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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 26, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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lots of frees and hots of plants i'm allergic to. >> impact of an el nino fuelled winter for people with aller allergies. a shoot out in santa barbara county leaves a suspect dead but no sign of the teenager he's
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suspected of kidnapping. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> witnesses heard screams and gunshots where 15-year-old pearl pinson was seen. >> and the suspect's car was spotted near solvang. >> reporter: there is a small memorial here where pearl was seen yesterday morning. it's a difficult time for family and friends of the teak. -- teenager now that the man who knows where she is dead. a father's anguish. this afternoon, the man believed for her abductor shown in this gold saturn was spotted on highway 101 near solvang. >> we continue to look for her and are worried about her
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safety. >> reporter: leslie says she heard the frightening sounds, screams police believe came perfect pearl he is pi-pinson. >> when you're getting chased and screaming for help, like that. in horror movies. >> reporter: police found pearl's cell phone on the bridge. search teams looked for any sign of the teen, her friends and family wait for word. after all that happened in santa barbara county. >> now, it's just a big search, hoping to find her alive. >> emotional. i'm going to keep faith that we'll bring her home. >> i have been her friend two for two years. out of those two years i loved
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being her friend. i hope she comes home. i don't want to talk right now. >> reporter: pearl was abducted at 7:00 yesterday morning but the amber alert wasn't issued until 1:30 this afternoon. police explained there is certain criteria before an amber alert can be issued. one is that there is an associated vehicle. she say they didn't have that until this afternoon. soon after, that vehicle was located down in santa barbara county. the search continues tonight for pearl. only abc7 news captured s.w.a.t. teams in novato today. they arrested a suspect related to an attack on high school students. this home is at the corpser of rowland boulevard and nevada boulevard. these arrests happened less than 24 hours after the sooting and
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stabbing of two students from novato high school. vic lee joins us live. vic? >> reporter: it was quick police work. i'm standing here where the second arrest was made, this is rowland boulevard. folks behind me tell us police were looking for the suspect's older brother. we don't know what that means, if he's a suspect, a person of interest, or just someone police wanted to talk to. the third suspect is still at large. the first arrest made just down the road over there. police and s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the house after 2:00 this afternoon. they went in and arrested two suspects and shootings near novato high school. both were stabbed and shot. one was able to call police. >> first victim called 911 for
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law enforcement and identified when he believed to be three suspects. hispanic males in this case. >> the young man was being transported, authorities found the body of a second victim. sooting shocked the community. >> it's crazy. you don't see this happen in your community. >> today's search and rescue crews comb combed the hillside, looking for evidence this while homicide investigators looked for the killers. >> we're hopeful to get more than just one person here at this house. for us that just means that
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doesn't stop here. police say both of the suspects are 17 and authorities have not said what led to the shootings. our abc7 news app sent out alerts to be the first to know when news affects where you live down load the abc7 news app. >> the bay area biggest cities wieted an hour to see hillary clinton. >> we have live team coverage. let's begin with lyann lyanne melendez. lyanne? >> it was a very enthusiastic crowd. if you remember, gavin newsom supported hillary clinton eight years ago, over obama and
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hillary never has forgotten that. now, police clinton focused on two things that are important and matter most, and theys are jobs and economy. she delivered quite a few jabs at donald trump. >> interest there is no way we can let donald trump get near the white house. >> bernie sabders kachl out to criticize clinton. inside, mrs. clinton talked about reuniting the party and the country. she has an early event in oakland, a breakfast, consisting
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of chicken and waffles. that sounds great. hillary clinton made a stop in san jess yeah, raising the possibility she and bernie sanders should form a unity pack to defeat donald trump. david louie continues in san jose. david? >> i'm standing aconsiders street from parkside hall. she proposed there would be unity and she might have confused voters by saying she and bernie sanders were on the same page. >> with california primary, a few voters wanted to hear from hillary clinton.
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inside, they got a message that two should strike a chord. >> we're on the same page. so we're going to come together and have more in common than we do with donald trump. >> reporter: carol whalen thinks her family reflects an emerging sentiment. >> i have four voters in the country. one is a republican, and in november we're all voting for hillary. >> all of the democrats should join together to beat donald trump. >> reporter: this high school
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student wants to know more before joining her friends. >> i feel everybody is pro bernie. i want to form an opinion on my own before i decide who i want to support. >> 500 points are super delegates, pledging support for clinton. senator sanders continues his campaign in southern california. sanders said he could not wait to have a debate with donald trump. >> i would love to see it. >> i don't think it would happen. >> i dare you to do it.
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>> also, shaking hands and posing for pictures. >> donald trump has enough delegates to secure the republican party's nomination. as of this morning he has 1238 delegates. his carp campaign events took him to north dakota and montana. >> we'll make our country strong again. ladies and gentlemen, we'll make america great again. thank you. >> the deadline is 5:00 p.m. tuesday. voters will go to the polls on tuesday, june 7th. warriors path to the championship could end tonight. we hope it doesn't but the sharks run is just beginning.
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>> yes. they're headed to the stanley cup finals. >> a state law that could give you a tax break with a pet. >> we have a warm weekend coming our way. i'll have details coming up.
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a loss tonight for the warriors ends their season and any hopes for back back championships. >>is live at oracle
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tonight. >> they've got to get it done. the game is just underway inside here at oracle arena. right now, i felt would be a good time to stroll down memory lane. i know it doesn't look great. and they'll be the tenth team in 243 tries to overcome the deficit. these are the 73 win rewriting defending world champion dubs if a home win can rekindle their swagger. anything can happen. >> defending champs, most teams down 3-1 i'm guessing most were defending champs.
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we feel confident and three games, two of them at home. take care of business at hem. we'll have another swing down there and like i said, see what happens. paluto from "animal house" said "over?" it's not over until we say it's over "and warriors are hoping it's not over tonight." >> certainly. >> we'll see you in sports. >> impressive. >> as the sharks are swimming in unchartered waters, they're headed to the stanley cup finals. chris nguyen on the excitement.
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>> this is unbelievable. >> fans lined up for a shot at tickets and merchandise. >> it's awesome to watch them. just awesome. >> if you're on the band wagon, prepare yourself. >> if they can be aahead and behind, then, it's just the most wonderful explosion. and conditions. >> ask someone to tell what you icing is and they're likely to respond with a flavor. in hockey it means something else. >> when the puck goes from blue line, the team hits it and goes past the goalie.
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>> reporter: merchandise is available, if you get a jersey, do yourself a favor. >> watch the game. >> some advice from those who love the sharks. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> isn't this fun? share your sharks pride with abc7. pet owners could get $100 back in taxes if you aadopt a dog and cat from a shelter you'll get a $100 tax credit. supporters say it would help reduce shelter populations and number of pets euthanized. >> local governments spend $130
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million a year maintaining shelters. it's beneficial to be able to incentivize people to adopt their new family member instead of going to a store. >> we'll keep you updated. >> yes. >> let's turn our attention to weekend and the forecast. >> yes. sunny skies right now and warmer today than yesterday. taking a look at temperature changes. it's 11 degrees warmer in antioch and milder around the bay. over san francisco, what happened there? that went by quickly.
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fairfield, 76 and 70 in livermore this, is the view looking across the embarcadero. patchy fog and mild afternoons at the beaches which is probably good news for you. overnight lows, patchy fog and tomorrow, pulling away from the coastline, sunnier in just about all of the fog will be gone so highs from mid-60s to upper 70s on the bay. then, warming kicking into high gear. saturday, highs inland valleys
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up to and above 90 degrees. sunday, we'll have a weak sea breeze that may bring temperatures down and monday, 94 in fairfield. low to mid-90s in concord, livermore, and cloverdale. upper 70s to mid-80s around the bay memorial day day. upper 60s to mid-70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. warming continues beyond mem wril day. you can see it's into tuesday, low 90s inland. then, wednesday cooler thursday
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as temperatures warm back into seasonal range this time of the year. >> the list is next when
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the hands on exhibit opens to the public by june and will stay up two years. >> that looks fun. >> yes. definitely. >> here is information you want to keep in mind heading to the coast this memorial day weekend. >> the report card is out on the best and worst beaches in california and a few bay area beaches didn't fare well. >> there is beach weather, to heal the bay rated 566 california beaches. three bay area beaches landed on the most-polluted list. cal beach ranks as most polluted for the third year.
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one reason is animal feces. the water quality is improving, and you should stay clear of certain parts of the beach. >> when you come into the beach, stay away from the storm creek or river, that way, you lower your risk. >> two other local beaches on the list number eight, candle stick point which didn't get enough water circulation. and similar problems number nine, pillar point in half moon bay. now, looking at the cleanest beaches, baker beach in san francisco. montera state beach, calla media point, and you can check the link on our website. >> thank you.
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>> coming up, sniffling and sneezing and more. >> your head is stuffed up. and not fun. you didn't breathe. >> teaching kids how to code. ahead on abc7 news. >> when this is captured, it's disturbing. >> two deputies face a judge on charges they use excessive force on a suspect, coming up.
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two sheriff deputies charged with beating a man in. >> theys deputies pleaded not
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guilty. >> reporter: anything the video sdbt show, the november incident caught on surveillance video. according to reports, petrov led the deputies on a high-speed chase on the mission district. both pleaded not guilty. their attorneys say they'll be acquitted. >> it's disturbing. that didn't make it illegal. >> he's moving over to the passenger seat. what do we find? a loaded 45. >> deputy webert's body camera captured audio saying give me your hand and get on the ground.
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a use of force expert says the deputies continued to use force when petrov was on his knees. >> this is one of the most savage beatings. >> a third deputy petrov said gave his gold chain to witnesses is also on paid leave. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> armed with a $30,000 award, a murder victim's friends renewed their call to find his killer. someone may have tried to rob him. he just walked a mile from a bar on telegraph avenue.
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>> these videos are grainy. to us, who is that? if you do know, you can tell sometimes wait a minute. so. an investigation has officials suspending he themselves from a claim that sfo has the highest number of security incidents in the country, saying since january, 2004 there have been 41 intrusions, including people getting over fences and gates. an airport spokesperson says none of these is considered a beach. >> a cable will stretch from
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virginia beach to spain. the name is maria, which means tide in spanish. san francisco based uber is using technology designed by four square to better pinpoint locations. >> service will stop between midnight friday night and 4:00 a.m. tuesday morning. >> all of the rain we have had made for a colorful spring and eased the drought a bit. it's also the time of the year people dealing with allergies start worrying about what is still to come.
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spring time isn't always pretty for this 12-year-old. >> allergies are not fun. there are trees, flowers and plants i'm allergic to. >> there is concern many of the pollen producers could go into overdrive. certain trees have been active for months. >> cypress trees are the most important. >> he says sufferers can avoid triggers with a few steps. >> there are things people can do for that. using the air conditioner in the car. >> others say taking a shower can help. but they say allergies like the
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season, can be unpredictable. >> one interesting phenomenon is people in the season get exposed and they're kind of primed. so small amounts can cause more symptoms later in the season. >> you can't breathe. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> and pollen levels p grass have begun to creep up since we've prepared our report. something to keep an eye on, certainly. >> building blocks in the bay area get a twist. >> how kids get hands on training to create computer code. >> one review website estimates 100 crowd funding sites are
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♪ sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing ♪ sfx: crowd chanting ♪ sfx: crowd cheering ♪
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sc johnson, a family company
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teaching kids to code often starts in middle school. one local dean is building a toy that can teach kids even as early as five. >> ariel is snapping magnetic blocks together but really, she's writing code that controls this ipad with a friendly blue creature called obbi. it started out as a project with ipads in more classrooms. they thought something was missing. they found the device to make it possible. this mirror of a bay area start up called osmo.
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>> it's an awesome feeling. research projects start in the lab and kind of nend the lab. >> they say the important people are the kids that tested their design. without them, the game could have looked different. >> very huggable and round and friendly and approachable. >> it made coding a team sport. >> it's a way of thinking and problem solving and goes beyond just sitting at a computer. >> coding launches on june 1st.
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a 12-year-old is taking a shot at history. >> h, i, r, n, d, i, n, e. >> that is correct. >> and a great start this evening for the final round of the scipps national spelling bee. the winner gets a trip to new york to appear on "live with kelly". >> such a fun thing. >> it is. >> coming up next, new way to get into the bay area's booming housing market. >> michael finney looks at
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a change in federal law made it legal to set up crowd funding in real estate. >> before you jump in, there are
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things to think about. >> one website says a thousand sites are operating. should you get invochled? this could be looks like it could be a tv show. they've become a national obsession. >> is that what got you interested in this? >> partly. >> because her interest goes farther than viewing. she uses platforms. >> this is a first time i have ever done any investments in real estates like this. >> using sites she hooked up with developments. he's showing me a house with help from reality shares.
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>> they're happy. >> he tells me he finds more than just money for a deal. >> sounds good for boblg sides but with many platforms out there, it begs the question, what is the catch? >> these have only been around three years or less. there is no meaningful record about it. >> you've got to have serious bank behind you. >> mark master son is the director of investments. >> we're doing all of the
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diligence up front so investors know the opportunity they're looking at are good opportunities. >> it brings us back to amy. she says you have to do your research. she lost money on deals, and made money on others. >> is this like online dating? >> you can say so. yes. not every patch is a good reinvestment. >> he says this is high risk and high reward. there are no guarantees and not fdic insured to, see my reports online go to and select 7 on your side. >> thank you michael. >> we're expecting a warm up for
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the memorial day weekend. it's goi to be good weather to get outside and enjoy. >> yes. take a look at this cool picture. this is a shot of sequoia national park. >> it will be warm with hot spots. we have sunny skies right now 96 in palm springs, upper 70s and low 80s, highs in upper 60s to low 70. ocean temperature about 55
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degrees and high temperatures inland into low to mid-90s. >> so far, so good. we've got to get it done. >> we'll check out game five, warriors and thunder, next in sports.
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good evening, everybody. game five, warriors and thunder, very simple situation. the warriors fighting for their playoff lives 19,000 plus are here at oracle, trying to cheer the home team on to victory. draymond green with a block and
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warriors heading the other way. thompson with a wild drive here and draymond was everywhere, early. second quarter, the hoop and foul. they're now in the second quarter and warriors hanging on to a 53-45 lead.
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jack george honored back then. joining steph is lebron james with russell west brooke and houston rockets finalizing a deal for mike diantoni to be their head coach. 65 years old. and to the ice, took 25 years but the sharks are finally into the stanley cup finals this is
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another series to go here. everybody knows it's going to be tougher to win. >> we know we've got a step to take to let loose. there is a ways to go. we found away to pull up a win. >> so who are they going to track? a snap shot, he shots and scores now it's 2-1 pengiuns.
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williams gained control winning in sets and is 60-2 in the second round. dan? ama? >> join us tonight at 9:00. >> s.w.a.t. teams move in on suspects involving a deadly shooting and stabbing. >> here is a look at abc7.
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>> and that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. thanks for joining us tonight. >> from all of us, hope to see you at 9:00 and 11:00. i am actually looking forward
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to take your daughter to work day. i am not great with kids. but i wanna get better because i'm getting married. so i put out a bunch of extra candy on my desk so e kids will come talk to me. like the witch in hansel and gretel. bribery. nice. oh, i have more. (michael) it's pam. ms. beasley if you're nasty.


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