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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 10, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast sen te, this is abc 7 news. >> forced out of their home last month because of a raging fire, san francisco residents say they are now forced out again, and this time from the temporary housing i housinging. good evening, i'm eric thomas, and vac wees have spent four we weeks in temporary housing, and they can't go back to their homes because of the damage build building and now they are afraid to have to live on the streets. the brothers have been at the oasis inn since last week, and
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they is been given help from the are red cross, but they and other evacuees are having trouble finding a place to stay while their building is being renovated from the fire. they are asking for helpp from the mayor ed lee and the red cross. >> the mayor assured us that we wouldn't be homeless. that is a promise. he said that i promise you that nobody in the room is going to be homeless. >> they are telling us that we haven't got you an rfo and monday is all we can do for you, and it is check-out time, and you can go to the shelter. >> there is a go-fund-me page set up to help the victims of the fire, but the people that we talked with didn't seem to know how the contact the owner of of the page. they say they can use some extra money in the searches for new housing. the president is going to be visiting friday to speak to the
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interfaith memorial for the officer who were killed in the rampage. we have more. >> reporter: the five officers kill and the chaos unleashed an just a fraction of what the police say that the dallas sniper was planning. >> this suspect had been practicing explosive detonations and that the materiel was such that it was large enough to have devastating effects. >> reporter: the dallas chief saying that though micah johnson claims that he wanted to murder white officers after recent cases of police killing black men, it appears that he was preparing for the attack much earlier. >> we believe that the deaths in minnesota and louisiana just sparked his delusion to fast-track his plans. >> he kept a journal of combat tactics that neighbors say that he was practicing, and some
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maneuv maneuvers in the yard, and the tactics that he espoused in the journal are the tactics that he employed in killing people on thursday evening. >> he isshetamia said that peop were calling out to her in the final hours. >> he said that he had a gun, run. >> and that officer jumped on top of me and covered me and no regard for his life and they stayed there and surround ed me and my son and i. >> reporter: and president obama will speak about the heroism and the loss when he travels here tuesday for the memorial service. martha gonzalez, abc news, dallas. >> in san jose, people rallied against violence of any kind, and for those who were shot by
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police and those police who were killed. district attorney george gas conn appointed a a three-point panel to look at fairness, and the preliminary findings in may show that the department is bias in the way it polices communities of color and lacks transparency and accountability. the police chief resign eded a k after the report, and replaced by acting chief tony chaplin, the report tomorrow is expected to have recommendation for reform. and for more, you can find out at abc news bay area on twitter and on abc 7 and now, people are using the pokemon go, and to advance you go to different locations called the poke-stops to collect player, and police say that the men waited for people to arrive and then rob bed them at
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gunpoint. they robbed eight people this weekend. two fishermen at a lake near orlando, florida, were rushed to be rescued after a small plane went down a. man and 9-year-old daughter were on board. they were injured, but expected to be okay. moments before the crash, the pilot reported that he was losing engine power. new details on a passenger health scare that prompted the e emergency landing in oklahoma yesterday. some of the passengers had elevated levels of carbon monoxide, and once they got fresh aur, the levels returned to normal. the increased carbon monoxide levels from atlanta to denver were undetermined. >> and we are looking at the exploritorium camera show the bay area to it noochlt it was beautiful, but strong winds in some areas, and there were some areas and the lighthouse was
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close ed because of light winds. we go to our meteorologist drew tuma. >> it was a breezy end to the weekend. we will show you live outside at the east hills camera. the wind is calming down, but the peak wind is showing acti actively westerly wind, and at napa, with half moon bay in 32, and san jose a 24-mile-an-hour wind. and the current winds around the bay, and generally less than 10 miles per hour, and still along the coast, and sfo and 24 miles an hour, and half moon bay at 26 miles per hour. the fog wants to make a comeback and i will explain in the forecast. >> thank you, drew. and you may have en coukoun koc delays after b.a.r.t. said they wanted to close some airport trains which means the trains will run every eight minutes instead of every six minutes.
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they plan to resume regular schedules on thursday. >> and the only grand prize mega jackpot ticket was sold. the winner has not gone public and the prize is $541 million with the winner taking own $381 million making it the third largest jackpot in the mega m l millions history, and the news is still a surprise to many locals. >> i had no idea that the jackpot winner was in this store, and hopefully it is a fellow hoosier. >> the gas station will get $100,000 for selling that winning ticket. and tesla ceo elon musk promises something big in the work works. still ahead, the cryptic tweets that has the business world buzzing. and plus, these boxes are one city's hope for stopping the spread of mosquito borne illnesses like zika and west
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nile. and how these rescuers freed a trapped skunk without hurting a trapped skunk without hurting it when we ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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today, elon musk announced that something big was in the works and said that he was working on the master plan part two and hoping to publish later in the week. musk did not say what he was referring to but it is a similar to a blog posting a decade ago before tesla introduced the model s and model 3 and this is one month after a man died used the a auto feature. and bloomberg reports that the national transportation safety board rarely looks at the
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causes of car crashes, but this is going to be broader to see what regulations can be put in place to ensure passenger safety. and this summer, towns are spray i spraying to stop the spread of zika and west nile. they have set up bat boxes across the city to give them a place to breed, because they can eat up to 1,000 mosquitos per hour which is more effective than any spray. we have had one zika-related death in the u.s. earlier in the month. this is a precautionary measure. >> and wildlife crews helped to save the life of a skunk who got its head caught in a greaate.
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they had to use plyers to get it free, and the skunk was trying to actively bite them showing that it was in good health. and they are not driving too fast, and using little gas, and a trip to see the low riders here in the bay area. a warmup is on the way. and drew tuma is up next for the forecast. and coming up in sports, a two of-stroke penalty decides the u.s. women's open. >> and madison bum gagarner was
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low riders took over san francisco today, and abc 7 news was there with the more than 300 cars as the kings of the freeway
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were low to the ground, but some raised up in the air. there were classics like some that could ride on three wheels or even bouncing up and down. beautiful day for it. let's go to you, drew tuma for the forecast. >> and if you liked today, you will like tomorrow, because it is going to be a carbon copy. we will track the marine layer coming in tuesday. live doppler is giving us the all-clear, and outside, the picture is a beautiful from sfo and you can see no clouds from the vantage point, and gar jous sunset, and quiet and clear evening, and the forecast is going to be calling for the clear skies, and remain on the breezy side, and the winds will be 10 to 20 miles per hour, and bright and breezy for the monday, and then we will track the return for the fog in the low clouds tuesday as we are going to be losing the wind, and the fog is allowed to come back
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in inland. and 62 in currently san francisco, and at 64 in hayward, and 68 in san jose. and 76 in antiochk and now napa checking in with a current temperature of 66. over night, it is future weather not picking up on the cloud cover, and plenty of stars out there, and rather comfortable temperatures and inland dropping to the 50s and the 60s and overnight, 52 in san francisco, and bottoming out in 56 in san jose, and then cloverdale is dropping to 54 overnight. the doppler and the satellite is allowing the golden state to earn its name from so-cal to northern california. the ripple of the low pressure is going to be up for the next 24 hours, a thnd this continues bring a wind out of the north and west and bringing in the drier air to limit the fog. the future tracker wind cast will show you that in the afternoon and the evening, there is an active wind settinging up
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along the coast, and over 30 miles per hour, and around the bay, general wind speeds at 10 to 20 miles per hour. but that is going to be allowing for a clear start to the new work week. and featuring the hour by hour, and starting out 7:30 in the morning, and starting with the coast to the bay, and then you will need the sunglasses or head off to work, and we will have sunshine for the majority of the day, and then the pressure bringing up the low clouds around daily city, and half moon ba bay, and that is the extent of any classic cover, and after this, we are looking at the high for the day, and 68 in san francisco, and a comfortable 81 in san jose, and concord up to 76, and 84 in oakland and it is not too hot. and 85 in the forecasted high. if you are head nod the coast, we have a beautiful beach day, and plentiful sunshine, and perhaps a few afternoon clouds popping up, and otherwise, the
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15 to 25 miles per hour, and the ocean temperature is going to be currently 85. and the coastal clouds will return to bring aus summer spread. and the coast stays relatively stagnant for the next seven day, and it is the instand locations, eric that we are going to be warming up by friday. and we will have a cooler breeze to keep the temperatures in check across the region. >> thank you, drew. >> and giants' madison bumgarner had a very spectacular night. >> yes, he left them bummed. he will not be pitching in the all -star game, because he was scheduled to pitch before the crowd in arizona. he put on quite a show. he had a perfect game until the fifth with jake lam with a fly ball to the right, and blanco to the right looking for the ball,
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but dropped it for the error. and no-hitter still intact. and bumgarner struck out the side in the fourth and the fifth inning, and in all, 14 ks and when the guy is pitching the -nno don't jinx him, so that the teammates gave him some space. and now, san francisco with two more runs on this the double by brandon crawford and one out in the eighth, and the no -hitter coming to the end and lam with the clean face to right. and you can see mad bum's d disappointment. he did go to distance, and getting jeanne segura to ground out. and san francisco wins 4-0, and bum ga bumgarner ends up with the one hit, and a record of 57-33 and tops in the majors. the a's wrapped up the series in houston, and stephen vogt with the day off. this is a rookie pitcher's duel. last year's cy young award wirn
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dallas keuchel matched him after matt mcbride put oakland on top. ryan madson can't put out gattis, and he doubles, and they go to extra innings. in the tenth, correia hits a double, and the astros win 2-1, and it is the eighth error, and they had gone a franchise record 15 straight games without committing one. the u.s. women's open came down to a playoff between anna nordqvist and brittany lang. lydia ko lost her ball on nine, and dole bogey and finished with 79. nordqvist went to the clubhouse as the co-leader at # under. lang fired a final round, and this birdie put her in sole possession of the lead at 7
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under, and then at 17, gives the stroke back with a bogey, and then they go to the three-hole play off. and then nordqvist touches the stand with the club, and assessed a two-stroke penalty, and that put her in the penalty, and then she parred the last hole the win the u.s. women's open, and it is lang's first y major championship. in 2013 andy murray was the first british player in 77 year s to capture the men's singles title at wimbledon, and today, he ruled centre court. playing before prince william and his wife kate, he was a heavy favorite to beat milan raonic. and raonic's return goes right into the net, and murray wince 7-4, 7-6, 7-6, and he has won two of four womimbledon championships. >> i am going to enjoy this a
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lot, because i have had won a slam, and a couple of really tough losses in that period, so it is really, really happy that i won another one again. >> not looking good for portugal as the best player cristiano rinaldo goes down in the 35th minute with a left knee injury. but portugal who had come off of the bench eder finds the net, and portugal unsets france 1-0, and the first ever majors tournament title. the top story, madison bum garn wer a one-hit shutout against arizona. that is an even year, you nknow. who knows, maybe another title on the way. >> hey, he gave it a run tonight for sure. rick, thank you, a lot. >> next up, pixar's "finding dori"
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coming up tonight at 11:00, we are following breaking news in pleasanton after crews are searching for two missing boater s in the water. we will have a crew on the way. and also, a warning for people addi addicted to the new app pokemon go tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. this weekend, "finding dori" was the top grossing movie this year, but this weekend, it was beaten by a new animated comedy "the secret life of pets" starringing comedians louie c.k. and kevin hart. it is the best opening weekend ever for an original animated movie. the "legend of tarzan" barely
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beat out "finding dori." and "the purge, election year" came in fifth. our next newscast is at 11:00 over on a bshgs krshbc 7, and w see you then v a good evening. h. . evening. ev a good evening. a good evening.
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♪ (female announcer)it's the michelle meow show, your a-z covering the lgbt, lmnop and everyone in between. [music continues] here's michelle meow. welcome, thank you so much for joining me here tonight. the michelle meow show is your a-z covering the lgbt, lmnop and everyone in between show. i am so excited for tonight's show [laughs] you won't believe this but our main guest tonight is susan sarandon, oh my gosh! i know, she's got a new movie out, "the meddler" and so we've got a great interview with susan and the director of the film, lorene scafaria so make sure you stick around for that. we also have an interview with supervisor david campos, our hero right here in san francisco. before we get started with the program, let's check in and see what people are saying about the handful of anti-gay or anti-lgbtq bills that are passing in


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