tyler has that stor story. >>reporter: on sunny weekends this is the scene at dolores park in san francisco mission district. nearly every inch taken. so when they put autopsy sign telling people to go on line
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for a permit to pay and reserve a spot, the reaction was fast and furious. >> i think that's really ridiculous. >>reporter: in fact just since monday a petition against reservations has gathered more than 13,000 signatures and counting. the supervisor introduced a resolution today demanding the department back off. >> reserving your own patch of grass for 30 to 250 dollars? just seems like we are nickel and dimeing our city. >>reporter: but the department says the policy is only for about 5 percent of dolores par park. only applies to large gruchlts hold people accountable for the trash and has been in place for decades throughout the city. >> group less than 25, please, come an injoy your park for picnic whatever. we are just trying to be able to be mindful of larger group take want to use park also. >>reporter: because of the backlash and after consult with neighborhood supervisors scott
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weiner the reservation system has now been suspended. >> sometimes you can barely even see the grass and so it doesn't really make sense to to reserve lawn space at the park. >>reporter: change is only for dolores park. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. well whether dolores park or any other around the bay area pretty nice time to be outside. >> certainly is. sandhya is here with a look at our forecast hi sandhya. >> yes. it's great looking weather to go out and have a picnic especially next couple days. let's check out live doppler 7hd and foy we have partly to mostly cloudy sky across the bay area. few showers around lake mendocino counties long gone. temperatures in the 50's and the 60's. earlier this afternoon our warmest spots only in the low 70's. which like you both said is nice weather to be out and about. from our exploratorium camera overcast- conditions over the
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financial district. spotty drizzle for the morning commute. we look at below average temperatures continuing tomorrow and warmer pattern is setting up for the hotel difficult weekend. look at our computer animation here. this is a forecast for what is going to happen tonight. 11:00 p.m. obviously we are seeing the cloud cover. as we head toward the morning commute a little bit of green showing up at 5:00 a.m. indicating there might be some spotty mist or drizzle around during the commute. upper 40's to the mostly cloudy 50's so like this morning it starts out on the cool side. now for the rest of the day here's what you can expect. 8:00 a.m. still looking at some patchy drizzle around parts of the bay area. just enough to where you need to turn your wiper on briefly. here's where it's not necessar necessarily brief once again showers and possible thunder firing up in the hills there right above clear lake area and around the mendocino county area through 5:00 o'clock tomorrow evening and then things will settle down. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay 69 gilroy.
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san jose 67. sunnyvale 68. los gatos clouds still lingering on the peninsula. upper 60's from redwood city to palo alto. 61 in half moon bay. 60 in pacifica. sunset district downtown san francisco 62 degrees. north bay this is going to be the best chance for seeing the showers right around like port. ukiah. 72 in santa rosa. 70 nap a.66 san rafael vallejo. in the east bay temperatures still running a little bit behind where they should be but i don't think too many people are complaining. mid 60's oakland hayward 67 fremont inland spots nice and mild. normally in the 80's and 90's but this is nice change of pace. 71 in concord. 70 degrees in livermore. now take a look at the temperature trend forth upcoming weekend. on saturday it is going to be warmer. low 60's at the coast. we get you up in the 80's inland. really pleasant for your sunday as well. similar range of temperatures and then by monday which is memorial day the weather looks fantastic. something for everyone mild coast side warm inland for any
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of your out door plans. accu-weather 7 day forecast show you that the temperatures will remain below normal for one more day and then i hope you are not too used to the pattern because things do start to change on thursday. low 60's to upper 70's. temperatures trending higher. right on through the holiday weekend so we are looking at mid 60's to mid 80's saturday. sunday is shiite dip in the temperature only to recover near 90 degrees for your memorial day plans inland mid 60's coast. i guess it is unofficial start of summer so appropriate. >> i guess so. all right thank you sandhya. >> still to come. another piece of the old bay bridge disappeareright in front of our eyes today. >> and the new policy pay area restaurant put in place to stop people from selling
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i drive a golf ball.
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i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar.
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i have a driver.
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cal-trans crews made unexpected discovery before the demolition of the bay bridge. they found 4 cormorant egg. they are trying to discourage the bird from nesting in the old bridge but some are tenacious and they do any way. the bird rescue group is incubating the eggs. they join 9 others from were found a few weeks ago. >> very pleased that the bird were not harmed. the eggs particularly were not harmed and protected and the processç was fully engaged. >>reporter: today crews began removing the third truss of 5 that need to come down. work on this section is expected to were up tomorrow. >>vl no no. world renowned restaurant in santa clara wants to stop people from selling reservations. the newly opened restaurant in the malice so popular forced to start taking reservation and booked up immediately. some people started selling those coveted reservation on line. the restaurant didn't like that idea. it will now require availed i.d. that matchesdl the
9:25 pm
reservation name in order to claim your reservation. >> people want to get in that restaurant big time. another 30 minute of 7 news at 9:00 is next. cominghq up. bill cosby bomb shell june says the first criminal trial will move forward. reaction from cosby's attorney. >> also some fast moving thieves make off with an atm and a lot more. >> and why french authorities raided google headquarters in paris. >> another had a hour of 7 news at
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intromercedes-benz c-coupe, redesigned with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. good evening once again we begin this half hour with the judge decision to put bill cosbyh- on trial. >> former tv star will face that first criminal trial in pennsylvania for alleged sexual
9:29 pm
assault. >> lindsay davis was in the courtroom. >>reporter: bill cosby growthed fans. waving. walking into courtq] today not knowing if the first crim7%al trial against him would proceed. guided into the courtroom where pennsylvania district judge then ordered embattled comedian to stand trial on charges of sexual assault andrea constant the woman at the heart of the case who alleged cosby sexually assaulted her at his pennsylvania home back in 2004 was not present in courtuq toda. instead portions of her statements to pennsylvania detectives from 2005 were read in court. alleging cost which told her to drink wine and take herbal medication before the alleged assault. during the 3 and a half hour hearing at times the defense even shouted and pointed out multiple inconsistency from the former temple university saying when she was given the chance to reher statements she had lots of cross out. she told detective we laid down on the bed together. later revised it to say just we relaxed close to each other. defense also questioned why she
9:30 pm
carried on a friendly relatio relationship with cosby after the alleged assault. even asking him for tickets to one of the comedy show and introducing him to her family and bringing him a gift 30. was no evidence of a crime here. if the inconsistency that plague this investigation from the beginning continue to plague it now. this case should end immediately. >>reporter: defense argued that at no time did constant ever say no or tell cosby to stop. prosecution argues the pills rendered her unable to consent. everything was blurry and dizzy she says and her legs felt lining jelly. >> it was intoxicating to her and she was unable to consent. that's the crime. >>reporter: lindsay davis abc news pennsylvania. egyptian officials dismissing new claims that an explosion brought down egyptair flight 8 04. earlier today senior egyptian officials suggested burn mark small size of retrieved human remains suggest an explosion brought down the plane.
9:31 pm
66 passengers aboard. the plane black box yet to be found. now to the bomb threat made against two flights today. one of them forced a plane to park at remote spot at lax. s.w.a.t. team boarded the flight with weapons drawn. we are in los angeles. >>reporter: the tense scene playing out on the tarmac. s.w.a.t. team. those guns trained on the plan plane. passengers watching from on board. >> we saw like just a bunch of them surrounding the plane and flashing lights and everything like that. >> 2 f 16 escort the flit after the threat was made. after checking under the plane swat teams board. passengers taking video as the search is carried out. >> when you see everybody coming in with guns and all sorts of stuff, that's really scary. >>reporter: after searching the plane each passenger cleared by bomb sniffing dog. >> i hnnáo put my hand on the wall but everybody else had to put the hand like in the chair.
9:32 pm
>>reporter: another threat from houston. delta flight departing for atlanta. the plane about to take off had to return for screening before being cleared. tonight passengers on the los angeles flight telling abc news the officers kept it orderly and eventually both threats were found to be not credible. tonight the fbi is investigating to find out who is responsible. the penalty for making a terrorist threat up to 20 years in prison. this is abc news, los angeles. police in garden grove looking for thieves stealing lottery scratchers. surveillance video show as white van in front of the store at 3:00 o'clock in the morning. man rolls out or pulls out a rod and smash ins a window. once inside the men went straight for the scratchers. then tie up an atm and pull it out the front door. owner says they got 7000 dollars worth of scratchers. all happened in a minute and a half. french investigators raided google paris head quarter toda
9:33 pm
today. more than 100 police detectives raid the company paris offices. investigators say geeling is under investigation for financial fraud and organized money laundering. francis seeking 1.8 billion dollars in back taxes. french contend that google is using the headquarters in ireland to avoid paying tax ins france. google insist it complies with french law and is cooperating with authorities. los angeles base electric car start up is planning to build a massive production facility in vallejo. they are working with the city to buy this site on the island shade entered red. city officials plan to vote on the deal next tuesday. proposal calls for the construction of 1 million square foot facility. not much known about the company which is promising to bring in electric car to market in the next two years. the united states appears to be kicking its smoking habit faster than ever bfore. cdc says the rate of smoking among adults in the united states fell to 15 percent last
9:34 pm
year thanks to the big test one year decline in more than 20 years. smoking rate has been falling for decade but it usually drops only one point or less in a year. this is significant. in 2014 it dropped twice that. smoking is the nation leading cause of preventable illness so thinks encouraging trend. next on abc 7 news at 9:00. >> they didn't even have the dignity of human foot to give them balance. >> we go beyond the headlines to see how bay area generosity to see how bay area generosity is helping to heal vietnam one
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president obama is getting ready to wrap up his first visit to vietnam right now
9:38 pm
before heading to japan. >> we have video to show you from the city today where obama the dream plex a place where start up entrepreneur earlier the president gave a speech about the importance of human rights which was broadcast live across the country. >> recently a group of california if i lap throw picture traveled to viet nam to meet farmers the war ended more than 40 yourself ago. >> we have the story. >> this team is making new plastic leg for vietnamese am but tee at clinic rural province. these are among the poorest farmers in vietnam. they desperately want to join the rest of the country economic boom. big city like the capitol hanoi are filled with the images of money. shopping. culture. including opera. and lots of traffic of all kinds. thoughts of people fill the busy streets. lock at this city also known as saigon.
9:39 pm
10 million people. 5 million scooters. racing to their next destination. but in the rural areas rusty bicycle may be the only which to get around. the amputee are farmer working with non-profit root of peace based in marin county teaching them how to grow high value crop and get them to market. 2 groups from the bay area wanted to seat program firsthand so they paid their own way to fly to vietnam. they watched prosthetic being custom made by volunteers from mercer university in georgia. the effort brings students and teachers here. mercer on mission leader just formed a partnership with roots of peace founder. >> we are right at about 5000 prosthetic legs now. >> they didn't even have the dig if i ty of a human foot to give them balance. they would just hop and hobble through the fields just to cultivate food for their families. >>reporter: dock twhor was born in vietnam is helping the amputees.
9:40 pm
>> this doctor is the designer of prosthetic. he himself is south vietnamese and grew up in post war south vietnam and wanted to do something for his country. >>reporter: the marin county group we traveled with raised more than 100,000 dollars to help fund programs like this through a roots of peace initiative called peace builder. they were overwhelmed after moteling the farmers. and seeing the pride they had in getting new legs. >> this gentleman had a hoof, horse hoof as leg and as of this week he ka can walk again and supply an income for his family. >>reporter: prosthetic in the state's can cost thousands of dollars. this doctor has gotten the cost did you know to 250 dollars. the prosthetic are free to the farmers. >> people spend this much money for a bolt of wine and for 250 dollars you have a leg. it just made, it just were the tears to my eye. >>reporter: many field where the farmer work still have explosive left over from war.
9:41 pm
u.s. department of state has provided millions to remove unexploded bombs. land mines. and teach land mine awareness education. money is used to hire company like the mine advisory group or mag for short to demine so roots of peace can help farmer replant. marin donor have the satisfaction of helping the team prevent injuries to even more farmers. women were happy to help remove the land mines and unable farm investigators get new limb at the same time. >> these people who have been unfortunately injured from land mines now have new legs. they can work back in the fiel fields again. and also given us inspirational to go back and raise more money for roots of peace that we can provide the legs for just 250 dollars.
9:42 pm
>>reporter: grit news. first major pepper harvest from farmers in the program is now being marketed in california. founder heidi presented fresh pepper from the farmers to president obama and viet nam president. tomorrow you will see how investors condition get involved. >> thanks very much gentleman coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. paul mccartney in new intervie interview. >> what he reveals about his time with the beatless all ears
9:43 pm
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a few little changes in the weather department to know about tonight. >> the latest from sandhya. >> hi there.
9:46 pm
we are going to make the changes in the form of going from the 70's to the 80's as we head towards the end of the work week. look at live doppler 7hd right now. we just have the cloud. we don't have any rain right at this hour but that could change. especially around lake county tomorrow. certainly a possibility of some rain up in northern california. chico looking at 80 degrees. 55 tahoe. snow showers in the sierra. los angeles you have a slight chance of seeing some showers and 67 degrees tomorrow afternoon. here in the bay area here's how the temperatures will shape up. low 60's at the coast. to the low 70's inland. 72 will be the warmest spot in fairfield and antioch. 70 agrees livermore. 69 san jose. 65 oakland. 72 santa rosa. 66 in san rafael. 61 degrees if half machine bay and 62 in san francisco. now if you are going to the giants game as they take on the padres one more time 12:45. 60 degrees. uv index is very high at 3:45. we get you up to 62. one of the days where it's quite comfortable out there for the game. and a look at where the
9:47 pm
temperatures are going to tren trend. santa rosa will go from below normal one more day average high 76 degrees to well above average just in time for the holiday weekend. accu-weather 7 day forecast will show you the warming trend that starts thursday. carries over right on through memorial day and then temperatures will hold on the warm side inland at least on tuesday. coast side will be quite comfortable. >> thanks sandhya. paul mccartney revealing what really broke up the beatles. something we never heard befor before. david muir on how he almost gave up music. ♪help i need somebody help ♪. >>reporter: beatles had the music. define ago generation. the screams followed them everywhere. but when they were no longer together they had tremendous pain for paul. >> not knowing whether i was going to continue in music. that was kind of depressing.
9:48 pm
♪let it be was the last album. ♪let it be ♪. >> life long friends breaking and we used to liken to like the army when you have been army buddies for a few years and now you won't see them again. >>reporter: he again to drink. but knew had he to to. >> i took to the bench. grit at first. and then after awhile it was n no. >>reporter: late wife linda got me through. >> she said you have to get it together and you have to do something. ♪i wanted to go back. you have to hold your nerve but then you do in life. >> david muir reporting. well brad pitt came to the
9:49 pm
rescue of a young fan over the weekend while filming in spain. when the actor went out to greet his fans he spot add young girl being crushed against the barricade. as soon as he saw her pitt made his way toward the girl and put out his hand to help her. security guard came over andd helped pitt pull her to safety. when she was out of the crowd the girl shared a sweet moment with pitt. >> very kind. >> wow! >> very kind. >> she'll remember that forever. >> absolutely. well, not what we wanted out of the warriors tonight unfortunately. >> no. larry is here with all the low lights i don't know larry what are we doing at this point. >> make it stop. in the biggest game of the year the warriors came up very smal small. they got crushed again. what is happening to curry. what happened to green. what happened to green. we hear
9:50 pm
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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t 11:00 o'clock1 deadly train tragedn mother and youngç! toddler killd when amtrak train slammed directly into the suv.
9:53 pm
tonight the definiteite satell e satelliteedz family is speaking with abc 7 news. >> and donald[ trump rallies supporters in new mexico but what happened outside that was out of control. >> those stories and a lot more forhgá(áájjt up on 7 news at 11+l:00 over on8dfutñ 7. kind of tough to watch tonight. >> i'm not givingbv up hope thougho?. >> keep hope alive larry has the highlights. >> i love yourqi positive spiri. >> always. >> i wish i had some. the warriors picked a really bad time to lose back-to-back games for the first time this soap. warriors new just one win away from elimination. okc so hot right now he needed a fan. turn overs again plaguing the warriors. kevin picked steph's pocket. okc up 11 in a flash and green turns it over. jeans up tpxitáu he misses but okc out rebounded them by
9:54 pm
16. result west brook 3. 16-o run for the thunder are. adams with a fast ball to robertson who went for 17 and 12. thunder by 13. trying to rally the troop. thompson bright spot. straight points by himself. on his way to 26. and 19 point deficit whittle down to 6 but okc puts it away in the fourth quarter. kevin durrant with a transition 3 here. kd for 26. curry had one of the worst games of the year or of his life. 6 of 20 shooting. held to 19 points. and warriors 21 turn overs in the game. west brook dagger 3 there. triple double 36 points. 11 assist 11 boards for him. all thunderment 118-94. lead the series 3-1. warriors on the verge of elimination. live now to mike with the post mortem from okc. >> well i tell what you larry i
9:55 pm
have to say maybe the law of average finally caught up with the warriors. losing back-to-back games first time this season. they look exhausted. thompson kept them in the gam game. steve wasn't have you ever what happened. >> no extra pressure whether you are talking about defending our title or trying to back up the regular season. it's just trying to win. everybody when you get deep in the play offs everybody is goo good. and this team is out playing us right now. we have to come up with some answers and simple as that. >> at the end of the day i know i got to be better in game fight all or nothing. too much work to go out like this. i wouldn't be able to live with myself going out like this. >> obviously off the last 2 neither it happens. lucky for us it's the first of 4. things are looking pretty grim right now but at the end of the day we are going home. and we know what we have to do.
9:56 pm
>>reporter: well steph and dre have to show up game 5 thursday at or coal because every game now is elimination game. reporting live from acc -- okc. abc sports. >> on to baseball and the giants debut tremendous starting pitching to surge into first place. about part of that to bet the padres second time in a week. about the grab by the fan here. reaching over the fence and back handed grab. that's why you bring the fwlochlt right. the 6 and two-thirds engine struck ought 7. wallacetu with the swing and myself. 6th inning john j leading off and thataz is gone. solo homer. and tied the game. giants regain the lead off. double down the ryan and score a couple batters later. crawford. single in buster and the giants have busted this thing open now leading 8-1 in
9:57 pm
the 8th inning. the a's and mariner dog day at the park. look at fido there. i thought it was a fake dog. third thing t.down. i'm in love with the cocoa crisp. solo blast off nathan. fourth of the year tied at one. in the sixth for marcus. ground rule double gave them a lead. it's cocoa again. 2 run double and cocoa isp his house is up for sale. i think like 9 million dollars if you are interested. a's leading in the eighth. the 2016 sharks have done something no other sharks team has ever done. win 11 play off games and after last night victory over the blues the sharks now just one win away from the stanley cup finals. chance to clinch at home but keep in mind last game in the tank against st. louis didn't go so well. blue won. they are so close right now. and they can not waste this opportunity. >> to come this far and have
9:58 pm
this opportunist huge and i don't think it's one of those things we take for grpted or lightly's such a hard trophy to win and league to advance as far as we are right now. history has shown that. rare area to brevity and these guys recognize that and they want to take advantage of that. >> on the ice tonight. fame 6 eastern conference finals lightning leading the penguin. cross by the weaving through the defense. fires it home. 3 nothing after 2. lightning answer with two goals in the third but the rus on the break away. beautiful there as penguins force a game 7 with a huge 5-2 win on the road. >> good stuff. larry obviously it's not over because still a chance. warriors have to win the next three games to win the series.
9:59 pm
the back are really up against the wall even at home and on thursday night. >> yes. you have you can't look it like we have to win three. you have to win one game at a time. >> can't lose. >> you have to win one game in a row. one game a row worry about 3 later on. >> thanks for joining us. for all of us here we appreciate your time. >> see you at 11:(
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a constable and a woman from his church are found dead in a car. determined to be a double suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, the investigation is closed until nearly 20 years


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