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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  June 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00, the lgbt community targeted in the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. how san francisco is responding with the pride parade just weeks away. >> this impacts our partners, our friends, and even some members of our community. >> the bay area's muslim community speaks out about the shoot anything and gunman who says he was inspired by isis. security is tight in san francisco's castro district as people come together to honor those killed in the attack. we begin with terror in orlando. a gunman opens fire in a crowded club, targeting members 0 the lgbt community. 50 people were killed 53 were injured, before police took out
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the gunman. tonight there is heightened secured in the castro. thank you for joining, i'm eric thomas. here's the latest. federal investigators say the gunman, 29-year-old omar mateen, called 9-1-1 during the attack and pledged allegiance to isis. his father said he was outraged after seeing two men kiss in miami but the family didn't believe he was very religious. the fbi had interviewed the gunman in 201 -- 2013 good 2014 after he dressed simplety for a suicide bomber. days ago he legally purchased handgun and a long gun. the president called the attack an act of terror and an act of hate. we have coverage on the effect the shooting will have on the pride parade. first, let's go live to sergio quinn tan -- quintana who talked to people mourning.
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>> reporter: a tragedy that happened across the country but touches the lgbt community everywhere, and here in san francisco, harvey milk plaza where is the lgbt community traditionally comes together to take a stand. among those scheduled to be here are community activists this stars of perpetual indulgence, who organized the event, and mayor ed lee, and mark leno. this was organized hours after the community learned the details of the orlando mass shooting there are similar events scheduled. >> this is a place that the city of san francisco and in large parts of our country looks to as the place of spiritual safety and of strength. >> reporter: earlier this afternoon a special prayer event was organized at grace
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cathedral. it has a long history of solidarity with the lgbt community and the bishop said it was important to have that house of worship open for people to go to if they needed spiritual support. tonight the event is scheduled for 8:00. looks like it should be a program of half hour to 45 minutes or so. reporting live in san francisco in the castro district, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. the bay area is home to one of the nation's largest afghan american communities, congress mosquito eric swawell represents little kabul, and the. >> people in community reject extreme interpretations of islam. that's a call for violence. and right now during ramadan, this is just a stirring to 99% of people of faith and the islamic community as it is for the rest of us across the country. >> nancy pelosi tweeted,
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officers. the pain of the attack is surely hag any identified as our nation celebrates lgbt pride move. ed lee wrote, profound tragedies like this leave us numb and speechless but we resolve that love, strength and community will triumph over hate, fear and violence, and governor jerry brown tweeted we stand with the people of orlando and the entire look community in solidarity against these acts of hatred. >> police arrest heavily armed man on his way to the gay pride parade in los angeles. he had the assault rifles and a bucket of chemicals that could be used to create an explosive. he said he planned to harm people, and they say there animals connect with the orlando attack. police plan to increase patrols at the sf pride this moaning but don't plan to cancel the celebration. cornell bernard is live from the castro district with more. >> reporter: we have already seen an increased patrol of san francisco police here in the
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caution stro. pride weekend just two weeks away. security measures getting a close look. we want to show you the scene here where a memorial to the victims continues to grow. people passing by, paying respects, coming to grips with this tragedy. >> charlie heard the terrible news and wanted to do something. he is paying respect with flowers and a simple sign. >> my sentimented are for gun control, but right now, it's just a thought of 50 people being shot because they were in a gay club. it's just impossible to think about. >> reporter: the sidewalk at 18th and castro now a memorial with so many covered remembrance, one with a simple question, why? >> i can tell you as a gay latino man, i'm howeverred to wake up to the dish horrified to wake up to the news of an lgbt club being targeted. >> our hearts and prayers go out
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to the victims. >> the sfpd has increased police patrols in the castro district, although there have been no threats. but two weeks away from the nation's largest pride event, pride parade organizers now re-evaluating security plans with police. >> to determine what measures should be considered and what measures should be taken to ensure public safety,. >> reporter: keeping one million people safe has always been a challenge for law enforcement. postponing the event after the orlando massacre is not a consideration. >> no reason to cancel the parade. no information that anybody near san francisco is a danger. >> we're not going to let them win by the cancellation of lgbt pride here in san francisco. >> the feeling of overwhelming sadness is everywhere in this community. there is outrage, too. >> this has a violent unacceptable when it's directed at lgbt people, at people of color no matter who it's directed at, this type of violence is absolutely unacceptable. >> for now, time to grieve and
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remember. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> nightclubs in castro remain busy. for more on that least go live to elisa harrington. >> reporter: there's dance music playing and a disco ball spinning but there's a very somber mood. you can see the flag has been lowered to half staff and the bar plans to hole a moment of silence to honor the victims of the shooting. security guards check i.d.s outside clubs in san francisco's castro. larry bennett, owner of the lookout, says keeping his patrons safe is heavy on his mind. >> people are a lot more observant, and in our we'll check all bags of anyone coming in to our bar. >> among the dance music and drinks, customers have been talk can about the tragic shooting in orlando and how the gunman
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targeted a gay club. >> i thought we would be the next target. >> people said it was more important ever to go out, comp together' ma show of solidarity. >> we have to celebrate what we have and have come so far in the struggle. >> it's important to show everybody that we're not broken down. >> the lookout even has a drink special dedicated to orlando, money from jello shots go directly to thety's lgbt community. >> we also lowered or flag to have mast in honor of those of who were killed and injured, because we feel a deep sense of sorrow. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc7 news. local muslim leaders are condemning the violence. we spoke with the executive director of the california council on american islamic relations this afternoon. she said they stand in solidarity with the lgbt community. >> incidents or attacks like today don't make us any stronger as a country.
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they divide us further and also present an opportunity for us to stand together and stay that this is not the normal that we want as a community and as a country. >> we will continue to follow all the developments on the nightclub shooting. katie marzullo is o. her way to orlando right now and her live reports begin tonight at 11:00. >> still ahead at 6:00. protests on campus. how demonstrations over a lenient sex assault sentence affected the commencement at stanford today. >> drew tuma. a cooler finish to the weekend with some cities 20 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. the cooldown continues into the new week but we are tracking a chance of rain
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today people gathered out the stonewall inn in new york city to honor the 50 people killed this morning by a gunman in orlando, florida. stonewall is known as the place the lgbt rights movement started when a police raid in 1969 led to violent street riots. today the people hugged and cried. donations are pouring in to help the victims and families affected. this gofundme account has raised more than $930,000 in
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just ten hours. the goal was just increased to $1.5 million from one million. we have a link to fundraising page at pomp and circumstance met protests at stanford today as grad waiting students expressed outrage over the sentence handed down in an on-campus sexual assault. >> women are objects. woman aren't play things. >> the voices and views of student activists greeted people al stanford stadium. their outrage follows brock turner receiving a six month jail sentence for a sexual assault. a judge could have sentenced turner to 14 years in prison. the d.a. asked for students. students placed signs of numbers one and three on their caps. >> one out of three transgender nonconforming and women students at stanford will be sexually assaulted by the time they leave
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stanford. >> protesters arranged for a plane to care -- carry a banner calling for the rere-call of the judge who sentenced turner. >> the incredible show of support to save lives of those who made it through last night's shooting. and drew tuma has the monday morning forecast. >> everybody loves draymond except the nba front office as they suspended him for gave final at oracle he was handed a retroactive flagrant, which put him over the limit, and thus the people love my portobello mushroom buttery jack, made with portobello mushrooms, grilled onions, and garlic herb butter. ever wonder how i came up with it? well... actually, i came up with it at the water cooler. but i thought you'd like this cowboy story better.
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>> we want to bring you any details. more than 100 people eave gathered at a candlelight vigil in downtown orlando to remember the 50 people killed at a gay nightclub this morning. the gunman died in a shootout with police. in the past hour his ex-wife told reporters was short tempered and abusive. mateen pledged his allee sis to isis. a former coworker said he talked about killing people and the shooting did not come as a surprise to him. after the shooting in orlando there's been an incredible show of support. blood donation centers and blood mobile locations are crowded with potential don'ts. in the line -- donors.
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the lines stretched down the block and some people were turned away. >> we have reaction from the president and you can find the latest details on the investigation on ours wants, what you can fine out right now from meteorologist drew tuma is what the weather will look like. >> a cooler trend over the past 24 hours, and the cooler air is going stick with us for the new work and school week. live doppler 7hd right now, it's very quiet. we have clear sky monday most locations, so live doppler 7hd has the night off. the 24 hour temperature change is the big story. santa rosa, 18 goings cooler compared to this time yesterday. 10 degrees cooler in concord. seven in oakland. five cooler in san jose. a live look from the golden gate bridge cam, lots of sunshine. a few clouds along the coast and right now we're at 63 in san francisco compared to where we were at 72 this time yesterday.
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69 oakland, 74 mountain view. a comfortable 77 in san jose, 74 morgan hill. half moon bay, 59. san jose, live look. clear skies, not a cloud to be seen. upper 60s in santa rosa, napa. upper 70s in novato, fairfield and concord, i livermore, 78. we're clear here but clouds will be moving moving in along the c, and tomorrow morning some coastal drizzle. the cooldown is with us through mode week, and then on thursday we are tracking a slight chance of wet weather moving into the bay area. overnight tonight, 54 in richmond. a 6 in san jose. 53 in oakland and san francisco, and 57 overnight, antioch, and a fair amount of follow going. future weather, 6:00 on your monday morning for waking up to the temperatures in the 50s. that fog with us in most spots first thing, but dry air really
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moves in quickly. by 9:00, 10:00, the fog has evaporated and we're on our way to a sunny afternoon and temperatures comfortable but on the cooling trend. highs for monday, 79 in concord. 70 the high in oakland. 78 in san jose. 65 in downtown san francisco. 78 san rafael. nap park 77. future tracker temperatures, want to jump ahead into wednesday because this is the coolest day we have on the seven-day forecast. you see a lot of 60s and low 70s as the warmest spots. 71 high in concord. 70 livermore. cool compared to where you have been. 71 san jose, 61 san francisco. after the cool day on wednesday, this, future weather will show you we are tracking a weak storm system scooting by just to the north. so future weather is picking up on the chance of light showers, indicated by the green shading you see on the screen and likely that's the best shot in the north bay. around santa rosa, cloverdale,
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and ukiah thursday morning. unfortunately, doesn't look like the storm system wants to sink south of the golden gate but we'll keep our eye on it. the accuweather seven-day forecast, cooling trend continue interests thursday and theirs the chance of a showers in the north bay and then temperatures rebound. by saturday and sunday temperatures back've normal. so enjoy the cooldown and the heat returns next weekend. >> thank you very the burning quicker can the warriors pete cleveland without a key player? >> the nba has decided that draymond green's sign at lebron james after a dustup was worthy of a flagrant one foul, which puts him over the limit and results in a suspension from gave five. as lebron throws draymond to the floor and then steps over him, which is toteoff disrespect
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in any sport, draymond got up, took a teenle, don't disrespect me, swipe, at lebron, and the two were talking tramp. lebron called draymond out for his foul mouth, insinuating draymond went after his family with a trash talk. lebron was given a retroactive draymond may not be allowed into arena during the game. draymond let his teammates down but they have to press on. >> he's not happy, no. but anybody in that situation, you can't expect them to be okay with the decision or whatnot. i know he's going to give us positive energy, going to support us as a team the best way he can. >> know it's going to kill him not to be there but we're going to win for him. >> his suspension doesn't make us win the game. we have to take the game.
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a big suspension for them but we still got to play. >> well now how dangerous they are no matter who is in the lineup. we have to be better than game four in order to get win. >> tomorrow 5:30 p.m., coverage of the game begins right here on abc7 with the warriors and the cavaliers in oakland. after that we'll be broadcasting after the game live from oracle. game six of the stanley cup finals underway at the tank. sharks trying to give themselves a chance to make history. only one team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit to win the cup. a win tonight would force a game seven wednesday in pittsburgh. right now both teams plenty of chances but only pittsburgh is on the board. 1-0 after one. second period about to get underway. earlier today the a's trying to snap a seven game losing streak, facing the reds in cincinnati. turned into a home run derby for the green and gold. just that they need as they
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return hone. at least one a's fan in cinci. semien with the line drive, just fair, down the left-field line. 2-0 a's. two batters later, snow len ski, down and out to dead snaer, a's up 4, 0. a four-run second. top eight, danny valencia wants some of the action. his tenth of the year. a's win for the time since before the nba finals started. 8-1 he final. back home hosting texas tomorrow. college baseball playoffs,uc san bernardino and louisville. the freshman's pinch-hit with the bases loaded. is it going to stay fair? are you kidding me? a walkoff grand slam sends ucsb to the college world series for the first time ever with a 4-3 victory. louisville had been 47-0 this year when leading after eight innings. wow. this sports report brought to
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annual by orchard supply hardware. say the a's so have draymond green throw out the first pitch tomorrow, sit in the owner's box, sing the anthem and them come over and celebrate with the warriors. >> you like controversy, don't you, sir. thank you, shu. next at 6:00. a movie about one of the world's most popular video games broke international box office records. records. how was it received in the
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here is the latest now on the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. a shooter who pledged allegiance to isis while opening fire killed 50 people at a gay nightclub in orlando, florida, today. omar mateen was on u.s. officials' radar but not the target of a specific investigation. died in a gunfight with police. seven of his victims have been identified so far and local vigils are planned at harvey milk plaza in san francisco and oakland city hall. 'll have the latest developments on abc7 at 9:00 and kofy tv 20, and at 10 abc news anchor david muir will have a special one our edition of "20/20". >> our live coverage from florida continues at 11:00. katie marzullo will be live in orlando. she is on her way there now. warcraft, a movie based on one open the most popular video games tanked at the u.s. box office despite being extremely
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popular overseas. warcraft, based on the online game, world of warcraft, earned just $24 million in the u.s. overseas its earned $185 million. now you sue me two, teenaged mutant ninja turtles and x men rounded out the top five. findy doory hits theaters next weekend. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. for drew and shu and all of us here at abc7, thank you for joining us. we'll see you again also 11:00 p.m.
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>> today on "matter of fact" -- a g.o.p. retreat from trump. marco rubio: it is inappropriate, wrong, offensive. mitch mcconnell: it's time to quite attacking. >> what's ahead for republicans who "un-friended" their nominee? >> why didn't it kick in earlier that this guy would a problem? >> plus -- has the obama white house failed to keep isis off our doorstep? >> our southern border is completely porous. >> the chairman of homeland security debates the tactics in the war on terror. then, is she to talk?


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