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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 8, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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hundreds of protestor march in san francisco and across america tonight. expressing outrage over this week police killings. good evening. >> there are hundreds of people in and out front of san francisco city hall right now. >> 7 news sergio is there live among them with more. sergio. >> they have been out here for more than an hour or so. i want to show you the scene
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and some of the things we notice different out here the last time there were demonstrators at city hall. a line of deputy that are right in front of the entrance to the building and there's also a barrier that is set up so they can keep people from going into that building. that's very different than the last time around. i show you something up on the top of the roof there you might be able to see a silhouette of two police officers. that we believe may be a response to the sniper shootings that happened in dallas last night. this is a demonstration that started three hours ago along the embarcadero at justin herman plaza in response to two officer involved shootings this week. one in louisiana. other in minnesota but the coalition of demonstrators here here tonight also protesting against recent officer involved shootings here in san francisco. dozens of san francisco police officers parallel the protest group as they march down market street headed to san francisco city hall. now it is not yet clear how
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long this group is going to stay out here at san francisco city hall tonight. but i can tell that you this group is significantly smaller than the group that started down in the embarcadero gotten cold and windy in the last hour or so. reporting live at san francisco city hall, sergio, 7 news. >> thank you. >> in atlanta thousands of protestors shut down a freeway today. take a look no. protestor arrested this eveningment there are still some people moving through the streets there tonight. >> peaceful protest was under way last night in dallas when gun fire suddenly broke out. >> people began running for cover as fierce assault of gunfire began. police officers were being shot one by one. >> when it was all over 14 people had been shot. 5 police officers killed. it was the most deadly day for law enforcement since 9/11. >> marsie in dallas. >> good evening. so many of the streets here in downtown dallas still blocked off as police gather evidence
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and though investigators believe the gunman acted alone tonight still trying to determine whether any one knew about his plan to ambush and kill officers here. >> pray test senless acts are stoychltd is a luingt the 5 brave officers who lost their lives protecting others. tell running towards the gun fire and chaos in downtown dallas thursday night. shots to death by lone sniper. thompson married two weeks ago. sergeant michael smith officer patrick rip father and veteran of three tour in iraq. senior corporal ahrens and officer michael coal at the end of what started as peaceful protest against police brutality investigators say all targeted for the race and the uniform. >> he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. suspect stated he wants to kill
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white people especially white officers. >> gunman 25-year-old mike johnson killed by police. investigators say he had no criminal history. no ties to foreign terror grew. in the former home investigators finding bomb making materials. weapons. ammo. three other suspect taken into custody now released. as police say the investigation is just beginning. >> what we don't know is who if anybody the may have known what the gunman knew. what he was going to do may have assisted him. >>reporter: police say cn son also injured nine people in the attack here including 7 police officers. tonight we are told they are all expected to survive dallas, abc 7 news. >> white house says tonight president obama will return from a trip to europe day earth. he will travel to dallas next week at the invitation of the city mayor. >> unusual tactic stopped the shooting last night in dallas. police used a bomb robot to
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kill the suspect. police say the robot was used to deploy a bomb after hours of negotiations with the corp erred suspect failed. robotic expert says this is likely the first time law enforcement has used a robot to kill some one. troops used a robot in this way in iraq. effective immediately officers at three bay area police departments will patrol only in pairs. san jose, oakland, palo alto all made the change for safety. san francisco already required most officers to ride in pair prior to the dallas killings. xvn up police officers the we seat impact in san jose. >>reporter: outside the police sub station in south san jose this afternoon she's garcia took a moment to renrichblingt i can't imagine not being somewhat fearful after what unfolded last night in dallas. >>reporter:ã&z3cii reaffirming his commitment that his officers have the best
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equipment possible to protect against ambush attack announcing the plan to purchase rifles and bullet shield. >> we want to end the violence and work with our community but on the other hand we have to make sure our officers are safe. >>reporter: this morning a veil threat against police near city hall. some one reported seeing a sticker saying kill cop placed on electrical box. sticker since removed. tom community members out today protesting officer involved shootings voice frustration. >> the we are saying tell they are bad cops but they are not standing with us so we say they are bad cops. >>reporter: africanzadlç amern community service agency in san jose says he appreciates the work of police but believes much more needs to be done to impro5?> people make comment and not look into what black lives matter actually represent. they speak from what they know. best people educate themselves and go ask quest. >>reporter: all officers on patrol will now work in pair through the end of the weekend.
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>> you will see less patrol cars out in the street but doesn't necessarily mean that response times are going to reduce because two officers are together. >>reporter: in san jose chris winn abc 7 news. >> we are also seeing compassionate response in the aftermath of the dallas attack. concord police posted this picture to facebook who left flowers in front of head quarters with the note honoring dallas stay con terd. >> police chief humble by the show of support for his community which included this sign thanking napa police for protect and serving. >> san francisco mayor ed lee joined others today in calling for an end to violence. mayor posted this 46th orlando where he visited memorialo>!3i4r the victim in the june 12 terrorist attack at the night club there. he presented a flag that was flown over san francisco city hall after the shootings to orlando councilwoman in the statement the mayor said quote we can and must stand against violence t.violence against men
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of color. violence against law enforcement officers and our community. the mayor also signed a big of condolence at orlando city hall. >> member of san francisco police commission says police shootings like those in louisiana and minnesota are less likely to happen now in san francisco because of recent refor. tell we caught up with dr. joseph partial at the officer of alive and free. youth club he head in the dog patch neighbor. marshall points out wednesday confrontation with an armed man in san francisco. incident ended peacefully after lengthy stand off. >> we like officers to do now they wait them out for 4 hours and able to take him without incident. so that's the way i believe policing should be done. >>reporter: marshall contrast that with last year shooting of wood who was shot 15 times by officers while holding a in. he credit acting chief chaplain forth new tactic. >> more to get to on the very busy friday night coming up. >> a little black smoke 20ment later it's a huge cloud.
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>> latest on the massive fire that burn at recycle plant. >> also big rig shuts down key freeway connect or in the east bay. update on the closure. >> drew is here with our weather. >> the fog made a quick return this evening. wide spread right now but the fog is shortly going to take a vacation. finally going to feel like july soon. the details accu-weather forecast. >> thank you drew. >> napa native just arriving at the international space station coming up. the international space station coming up. people who helped her become
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in newark there was a massive fire at recycling plant. shelter in place order and nearby businesses evacuated. katie has more. >> firefighters will be on scene all night over hauling this fire. that means turning over the debris looking for hot spots and of course putting out the hot spots. all the while they will be monitoring air quality. this massive 4 alarm fire generated a huge plume of thick black smoke it could be seen for meechlts the business where this fire happened is called ahg recycling. deal in paper and plastic so the materials were burning i'm told primarily plastic along with some sheds and vehicles on the property as far as people who live nearby for two hours some 5000 people in newark and
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fremont were told to shelter in place. the fire started around 3 in the afternoon. firefighters had it contained before 6:00 o'clock. nearly 100 firefighters on the scene here made that happen nobody was hurt. in newark, katie, abc 7 news. >> critical freeway connect or to the bay bridge maiz now open to traffic after closure because of big rig fire. less than an hour ago the big rig drove away carrying the trailer that burned. at 1 this afternoon the fire shut down the northbound 8 80 ramp that kebingdz to eastbound 80 94 the emeryville ikea store and here's a live picture kahn see one lane is open as haz mountain crew work to clean up the mess left behind. team of federal agents arrived in the bay area and now looking into the huge emeryville building fire. we were on the boulevard as agent from the atf survey the daniel from wednesday fire.
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atf experts still can't go into the building which was under construction because it hasn't been deemed safe by structural injuries. right now the agent are interviewing witness and looking at video of the fire. agent expect to go in some time over the weekend. >> look for the site, the origin of the fire. how the fire spread throughout the building. in hopes we can determine a cause. >> the team of atf agent include explosive expert, chemist, mapper and structural engineers. investigators also use dog trained to sniff out explosive and fire accelerant. >> the early morning fire gutted house in san francisco and left three people without a home. neighbor took this picture as fire raged before dawn. house on gate street was destroyed. home next door had minor daniel. fire investigators are still looking for the cause of the fear. red cross is assisting the residents. >> 24-year-old berkeley man under arrest after police matched his fingerprints to a series of sexual assaults in
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2008. one assault happened on mill street in july of 2008. police said suspect threat evenly the victim with either knife or gun but despite dna fingerprint evidence. police couldn't identify a suspect. that changed last march when police arrested john dunbar on traffic warrant. police say dunbar fingerprint link him to tack in 2000 8. dunbar 16 years old at the time of the assault was arrested on wednesday. >> ntsb is looking into why a delta airlines flight landed at the wrong airport last night. flight 2845 touched down at ellsworth air force base in south dakota. it was supposed to land at rapid city regional airport about 12 miles away. air bus jet with 130 passengers on board took off from minneapolis, saint pall airpor airport. flight crew has been taken off duty. very strange obviously. >> let's talk about the weekend weather forecast.
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changes are coming. tell. >> drew has the latest. >> the starting off cloudy cool and fishing on a warm and sunny note. marine layer tonight not with us on suchbilityd we get all clear in terms of precipitation and fog glare and it quickly return early this evening. now spreading inland. fog over san francisco. half mayor bloomberg bay crossing over the bay no hayward fremont at this hour once again the fog is going to expand overnight tonight. current temperatures 50's and 60's on the boardt fog at 58 in san francisco. 62 currently at oakland. 65 at clear sky. and san jose about 76 antioch and napa right now currently checking in with the temperature of 65 degrees. picture outside this evening. live look from the sfo camera and see the low cloud are across the airport at this hou hour. forecast kind of repetitive pattern similar to last night. fog is with us spotty morning drizzle very likely many areas across the region. not only along the coast but portion of
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the east bay. breezy cooler for saturday but warmer and brighter for our sunday. overnight tonight fair amount of cloud cover overhead. dropping into the 50's with the coast and by and inland and we track that for you right here on future weather. hour by hour we go in the morning hours a lot of cloud cover outside of santa rosa and really san jose along the coast item cloudy around many of the cities around the bay cloudy and here's the best chance of likely drizzle over the next is 6 to 12 hours. blue contour line right along the coast drizzle like last night hopping over into the east bay. hayward union city fremont could see patchy drizzle overnight tonight and portion of the north bay. may have damp roadway first thing on our saturday. future weather pick up from there pretty similar afternoon tomorrow. cloud cover right along the coast. sunshine away from the cloud cover. watch what happens as we get into sunday. future weather sunday morning. you really don't have that wide spread marine layer away from the coast as go into the day on
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sunday that marine layer is wiped fought even along the coast. see a lot of sunshine and that will help warm-up temperatures for the second half of the weekend and into early next week. high for your saturday about 63 in san francisco. touch below normal for this time of the year high in half machine bay. 67 in oakland. 77 san jose at 84 this time of year. 83 antioch. about 72 vallejo and napa up to about 76 degrees. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast tomorrow we have the morning drizzle. temperatures still below normal at the fair amount of cloud cover. second half of the week and wawnt it warmer and brighter that's definitely your day. start the warming trend by monday we turn warmer across the board. tuesday and wed steady pattern of really feeling like july and no indication to thursday and friday next week we break the pattern finally look like we may shed ourselves of the chil chilly july start and back to where we should. >> summer service resuming.
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>> exactly. >> thanks drew. >> are you nlt entered keeping secrets on face book. if you ever the new option you have to secrets on face book. if you ever the new option you have to keep your conversation private
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>> no one in california won the seventh largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. still waiting to find out if any one in another state wins the mega million drawing. here are the numbers though. 8, 19, 20, 55, 73 and themega ball is 5. see the numbers again. head to our web site. >> founder and ceo of palo alto base blood testing company has
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been banned for at least two years. federal health regulators levy the sanction against elizabeth home seen during a visit by vpt vice president biden last year. they yanked approval and fined the company unspecified amount. ban stems from review of the lab in april after question surfaced about the company ability to perform blood test with just a few drops of blood. >> facebook adding an option to the messenger app that allows foreign crypted chat. secret conversation can only be read on device where sent or received. officers -- users also will be able to set a time tore control how long the message remains visible. encripted chat now tested with limited number of people. option more widely available later this summer. >> sharing pass words for sites like netflix and hbo go could soon be a federal crime. that's from a rule from ninth circuit court of appeals.
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court cited employee who used a co-worker password to a&m access computer after the access was revoked but the language in the ruling was vague. and the dissenting judge says he worried it could turn people into unwitting federal criminals. >> another 30ment of 7 news at 9:00 is next. come up. the investigation into the suspect in the dallas shooting shootings. what police learned about his background. >> also you hear from both law enforcement and victims of police violence as they attempt to find common grounds. >> machine society shooting that ignite product test. what we have learned about the little girl who was in the back seat when her mother's boy friend was shot and killedism another half hour of 7 news at friend was shot and killedism another half hour of 7 news at
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>> we begin the half hour with the shootings in dallas. >> the investigation now is zeroing in of course on the suspect. we know his name is mike johnson former army reservist with military skills and no criminal record. >> he told police negotiators he wanted to kill white people especially white officers. >> here's the pierre thomas with more on his chilling motive. this is the deadly sniper. mike xavier johnson. former military man who was apparently harboring deep racial hatred especially against white mrivrments he was upset about black lives matter. he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. >>reporter: johnson facebook page row violence the rain against police. he liked the page that said kill everything blue that move moves. police say johnson embraced the radical form of this and armed for shooting spree about an assault nrivl and 2 hand guns.
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yo than son serve entered the army reserve from 2000 nine 2015 doing a tour in afghanistan. today when police searched johnson home in mesquite, texas they found bomb making materials. ballistic vest rifle and personal journal for combat tack ticket he lived around the corner and willing to take people lives he didn't even know. it is scary. >>reporter: but johnson sister took to facebook today to defend her brother writing the news will say what they think. those who knew him know this wasn't like him. police initially believe there were two gunmen and detained three suspects. but tonight law enforcement sources tell us they now think johnson was the lone gunman. >> this week deadly violence is a huge test for the presidential candidate both hillary clinton and donald trump cancelled events today. so how do they bridge the sharp divide fueling all the anger and violence. david muir put that question to to former secretary of state
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hillary clinton. >> we ted to listen to african americans who say that they feel on edge all the time when they send their kid out. they don't know if they are going to come back. listen to the police who get up every day and go to a dangerous job and who are really worried about their own personal safety and white people should listen to african americans david. let's be honest. we should be much more understanding of a lot of the challenges that african americans face. >>reporter: donald trump unable to did an interview put thought video message. >> brutal attack at our police force is an attack on our country and an attack on our families. we must stand in solidarity with law enforcement which we must remember is the force between civilization and total chaos. deaths of sterling in louisiana and cast kneel minnesota also make clear how much more work
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we have to do to make every american feel that their safety is protected. >> the president has ordered all flag be flown at half staff through tuesday. we were in san francisco around civic center where flags were lowered. 5 days standard time frame to lower flags. it was the same length after san bernardino terror attack last notch deadly police shooting in minnesota that helped ignite protest that were seen tonight. driver shot by an officer during traffic stop. girlfriend posted video of the aftermath on facebook you probably saw. that we showed it to you here. and tonight we learn more about the little girl take was in the back seat the whole time. t here's more pichlt. >>reporter: tonight we learn the identity of the two officers who stopped cast kneel that deadly traffic stop. officers joseph cowser and engineer on month yans who pulled the trigger feature entered this annual report.
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castille girlfriend streaming the aftermath live on facebook. >> i will sir no worries i will. >>reporter: now tonight she reveals how she stayed dmawm that car. >> your 4-year-old little daughter was right there in the back seat. she saw it all. >> it's okay i'm right here. >> she was trying to keep me calm the and she constantly kept reminding me that if i didn't listen he would kill me e-in the mid of her own grief diamond is now calling for everyone to unite after dallas. >> it hurts me what's going on in dallas. fight listening to the little girl. that was at the time report. broader question out of dallas now is how did america get to this people are asking. that police shootings. communities not trusting officers. smart phones with camera and facebook live now allow us to see an sometimes watch live what we would only read about not that long ago. >> as wayne reports the deadly violence hits home especially hard for our family in hayward.
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>> in hayward this morning wind a johnson looked at photo albu album. she sadly reminisce over pictures of a little boy who would grow up to become a victim martyr part of nationwide conversation day. my baby boy oscar. >>reporter: oscar. >> oscar grant. >>reporter: her house may have been the quietest place to make sense of what happened this week. came the head in dallas last night. 5 police officers shot dead 7 wounded at demonstration against police shootings. apparent single sniper person final rage against police festering for years. >> we have got to sit down and begin to come together and talk about it. >> we are certainly watching it. cell phone video seems to have brought all of this on now. baton rouge two days ago. minneapolis yesterday. would this have happened if the passengers the driver passengers were white i don't think it would have t.tell at
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that time the way of peace, way of love, non-violence to. respect the dignity and worst of every human being. >> policing not changed. with speed of the rest of the culture. >> richard is retired san francisco police commander. fred graysmarsh yo woods sandra bland all people of color and all incident at least partially captured in the public eye. >> the images of people dying in confrontation with the police are enraging the community and we need to pay attention to that. it would appear that we are more than ever but not soon enough for wanda johnson the mother of oscar grant. .> double standard is not the separate bill of rights for the police is not working. >> in hayward, abc 7 news. >> story out of dallas continues obviously to develop trust abc 7 news shared the latest information with you. updates sent directly to the
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mobile device down loading the 7 news app and unable push alert. it works very well. >> next year on 7 news at 9. >> everybody pretty much keeps to their self around here. wasn't nothing that was real noticeable. you know. >> we revisit the neighborhood where dugard held captive. >> we revisit the neighborhood where dugard held captive. >> seven years after rescue see ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. is. it's been seven years since miss dugard was rescued from the house of horror where she lived with her abductor in antioch. >> she started a foundation and now she's out with a new book. a lot of things changed since then. neighbor. the laws.
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>> vic lee has the story. >> neighbors simply call it the house. this is how it looked then. 7 yourself ago. this is the house today. hardly recognizable. neighbor steve brown. >> just stucco. it's not cinder block. like it used to be. the bars on the windows. had security bar on the window. >> new owner tore down the wooden fences. high fence that is hid the horror of the make shift compound of sheds, tenths and outbuildings. the back yard where she lived for 18 years held captive by her abductor philip who fathe fathered her two children. she was only 11 when she was kidnapped by the convicted sex offender and his wife nancy. dugard was 29 when the couple were arrested in 2009. he was on parole all the time but able to allude parole agents who failed to adequately monitor him after two month
9:40 pm
investigation the inspector general recommended a series of reforms in the parole system. reduce agent case load. better training and new policy for electronic montovrmingt corrections department tells tuesdaythey have made the reforms. >> i'm not clear on what the reforms are and what is truly been changed. >>reporter: senator ted gains represents el dorado county where the kidnapping occurred. he introduced a bill that would have made it tougher for prisoners to be paroled out. it failed. while that debate goes on, things have also changed for the state inspector general. whose offices are in this non-descript building in sacramento. oversight agency lost much of the power since it issued the report. it can no longer launch probe into cases like this unless it's triggered by the governor or the legislature. tonight we tell you about a program in alameda county headed by the district attorney sort of fail safe program to make sure sex offenders on
9:41 pm
patrol are tracked and monitored. that story at 11 tonight. 7 news. >> join us at 10:00 p.m. for tonight edition of 2020 featuring diane sawyer interview with pistol dugard over on abc 7 and stay with us for 11 at that time again all over on channel 7. >> space capsule dock with the international space station on board is napa native making first visit 0space. board is napa native making first visit 0space. >> meet the mentor who convince
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>> good news for people with acne. fda has approved a gel for acne and you don't need a prescription. it's the first new over the counter treatment for acne since the 1980's believe it or not this has been in use in a stronger form as prescription
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to acne treatment since 19 nichblingts it's applied to the skin once a day and approved for people 12 years of age and older. >> russian spacecraft just arrived at the international space station. it was carrying a russian cosmonaut and astronaut who view about up here in the bay area and a yap niece one. and as jonathan bloom found out astronaut rubens no ordinary student. >>reporter: as rubens walked to the launch vehicle approve was watching from mission control in houston. as the rocket is sort of heading up into the sky, i just choked up. i was overwhelmed. >>reporter: david was the mentor wrote her a recommendation saying her graduate work with deadly disease like 0he e.coli prepared her for space. >> many same kind of conditions that she will now have to faces a astronaut. literally wearing a space suit
9:46 pm
in dealing with life threatening dangers. >>reporter: kate didn't take the easy road because there is no easy road to space. >> she learned how to fly a jet fighter. learn survival track. kate interest in sighans instant began longer before graduate school in napa some folk still remember her including the principal. >> she's top student and really dove in the tivrment mike was the health teacher and soccer coach in the honor society campus newspaper. >> editor-in-chief. >> did you look at her she's an astronaut. >> well no i can't say i did. but i knew there was something special about her. >> sending some school spirit to space with her and hopes she returns the favor and request a chat with the video. >> live feed from the space ship spectacular awesome thing for our student to experience. >>reporter: topic the study of genetic and how the body changes micro gravity curiosity her dna. risk tear somebody who has just
9:47 pm
joy for the unknown. >>reporter: it will be a busy few most in space and kate never one to do the bear minimum. nerd i am probably doing science experiments up there. >>reporter: in napa abc 7 new news. >> that's pretty exciting. interest to go follow how it goes up 30. one last time what it is like down here for the wean. >> drew is here with thismca we start out cloudy and cool across the weekend and then we end on a nice bright warm note. you see tracking fair amount of fog once again. along the coast portion of the east bay at this hour and continue to see the fog grow overnight tonight. so the low in the 50's across the board. 53 san francisco. 55 fremont. 58 san jose. 56 fairfield and 54 santa rosa. also tracking that chance of drizzle. once again. future weather as we take you overnight tonight. best chance for finding the drizzle. right along the coast as we see
9:48 pm
this time of year. couple chance in union city, free month couple spotty areas of drizzle likely in the north by. don't be suprised to wake up damp roadway tomorrow morning. overnight first thing tomorrow morning the cloud cover lots of sunshine temperatures once again below normal that changes on sunday. forecast bright and mild on sunday and the warmer pattern continues through much of next week. temperatures more like july around here. >> summer tourist season in full swing at lake tahoe right now with the water level actually well above last year. >> 0climate change likely to have a serious impact on the future of the lake. that means tough decisions are coming on how to manage the shoreline. >> story book day on lake lake e tahoe. blue sky. blue water. thousands of people to take it all in. lake level is almost 3 feet below afternoon for this time of year but foot higher than it was last year.
9:49 pm
that's enough to make a big difference for people on the water. >> item better. >>reporter: we shot this video at south lake tahoe last july. this is what the same spot looked like now. better conditions for swimmers and boaters. >> pick up one of our rental boat. >>reporter: but marina owner is worried about the future with climate at change threatening the tourist depend economy around the lake. >> the water level dropped. boat won't be able to get into the marina or even launch the boat in the first place. >>reporter: he owner the camp richardson marina where they used a floating dock to stenltd pier into deeper water. you can easily see the problem that many smaller private pier that barely reach the lake and this could become the norm. study by the u.s. interior department predict major khol challenges for tahoe over the next few decade. we can expect warming temperatures in the air and the water less snow pack more frequent drought. projection just as the tahoe
9:50 pm
regional planning agency is working on new rules for the lake shoreline. hugely controversial. for 30 years environmental groups homeowner and businesses have fought over waterfront buildings including adding new and longer pier or more buoy to tie up boat and possible dredge to go make the channel deeper. last set of regulation was thrown out when the league to save lake tahoe sued and woychbility it allowed for massive increase of boating on the lake without adequate mitigation. >>reporter: 8 years ago. now with desperate need for updated shoreline policy the various faxs are pledging to work together starting with research. learning more about what the real impact of boating are. through joint fact finding process. >> we want to protect the lake as much if not more than everyone else. make our livelihood out sheer it's important to make sure the science back up what we are looking to do.
9:51 pm
>>reporter: experts say the water level for tahoe already peaked for the enter but relatively good boating conditions still expected to last at least for a couple of most. >> boating seasonj%(dt and also baseball season. >> certainly. rick is in for larry. >> no drought in baseball news coming up in sports. another giant named to the all star team and down by 3 in hue stochbility a's rally for 5 team and down by 3 in hue stochbility a's rally for 5 runs in the 9th
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. hundreds of protestors hit the streets in san francisco to demonstrate against police brutality. tonight they are now in front of city hall. we have a live update on this developing situation. >> and tribute in light. nationwide landmark offer condolence tonight. >> the stories and more on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> this sports he. >> now plenty of sports to discuss. >> rick has it all for us. >> okay guys by winning the final 5 fan votes bell earned a spot in next year all star
9:55 pm
game. came if batting 300 with 10 home runs and 46 rbi t.willie shows it was bobble head night at the park after arizona led off the game with a home run. hit in the elbow in the next at bat. in the second patrick looking for revehicle. throws a throw not once but twice and out of the dug out and he's ejected with him on first crawford tells him take this and there it goes. 9th homer of the season. ties the game at two. then in the third. he grounds into what should be the third out but jake lamm airmail the throw to first, 3-2 in the z.giants lead 5-2. with the parent looking on daniel pitching against hometown team in houston and drafted by the astros didn't give up a hit until the fourth. carlos with the 2 run shot. cut the a's lead to 1. oakland trailed in the 9th but
9:56 pm
roughed up harris. alonzo 2 run homer made it 7-6. then with two on chris davis comes through with a 2 run double. a's take it 8-7 lead. added one more run but a's closer madson could not seal the deal. strike him out but the ball gets away with steven boat and runners at the corn we are one out. buena says manson next pitch deep to right for walk off 3 run homer. a's lose a heart breaker 10-9. leaving oklahoma city was not easy for kevin durant but then at the time team all flaw out tottenham tons to convince him to join the warriors, well it was just hard to say no. chemistry was a big key in getting him to wear a golden state jersey with so many grit score on the team they had to let kd know would he fit in and wouldn't have to change. durant spoke to warriors executive jerry west but it was
9:57 pm
a feeling he got from the new teammate that did the trick. >> he came because of our players. i know he loves the city. i'm sure he's respectful of what we have done but when you make a decision like this as player and i'm not a player you want to make a decision where you feel comfortable with who you are going to be playing with. anybody deserve credit for this out come it's our players. >> former warriors big man the signed with the crip error but not getting more money. only one year deal for the veteran minimum of 1.4 million dollars. space averaged 7 points and 3 rebounds a contest. at the u.s. women open top rank made a mutual the leader board tell with this club about half hour from san jose. angela best shots of the day. she sends this ball straight into the hole for an eagle. 70 today has her 3 under for the tournament t.began the day 9 stroke back but thanks to 7 birdie now tied for fourth just
9:58 pm
three stroke off the pace. this approach nearly went in. park has taken the lead with 66. now 8 under for the tournament. first round leader lee followed a score yesterday with 74. tied with amy yang for second. two stroke back. at wimbledon federer taking on the him in the football led but couldn't close-out the canadia canadian. federer takes a tumble after this ball. the rally wins in 5 sets this was match point. federer return is lochblingt scores were 6-3, listed here. it's the first time a canadians man has made the finals. second seat murray had an easier time with thomas winning in stlait sets. murray hustle to the ball and down the line for the winner. this was match point. and tment return. falls shore. scores were listed here.
9:59 pm
so it is murray versus raul in sunday final. and this is sports report brought to you by toyota. back to you. >> a lot of good stuff. >> thanks forever joining us tonight. >> i'm dan for all of us here. we appreciate your time. >> see you at 11:00 on channel we appreciate your time. >> see you at 11:00 on channel 7
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