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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 7, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>>reporter: that breaking news is in dallas tonight where gunfire broke out at protest. 10 officers have been shot at least three have been killed. good evening thanks for joining us. i'm amma. >> i'm dan. the violence comes after two fatal police shootings this week. >> 7 news reporter katie joins us live from the newsroom with the latest.
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>> this is still a very fluid situation but we know 10 officers have been shot and three are dead. dallas police chief says those 10 officers include both dallas police officers and dallas area rapid transit officers. in addition to the three killed 3 critical and two are in surgery. two snipers from an elevated position. witness describe the gunö' fire uúlisten'> shotslp came during protest around 9 this evening and
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dallas. some 800 people were there. you can see they took off running. police took off running. everyone seeking cover amid the gun fire. protest was over police shootings of black men inkç louisiana and minnesota. after the shooting officers seen searching for the shooters in a parking garage. officers seen at the greyhound bus station. the police chief saysáy no suspect are in custody. affiliate in dallas report that go homeland security is now on the scene. again between the police shot this dallas. we have more for you as soon as it's available. >> thanks very much. >> there are protest in oakland tonight as well. >> several hundred people marching through the city and they have now stopped traffic along i 8 80. >> cornell joins us live with more. cornell? >>reporter: let's get right to it.
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the story is quickly developing tonight and has now taken a turn. thousands join the protest that is now blocking a major freeway. sky 7 hd over 8 80 where demonstrators blocking both directions of that freeway. they walked up the off ramp near broadway i'd say about 45 minutes ago with little resistance we are told from police. they blocked traffic and at one point started lighting fireworks on the freeway. even cal-trans sign was vux"a vandalize after some one lit a fireworks next to it. as you can imagine this protest causing complete chaos on the freeway. such a big mess up there. if you are heading anywhere toward 8 80 off the bay wrinl you might want to avoid 8 80 because so many protestors are causing so many problems on the freeway tonight. earlier there was a march down broadwayne@.
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o peace. no justice no peace. many. >>reporter: 3l black lives mattr protestors took to theoj streets of downtown oakland early tonight marching down the middle of broadway demanding justice police shootings of two k men in two days louisiana and minnesota. the group stopped at oakland officers blocked entra the protest was peaceful. one mother from saint pall, is outraged life was taken in her city. >> i am very upset and outrage outraged. he was a member of our community up there. born and raised.5 had a great family antmjrz just very upset and i'm embarrassed. embarrassed that something ]:óviy city. >>/ú we have to stand together.g there's no more fightingtp each other. we:  can not do it any moreq needxh each other0. we need eachw1 other.
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to7vtpárol ourfgçqb system. >>5t short time.h later the headquarters5i marching4 back o city hallj8 joined by hundreds & we monitork' the protest,( thas now blockingçu both direction of broadway. w5 bring the very latestr to you at 11:00 p.m. dg on abc 7 news. live in oaklandi3 tonight. >> let'srj go back live to takea look at this scene. this is sky 7 above 8 80 again as cornell mention broadwayñç so travelling is stochltd hard to make out because a line of make outu(v 30. a line of demonstrate it clearly. line of cars in both di8(urjq t. cut off by those protestors. we'll stay on the story as you look live fromhz sky 7 hd. tonight protest follow the two police involved shootings in
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two days(v where you talk about the first in baton rouge. first happened last night in minnesota during a traffic stop. aftermath of that shooting was streamed live on the internet. elizabeth has the story. >> two black men shot and killed by police in two days. disturbing for president obama weighing in from poland. >> because of the color of their skin they are not being treated the same. that hurts. >>reporter: mean while minnesota tension spoiling overism this is black earning. >> our babies are dichlingt i am tired. >> enough is enough. >>reporter: emotion running high. following the fatal police shooting of 32-year-old castillo during a traffic stop outside this hall. the girlfriend in the car with her young daughter tough. told him to get his i.d. driver's license. >>reporter: live streaming aftermath on facebook. >> nothing within his body
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ña(q dead.aid kill me i want to >>reporter: the minnesota governor turning to the justice department for independent review just a day after the review just a da beforethe this police shooting in louisiana. >> police in baton rouge respond to disturbancebaj call about a man brandishing a gun shooting and killing 3 37-year-old sterling. >> i will not rest the or not allow him to be swept in the dirt. >>reporter: back in minnesota the governor apologize to go castillo girlfriend doing little to calm the crowd. >> i can'tl' tell you how sorri am terrible tragedy on you and your family. >> i don't want you to be sorry. i want you to be more careful. >> we want justice. >>reporter: according to the fbi director he has been briefed on the situation in minnesota and says likely schedule investigators will get involved. this is abc news new york.
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>>&p thank you. we'll continue to update you throughout the newscast. on the situation in dallas and in oakland. reporting continues right now on twitter however follow us on our web site and we'll have more on abc 7 news at 11:00 overlm on channel 7 on the developing news. >> nearly 4 hour stand off with armed suspect in san francisco and peaceful yesterday. officers subdued the man with bean bag rather than shooting him with bullet. man still went to the hospital and what turns out to be pretty bad shape. here's melanie. >>reporter: san francisco police say the nearly 4 hour stand off with a man in an altered mental state armed with gun ended peacefully thanks to the help of his family. this is the man's cousin. she along with his nephew recorded messages. hostage negotiators played for the man. >> he told us his uncle that he
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loved him and just give up. because it's not worth it.  event derd. sf pd acting police chief chaplain said this was the out come officers wanted. they have been training to de-escalate situation like this one the last year and a half. >> we were going to give him as much time as he needed to make sure that we did not have to result to lethal foyvrments i applaud him for that. yes, i do. >>reporter: they have now stoychlt i'm pissed off. i am pissed off. >>reporter: family members say sf pd told them their loved one would be in the psych ward at sf general. police not named the man but we have learned he's the create consolidate condition. curry snows one called her or the5#aq÷ man's mother to tell t. >> they value my phone number. okay. they talk on my phone to his mother. so why couldn't they call me and tell me. >>reporter: at the scene yesterday active police chief says the man injuries were
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non-life tlaengt. he says caused by projectile police fired at him. >> like being hit with a night stick. >>reporter: the kins is bipolar and she doesn't know how he got a gun. best out come for her family now she says that he will be okay. in san francisco melanie abc 7 news. >> i want to share some disturbing video with you with a little dog recovered after injured by fireworks early this week. v to was7! proot to the san franciscor" spcay yesterdayó in coalinga with4ó badly injure eye. veterinarians at then& spca rtill lose it unfortunately. she's being monitoredícespite friendly. concerningnl what is he9t has been through this22ç >> once healthyá3 she will be pt
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up8ñ for adoption. >> once healthyá3 she will b. pt we have updatef& on the situatin we have updatef& on the situatin iner dallast.
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isd&. >>6w tonight we are closely &l(sju)jt events in dallas2 whereadl police say as many asc ewsroom updating thecr
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>> new information and new image;b take a look at this photo. z@ dallas policesv just releasedñ this. they say6f this man is a persony also updated the@/ numbers there telling us$=]j 11 officersp: have been shotqñ and) were killed. that number$d has noy(rp'ged but jjr arrest made yetnwñ police chief in dallasezw just gaiving briefing among other6i things. suspect planted a snipers from elevated+) positis as!y protest rallyzñ march endes began0g firing upon ourpñ officm át. suspectsñjík@v were position suspects a way to try angion late on the officers from two
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different perch in garage in the downtown area and planned to injure and kill as many law enforcement officers as they could. theism shots came during a °1m. there were about 800q÷ people there. everyone seeking cover from the gunfirez/qb9mhmoá+z@ in louisiana and minnesota. the mayor't3l#tj also speaking tonight. he says quote our worst nightmare has happened. dan back to you. >> okay thanks very much. >> venetian police department unfailed investigation tribute to the surviving family members c@@&h&hc burned out el dorado county cabin last accep accept. police recognizeaffeen for his support of the department canine program by putting new decal on the canine vehicle.  of his savings to buy a vest
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for the police dog. >> pd this for gavin. is beyond anything that we could every manual. just fantastic. >> family raised more than 7600 dollars fundraiser. officials say much of that money went to purchase safety equipment for the new canine vehicle for the police depth department. >> we turn our attention to the weather now. forecast for us. >> we continue the chilly july pattern today and couple more day of the trend before we bounce back to normal. the we take a quiet picture in terms of precipitation. turn on the fogkx and this is tracking wide spread fog already at this hour. closer in on street level from san francisco daly city san bruno acrosses bay oaklandz hayward and south union city free mont right now that's where we see the low cloud cover and expand overnight firsy
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skies. current temperature at 66 in san francisco. 60 in concord. with some fog in fremonth. at 5. 74 in antioch clear sky and san jo outside with go withgu$e sfo camera shoying'g well overcast n terms of the currentxl conditios across the airport and clouds stay in place the next 12 hour hours. sunshine in most pots this week but we track as well along the coast likely some drizzle developing over the next 6 to 12 hours. cloudy cooler for saturday theñ mo. everybody drop in the 50's fair amount cloud cover overhead.é. chance of drizzlez alongm??m,ñe coast and hour by hour plan out exceptionn san jose mainly clear have clear skyn2$c@&h&hc there's the chance of drizzle alongvóh?ñ,#7my/7ó the coast ane
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weather showing you it's really to how it was today because san- francisco likely staying in the ud cover for7y all much of the day on our frb+t+hjjtpt(r'. çoúland.ityj/ even oak afternoon break of sunshabe but marine layer is pretty d4persistenth to round out theay workt! week.0q tomorrow high various to where weqf were today. 64 innsan francisco. 61ú for half moon2" bay. 70qt san mateojl o. 79 san jos+ mind you the numbers are below normal this time of the year. santa rosa and antioch=u up to 86 degrees. if you are going to the beaches tomorrow the or coast starting we see peak of sunshine here and there in the afternoon. but the sunshine really going to be limited on our friday. 60 for ocean beach. high a little bit warm intersanta cruz. 72 degrees. 69 monterey. ocean water temperature actually has dropped a agree down to 54 compared to this time yesterda yesterday. just note even though we have cloudy skies still have very
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screen you can still burn and cloud cover overhead. accu-weather 7 day forecast. tomorrow morning drizzle likely along the coast. breezy. still below normal. sat feature fair amount of cloud cover then things start to change on sunshine then warm-up monday and temperatures going back to normal feeling a lot warmer for much of next week. >> okay thanks drew very much. u(s. dú>> wei 9:00. someañ call it thebv world first
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we want to update you on on the breaking news happening right now in dallas. >> dallas police now confirm a fourth officer is dead. news conference just few minutes ago the police chief
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confirmed 11 officers have been shot and one civilian. >> 4 of the officers we now know died. active search right now for at league one of the suspect. places believe the man they are searching for might have left a bomb somewhere in the city. >> this is all happening during a protest against the police shootings in louisiana and minnesota when two avr can americans killed by police. we'll of course keep you updated on the story throughout the newscast and follow us on twitter on our web site. it's developing and changing very rapidly so stay here with us and join us at 11 over on channel 7 as well. >> moving on. deputy busted five major marijuana grow operation in solana county growing a private property on wire island. investigators believe farmer who own the land had no idea that this was happening.ú6 4 the
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destroyedt right therey8 on the site.ñá'o arrest made.ñ/ landzm owner lost several acre >>ñ san francisco botanical in a concert hall forl the next fewbúwh day. many. >> this is an encore presentation of flower piano bkg success last year. the garden teamed up with sunset piano to plant 12fj piano among the tree and flowersék and like the people did today. >> great to just walk throughx+ the incredible8h plantings and discover the piano and sit downs and have one to yourself and beautiful experience. >> piano at the botanicaldb garden until.0 july 18. special performance over the weekend. >> stay here with yourx us as we update the situation in dallas. >> look at the reality of modern day policing and how cell phone and social media are
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changing the rules. >> in the hot seat. did the fbi director give hillary clinton preferential treatment. not recommending criminal charges. how he answered that question by lawmakers in washington. >> it was not a persuasive conversation for me. concerned about these comments. >> donald trump goes to capitol hill but not all republicans were thrilled=u. campaign still dividing the g.o.p. >> a lieutenant more to bring you here. another half hour
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but i thought you'd like this cowboy story better. the portobello mushroom buttery jack is back. part of the buttery jack family. taste it before it's gone. good evening once again. we begin this half hour with the violence in dallas tonight. 11 police officers shot during the protest. >> at least 4 are dead. 7 news reporter katie jones us 7 news rtáu.ter katie jones us katie.l"
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>> that is the latest. dallas police department by twitter saying with heavy heart that another police officer has died. that means 4 officers were killed. in total 11 officers and one civilian were shot. dallas places released this photo. this man is a person of interest in the shooting. police are still searching for him and at least one other shooter. the police chief says in a briefing just now that the snipers he called them snipers set up elevated try angulated position., that they intended to kill as many officers as possible and some officers were shot in the back. also that they planted might have planted some kind of explosive in the city. a witness described the indicate observe. >> came out of nowhere. as a matter of fact we were towards the end profit test when the shots started firing off. i'm still kind of startled shaken up. >> we got hit boom. bomb become boom.
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kept running. >> all of a sudden i saw and heard 6 to 8 shots. it looked like two officers went down. >> shots came during a protest this was around 9 tonight in dallas. protest over police shootings in black men in louisiana and minnesota. death toll again four and shooter still on the loose. now back to you. >> thanks very much. just reminer protestors right now in oakland have shut down both direction of 8 80 near the broed way exit. started earlier at oakland police headquarters and march to city hall. protest in solidarity with the two black men shot by police in minnesota and. >> white police officers shot an killed brack men. both shootings were recorded warning for you the video are graphic. >> you shot 4 bullet into him sir. he was just getting his license and registration.
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>> castillo died yesterday after being shot near saint pall, minnesota by an officer who pulled him over for broken taillight. girlfriend streaming the encounter on facebook live. he was bloody and unresponsive in the seat beside her. givl friend 4-year-old daughter was in the back seat the expire timetpa÷. >>reporter: now on tuesday sterling was shot to death by policecx in baton rouges5, louisiana. sterling"< waspd selling cd oute convenience store when police1 41sp)rived for materr 0summitbm. >> 4,;s is not just a black issue. not just hispanic he shall. this is an american issue. that we should all care about. all fair mined%(fr people shoule concerned. >> what is changing the
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the situations is the previous lens of smart phones and the ability to share video live on social media. thep" qrá @ expect to see in the feed. unfolding live. >>a just shot'÷ his arm off. >> video itself is definite stating. >>reporter: dean of the school of journalism says cell phone video are valuable and influential and run the risk of spreading misinformation. >> you can also imagine circumstances in which video like that would go viral and would get three or four million authenticated. >>reporter: big difference here this was a close-up firsthand experience. footage is grainy shakey and far away often. activist like cat brook encourage people to recorden count we are police. is what called cop watch.[j live video could be a game changer. >> this eastá a powerful tool.
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gets rid of censorship and a lot of things right away. >> police chief calls the video a double edge sword. understand and embrace. >> i don't think it's bad thin thing. it's just something that law enforcement has to realize it's out thererw and hopefullykk.-,xy actvf appropriately whether beg recorded ornd not. >>reporter: it's a reality offy modern day policing and something they are taught to handle in academy. in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> let's move to capitol hill tonight in the fbi director on the hot seat more than 4 hours of quest. among them did he give hillary clinton preferential treatment:q when he recommended no criminal charges? tell pierre has the story. >> fbi director called before congress under fire from but standing firm.  did hillary ck
9:34 pm
the law. >> in my judgment she did not. >> a challenge whether he left her off the hook. >> was there a double standard. >> no my entire goal as two avoid a double standard avoid what sometimes prosecutors call celebrity hunting;i and doing that you would never do for ordinary joe or jane. >> comey drawing contrast from portray as who6zñ%x >> you have intentional misconduct and vast quantity of information he admitted he knew that was the wrong thing to do. >>reporter: he did blast clinton for great carelessness in protecting sensitive information. >> are you implying in that statement that the private e-mail server of secretary clinton were perhaps less secure than a2 g mail account. >> yes. the day most dramatic moment comey challenge the idea he orchestrated tuesday announcement that he would recommend no charges. >> look me in the eye and listen to what i'm about to sa
9:35 pm
say. i did not coordinate that with any one. the white house. the department of justice. nobody outside the fbi family had any idea what i was about i say that unoath. i stand by that. >> up to 4 hours of testimony the fbi director left having changed few minds. >> how do you feel about the day hearings. >>reporter: republicans plan to send a referral over to the fbi positive sursue perjury case about the testimony. there could be an investigation proving perjury another high standard where you have to she clinton intended to mislead congress. pierre thomas abc news washingtonism and the state department announce tonight that it is restarting the internal investigation of clinton private e-mail server noup department of justice decided no to the pursue charges. he can't provide specific about the investigation or give a time line for the process. >> donald trump hoped to 81 tie the republican party on capitol hill today but instead clashed
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with other leader. david wright has more from washington to be. >> today at the washington capitol club the deal maker tried to win over the doubters. donald trump seeking to reassure republicans. >> we had a great meeting with presumptive nomineeism atmosphere if some meetings tense. senator from arizona confronted trump about this night of mccain. >> he was war hero because he was captured i like people not captured. >> he was introduced to trump as the other senator from arizona.icurt one who didn't get captured.#" saying i want'y to talk to you át to support our nominee. -ç i really&1 do. establishment increasingly concern. trump is wasting an opportunity to hit clinton and pre-occupyd with controversy liketh32 the e over this tweet. clinton on a pill of money what
9:37 pm
many say is the star of david on top. trump aide took ixo down. trump now says that was qz÷ mistake. >>( they have the star which is you shouldn't have taken itoq down. they tookça the star down. i saidh too bad. you should have left it up. i would have rather defened it just leave it up. >>reporter: that was dave wright reporting. út uumpp sourcy governor chrisie likely not chosen to be the vice-presidential candidatement former house speaker gingrich the preferred choice. >> coming up next. suing social media. >> parents going after snap chat for exposing their kids >> parents going after snap chat for exposing their kids tiny
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>> back now to the braking newsc in dallas. a personzy of interest whose picture had circulatedr ha
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turned himself in. >>]@ police say another allegede suspect was in a¥[u out with dallasoc swat officerp that suspect also ints custodyhx &kckage near theku suspect locationex. package is beingçq secured by a] . all[ñ began sniper open fire duringu a protest against the police shootings inc# louisiana andu. manipulate society we are ñ as you know kind updated on the story throug(ov%r&q the newscast resf & twitteruz at this location. social neat io)k is being sued over sexualsa cony1 10. our sir has the response tonight from snapíqxñ chat. >>ga snap chat slapped with clas kúminorities to sexually
9:42 pm
>>reporter: the attorney filed the42 suit in federal court 5?z a woman and her 14-year-old son after hecame/p across several disney charactersx that included pornographic textdz and innuendw next to the photograph.6f >> the kids are being(÷ lured in under tj guise of#l kind of childhoodúç or child like charactersbv9 ájjtáhjt that natureh@ and@nu are horrified of the things"uúl they are sichlit thesl suit takes&2p)ticular isñ with snap chat it teams with÷0 .q complaintq says it offers offensive material to children. >>ñy you thinkf% harmless activ you think you veted it
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offended. our÷ advertise cover7l indendence which is something we supportuq. but the attorney saysgu snap cht other will you this require them% to alert the minors. warn.7 you have to givet some kind of notcuç you8r can't sp:6st this trojan"q horse. 41úcost snap chat hundreds ofd millionsbh if not 1 billiond' dollars. headquarters in÷e convenient is beach. >>gy next at 9:008a. bi,)t+qview ff the bayh> area. >> volunteerî looking out fo-÷ bi,)t+qview ff the bayh> area. >> volunteerî looking out fo-÷
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we arevñ quite fortunate today with relatively]t low temperatue
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and coastal fog but thaté won't last forever.c[ it's0warming up soon. out. ever vigilantns especially in . wayne has more from mount tamalpiais9gt. hiker in distress!é on the trail. call for help. >>reportíi"átk brought her down from short of her gel location advice fribl almostdb y >> i know some peoplei are awae that there'" a person here.=] many are not. >> steve post and 44th year ofp volunteering at the fire look last line of defenseuz as we enter aq$ danges fire season. >>íts satelbçáe and airplane< ad e map you might,g think a guy5r in a toweru on a mountaino8hu)u$ two eye might be irrelevant. quite the oppositelm. you get thatí institutional than. you get the knowledge of the area. that experience of knowing where the canyonís are.
9:48 pm
weather pattern are. . can see all the way to mount shasta and the sierra at night he can see light years. literally. >>áit's a wonderful experience to be alone with a mountain. >>reporter: this is video shot by) another volunteery; gary yt yes the mount tam fire station tower is that inspiring. so close to the city so immersed with nature. a perfect combination for publicú service and ideallic escape. from state park in marin county xrrñ long marin county >> time to check on our weather tonight. >> drew is back with a look at drew changing forecast won't stay this coolgw for long will it. >> warm-up begins the second half of the wean.v' live doppler 7hd showing the fog tonight and go for it into friday morning.
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going to have wide spread fog first thing tomorrow morning and still a slow clearing in san francisco stuck in the cloud cover. very similar pattern and high cloud in hayward and union city. outside of that away from the coast you have a lot of sunshine once again. high on our friday close to where weq] were today. about 64 san francisco. 61 half machine bay. 70 oakland and 83 the high in santa rosa. accu-weather 7 day forecast show you drizzle along the coast tomorrow. breezy. similar pattern saturday and temperatures take off much warmer for the second half early next week of the 7 day forecast. >> thank you very much. >> jon bon jovi was reluctant rock star at friend's wedding. he was suddenly urged on stage and did a classic class act performance. we have the story. >>reporter: rock star go to weddings too. but there can be a certain expect tags and though it took some coaxing a guest of the
9:50 pm
groomwf's dad that the florida wedding last week didn't disappoint. ♪the other guest bride and groom jennifer and charlie rocking out. not how we are used to seeing him perform the mega hit that turned 30 next month. ♪living on a prayer ♪ and this trumpet solo not exactly a substitute for the guitar solo. but jon bon jovi couldn't have been a better sport. wonder if that count as his been a better sport. wonder if that count as his wedding gift
9:51 pm
i don't think he needs a gift after that. that was lindsay reporting. singer said she knew he would be there and prepared the song for him. bon jovi said he was very surprised that he actually gave in and sang the song. >> what nice surprise. >> that's cool. >> turn our attention to sport sports. >> big day. >> football score at tailgate party one time and the crowd went wild. >> i can imagine. >> coming up in sports. b headed and you know where kevin is going to oak town. you hear from kd, headed and you know where kevin is going to oak town. you hear
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>> back now to the braking new news, major news in dallas. >> dallas police have confirmed a person of interest whose picture circulated turned himself in. another suspect u in a shoot out with dallas swat officers. that suspect is also in custod custody. officers locate add suspicious package near the suspectte location. package is being secured by a bomb squad. this all happened snirps open fire during a protest against
9:55 pm
police for fatal police shootings in minnesota and louisiana. >> in oakland right now 8 80 shut down in both direction near the broadway exit where anti-police protestors are holding a sit if right now. >> we keep you updated on the the. o major day in sports.hé >> huge day. big signing for the warriors. árjjt the player caliber of kevin durant doesn't just change the warriors but the entire league for years to come. comeáupáe hung a huge welcome kd to dub nation banner,s outside oracle. before the news conference he shot hoops at the practice facility this guy can do itit l all. 7 time all star. 4 time scoring champ. former league mvp. plus he can>k?u play defense. >> i convenient18 made the plus he can>k?u play defense sz
9:56 pm
t.just felt like thisxl group of guysrz when they came in topç se .én you hear /#,ár"e looking inñ you hear nothing about great thingsp about the organization and never know how it is until you are physician to facez  with te guys topr see steph play and andre walk in the house i was at it was i could tell' they were about business. >> we troy when we put team together to have people that trm high quality. care about each other. unselfish. most importantly discuss love going to work every day. playing basketball and all kevin wants to talk about is basketball. that's fantastic because being around people that are passionate about what they do isen joiing joyable. >> we lost in the finals this year. we want to did better. can't do any better than adding he's happy with this decision/[ like he said. he wanted to make his decision as a man. decision for himself and i'm
9:57 pm
happy he had an opportunity to did that. i'm happy that we were the team that he chose to be with i'm looking forward to get out on the floor with him. >> we have been in oklahoma for 8 or nine years and toughest day of my.t life but i if iing as time for me to ty something new and try a new challenge and know better place to do it than here. >> according to espn former warrior center the the agreeed to two year contract with portland trail placesers. 15 million dollar deal with team option for the second yea ñ year. last season with the dub average 7 points andçp 5my rebd a contest. giant had the day off. a's play first of 4 game series in houston. let's go to the park where pitchers not only serving up sliders. bases loaded in the second. double play. but the score. to make it a 1-1 ball game
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t.they follow with the long drive off doug. rom of the wall and davis comes in. make it 2-1 a's top of the fifth melvin close eye on home plate umpire ray burn. strike out and tosses the bat in re burn direction. gets cocoa thrown out. making the second start coming off the kl. tied season high with 10 streak outs. gets castro the jason looking. oakland gotten insurance on'- te 9th with he brings home yosh with this infield single. the a's beat the astros 3-1 and second win in 8 games. giants third baseman duffy on the disabled list since june 20 but seems to be enjoying the time away from the team. the he's riding the joker roller coaster today. giants host arizona tomorrow night. >> u.s. woman open is under way not far from morgan hill. alum wee! won the open two
9:59 pm
years ago but struggle as of late. set up a birdie finished with 3 over par 75. tour veteran had a 67. she land this shot on the green and then check out the back spin. she would birdie the hole at 5 under par. tied for second with yang. south korea lee is the first round him if leader 8 under now has a 3 stroke lead. at wimbledon serena williams versus angela for the women title on saturday. sports report has been brought to you by toyota. >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us in. >> for rick and drew and all of us here we appreciate your time. >> get the latest breaking news at 11:00 on
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today a frightened girl's call to 911. operator: where is the person that shot your dad? brae: i don't know. he ran off. operator: ok, and he came into your house and did this? brae: yes. narrator: her stepfather shot dead during a terrifying home


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