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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 27, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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sheriff's deputy launch a search along the sonoma county coast line. they are looking for a teenager girl who was kidnapped two days ago in solana county. good evening. >> sky 7 hd was live over western sonoma county late this evening where sheriff's were beginning to search a rural area near jenner after getting a tip although not saying what the tip was this case now spans several counties. pearl was kidnapped wednesday morning, yesterday afternoon the suspect in the case was
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killed by police near sol advantage. >> we have more from the search scene in jenner. >> search for the missing teenager now focus down the rural road behind me here in sonoma county couple miles from the ocean here in jenner. this is about 65 miles from where the 15-year-oldkí was last from sky 7 hd. solana sheriff won't say exactly what led them to this location. but clearly there was something substantial in their lead that led them here wechlt see both ground searches with dog and boat out on the water. this is a residential area that runs right along the russian river. now this search comes just one day after pearl suspected kidnapper 19-year-old castro was killed in a shoot out with afternoon. casttor spotted in gold saturn after amber alert issued early
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search and rescue operation and we are hopefulvú we bring pearl home to her family. >> heartó breaking knowing she is still not found. it's upsetting that fernando was killed. because he's the one with our answers to ourrv questions. he's the main source that knows where she's at. >>reporter: pearl's family very much holding out hope that she will be found alive and will be safe. they have been focusing their effort on the walking bridge where she was last seen there in vallejo. search here is being conducted by several different agencies. solana county sheriff's are the lead but sonoma county and we understand the fbi is now involved. at this point it's not clear how long these search teams will be out here. t they are also out on the water along the russian river.
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the evidence here actualfully vallejo was that(m pearl was seriously injured so obviously there's a fair amount of urgency to all of this. in jenner, abc 7 news. >> investigators identified the student who was fatally shot stabbed in novato. he was 17-year-old edwin ramirez guerrero from san rafael. investigators say he was killed when 4 teens from novato high met with fifth person on trail near the school on wednesday. two were shot and stachbilityd one died and the other left to die but manageed to call 911. yesterday s.w.a.t. team went to later they took a 16-year-old into custody. the incident has sent shock ÷"o. >> violence in school is not tolerated in our city. any life lost is one life too many. not in our town. >>reporter: investigators say they are clothes to a third arrest in the case. they are also looking into
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whether there's a possible connection between the shooting and sexual assault that happened a week ago. let's turn your attention to the race for the white hous house. presumptive nominee donald trump told a rally in fresno he cap solve california water crisis. >> they have farms up here and they don't get water. i said that's too bad. drought. no. we have plenty of water. what's wrong. well we send it out to sea. nobody knows why. the environmentalist don't know why they are trying to protect a 3 inch fish. >> that is a reference to the delta smelt on the brink of extinction. after leaving fresno trump hosted another rally in san diego outside thousands of demonstrators protested at the convention center where trump was speaking. here's tom. >> tonight a political tremor hitting southern california. donald trump and the protestors who hate him shaking san diego. >> this is one of the larger protest today. hundreds of demonstrators over here they
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have the trump pinata. the tag says racist. we are 20 miles from the border over hisal immigration policies. . in burliqipsq trump forcedáj g6 out of the motorcadeéé()us(ed down a walkwayúñwbo$.ns ina fresnorq today hisx police( dkt(áár(p"e racing past protestors. but trump not7b backing away fr key position his supporters love but many here find toxic. >> we will build a wall. and who is going to pay for that wall?éq mexico. 100 percent. >>reporter: but trump is bernie sanders. show down first proposed on kimmel live. >> if i debated him we would have such high ratings. >>reporter: trump then setting conditions. >> i wantu a lot of money put up
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for charity. >>reporter: sanders telling k abc he's ready. >> the american people want to really hear aet debate from two people whose view cost not be further apart. >>reporter: trump just hours ago sounding readye for pwaichlingts i want to debate him so badly. i would love to debate bernie. >>reporter: but then trump pulling out with the statement. it seems inappropriate i would debate the second place finisher. i'll wait and debate the first place finisher probably crooked hillary clinton or whoever it maybe. tonight from sanders frustration. >> trump goes around a big tough guy a bully. well mr. trump what are you afraid of. >>reporter: hillary clinton wrapped up her two day campaign swing through the bay area today with a stop at the home of chicken and waffle near oakland jack london square. she led round table discussion with the mayor and other community leaders. >> i actually worked in oakland in the summer of 1971.
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so activity memories of eating in oakland walking in oakland shopping in oakland meeting lot of terrific people in oakland. >>reporter: clinton says she wants to be a champion for city like oakland that face challenges. back in 1971 clinton was single then hilary run serving at clerk in law firm while she was in oakland with her new boyfriend bill clinton. >> brother and sisters we can win here in california. >> democrat bernie sanders confident he can win california primary on june seventh. and still win the democratic nomination. he held a rally today in san pedro outside los angeles. there he criticized donald trump and corporate greed. crowd was packed with union members. today is his sixth straight day campaigning in southern california. he will be in oakland for two events on monday. california voteers who want to vote by mail must request that ballot by 5:00 p.m. tuesday.
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keep that date in mind. family of kate steinly filed a federal law suit blaming both federal and local government for her killing in san francisco last summer. the 32-year-old san francisco woman was walking with her father at pier 14 last july when she was shot to death. undocumented immigrant is charged with pulling the trigger. lopez sanchez had been previously deported 5 times. the family blames the sheriff for releasing him without telling the feds after san francisco decided not to prosecute the felon on an old drug warrant. >> he acted unilaterally and without any legal authority and contrary to the law that existed and had been on the books. >>reporter: steinly family also blames the bureau of land management because the gun used to kill steinly was stolen out of an agent car and felt immigration and customs were
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not having properly tracked sanchez. city attorney office responded to the lawsuit saying the loss is tragic but the ultimately a tragedy for which san francisco taxpayers can't be held liable. sanchez has been charged with second degree murder. peninsula murder mystery now entwineed with custody battle. two children removed from the hillsboro home yesterday where they once lived with their mother. she's now charged with killing their father. here's vic lee with a story you see only on abc 7 news. >>reporter: tiffany lee's mother and her lawyers came to çóño fighr jeff car is the attorneyzt for her daughter tiffany lee. >v
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charged with murdering keith greechbility lee ex boyfriend and father of 2 and 4-year-old daughters. >> they issued a warrant for children base seizing children one from homers one from school. >>reporter: lee's mother who reside most of the year in china has been caring for them in the hillsboro home since her daughter was arrested last saturday during a s.w.a.t. team raid at the house. green body found may 11 in a field in sonoma county. he disappeared in april when he went to the pan cake house in millbrae telling his roommate he was going meet lee. green and lee had an acrimonious break up when he discovered she was having an affair with his friend t.lawyers for green's mother who lives out of state the asked the court to give her custody of the children. considered a flight risk. >> sought to get a warrant based on a false alleges that mrs. lee senior, the granted mother was not a citizen of the united states which she is.
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safety of her grand-daughter and reason to believe tiffany would herself harm the children or instruct others to harm them. the judge issued warrants to remove them from the hillsboro home. the judge todayh5 denied miss le motion to reverse the protective order. formal hearing will be held next month. vic lee, abc 7 news. the much more ahead for you on this friday night. just ahead we heard the story about how long it takes to get through airport security. the truth about the timing at our local airport. >> but first. teenager had to travel from hawaii to the bay area for life his family's car wasuc broken into. . >> hello there. warm today from 60iá to low 90's and this, isv our warm-up asoá we head into te holiday weekendd. these numbers are going6 to how hot we getf in the full
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>>n< thank you very muchu drew d cue the weekend. >> 7 news at nine:00 will be
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>> san francisco lee honoring hawaiian teenager recovering from life changing surgery before he returns homeõy 7 news was at san francisco
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city hall as assert of honor and warrior hat from the mayor was given out. mayor also let him put on the warrior championship ring. 14-year-old spent the last month recooperating at thef house from surgery at stanford hospital to remove a brain tumor. >> bay area and san francisco has been the people here have been really amazing and we are really appreciative of all of the love we receive so thankfuld to at the time connection hawaii. >> sf tech democrat organized support for the family after the vic lee first reported the story back in late april. that's when thieves broke into the family car at fisherman wharf and stole several items including the the medical record. people@y sent cards and san francisco police officer association replaced a a lap top and camera. the family will return home to hawaii tomorrow. you don't have to=e good far
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to have fun this memorial day weekend. wayne is in napa where bottle rock is under way. >>uv in napa the signs are dead give away. maybe the attitudes too. >> where are you going. >> bottle rock. >>reporter: here we go again. fourth time. by all accounts bottle rock has found a groove by signing 10 year lease with no more gragg growing pains apparently. >> i find it unusual when these events are more organized than i am. this one is. these guys are really, really good. >>reporter: that's bob hurly one of many regional restaurant owner whose bought into the celebration of music, wine and food. enough for you. >> i hope so. for now any way. >>reporter: promoter expect 40,000 people a day here for 78 musical acts and now maybe you see the scope of it. where massive earthquake hit less than two years ago. it's a come back. good luck finding a hotel room. at grace table the chef loves
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the influx of if you faces. >> we are full but we have a whole new base to be drawing o on. >>reporter: that sold the show out last april. prices range from 200 dollars to 3000 here in the vip section they paid 700. what's the like to be vip. >> i don't know we just got here. >>reporter: they have elbow room and shade and easy access to amenity and music really, really loud. and decibel too much for you, here's alternative. silent advertise could. go figure. >> it's exclusive and are free to do what you want to. this is cool being able to dance to your own music with nobody else hairingt. >> we won't need concerts. >> yes. >>reporter: one word of warning. if you come here to dance, make sure you flash some moves. bottle rock in nap a-wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> "dancing with the
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stars"t.all right. whatever you are doing this weekend it's nice. warm. but nice. >> yes. drew is here with what we can expect. >> if you are headed to bottle rock top out in the mid 80's in napa tomorrow. lots of sunshine. latter up with the sun screen. live doppler 7hd mainly clear skies. around ukiah and clover dale few high cloud are streaming in at this hour. current temperatures right now really mild as we approach 9:30 across the renal. 77 concord. 77 antioch right now. mid low 60's. 70 right now san jose. so this is the launching pad that gets to us very warm numbers once again tomorrow afternoon. overnight tonight clear skies plenty of starts out there. 54 overnight in san francisco. same may take o. 55 in fremon fremont. very comfortable 56 in san jose and warm spot antioch only bottoming out at 60 degrees overnight tonight. live doppler 7hd along with satellite but you are not seeing much of cloud cover or even rain for that fact.
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wave big area of high pressure just setting up shop over the state of california and it's really going to strengthen over the weekend and early next week. what that means for us those afternoon temperatures will continue to warm over the holiday. future tracker temperature start off tomorrow morning 8:00 o'clock in the morning. we have apartment i don't care at lower 70's around 71. 60's on the board already. start your morning under plentiful sunshine. sunshine is really effective tomorrow and warm by noon lunch time 80's and 70's popping up so it's a warm day across the reebling. very similar to where we were today. micro climate south bay 83. 85 gilroy, sunnyvale up to 91 degrees peninsula warm 83 los altos 82 palo alto, 81 redwood city the coast trying to beat the heat head there. 66. 65 for half moon bay. downtown san francisco plenty of sunshine to 70. 65 though for daly city. a little bit of a sea breeze out there. north bay at 81 and petaluma
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for napa bottle rock and 80 san rafael. 80 the high in virginia ray oh. oakland 75. san leandro up to sfaichlt same castro valley and inland very warm once again about 94 antioch pittsburgh and fairfield. 85 in san ramone and livermore. a lot of sunshine up to about 89 degrees. head to the beach tomorrow or perhaps the 3 day weekend saturday and sunday. going to be nice out there. plentiful sunshine. i don't think we have stars out there right now. cool sea breeze at 69. monday the picoth week. see a little bit of the high cloud cover temperatures very comfortable right around 72 degrees. the we have a cooler coast on the way on sunday. a little bit of a sea breeze drop temperatures there. that sea breeze is gone we head to memorial day on monday so everyone is nice and tows. >> inland jump this to tuesday. we are approaching about 100 degree ins antioch. 94 livermore. a lot of 70's, 80's around the bay so really warm the next
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couple days. accu-weather 7 day forecast. picture perfect tomorrow. mild to warm on sunday. memorial day is just warm. hotter on tuesday and then fog comes back by thursday and friday we get closer to normal but still well above normal for this time of year. hot memorial day weekend. >> thanks drew. >> sure. still to come at 9:00. danger in your back yard. danger in your back yard. >> washington you need to know
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>> hidden danger in the back. millions will fire up the barbecue this holiday weekend but it's what you may use to clean the grill that could pose a risk to you and your family. here's clayton. >> thomas hatcher cheeseburger came with a side of agony. >> felt a really sharp pain,
9:25 pm
stabbing pain. >>reporter: bite of burger sent cheryl to emergency surgery. >> could have been life threatening. >>reporter: taken down by hard to spot dangerous wire bristle that come loose from brushes used to clean barbecue. getting lodged in food so tiny and hard to detect even on x-ray. >> pretty violent. hurt really bad. >>reporter: christian had to have surgery so doctors could find and remove it. >> i saw a glimpse of light off a piece of metal. my colleague said that looks like a bristle, brush bristle. >>reporter: researchers estimate that wire bristle mishap sent 1700 people to emergency rooms since 2002. about 130 each year. >> experts recommend you always use a newer brush and you can even test it by using pliers to make sure the bristle don't come out too easily and say wipe down the grill before you cook. >>reporter: keeping you at the and out of the emergency room. clayton san del, abc news los
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angeles. >> well another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 is nechblingts up next. it is get away weekend as we mention. see what the tsa is doing to keep the lines from getting too long. >> you have to see this officer trying to move a branch gets hit by the entire tree. all caught on his dash cam more on the story. imagine receiving the heimlich maneuver from heimlich him z.hear the twist to the life saving story. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00
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i drive a golf ball.
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i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver.
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we have heard about how long it is taking to get through security at airport across the country. >> lines look different locally despite the national headlines. >> here's david. >> one of the reasons the lines are relatively short here is
9:30 pm
assistance from the airlines. they have complaints from frustrated passengers 0so they have hired contractor to help with the bin and row mind fliers to take off the jacket and belt. tsa stepped up the game to get through the holiday crush. >> they have added staff on over time and they brought in the canine dog team that sniff for explosives on passengers therefore passengers don't have to take off their shoes. they don't have to take out their lap top. >>reporter: they are handling of surge of 5000 additional passengers today above the norm of 14,000. some passengers take advice to arrive 2 hours in advance of the flight. how soon is the flight. >> 2 and a half hours. >>reporter: so you planned ahead. >> yes, i did. >>reporter: so you have been heeding the warning to come here extra early. >> yes. definitely. >>reporter: two hours is already the recommendation for international flights. san jose has attracted new routes this year and expects a 16 percent increase in passenger volume by august. speedy tsa line doesn't eliminate a wait, though, at
9:31 pm
the baggage claim area. where did you start your day. >> albuquerque. >>reporter: was there a line there. >> not really, no. not too bad. so this is where the line is. >>reporter: there was no wait at the tsa pre-check line. premium service costing 85 dollars for 5 years in which fliers don't have to remove shoes, belts or listen tops. >> it has been pretty easy like not more than 5 people ahead of me in line in the tsa pre-so i keep my fingers crossed the same tonight. >>reporter: in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. >> public health experts calling on the world health organization to consider moving the real olympic because of the zika outbreakment 150 experts signed open letter to the un agency calling for the summer games to be moved or postponed. it cites recent scientific evidence that zika causes severe birth defect babies born with small heads. the games are set to kick off on august fifth. president obama made history today with visit to
9:32 pm
japan in more than 70 years no sitting u.s. president has gone there he didn't apologize for the atomic bomb that the u.s. dropped toned world war ii. but he did honor the dead and called for an end to nuclear war. jim avila is traveling with the president. >> today in here 0sheem history made with every step. the president walk wling 7 decades of american presidents would not in here sheem. >> 71 years ago on a bright cloudless morning death fell from the sky and the world was changed. >>reporter: august 1945. flh. burst of fire. mushroom cloud. 80,000 people killed instantly. today the the only building still standing the american president revving to apologize. but listening intently as survivors told their story. this mandy solving into tears. obama calls what happened here
9:33 pm
a lesson for the modern world. >> scientific refuse lugs that led to the splitting of an atom >>reporter: his message áráten in the memoriallq booklet us nt)t the courage together to spread peacewm and pursue#5 a world without nuclear jim avila, abc news, japan. >> man has died after he was stung more than 1,000 times byái bees in mesa, arizona. maricopa county'o sheriff's office says that alex best was hike with a friend thursday morning when large swarm3) of be descended on them. according to the sheriff's office park emplo to help the man but were pushedu back by the aggressive bees. firefighters were able to load the victim no an suv still covered in bees. and with the swarm pursuing. the man was transported to the
9:34 pm
hospital where sadly he was pronounced dead. you might recall the swarm of bees terrorize east bay neighborhood earlier this month. they killed two dog and stung several people along hitchcock road in concord. actor johnny depp ordered to stay away from his estranged% ujtheard.. actress filed restraining order this morning in los angeles county superior court allege that go during a fight last weekend the actor hit her in the face with a cell phone. pulled her hair struck her and screamed at her. as evidence she submitted photo of herself with a bruised eye. she said in court documents obligated by us that she feared depp would return to the home and terrorize her. >> you have to see this. new jersey police officer responding to a call of tree branch blocking part of a road ended up being hit by a falling tree. happened in the town of ring wood this morning and was captured on the officer's dash cam. watch now. police say officer douglas favor got out of the car to move the branch when the larger tree came crashing down and hit him. reportedly broke his wrist and
9:35 pm
received 13 stitches on the top of his head. could have been really much worse than that obviously. favor was treated and released from the hospital. heimlich maneuver saved choking victims around the world but one person who never used it is the man who invented it until now. happened at cincinnati restaurant suddenly a server ran into the kitchen and said somebody was choking. some say it's near cosmic coincidence that sitting next to the choking woman was dr. dr. henry heimlich. >> i was behind her. >> arms around me. right above my belly button. >> i stopped and just waited to see what was going to happen. the choking material flew out. >> i'm proud and happy. i would have died. >>reporter: the dr. heimlich said the first time he had ever used it. he's 96 years old. >> how many lives that maneuver has saved. performed the guy that invented it. race for local
9:36 pm
congressional district draws national attention. >> up next. meet the candidate who say theory writing the rules on the (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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local race grabbing national headlines chls. competition for congressional thh along the coast from san rafael to the oregon border. congressman huffman facing 3 challenger/s. grocery clerk millennial youn youngest woman in congress and milt school teacher from the north bay. ó0natasha starts with the democratic incumbent. >>reporter: congressmanoñ huffman asked to meet
9:40 pm
and steel head in it today because of work i did in ther÷ 1990's. >>reporter: y with nature everywhere 524i-year-old huffman spoke about whatzh he's learned i:f his last two t?"sj. jason"á from iran. get him>reporter: >reporter: and hopes to serve again. >> i'mbc acñ good fit for my district.ú >>reporter: another candidate jéráh(ro you had to come [s >> when i first became a chec checker somebody toed me that@ nobody is more important than anybody else and therefore you should treat even the way would you treat princess di if she came through your line.
9:41 pm
how would you treat her@l. i wouldñ treat her like royalty. >>reporter: philosophy/v that carried republican dale through more than 20 years as checker 57-year-old campaign with table in the park at farmer market. >> mostqw of it comes from a dollar here and a 5 dollar bill there. >>reporter: we met him inj5 green brea and want to nationa nationalize the federal reserve and make schools more patrioti patriotic. >> because people want freedom. that's what i am running for. i am running for freedom. >> my candidacy for united states congress. >>reporter: no press release. 25-year-old democrat aaron announced her candidacy on facebook live. >> sat in my bed in million valley and clicked submit and the world responded. >>reporter: now this picked up the story. you can see the video. more than 4 million view in 4 days. background non-profit and environmental advocate. described the moment she decided to run when older male
9:42 pm
mentor told her. >> don't. you can not ruchbility you will not have the support of any environmentalist. of any environmental organization. just wait 20 years sweetie. >>reporter: she was hoping for success. >> if elected i will be the youngest person ever elected to house of representatives. never a woman under 30 elected to until office which in my opinion has to change. >>reporter: next candidate is also doing things a little differently. the no party affiliation and no donation. he's a middle school teacher in novato. one thing you notice money is going around. this is a rookie dlaivrment definitely a positively affect. >>reporter: participation or good grade they have pencil, eraser and most popular. >> requested couple noodles. not my first choice. >>reporter: not accepting campaign donation. >> corrupting influence on the entire process. >>reporter: at 39 years old he spent two years in the peace corps and 12 years teaching. this is why he's running now. >> that's my son right there. when he was born i decided i didn't know exactly what chance
9:43 pm
i would have. i didn't expect it to be much but i needed to try. >>reporter: congress pleads reform in the presidential election. >> make me more qualified to work with the people that are behaving like hormonal teenagers do. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. >> good profile. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. actor tim robbins visited hayward school back in februar february. >> we reported it at the time. some of the details of the trip were kept secret until today. were kept secret until today. stay with us
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9:47 pm
less than 30 minutes ago so you are among the first to see it. unmanned falcon 9 rocket05 senta communication satellite into orbit in florida. footage of the descent was taken from the rocket as you can see. you can see the engines make a controlled burn that slows the descent until it lands on the platform successfully. crew will sail it back to cape canaveral in the next two days. ♪. students east bay elementary school are beaming with pride not only are they featured in the music video that debut on you tube today, also recognized by the white house. >> chris winn has the story now from hayward. >>reporter: star studded performance featuring celebrity and students from across the country. including a group from burbank elementary school in hayward. ♪it was great to see her classmates in action she says.
9:48 pm
>> it was very fun. that's pretty much the reason why i go to school every day is to learn and have fun. >>reporter: back in february actor tim robbins visited burbank as part of turn around art. white house initiative that connects high profile artist mentor with high need low performing schools. all with goal of interest grating art in the curriculum. we were there as cameraman captured the students singing every day people. some of the clips were actually shown at the white house this week. proud moment for the hayward unified school district. >> when the kid are smiling, they are engaged. performing. can't wait to get to school. this is what we need. >>reporter: arts played a role in the school success many say the teachers and staff made the difference. >> teachers put into educating our children are now being recognized on national level and now partner with the presidential council. >>reporter: tonight students take to the stage one final time for the annual play. jungle book something they have been rehearsing for most.
9:49 pm
>> on stage and you are like watching and seeing people smile and kind of like know that you are making people happy makes me feel really goo good. >>reporter: exciting end to the school year. extraordinary students. in hayward, chris winn abc 7 news. >> they are extraordinary. one last time update the forecast. >> drew is here with that. >> hi we are tracking beautiful weekend on the way. we have mainly clear conditions across much of the bay area and that's the theme as we widen out the picture across california to tomorrow. a lot of sunshine in northern california. warm in palm springs at 96 degrees. headed to the sierra mountains. tahoe pop up shower in the afternoon. really cool but still rather comfortable right around 63 degrees. start off@z[3[rdrñe%xoó the hol. bay area tomorrowse lots of sunshine across the board. 70 san francisco. about 76 the high in oakland. 83 in san jose south bay up to 94 though inland antioch and
9:50 pm
napa about 84 degrees. very comfortable head to guerneville's russian river setting up nicely. sun soaked÷ next few days. high uv index. high 80's and river temperature 69 degrees. perfect tomorrow. mild warm on sunday and then fog back in for wednesday, thursday and frichltd beautiful 7 day forecast. >> all right thank you so much drew. >> all right. let's talk a little baseball. >> yes. larry is here with a preview. >> the giants won 10 in a row against national league west opponent keeping the streak going while uh-oh. they last matt cain yet again. tell you about
9:51 pm
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the. coming up tonight at 11:00. hit-and-run crash in the south bay. difficult decision the family was forced to make with their pets. >> sharks are just day away from the first ever stanley cup championship appearance. preparation tonight in san jos
9:54 pm
jose. those stories and more coming up at 11:00 o'clock over coming up at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. >> for more on sports. let's go to larry. lots to talk about larry. >> the warriors and sharks they have dominated the sports headlines locally as of late. meanwhile the giants sizzling winning 13 of their last 14. 10 straight against national league try him to -- trying to keep the good times rolling. trouble early. cain on the pull as hamstring and has to leave. may be on disabled list. rockies get the it and parm parker called out at the plate but he slid under the tag. and they reviewed it said safe. one nothing giants. on the hill. gave up only 5 hits and 5 innings of relief. trouble is they were all doubles. giant killer. no land drives in charlie. and he allows 3 runs.
9:55 pm
enough for the rocks. giants start the road trip with a loss 5-2. a's and tigers on a beautiful night for baseball in oakland. the sun set. leading off here and sinking liner to center. have no fear. lay it out. full stechblingts dive and catch. shawn loving that but the a's couldn't get anything going against michael allowing only 1 hit in 7 innings. he did pitch well but mistake. l his tenth of the year and the a's went kind of quietly in the game. went final few moments ago. 4-1 detroit. the great sports cliche is we take it one game at a time. but that really is the situation for the warriors right now. trying to make sure that the manual cal season doesn't end too soon. doves against oakland city at the oracle now more daunting task tomorrow night. game snix okc. warriors bounce back nicely
9:56 pm
last night after 2 blow out but really had a hard time closing out okc. they refuse to diet thunder. curry 31 points. and the more energy. more emotion. more fight. steve has another game to coach but not necessarily impressed. >> we should do that. it's not like we are in 8 seed trying to pull off the upset. we are the one seed. we are disappointed that down 3-2 but we are happy the way we bounced back last night. got out of sorts game 3 and 4 but we have a good feel for what we have to do. and we will we'll a good game plan in place and have to play well. >> now not that curry need more motivation but thunder stars kevin and west brook mock curry as defender in last night post game news conference. look at him. giggling at the question. >> curry shooting better but he also came up with a big steal in the fourth. do you think he's under rated
9:57 pm
as defender? >> getting steal i don't know if that's a part of playing defense but the he's pretty good but he doesn't guard the best point guards. >> i'm sure steph heard about this lebron and cavs trying to wrap up the eastern conference title in toronto tonight and lebron did a wrought off this. with authority. from irving. lebron baseline get out of the way. he's coming through. had 33. the cavs roll 113-87. headed to the finals for the second year in a row. lebron to sixth straight final finals. first player to do that since russell, jones and a bunch of celtics back in the 60's. to the ice. sharks heading into uncharted waters reaching the stanley cup finals first time in 25 year history. game 1 in pittsburgh. practice in san jose. hardly anybody expected to see
9:58 pm
the joes still skating into the month of june. sharks the geled late in the regular season and round by round knocking off the kings. nashville. st. louis and en route to the final now the sites are set on lord stanley. >> it's exciting to get here. but at the end of it, if you don't have that the trophy at the end of the summer it's not a great summer. there's more out there and you want to limit the distraction and focus on the game. >> the team all year it's the next step for us. it's just we have been doing a real good job of staying day-to-day shift to shift and it's just a challenge we are hoping to come on top on. >>reporter: fun times for the shark fans. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. let you know i was on a radio show tonight with guy in oklahoma city and looking ahead to game 6 and he said be afraid larry. be very afraid. >> oh. i have a hunch.
9:59 pm
we talk about this i think they'll win game 6. come back to oak laichbilityd i would love to see the game at oracle on monday. >> thanks. >> thanksh? for joining us tonight. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> yes see you again at 11:00 >> yes see you again at 11:00 over on channel
10:00 pm
narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a drone strike kills anwar al-awlaki, a u.s. citizen on foreign soil. but he is no ordinary citizen. man: he is now an american citizen who is engaging in terrorist acts against the united states overseas.


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