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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 20, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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this is the newest cop named to leave the oakland police department at least for now. coming in through the revolvering door that has seen 3 other chiefs leave in the past 11 days. good evening. amma is off. this change comes amid a series of scandals that include racist text messages, relationships between officers and under"tñ ae girl and the sharing of confidential police informatio
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informa@v&n. 7 news reporter vic lee has more.l> >> now we have an acting an acting. >>reporter: even city had time-keeping track of the rapidly changing chief and their title. >> we just the add to the confusion.ñ and certainly i'm not happy. >>reporter: as of today deputy chief david downing is the new acting assistant police chief. he says he was informedr by a mayor's aide this morning. >> he's a long career with the oakland police department. 20 yourself plus. >>reporter: downing the fourth person to oversee the department in 9 days. after chief shawn resipe in the wake of the growing six misconduct scandal mayor shaft appointed bart deputy chief as interim chief. he resigned after the mayor[m said she obtained information that question his ability to assumenz the post. then shaft appointed deputy
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chief paul as acting chief. but he resigned two days later for reasons which are still on friday the mayor announced the department would be placed under civilian control. she appointed city administrators sabrina as head. >> it does appear to violate the state government code section 38 6 30 that says a police department of a city is under the control of the chief of police. >>reporter: now downing this after spokesman for the police officer standard and training said that the appointment of civilian as department head may violate state law. but guess what, there may be another change yet in chiefs soon. >> he's getting to retire in 6 month. >>reporter: confusing. yes. the mayor issued a press statement saying all of what she's done is perfectly legal. she clarified that the city administrator is in charge of
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personnel and administrative matter and that the acting assistant chief is in charge of operational and tactical matters. got all that? vic lee, abc 7 news. a lot of changes. on top of everything else the oakland police department internal affairs division place another member of the department on administrative leave today. the investigation is separate and unrelated to the ongoing investigation into alleges of sexual misconduct. department would not release any details about this case. multiple fires spark today on the edge of the angeles national forest forcing people out of the their homes. so-called reservoir fire is near here and the fish fire is burning nearby closer to and grew rapidlyyin the hours heat and wind the people evacuate from homes and reservoir fire sparked when pickup truck crashed on highway 39 near the
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morris reservoir dam. sadly the fire grew in hours. several community under evacuation order. >> we have all the pictures. i have her wedding dress. wedding photo but we are waiting for firefighters in the back could see they are all connect sod we are just waitin waiting. very unnerving. that's why we are still here. >> none of the fires have been contained. >> car fire sparked a wild fire along 280 near highway 92 at san mateo county. chp says a car caught fire and when the driverpulled to the shoulder the flames spread right to the grass. no homes were ever threatened and the fire was under control very quickly. two lanes of 280 did stay closed however for several hours as firefighters checked for hot spots. we are officially few hours into summer now and weather definitely feels like it. you notices a it's cooling down now but temperatures climb into the 90's inland today.
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drew is here with more. drew. >>reporter: yes dan. first few hours of summer this afternoon certainly had the summer like spread we are accustomed to. cool along the coast. 63 half moon basement mild 70 san francisco but you move in land and there's the 90's that pop up. 94 for fairfield. antioch at 98 degrees this afternoon. even napa nice and warm at 87 and san jose checking in with a temperature of 85 degrees. the reason for all this. big area of high pressure record were set in many cities to our south and when you have high pressure you have sinking air. that essentially act like lid on pot and that means the air near the surface becomes pretty stagnant and we get spare the air alert. inland east bay poor air quality and use mass transit car pool walk or bike. as it decrease the temperature children to climb look at the numbers ahead in the forecast. >> thanks very much. >> near santa barbara red flag and excessive heat warnings remain in effect for the area around the shurpa fire.
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it's now burned close to 8,000 acre since started last wed. firefighters have 54 percent contained. mandatory evacuation orders and evacuation warning both remain in effect. although no homes have burned. crews hope to have it fully contained by thursday. >> major shake up inside the trump camp tonight as we turn to politic now. one of the chief architect of the trump campaign so far has been fired. campaign manager cory is out and it's talking about it now. it comes amid a new man mouth poll showing hillary clinton leading trump by 7 upon the. here's more. >> tonight a major campaign shake up. donald trump firing campaign manager. did this take you by surprise? >> yes. i don't know if that's the response i would have but what i do think is that this election is different than primary election process and
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understanding that people want to change the way the campaign is run. that's fine. >>reporter: sources tell the children fueled the effort to dump hit. i have a great relationship with them i don't think it will changey position has changed. >>reporter: trump refused to fire him months ago after this video surfaced showing him grabbing a female reporter trying to ask trump a question. billionaire candidate stuck by him from the get go. >> could you see him. >> he happens to be right here. i don't see him doing that in 1 million years. >> wonderful guy campaign manager you talk about discipline. easiest thing cory you are fired i can't do that. can't do it. >>reporter: pros can youtors later dropped misdemeanor battery charges. >> cory good job cory. good job. >>reporter: but now facing sliding poll numbers. >> south carolina. >>. >>reporter: sources say she and the brother had enough and
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share frustration with the father. >> in many respect coming to that on his own. we were there to help augment that and really think it through. >>reporter: trump now also playing damage control for his response to the orlando shooting. again making the case that people in that night club should have been armed. >> in some of those wonderful people had guns strapped right here right to their waist or right to their ankle the this son of a bleep comes out and starts shooting. and one of the people in that room happen to have it and goes boom. boom. you know what that would have been a beautiful beautiful sight folks. >> this is abc news new york. >> trump later clarified the comment about people in the night club being armed. he tweeted that he was talking about employee and security guard not the people drinking and having the good times. british man who drove from california to las vegas is now under arrest for saying that he wanted to kill donald trump.
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20-year-old michael sanford arrest after he tried to take a police officer's gun at trump event saturday the inside treasure island casino. sanford told police that he lives from new jersey but drove to las vegas from san bernardino with the intention of killing trump. secret service says sanford has been charged with violating two federal laws and more charges are certainly possible. apple ceo tim cook plans to host fundraiser for republican speaker of the house paul ryan next week. it comes after apple announced it would not contribute to this summer's republican national convention. presumptive g.o.p. nominee donald trump called for a giant refused to unlock the i-phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. cook has donated.d to botañ democrat contract and republican in the past by the way. so this is not actuallyç( as unusual as you might have thought. fu san francisco is beefing p the police presence at this
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weekend pride celebrationn response to obviously the orlando shooting;t 8 days ago. lee ann has closer look now at how the city plans to protect people attending pride. >> what happened in orlando will have an impact on the level of security during the pride celebration in san francisco. for the first time there will be security check points to get into civic center plaza on saturday and sunday including metal detector. >> there will be security screenings at all of the entry points this year and no bag over 18 inches by 18 inches will be permitted. >> city officials met at the office of emergency management this morning to go over a security plan for this weekend. which include having a lot more officers. >> probably have about a 20 to 25% increase at all the events throughout the city. >> the health department is reassuring everyone that the hospital will be ready for any emergency. also a large police presence in
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the castro on saturday night when tens of thousands of people are expected to celebrate. >> i think that adds another layer of confidence that everybody should have. >> steve porter of this bar and restaurant says they too have made changes. >> this year we are not going to allow bags at all. and we are going to be doing pat down. >> i think we need to continue to come out and show that we are not, you know, afraid. >> stills asking its residents to seen up to its emergency text messaging number. this is the number to call. 7 news. >> i'll come on this monday it's going to be a long hot summer for the warriors. >> it doesn't start next seaso season. it starts now. >> how the doves plan to avoid a repeat and the message curry has for fans. >> also ahead alarming rise in car burglary and one experts say police need to do to stop this problem.
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>> also. warming up significantly. drew has full forecast right warming up significantly. drew has full forecast right
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fans cheered on cap here's
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as they landed in cleveland after beating the warriors in the seventh game of the nba finals. cleveland waited a long time for this moment so you have to be happy for them. this is the city first major sports championship since 1964. although it was a tough loss for us. here's a closer look at the t-shirt lebron james wore for the flight home. it featured the words ultimate warrior. >> you can decide if that was intended to mock dub fans. shirt is for pro-wrestler from the late 19 80's apparently. thepi warriors mean time are already looking ahead to next year even as they like their wounds. carolyn tyler attended the final news conference of the season. >> tough feeling. rough night. >> warrior superstar curry says he's reliving last night loss to the cavs over and over and overxjg again. >> probably three or four possessions where i personally settled looking for big 3 when
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that's not what the possession called for. >> when i told riley we didn't win and she looked at me she said i know. it's okay. e-the warriors say they will use the loss to fuel the fight for victory next year. >> doesn't start next season. itda starts now. trying to get better. each and every dayc. some of the things i maybe wasn't as good at and getting bats at thingsbw i was good at. >>reporter: how do you get beyond the disappointment and your mind ready for next time around. >> hard for me to answer right now. i don't have a good answer for that to be honest. >>reporter: clay thompson acknowledge the fans are hurting too. >> sorry didn't go the way we wanted to but not the last time we are on the stage on this platform we'll be back. >>reporter: carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> today. curry sent a message to dub fans thanking them for being the best if the game. >> dub nation curry thanks for
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all the support. no we didn't get it done but we are back.lxu5 longç5. >> others7 tweeted out the4ú appreciation to thep fans as wellp,. to[a see us lose "ay but what great season 0>> let'se get the full]m weathr forecast and drew y in forz sandhya and drew. towards the1v end of the weeken& into the weekend tough" inland>f triple digit thed start . we see$s high cloud streaming i( the bay area and otherwisek= & night in terms of temperaturesey still rather warm ing some locations right nowax like ats 73)÷ san ramone. oakland rightkuj$qqqqs. 69 san jose and a half moon bay currently coming in with a temperature of 55 degrees. night sky tonight with . solstice moon.
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full moon coinciding with the summer solstice. last time it happened was a while ago in 1949. check it out. here's a live look right now. it's beautiful. bright out there it's mainly clear. so really gorgeous start to the summer seasonx tonight. forecast unfortunately tomorrow air quality is decreasing spare summer spread still with us tuesday afternoon. and then we track the numbers continuing to warm and it turns more towards intense heat by the weekend and early next wee week. sky plenty of stars out there 50's across the board. few inland community the excepting. rather mild dropping in the low 60's. that will set the stage for another warm hot day tomorrow. high in the micro climate up to 88 tomorrow. 87 santa clara. morgan hill 94 degrees. peninsula. 85 menlo park. 66 in pacifica. cool and comfortable on the coast. 85 though for palo alto. downtown san francisco. mild at 73. 69 for daly city. north bay.
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86 petaluma. 87 sonoma. 84 vallejot. lake port up inform 94 degrees. oakland mild at 79. 86 castro valley. richmond up to 76 and still hot inland tomorrow in the 90's. 96 antioch. 96 brentwood. 94 walnut creek and livermore up to 95 degrees. something to keep in mind on your tuesday. sunshine and all the warm uv index at extreme levels. sun angle very high this time of year. everyone on the coast sand water does reflect uv increases exposure and thatvi quicken the burn time. key time 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. use the sun screen because the sun is very effective tomorrow warming us up but also burning us. look at antioch warm inlande the intense heat stay in the 90's for wednesday thursday and friday and then just over the weekend into early next week. yes. there you go. 100 degree saturday 100 sun.
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100 monday and even tuesday 105 degrees. if we are day 8 and 9 next week temperature would continue to climb. really going to be a hot weekend early next week. 7 day forecast shows you tomorrow poor air inland. patchy morning fog on wednesda wednesday. a little reliefec on thursday inland just dropping if you degrees then friday especially into saturday. there's the triple digit. the hot weekend and that intense heat continue noose monday even around the bay dan in the mid 80's along the coas coast. mild and low 70's. summer is here. >> it sure is. big way drew. thanks so much. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. forget about cars that drive themselves. how about a car that drives like a boat. unusual admission from tesla founder musk. if you look for love on line and not finding a match the problem could be your profile photo. 7 news anchor amma reports on the do and don't of dating site photo that definitely get you
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noticed tonight at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. noticed tonight at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. stay here with me i'll continue our partnership with habitat for humanity at pg&e, we believe solar should be accessible to everyone. allows us to provide the benefits of solar power to the types of customers who need it most. pg&e provided all of the homes here with solar panels. the solar savings can mean a lot,
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grand jury report is taking aim at growing problem in san francisco. talking about auto burglary. last year alone there were if you can believe that figure. that's more than triple what it was justin years ago. grand jury reports says the majority of the burglary being committed by a small number of career criminals who find easy targets on san francisco congested streets. >> easy to go down the street boom boom boom boom and hit a whole bunch of cars at the same time and then run out of town and sell the property for whatever you can get for it.
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>> grand jury calls on the police and the district attorney to set up a serial crime unit to go after car burglar. also ask drivers to do their part by doing things like removing bags or valuable from their cars. we should not in any way bait these crooks. >> more tesla on the road and perhaps some could be in the water according to ceo musk the model s cars can temporarily turn into a boat for short periods of time. although musk definitely does not recommend doing this. musk explains the ability to drive through water comes from the car wheel rotation. he previously posted a story about a tesla owner who drove his model s through a flooded tunnel in russia and came out on the other side. driver posted video on you tube which is what you are watching. musk says he's planning to make a sports submarine car that condition drive on roads as side project. always up to something isn't he. >> another 30 minute of 7 news at 9:00 is coming up next.
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continue guns and politic how lawmakers voted on 4 different gun control bills tonight in washington. also the dangerous flight to the south positive el to help a person in need of medical attention in a hurry. >> rare visitor to the state conspire total today. as his holiness the dalai lama conspire total today. as his holiness the dalai lama speaks to the legislature words
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good evening once again the senate voted down four gun control measures tonight as we start the half hour in washington. 2 were sponsored by republicans and 2 by democrat. legislation introduced a little over a week after that tragic massacre in orlando. abc news
9:30 pm
reporter zack is in the capitol. >> orlando 150 balloons row leased no the air at the funeral of mccool while in washington. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> motion is not agreed to. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> four pieces of gun control legislation not one received the 60 necessary votes to pass. senator proposal would have put mandatory 3 day waiting period on gun buyer who also appears on the no fly list. >> we actually all agree. that terrorist should not get guns. but under the feinstein approach the gun sale would be denied and the bad guy walks away. nothing else happens. under my amendment the fbi is notified. >> but with both republican and temperature contract offer up the solution neither side won. he will seek common ground. >> republicans unable to look themselves in the eye and look their constituent in the eye
9:31 pm
this november if they fail to hear the american people say enough is enough we want action. >> there was one victory for gun control advocate today. supreme court decided to leave in place assault weapon legislation passed in the wake of the sandy hook elementary shooting. >> personal my home state. it stem out of my mother murder regardless of the out come in. the issue is on the forefront of everybody mind. that really is a victory. >> the mother was at hero principal from sandy hook elementary. she told me that even if the legislation didn't passáright now she was feeling optimistic and was going to continue fighting until it did. zack abc news the capitol. >> latest from orlando. fbi release transcripts of the calls with the gunman while he was inside the club. abc news reporter lindsay has more now on how they tried to get him out. >> the chilling details of what the gunman said during that 3 hour siege.
9:32 pm
from the night club bathroom where he had retreated with several hostages. calling 91130 minutes after the gun fire started. telling the dispatcher i want to let you know i am in orlando and i did the shooting. >> what i can tell you why the killer made the murder us statements he did so in a chilling, calm, and deliberate manner. >> when asked his name omar mateen responds my name is i prejudice allegiance to this man of the islamic state. authorities initially redact that go pledge but lit today releasing it. over the next half hour hostages negotiators calling him on his cell phone three times. one call lasting 16 minutes. >> hear him saying that the reason why he's doing this is because he wants america to stop bombing his country. >>reporter: mateen threatening police with bombs. saying i'm going to ignite fit they try to do anything stupid. claiming he had a vest like the
9:33 pm
kind used in france. then silence. he stopped answering his phone. hour later police pulling out an air conditioning unit allowing 8 victims4 to escape. and finally bust go through an exterior wall. today authorities answering criticism they waited too long. >> i think there is this misconception that we didn't do anything for three hours. i'm screws trying to' clarify thatx7 that's absolutely noto true.ñí >> abckç news learned+ that ju6 4h#ays beforewb the attack the nearál his hometown in florida7v spending nearly- 9,000 dollars. he didn't pay cashq authorities are investigatinga that purchase. back to you. >> and back here funeral services will be held tomorrow for fallen san josey4 police officer. 34-year-old officer michael craft will be honored at the ceremony at the sat center. he was on the police motorcycle when minivan turned in front of
9:34 pm
him last week. he crashed in the van and later died at the hospital. he was an 11 year veteran 7a÷ the force. >> funeral for officer will be held tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. as i said at the sat center in san josecñ. we stream the procession live coverage starting at 9:45 am and at abcsv 7 well s the 7 news app. live coverage of the funeral on 7 news at 11:00 a.m. over on channel 7. >>2ç dalai lama today visited e state conspire total for the first time ever and he brought a message of peace and compassion. we were in sacramento for the  the state legislature. >> his holiness the dalai lama strolled into the chamber shaking hands. in some cases stroking hair and reassuring california legislators of their role in shaping the world.
9:35 pm
>> compassion and peace to your own family. then from one family 10 families. from 10 family other family. that's the way to change. so please think each individual yes you all have potential. make some contribution for better world. >> he spoke about expanding education and protecting the environment. >> this planet is the only nñr]o.planet is the only you can breathe happily. >> the dalai lama then attend add reception in the capitol and waved to onlookers outside. dalai lama appearing here make a difference in the decisions you guys make. >> i think ultimately it's important we do what's best for california. but item good for national0 politic. >> legislature is very polarize
9:36 pm
place and many places in society it's the same. from. >> thank you. thank you have the. from here he goes on to salt lake city. in sacramento, abc 7 news. well it is official startingl today. whole sale giant costco is switching credit card provider to city bank visa. this ends the nearly 20 year relationship with american express so if shopping at costco today the card will not work. costco visa and other visa cards will also be accepted. rent ago house through air bnb. woman saw listing on so she called the number. and man who said that he was the owner told her to sign up to air bnb. sent her a link when she
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clicked on it the site looked like the air bnb web site. sent the money and in day the man accounts was closed and e-mail address and phone shut down. all a scam. air bnb caution the customers 0to never go off the air bnb question site for any part of the transaction. good advice. if you bought tickets through ticket master between 1999 and 2013 you may have some free tickets. ticket master parent company live nation entertainment 45 million dollars in cash. discounts. and tickets. it stems from a class action lawsuit first filed 10 years ago charging them with excessive and decer(r+e fee. the company denies the claims but celtsed the suit last april. ticket master says eligible customers will get a ticket dmod their accounts. east palo alto making unprecedented request to nearly double its aloe kition of water. without it peninsula city has put mainly construction project on hold that will impact jobs
9:38 pm
and affordable housing. david louie explains whybv neighboring cities may be part of the solution. >> east palo alto is in desperate need of water. without it 4 major project are on hold. 120 unit affordable housing project on this city owned site community school funded by physician book zuckerberg on his site and 2 office project> east palo alto one of the row make city in the area that has the will to continue to develop the interest in it. as well as the land. we have 70 vacant acres within 3 miles of stanford university and that is indeed unique. >> east palo altor needs one and a half millions gallon of water to support the project. no other city made a request like that of the san francisco public utilities commission. which supply water to over 2 dozen communities. but there is a unique agreement that allowt privately to share unused allocation. no approval required.
9:39 pm
severalz group including facebookl sign letters of support. con ses sen that you say' east palo alto project have regional benefits. >> we think we also, do better when we work collaboratively as renal and this is the issue you that they are facing regional so we work with them to identify potential opportunities to acquire that additional 1.5 million gallon ipì(l 3 al 1.5 million gallon >>reporter: this is the bay area world trade center supply conservation agency. east palo alto also looking into digging 2 new well to augment the water smrichlt nobody knows how long it will take to find the way is the problem. in east palo alto, david louie abc 7 news. >> more to come here taking a selfie going way beyond just snap and shoot. next. see what makes this machine the next. see what makes this machine the ultimate selfie tear
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sfx: clap, clap, ding
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>> smart phones make selfie all the rage and now video is what is hot. but as you probably know trying to point a camera at yourself and take a good shot is not always easy an as jonathan found out a local interest free newer is trying to do something about that. >> sherry and pablo working on the selfie game. >> i guess my arms are kind of short so i can't always get everything in there. >> let's face it. not everyone could be 6 foot 4. >> you have perfect selfie arm. >> i have good selfie arm. not perfect but pretty good. then this guy. >> still using one of the device to record the memory. need to step the game up. >> you tube spokesman for product called idle cam.
9:44 pm
>> shoot a better selfie. >> last time we saw jason lamm working on this. tiny drone fits in the pocket. far cry from this cam he used to make forth movie industry. >> this is smaller. we need to create a small stabilizer for the drone. so while we are at it weé[ fige there's another product in 30. that is idle cam a drone camera but without the drone. set it down but control it from the smart phone to frame this. where it could shine is video. >> used to remind me of how small i was. >> idle cam based on the full sizes stabilizer called the hollywood. >> keep this steady. >> this can help you get epic shot but most cameraman don't have it following them around. >> best part of this without all this. >> we want to learn everything we learn from the professional and put it in smaller price.
9:45 pm
>> likely around 350 dollars when it open for pre-order on indie go go but problems it won't solve. >> it's full of baby pictures so i have to make room. >> in san francisco jonathan plume abc 7 news. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. >> drew updates the forecast for you. plus the dangerous life saving journey to the for you. plus the dangerous life saving journey to the bottom of the world
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it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass. do not give linzess to children under 6 and it should not be given to children 6 to 17. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. >> two small planes en route to the south pole tonight to rescue a worker in need of medical attention in a hurry. rescue a worker in need of medical attention in a hurry. battlingr:"b 70 degrees and 24 hour night.[t alex with the progress that they make. >> tonight the two planes landing on the edge of antarctica prepping for most
9:49 pm
dangerous part of the rescue. one will make thesp 1500 mile flight in the dark. sunset for the winter in march and won't rise again until august. temperature is now afternooning 70 below. fuel can freeze. >> needig a good weather windoww from that base direct to they[ south pole. >>reporter: at the pole at") least one personeñ needs an immediate why the medicalob evacuation. second might come out as well. >> we don't have the capability at our facilities to handle this particular emergency. >>reporter: this is just the thirdg8 rescue of this kind attempted in 60 years. herself with breast cancer. unable to get out shekw gave herself chemotherapy. so tonight a race to the pole. place so unforgiving. so remote that the last person who was evacuated called it harder to reach than the >ternational space station. alex, abc news london. remarkable. we want to show you a lock at the full moon.
9:50 pm
old farmer almanacs calls it a at the full moon. mot coincide with strawberry picking season. tonight it's happening on the summer solstice for the first time since 1967.eñ there's a beautiful wide shot as it hangs over the city. but now zoom in for you. look at. that amazing. beautiful strawberry moon. let check one last time on the weather forecast. drew is here. >> welcome summer. nicely this afternoon but to the south very intense heat. excessive heat warning in effect for portions of california, arizona, nevada. reason y.look at the high today. 122 in palm springs. 116 phoenix. vegas up to 115 all new record today. still hot there to. piece of the heat than land for tuesday. 95 concord. 95 livermore. about 96 antioch. cooler but still mild at 73 in san francisco. 88 san jose. santa rosa 90. 7 day forecast spare the air is in effect tomorrow for poor air
9:51 pm
inland. patchy morning fog wednesday. thursday temperatures take off in the triple digit even around the bay we are mild in the low to mid 80's for the upcoming weekend. >> all right look goods thanks so much. let's turn our attention to sports. the day after. sports director larry is here. you were at oracle last night. not the out come we wanted but must have been a thrilling place to be. >> for awhile it was. >> come on. >> it was until the fourth quarter with about 4 and a half minute left it was exciting. curry says he doesn't wap want to watch the film of game 7 we d.over and over again steph it was like a punishment. how does the best offensive hoop go scoreless in the final 4 and a half minutes. hoop go scoreless in the final 4 and a half minutes. that's next crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us
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crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
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a. coming up tonight at 11:00. ap'cisco and new numbers show sharp increase in car burglary. we talked about that at 9:00.
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find out what is being done about it at 11:00. also no doctors visit necessarily how app make it easy for women to get birth control. those stories and more for you coming on 7 news at 11 over on those stories and more for you coming on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. >> larry with follow-up from yesterday big game. >> yes we could spend hours talking about curry bad knee the injury and suspension in game 5. all the things play add role in the warriors ultimately losingn to cleveland in game 7 in the nba finals but you look at the final 4 and a half minutes. the score is tied at 89 and the warriors did not score again in that game. they miss the last 9 shots starting with the mvp. wide open look. at a 3. 3:25 left. thompson turn around fade away jumper won't go down. then andre. this is a corner 3. 15 of 41 on 3 in this game. 2:14 to go.
9:56 pm
green for 3. no good. biggest my of all. james finals mvp calling this the clove land the chase down t.1:15 to go curry brick a 3 then after irving hits the 3 steph has love on him can't shake him. and instead of just trying to drive past him when he gets the ball back and take a lay up because you can go by right there he insist on shooting a 3 which he missed again then down 4 in the final seconds another steph miss. epic melt down. >> probably three or four possessions where i personally settled looking for big 3 when that's not what the possession called for and obviously make or miss have a different conversation team didn't win. i didn't play my best. that's not the end of the stor
9:57 pm
story. just a down the chapter in the book. >> i think we missed a lot of but if you are doing that you have%f to give credit to theóç defense i thinkamzçdl. so something that we gotou to figure out and makeo> sure it doesn't happenfs again coming back next year. , thekr learn from it andáj realize how hard to get there and we'll be-ñ there again so-g you have to jut got to realize how bad8% it hus and wingiu is so good. >>reporter: hard toa knock don big 3 open tired legs at the end of a series. what we are all locked in on the warriors giants quietly won 8 games in a row going for the season high 9 straight whip. madison on the nil pittsburgh and best play of the game might have been made by that ball girl. bare handed snag. went up and goty it.
9:58 pm
lock had given up 18 runs in the last 2 starts. he was money tonight. 6 and two-thirds scoreless inning. en the fourth. the loss of 10 straight starts. 8 k. bottom of the fifth though. one mistake. no score. here it comes there it goes to eric. angel at the wall and got it and dropped it. ball popped out of the glove home run. turn out to be very costly. i got it i got it darns he had it and then he didn't. one nothing in the 9th. buster a curling line drive that is caught by gregory and belt had no idea where the ball was. double up. on the very same play. posey pulls up here. leg cramp not a hamstring pull so good news on. that giants lose 1 nothing. matt by the way goes on the disabled list for the sore heel
9:59 pm
nothing working for the giants. nhl seasonen bud they announce that the sharks are part of opening night at the nhl. open at home for the first time in three years. the night is wednesday october the 12th. shark will host the l.a. ing kings. shark beat the kings in the first round of the my offs this season. so i know one producer in particular the will be circling that date. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> all right thanks very much larry. that is our report. as always we appreciate your time here on abc 7 news at 9:00 forum may, larry, drushtion the entire team thanks for watchin watching. i'm dan, we'll see you again at 11:00 over on channel 7. i'm dan, we'll see you again at 11:00 over on channel 7. goodbye for now
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