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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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breaking news is inc7 the capitoà of bangladesh where terrorist took dozens of people hostages"8 ina restaurant just moments ago]j two big explosion were his heard inside and. police official says 5 body were found. stand off has been going on for more than 10 hours now. local tv reports say 10 to 12 of the behati hospital substance were taken to a hospital. >> good evening thanks for joining us tonight. dan is off. attack there began when the gunman detonated explosive and
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took hostages inside a cafe popular with foreigners. two police officers were killed in gun battle with 8 or 9 gunmen. chuck has more >>reporter: gunman attacked the holy artisan bakery friday night when the cafe had turned into a restaurant for the evening hours. one waiter barely escaped+?ñ. ina kitchen and saw two men begino the attack.úúpeople duck for cor started to run. n to the theyo@ were throwing bomb and0z popular restaurant1 in the capitoló diplomatici area packd at the end of another day long fast during islamic holy month. attacker reportedly chanting5a god is great took hostages most of them foreigners and forces. neighbors watched in horror. >> explosion happened i heard it like it was a really large boom. >>reporter: cafe just one mile from the american embassy which warned u.s. step iss to shelter in place.
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>> still counting for all private american citizen whose may have been in the aree don't have the finale on that. >> isis claimed responsibility for the attack.t in recent year bangladesh seen a wave of attacks. in3r& u.s. embassy worker measure devrmentd this is abc news new york. >> we are going to bring you development as they happen during the newscast.5%ñ reporting does continue on twitter follow us on our web site. we'll also have more on our web site on channel 7. new fire has erupted in central california. cal fire says item burning item 200 to7y 300 acres in sizu and burning atbq dangerous rate÷ of speed according to firea& officials.dx fire crew from
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so-called trail head fire is threatening 2600 structure in el dorado and placer counties. the fire has led to mandatory evacuations. just 12 percent contained. weather is concern for firefighters and for people planning 3 day wean. let check in with the sandhya. >> around this time of year we always talk about the fire danger because it's summertime and obviously we are talking about a drought situation we are still in. we see the fog along the coast. it is clear inland and as you take a look at live picture from the emeryvilleñ camp raw can see the fog here. this is what is around as we head into tomorrow. in the morning we have the foggy areas temperature in the 5)s by noon time the sun out around the bay kgg inland. cool warm-uper 50's with low 90's for the afternoon hours and then as the sun gets ready to set in the evening hours it will be a nice mild one mid 50's to the low 80's of course cool near the coast line. i'll be back with the detailed look at the rest of the holiday
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weekend forecast which of course includes the fireworks forecast as well. amma. >> thank you. this fire won't proceed haven't marin county fair from holding a fireworks show tonight. san rafael firefighters shared these images on facebook after fireworks barn caught fire and . this morning flames never reached the other fireworks barn in civic center la goochbility you can see the destruction in this view from sky 7 hd several hours after that fire was extinguish. dublin police showed off 400 pound of fireworks confiscated in on line sting9z operation. investigators arrested two people accused of selling illegal fireworks. dublin has zero tolerance policy for illegal fireworks. but is one of the few bay area city still allowing safe and saint fireworks to be sold. >> california already has some of the toughest gun law in the nation. todays@tjujju brown tighten them even further by signing half dozen new bills into law. critic accuse the governor of exploiting recent tragedy like
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the orlando terror attack. eric thomas has more. >> they make people in the criminals that are not criminals tivrjts burlingame gun store owner jackson is showing us how one of the new law would affect the so-called bullet button on the ar 15 rifle. old law made the gun legal because you need a tool like an ink pen or bullet to remove the magazine. new law requires permanently fixed magazine. rifles with removable magazine will be classified as assault weapons and those are illegal. jackson is not a fan. >> every time there's more terrorist attacks they try to cut down on the gun law and take our rights away and criminals are exempt from the law. >>reporter: lawmakers were spurred on by last december terror attack that killed 14 people in san bernardino and the one if florida that killed 49. >> i think the american people are ready for a change. how many people have to die before we say enough is enough.
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>>reporter: state senator hancock of berkeley author a law that would ban the possession of high capacity ammo magazine. the governor signed that bill and others including ones that ban bullet button, require background check to buy ammunition, ban the loan of weapon to any one without a background check and make it a crime to file a false report that gun was lost or stolen. >> gun safety regulations are good for california. they would be good for the to take some action. >>reporter: the governor veto 4 othere bills by lawmakers andq they are expected to be challenged in court. eric thomas abc 7 news. san francisco police arrested two men in connection with the union square jewelry store burglary last week. surveillanceu video show one burglar splashing the display case on o'farrell street june 23rd. police say9j the thieves stole half million ind9 merchandise. own of the store says value was closer to two million dollars.
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investigators arrested 24-year-old andrea and 27-year-old karl hit. both live in san francisco. police release these crystal clear photo of the suspect after the heist. in san francisco woman is recovering after being hit by a charter8e bus. happened around 5:45 at broadway sanford street. she was riding scooter when the bus turned into her. she went to the hospital with serious injuries. the bus operated by sky line coast. no other injuries. we are told passengers on board the bus were let off after the crash split haven't determined who is at fault. east palo alto police he offered to drive this woman home. police used dna evidence found on the victim who link 21-year-old marcquez to the february attack. investigators ran the dna throughout a state databasewj
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number of violent crimes jumped 10%. state wide last year. homicide increase nearly 10% while robbery and aggravated assault were up more than 8%hv. harris didn't comment on the reason for the increase. you have seen iowa politic straw poll and now it's our opportunitproudly on display at the fair. wayne was thereñi. >> it's the kind of place where we metro detroit assume all americans could get along. marin county fair.hx though if we made such an >> walked right past him.-avert. >>reporter: really. >> yes i wouldn't give him the time of day. >>reporter: so said the woman on the democratic booth talking about the republicans not far away. over there no love@p lost right back at you. >> have you seen the democrat booth over there. >> no. ishingt you haven'trl looked. >> no. not interested. >>reporter: it's america in a microcosm and now add a third
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wrinkle. >> we don't have anything for donald trump that the booth. stuff next door. >>reporter: on the other side of the wall. >> he's a formidable person. large formidable person. >> this large. >> close. >>reporter: heavily democratic county one might think the republicans would stick together but instead we found two booth back-to-back. the donna ran the cruz campaign locally and she is running trump. >> somethin9bku"bol ick in that. >>reporter: how do you mean that. >> parallel what is going on in the real world.w59j obviously the republican embarrassed by him. >> while we haven't got a nominee yet so we are still representing all candidates. >>repojf÷has the trump site they wouldn't pay for a larger booth and too much is stuff for smaller one. karen put up 1,000 dollars of her own money for this area. >> it was our choice. they made the choice. i made mine. >> i have no idea how how this
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all came about. so. >>reporter: a little awkward. >> not for me. >>reporter: the rest of us can wait until november. &v3 3 >>x we have much more ahead fp you on this fridaygx night.29 comup. auto pilot right notchh"q shouldj be. >> put to thec( pest.w ando sandhya wt back#5 with the fourth of shouldj be. abt the wests ando sandhya wt
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some could be assumer group say a fatal accident could set autonomous cars for a long time. joshua brown was killed when the auto pilot stopped his car from careen ing into a truck. we saw firsthand how the system works. >> ronald had just picked up his new tesla model s yesterday. >> it's a wonderful car. drives beautiful nrichlt handles nice. he was at the he saw firsthand how the car can back into a parking space. the only one inside his dog. would looked a bit nervous. truck man of course heard about the accident in florida.
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where tesla owner joshua brown was killed when a tracktor trailer turned in front of his car which was on auto pilot. the self driving mechanism failed to stop. tread man says that doesn't worry him. >> there have been a lieutenant of the cars been driving for on the road for some time. accident do happen. >>reporter: tread man graciously allowed us if as he drove the car for the first time with the auto pilot open. began with a warning. >> the requires you keep your hand on the steering wheel at all times if you want to unable it t.yes. >>reporter: he had trouble with the auto pilot. just wouldn't engage. >> it drift to the right. >>reporter: joshua brown case the auto pilot was working. tesla says neither the auto pilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor-trailer against the brightly lit sky so the brake not applied. some view the accident asset back to autonomous cars. uc berkeley professor robert oychlt people should view it as
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not a substitute for the drive driver. >> tread man went back to the dealership and got more pointers. we drove back to the freeway with him. auto pilot was working. >> look mom no hands. >>reporter: now the true test. >> we'll go around this curve up here. >>reporter: it was a bit nerve wracking but guess what, him if vic lee abc 7 news. >> item doing it. san jose family is devastated tonight. their child died after being hit by a car at oak ridge mall. family was heading back to the car when it happened. chris winn has more. >> on the eve of the holiday weekend. customers at west field oak ridge remain in disbelief >> this is like a safe place right. going to here you don't worry at all. >> last night police say family wluing a young boy holding hand with his mother and sister were hit in the parking lot while walking back to their car. police tell us the driver of a 2015 gray mir said who was
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moving at low rate of speed was responsible for the accident. >> the driver of the mir said with the investigation. currently"y wexcjj$(q&ieve thatw alcohol or drug was lf factorl9 this the collisioneç v. very incident.g >>reporter: 6-year-old boy who has been identified0k as an dry and mother were rushed to the hospital where the child was pronounced dead. police say this area of the malice often congested and aren't sure if the driver was distracted or m8be didn't see the family because it was dark outside. many shoppers are in disbelief. >> it breaks my heart. i can't imagine a pot losing their child right in front ofoa their eyes. it's really sad that she had to go through that especiallyc being next to the child. ow the family is requesting privacy as they deal with their unimagine nabl loss. police looking for witness to step forward with information and reviewing the mall surveillance video. it. >> be careful when you cross the streets. look left and right because you
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might be paying attention but drivers don't sometimes. >>reporter: row minder to always be aware of the surroundings. in san jose, chris winn abc 7 news. >> santa clara county vector control confirm mosquito collect entered 2 zip code tested positive for the west nile virus and county schedule a new round of fogging in an severity to stop the virus. this affects these two zip codes. vector control will notify residence of the scheduled fogging beginning to. west nile virus doesn't cause symptoms in most people but in some individual it didn't cause fever, headache, body ache and in severe case neurological damage and everyone death. early reminder today of the dangers posed by illegal fireworks. firefight lojez east palo alto put out grass fire caused by fireworks this afternoon. burned dangerously close to?÷ homes along camille drive but crew extinguish the fire before it by him a bigger tlaechlt
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fire department says the third. >> relited fire they have put out in just the last 24 hours. it will be a busy holiday wean around san francisco. visitors are being remind that fireworks are prohibited. all golden gate national recreation sites including association beh, muir woods and marin head land. beach fires only allowed on serb parts of ocean beach. glass bottle not allowed at any beach an those heading to muir woods. park is extremely limited. >> visiting the golden gate bridge is also quite difficult this wean. 7 news was at the visitor parking lot as workers closed off car access. north and south lots will be closed this weekend from 11 in the morning until 5:00 p.m. then on monday july 4th the north visitor lot will be closed all dayljuuo2ywwgz5z tour bus taxiuú uber and lift drop-offuy passengers at the welcome center. :1excuse me. the welcome center >> time to check-f on our weathr this holidayl wee.
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sandhya is here% with what wewj can expect. >íwñ hi. typical summer pattern you expect which means fog in the morning. lingering into the afternoon at the coast and for the rest of lookbs at live doppler 7hd and speakingj of theñ fog hugging te there if heading toxi the beac fog arog" during the morning degrees coming up to 67. high.y uv index on monday$ñ. we are looking atf really nightt mild conditions for independencekç day. hoarse a( lock at reminderf÷6 though that just9g came out abt an hour agol fromf[g national weather service there is a statementóh up 1 3 3 times alongñg the coast line and water which could lead to hypothermia. not- so much that the "9&p+e height are going to be high of rip current in be
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hot of thea' fog down below. temperatures right now mid upper 50's8. san francisco cam areke try to find san& francisco. buried in the fog3 at least part ofñ it rye now. th%)f reading 60 degree in the santa rosa. novatoé 61. current
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gray to startk off your saturdy p÷5's. way from some ofó the bay side com]bt)urqj by still socked in along thy(átáu then head into the afternoon andrrb sun is out everywhere+w beach wherej wev ì(l 3 p÷ gilroyóú and 68 santa cruz on theu5hu peninsula. redwoodhq city.x( los altoser menlo parkhz. cool foggy day sñ pacifica and m san franciscob 63 degrees-c and northfd bay see e temperaturesdñ in the 50's at oe beaches/b. 82g[ santa rosa. 76 fremont.ff head inland"s this is where it x a warm one but
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60's and 70's.á but not near the coastoyou will see cloudy conditions. with a bangvñ t showing you the micro climate[a forth bay area.ts cooler] sunday. monday for%á fourth ofz july the temperatureyks bounce back and then!h you will noticex7 a slidn the numbers.@p more cloud coverik cooler thanis afternoon inland. >> all right thank you so much sand yeah. check back at bit later. all eyes are on the ocean at one bay area beach for incredible all eyes are on the ocean at one bay area beach for
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whale put on an amazing show just off the coast of pacifica today. sky 7 shows/qy the whale breachg thful of anchovies. t(u$er to4káwatch the unusual sightjg. gray whales sometimes visit the ocean+[ near pacificakh but humpbackxg usually2$ stay in and experts believe they are drawn in by a,3 flood ofhy food causey el ninoft a. dog frm sinkingv car. this picture of officer mark á(rp holding two of the dogrs. after he jumped into the waterrx and rescued)$uthúj them last ni. animal shelter.if sheriff's office saysnb the driver crashedaq into the water near[skagg islandpg in virginia y8 7 newsgiá 9 is next. violencem overseas is triggerit security alert at home"&
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a rare visit to secretzc command center. one. these,pnf÷ kid. >> donaldpñ trump going after bill clinton after the meeting with the u.s. attorney jichbility and sounds from) space. nasa releases recording from the juno space craft as it was approaching jupiter. another half hour of8@ 7 newsa0t ne. alzheimer's means...
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c terror airport. >> we two inside a secret command center in new york. >> if there's an isis attack
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here these are the especially who will respond. the shootingment be cognizant of this. >> extra security precaution across the country in place for the july 4th weekend but new york city is deploying a 24-7 force that no city in the world can match. from the air. from the sea. >> they are looking for dirty bomb component. >> with the 5 25 officers of the newly formed critical response command on the street streets. officers with radiation detector. dog trained to sniff the kind of chemicals used by isis in its suicide bomb. >> waldorf 30. all coordinated at counter terror center that moptors 9,000 video feed from camera across the city. >> at the check of a mouse.
9:32 pm
>>reporter: were the bridge to times square camera picked her and showed how clearly they could it tie a face in the crowd. >> referred to as ring of steel. coordination center. it's our way of protecting new york. >>reporter: 3 million vehicle license plate read ever take stored for 5 years.j >> essentially fropd if to war with terrorist. >> yes. inevitable there will be another attack in this country. but we are well prosecute end to respond to that. >>reporter: abc news new york. >> fbi could interview hillary clinton in the next few day as part of the investigation in the use of her private e-mail surverify. source familiar with the investigation says the goal is to complete the investigation and make recommendations on whether charges should be filed before the two major party convention tapes toward the latter half of july. last year revealed that cen ton had exclusively used her family private e-mail server for official communication during the tenure as secretary of
9:33 pm
state. investigation took new twist this week when it was revealed that attorney general lynch met with bill clinton. her department is investigating kl inton private e-mail server(. tonight lynch call the meeting miss the and trump says it's proof his opponent captain be trusted. here's david wright. >> attorney general lynch today admitted her private meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac in phoenix was a mistake. >> i certainly wouldn't do it again. >>reporter: lynch and clinton both insist the 20 minute or so meeting monday was just a friendly chat about golf and graduate children while the planes happened to be parked near each or. >> seems like talking about golf. grandchildren. i love my grandchildren so muc much. >>reporter: today inss denver donald f7ump mock the idea theyt grs)r"s]shat hillary clinton >> i love that one1( i love that that one look t
9:34 pm
bee kids.r' after that what are you"# going to say.zx >> as the nation top law >> in some way she owes her justice department career to bill clinton. j÷ he appointed hr as u.s. attorney back in the 90's. all of which she now admits contributes to a perception of bias. >> the fact that the meet that go hi is now casting a shadow is something i take seriously and deeply and painfully. >>reporter: lynch now says once and for all she will follow whatever recommendations are made by the lawyers and agents investigating this case. while trump says bill clinton has managed to make his wife's e-mail problem worse. >> he opened up a pan door a box and it shows what is going . with our government. >>reporter: so far no comment from secretary clinton or her campaign about that meeting between the former president
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and the attorney general e-david wright i news new york.wg >> you are looking at a captivating image of sand do you know on mars capturedçr by curiosity rover. researchers now say mars was once a habitable world like earth but the young world lost most of its atmosphere between 3 and 4 bill years ago when intense solar storms and ejection from the sun likely swept it away. >> after 5 year journey to jupiter nasa juno spacecraft is about to slam on the brake. juno will arrive at jupiter on the fourth of july after traveling for almost 5 years in solar system. as juno cross the boundary of immense magnetic field nasa recorded the sound of the supersonic solar win. like a become you might hear on earth. listen. many. that's the sound in space. 1.7 billion miles away.
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everything goes as plan juno will orbit the planet 37 times gathering data when the mission is over, point itself at the planets in jupiter upper atmosphere. up next. show of remarkable will power. she once weighed 400 pounds show of remarkable will power. she once weighed 400 pounds makes the grueling
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now to a woman who tackled extreme weight loss with a big goal. we followed a woman who once pound as she tackled yosemite half dome. climb without an uphill battle.
9:40 pm
would be no journey at all. >> before dawnlñpb. 16%" miles.1v >> definitely one that iéñ wantd to do. always]h if front of$z me.sw just never thought it wasx@ possible. >> first part of the hike she is speedingxa up the mount. driven byjf her friend part trainer part motivator/w but something else was pulling her to the top. working hard. for what i want. >>reporter: she has been training for this climb for more than a year.xj >> 5 years ago i probably wouldn't have stepped foot in the park. >>reporter: back then she weighed almost 400 pound. >> i remember saying to myself this is ridiculous. like i captain even hardly walk at all. almost fall over when i get out of bed. something need to change. >>reporter: with gastric bypass surgery in one year she dropped 8 dress sizes. >> this was not easy and i know
9:41 pm
that my dad is looking down and he's proud of me. i am feel it in my feet. and my legs. >>reporter: for the unprepared the sub dome one of the hardest part of the climb. final asent before the cables where the physical strength and mental vigor is vital. biggest goal is staring me in the face. this part right here highs probably my hardest right now because i can feel it. my body starting to feel what we have been goingit through. capable of doing amazing things and she has definitely proven that to be true. >>reporter: final 400 feet9b. at times vertical asent is argue my the hardest. item on this part of the hikemm where people have died. >> this represent a lot of things. getting through so much pain and heart ache. that just happened.
9:42 pm
pr t goshám the wow! o1&]+d theí0d entire w. the fact i didn't even know i could. >> awesome%j. >> thank you. >>reporter: overcoming an obstacle never meant so much.6ñ >> i wish my dad was here to see all the this innings take happened to me. he pushed me every step of the way that's for sure. >>reporter: dome this size never seemed so small. >> on top of the world. >>reporter: in yosemite. >> i'm incredibly lucky. one of the best takes of my entire life. >>reporter: abc news. >> incredible. more up next on 7 news at 9:00. young woman thinks the national
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anthem and video goes young woman thinks the national anthem and video goes environment you will crystal geyser alpine spring water young woman thinks the national anthem and video goes environment you will from here to there ♪ to you crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water
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to you from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. woman sippinging for her family during a trip to the link on memorial gone viral da tonight with 30 million view and counting. second you hear her, you will know why. here's 65. >> some born with the natural ability to move heart with their talent. ♪jose can you see ♪. >>reporter: her family knew that on the family trip to the lincoln memorial where they begged her to sing while they lincoln memorial where they begged her to sing while they recorded it on the cell phone.
9:47 pm
most american of places enough to silence the crowd. and catch fire on the internet with millions of viewa0s. >> suddenly the mother of two and assistant principal from florida jefferson county middle high school being asked to sing the national anthem on national television. >> my message would be dare to dream dare to take risvtwipì( 33 you never know when the moment ispl going to be. >>reporter: star is the kind of voice to make you want to cry in church and you are remine that had talent lives in every day@ people"z. >> that will give you chills. let's get one last check of theu
9:48 pm
weather with sandhya. >> let's look at live doppler 7hd and right now the fog is with us right near our beaches. starting to push towards the as you look #the high aroundrg the state if traveling upxó to tahoe 811w for the long holiday÷ monday and triple digitp in the decemberer. bholiday so when they actually there it is going to be very pleasant. afternoon about 79 degrees. micro climate here in the bay area. 59 tomorrow. half'm?lr machine bay with the a little breezy:j downtown san francisco. s inland antioch> 90 de. the rest of the high for your saturday around.ñ fairfield 85 ñ 59 in halfçñ monbay. 82pc santa rosa.
9:49 pm
degreeel ins san jose and livermoreg either"f up to 86 degrees.2q accu-weather 7
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breakingrp news from bangladesh%m. the siege surround ago restaurant taken over by militante appears to be over. here's new video from the scene. tells at least 6 militant have been killed. incredibly 13 hostages are saf
9:53 pm
safe. also at 11:00. people are32 already usingk& police department hasac come up with a" new way for tkfyou snitch on )6u) neighbors.%dq )ár tlivrment. well larry is here with our sports as we head into the holiday. >> after dropping 3 of 4 in the bay bridge series they got in late and started weekend series with the diamondbacks johnny going for the 9th straight win. how about this who wants to dip in the pool watch a game. it will fall. 2nd inning. giants down 3 nothg. gillespie down the line. crawford scores first on triple. t,u$e win becauseó3 the offenset came aliveir!?cgr9m?uti in theú.
9:54 pm
back upd9 catcher utility man:h goes the opposite#: way. 2 run'í scorey/ make itzu 5-49 e eighth.#"0 great extensiona and opposite fielde homeaa run. off6%p of randall] an giantdt 1.í. a's inner leaguingcxpith the pirates stopper%s on the big hed race. baseball right there.c just lik6 last)t night simeon home run on the bottom of the) firstt c1 3 whatever het eats i want some. 2 run jack.5÷ gave theup./h 17÷and gray leads the major in stillu@zhf
9:55 pm
 5 years then sign with thels warriors. money he should stay iñyì(l 3 & & with o. durant in the hampton=f. and curryep andiy thompson. an draichlt>) almost the whole entire rostercñ to sign hiad. expectedwj l9#save more wheat thtion weekend and will make a decisi we think soon. toronto respecttor reseen rose rosen. maximum de-5 year 139 million dollars. that's the almost 28 million i don't know a seasonhe afternoonf points game helping the raptor advance to the eastern conference finals. money money money.
9:56 pm
andre also max deal with detroit 5 years 130 million. he's a big guy. can dunk a lo lot. played in 81 games lastó year. foe what, if seven feet tall somebody pay you. hawk offer him a 3 year, 70.5 million dollar deal. good luck atlanta with that on one. hawk also resign former warrior kent base moore known for being a car filled with popcorn. >kj>a=ínkli hawk filled it with cash. 4 years, 70 million for a guy is that actually ton a good job 0worked hard to make himself in a good player. matthew 4 years 38 million. his offer from the milwaukee buck. restricted free agent with cleveland so the cavs they have a right to match the offer but not expected to do that. deli 25 minutes a game last season after 7 and a half points hardly play in the fina
9:57 pm
final. pride of palo alto high. three years=÷ 36 million dollar. wizard they have agreeed to new teal with bradley beall. maximum dooel 5 years 130 million. 26 million per year. personal feelings on this you can never over pay a guy nmáez beall. speaking oflc absurd spending another beall shrs" really get a look. look at the lefty.s& take on thompson. if anybody need a lefty guardh who could score i am available. sacramento kingsuñ they need players. i can play for them.]o right. i am hurt a lot. but today was also the first day of free agency in theh= nhl. western conference sharkdjtbavoa splash. spend 24 million dollars on& ouv
9:58 pm
forward had=$ 17 goal and 34ni assist last year for avanche lasta season. year 8e,.4 million dollar deal and7m replaceob the third defee pairing to a pitch we go.h earthquake in chicago facingín 58th minute.(÷ bad clearinge attempt and that allow john to drill it home. past david% bing ham. and that was the lone goal of the game. they fall 1-nil. toyota i'm told we didn't win the lot oychlt i know. >> so we will be÷p back at 11:00 o'clock. >> sadly we will be. >> had we won. >> the oh, my. >> we'll get back. >> thank you so much for joining us this evening. i am amma for larry, sandhya,
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all of us here at 7 news at 9 we thank you for your time tonight. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile device with our 7 news app. do have a good night.z maybe you won the lottery. we will see,h you again over at4 11:00 on channelg# 7 we will see,h you again over at4
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a chilling murder-for-hire scheme shocks a quiet michigan town and the country as a young wife and mother of two takes the marriage vows "until death do us part" too far. julia: as terrible as it sounds, it's easier than divorcing him. narrator: and later, the


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