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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 26, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. man who abducted 15-year-old vallejo girl shot to death in a shoot out with police in santa barbara county in southern california. good evening. >> it began with the abduction of this person on wednesday. castro is the man believed to have taken the 15-year-old kicking andg)p screaming and forced her into his car. >> solana county sheriff's say castro drove to santa barbara county where he jumped into another car and got into a
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shoot out with police. he was killed in the exchange of gunfire. pearl is still missing. >> news conference happening right now at the sheriff's office in fairfield. let's listen in for the latest development. >> again. we have a dedicated tip line. to field those calls from our community. and that number is listed here on the screen. we are asking our community to please provide any information and help us find pearl and bring her back to her family. >>né good evening. i just wanted to add that i have been on the phone several times this evening with santa barbara county sheriff billlh brown. we have talked and discussed this case. we have our resources working closely together. as christine said we have deputy sheriff in marin county. we have two deputy en route! to santa barbara county and process as much evidence as we can as fast as we can with the main goal to find pearl.
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so that is our gochlt it hasn't changedes. no matter what the event were today so we are going to continue searching and resources will be continuing on until tomorrow with search areas in solana county. thank you. >> any information how they might have known each other if they knew each other. >> nothing we already reported to you. our understanding they are an acquaintanceism the car was caught on camera. could in the car at that time. >> did not appear that she was in the car, .égf=)új÷ino. we sent somebody doq.háo review that. she was not. from what we can tell she was not in the car. that would exclude the trunk or anything like that. >> the car was stopped on the bridge or just -- >> it's automatic license plate reed sore it's kind of commonplace to have those around in california so when you put the alert out it happened see the cargo through and snap a photo of it. %oçi of those readers and camera how far along was
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this the only one that picked up. >> this is the only>1?= soc fa. >> youn@ still looking at other. >> absolutely. yes we are continuing that. sz[)iff's department withanews conference right now onk the úwe are keeping an eys$j)rj latestw÷ if they?é find8 a pearl missing abducted out of vallejo on wednesday. >> her apparent abductor shot e-÷ killed today in southern d;(p&ifornia. >> yes.ú> we'll have much more on the story ahead on 7 news at 11:00 over on =annel 7. >> bay area biggest city hosted hillary clinton today as we turn your attention to the presidential election. supporters waited over an hour for the candidate to appear in san jose. that delayed her scheduled have toyvt san francisco. late this afternoon. kl inton held a rally late today at the bank building off market street. introduced by lieutenant governor newsom. he supported hillary clinton
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over barack obama eight years ago and she has never forgotte forgotten. that she addressed the issue of job and economy and took a few jab at donald trump. >> state could not be higher. there is absolutely no way that we can let donald trump get if i where near the white house. >> bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders supporters came out to criticize clinton for revving to debate one more time. mrs. clinton willow remain in te bay area tonight. tomorrow morning he she will participate in the community discussion on increasing opportunity in oakland. >> senator sanders continues the campaign in southern california. at rally in ventura today sanders said he couldn't wait te with donald trump. trump proposed idea when he appeared on kimmel"k live. sanders supported liked the idea. >> yes would i like to see it.l i don't think it will happen.
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>> i would love8 to site. do it trump. challenge you. i dare you to do it. >>reporter: sanders also hit the streets of hollywood today shaking hand and posing for pictures. he will appear on kimmel live watch it on right after our news at 11 oichlt hillary clinton has nearly 800 delegate leads -- 800 delegate lead over bernie sanders right now. 500 are super kill gather who pledge support for clinton although the votes aren't locked in until the convention. >> trump earned enough delegate to put him over the top with 1 1239 delegate and counting. tom has more. >> tonight. donald trump naming his price. 10 to 15 million dollars to debate bernie sanders. >> i think it would get very high ratings. it should be in a big arena somewhere and we could have a lot of fun witness. i with love to debate bernie actually. the problem is he's going lose.
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>> trump saying the millions would go to a charity women health issues. senator sanders who requested the debate saying bring it on. >> i think it's important that somebody hold him to task for his outrageously bigoted remar remarks. >>reporter: specter of trump sanders show down coming billionaire lock in the 1237 delegates. clinching the g.o.p. nomination. >> i was coming out of my building this morning and there was a big news flash that donald trump had won the nomination. and. >>reporter: trump tonight tweet thanksgiving picture celebrating with mcdonald's on his jet. officially he won't become the nominee until the convention but for trump it's just a formality. >> politician also like hillary clinton have failed you and they failed you badly. they have used you. stolen your decades. and they have given you nothin
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nothing. i will give you everything. >>reporter: last night with jimmy kimmel rare confession. >> recently as 2012 you said you thought she was terrific. what did she do. what happened. >> let me explain to you. i will tell you. when i'm a businessman if people ask me about politician i speak well so when they ask me about hilary she's wonderful. everybody is wonderful. and that's the way it is. including contributions. they asked me for contribution i give contribution. >> were you full of (bleep) when you said that. >>reporter: so will this debate happen. price tag is steep but tonight the sanders campaign saying tv to theáand they have had communication3ñ with the trump xaichbility senator sanders says if it doesfs happen they have to rent out the largest stadium in california. abc news, los angeles. less an week remains for confidential voters to request a vote by mail ballot. deadline is 5:00 p.m. tuesday.b voters will if to the poll here
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in california on tuesday june seventh. only 7 news captured swat people in novato as they arrested a suspect relateed to attack on high school students this home is at the corner of rowland boulevard and south nevada boulevard block away officers moved in and arrested a second suspect at the leaf wood apartments. these arrest happen less than 24 hours after the shooting and stabbing of two students from novato high school. vic has been working the story all day. >> the sheriff and s.w.a.t. team surround the house on the 400 block of roland boulevard shortly after two this afternoon. they went in and arrested one of three suspect and last night shootings of two students near novato high school. both were stabbed and shot. one was wounded. but he was able to call police. >> first victim who called 911 to the the local law enforcement and identified what he believes to be our 3
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suspects. >>reporter: hispanic male involve in the case. >>reporter: while the young man was transported to the hospital they found the body of second victim of creek down a hiking trail near a water fall. also stabbed and shot. students at novato high weresr told today they didn't have to good to classes. the shooting shocked the school community. >> it's crazy. you don't really see this happen in your community. >>reporter: today search rescue crew comb the hillside looking for evidence on fairview drive where the shooting took place. this while homicide investigators look for the killers. good information led them to the first arrest. >> we were hope naul we would get more than just one person at the house but for us that just means that our search will continue. doesn't stop here. >> late this afternoon s.w.a.t. team took another suspect into custody at an apartment complex on the 1400 block of leaf wood avenue. blocks away from the home where the first arrest was made. police say both of the suspects
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are 17. but authorities have not said what led to the shootings. vic lee, abc 7 news. our app sent out alert as today arrest were happening. people who were plugged into the app got word right away. be the first to know when news affects you where you live. down load the 7 news app and unable push alert. pg&e asking a judge to throw out a criminal case over the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. utility claims misconduct by prosecutors has harm the trite fair trial. move has sparked harsh criticism of pg&e. prospect of reduced charges or dismissal of the entire case made officials and victims seeking closure in the wake of the 0disaster. blast killed 8 people and destroyed 3 dozen homes nearly for golden state in this case stay home because they played at home afterlessing back to back games to the oklahoma city thunder. doves at oracle arena for game 5 of the western conference
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finals. if golden state wanted any shot at winning they needed a better game from green and they got it with 11 points, 13 board, 4 as well.?÷ andrew has been invisible hadb he a big gam? was finally the mvpt(. curryxv$a31 points, xú7 boardse uq&l the cz$ád we are not out home. ì&hciorsbh force the fame 6 in$2 u on saturdayqhí@ with a 12001 20-111 victory>qsp tonight. shark headóz to the stanley cup final. get on aard the band wagon next. drew is here with the weather. >> desx> pitching in. 3 agency and one hot shot come
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together to help some kids
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wait is over for theshark sharks. they found out they are playing the penguin in the stanley cup finals. chris reports these are exciting times for fans in tea
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teal. >> after 25 years forthe men in teal will play for champ shichl the fact i go to stanley cup finals game is just unbelievable. having the sharks there is going to make it all that much better. >> fans line up at the shark tank for shot at tickets and merchandise. >> it's just so awesome to watch them go out there. not only play great hockey but fantastic time while doing it. just awesome. >> but if just now jumping on the band wagon prepare yourself for wild ride ahead. >> they can be ahead then behind then ahead and you just then when it finally happens it's just the most wonderful explosion of excitement. >>reporter: south by more known for the sunny sky and some of the cooler conditions on the ice ask them to tell what you icing is and likely respond with favorite flavor. in case you didn't know in hockey it means something else. >> when the puck goes from the blue line the team opposite team hits it and goes past. they sometimes most of the time
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they call but sometimes they wait. >>reporter: first and second home game at the center were gone by noon. merchandise still available but if you gate jersey do your safely favor. cullly watch the game. scored a pretty good goal. who is that? on the back of the shirt. >>reporter: some advice from those who love the shark as they welcome more fans in the fold. this is 7 news. 3 agency and former nba player team up to make this a special day indeed for kids in marin city. golden state warriors community ambassador donald foil spent some quality time reading with students at the bay side martin luther king jr. academy this afternoon. the kid ageseñ 3 to 8 hung on to his every word. >> now too tall for love to play sports but couldn't find one that fit. >> afterwards everyone got ice chrome and autograph cope of 2
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tall foil donated by marin housing authority. sheriff's department and the friends of marin city library. >>s÷ that's neat. >> all right. time to get our full accu-weather foyvrjt it is hot. >> the drew is here with the forecast. >> yes. just in time for the weekend guys. very hot by saturday sunday and especially memorial day on monday. inland back to the 9. what we have right now is clear picture. not a included to be seen nor any rain on the map. go outside live look from the roof top camera. noise and quiet look at that. light breeze out there. really comfortable conditions. san francisco 55 right now. oakland at 58. mountain view at 61. san jose morgan hill 55. right now 54 the current temperature at half moon bay. pier 15 not a included to be seen. star filled sky and nice view of the bay bridge lights right now. 59 santa rosa. nap a.currently signature at
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58. 59 novato. fairfield 63 and pair of 57 for concord and livermore. here's the forecast feature. head through the next couple days. patchy fog overnight and i really think it's limited to the coast tomorrow. a lot of sunshine from the get go for most of usment summer like heat into the holiday weekend. unofficial start of enter and mild afternoon perfect if you want to hit the beaches along our coast line. overnight tonight. mainly clear skies. most areas. right along the coast. along the santa cruz mountains. mid low 50's. rather comfortable mild condition as we head into friday. future weather watch the time stamp hour by hour. 9:00 o'clock in the morning. we call it limited coastal fog. really going to be confined to say, let's say, pescadero. davenport. everyone moss landing then sunshine for everybody else. we'll let it go through the afternoon. nothing but wall to wall sunshine that will warm our temperatures up rather quickly 80's and 90's wide spread. away from the in our micro climate 86 los gatos.
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84 santa clara and 85 san jose. 82 the high in sunnyvale. mid 60's half moon bay pacifica. warm redwood city. same in palo alto. mountain view up to 82 degrees. go downtown san francisco. very comfortable 71 in the city. lots of sunshine. 66 sunset district. 72 south san francisco. into the north bay equally as warm. about 91 petaluma. 82 sonoma. about 80 vallejo. 83 tomorrow in napa. to the east bay 70's and low 80's. 76 san leandro. 76 oakland about 80 the high in fremont. here we go. 90 popping up. warm east spot. 87 pittsburgh. 86 livermore and 88 in brentwood. future tracker temperature show you that's the beginning of the warmth. warm to hot sunshine and 90's as you move in land. 70's and 80's around the bay. watchxñ what happens. weak sea breeze kicks in along the coast. so temperatures there will drop to the 60's but still hot
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inland. peak of the heat memorandum at day. mid 90's upper 90's inland. lots of 70's low 80's around the bay. accu-weather 7 day forecast tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. warm continue on saturday. sea breeze on sunday. memorial day. peak of the heat still warm tuesday then coastal clouds come back in. we start to cool off. but the weekend looking really nice for sentenced one in the next 4 to three days >> all right thank you so much drew. >> new on 7 news at 9. state law that could give you a state law that could give you a tax break along
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associatedkt press investigation has sfo officials
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defending themselves from a number of security incidents in the country. associated press says since january two,000 flower have been 41 intrusion at sfo. that includes people getting over fences and around gates. last year were 3 cases including one in which a woman walks right on to the tarmac. airport spokesperson says none of these is considered a security breach. since last spring sfo installed new lighting and close circuit camera and fortified check points. >> jury rules for google and long running battle with oracle over copy right infringement. they claim jooing el used software wrout permission to develop android. today jurors decided google made fair use of the programming code under copy right law. decision kills oracle climate to 9 billion dollar slight of google android business. >> pet owner get 100 dollars back if they choose to adopt the next best friend from a shelter. state lawmaker look at a bill that make adoptions adduction
9:25 pm
on the personal income tax. if you adopt a toying or cat from a shelter you get 100 dollar tax credit. supporters say it would encourage more adoptions and help reduce shelter population and number of pets that are euthanize. >> local government spend about 130 million dollars a year maintaining shelters. it is incredibly beneficial for us to be able to incentive femur adopt the new family member instead of going to a store. >>reporter: measure is currently in senate judiciary committee scheduled to be heard late next month. >> well the warriors win it when they absolutely have to. you will hear from fans showing their spirit tonight. live report from oracle. >> also a work force of thousands. replace by robot. reports say it's already here. >> and new super bug scare. powerful bacteria resistant to antibiotics and found in the united states for the first time. time. >> another half hour of 7 news
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totally. >> we began this half hour with the warriors saving themselves from elimination. >> 7 news reporter lisa is at oracle with fan reaction tonight. hi lisa. >> hi. there are still few fans out theyóh never waivered not for0 a second. they were confident alllñázdop5[ the warriorséswould stay qbqb- b: at the arena it wasvs do or die for@h the warriors. but they4y closed it out.v extending them! western conferen;tñ final7k5 to game 6.f e tough going úkt)háo okc but i know the it.
9:30 pm
they willx do it. >> iz very confident. >> i'm not worried. i'm here because i'm supporting the tee. we'll make[; it to the championship i know it. >>reporter: now it's off to okc for game 6 on saturday. the warriors have to win that in order to return back to oakland back here live now game 7 of course right here in oakland. live at oracle arena tonight. lisa, abc 7 news. >> thank you lisa. apple and samsung supplier fox con have reportedly replaced 60,000 factory workers with robots. khon he's company confirms it's automating many manufacturing associated with the operation but denied that it meant long-term job losses. they assemble apple i-phone and i-pad and many samsung device. china is investing heavily in robot work force. recent oxford university study suggest 35 percent of jobs are
9:31 pm
at risk over the next 20 years. $e deadlyy concert shoon new york.iú new image coming in showing thes three woundedd.(% eva on the man now under arrest. haoos in the concert hall. nypdho releasing the video. his gun and firing a shot inside this vip green room. about 1,000 people were and he attending the show at irving plaza popular concert venue in lower manhattan an. fight broke out near the stage and 5ment later shots fired. concert goers scramble for safety. one @ó]son killed. three wounded including the suspect and one womanje shot in the leg all in area hospital. at least one in critical condition. just moments before feature act ti took the stage.
9:32 pm
popular star in one of those third floor green rooms near the shooting. nypd telling us rapper troy has been arrested and is in custody at?çjt(s hospital. he is facing charges of reckless endangerment and gun possession and nypd not ruling out other suspect. eva pilgrim abc news new york. >> now to major medical headline tonight. new super bug scare. powerful bacteria resistant t÷ antibiotics has been found in the u.s. for the first time. even drug considered last ditch% resort is ineffective. lindsay has the new concerns tonight. >>reporter: it is what doctors dreaded for years. strain of bacteria so resistant that the toughest antibiotics can't kill it. it's almost here. tonight the cdc is sounding the alarm revealing a woman in pennsylvania has become infected with a bug the country has never seen before. >> the moore we look at drug resistance the more concerned we are. >>reporter: over use of antibiotics has spread super
9:33 pm
bug. resistant strain. two million infecion in 2013 areason. even worse 23 thousands of those infections are fatal. this is the first strain ever found resistant to an old drug of last resort rarely used because of the harsh side effect. >> the medicine cabinet is empty for some patients. it is the end of the road for antibiotics unless we act urgently. >>reporter: abc news new york. >> well now all the rain we have had this year has certainly made for colorful spring but as eric explains, it's also the time of year that people who deal with allergy start worrying about what is to come. >> plants and flowers may be in bloom but springtime not always pretty for 12-year-old miss fare and that's because of her allergies. >> allergy aren't fun because there are lots of trees and lots of flowers an lots of plants this i'm allergic to. >>reporter: concern with our wet el nino winter tham of the
9:34 pm
pollen producers this torture patients like her could go into over drive. while some parts of the state reporting increase pollen counts experts say the story here in the pay area is more of. pollen from was from and weed has been minimal but certain trees have been active for months. >> cypress. cedar trees. are by far i think the most important in the bay area. >>reporter: dr. russell treats her allergy. >> he says sufferers often avoid many pollen trying we are a few simple steps. >> lots of things people can do for that. might be not opening the window of the house. during pollen season. using the air conditioner in the car with recirculation button. >>reporter: other experts sa taking a shower after working in the yard or changing into$y fresh clothes can also help but allergy like the season itself can be unpredictable. >> one interesting phenomenon is when people early in the season get exposed to allergen
9:35 pm
then they are small amounts of allergen cause more symptoms later in the season. >>reporter: she takes regular medication that helps her get through the roughest month. >> what i do is i usually try and avoid it. entire head is stuffed up and not fun. you can't breathe. >>reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. now quick update. pollen levels from grasses have begun to creep in parts of the bay area since we prepare our report. >> something to keep an eye on in the dryer summer season. >> stay with us. building block in the bay area get a high tech twist. >> up next. how kids literally get hands on tri
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i drive a golf ball.
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i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver.
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scientist captured dramatic video footage of whether happens to liquid when hit by an x-ray laser check it out. first video showing a laser ripping a drop of liquid apart. captured by scientist at the sanford linear accelerator. data could lead to better understanding and use of x-ray laser in experiment. teaching kids to cody is hot topic in tech country of course and starts in middle school. tonight jonathan bloom finds a local team we talked about before is building a toy that can teach those skills to kids as young as 5. >> maybe want to go down so go down. >>reporter: she is snapping block together but she's writing code. >> slide this in and press this button. >>reporter: this controls the i-pad with a creature called audrey. >> these not just a black box that does stuff.
9:40 pm
follows very specific things. >>reporter: started out as college research project with i-pad and more and more classroom. felix thought something was missing. i-pad is great but it's one tool. >>reporter: they wanted to teach programming with physical object and the device made it possible. this mirror from bay area start up called os month. >> we covered os month since debut at tech disrun entered 20 tlaechbility then a drawing game all by may going the i-pad look down at the table. team showed them the idea and they were offered jobs. >> really awesome feeling. start in the lab and end in the lab. >>reporter: designers can't take all the credit. most important people were the kids who tested the design. without them the game could have looked totally different. >> character actually started off as robot. and we went through a couple different type of robot. >>reporter: the kids liked hi. >> huggable round friendly and
9:41 pm
approachable. >>reporter: block made coding a team sport. >> like 3 kids centered around one7cáuy>y i-padjqu. >>reporter: >>@+ this is a which of thinkink and problem and itk, goes so much moreq beyd just sitting(g at a computer&5 d klabinging away. >>reporter: the coding launches appleox stores on june 1std. thisnx is the firstfáuq) o many. >>÷ adventure not>i over at al. >jy8orter: inóç palo alto 7e+. think the dna holds the secret to relationship. it's called instant chemistry whenga you sign up the company sends you two3 saliva reaccept tech ill. you send them back to the company after spiingt in them. they are analyze for gene to determine how you communicate and process emotion. it sends awe compatible score. total cost for the test is 189 dollars. >> also romantic. >> definitely.
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>> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. how we have idea head for your weekend. >> national spelling bee has just ended. just ended. the winner coming up before earning enough cash back from bank ofof america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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home in san francisco lower pack heights went on the market for more than 4 million dollar dollars. 3 bedroom victorian built the 1983 but this house has a distinction other houses on the block can not clay. it made a brief appearance in the 1980 sitcom full house and netflix city fuller house. however inside looks nothing like the house you might have seen on television. those scenes of course were4 atn burbankuñ. >> san francisco can be a a no e
9:46 pm
noist> city and about to get+1 a scienceáñ.  unite} nations plaza exhibit fromt0 the exploreo, tovrment it focuses>3 onrfirúñ . they want it to be av different kind of socialet media. >>ár hopefully1í it gets peoplep ,r'teracting with each other.q0d just bringing people together and)í making people happy. >>reporter: sound exhibit ready to usev by mid june. pieces treated with anti-dwraí: fit i coating to keep vandalism to a minimum. >> looking something fun this weekend. >> they have the long weekend covered with fresh baked goods beer and celebration of meat eaters. let's start with brand new french bakery in north beach. butt remember. flour every ingredient except
9:47 pm
the water is imported from france. customers say it's flakey perfection. >> best in my life. >> that's what we keep hearing sought back story here it took david 13 months to cut through the red tape and zoning restriction and open this. he bake before the crack of dawn and offers more than 30 different pastry daily. >> pleasure to bake. for the people of san francisco because they give you a big smile when they love your pay industry. the i feel like michael jackson. >> if you want to meet david. it's open from 9 to 7 this weekend. david does warn he expects to be sold out by 3:00 p.m. >> why not wash it down with rare craft beer. new bar spin off now open in the tenderloin called beer basement. you can sample strawberry cide cider. lions tigers and otter oh, my. it's the carnivu, at the san francisco zoo. you can see meat eaters on
9:48 pm
display and enjoy carnival food and enjoy your luck this weekend. go to our web site and we link you up with the info. this is 7 news. >> french pastry looks good. >> absolutely. >> is the weather moving into the weekend. >> holiday weekend. drew is back with the forecast. >> people outside i feel like the next 3 to 4 days. beautiful weather for the upcoming weekend. the we have a clean sweep across the renal. not expecting much in the way of cloud cover really. next 3 to 4 days. california really nice we have a little bit of shower activity in the sierra otherwise so-cal warm 96 in palm springs. plenty of sunshine. 74 in l.a. chico warm near 90. 64 tahoe. sacramento lots of sunshine tomorrow. up to 92 degrees. zoom in to the bay area tomorrow. equally as sunshine early morning clouds along the coast. afternoon sunshine there as well. 81 palo alto about 78 san mateo o. 80 very warm degree ins
9:49 pm
vallejo. 85 san jose. about 71 in san francisco. headed to the beach tomorrow. few morning clouds lots of sunshine by lunch time and afternoon. really comfortable condition. mid 60's from bodega bay. ocean beach. half monbay. santa cruz warm spot at 72 degrees. ocean water temperature cool 54 but look at. that very high uven decks means you want to slap on the sun screen. burn in less than 15 minutes with unprotection. 7 difficult forecast. friday. nice. morning fog on the coast. otherwise tons of sunshine from the get go. everywhere else. slight dip on sunday as weak sea breeze kicks day look at that. mid 90's continues into the 90's on tuesday. cooler pattern wednesday and thursday. coastal clouds shaping up to be a sun filled very warm hotel difficult weekend. >> thanks drew. >> well the suspense mounted. words got tougher and national spelling bee came down to two
9:50 pm
young men as america watched. >>reporter: h-a-f-t- >> that's correct. >>reporter: co-championsq. tom they celebrate after matching wit to tie in the final round of the national spelling beach mark third year in a row that it ended in a tie. the family now has the second -u)jz. his older brother won a co-championship two years ago. >> it's in the gene. >> must be. >> always pick such easy words too. >> anybody could spell that. >> i tell you what was not easy with the warriors able to pull off tonight. >> larry is live with preview of sports hi larry. >> definitely not easy that's for sure. curry had a message for everybody tonight. we are not going home and he's right. they are going to game 6 in
9:51 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11. 15-year-old bay area girl is kidnapped. kicking and screaming. >> tonight abductor is dead but she's nowhere to be found. we have reaction from her desperate family tonight. >> that story and a lot more for you couple at 11 over on for you couple at 11 over on channel 7 >> but on to the warriors and what a relief out there tonigh tonight. >> absolutely. >> this was the white knuckle special. warriors needed every ounce of energy from pretty much everybody they had at the game at huge fourth quarter from steph curry to hold on and hold off okc and force a game 6 in the series 120-111 the final. we check out the highlights. warriors needed the stars to play like stars. looking for curry, green and thompson to come up with big effort and these guys did bring the energy. block on west brook. fast break the other way.
9:55 pm
stop and pop. up and under for the jumper. rebounds 2 block and yes there was some whooping involved. 56-50 warriors in the second. but andrew talk more about him here+ú. the angry aussie with a tip in. 15 points. 3 of the 31. okc in front.qq 68-67 in the third. but after west brook turn over moments later. to green. who is flexing and doves up 4. robertson steals the ball from curry and the distance for the dunk. the substitutes were huge. so clutch to. make it an 86-77 lead. then to thompson for 3 of his 27. trying to pull away. the pressure on. huge 3. lead down to 5. just over a minute left and it's curry with the dagger.
9:56 pm
taking adams to the hoop. scoop it up and in. we are not going home. and he's right. 120-111. warriors and they force a game 6 in okc. >> we did what we wanted to do. we won the game and we fought hard. we were even on the glasse+ >> we got someyj momentum nowsb. everybody w8y up. after then film. after walk2 everybody!? spirits were high. i knewi@ then everybody was)ç ry to good and bringxh the dog to ther@g game. >> tough?x place tox playwz:dy4v but fevl like played bettcwñ the cluster of people camera around him you right in the middle of1] all this. the big aussie was kind of quiet for most of the series but made the presence felt tonight. >> he admitted he played
9:57 pm
horribly in the contest and tonight best game in the play offs maybe a couple years. 15 points. 14 board. and adams had 2 foul early on. it freed andrew up and steve asked for more out of him. hez# came to play tonight but e said uphill climb]w. keys forbi him is he was to play 30 mutes in this game. hev has been in8m foul troubleo much ofip this series. thatfk he's been rendered ineffective. seems like he starts every game with two fouls. the fact he was on the court for 30 minutes was he norm news terms of rebounding and rim protection. other thing really crucial for the warriors is fourth quarter and okc keeps coming and coming cll livingston$c right there ÷.
9:58 pm
look for thline upyq.vóe they out séju$&l to 13 an everybody contributedañ. barns was aggu÷ssive. stat line not that great. andre playing smart and the sub are like you-ñ said substitute best in the nba showed up tonight. what a game. 14 points between he and andrew. 2a! points. same thing. we just knew we had to win here and keep this going. >> and the warriors bench the strength in numbers. out played throughout the series by okc. first game they really had the >> that was enormous. >> so shoe off to oklahoma city and what time is your flight. >> 5:45. >> shoe has to go" good night. >> at least we are going to oklahoma city. >> shark and stanley cup final. question isç÷ who they would play. game 7 between tampa by and
9:59 pm
pittsburgh is the answer. penguin hosting the second period and he shoots and scores to make it a 1-1 game. 30 seconds later. tampa rookie goalie miss plays the puck and brian scored the second of the game. jamming it in there. penguins 2-1 and host the shark monday in game one of the stanley cup finals. the sports is brought to you by toyota. that's a wrap for oracle. >> great job larry and to shoe. i'm amma. >> for all! of us here, we appreciate your time. >> 7 news"t continues now on lie on twitter facebook and on aldñ the mobile device with the abc 7 news app. 7 news app. >> we'll see you in an hour
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it's music, it's dance, it's food, it's multi-cultural. i'm roberto hernandez, the artistic director of the annual carnaval san francisco parade and festival and this is your guide to carnaval this year. we'll give you a front row seat to this year's king and queen competition. we'll take you inside an amazing youth program that changes lives. we'll stop by a place that keeps the spirit of dance alive. and we'll introduce to a chef who's cooking up a tasty dish for the festival. carnaval san francisco is a multi-cultural, rich event that celebrates life and represents all of latin america and the caribbean and you get to get it all in one weekend at the parade and two-day festival. (male narrator)it all started with one woman, adela chu.


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