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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  June 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>>. tonight at 6:00 shocking revelations from the woman at the center of the oakland police sex scandal. a fire in the santa cruz mountains comes close to homes, bringing traffic to a stop during the commute. also, not in our neighborhood, happening now, the fight to block big coal from the east bay. new concerns for oakland police after patrol vehicles go up in flames. people don't know the story. people don't know the whole story. >> the abc7 news i team has information from an interview with the 18-year-old woman at the center of the oakland police sex scandal.
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good evening, i'm kristin zee. >> and i'm ama daetz. the scandal spread to more law enforcement agencies, the latest, livermore police. >> dan noyes is here with a first report you'll see only on 7. >> the scandal is growing and do of officers starting to be under investigation for having sex with a young prostitute. >> in many ways she's a typical teenager. >> i was just a girl. >> sorry. >> go ahead. >> she's seen more in 18 years than anyone should. meet celeste watts, not her real name. her mother holds a good job, she was exposed to drugs and prostitution growing up in richmond, and decided to hit the streets herself.
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>> can you tell me what age you actually took money the first time? >> i was 12 the first time. >> she now finds clients on social media. she says she was 16 when she had sex with an oakland cop, her brother's friend. >> he was telling me hurry up at i talked him into it. i feel guilty. because he was trying to do the right thing. >> she told me two more officers had sex with her and a deputy. she says officers told their friends. >> i would get texts saying, to set up my friend, blah blah blah, told me about you. >> you'd meet? >> yes. >> after that? >> yes. >> she says she slept with more than 30, street cops, and a police dog handler.
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>> the one time we did it in the car and he had his k 9 watching p the back seat. >> she tells me investigators interviewed her and copied texts and chats and photos of them having sex. here is how it is spreading. 42 arrests, six richmond police officers four alameda county sheriff deputies, three san francisco cops, one contra costa sheriff deputy, and one police officer from the u.s. military's defense logistics agency who contacted celeste after the scandal erupted. is it just a coincidence it's the place sex took her for sex. >> the officers paid me. >> why did you have sex with others who didn't pay you? >> i don't know. to get information, you know? >> she showed me texts in which
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officers ared to tip her off to police operations. one exchange from march with a cop reads wants advice? she answered tell me, handsome. >> stay off east 14th street from fruit veil to 42 tonight. there is an under cover operation. officers provided police reports, she tells me, and inside information for her and her friends. now, she's trying to protect those officers by refusing to turn over their names. >> do you think they're standing up for you? >> no. they all turned on me. >> yet, you won't give up all of the names? >> no. >> one officer answered a single phone call she placed. the story tonight at 11:00. at least seven law enforcement agencies launched investigations
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but the sheriff is done and tell me they cleared more deputy who's had sex because it was kons sensual, no one paid and she was 18 at the time. we'll have more on that issue incoming days. >> thank you. a former gilmore high schoolteacher is accused of posing as a teen-aged girl and convincing teen-aged boys to send him nude pictures. the case involves nine boys between june 2014 and january of this year. a judge sentenced a san jose man to more than 17 years for maximizing, what police say is onef the expensive id theft rings. three cost defendants are believed to have stolen more than 500,000 from more than 60 victims including grieving
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widows, an elderly couple, and a 4-year-old boy whose stolen identity was used to pay off a relative's power bill. soaring temperatures put some inland cities well into the triple digits. in the east bay, it was sizzling, pools were no doubt busy, people cooled off as you can see there with a morning swim. if you weren't at work, and at the beach, temperatures there were warm. spencer christian has a look at how hot it got. >> sizzling is the right description to use. it's sunny and warm inland a look back at the highs, notice 90s inland. 61 in half moon bay. this is the view from our camera, as we look at the air
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quality for tomorrow, it's going to be another spare the air day. and the air quality inland east bay areas. so here is a quick forecast animation for you. we'll see a hill bit of fog returning to the coastline tonight but won't bring temperatures down inland tomorrow, highs will range from low 60s to 100 to the warmest inland spots. reports of success in a fight to keep a brush fire from reaching homes in the south bay. a car fire on highway 17 sparked this brush fire this afternoon. at one point, the fire threatened about 30 homes. emergency vehicles forced a closure of highway 17 and the closure caused massive traffic back ups, extending south nearly
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40 miles. >> in kern county, crews say the fire near lake isabella is the most disruptive in county history. cadaver dogs are searching where 200 homes have burned. the fire is 40% contained. >> neighborhood by neighborhood. it's just levelled them, other places you've got homes on one side of the street burned and other side didn't burn. so this fire created challenges for folks and the recovery process. >> the governor declared a state of emergency. the city council is expected to vote tonight. to block polls from being exported from the city. leslie brinkley is live with the story. leslie? that meeting just got under
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way. the question is will oakland reject a new coal terminal at the port? others say the coal coming from utah would bring along hazards to residents, workers and the environment. the city launched health studies. >> this shows substantial health impacts to workers who might live or work nearby. this is in terms of asthma and hospital yi skags. >> the mayor was out of town to
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prohibit the storage and handling of coal. >> it did not specify specific commodities and did recognize measures to protect workers. >> a spokesperson sees it differently. >> the city has no legal right to go back on a signed contract which is bound with the developer. if we begin to cherry pick and they stay safer oakland could put a dent in climate change. >> coal is not likely to be shipped if the west coast. >> the debate is hit hooeting up in city hall. less than an hour from now, officials will decide whether to close a fire station to save
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money. closing station 95 at edgemont drive would save $1 million a year. to prove it was close on friday. >> the city council is scheduled to vote on an attempt to save the city's last mobile home park. owners want to redevelop the land. coit tower is one of the most-recognized buildings around. to take a look at the attraction on this monday, now, something may be added to the parking lot after months of negotiation, visitors get a fight to eat. >> coit tower is one of san
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francisco's most popular tourist attractions. half a million visitors come here to look at the depression-era murals and views at the top. they combine souvenirs and nothing to eat and drink. the district supervisor supports it. >> we're going to give it a shot to provide amenities. >> some say the proposition strictly limits commercial activities. the supervisor says that only applies to the tower. this sending the supervisor the letter saying we believe it is important to remain vigilant and ensure that coit tower is well preserved for future
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generations. and one activist testified in its support. if approved a refreshment stand could be in place later this summer. in san francisco, abc7 news. still ahead, sheriff deputies use a device to help make an arrest after a raid. tonight a look at one of the many programs hoping to solve a problem by providing housing. and... a woman has 11 airline gift cards enough to cover air fare but the airline won't let her use them.
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you're looking at what happened when a car and bus collided. vta says it wasn't carrying any passengers. one person went to the hospital. and no word on who is at fault. authorities in the east bay say a drone helped nab a person when they raided a casino. the alameda county sheriff's deputy showed off and investigators found nine slot
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machines. >> to utilize it to provide officer safety to give us that perspective, also, keep an eye on the location so we can warn residents coming out of the house. >> investigators say the house was used to run a drug trafficking operation. the home has been red tagged. police say it was piled high with garbage. an unfortunate incident on pride weekend. during saturday's game against l.a., some fans started a derogatory chant considered homophobic, viewed by some as a mexico national team to taunt opposing team. they say they'll take a chance at the game. >> we're confused at seeing the problem of homelessness in san francisco. we want change. this week, abc7 news joined 70
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news agencies to highlight the problem and encourage our leaders to do something about it. >> the ones among us that have fallen have a lot hope of getting back out after a long time. this resident just another resident into and around cesar chavez street. maybe you've driven past. on this day, he and his team moved in, aiming to save lives. >> everyone has got a different story. everyone finds a different way of getting by out here. nobody should live like this. >> they will pack up tents,
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bringing along dats, cats, loved ones and moving them here to an experiment funded with $3 million from an anonymous donor. >> the model is to make it easy to walk through the door. >> we're disabled and working. >> it's a one stop shop for homeless services and even health care. try getting those waking up every day. can you imagine how buick rock crassy can take a back seat to just surviving? tennessee jones now has shelter. >> to get around you for all that is made. >> he or she remains free to
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come or go while living in communal dorms, it's a relative lap of luxury.jones had been li street in a tent with his wife. >> he lived without hope since age 13. >> sometimes, you get tired. and when you get really tired that is the worst time. that is opportunity for change. >> it may be one room, but after grime, noise, and vermin and uncertainty, they left the street after 22 years. >> it gave me hope. >> when a person comes from
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here, that is no small area. and drug use and drug aabuse is among the biggest reasons people become homeless, what happens if you give people a safe place to go? find out on abc7 news at 6:00. it's time to turn our attention to the weather which is heating up today. >> yes. >> the bright son and light, and it's sunny and still warm. here is the view right now. temperatures 65 in san francisco. 71 in mountain view. and only 67 in half moon bay. sunny skies right over the bay. 92 now in santa rosa. 90 in novato. nine # in concord and livermore.
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we're looking at clear skies over the golden gate now. hot inland tomorrow, triple digits temperatures inland. tonight, look for low temperatures to drop into the low 50s but remaining wild elsewhere. mid to upper 50s as the lows over the remainder of the bay area, tomorrow, high temperatures reaching 103 in livermore, numerous inland locations and upper 70s to mid-80s around the bay. and low 60s on the coast. friday, highs inland friday in the low to mid-90s and still
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warm. notice cool down on saturday inland areas. highs in the low to mid-80s. and if you're warmer afternoon on sunday inland with highs back to around 90 degrees again, around the bay, mainly 70s to low 80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. tomorrow, poorest air quality will be inland. tuesday, another heat alert. still hot inland. mid-90s inland thursday and friday and we'll see cooling beginning on friday. saturday will be the coolest day with highs reaching 60s on the coast and low 80s inland. and 4th of july, looks like it's going to be lovely once again.
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>> next on abc7 news at 6:00 there is a rescue
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a rescue crew is trying to detangle a distressed blue whale tangled in crab lines.
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blue whales usually don't come close enough to come into contact with the fishing gear, but it is becoming more common. this is the 40th blue whale being reported this year. in 1990s there were three a year. public safety officials are warning people not to buy, or use illegal fire works and people talked about the danger of fire works. >> people never think it's going to happen to them. >> this can cause inability to return back to work or life they once knew. >> fines for setting off fire works start at $350. if there is property damage, you can face a thousand dollars and 6 months in jail. still to come here on abc7
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news at 6:00, police are looking into safety of the police after three suvs caught fire. and an investigation into the violent protests involving a group accused of having white supreme sift ties. did police do the right thing? >>
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. our assistant chief directed an investigation. >> there are concerns following two crashes that caused two police suvs to burst into flames. the department is worried to may be a problem with part of the fleet because this actually happened before. >> >> reporter: a surveillance camera captured moments a police suv slammed into another car, a crown astora. both cars were chasing a suspect
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in oakland. >> we wanted to be able to discuss what happened. we'll take a look at that. >> police are turning their attention to what happens next, neighbors watched as the suv caught on fire. >> the suv was damaged by the fire. and police are saying there may be a problem after a similar incident occurred the night before. that car was consumed by the flames. also a 2014 ford interceptor. in 2013, the city announced it was purchasing 82 of them. we know a fourth also caught on fire, again, the model, a 2014
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ford interceptor. >> the question is what caused a car to catch on fire. >> suvs are used by half of the law enforcement agencies. they have special breaks and an option meaning they can drive and spin 180 degrees and continue driving. ford did not respond for a statement. the department is asking california highway patrol experts to help them determine what is causing these fires. in oakland, abc7 news. law enforcement officers are defending their response to a violent rally at the capitol. no arrests have been made.
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a day of violence, chaos and blood shed. two groups clashed in front of the capitol. the question, how they legally had a permit to be here. >> as far as giving that organization a permit, first amendment is right along, like it or don't like it. >> the original rally was scheduled for noon. hundreds of counter protestored helped stop rallies are from happening. >> cancelled before it can begin. after the day took a turn.
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>> what happens is that first initial violence took place, the permit was cancelled. >> police control the chaos, between the two there were 100 officers, many in riot gear. still, at least 10 people sent to the hospital. >> i know people think it's a horrible situation, you did see minimal damage and injuries. no officers hurt. >> something else, why not arrests have within made yet. they can be charged with vandalism and behind me, a glass wall shattered. agencies say they're lacking enough information on who they'd even arrest.
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>> u.s. supreme court struck down a law that directed which medical facility could perform abortions. abortion rights supporters celebrated outside of the authorities and justices voted 5-3 against the loss. 42 abortion clinics existed and now, only 19 are named. >> there are health care that shouldn't depend on your zip code. >> it's common sense language and legislation to protect the health and safety of women. >> the courts called the regulation medically unnessry. wall street has u.s. stocks
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tumbled for another day. the dow dropped 260 points and s and p500 dropped nearly 37 points. standard and poor's after the country's vote to leave the european union. and it means it could go down more. the comments made before the house of commons on thursday's referendum. air b and b is suing san francisco over a law requiring all homes be registered. air bnb says it makes things worse for hosts that only rent out their places a few times a
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year. the city says the registration is required to make sure the host is licensed. google ceo's wants to c pas. an account was hacked by a group that claimed to have access to mark zuckerberg's account this month. and facebook launched a new feature to help people living or visiting major cities know about big events like concerts and mutesic events. the tool called featured events will be available in 10 cities including san francisco. coming up, 7 on your side's michael finney steps in for an east bay woman. she had hundreds of dollars in gift cards but the airline didn't want her to spend it all in one place. why?
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americans spend billions of dollars a year on gift cards but are they always a wise buy?
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>> michael finney has the story. michael? >> two exceptions, california law says gift cards cannot expire, however, that means other rules are spending gift cards. viewers were shocked to find out she cannot spend unless she kicked in extra money of her own. sheri was looking forward to a visit with her sons in california. >> this is mate. this is riley. >> the two grandchildren she hasn't seen in a year. >> the only thing i need is to see my children. >> and so her sons began sending her $50 gift cards for southwest airlines. she can save them for air fare to colorado. >> they sent them for mother's day, christmas, my birthday. >> by spring, she had enough for round trip tickets, however, she tried to book a seat, southwest
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said she cannot use all of the gift cards. >> they said that was their policy. and that is the end of it. >> southwest only allows four for one gift card. she can use three gift cards and credit and debit card to cover the remaining $350. >> i was very upset. it was so unfair. >> she had to kick in $350 of her own money, when she had eight extra gift cards just sitting there. southwest would not let her combine the cards into one. or cash them in. >> so why can't i use it? >> jerry contacted 7 on your side. we asked southwest. airline did not provide an official statement but pointed to the terms and conditions include the four payment limit, however, the airline really came through for jerry. southwest is providing her with
7:44 pm
a free round trip ticket anywhere it flies and she gets to keep the gift cards. so jerry is off to colorado after all. >> i'm so happy. that is great. grateful to seven on your side. >> i appreciate them stepping up. she'll have to take four trips to use the cards. if you're considering using cards, consider sending a gift that is most flexible. cash. >> yes. always cash. >> coming up, a big opening in silicon valley. an old, broken laser pointer started it. now, ebay has a brand new building in silicon va
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it's been one year since ebay and pay pal declared independence from each other. the split left ebay in need of a new building. today, it opened to thousands of
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employees. >> it was standing room only for the grand opening of the building called main street. >> we're going to spend our professional lives here. this is the global headquarters of the number 32 brand in the world. >> it's a brand that is undergoing a big transition. ebay split with pay pal. >> i stood here and said we're going to change this company. >> at the time, this was an outdoor basketball court. it took 11 months to turn it into a corporate gathering space. >> it's just a building but buildings are symbols of your culture and brand. >> main street is covered by giants displays. >> you can touch anything and it's what is selling at this moment. >> there is not everything new. the first item ever sold.
7:49 pm
>> the first item ever sold. >> a broken laser pointer. the buyer sold it back and gave properties to charity. they're the spaces the designer says were missing before. >> there are amazing people here doing amazing things and you couldn't see because everyone was separated and quiet. there are no places to get together. >> main street has a smaller gathering space. the new board room. they'll no doubt reveal more ideas in years to come. >> today, here is live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies right now, across the bay area, 105 in chico.
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108 in fresno. palm springs, and 83 in los angeles. low 60s at the coast. taking a look at the projected high temperature range in san jose for the weekend. inland areas will see high temperatures above average, bottoming out to around average numbers so tomorrow, triple digit temperatures inland. mid to upper 90s then, saturday, temperatures will stay in the average range. >> it's a nice night for
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baseball. >> next four days you're going to love. giants versus a's. bay bridge series. we'll preview that and nba free agency getting underway. why clay thompson a
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good evening, battle of the bay begins tonight. giants versus a's. and fans looking for bragging rights and heading in opposite directions, giants won on a walk off double yesterday and they're in first place. the giants are looking for win number 50. >> they're playing well, good come backs and we're close today. we're at a halfway point.
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>> it doesn't feel like a regular game. there is a battle on the field and one in the stands, usually, too. so just seems to be more excitement. >> golden state warrers reported luke walton went to the lakers. and they relished the community to court kevin durant, i mean, i mean, play for the country as well. >> it's easy when it's usa you go to brazil, and basketball
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takes us into such amazing plagueses and just have fun. >> this weekend, nascar dook over the wine country. tony stewart on the race in dramatic fashion and scott warren is there to capture it all. >> i love the sound of the car. >> that is the truth.
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>> wow. >> my favorite part is when they come down the hill. >> yeah. yeah. oh, no. no. stewart inside. he gets hammered. >> 39 other guys have done the same thing. they have a chance there. i'm proud of that race. >> james harden messing around and watch him fake out sparky here. some people think it was cruel but the little boy hoffed it and
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he was having a great time. >> don't play one on one with james harden. >> not planning to. >> coming up, possible shugs to the drought scientists didn't know about until now. what we have to do to tap into the water, at 9:00. >> then, at 11:00 a sting ends and which locations are charged with failing to install critical safety features. >> we want to let you know south of 17 will be closed because of the wildfire. and get breaking news updates any time on twitter, wul see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
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