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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 5, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. liverom the kgo tv broadcast center, is is abc 7 news. >> now at 110, drivers in the crosshairs. tonight police are seching for the gunman opening fire on cars on a busy stretch of south bay ad. good evening. i'm eric thomas in for dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. four drivers have been hit by gunfire in the last two months on a stretch of ossom hill road between monterey and poughkeepsie road. live in san jose with thestory. >> reporter: ama, very disturbing indeed. all the shootings have taken place here behind me along blossom hill road after midnight. everything else, according to poli, is totally random. a warning to south san jose drivers tonight. someone is shooti at cares long blossom hill road.
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the first shooting happened may 4th at blossom hill and poughkeepsie. that driver wasn't rt, but less than a month laterhere was another shooting nearby. this time the driver was grazed by a bult. >> it's scary because now all these shootings are going on. u don't know what is going to happen. you ha to walk out of your house and go anywhere, just like kind of like jitter and ready to go. >> reporter: but the shootings didn't stop. june 30th, a bullet hit a male driver's car, but he wasn't hurt. then three days later on july 2nd, this happened. >> heard a loud bang andhe window shattered. >> reporter: a window driving a black ford fusion called police after bein hit by shrapnel or glass. all of this is making those who frequent this area rvous. >> it makes me think twice before i come down this busy intersecti, especially with the new shopping center, a little bit nicer. i like to go there with my
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family. solve it's a little scary coming down now. >> reporter: extra police are patrolling the area. inan jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 new a search is under way right now for pair of hikers los in the north bay. it's happening at sugarloaf state park in kenwood on the border of sonoma and napa counties. a report the couple called for help after nearly seven hours of hiking, saying they were exhausted and dehydrated. we'lhave updates in this newscast and on thebc 7 news app. enable push alerts to get instant updates on your mobile devices. a facebook engineer is accused of raping his friend and refusing to let her leave his home in palo alto. officers arrested yue zhou today. she drove him home after going out to dinner with friends. shwent into his house for a glass of water. that's when the victim says he raped her and used a knife to hold her against her will. she was able to esce a few
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hours later. >> she distract and him and was able to get out the front door to her car. >> i believe he is innocent. i don't believe he did anything. he is a very soft-spoken guy. i spoke with him last night and he didn't seem distraught or shook up. >> police don't believe there are any more possible victims in this case. we have new details tonight in the offic sex scandal involving an a underagegirl. the contra costa public defender is now looking into cases handled by five richmond police officers and a former contra costa sheriff's deputy to see if the cases were tainted. they're accusedof having sex with celeste guap who told the i team dan noise she had sex with more than 30 officers in the bay area. richmond's police chief issued a statement tonight saying, quote, i'm sorry that this matter bringsmbarrassment to the professional men and womenf the richmond police department and to our community. a jury has found a man guilty of second-degree rder and gross vehicular manslaughter for a deadly crash that killed a u.s. marine in fremont. andrew silva had just returned
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home from serving in afghanistan when he was kille while riding his motorcycle in march of 2014. investigators say alexanr yawn was drunk. they say he drank between nine to 12 shots of whiskey before getting into his c. he will be sentenced next month. turning point today in the race for white house. the fbi won't recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. president obama joined her on the campaign trail as they look to put the e-mail scandal behind them. at the same time, donald ump is going on the attack. abc news reporter megan hughes has more from washington, d.c. >>eporter: fbi director james comey blasting hlary clinton for her e-mail use during her tenure as secretarof state. >>ny reasonable person in so i can -- secretary clinton's position or corresponding about those matters should have known it was no place fo that conversation. >> reporte while clinton insist she never received or sent athing classied at the time, comey said investigators uncovered many classified
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e-mail, including some that were marked. but ultimately the decision to charge her rested on one question. did she violate cassified information on purpos >> no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> hillary, hillary! >> reporter: hours later president obama joininclinton on the campaign trail. >> and i'm readyo pass the baton. >> no mention of the fbi, instead uniting against donald trump. >> can you imagine him sitting the oval office? the next time america faces a crisis. >> nobod actually knows what it takes to do the job. until you sat behindhe desk. >> trump also in th tar heel state wednesday night. >> today is the best evidence ever that we've seen that our system is absoluly totally rigged. it's rigged. >> the justice department will still have the final say.
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but attorney general loretta lynch has previously stated she expects to follow the fbi's recommendations. megan hughesabc news, washington. a memorial was held today a uc berkeley for one of the students killed in the bangladesh atack. 19-year-old tarishi jain had just finished her fresan year. she was doing an internship at bank this dhaka. jain was onef those killed after attackers took over a fe last week. say she was an inspiration and wanted to help better the lifes ois she was kind. she was funny. she was ambitious. i mean, the wod is just so much emptier without her. >> the university is offering students counseling for the rt of the week. an antioch couple faces felony grand theft charges. they're accused of running a ponzscheme that lasted four years. prosecutors have issue arrest warrant for quinn tony tran and
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his wife may lisa tran. they're accuseof takie ining mo from cher church and social circle. a new fight now challging state law. the new law ruires children entering school are dayare be vaccinated. went into effect on friday. a group of parents has filed a suit in san diego to overturn the statut claiming it violates children's right to education under the state's constitution. new at 11:00, signing up to be an organ donor is now a few smartphone swipes away. >> katie marzullo joins us live with how a silicon valley tech gianis making it easier than ever to give the gi of. >> we're talk about apple and the iphone there will be a feature within an app thatou already have that will sign you up. no trip to the dmv require >> there is not a day that goes by that i don't count my blessings for that.
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>> in 2014, aubrey brewster had a liver transplant. he had been on a wting list for nine month. >> i had a icon right on the front my book. i had an icon that says my funeral. >> ultimately, he had to go to new orleans to receive the organ that saved his life. in 2009, apple co-founder steve jobs also went out of state to receiver a liv transplant. apple ceo tim cook says jobs', quote, excruciating wait is what inspir him to create a new feature on the iphone. iphone users will be able to sign up with the national registry within the health app that comes standard on the phone. technology moves so fast that the palm of your hand there is no excuses w. >> there are more than 120,000 people waiting nationally for a fe-saving organ. >> so it's fantastic to see everybody rolling up their sleeves and reallyaking the team approach to try to combat
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this zoner feature. >> steve jobs left a legacy. >> it will be available in the fall with ios 10. katie marzullo, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 ne at 11:00 continues. the sidewalk repair job in the east bay prompting outrage among earthquake scientists. plus pet stor shoplifting. the tiny felines targeted in the east bay andhe happy reunion tonight the. and the huge mega millions jackt. find out if anyone is striking it rich tonight. i'm spencer christian. we have some very unsumm-like temperatures coming our way this week. how cool it's going to be in my accuweather forecast coming up. first, a look at what is coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live after abc 7 news at leng. >> look at what we made f you tonight. one, two, three, then grab it. >> okay. and? it'sone.
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walnut creek, burling gate andcampbell, all the abc 7news area. >> normally a sidewalk repair job would be seen as something beneficial to a neighborhood. >> but tonight people in one hayward neighborhood say the city had ruined what was once an iconic landmark for earthquake scientists. alissa harrington. >> reporter: this fault was moving. since the 1960s it shifted away about eight inhes. scientists came from all over the study it but now it's gone. and a lot of people want to know why.
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this is what the curb used to look like on hayward's rose and prospect streets. this is it now. the city repaired the crooked curb, but some say they ruined it. it showed the dramatic movement of the hayward fault, a section of it runs under the street. >> it was a landmark. and people would come here and kind ofmeasure, i guess, how much the plate is moving. >> and it was cool. >> the city tore it out and upgraded the intersection to make it wheelchair accessible. science writer aldon took these pictures during his many visits. he cled the curb an icon for geologistsa text book example of an earthquake. college students would take bus ips here. she is surprised the city would remove such an impornt educational tool. >> yes, you have to fix the street and yes potholes. but th was there to measure, you know, the fault line. you know, the city should have known at. >> reporter: assistant city
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manager kelly mcadoo says they didn't know. >> we unfortunately weren' aware of the site prior to doing the work there. is a lot of sites within the city that people are moniting either informally or formally. weave the hayward fault running throh the entire community. >> reporter: it's too late to do anything about it now. but she encourages people to let them know of any other such landmarks so the city can keep record of it and take that into e consideration for future projects. in hayward, alissa harrington, abc 7 news. you might be one of the thousands of commuters who rly on 280 between san jose andan francisco. and now the junipero freeway has a new ckname. one researcher calls it a death trap for wildlife. you cansee, the wide busy freeway sits next to hilly open space areas uc davis scientists found 280 as california'sighest rate of crashes involving vehicles a animals. many of e accidents involve deer trying to cross the freewa now not so wildlife. a kitty cper in the east bay.
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but the teenag thieves are still on the run. abc 7 news was in lafayette where two stolen kittens are back where they belong. two gir are accused of stealing t kittens sunday from the pet food expss store. the teens dressed in disguise returned the anils today after a facebook post about th thefts started getting a lot of attention. mary milton is fostering the litter. >> i didn't thinkhe people who took them meant evil. i felt, yeah, like a dummy, and my heart went down to my guts. >> the kittens will be back at the pet food express store and up for adoption on sunda netflix will soon be available through comcast netflix streaming video service ll become part of x-1 platform sometime later this year that means comcast customers will soon fin a netflix button on their remote control. >> for some of us, $450 million just isn't enough toget you out of the bed in the morning and
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trying to play the lottery. how about 800 million? >> i mightonsider that. that is the new jackpot ter no one matched all o tonight's winning mega millionsnumbers. >> here is a look at the numbers. they are 29, 46, 53, 64, and 73. the mega ball number the is 10. this is now the 35th time the jackpot has rolled over, and that is a mega millions record. thenext drawing is on friday. >> stay tuned for that. all right. we don't have to stay tuned much longer for our weather forecast. >> if spenr doesn't show up for work one day, we know the heat won. >> buy a lottery ticket first. we have que a bit of fog near the coast and across the bay right now. sheelive view from the abc 7 exploratorium camera at pier 15 at embarcadero ceer under partly foggy conditions. we have current temperature readings of 56 degreesn the city. 59 across the bay in oakland. 58 san jose. morgan hill 54 55 at half moon bay. check thought view from our soutast camera look along the
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bay bridge. it looks pretty clear right there. but there is fog over parts of thbay. 53 at sta rosa and nap pal. 56 in novato. 57 in fairfield. 56 atlivermore. here is a view of the golden gate bridge where traffic is moving along nicely. we'll have foggy conditions overnight with chance of spotty drizzle mainly near the coast and the bay. cloudy mornings and cl afternoons will be the rule into the weekend. we'll see warmer pattern developing on sunday. overnight we'll have lo temperatures mainly in the low to mid-50s with lots o fog moving pretty well inland. here is the fog cast forecast animation starting at 11:00 tonigh you can see the fog reaching across thebay, by 3:00 a.m. or so. but through the early morning and midday hours, we'll see the fog pulling back t the coastline, leaving us with sunny skies inland and over the bay. let's check out our high teerature range tomorrow. in the south bay mainly uer 70s to near 80. about 77egrees in santa rosa. in san je, rather. we'll get toanta rosa in a minute. on the peninsula, look for highs ranging from 68 at san mateo to
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74 at palo alto. 75 at mountainview. on the coast it will be foggy, breezy and cool with highs only in the mid to upper 50s. downtown san fraisco will top out at 62 degrees tomorrow. 64 down in south san francisco. up in the north bay now, santa rosa. degrees will be the high tomorrow. 79 at onoma. east bay high 67 in kland. 72 at newark. 73 at fremont. and in the inland east bay, usually our mildest region, it will be mild but not very warm. highs in the upper 70s in walnut creek, san ramon and pleasanton. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's going to be a mild week, but cooler than average with temperatures gadually dropping off. saturday will be the coolest day in the forecast period with inland highs only in the upper 70s to right aund 80 in the warmest spots. we'll see low 70s saturday on the bayside, bayshore location. upper 50s on the coast. then we warm up on sunday. nday, monday and tuesday, look for mid-8 inland. mid-70s around the bay. and about 60 degrees on the
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that's whatappens when steph curry knocks on your door.
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the warriors organized 23 sketball camps over the summer. all of them sold out. how fun. >> many ideas went through my head right now. hey, what is going on in sports? >> i acted the same when steph came to my room on the road. >> that's what i was going to say. >> feel so good about a possible victory when madison bumgarner is on the hill. gave up three-run jack.
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abc 7 sports broht to you by river rock casino. giants hosting the rockies tonight. th all-star madison bumgarner on the hill.
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mad bu joined by buster posey and cueto. it may be july in san francisco. but a good night to be bundled up. brandon bell a base hit. angel pagan is goingo score. the rockies threatening in the third. inning bases loaded, two out. deep wn the right field line. lo at matt williamson. got a beat, what catch. saving three runs, never slowing down, even though the wall was close. and mad bum loving the effort of his right fielder. giants get more luck in the fih. tyler chatwood strikes out bell. but the ball gets a away. 2-0 g-men. mad bum six days in six innings. the bull penblows the lead. 17th save of the year by the gits bull pen, most in the majors. the rockies are going to go on to win, 7-3 your final. to minnesota almost a three-hour rain delay this which stephen vogt was selected as the
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a'only all-star. 18th of the year, 1-0, as. another former a, kurt suzuki, they're everywhere. getsnother rbi in the fourth with the base hit to left.
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