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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 30, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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at oracle arena. >> warriors make an incredible
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come back winning the western conference finals after down 3 games to 1. they are returning to the finals for a second straight year. it was truly a spectacular game. amma is off. smash brothers combine for 57 points and rallied to overcome 15 point deficit in the win or good home game 7 to punch return ticket to the nba finals for rematch with the cleveland cavaliers. all the games can be seen here. katie is live at oracle arena with some very, very happy fans. katie? >>reporter: dan, drama drama drama right. warriors winning but in dramatic fashion still. fans more confident now than ever that this -- [ screaming]. >> hurry -- curry. thompson. everybody is just unreal. undefeated. can't be stopped. they are unhuman unhuman.
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>> only the beginning. watch what we do next week. >>reporter: it's a real party atmosphere here tonight. excitement is off theharts. but boy did the warriors make the fans earn it as you know, they were down until the end of the third quarter things explosive come back then oklahoma city close again but i leave the highlights up to larry and shoe i tell you one man as leaving told me that he has no finger nails left. i am sure he speaks for many, many more great night needless to say for the team and fans. >> thanks investment really a fun night there. thank you. now remember this is the home for the nba finals game one thursday night right where katie was oracle arena when the warriors host the cavaliers for finals rematch. espn on 7 coverage starts at 5:30 over on abc 7. well the big day bay area sports continue as the sharks made the stanley cup final
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debut in pittsburgh tonight. the sharks penguin tied late into the third. but pittsburgh nick scored the game winner past jones. san jose sadly loses game 1-3-2 and game 2 wednesday night in pittsburgh. stanley cup final game 2 is wednesday as i said. wayne is there. they have reaction to tonight's shark loss on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. but certainly a great time to be a bay area sports fan. >> to the sports politic race for the white house. among those in attendance at the warriors game tonight was bernie sanders. he appeared at two events early today in oakland. upwards of 20,000 people he listening to him in oakland tonight. sanders touched on his familiar theme getting big money out of politic and make college tuition free. climate change and universal health care. >> if we can win here in
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california tell our largest state, one of our most progressive states, we will go into the democratic convention with a great deal of momentum and we will come out with the nomination. virtually every state and national poll we do much better against trump than does secretary clinton. zm one point during sanders speech a group of protestors rushed the stage. secret service responded immediately. they were said to be members of animal rights group that wanted to send a message to the senator. sanders plans to spend even more time in the bay area. his campaign announced tomorrow he will hold a news conference on health care in emeryville followed by rally in santa cruz and in monterey. mean time it's going to be all california all the time for hillary clinton starting
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tomorrow. she marched in the memorial day parade today in new york where she's lived since 1999. clinton campaign announced today that she is cancelling events in new jersey to focus on the golden state with bernie sanders making such a big effort here. now all of this as donald trump prepare to face report investigators explain what he has done for vets. here's tell mare bruce. the. >>reporter: today a memorial day tradition. bill and hilary clinton marching in hometown parade in new york. >> i love. >> i love being here. the. >>reporter: but bernie sanders instead going where the votes are. making surprise appearance in san francisco, california once considered clinton country. now a toss up. clinton today is announcing new events in the state as one of her top california supporters urges sanders to face the fact facts. >> he ought to be able to read the sign post as well as anybody else. and if he did that, he would
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know that it's all but over. >>reporter: meanwhile donald trump marking memorial day weekend at the rolling thunder biker rally for pow. >> do we love the bikers yes. >>reporter: he sounds disappointed that the crowd on the national mall not as big as he hoped. >> i thought this would be like dr. king. where the people would be lined up from here all the way to the washington monument. right. >>reporter: trump himself had 5 deferment to avoid serving vietnam. he says he's raised millions for veterans. >> we just raised almost 6 million dollars for the vets. >>reporter: but trump has yet to prove it. and tonight the questions are mounting. trump now holding a press conference hoping to put those questions to rest. he's now promising to reveal how much erased for veterans and where all that money went. mare bruce abc news washington. the possibility of a third party candidate grew over the weekend as the libertarian party selected two former republican governors new mexico
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gary johnson and massachusetts bill wells to challenge both party candidates. especially trump. >> taking him on when that's mexicans are murderers an rapist when call him out on what is really racist. it's just racist. >>reporter: at the time libertarian party is the only third party with ballot access in all 50 states. california primary is just 8 days away. any vote who are like to vote by mail must make the request in person at your local county elections office because it is too late to mail in the request at this point. majority of californians have voted by mail in the last two elections. well our state primary again next tuesday t.week from tomorrow. california is one of 6 states voting that day. north dakota is only holding a democratic caucus. all other states including california will cast ballot on both the republican and democratic side. let move on to some other news now.
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search effort on hold for the time being for missing vallejo teenager. 15-year-old pearl pin has not been seen since last wednesday. her family held a vigil yesterday on the foot bridge over interstate 780 where she was last seen screaming and reportedly being dragged away by fernando castro. castro was later killed during a shoot out with police in santa barbara county. he may be the only person who would have known where she is at this point. broken glass all that is left after thief broke into an fbi agent car and stole both his gun and badge. the theft happened yesterday in the middle of the day. the car was parked nearal month square and wells high school in san francisco. and with more on the story here's vic lee. >> just week and a half ago a cell phone video caught this woman breaking into a car near where the fbi agent vehicle was parked 80's. she pre-tends to tie her shoe then breaks not one but two windows stealing backpack.
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using a spark plugt takes only a split second to smash the glass. neighbors say there's an epidemic of car break in on this area. >> i see broken glass every da day. >>reporter: another car break in this one was different. >> usually aren't cop cars so that was, sort of got our attention. >>reporter: san francisco police respond quickly because the car belonged to an fbi agent. agent. 70. found his rear window fbi issued fully loaded glock 27 and ankle holster gone. >>reporter: notf"cm only the n stolen but the thief also took badge and credential. familiar and damage russ refrain. last year kate was shot to death on pier 14. police say the transient charged with her murder used a gun stolen from a federal agen agent's car. last august the uc berkeley police chief had her gun stolen from her vehicle.
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also last year firearms were stolen from an off duty chp officer's car in a vehicle belonging to a hayward cop. >> kind of scary that somebody would leave a gun laying around and it's dangerous. >>reporter: former police chief greg even wrote a letter to other agencies asking that their officers and agents lock the gun when parking in the city. in this case the fbi declined comment saying only that they are looking into it. vic lee, abc 7 news. more to bring you on this monday night. couple. how the bay area remembers those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. also the plan to boost tuition at the university of california. for some students it could cost as much as stanford. 7 news meteorologist is here with the warm weather drishtion holiday weekend wraps up we had a 40 degree temperature spread warmest at antioch 100 degrees and warmer temperatures on the way. more in the forecast coming up.
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gee thousands of people pay
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tribute to the fallen at san francisco annual memorial day saver money held in the presidio. one of the largest events in the nation. we were in south san francisco where firefighters got up early to host a memorial day pan cake breakfast at fire station 61. all of the ingredient and supply were his donatedede comm. 130 people were served. and the event raised 8 55 dollars for the vfw, nearly 300 dollars more than last year so by all accounts it was a real success says. memorial day celebrations and observance also held in san jose and hayward. lee ann has that story. >>reporter: taps consist of only 24 notes and played during every memorial day celebration. to honor those american men and women who have died in a war. earnest of san jose serve entered vietnam and his father in korea. he's made it tradition to come to oak hill memorial park every
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year. >> the opportunity to connect. with all the people. all the people that i'm losing one day at a time. >>reporter: the vice mayor of san jose also a vietnam vetera veteran. >> i feel a responsibility as a veteran to make sure this i'm a voice for veterans. >>reporter: this man came to honor his son and daughter one is a marine the other in the army. >> for the people that lost their lives. >>reporter: also on this day there was a special service for honor japanese american veterans. tom sacrifice that people make under the most trying of times and darkest of days. >>reporter: in the east bay city of hayward local takened dedication for new 9/11 memorial. engraved on each is the time city and flight number of each plane that went down that day. new memorial will serve as gathering site where people reflect on what happened on
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9/11. and the sacrifices made by veterans and first responders. it was said many times today gone but never forgotten. ♪god bless america ♪ the our home the sweet home ♪ . >>reporter: lee ann, abc 7 news. and from here and across the country americans pause to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. this morning president obama went to arlington national cemetery as is tradition and laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. speech ask that we remember them. >> those that rest beneath the silence, not only here in arlington but at veterans cemetery across the country and
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around the world and remain missing they didn't speak the loudest about the patriotism t.they let their actions the do thatment whether they stood newspaper times of war. signed up in times of peace. or were called up by a draft board they embodied in the best of america. >>reporter: best of america. honored remembered today on this memorial day. >> moving on tuition for out of state students at uc california could sky rocket literally under proposal at the state capitol. it is the latest attempt to restore instate students access to the uc system. if approved it would open up enrollment to 30,000 more california residents by 2022 but for out of state students, tuition would go up from 37,000 to 54,000 dollars over 6 years. in three years it would be cheaper for out of state student to attend stanford which costs more than 45,000 dollars. a year.
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all right. well i don't know what drew paid for his education but he govrt nickel worth out of it because he's pretty smart guy in forecasting our weather. >>reporter: warm temperature that continue to climb as we head to the end of the week. live doppler 7hd we see right now rain free but we are dealing with some fog right along the coast and pushing into the bay. live look from the camera here on pier 15 you can see the low cloud cover creeping in over the financial district of san francisco and the fog is with us in areas first thing on our tuesday. so fog over night. more sunshine more heat. you will like tuesday. heat peak late in the week on friday. right now look at this wide range in temperatures. cool along the coast. 55. san francisco fwovrment half moon bay. but look at antioch. we are still holding at 84 degrees. 73 in concord. same in livermore. 59 in oakland. pull down right now checking in with a temperature of 64 degrees. overnight tonight we have the
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coastal fog approaching the bay in area 52 for oakland. 53 san francisco. still mild inland near 60 for antioch but all spots you can see will fall into the 50's overnight tonight. as we go hour by hour on huge weather watch the fog first thing on our tuesday. 7:00 o'clock in the morning we zoom into the foggy spots for you areas like oakland, hayward even fog near fremont. south san francisco. san francisco half machine bay will be shroud entered cloud cover first thing. very shallow marine layer. by 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning you can see total sunshine east bay. downtown san francisco. coastal fog but the coast will see afternoon sunshine and once again we see a wide range in our afternoon high. starting in the south bay with micro climate on tuesday. 88 san jose. warm 87 cupertino. same in sunnyvale. 72 for santa cruz. head to the peninsula. 84 palo alto. 79 for san mateo o. pacifica 67 degrees. downtown san francisco 69 tomorrow about 60 in daly city
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with clouds to sunshine into the north bay. 79 petaluma. 85 santa rosa. 82 vallejo. 69 for sausalito o. into the east bay oakland tomorrow 75, 80, san leandro. warmer and inland into the 90's once agai again. 99 antioch 93 pittsburgh and 90 for pleasanton. live doppler 7hd along with satellite which you don't see much in the way of cloud cover over the state of california. high pressure is building. what that means warmer temperatures on the way. local sea breeze on wednesday keeps the coast in the 60's up to 70's, 80's and 90's we lose the sea breeze on thursday coast begins to warm-up. still 94 100 degrees the summer spread but on friday everyone is warm from the coast to the bay and inland very warm in the triple digit. 10 to 25 degrees above average to round out the up come week. tuesday we see patchy morning fog at the steady pattern wednesday. more heat on the way for thursday and then you get into
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friday the heat increase and hot everywhere. still rather hot on saturday and then sunday monday much cooler. clouds come back nice seabreeze for everybody so relief coming by the end of next week. it's smoking on friday. wow! >> thanks very much drew appreciate it. well still to come on 7 news at 9:00. how this little critter ended up in the hands of a muni employee. quite
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all right it's time to go to an adele concert any time soon. put down your videocamera. during a gig in verona last night she shut down a fan who was filming her show. i want to tell that lady to go. can you stop filming on the
9:25 pm
videocamera. i'm here live. enjoy it here live. >> crowd applauded singer request and video of the incident quickly spread over social media. which is what you are seeing here. she doesn't like the cell phone video at her concert. wild day at work for this muni fair inspector. patty ruiz on duty near at&t park last week when a car pulled up and man inside handed her a baby aopossum he says he found on the freeway. san francisco mta provided the pictures. rise and co-workers took it to the animal shelter where employees are taking very good care of it. wild life officials have rescued an elephant calf after it fell into an uncovered drain poor thing. officials had rescue workers had to break open the drain to pull the animal out on sunday. injured calf was taken to a hospital for treatment but should be okay. all right another 30
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minutes of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up. outrage after child falls into a gorillaen closure. zoo officials explain why they had no choice but to shoot the 400 pound animal. also. long trip home for millions of american. computer glitch at jfk that caused massive delay. united airlines announces it's launching one of the longest flights in the world. and it originates out of sfo. stay with me another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 begins
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tonight the sins natural zoo is defending its decision to shoot and kill a rare gorilla after boy slipped in theen closure. there is growing anger and outpouring of support forth
9:30 pm
endangered animal. we have the latest and first let me warn you that the video let me warn you that the video is a bit >> tonight growing outrage about this close encounter. the 10 terrifying minutes the child spent inside the zoo exhibit causing the endangered silver back to lose his life. horrifying scene playing out in front of the boy's mother. at one.17-year-old and 4-year-old boy appear to look at each other. then the gorilla lifts the boy up and drags him to the other side of the moat. zoo officials make the split second decision to take the gorilla's life. >> my heart sank. could you tell it was a high powered rifle. >> authorities say it started when the boy crawled over the barrier. plunging in the moat. the video exhibit from 2014 showed threat foot high railing that separates the crowd from the exhibit. same one that has been there for 38 years. >> with that said any of us
9:31 pm
could climb over barrier if we which is. >>reporter: they hold the vigil for gorilla as anger agrees. some point to go video like this showing a gorilla in an illinois zoo in 1996 carrying an injured boy who had fallen into heren closure to zoo keeper for help. gorilla can be protective. zoo tonight defendinghe decision to shoot the animal. >> child life was in danger. we standby our decision and make the same call today. >>reporter: tonight the boy is home from the hospital but on line call for the parents to be held accountable. boy's mother writing now deleted facebook post as society we are dwoybing judge how a parent could take their eyes off their child. accidents happen but i am than thankful that the right people were in the right place. >>reporter: cincinnati police tell us they are not filing charges. zoo director tells me they are now reviewing ways to make the gorilla exhibit safer.
9:32 pm
abc news cincinnati. south korean news agency reporting that north korean missile launch appears to have failed. japan had put its military on alert for the possible launch and state broadcaster nhk said that japan ordered naval destroyers and patriots anti-ballistic missile battery to be ready to shot down any projectile heading for the country. several states deal with sox weather. flash flooding blamed for at least 6 defendants and in south carolina remnant tropical storm bonnie bringing drenching rains now. eva on the impact. >>reporter: tonight new evacuation in texas. colorado river four feet above flood stage and still rising. the family evacuating for the second time in two months. >> nothing to do but snai a motel. >>reporter: helicopters rescue residents this weekend north of houston. severe storms pummel the
9:33 pm
lonestar state. 6 dead and 2 still missing in the region including a 1 10-year-old boy who fell in the swollen river while fishing. >> a frustrating we have the family here and they need closure can't give to it them yet. >>reporter: meanwhile in the east millions dealing with remnant of tropical storm bonnie dumping 8 inches of rain in south carolina. resident rescued by boat. part of interstate 95 shut down. >> i have never seen the water inside. >>reporter: storms flooding roads to new york city. on the beaches. and urgent warning. >> looks can be deceiving. yes it's kind of calm out right now but people take the water for granted. it's very dangerous place. >>reporter: republic current and invisible threat. lifeguards urge people not to swim. rescuing some near savanna georgia. this helicopter searching for a swimmer off north carolina beach. if you find yourself in a rip current the key is to stay cal calm. once it dumps you out then swim parallel to the shore. the threat for rip current continues tonight across portions of the south east.
9:34 pm
from north carolina all the way to florida. eva pilgrim abc news, south carolina. truck driver alive tonight despite a spectacular crash on new york expressway. check out what happened. that's an 18-wheeler hanging off the side of a road just outside the bronx. cause of the crash investigated with you it's believed a van may have cut off the semi causing the driver to lose control. police say the driver climbed down the cab on to the roadway below. he's okay. a lot of americans are having trouble getting back home from the holiday weekend tonight. computer glitch at new york city jfk airport caused massive delays for travelers. lindsay davis has the story. >>reporter: slow going tonight on america highway and sky way as roughly 38 million travelers make their way home on the potentially record breaking memorial day. >> we are very glad we left early so we don't have to sit in the traffic tonight. >>reporter: estimated this
9:35 pm
will be the biggest travel weekend since 2005. fueled by gas price that is haven't been this low on memorial day in 11 years. national average today 2.30 a gallon. 47 cents lower than a year ago. heavy traffic like this is the down side of paying less at the pump. travel nightmare at nation airport too. at chicago o'hare this cab jumped a curb. crashing into the terminal. no injuries were reported. in tampa united flight caught fire after blown tire. and at new york jfk airport a computer glitch caused massive delay overnight as 1,000 passengers were checked in manually. >> i have never seen anything like this before. >>reporter: according to the traffic app way the best time to travel is in the morning l. worst time is between 1 and 4:00 p.m. lindsay davis abc news new york. >> starting tomorrow united airlines will operate what it says is one of the world
9:36 pm
longest regularly scheduled flight. non-stop serves san francisco to singapore also make united the only airline to fly non-stop from the u.s. to singapore. flying time? 15 and a half hours. when you arrive it's two days later local time coming back you arrive the same day. united is using the boeing dream liner for this new route. for two hours today a driver and stolen car led police on a chase across los angeles. the driver narrowly avoided hitting other cars and bicycl bicyclist at one point. chase traveled across multiple freeways all with light traffic because it was a holiday thank goodness. eventually the driver slowed to a stop in the middle of the 4 05 freeway in long beach and surrendered peacefully. no one hurt. well not much traffic out on the roads today. but one town says they have more than enough to go around. more than enough to go around. next at 9:00 see who gets the
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california institute of technology in pasadena is suing apple and broad come over alleged infringe pt of the wi-fi technology they were granted patent between 2006 and 2012 for the technology that improves wi-fi signal. technology is included in broad comwi-fi chip that apple use ins many of its products including its latest i-phone and i-pad. caltech wants a jury trial, sales injunction and damages. >> it was sunny day across much of the bay area making this memorial day a perfect time maybe to head to the beach. but there's one town that is not at all happy about that. and there may be one reason
9:41 pm
it's having to deal with all of that extra traffic. jonathan bloom has the story. >> memorial day. unofficial start of summer and for downtown los gatos the start of summer traffic. >> what do you think of the traffic. >> i can't stand it. >> backed up as for as the eye condition site. i have lived in this neighborhood and it's hard even to good to the grocery store on the weekend. >> on so i day no secret most headed to the coast avoid thanksgiving traffic on highway 17. >> beach traffic is crazy. >>reporter: they exit the freeway and detour through downtown it's bad news for merchant. >> people can't get to parking places can't get to the stores to work or to shop here. so it is affecting our busines business. >>reporter: local don't think it's a case of crafty drivers with own shortcut they say it started about a year ago and they think the reason sthichlt i think they are using mobile app. >>reporter: navigation app like way made to choose the quickest route. so when the highway is crawling at 8 first.
9:42 pm
it directs drivers off the freeway and try to spread them evenly among the smaller treats on the first try it sent us to the right through the neighborhood. >> last year times people couldn't even get out of the driveway. because of the traffic. >>reporter: our second try sent us the other way. >> turn left on lark avenue. >>reporter: straight through downtown. >> i think it's just doing what it is to do in terms of giving the quickest route. >>reporter: some wish the app would take local into account. >> this is great i love ways doesn't really show the big picture of how it integrates with a small town traffic pattern. >>reporter: town asked cal-trans to close highway 17 on ramp. no luck there. last summer they blocked off neighborhood streets traffic suddenly cleared around 2:30 around the same time way reported freeway speeds above 25 miles an hour. >> it is what it is. i don't think we can do whole lot about it. i think those that don't want to tolerate will move out. >>reporter: this is abc 7 news. >> hotel difficult weekend is a good opportunity to hit the beach but that wasn't an option
9:43 pm
on one stretch of shore lean. next the attack that sent a woman to the hospital and shut down access to the water. down access to the water. stay here with us
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9:46 pm
this is interesting. scientist say bumble bee can sense a weak electrical field emitted by flowers. team at the university of bristol in the uk found that the bees can feel the hair open the bodies bend when they come close to flowers. the question the scientist couldn't answer is thousand use the electrical field since flowers have other compelling feature like color and smell. the beach along stretch of orange county remains closed today after a woman was attacked in the water yesterday
9:47 pm
possibly by a shark that certainly suspicion. reporter greg lee from the sister station in los angeles has the story. >> lifeguards run up and down the water license at carona del mar state beach directing kids to stay on the sand. lifeguards close ago stretch of the ocean after a woman swimming about 150 yards offshore was bitten by a shark sunday afternoon. >> whether he a rescue vessel out on the water and they noticed long distance swimmer ocean swimmer kind of struggling and yelling for hel help. >>reporter: crew say she appeared to have bite wounds on her torso. . paramedic took the woman to medical center where the wounds were confirmed to be shshing bite. she's expected to survive. in the mean time life guard continue to take every precaution during a busy holiday weekend at the beach. posting signs and closing water near the incident. >> hope she's on the mend and figure out what this is and we can have our beaches back and be safe. >>reporter: life guard and boat patrol the water looking
9:48 pm
for any signs of the shavrjt kept the water closed to assure people safety. >> we have not seen any marine life and even yesterday after the incident we didn't see any marine life so we are still continue to go evaluate. >>reporter: even though many beach goers are alarmed by the shark bite they understand it's a rare occurrence. >> i think that does come with the territory to be perfectly honest. we are sharing the water with all the rest of the sea life. >>reporter: water remains closed for about mile and a half in each direction of where the shark bite occurred t.lifeguards will rehe vail at nrng and decide whether or not to reopen the water. reporting in newport beach abc 7 news. >> it was certainly beach weather up here quite warm one last check on the forecast withdrew. >>reporter: beach today was cool and it was sunny and now we are doing cool conditions over the city of san francisco. live look from the sutro tower cam are showing we have fog rolling in. scary. city sky line right now and portions of the region wake up
9:49 pm
to fog first thing on tuesday we zoom into area of fog and oakland and hayward and san francisco south san francisco half monbay even portions of the golden gate bridge secured by fog first they think in the morning. won't last that long so pull back to the coast from away from the bay by then okay in the afternoon lots of sunshine and once again warm hot temperatures wide range for our tuesday. hottest spot in antioch 99. 69 san francisco. 75 oakland. 80 san jose. 86 vallejo and 7 day forecast tomorrow we have that patchy morning fog. really a steady pattern into wednesday and thursday. then temperatures really take off on friday and hot across the region before we cool off second half of our upcoming weekend. >> very good drew thanks so much. all right. we want to take you back live now to oracle arena. sports director larry is there what an incredibly thrilling night for second year in a row
9:50 pm
larry. warriors going to the big dance and did it in dramatic fashion tonight. >> the only way they do it dan is in dramatic fashion. nothing easy going on here. after the game steve was asked why people still question steph curry toughness and he dead pan because he looks like he's 12. the baby. face. assassin was huge. especially when it mattered most. ready to party as this team com
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people love my portobello mushroom buttery jack, made with portobello mushrooms, grilled onions, and garlic herb butter. ever wonder how i came up with it? well...
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actually, i came up with it at the water cooler. but i thought you'd like this cowboy story better. the portobello mushroom buttery jack is back. part of the buttery jack family. taste it before it's gone. warriors are going back to the finals. around the clock work under way tonight to make sure the fans have the right gear for the rematch against the cavs. take a look at the incredible video. true barn burner in the north bay. we have more on this intensifier fight tonight. intensifier fight tonight. abc 7 news at 11 on channel 7 but now let's go back to
9:54 pm
oracle arena not much of an evening. kichbd dull. >> it was duchlt third quarter the people are banging on the thunder sticks and they were releasing stress because this was another stressful game with okc. the season for the warriors filled with so many records and they become only the tenth team in nba history to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the conference finals and they finally somehow finish off a very tough okc team. final was 96-88 and steph curry was just amazing. clay thompson hero nick game 6 got the team here but this job sealed the deal. steph coast to coast on buzzer beater. warriors down 6. 52-45 thunder in the third. thompson one of the 6, 3. 21 points. 54 all for curry tie it and delivers the first lady of the second half for the warriors. had he 7, 3's and steve said
9:55 pm
this play with authority was the turning point. brought the house down. 63-58 warriors. 9 point lead. west brook says i wouldn't buy those final tickets just yet. big 3. had 19. 4 minute left. up 8. green stretches it out to 11. had 11 in the game. 1:45 left. trant are. pull up jumper the lead is 4. 27 for durrant and 10 until curry the dagger. with 30 seconds left. mvp leads all with 36 points. warriors win knicks-88 heading back to the finals for rematch with the cavaliers. here's the coach steve kurr on his mvp. >> i can tell in game 6 he was starting to feel like himself. he looked better. he looked like he was moving better. and i told our coaching staff yesterday i said i have no doubt steph has a huge game. >> it was just the very cool moment to enjoy that fan noise
9:56 pm
and understanding we are on the brink of doing something very special and coming back from down 3-1. unbelievable accomplishment back-to-back to the finals and him if continue this journey. the. >>reporter: what a journey it has been mike. >> unbelievable. three straight victory as we talked about before the game big time player stepping up. curry with 36 points and strength in numbers. living stochbility the start and shut durrant down for 27 points so they have really grown from this series. probably the toughest in the last two years and they are looking forward to rematch with the cavaliers even though they are full strength. interesting match up here in the finals. >> starting game 1 thuvrments steve kurr had interesting comments in the post game he said we were timid we felt the pressure in the first half and that's when it's really nice to have a guys like the baby face assassin. >> he showed so much toughness.
9:57 pm
knocked around beat up he was throwing balls up and going in like he always does. just like he i said mvp showed up on the night they needed him most and on their way to the final again. >> they need him plenty next series too because lebron is in here. >> this will toughen them up for that one. >> they grew a lot in the series no question. have you booked your flight to cleveland yet. >> i'm sure we have. >> somebody has. >> i'm sure the 5:45 am depar tivrment better than not going. >> that's true. let's talk sharks because they had some flights to catch. to pittsburgh for game one of the stanley cup final and we show the highlight. off to a little bit of rough start. thornton first cup appearance after 18 careers in the league. penguin score 2 goal in one minute. cross by to sherry. 2 nothing the after early second perfect. shark power play. hurdle. sneak it through the pad. and it's 2-1. late second period. marlo like thornton the first
9:58 pm
cup appearance after 18 years. ties it up t.drafted by the about engine wins in 1997. late in the third. this decides it. nick lift the puck and over jones for a penguin lead and that was the final score san jose drops the stanley cup series opener bay score of 3-2. >> we know we didn't play our best so the we are not the we are not the down. i don't think we feel too bad. would have been nice to win. we know they are a great team feel good with our too many. >> first game of the series. remind me a lieutenant of the st. louis game the 1 fight know we are going to get better. cushion has to get better. part of it was some of the pressure they put on but part of it sichbl afflicted. >>reporter: all right so the shark will try to come back and even that series. we have the cavs coming in for
9:59 pm
game one of the finals. by the way on abc z.i talked to bob myers the warriors gm after the game i said he was drenched in sweaty said do you think there's any way you can tell them to make it a little bit easier and he said phone of this is easy. it's not getting any easier but they are the western conference finalist. 7 sports brought to you by toyota and we move on to the finals on thursday, dan. it's been quite a journey and that journey happily continues. >> absolutely. great stuff. it won't be easy when the cavs come to town either but warriors firing on all cylinder right now. thanks so much. >> that's our report we certainly appreciate your time. for all of us here, thanks for watching. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile devices with our 7 news app. see you in an hour over on the see you in an hour over on the big 7
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