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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 3, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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abc 7 news starts right now with breaking news. breaking news in the north bay where a house fire is putting out a lot of smoke. reporter wayne selmo reported a that the fire is between ridgeview and fairfax, and no injuries reported. we have a crew on the way, and you can follow us on twitter for updates. good evening.
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i'm eric thomas, and now to the other top story. this is not a legal fireworks display. in the years past, oakland has had a problem with illegal fireworks on july 4th. this year, the police are stepping up the patrols, because the fire danger is so high. news 7 reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> reporter: this year, many will leave independence day fireworks to the pros, but others prefer a little dyi. oakland is infamous for the illegal fireworks displays like this, but the city is trying to stop it. >> don't get yourself in trouble for one night. you know, be smart. be smart this fourth of july. >> reporter: daisy is sending that advice to the oakland neighbors who may be planning the illegal fireworks display, and the fire department has its own warning. >> we want the people to know both they are illegal and dangerous. if you are caught with them, you will be fined by the oakland police department. >> reporter: the fines ranging from $11,0 1 to $10,000, and th fire danger is high, and the
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drought is still on. dry grass is everywhere. >> we have had not only the house houses catch on fire, but the vegetation fires as well. >> thank you for calling the city of oakland an nonymous tip line. >> reporter: many fire stations have collection barrels to helpp get the fireworks off of the streets, but daisy fears it is not going to stop the party. >> you can put as many policies and fine people, and ticket them, and they will do what they want. >> reporter: and last year the oakland police made the biggest bust in decades seizing fireworks from a home on 82nd avenue and two men arrested but the threat is still out there, and check out the ads from krags list. we found dozens selling fireworks across the bay area. buyer beware. in oakland, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. a fire show last night in oakland water park ended in a grass fire. it pushed the flaming to four acres and the flames were shot
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several feet in the air. fuhr crews were delayed because of the traffic leaving the water park. 3,400 people at the ended the show, and the water park operators say that no one was hurt and no structures were damaged. >> the fireworks mishaps can also occur on the waer te water, and the fire department is warn warning boerts not to send fireworks from their boats. they also ask not the launch emergency flairs unless there is an actual emergency. >> you are looking at the work being done to light up the sky along the san francisco waterfront tomorrow night. several hours of work aboard three barges will literally go up in smoke during tomorrow's fourth of july fireworks show. the pyrotechnic experts will deliver electronic impulses through tubes fill ed with
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fireworks. >> about 10,000 effects in 23 i many ut noose. and you are looking at how it came together last year, and tomorrow night's show came together at 9:30 p.m. sharp. to find all of the legal fireworks displays in the bay area this weekend, head to the website abc 7 where you will find a link to the complete list, but the big question is what the weather going to be looking like. here is our meteorologist joining now. >> eric, you want a fog-free evening and the fireworks are not tonight, but doppler hd is tracking the cloud cover along the coast pushing into the bay at this the hour, and we will zoom into the street level, and you can see from daily city into the sunset, and even into the richmond, and the marina and the presidio, and even into the north beach of san francisco, with the cloud cover pushing into the bay, and even in t
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tiberron they are moving into the area. and so in the a.m., we are going to be seeing inland near the east bay and the south bay, there are going to be patchy fog, and pinpoint where it is going to be located coming up in the forecast. >> thank you, drew. hundreds of people have staked their claim for one of the most popular fourth of july parades in the bay area. abc news was in danville as people placed the garden hairs and cordoned off areas in san fernando boulevard to get a good seat and view of the parade. residents said it used to be rowdy for the competition of the space, but then the city made a rule that the items can not be left unattended until 66:00 p.m. the day before the parade. >> i think it is just all-american. it is just awesome. >> i usually get here by 9:00 and stay until 6:00 ax and this is about 9 hours.
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>> and he says that he has been doing for it 40 years, but he said that lots of people were claiming their spots years ago. the danville parade starts at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. and crews finished repairs after a water main break. they were at lacosta boulevard as crews repaired a part of the freeway damaged from a sinkhole. the broken pipe flooded many business businesses. that means that the fourth of july parade is going on as plan plann planned. gilroy police is looking for a suspect that ran away from officers this afternoon. and zama rippa ran away as officers were patrolling the area for a fight. he is wanted for felony domestic violence, and no one was hurt. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, the thieves broke into the cars without breaking a thing. how to protect your vehicle
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against the threat. plus -- >> i have no idea what it was. it sounded like a cannon. >> a big bang causes a big scare in the central park, and what investigators think happened. >> and later, getting patriotic for prince. how people are pawing tribute to the artist on the fourth. >> the abc 7 news app on the go, on your schedule on one
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an explosion shook new york city and sent the bomb squad rushing into manhattan central park as a 19-year-old man suffered serious injuries this morning. witnesses say he had climbed down a large rock when he stepped on what police believe is a homemade fire woswork.
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>> it was a small explosion and then, then dust. >> and beyond the caliber of fireworks. >> it looked like where there was an explosion. >> at this time, we have no evidence that it is related to terrorism, and no credible threats directed to new york. >> it may not have gone off at an earlier time, and just left there. >> the victim was rushed into surgery. and thiefs have broken into a car in southern california without breaking a thing. they have hacked their way in, and it is a problem that we have seen in the bay area for years where locking the doors is not enough. and now, our sister station in westminster has the story from orange county. >> reporter: take a look at this early morning video from westminster where you are seeing two people breaking into two lo locked cars without smashing a window and doing nothing other than opening up the door. the thieves are using relatively new technology that allows
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people to the amplify the signal from your key fob even if it inside of your house to unlock your doors. and basically, pack their way into the car. >> we have not seen that in our city at all. >> reporter: the owner of these cars did not want to speak to us on camera, but we have seen this technology before, and it first came to our attention in long beach, and sit is happening a lt around los angeles, and so much so that just last month, the lapd issued a crime alert about this technology. >> i was not aware of that. >> reporter: local residents in westminster who used cars with key fobs were caught off guard. >> i don't like this new technolo technology, and i like the old keys. >> it scares me, because the laptop laptops and things that are in the car that are expensive, and so, yeah, that is upsetting. >> the police are look g fing f the suspects, but they say that
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you can wrap the key fob in aluminum foil, and there are companies that make devices to protect the key fob signals. >> coming up at abc 7 news at 9:0 9:00, and how having fourth of july fun will help bay area kids. and returning home with fourth of july, the giants with another blown lead and defense from one brandon crawford and he
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>> several bay area cities still let residents fire off safe and sane fireworks. business was brisk at this stand located at the mall parking lot in san bruno. and stands like this raise money forle schools, and this particular one was helping raise money for sending kids to camp
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st. andrews, and they were giving customers safe areas to set them off. >> in the dry street area, and not where it is wooded or parks or schools. >> in san mateo kocounty, safe sane fireworks are only legal in san bruno and pa scifico. and the hottest seller is the purple rain fountain in honor of the late artist prince. you can share your photos with abc 7 news, by add iing the hashtag a bshbc 7 news now. it looks like the further inland, the better you will see the fireworks, drew? >> yes, i like it. you were listen and i like it. the coast is stuck in fog, and a lot of the fog is going to be pushing into the golden sgat and around the immediate bay, and now, live doppler hd is giving us the all clear in terms of precipitation, and this happen hed moments ago with a beautiful
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time lapse from the east bay hills and once you get down, you have clear skies and you will kn notice that the low clouds are persistent as they always are in the early portion of july, and temperature-wise, it is a mixed bag of 50s and 60s and 60 in hayward and 70 in san jose, and 73 in san ramon, and overnight, the call is where most spots are dropping, and san francisco with the low fog and the ocean influence will drop into the upper 40 and a cool night there, and you will notice that the fog is widespread even in the inland valley, and so fog first thing on the fourth of july. and future cast, hour by hour, and 7:00 in the morning, widespread cloud cover, and picking up on the chance along the coast that there could be drizzle that is confined to the coast, and by 10:00, 11:00 in
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the morning, we will be seeing the sunshine coast to coast, and the cloud cover and that is the theme. and at half moon bay, the cloud cover is clear, and then once you move to oakland, it is going to be sunshiney, and in ap ti yok, 79, and in napa and santa rosa, it is around 79. so if you are head nod the beach, it is going to be cool and cloudy for much of the day. we will have some late day breaks in the cloud cover and a little bit of the afternoon sunshine and ta note tomorrow at the beach, because there is some risk of the strong rip currents, so it is advised to swim by the lifeguards. we pick it up tomorrow evening, and you will see for the north of july, the marine layer is moving back in, and we will take you into san jose tomorrow, and with e e will have perfect condition, and clear skies and perfect for the fireworks celebration, and by 6:00, 75, and then by 10:00, dipping to 66 and midnight, 61, but it is not
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clear everywhere around the bay area. this is the fourth of july forecast. san rafael, and san francisco and half moon bay and oakland, we are dealing with fog and low clouds and once you move east of oakland, fairfield, concord, and even san mateo, you will see that we have clear skies a. typical july pattern is setting up with the coastal fog and a little bit around the bay. and ak y you -- ak cue forecast shows you the fog, and we are bel below normal with the cool numbers for july, and eric, the temperatures will be bouncing back with sunny skies and jump above normal and as you move to the east, we will have clear skies. >> great, we will lose the fog after the fireworks. >> great timing. >> thank you, drew. >> and let's check the sports this sunday, and here is mike
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shuma shumann. >> well, the bull pen once again faltered. arizona with the shot there by brandon belt. and the belt doubled and just like last night the giants up 4-1, and the other brandon crawford making a case to start in the all-star game. barehander, and then ricochets off of the glove, and crawford guns down the runner, and flores gave up two hits in six innings, and the bull pen blew it again. jake lamb tied it up before we went extras. jared park ser coming around from first. the giants give up the lead, but come back to win it 5-4, and the final is 52 wins, the most in the national league. and the a's and the pirates with
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the game tied in the fifth, 2-2, and coco crisp takes care of that going opposite field. and matt mcbride scores for the a's to go up. and meanwhile, a grounder off of the glove, and jordy mercer gets in the way of tyler men dan dorf. and now, david freese doubles up the runner, and the a's swept the pirates in a 3-1 loss. >> and so, we had a chance to score, and we didn't score, so we have been collectively playing well, and 3 of 4 against the angels and the giants and things have been going our way in this series. >> and now, 139-year history we have a play in the middle play of wimbledon. and rain delay with so many matches, we have bonus coverage. and serena williams facing
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annika beck. she actually was trailing in the first set after an unforced error here, and beck led 2-1 games, but it is all serena from there and winning 11 of 12 game, and williams wins for the 300th time the at a grand slam, and seven wins away from the all-time record and moving into the fourth round with a straight set victory. a marathon match usually involves john isner taking on joe wilfred tsonga, and the match took two days with the fifth set taking two hour, and the fourth longest set there. and there were 13 more winners the match, but isner fell on match point, and tsonga with the great drop volley moving on to the fourth round with a five-set victory. and now, in the quarter cups, iceland taking on the host nation france. olivier jer rude to get behind
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the defense, drilling it in, and 1-0, france. it was 4-0, by halftime, and anton greeceman chipping it over the keeper, and frabs is going to face germany in the semis with a 5-2 victory. and the tour de france, 1,300 miles in france as a little crash on the peloton caused a little traffic jam. the roads dried up in the finish to allow peter is agon to sprint fast the leader, and the win gave is agan the leader yellow jersey. at firestoneb in ohio, dustin johnson in the first start since winning the us open started with a round of 76, and he is in the clubhouse tied with jason day, but after a bogey on the 17, and a third shot on the par 5 finding the water. i don't believe he likes the water. and double bogey 7, and dustin
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johnson wins the bridgestone, and he has to be the favorite going into the british open. 2009 nba coach of the year mike brown has sealed the deal as steve kerr's top assistance coach, and kevin durant to announce his decision where he is going to play tomorrow. >> and so he is going to be replacing luke walton basically? >> yes, the new head coach of the lakers. >> and coming up, the legend of tarzan came swinging through the movie theaters this weekend, but was it a famous
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come up tonight at 11:00, a blind woman sclams her disability is a disadvantage while trying to catch a share service. the confrontation caught on phone. and why scientists believes that the trees in the sierras are dying and why it could leave
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a permanent scar. those stories tonight at 11:00. and this year, pixar is celebrating because "finding do dori" is tops at the the box office. it took in $41 million, and the parent company disney forecast a h holday total of $50 million. the "legend of tarzan" came in second, and the horror "purge" came in third, and followed by the fantasy adventure movie "the bfg." busy at the box office this july. that is it for abc news 7 at 9:00. and we will hope to see you and we will hope to see you offon our app, and we
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♪ it's the michelle meow show, your a-z covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between. ♪♪ here's michelle meow. welcome. thank you so much for joining me. i'm michelle meow, your host. this show is your a-z covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between show. february is a special month in which it is african-american history month, and it also recognizes love with valentine's day. so, tonight we'll feature a story about love, a mother's love, and also will feature an interview with the stars of "mighty real: a fabulous sylvester musical", but before we get to our interviews let's share some inspirational quotes from lgbt leaders. the first one is from jason collins. jason collins is the first out gay nba player,


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