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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 9, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> protesters face to face with police, officers directed out with riot gear, demonstrators trying to march out on to the bay bridge. demonstrators wand to call attention to police violence saying it's disproportionately aimed at black people. at one point they sat for several minutes at the fremont on-ramp, creating a traffic headache for those trying to get through.
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another demonstration is second again tomorrow in san francisco. it all happened this afternoon with protesters quietly assembly bling toward the bridge. >> a day of protest throughs the streets of soma. >> are you mad yet? >> yes! >> if we're mad, we're going to show them what we're about. >> about 1 p.m., 200 protesters stopped track, blocking the entrance to interstate 80, refusing to leave. traffic brought to a standstill. the group supporting black lives matter say they're outraged over shootings in louisiana. >> you can't shoot people because you're nervous. >> san francisco police guarded the bay approach. other officers kept their
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distance. >> some broadcast the prrough s. others came in support of their kids. >> i'm so excited that we got all these young people because they're going to really change the world. my generation hasn't. >> we have to support making other people inconvenienced and uncomfortable. our anger cannot be isolated just to our communities who feel the pain and the hurt. >> a short time later the protest was on the move toward market street, police not far behind. >> until we get some unity and understanding from those who are sworn to serve and protect us, we're going to keep fighting every day. >> in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> and another pop threat had police on high alert. it came just two days after five
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officers were shot dead by a sniper. emotions are raw, though there are glimpses of healing. >> broken hearts and already frayed nerves met by new fears for dallas police. the s.w.a.t. team deployed, k-9s searching the garage but never finding the man or anything suspicious. the department still on heightened alert. >> people are laying their lives on the line for people they don't even know. >> officers on edge after five of their brave colleagues were gunned down by a lone sniper thursday, telling authorities he was angry about the recent shooting deaths by black men and police who set out specifically to murder white officers. >> the dimented individual who
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carried out the attacks in dallas is no more representative in african-americans than the shooter was representative of white americans. >> reporter: president obama speaking out about the shootings, which this weekend are inspiring more protests across the country. >> black lives matter! black lives matter! >> while here in texas, quiet gestures of union testify and gratitude. >> and so many are still showing that appreciation and respect out here tonight for police, including the seven who were injured in the ambush. we learned today at least two of them are now home from the hospital. marcy gonzalez, abc news, dallas. >> our coverage of the shootings in dallas, as well as the impact of protests in the area continue at abc news
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>> police are looking for a vallejo woman believed to have been kidnapped and in late june the son of elvira rab received a text from an unknown number saying his 57-year-old mother would be kidnapped and she would be hurt if he didn't pay up. the son drove to his mother's house and found his mother was missing. >> his mother was not there. there was a small dog in the residence and it was deceased. there appeared to be no signs of forced entry at the momenhome. the victim was last seen on june 29th at 3 p.m. >> reporter: police say the kidnappers demanded less than $10,000. they've been working with other local law enforcement and federal authorities. last night these four people were arrested.
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they believe she is being held in the sacramento and stockton areas. >> police thought the kidnapping of denise husskins was a hoax. further investigation led to the arrest of matthew huller. the kidnapping trial is set to start next january. >> this morning a man died in a shooting near 92nd avenue near international boulevard and a man was shot to death after getting out of his car. these are the 32nd and 33 homicides in oakland this year. >> in palo alto, police are back very long after his body was discovered thursday night but they upgraded it to a homicide yesterday. police have not said how she died or released any suspect
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information. >> guns, drugs and money seized in a big about showing about $30,000 worth of heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy and marijuana. there was several firearms and over $6,000 recovered. two people now face charges. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, a new sign that san francisco's housing. it great news for pedestrians and bicyclists. >> and freed from a drain. the low-key rescue in the east bay today. >> a perfect look at the beach today. we're saying bye-bye to the fog and hello to warmer temperatures. i'll explain in an accuweather forecast.
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right now there are new condos available to buy in san francisco than the older condos. and prices are beginning to decline. while kondo prices increased nearly 3%, neighbors in so mania saw prices drop. the mta will convert the eastern side of twin peaks boulevard into a car-free zone. the city wants to make access
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for pedestrians and cyclists safer. the project is a two-year pilot program. >> two house lawmakers this week introduce legislation that would make airlines seat families together without having them pay additional charges and fees. the legislation would make sure that children ages 13 and younger are seated to accompany family members tho are at least 13 years old. airlines say the law is not necessary, that they can be flexible with passengers when it comes to family seating. it was a life saving jail escape. here the inspirational story of inmates who banded together and helped a guard when he needed it best. and we'll talk about a warming trend when we return. >> coming up in sports, we'll show you a hole in one made today at the u.s. women's open. and the giants are on a roll but there were more than a few errors made this afternoon at at&t p
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oakland, sunnyvale and all the news. >> inmates managed to break out of their cells and help the officer. >> why did do you that? >> it never crossed my mind. if he fell down, help him. >> paramedics used aeds to shock the man back to live. >> favorites in oakland saved a
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kitten from a storm drain after it was heard crying. firefighters pulled offandbroug. >> live doppler 7 showing you a quiet picture. we'll take you outside with a live look from our sso camera. a beautiful sunset occurred about a half hour ago. the forecast is going to call for a very limited fog overnight tonight. it will be windy on sunday, especially in the afternoon where wind gusts could exceed 30 miles per hour and also a warming trend will occur for much of next week. did you notice a gust of 26 miles per hour, 29 in oakland, 20 in fairfield, 16 miles per
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hour in hayward and it brings about uniform temperatures. so area wide a lot of spots are holding in the 60s, 62 in oakland, 64 in san jose, 61 in napa and antioch coming at 60 degrees. a thin ribbon of cloud cover was actually a cold front. it helped to knock out our marine layer and bring about clear skies tonight. this air of low pressure will bring a few more clouds back tonight. what you do notice, very limited in terms of any cloud cover, likely a little bit along the coast and maybe a few patchy cloud inland. that's about the extent. that pulse back to the coast by about 9:00 in the morning. future gusts will shade into the afternoon and into the evening. the winds are going to pick up once again, likely gusting over
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35 miles per hour along the coast. as we have that wind with us, it's really going to prevent any fog from forming. overnight tonight and tomorrow we'll have pretty clear skies in most spots. for your sunday, really nice from the coast to the bay in inland. 66 mind san francisco, about 80 in san jose, 74 oakland, and napa up to 3w8 2 degrees. had a really nice beach day today, pretty much a carbon copy on the way tomorrow. a few morning clouds, tons of sunshine midday and the afternoon. your ocean water temperature currently sitting right on 66 degrees. you have the arizona diamondbacks. here's your seven. day forecast. tomorrow we have that breezy to windy afternoon, help prevent any fog in the afternoon from growing. monday a warming trend continues with warming winds on tuesday.
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nothing but sunshine on wednesday. we're turning rather hot in some spots. even the coast in the mid 60s and that really nice pattern will continue for friday and saturday, very typical july temperatures and really nice sky conditions. >> rick juan is in to talk to giants baseball. >> despite the absence of joe panik, the giants still find a way to win, improving to a major league best 56-3. this lady makes a splash while trying to catch a foul ball. jake peavy wasn't looking. he still caught it. and javier lopez with a nice trip to the bullpen. arizona third baseman jake lamm loses this ball in the sun. one batter later, grant green homers off robbie ray, his first
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of the season, gave san francisco a 3-2 lead in the fourth. they added one more run in the sixth. reuben tejeda who is playing third for duffy doubles into the corner. gregor blanco scores all the way from first. >> i love getting a chance to play. that's all i've ever really asked for. it kind of sucks that joe's hurt. you never want that, but i'm enjoying the playing time and being able to play with such a good team. >> we've come together and loved all those guys and really taken them in and try to let them know they're a part of what we do. >> oakland's lone all-star rep had three et hits. then in the third, both beat the shift with a base hit to left.
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that brings home josh reddick. houston did score two in the ninth but the a's hang on to win 3-2. summer league basketball tonight had the warriors taking on the spurs. let's go out to laz vaig. patrick mccullough of unlv nice spin move for the basket. the warriors led by 6 at the half. mccall from long range. he hits with about 3:00 left. the warriors lead 61 fof 67. it was serena williams versus angelique kerber. williams pretty much controlled
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the match throughout. this point gave serena the first set 7-5. boy, was she fired up. sere serene. >> this was championship point serena with the easy, open court winners. scores with 7-5, 6 if the 3. williams wins her 2nd grandal. >>. >> and lopez had the of the day from 202 yards. it bounces, hits the fringe and then rolls right to the cup for a hole in one. not too shab. >> finished with another birdie at 18 for the outright lead.
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park and. >> rick, thanks a lot. celebrating a true american brand of music with
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coming up tonight at 11, we're learning more about a kidnapping for ransom in vallejo. and cadets pitching in to help their comrades in dallas. >> this weekend you can catch one of the oldest continuous blues vest false in the west.
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♪ >> abc 7 news was at hayward city hall plaza after war a. >> there is no incorporated known as hayward. there abc 7 news. if i can get more than 150 clay or glass artists showed offer the there. >> this is one show they come to every year and if they want to buy clay or glass, they want to be here. this does represent kind of top quality cleaning glass.
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>> hey, that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. our next newscast will be on at 11. thank you very much for with us tonight. we'll see you at 11:00.
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>> today on "matter of fact." friends? or frenemies? putin pokes at the nato alliance. obama and the allies push back. are we on the brink of war? plus, road testing the contenders. who's still in the running to become a running mate? then -- ghostbusters and gender politics. who ya gonna call? whats behind the backlash when women take over iconic roles? >> let's go. i'll let you. . fernando


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