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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 29, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. a reminder about the dangers on the water after two separate accidents. two 15-year-olds boys from oakland are presumed dead after jumping out of a boat yesterday. the sheriff's department tweeted these photos of dive teams searching for the boys. rescuers don't believe they were wearing life jackets. two pittsburgh residents, a man and woman drowned in a river near the moore creek camp ground.
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deputies say they weren't wearing life vests, either and the water swept them down stream. one victim is identified as 19-year-old brandon coronza. he graduated from high school last year. 18-year-old ruiz is the second victim. the pittsburgh police department tweeted out this picture of her offering condolences. she was a senior at pittsburgh high school and a police explorer. in sacramento county, sheriff's deputies recovered the body of kaley jackson. a boater spotted the body this afternoon about a quarter mile from where divers found her father ease body last night. the 1-year-old and her dad kyler left a week ago. police say there is no evidence of a crime. police are investigating a terrifying accident in the oakland hills that left two any tig teenagers with cuts, bruises and broken bones. alicia harrington has the story. >> reporter: a dramatic rescue
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of grizzly peak boulevard in the oakland hills. firefighters hoisted teenage girl up the ridge. a helicopter drops a chp medic down to the side, then lifts the other injured victim out of the steep ravine. firefighters say the two teenagers were driving along the scene east bay road. >> the vehicle is 500 feet off the road way. the vehicle was on its roof on the side completely caved in. all air bags deployed. >> reporter: lieutenant mark tate with east bay regional park fire district took this picture of the car on its hood. he spoke with the victims who he says were very shaken but able to escape from the car on their own. >> that's what i asked them. i said what were you guys doing? they said they were driving down the hill. something they think, it was a biker cut them off and they went right through the barricade. >> reporter: from this point of view, this must have been a
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terrifying drop. the driver broke through the log barrier and traveled several hundred feet down the hill and flipped upside down. rescuers say the pair suffered cuts and bruises and broke some bones but -- >> very lucky. >> reporter: they are recovering at a hospital. it was another summer-like day and the temperatures will keep going up for memorial day. abc 7 news drew tuma has a first look at weather, drew? >> eric, we're talking about in the near term, a little fog developing. look at this. visibility in a lot of spots just fine at ten miles but once you get right along the coast, you notice half moon bay right now has fog to four miles per hour. that fog is really going to linger right along the coast in the next 12 hours and try and push its way inland. how far inland it gets and how quickly will that fog dissipate? we'll let you know and a hot day tomorrow. later air moves in and all the numbers in the full forecast
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coming up. >> drew, thanks a lot. now to the scare at cincinnati zoo after a little boy fell into the gorilla closure. the terrifying moments were captured on video. >> oh my god. >> go down -- >> okay, everybody back up. >> reporter: tonight a young boy recovering after coming face-to-face with a 400-pound goril goril gorilla. for more than ten minutes onlookers including the boy's mother watch in horror after authorities say the 4-year-old crawled through a barrier at the cincinnati zoo gorilla exhibit making his way through the bushes and plunging ten feet below. >> the child has fallen into the gorilla cage. >> reporter: you can see the gorilla's left arm make contact with the boy in the shallow water. the boy scoots back, the gorilla lifts him up and swings him across the water. >> the gorilla rushed the boy, but did not hit the boy.
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he almost was guarding the boy with protecting him. >> reporter: with the animal holding the boy between his legs, a zoo worker takes him, shooting and killing the endangered 17-year-old silver back gorilla. rescuers rushing in, pulling the boy to safety. >> the rest of the zoo is open today. the gorilla exhibit is closed. people have have been coming by all day leaving flowers in honor. >> reporter:ed to protesters outside of the zoo questioning why the worker didn't instead use a tranquilizer. >> he's in an agitated situation, which the male was. it may take awhile for a tranquilizer to take set. >> reporter: the boy's family saying we extend our heart-felt thanks for the quick action by the cincinnati zoo staff. we know this was a very difficult decision for them. the family saying the boy is home from the hospitals and in their words, doing just fine. marcy gonzalez, abc news, cincinnati. warriors fans heading to
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oracle arena for game seven won't have to worry about bart. service is set to resume at 3:00 tomorrow morning. this is video from bart showing the work over the weekend. the tracks between the two stations are closed for the fifth and final weekend of maintenance work. the warriors head coach steve kerr says the journey homes seems faster after a win than a loss. you're looking at video provided of the team arriving in oakland early this morning following last night's come from behind win in oklahoma city. golden state rallied beating the thunder 108-101. the series comes down to game seven tomorrow night at oracle. the winner advances to the nba finals. >> game seven, need to come out loud and early. big game. see you on monday. you hear that dub nation? that's klay thompson, he wants a 19,000 plus fans at oracle to be
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roaring. game seven is not cheap. warriors put the remaining tickets on sale with prices ranging from $230 to $2100 and that's not floor seats. es ma espn reports one fan bought two resale floor seats forget this, $58,000. from one historic team to another, the stanley cup finals begin for pittsburgh. the first time the team is in the finals. tickets are $5 for that viewing party with the money benefitting the sharks' foundation. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman will have live reports. not on our watch. >> we all have the ability to speak up. >> coming up, hear from three women that stopped a potential date rape at a california hotel and aviation history.
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planes from another era are making a stop in the east bay.
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three women in southern california are getting national attention for preventing date rape. they noticed a man and woman at a table. when the woman got up to go to the bathroom, the man took a black vile and put something in the drink. >> he caught my attention because he was acting super strange looking side to side. i got up and went to the bathroom and found her and said hey, i know this is weird but we saw that guy you're with put something in your drink. >> the woman was shaken but returned to the table and did not touch her drink. she describes the man as a co-worker and close friend. the three women told the server who called security.
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the restaurant reviewed the tapes and called police who arrested the man. the women say they didn't hesitate to act. other customers in the restaurant praised them. a flying museum landed today. abc news was at the livermore airport for the wings to fly in over three world war ii bombers. organizers hope this event is fun and educational. >> gives the younger generation a chance to see what america had to fight with. >> the wings of freedom tour continues tomorrow tuesday from 10:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. dub nation flaunts its win over okc. how one fan rubbed in the win and went a little further and close encounter with mars. the special view we'll get tomorrow of the red planet. i'm drew tuma. live look from the camera and
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the bay bridge lights bouncing off low clouds. how long the fog sticks around on your memorial day in the accuweather forecast. i'm rick kwaun. the sharks also have a big monday ahead. as they get ready to play in
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space enthusiasts are getting an extra treat. mars will be at the closest distance to earth in 11 years tomorrow around 2:34 p.m. our time. the red planet will be 48.6 million pimiles away from earth. the phenomenon is called mars close approach. it typically happens every two years as the two planets near each other.
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mars will be visible for much of tomorrow night. one creative golden state warriors fan pranked okc after last night's game six loss. shortly after midnight someone went to oklahoma city's wikipedia page and see what they changed. the fan made klay thompson the mayor and steph curry city manager. both brothers help the worries kept their season alive. we want to see your team spirit. show videos and pictures. use the hashtag dubs on seven when posting and we'll share them on air and online. red hot when they needed to be last night and we'll be red hot whether you need it or not. >> here is drew. >> whether you want it or not, eric. the heat we have over the weekend is lasting through memorial day. we'll see temperatures increase throughout the week ahead. live doppler 7 hd, we're rain free but not free from is the fog. this is how it looked earlier this evening from the tower
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camera. yes, the fog, the marine layer making the presence known. this is a result of the sea breeze. cooler air pushing in and you can certainly see where the fog is right now looking at our current temperatures. spots in the 50s like san francisco and oakland had a cooling fog effect away from the ocean water. antioch 76. 59 in fremont and san jose right now checking in with a temperature around 64. overnight tonight, that fog is really going to contain itself right to the coast and right through the golden gate straight and patchy fog. elsewhere clear like san jose at 56 tonight. 54 concord and foggy in san francisco at 53 and napa clear and temperature of 51. future weather hour by hour, 5:00 in the morning, that fog is there. it's a thin marine layer tomorrow, what that means by 8:00 it's already out of the bay. we have total sunshine. still a mixture of sun and fog
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on the coast but clouds quickly break down and by the afternoon, you can see everyone is basking in sunshine. the sun will be effective quickly warming us up to 90 in san jose. the peninsula tomorrow. 80 san mateo and 67 for the high in pacificia. downtown san francisco, 70 with a high and 67 in daily city and plenty of sunshine in the afternoon and 83 in navado and sunny skies after morning fog. 82 north, 81 castro valley and the warmest spots inland upper 80s to 90s. and pleasanton a warm 89. headed to the coast, the beaches perhaps tomorrow morning clouds quickly burn off for a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. a really nice beach day. ocean water temperature still a chilly 55 degrees. the evening we'll heard to oracle where the thunder are here for game seven. 6:00, 71 degrees and pull out
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the wind by 8:30. very comfortable temperature of 64. watch friday. we'll jump ahead, yes, ten to 25 degrees above average. a lot of spots hitting the century marker. oakland and san francisco hovering well above average that time of the year. accuweather shows you tomorrow the holiday, steady pattern tuesday. the bay and coast on wednesday. a slight dip before temperatures take off on friday. we are hot. yes, 104 inland and saturday and sunday bring back the clouds, drop the temperatures, get in closer to normal but still, well above average for this time of the year. >> drew, thank you very much. >> sure. >> going to be warm inside oracle arena tomorrow. let's check in with rick quan. >> most people dread mondays but not warriors fans. by this time tomorrow we'll know if the warriors are going back. golden state forced game seven after stripping russell westbrook, andre iguodala finds thompson with 11 three-pointers.
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with 14 seconds left, it's steph curry with a drive to the hoop. he seals the deal. the warrior haves a chance to become the tenth team in history to come back from a three games to one series deficit. >> our players are tough. they are mentally tough. i don't know if i really learned that. i already knew that. they have firmly confirmed that, correct. so it's been a great come back but, you know, now it's -- we still have to play. we still have another game. >> hasn't been a great year for us in that sense but coach ker established the series. got to win one game and we'll have a chance to win the series and we have that chance monday. >> the bay area's other play-off team, the sharks will be in action tomorrow night when they open the stanley cup playoffs in pittsburgh. back in 1997, joe thornton and marleau were both in the steel
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city waiting to be drafted. thornton said he knew one day the sharks would be playing. >> making the playoffs, i honestly thought we're a couple pieces away and here we are. you got to put in the hard work in the summertime and believe and we're just going to happen. >> i think you'll see two teams that are pretty close knit group and, you know, just want to find a way to finish up. >> not just the sharks and warriors doing well but the giants are the hottest team in baseball having won 15 of the last 17 games. let's go to coors field where the rockies suffered another licking. hunter pence has been nursing a hamstring injury but three hits including a pair of doubles. this one in the first brought home buster posey. after sitting out yesterday with a bruised hip, span had three hits including this solo shot in the fourth that made it 6-2 san francisco. despite a sore back, johnny
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improves to 8-1. the a's trailing the tigers 2-0 in the sixth when ian kinsler boots this. that would have been the third out. danny valencia scores. then after a walk to marcus, billy butler to shallow center and cameron can't make the catch and two runs will score. rich hill got his team high eighth victor are you but did have to leave in the seventh with a slight groin strain. oakland wins 4-2 taking two out of three from the tigers. >> he was a 66-1 longshot but california native alexander rossi beat the odds. a record crowd of more than 350,000 took in the greatest spectacle in racing with four laps to go, carlos menounos had the lead but had to stop for fuel. that gave rassi the chance. he managed to stretch the tank of gas long enough to get to the finish line. in fact, he had to be towed to victory lane.
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rossi from auburn is the first to win the indy 500 in 15 years. at the dean invitational in fort worth, jordan spieth put on a showdown this stretch. this put curls in for a birdie on 16 and chips in for another. spieth shot a 65 finishing with a 35-foot birdie on 18. he wins by three strokes. gets the first pga tour win in the home state of texas. at the french open, defending champ stan gave a ball boy a memory he'll never forget during an injury time-out. he was board so asked the ball boy if he would like to go on the court and hit a few balls. it seemed to help. once the match resumed, he won in four sets so he's now on for the quarterfinals. you know, eric does something similar. when he is board, he reads scripts to the interns and they hold on every word. >> that critique it, have a red
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pencil and mark things out. >> a memory they will never forget. next, two big-budget films
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in an honor of asian american history month, we're showcasing significant places where you live. today we're highlighting the gateway art on grand avenue at bush street in san francisco's china town. it was dedicated on october 18th, 1970 and was designed by chinese american art clayton lee. you can learn more on our abc 7 news bay area instagram feed. hey, coming up tonight at 11:00, family and friends of a missing bay area teenager return tonight to the place she was last seen to pray for her safe return. getting ready for a big
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memorial day for two bay area sports teams. a first ever stanley cup game for the sharks. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. the x men are making a lot of noise in their debut at the box office. the movie is on track to make $80 million through monday. the anticipated showdown of two big budget films turned out to be a little contest for the latest installment. a disappointing $28 million. rounding out the top five, the angry birds movie, captain america civil war and the neighbors two sorority rising. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00 for drew tuma and rick quan, the next newscast is at quan, the next newscast is at
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♪ it's the michelle meow show, your a to z covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between. ♪♪ here's michelle meow. welcome. thank you so much for joining us. i'm michelle meow, your host. welcome to your a-z, covering the lgbtlmnop and everyone in between show. speaking of everyone, tonight is a special lgbtqapi show, meaning we'll feature three great interviews from the asian-pacific islander community. so, we have an interview with melissa king, who was a finalist on bravo's hit show, "top chef", season 12, and we also have an interview with khmera rouge, who is the current empress of the imperial court of san francisco. before we get started with our incredible interviews, we'll check in with the world, we'll check in with the media, and see what people are saying about the lgbtq community. 2016 is already heating up,


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