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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 30, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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six scandal hit seven pay area law enforcement agency takes down another law enforcement officer. dan is off. >> tonight the contra costa county sheriff's office confirms one of the deputy has resigned. abc 7 news i-team learned he's under investigation for allegedly having had sex with
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under age girl. the girl is at the center of the growing scandal sat down to speak only with dan. >>reporter: contra costa county sheriff's office announce riccardo perez resigned today. public records show the deputy made 116,000 dollars in pay and benefits last year. earlier this week the i-team revealed new information from the 18-year-old at the center of the controversy. would calls herself celeste. when did you have six with a police officer the first time. at what age. >> i was 16. >>reporter: 16. she tells me parez is one of 4 officers who six with her under. investigators confirm possible statutory rape is part of the case. celeste gave me this green grab of text conversation she says was with deputy riccardo, yes. where the pick l o l. sends a nude selfshot with mirror the date july 2nd, 2015 she was 17. sheree assisted providing names to investigators including perez.
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i wonder the early police officers who you had sex with, do you blame them for not helping you instead of having sex with you? >> they did help me because i felt safer. safer with them. >>reporter: with them. >> they did help me. >>reporter: in terms of protection t.perez reased this statement today we earn o honesty, transparency and accountability.4z he said althougho the case involved one'p deputy out of te over 1,000 shares office employee we will not tolerate even a single breach of the public trust. we worked so hard to earn. celeste tells me the controversy now involved more than 30 street cops sergeants lieutenant and captain head of the contra costa county deputy sheriff's association tells mä it's an embarrassment for law enforcement and shouldn't have happened. they should have over in better it's december pistolable. --fo despicable. other top story tonight. tesla model s most sought after
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car in th5qw country but now the feds investigate a high tech feature on a car while driver was killed while driving on auto pilot. it happened last month on highway in central florida. on line site the verge identifies the driver as joshua brown of ohio. the palo alto base company calls brown a friend to tesla. he posted video of the car driving on auto pilot including this one wqlre it avoided another crash. in the fatal crash the tractor-trailer turned in front of him and theto pilot failed to stop the car. item the first one the that failed to stop. they say neither auto pilot norz the driver noticed the white side of the tracktor trailer against a#< brightly lit sky. so the brake was not applied. height of the trailer combined with the position across the road caused the model s to pass under the trailer. police are identifying the man they say randomly stabbed a movie gore in santa rosa. happened at the rocksy theater.
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man you see has been arrested. jonathan bloom has the latest. >> long time resident say santa rosa changing. >> things ramp knowledge up around here. big homeless problem. i have seen sketchy stuff. >> in normally quiet city the second stabbing in less than a week. this one at businessy movie theater. 10 minutes into afternoon showing of the shallow real life horror unfolded. >> suspect came up behind the victim with largekitchen knife and began stabbing the victim in the upper body area. >>reporter: employee says movie goers streamed out of the theater shouting to call 911. witness say the 21-year-old man now hospitalized with stab multiple times including once in the neck. they describe this man who police arrested two blocks awa away. they say 23-year-old hart showed up here 4 months ago originally from baltimore. >> we don't think he lives any.where we believe he's hom homeless. >> local seen him around. >> look like a kind of mentally
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ill person. he doesn't look like a normal person. >>reporter: now they wonder if he's connected to the other stabbing the murder of homeless poet known as shobing. >> it was heart breaking. you go into shock. >>reporter: nick was walking home ablock away from the murder. >> first thing i thought of was it could have been me. >>reporter: now police investigating whether hart was involved in that stabbing. >> based on the seriousness of the attack the fact they both appear to be random.áf we are looking to see if there's a connection. >>reporter: theater owner say they work with police. victim in the stabbing is expected to survive. in santa rosa, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> richmond police are on the look out for man who robbed one of the city most well known residents. intruder broke into 94-year-old richmond town house in the middle of the night monday. beaten by the man and he took this coin given to her by the president. >> punched her several times in her face. she lost herbal and fell to the
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floor. >> betty is you know they call her a national treasure. they call her an icon. she's clearly the most famous person in rich mon. so when something like this happens to her the whole community screws can't quit talking about it. >>reporter: she leads tours at the historical park. friends say even though she suffered black eyes and split lip she will soon be back at ú they send her another presidential coin andsu police are asking the public to look out for some one trying to settle original. >>,d starting tomorrow personal belief xems will no longer be/e accepted as reason for not getting a vaccination. all children entering day care kindergartens# or seventh grade must be up/ to date on the immunization or have a medical exemption from a doctor. law passed last year after some opponent link to autism to the measle vax health experts say nou scientific link between the two. we are rapidly changing from the tradition until bay
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area into the northern california met a region. according to new study by the bay area council. linking up this complex network is key. leslie with an antioch today where bart unveiled new cars all part of the extension. >> these bart animation simulate the new antioch extension. 10 mile link using new diesel electric cars that will take thousands office daily riders beyond the end of the line in pittsburgh by 2018. >> the first stretch in something different was the oakland airport connect or now this. >> we have growth out there. we want to make sure it doesn't get choke off by look of transportation. >>reporter: these creative new link is important to the northern california mega region what the bay area council dubbed this area. the original 9 county bay area is really evolving into a mega region of 21 counties. every day tens of thousands of commuters now stream in from sacramento.
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san joaquin battery and monterey legion blurring the lines between the areas. places like antioch which used to be on the fringe with cheap housing and horrible traffic could find itself more in the middle of things by 2030 with this bart extension and perhaps a second one to brentwood. >> i think the fact that people have access to gew from their homes to the job certainly going to see an increase in terms of property value. >> i strongly believe once the bart is up and running it's definitely going time proof the market here. it will increase the value of the house. item going to open it up to meeting commuters in the central valley. >>reporter: this mega regis home to one-third of californians. over 12 million people make room for two million more by 2030. in antioch, i'm leslie abc 7 news. cal-trans is apologizing to drivers who got stuck in a huge traffic jam tuesday night. coractor shut down a san
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francisco on ramp to the bay bridge before the end of the giant a's game. some people were stuck in traffic for hours. cal-trans spokesman sent the day on the phone apologize to go angry callers. contractor broke a rule that requires to it wait at least 30 minutes after game concert or similar event until it closes a lane. we have much more ahead on this thursday night. coming. first look at the new body camera that new san francisco police recruit train with from day one. then. >> 40 years i come down to buy fireworks. >>reporter: days away from the fourth of july. a lot of people only want one thing but suddenly some fireworks are becoming hard to get. sandhya is here with the weather. >> it's a stunning view right now. temperatures reboundedjt this afternoon. i'll let you now. temperatures reboundedjt this afternoon. i'll let you know
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>> new recruit fromñthe san francisco policeqq(artment got thepdáq of body camera issuedñ& in august.j members of the community have;x called for the camera since the÷ shooting death ofóñjc mario wood last decemberk but it has been& contentious'v issue.;g here'sley ann. >>uv san francisco/y mayor ed le given brief description of how the police departmentc new body camera willcú function. >> there is on off button on theçm top of the camera.
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go through boot up and self diagnostic process. >>reporter: the .u(áusq't has purchased 20 80 of them at cost of 200 dollars a piece. earlier the mayor was joined by the interim police chief in addressing recruit who will soon be equipped with the new devices. >> you are coming in at a time when theh into the 21 century ofof polic g n,u)u$ body÷v camera and don't + anybody fool you into thinkinì this is something that hurts ájjtj will help you. >>reporter: the use is part of anvg a growing divide between police and the community. new policy approved by the police commission also states that officers will be allowed to review the footage after they make a statement. the chief said it was an acceptable compromise. >> they will write the report and never look at this run of the mill report. & ta(ps.e blessing toxç the body >> body camera won't ab panace
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panacea. this is not the end all but it panacea. could use to demonstrate to the public that we are doing it right. >>reporter: study published in 2015 by the journal of@s quantitativeb) criminology found when officers used78 body cam. the number of incidents involving force decrease dramatically as much as 64 percent. the department expects to have every officer wearing them by the end of this year. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> mountain lion spotted in pacifica.ea some one saw the big cat on big bend drive on the eastern side of the city last night. jumping a fence into another yard. the person even has video of the catxu. police couldn't locate it. wild life officials say people should watch their pets and small children and never approach mountain lions. residents tonight on the 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. wildfire burning in the sierrap foot hills charred more
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than 1200 acres since tuesday. cal fire officials say the fire continues burning in rugged canon the northern edge of the northern terrain on the northern edge of the el dorado national fovrmingtp(only 12 percent contained. crew using 8 air tanker and 4 helicopters to fight the fire. also get help from around the state including alameda county strike team that left today. cal fire says he having asian remain in place for many streets and roads in both el dorado and placer counties. the cause of the fire is still unknown. sacramento air officials sent out a statement today advising residents to take precaution and minimize out door activity through july 4th with the fourth of july with the fourth of july just day away] asoorities are cracking down7ú today they seized toda of illegaled "ñ. here'sldick lee.
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take to you whe you counter this year theñr runlq(er are jusd;sp)der to fine. 40 yearsfm i have been coming down here to buy fireworks. is a very first time that fireworks. >>reporter: we asked street barker where we could buy fireworks but they were no help. the other buyers we spoke with believe it's because many are turning to the internet. there's also increased police presence in china town this week. >> we just want7 to make ate safe fourth of july for everyone. >>reporter: san francisco police and fireú even healed news conference today on the dangers of fireworks. bottom line. >> all fireworks are illegal in san francisco.
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>>reporter: even sparklers and other so-called safe saint varieties. this resident told us she was injured by one of them. i just left the restaurant after eating dinner. as i walked outside bang. i was hit in the face with one. she took to us a store where we found smaller fireworks which are still illegal. brazenly displayed outside on the counters. inside we were told more powerful ones. vic lee, abc 7 news. if still looking for ideas on what to do on the fourth of july we have a full listp of fireworks and festivities around the bay area on the front page of our web site. share photo from july 4th with abc 7 news. hash tag abc 7 now to your pictures and video when posted on line. we feature the photo on the air and on line throughout the holiday weekend. just what does our weather hold for the holiday? let's get to sandhya with that. >>reporter: well around this time of year we are concerned
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about fog for the holiday wean. let me show you the forecast for your fivrjts as of right now it looks like model want to keep the fog right near the beaches for monday the fourth of july. 60's along the coast and around inland areas clear in the 60's and 70's. stay tune obviously things could change. right now fog really limited and patchy right around half moon bay. rest of you clear and that's why you get the beautiful view from the east bay hills camera. right now 56 in san francisco. oakland 61 degrees. still pretty warm in san jose. 70 degrees half moon bay. 54 and live look from the sutro tower cam are. san francisco visibility is terrific. low mid 60's from santa rosa to no vat o. 74 in fairfield/cñ. still warm 80 degree reed going concord. and emeryville camera at bit of a hazy view there morning coastal fog and spotty drizzle like we saw this morning. we look at cool to warm conditions tomorrow and seasonal temperatures for july 4th weekend. first thing tomorrow morning you will see the fog but not
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going to be quite as wide spread as it was this morning. we'll see temperatures b),sf degrees.he 50's antioch here's what is going to happen. so tonight that fog will fill in along the coast line. we will see drizzle spots at 5:00 a.m. for the commute and then we head into the latter part of the morning. sun is out. afternoon will feature bright sky bay inland but along the coast we hang on to some fog well into e afternoon and evening. here are the temperatures for your friday. 83 in san jose. 84 los gatos. santa cruz 70 degrees. 79 in sunnyvale on the peninsula. upper 70's for palo alto. mountain view. 71 san mateo o. 75 in redwood city. cool here in pacifica and a half moon bay. upper 50's fog a lot like today. daly city 67. north bay temperatures 78 in santa rosa and 81 degree ins nap a.78 in vallejo and the east bay you will need the sun screen it's mild. 72 oakland 77 fremont.
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inland spots in the low 90's from fairfield to concord. yooin pleasanton. 92 in livermore. to santa cruz to the beach and live picture right now if you are heading to the beach over the next couple of days right now ocean temperature is 52 degrees. morning fog will gave way to sun tomorrow afternoon. nice mild one 70 degrees. cooler on saturday. upper 60's. we areooking at partly cloudy conditions on sunday. temperatures will be in the upper 60's again after the morning low in the 50's. accu-weather 7 day forecast and we feature the micro climate for your friday. upper 50's mid 90's warm inlan inland. cool at the coast. cooler pattern for saturday but not by much. around the bay inland where you notice it. seasonal for sunday. the only thing is fog is going to be a part of the forecast as of right now and we keep new the mid 80's for the middle of the work week next week with a little more cloud cover. upper 50's low 60's. >> all right thank you so much.
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still to come on 7 news at 9:00. name bearsment for chipotle after top executive was in indicted. the charges he's facing. then. >> be careful. >> daring rescue on mount shasta. what made the attempt so shasta. what made the attempt so dangerous and rescue
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there is a new embarrassment for chipotle. prosecutors reveal indictment involving one of the company top executives and cocaine drug ring. the chief creative and development officer is charged with a single count of criminal
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possession of a controlled stachbilitys a spokesperson says he's on administrative leave. two chp helicopter pilots showered with praise following a daring rescue on mount shasta last week. ken and daniel landed the chopper near the summit of the mountain to rescue an injured climber. chp says the highest landing rescue ever by the northern division. wasn't easy. it began with a cruise shedding 300 pounds of usually necessary gear in order to reach the altitude. >> didn't have our medical stuff. it was purely a rescue mode of getting the guy off the mountain. >> i actually got a fist bump on the way down the mountain so that was pretty cool. > two fractured vertebraeñ in the neck andxç broken ribsú. he's home walking andiç on the road to recoveryybdy. >>í; another 30 minute of/2 newt
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nine next. fñ. show you the:new image of theñb suicide bombersj smiling moments before the massacre. >>ra then massivel investigation going on on e-mails which is soar zoo us that have a meeting like this. >> why donald trump is taking on bill clinton. we have a one-on-one/z interview with the candidate. >> jay-z music streaming service title is about to be bought by a bay area company. another half hour of 7 news at bought by a bay area company. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 coming
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we begin this half hour with chilling new detail in the terror attack in istanbul.
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first time we see the face of the three men behind ther massacre. we have the latest. the chaos istanbul airport. security footage from tuesday apparently showing terrified$t travelers running. from one of the three atam attackers near the check in counter at the international terminal. >> see people screaming running police with guns drawn, tripping, something clear something was was not a drill or hoax. >> more than a dozen arrest. authorities try to find any one with link to the terrorist who fired assault weapon and detonated 3 suicide vest killing more than 40 people. >> they knew the places they wanted to be that they appeared to act in coordinated fashion. all of those are indications that this was well planned well orchestrated attack. >>reporter: funeral now being held and memorial at the airport growing. honoring those killed and the more than 230 people who were
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injured including one american. as authorities say in response to the attack there will be enhanced security at airports and train stationso5 in the u.s thisk hotel difficult wean. c go to publicfficult wean. events. but be aware and be vigilant. >>reporter: homeland security secretary the cia and turkey authorities agree it appears isis was behind the attack though no group has claimed responsibility. abc news new york. now to the race for the white house. donald trump revealing new detail about how he would take on isis. he says he refers to keep his plan secret from the enemy but wants nato to play much bigger role. why trump targeting bill clinton. we have more. >>reporter: tonight donald trump accusing aattorney general lynch of an ethical breach after she met with?b president bill clinton on the tarmac of phoenix airport for 30 minutes. lynch's justice department still investigating hillary
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clinton use of a private e-mail account. >> who would think that when you have this massive investigation going on on e-mails which is so serious they would have a meeting like this so i was very surprised. >> aids h1n1 aide to clinton and lynch said they were exchanging please angry. >> our conversation was great deal about his grandchildren. it was primarily social and about our travels. he mentioned the golf he played in phoenix. >>reporter: conversation she insist all personal. no business. >> no discussion of benghazi. no discussion of the state+ á$qksprss. >>reporter: i asked trump about that in new hampshire today. do you take president clinton at his word that the meeting was to be plight. it was sincere just to say hello. >> well when you meet for half hour and you talk about your grandchildren and a little bit about golf sounds like a long meeting. it was a very sad situation to see that i can tell you. >>reporter: i also pressed trump on what he would do to fight isis. he has been reek reluctant to
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outline plan saying he doesn't want to show his hand to the enemy. first time politician first time in public office what can you tell voters that off plan to take out isis. very true very possible that we should use nato. >>reporter: use nato troops to nato and also neighbors that aren't ineá nato and take them out. you have to take them out. >>reporter: trump for months has trashed the nato alliance as obsolete even raising the possibility out lived its purpose but now he says nato troops that could be the best tool to fight against isis. u.s. special forces. >> i don't want to get too much of ours involve. i want nato involve. we spend tremendous amount of money ongq nature o. but we hae to do something to take out isis and with to have take them out fast. >>reporter: donald trump told me he narrow the list of potential running that you say new jersey governor cristie being veted
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both men very close and chrisie is one of trump closest advisors. this is abc news salem, new hampshire. the israeli officials says 13-year-old girl stabbed inside her know him a west bank settlement was a sus citizen. this girl was attacked while she slept by 17-year-old palestine who had brokswu%" ino her home..e;& security camera caught the;k but officers arrived7h at the house tooh3 late. znnver raising question about his securitnr in publicti. happened on the city famouset  street pedestrianse
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one victim-> left with a severe image. h leaving work assaulted byí trouble on outsider. flood of transient drawn to colorado 0for one thing. >> they were very candid with us. they came out here for marijuana. >>reporter: recent violence is forcing the city to spend$3 65 650,000 dollars this summer to put more cops on the street and soon police will be getting help from a downtown business group that is paying for its own private security force. >> it is a safe place. these are anomoly occurring. >>reporter: police denver did catch up and arrest the suspect in wednesday tonight attack. they say he had been here about a week. this type of crime officials here worry is the new side trade.
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clayton san del denver. >> u.s. house of representatives will vote next week on measure to keep guns out of the hands of people on government terrorism watch list. package backed by the national rifle association. last week house democrat stage a 25 hour sit in on the house floor to push for gun control after the orlando shooting. >> california gun control law make it a lot tougher. today the legislature passed a dozen bills some restricting the sale of ammunition. others regulating home made guns. bill vary in the approaches. one bar possession of magazine tighten deadlines for reporting lost or stolen firearms and another determines who canboro a firearm from a gun owner. >> i don't know how much more blood needs to be spilled in our schools. in our community centers. in public spaces. elsewhere. until the members of congress act and do this nationwide.
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>>reporter: governor brown says he would sign some of the gun bills and veto others. gun lobbyist say gun control only increases violence. >> historic move was made today by the defense department and obama administration. defense secretary carter announce the military will no longer discriminate against transgender troops. knocking down the last barrier to service based on six. carter called it the right thing to do. >> another step in ensuring that we continue to recruit and row taken the most qualified people. and good people are the key to the best military in the world. >> military and the nation it defends will be stronger. move has been more than a career in the making an comes comes despite last minute concerns about top brass dealing with medical, housing and uniform issues. "wall street journal"reporting apple is talk ongoing and may not result in a
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deal. .s is ex mroshing the idea to other people. >> fireworks on sale in 20 bay area cities. but where you can buy them and what you can do with them has some people confused. up next what police are t i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop.
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i drive a racecar. i have a driver.
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fireworks sales have begun in city around the bay area but still may be confusion about where you can buy them and set them off. leslie clears things up. >> we have smoke bombs. >>reporter: 14 stands open in dublin at noon on tuesday and people were wait to go buy their stash for fourth of july festivities.ub
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>> what they mean by safe and saint is nothing explodes number one. andge no. 2, nothing leaves the ground. only legal in dublin. all right. so theoretically you are not to buy them and bring them outside of dublin. >> it's really difficult when some city sell and some don't. expect people not to buy it here and go next door and light them off. >>reporter: 20 city around the bay area sell safe saint fireworks. nearly everywhere else out lawos them. >> fireworks complaints are already coming nishtion livermore ban everyone safe and saint fireworks for safety fire prevention reasons and more. >> people want to be able to go to bed at tonight and sleep and not woken up by loud noises sometimes they think they are gunshots and blasts or bomb or whatever else and they turn out to be fireworks. >>reporter: dublin has four park designate wld people can setoff their own fireworks on the fourth. fire officials say illegal fireworks pose the greatest danger. national fire protection association says fireworks trigger 18,000 fires every year
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and say the only safe fireworks are professionally staged ones. i'm leslie, abc 7 news. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. sky diving scare caught on8ñ video. his parachute didn't open. we show you how it all played his parachute didn't open. we show you how it all played out next crystal geyser alpine spring water from here to there ♪ to you crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. this has nothing on this. today nasa released this composite video from the hubble telescope showing the aurora on the north pole. scientist say the jupiter reached intense ty more than 1,000 times brighter than on
9:47 pm
earth. it is created when particle enter the atmosphere and collide with atom of gas. ultimate fireworks locatio location. morning news anchor has a guide morning news anchor >> colorful explosion"ñ surround you as you stand on top of the world warshipbp and salute ouríp country. did hood line tip us off to the best fireworks place to sell brit fourth of july. >> took me to these spots. >> yes this is the flying bridge my favorite spot to bed" the fireworks because not only do you get the aquatic park fireworks but pier 39 fireworks so over there aquatic park and the fireworks are awesome and then you work your way over here then pier 39p1 fireworks. >> i went on the tour o jeremiah o'brien at fisherman wharf and watch fireworks from the deck. climb steps to bring comfortable shoops. great history here and helped deliver supplys to normandy.
9:48 pm
35 dollars for adults. discounts for kid and family. >> and san francisco opera plays carmen in unexpected place. ballpark. while the cast is on stage live at the opera house feed of the performance plays down the street on the score board inside at&t park. totally free. it's very make sure you look into this now. also on hood line this week a new stanley cube rick exhibit and korea and taco. pun and have a great weekend. >> all right. how will the weather be for the weekend. that's where sandhya comes in. >> couldn't be better for all the out door activity. let me show you live doppler 7hd we have a little bit of fog rate near the coast. visibility low because of fog layer is real shall o. backw in time. el nino winter.
9:49 pm
this is the total rainfall since july 1st of 2015. oakland 80 percent of normal with total of over 16 and a half inches. 90 percent of where you should be for this time of year. 100 percent with just over 14.93 inches of rain. obviously not the type of el nino in 97 and 98 that brought us quite a bit of rain here in the bay year but i just thought i would take you back in time. state wide if doing traveling down to los angeles. 78 degrees. pleasant day. 83 in tahoe and closer look at the lake tahoe area next few day if his camping out showers thunderstorms expected tomorrow afternoon. isolated thunder we are showers saturday and it does turn sunny on sunday with monday fourth of july looking clear. for the fireworks. here if the bay area temperatures will remain really in the 90's inland so warm inland upper 50's to low 60's at the coast. lingering fog for your friday and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. wide range of conditions for
9:50 pm
friday saturday. 50's to 90's. drop you down to the 80's for the second half of the holiday weekend fourth of july we have a little bit of fog in the forecast. >> oklahoma sky diver performing demonstration over the stadium when things went very wrong. daniel go pro camera caught it on video. he descend quickly then at one point he got tangled up in the cord after struggling he activated reserve shoot and then landed on the feechltd he did lose his equipment but he created a crowd funding campaign to help him replace it. just lucky he's okay. >> time to check on our sports with larry tonight. >> i don't think i would be that composed. >> i know. with joints7? getting pounded y >> 1o would be cryinã.
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coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. mountain lion crawls into bay area back yard. tonight video of the close-upas encounter homeowner had with the wild animal. >> and uber frustration. what had so many users coast to coast left in the lurch today. join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. series continues. >> the finale. madison has the aura about hi good at his job. giants manager bruce decided to pass on the designated hitter tonight at oakland and have mad hit hadn't happened in try years. naturally he ignites the decisive rally in the finale. he's that good. you want to seat definition of cute. look at that little guy. that's cutexñ right there. bottom of the first. he comes in with a fast ball
9:55 pm
and mark tacit out. career high 16 of the year and 1 nothing a's in a why is mad balm hitting. drive to center field. burns had it dropped itym. stillzj the stopped a double. one hit from mad bum. angel a little pop up to left. a's playing like the giants were last nightment can't catch a thing and cocoa crisp can't make the play. so bases loaded nobody out. brandon bell taking out the belt. ground rule double. the 2-1. next batter. buster this is way out. high and deep and aloha. 3 run homer. rough start for the a's rookie. on the very knicks pitch crawford hits the seventh of the year. last 3 innings allow 8 run. meanwhile the pitcher goesú÷ 6 and third strikes=e out with a swing and myself. giants leading the a's and trying to avoid being swept 8-4
9:56 pm
in the 8th inning. dodgers +qp zz./vh/5ojyysó ther awhile placed on the disabled list so they need more out of the offense which they got today against the brewers. thompson last name rings a bell. clay of the year. donors whip. 6 back of the giant when the giants game goes final. cubs mets rematch of the 6th inning. he's not i wish he was still mine. longest homer of the career. 4 66 feet off john looky t.19 and mets win 4-3. cleveland instance yan won 12 straight heading in toronto. jason solo bomb in the third. indians pitcher carlos. bringing the heat and keeping it low. struck out 14 and 7 in a third indians win 4-1. tie franchise best. 13 game winning streak. college ball game 3 winner tak
9:57 pm
takes all.e@u ÷ and arizona. young the firstué homer. 1ók4 of the season but first in the wd÷&d series. 2?w run shot.q -clears up 44 zãy have much knowledge of. that$í arizona 1 run game bottom 9. 2' outs. two men on. cunningham gets ryan swingingbj. that ends it 4-3.i coastal caroline..é win the first college world series. first ever national championship in any sport. nba free agency began at 9:01:00 p.m. tonight on the west coast. warriors were scheduled to meet or are scheduled to meet with durant tomorrow and you know the owner have impressive sales pitch for kd. it would be a shocker if durant were to actually leaveec oklahoa city. several of his friends business partner said there's a 90 percent chance he will stay with the thunderñc. tom signing one-on-one allow him the chance to still pursue
9:58 pm
in okc. opt out. should he stay in okc long-term difference between what he could make there versus coming here over the long-haul is over 50 million dollars. that gets his attention. link are la -- mclane in the news again and again. just stuff to be avoided. suspended 10 gyms for viingt the league substance abuse policy. troubled star played in 11 games last season. 97 tackle. 9 forless and he had an-y interception. fourth1 of july more than celebrating our independence. it's the nathan hot dog eating contest at coney island. joe and matt. sports center today and the gloves came off a little bit. >> great competitor but i have beaten him. i know whether i'm dealing women. if you really want to win a contest on the fourth of >> oh.ome pet with a lady.3->>o,
9:59 pm
compete with the lead. amma. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. stopy by the way last year ate 62 hot dog in 10 minutes.f0twk3 the. >> my stomach hurts. >> not good for you. thank you for joining us. well thanks for being here see for joining us. well thanks for being here see you again at 11:00 on channel
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, jerad and amanda miller, armed with their extreme anti-government views, go on a violent rampage. they target anyone who gets in their way, particularly the police. moore: it's basically


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