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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 6, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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so you don't have to face one more stank face. tidy cats. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> only on abc 7 news, the young woman at the center of a police sex scandal makes a shocking new revelation to the i-team tonight. she says an east bay police department offered to put her on a plane tonight for a month-long stay in rehab. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm eric thomas in for dan ashley. the i-team's dan noyes talked to celeste guap today. >> and he joins us with this exclusive report. >> reporter: ama and eric, the 18-year-old who calls herself celeste guap has been up-front with me how she makes her money and the serious drugs she uses. she admits she is addict and sometimes thinks about quitting.
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today the richmond pd tried to get her into rehab 3,000 miles away. and some were questioning were their motives clear? a richmond police sergeant brought celeste zbup the family justice center. she said he was in a hurry. didn't give her time to put on shoes. she wore her bedroom slippers. he tried to get her on a plane tonight. >> what did they say today? >> to go to rehab. >> reporter: and they're trying to get you to go when? >> tonight. they said it was a paid vacation, to consider it a paid vacation. >> reporter: celeste said in past i-team reports that she has had sex with more than 30 officer, sergeant, lieutenants, and captains from seven different agencies. a few paid. most did not. and several of those cases could turn out to be statutory rape. the investigations are under way. now celeste tells me she is still in contact with several officers, and they question the motivation of the richmond pd, trying to send her across the country when there are good rehab facilities in the bay area. do you think they're sending you
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away for another reason because of rehab? >> they want to shut me up. somebody familiar with the situation said that they're -- they're just trying to shut me up. >> reporter: richmond police chief al alwyn brown did not answer my questions about who would pay for the rehab, and why send a witness and several investigations across the country. he wrote we did reach out to her separate and apart from our personnel investigation through family justice center staff with the intent to get her connected to services that could help because it was apparent that she might benefit. we cannot comment further. >> i would ask why now. why are they sending this woman 3,000 miles away? >> former federal prosecutor and abc 7 legal analyst gill soffar called the richmond pd move to send celeste to rehab in miami a disastrous idea and tone deaf. >> why take the risk at the minimum of giving the community the impression that they're trying to hide something?
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because that's the opt toyics o, which gives the impression of what she is saying that they're trying to silence her that should be the impression you would want to be avoiding. >> reporter: celeste informed the richmond pd she might go to rehab next week, but she told me tonight she said she wouldn't go. she is talking with a prominent attorney about filing a lawsuit, including those whose officer mace have committed statutory rape. i'll stay on top of this. eric, ama? >> thanks. tonight market street is open again after a nearly four-hour-long s.w.a.t. standoff with man who wouldn't take his hands out of his pockets. >> it all started around 2:15 today at jones and mcallister streets. abc 7 news reporter is live at city hall with our developing story. melanie? >> reporter: well, just over my shoulder, you can see acting police chief toney chaplin and the police commission president just now exiting city hall following tonight's police commission meeting. at that meeting, people applauded chief chaplin for the
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outcome of this incident. he says this is what officers have been training to do the last year and a half. in his words, the longer we delay these situations, the better they end. the nearly four-hour standoff was filled with tense moments. there were beanbag shot, flash-bangs with one goal in mind. >> the sanctity of human life. we would have stayed out until tomorrow. >> reporter: sfpd respond todman with a handgun in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. from sky 7 hd, you can see the man shirtless, belly down on the street. >> thought they were going to kill my cousin. >> reporter: the man told police he wanted them to take his life. >> the officers did what we've been training to do for the last 18 months. that is they created a safety pocket. they backed up. they created time. >> reporter: it was that time that enables officers to de-escalate the situation while a vocal crowd gathered nearby. >> you have killed too many already. >> reporter: the man's family assisted negotiators. officers secured this weapon and ammunition.
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>> he was hurt a little bit by some of the projectiles that had to be fired when he started clicking the gun. >> reporter: mayor lee commended writing in direct communication with me all afternoon. he continually showed the judgment and prudence that resulted in a nonviolent outcome. he apologized for being late to the police commission. >> he is not dead because of the reforms we implemented. >> that does not account for years of carnage. >> reporter: when asked if the man would be facing charges, acting police chief chaplain said the man would first have a psychological evaluation. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. a porsche slammed into a mansion in san francisco, killing the driver and causing a fire inside the home. it happened this afternoon in the city's sea cliff neighborhood. family members say the driver was 75-year-old gary young who lived in the neighborhood. moments earlier, the car slammed into a parked truck. witnesses say the driver appeared to be out of control.
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>> really high rate of speed. went through the stop sign over here at 32nd and california. and then i heard the impact down the road. >> no one was inside the home at the time. firefighters did rescue two dogs from the house. you see one of them there. there is a sharp turn at the end of the block. neighbors say this the second crash there in six months. well, first it was massive flames. now there is a new danger tonight at the scene of that six-alarm fire that destroyed a building under cruction and left nearby people homeless. the fire breck out early this morning san pablo avenue and adeline street on the oakland-emeryville border. cornell bernard is live in emeryville tonight with a new problem neighbors are facing. cornell? >> crews have been keeping a very close eye on this giant crane which started to melt in the heat of the fire, becoming unstable tonight. that crane is slowly being taken apart. neighbors are salvaging their possessions.
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>> that was my room. >> reporter: carrie deacon is showing us what is left of her town house. the roof is gone. one of ten heavily damaged by a massive fire which started overnight in the building next door. >> it was awful. and i was shaking so bad, i had no time to stop and think, like, to grab my id, grab my wallet. >> reporter: firefighters are still putting out hot spots. the fire was intense. the overnight blaze engulfed this five-story apartment building under construction on the oakland-emeryville border. the giant crane nearby appeared to melt and sway in the heat of the inferno. hours later the charred crane still standing, but crews feared it would fall. so they slowly dismantled it, using a blowtorch to separate the steel, lowering pieces to the ground. >> fireworks were going off here in the neighborhood last night. >> reporter: neighbors posted on facebook they heard fireworks before the fire started. >> that has not been confirmed
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or denied. so fire investigators are speaking with residents. >> reporter: as for carrie, she has no renters insurance. >> my coworkers have raised some money for me to kind of help me get back on my feet. >> reporter: the red cross helping carrie and others find a temporary place to live. in emeryville, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. in one of san jose's biggest marijuana busts in recent history, police seized nearly 1900 plants from seven homes in east and south san jose a landlord at one home got suspicious and called police. the marijuana plants are worth more than $4 million. police detained the people they call the masterminds of the operation. dean trend and tim lee. a lot of people heard a loud boom in san francisco tonight. it turns out san francisco police disposed of some, quote, ballistic teenagers ocean street near ortega. it seized the materials earlier in the day. sfpd isn't saying where the
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materials came from. but around 5:00 p.m., the bomb squad responded to oak park drive for the report of a suspicious package. a novato man was cited by police after striking a bicyclist with a paint ball. it happened monday afternoon on sir francis street boulevard east of state route 1 near bolinas. authority says five men in their late teens were riding in a bmw when one of them launched a pain ball from inside. the cyclist wasn't injured. police say it doesn't appear there was a specific motive. new at 11:00, a battle is brewing over plans to transform a historic landmark in the east bay. numerous neighbors voiced their concerns over the proposed expansion of the clairemont hotel. they believe the new construction would add to the traffic headaches in the area. the planning commission said it would review the concerns raised tonight before it orders an environmental impact report. abc 7 news at 11:00 continues. still ahead, graphic video of
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two white police officers opening fire on a black man in louisiana. the new angle of the shooting that we're just seeing tonight. pay as you go. the pilot program that could be the future of how california repairs its roads. for the second time in a week, tesla's autopilot is once again face anything scrutiny. the chill was with us today. the city some 10 degrees below normal. but i am tracking warmer weather
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santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> vigils and protests were held tonight in louisiana following the shooting death of a black man by two white police officers in baton rouge. now warning.
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some of you may find this following video graphic. >> gun! [ bleep ]. >> you hear someone yell he's got a gun as police wrestle with alton sterling. just seconds later officers shot and killed him. this happened just after midnight as police responded to a call about a man brandishing a gun. his family is vowing to fight for answers. >> i will not rest or not allow him to be swept in the dirt. >> witnesses say police recovered a gun from sterling's pocket. the justice department is now investigating. and the justice department's case against hillary clinton is officially closed tonight. attorney general loretta lynch says there will be no charges against clinton over her use of a private e-mail account as secretary of state. yesterday, after a year-long investigation, the director of the fbi said clinton was, quote, extremely careless in using a private e-mail server. but recommended that no criminal
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charges be brought. here is a question. would you rather pay by the gallon or pay by the mile? >> none of the above. >> yeah, be you have to. a caltrans pilot program is under way to study a mileage tax for california drivers instead of the current gas tax to pay for road maintenance. >> katie marzullo is live in san jose with the pros and the cons. katie? >> reporter: eric, ama, the gas tax that you pay here at the pump has been serving california well for decades. but the problem moving forward is that it's producing less and less revenue as more and more people drive fuel efficient and electric cars. under the current gas tax, drivers who use more gas pay more tax. >> some people are going to be paying a lot more in gas taxes than other people to drive. and there is a fundamental unfairness to that at some level. >> reporter: with a mileage tax, everyone pays per mile they drive. but why should fuel efficient drivers be punished? >> if somebody is driving an
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electric vehicle, they're doing the right thing pour the environment, we should give them a little break. i think the real question is if we're moving forward the a mileage tax, how do we pick the right one? >> 5,000 are taking part in the program testing the merits including how the mileage data would be collected. >> at the absolute simplest we could once a year check people's odometers and send them a bill. at the other end we could have the equivalent of a gps device in every week. >> reporter: the revenue is needed to pay for road maintenance and repair. drivers of gas and electric cars have mixed feelings. >> polluting less and then we would be taxed the same. it just doesn't sound like the ideal situation. >> i would think with less people using gas that it would be -- it would make sense. so i would probably be in favor of it. >> no money is exchanging hands during the program. katie marzullo, abc 7 news.
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there is more scrutiny for tesla's self-drive mode. a pennsylvania man claims it caused his car to roll over. it hit the median before landing on its roof. the man survived. tesla says there is no evidence autopilot was involved in the crash. autopilot is believed to have caused a deadly accident in florida in may. all right. it's been a cool one around the bay area. let's check the weather forecast. >> drew tuma is in for sandhya and has the latest. >> hi. a couple more days of cool weather and then we'll see temperatures rebound over the weekend. doppler getting the all clear in terms of precipitation. but it is tracking a fair amount of fog. taking over the entire city of san francisco, daly city in the fog right now. even moving into the east bay. you see berkeley, emeryville, and oakland, alameda, fog is there. even in moraga. and stretching to the south. we'll slide there and ease on the outskirts of union city. the fog sex responding. it's just an indication of the
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cool pattern we have been in. look at this today. the average high in san francisco this time of the year should be 69 degrees. we struggled just to reach 59 this afternoon. and 59 is typical for the start of january. so it feels more like winter out there than it does summer. temperatures have fallen into the 50s in most spots. 59 in mountain view. 55 in san francisco. currently 59 oakland with overcast skies. clear skies in san jose at 62. right now antioch the mild spot at 65 degrees. we'll take you outside for a live look from our east bay hills camera. you see at&t park. here is the bay bridge and the lights bouncing off of that low cloud cover. the forecast going to call for that fog and some spotty drizzle along the coast into tomorrow morning. it will be below average the next three days. and then that warmer pattern really kicks in here on sunday. overnight tonight, everybody drops into the 50s from the coast to the bay and inland. and we'll see that fog expand. future weather goes hour by hour, tracks that fog through 7:00 in the morning. you see most spots waking up in the fog. outside of the south bay, the
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south bay looks to start with mainly clear skies. slow to clear even into the after. it looks like san francisco really going to be in a lot of cloud cover tomorrow afternoon. even some high clouds continuing to berkeley, san leandro, san lorenzo. the south bay looks to stay entirely clear throughout the entirety of your thursday. highs similar today for tomorrow. about 59 half moon bay. 62 san francisco. 77 san jose with sunny skies. 69 concord. 67 oakland. and napa up to 67 degrees. if you're headed to the beaches just know high very uv index will be there. we'll see some late day breaks of sunshine. but cloud cover really sticking in for much of the day. 69 for half main bay. 70 for santa cruz. we have that cool pattern at least through saturday with that morning cloud cover to afternoon sunshine. then sunday, you see that warming begins. and eric and ama, i think you're really going to feel it monday, tuesday and wednesday next week. well go back into the low 90s. inland, a lot of 70s and 80s will pop up around the bay. >> okay, drew, thanks.
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>> okay, drew, thanks. still ahead, the thriving
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♪music the lord says, "come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and i will give you rest." join us for the majesty of the catholic mass here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit
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two litters of adorable mountain lion kittens are thriving tonight in the mountains near santa monica. this is new video from the national park service. it's been following them using a gps device attached to mom's collar. there are three females and two males. they're very cute. but they're very small. >> now. great video, though. all right. well, we have big news around here. >> let's check in. >> kevin durant will make a first appearance in the bay area tomorrow as a warrior, and we'll have it live right here on abc 7. more details coming up. plus, the giants's johnnyo league's first 13-game winner. coming up in sports.
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abc 7 sports brought to row by river rock casino. >> well, the giants hosting the rockies, as drew said on a cold summer night in san francisco. all-star john any cueto on the hill looking for his 13th win of the year. what a great pickup he has been for the g-men. brandon bell with a deep fly to right field. it's going to hit the bottom of the brick wall. takes a funky bounce. bell ends up on third. 1-0 giants. the other brandon crawford drives bell home with a single
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to center. 2-0 giants. proving why they should be all-stars. johnny cueto is an all star. in the fourth, troy walters swinging in the five. dj lemahieu in the sixth. bottom six, buster posy. see ya. 3-1 giants lead. and now 5-1 giants. and cueto is going to get carlos gonzalez to ground out to end the game. he pitched a game. 13th victory, tops in the national league. and the giants win it 5-1. the a's in minnesota, a twin game. santana quickly crushed their hopes. gets khris davis swinging. then he gets all-star steven stephen vogt looking. perfect through 4 2/3 innings. let's go bottom five. runner on first for the twins. joe maurer sends him home with a double to the left center gap. the only run allowed by sunny gray. john ashford in the game.
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now bases loaded. he walks max kepler to give the twins a 2-0 lead. add a sac fly to make it three-0. now 4-0. and billy burns going to put them out of their misery. will ground out to end the game. santana to beat the a's, 4-0 your final. kevin durant will make his first appearance as a warrior tomorrow. he'll be introduced at 1:00 p.m. by the warriors. and you can see it right here live on abc 7. he is going to sign a two-year deal worth $54 million and begin looking for an affordable studio apartment in the city. kevin, if you're watch, welcome to bay area. we can't wait. dubs not the only team grabbing attention. both agreed with dwyane wade. two years, $47 million. he spent 13 years in miami. won three nba titles. he is from chicago. so he is coming home. and the bulls are trading mike dunleavy to cleveland to make room. this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. it's going to be interesting to
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see what kevin durant has to say. it's going to be a lot of fun next season. we know that and it's going to be great to have him here as a warrior. >> all right. thanks a lot, man. well, abc 7 news continues now online, on twitter, on facebook, on all your mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. >> our next ne


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