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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 11, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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moving tribute tonight for the dallas officers killed last week ambush attack. huge crowd appeared outside dallas city hall for an emotional candle light vigil. >> good evening i'm dan. >> police are giving a much more detailed picture of moment of terror during the ambush in dallas. authorities revealing that 11 officers opened fire during the rampage. 5 were killed.
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nip wounded. and during the standoff gunman asked how many did he get. and investigators believe he was planning much bigger attack involving explosives. adrian is there. >>reporter: at candle light vigil remembering the 5 slain police officers. >> he was my friend. a hero. community and police side by side. >> what it did was gallivanize us. >> stark contrast to events around the country. protest over police killings of two black men spark outrage. we are now learning more about the sniper who targeted white officers and according to authorities was planning a much larger attack. investigators say it was in this middle class neighborhood at home shared with his mother where mike john son had a stock
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pile of bomb making material. first time his parents speaking out in an interview with the blaze. >> i don't know what to say to make anything bet. i didn't see it coming. >>reporter: authorities believe 25-year-old army vet fast track his plans to murder police. dr. brian williams was one of of the dogtors who worked to save their lives. >> we have to come together tivrjts dallas police chief says he has a solution. >> serve. your community. don't be a part of the problem. we are hiring. the we are hiring. >>reporter: many more people have been contacting dallas police to join the force in the wake of the shooting. tomorrow president obama and first lady will visit to honor the fallen officers and the family. in dallas, abc 7 news. funeral held this week for three of the police officers. 4 concord police officers and
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captain with the richmond police department here in the bay area are now on their way to dallas to attend services for the officers. president obama and former president bush are scheduled to speak at memorial service to. we plan to air part of the memorial tomorrow over on channel 7. hundreds of protestors took to the streets mean time of downtown chicago this afternoon to show their concern over the recent police shootings. it was the third day in a row for the demonstration this is particular event was organized by teenager girls who said they were committed to keeping the event peaceful. many girls had tape over their mouths. they say it was to symbolize the way police brutality silence african americans. and in atlanta tonight protestors gather for fifth consecutive day of demonstrations following the shooting death last week of two black men in louisiana and minnesota by police officers. tonight protest is at the governor's mansion you are looking at live pictures now
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police have just asked the crowd to disburse. this is near the governor mansion right there in very affluent area of buckhead in atlanta. today black lives matter group stage rally operate uc berkeley campus. over an hour they gather peacefully and wayne has the story. >> at uc berkeley late this afternoon the large crowd and silence really did speak volum volume. certainly the most quiet gathering of the day. unlike another outside oakland city hall. >> people in the hills are happy. developers are happy but the people people black and brown and poor people the heart and soul of the city are sick and tired of being sick and tired. >>reporter: this is the twist operational crisis as american protest police protest against people of color black lives matter play a role with their own scandal. this afternoon a group called the anti-police terror project took signature to the city clerk filing an attempt to recall the mayor. >> this is about we are tired of being murdered on the streets of oak land.
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tired of being push out of the streets in oakland she has to go. interesting contrast. the mayor spent this morning also talking about black lives matter and as she put it doing something. >> item particularly important after last week event that we shine a light on opportunity and hope. >> that we recognize that certain groups like african american male have been left behind and have faced institutional bear yivrment there was a career summit with 600 full-time job with young people of color in the city. she said there are 7 position in her office. a bishop high school on the mayor front desk. >> if you didn't have the job what would you be doing. >> probably be at home. >> worth noting. >> 1100. >> city clerk who was to reject the first declaration intent to recall. procedural mistakes. anti-police terror project unphased. >> apparently we need 24 more
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signatures. >> that's tomorrow they tell u us. abc 7 news. >> very soon more san jose police officers will wear body camera while on pa trochlt san jose officers begin training session on using body camera on wednesday. each officer will receive 4 hours of specializeed training. camera follow years of debate over whether officers should wear them. they share the pictures 0of what the camera will look like and what they will record. >> any wildfire broken out in the sierra foot hills east of 40's no. firefighters mostly fighting from the air because it's just so remote which they can't do at night of course. it's burned about 100 acres so far but threatening two dozen structures. sheriff's spokesman says one of the department vehicle caught fire. the deputy did get away unharmed. evacuation order have just gone into effect. resident displaced by the recent huge fire in san francisco heights neighborhood here are moving yet again.
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flames gutted several buildings on mission street last month and several resident are still struggling to find a home. after all of this time. sergio has the story. >>reporter: this afternoon montoya used a can to shuttle many belongings to a storage facility. >> temporarily i'm wounds entered here right until we get something stable. and this is another 100 dollars a month. >>reporter: he an his brother are among the dozens displaced after fire tore through several buildings in the height last movement they had been at the oasis is inn but moving to the third motel since the fire. another displaced resident raised concerns this weekend that they would be left out in the street. >> monday is all we can do for you and many it's check out time. go to a shelter. >> a little miscommunication over the weekend they didn't know where they were to move to so we cleared that up.
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contacted all familiarityly. >> mayor office says the city human service agency found temporary homes for most of the people who were at the gray wood single room occupancy motel but finding any kind of room for the rest isn't easy even for the mayor office. >> the nature of government in the city is they can't strong arm their way and force landlord or force building owners to house tenant. >> one of the local non-profit agency is pitching in. also involved in distributing money raised by various go fund me site and private fundraiser fundraisers. item money they could use right now. >> the money will be divvy up this week and check should be cut to displace resident early next week. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> walnut creek home caught fire overnight. looking at video tweeted by could the could county fire protection district. house on tortoise place near assault court just looks like a big
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fire ball obviously. just terrible. fire began shortly after midnight. took crew about half an hour to get it under control. nobody hurt and firefighters were able to save the family dog. relatively small fire burned some brush by fairfield this morning. firefighters responded to highway 12 near red top road. the burned area is right next to the highway and some traffic did slow down because of the smoke. terrible story to report. 3-year-old boy has died after being hit by a pick up truck near sonoma. highway patrol helicopter rush the chilly to the hospital just after 6 last night but sad to say he didn't survive. child was identified as owen family was pushing the boy in a stroll intera marked crosswalk when they saw the car they tried to pull the stroller out of the car path but the boy fell out an was hit. second child who water l in the stroller was not hurt. but you can only imagine the horrifying sight the parents
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dealt with. country oldest park ranger plans to return to work tomorrow in the east bay following a violent robbery. two week ago today in fact some one broke into the vallejo home of 94-year-old betty reid sovbing. beat her and robbed her. she vowed to remain in the house and continue working. she's set to return to her job tomorrow at the historical park in richmond. she loves her work. told us she doesn't want to be portray as victim instead she wants to be viewed as a survivor. and she is clearly that. much more to bring you here on this monday night. come up. warrior stars green in trouble with the law. police put him in handcuffs t. how much ransom. >> 60,000 dollars. suspected kid naerps under arrest but the victim is still missing. details on the case that has a family desperate for new clue and closure. 7 news drew is here with the weather. >> it's a beautiful picture
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right now from the east bay hills camera not a cloud to be seen from vantage point but overnight the fog try to make a many could being pwachlt how far inland it get in the full accu-weather forecast. >> look at this feeding frenzy in the bay. hear from the kayaker who caught this video. hear from the kayaker who caught this video. back
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a. vallejo police caught suspect in kidnapping but they still haven't found the victim. vallejo mother has been missing for almost two week and what police call a kidnapping for ransom plot. leslie is on the story. >> 60,000 dollars. that's how much 4 accused kidnapers were trying to collect as ransom by text message. 26-year-old espinoza charged with kidnapping for ransom. in connection with mysterious disappearance of this vallejo woman. he pleaded not guilty. >> kidnapping for run some is more significant crime as far as punishment because it is subject to life imprisonment as opposed to regular kidnapping without run some. >> 57-year-old babb last seen on june 29 when co-worker dropped her off at the store in vallejo. police say her son got a text message the next day. threatening to kill her if ransom money wasn't paid.
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john babb went to the mom one bedroom apartment in vallejo where he found her dog dead inside with no signs of forced entry. over the weekend 4 suspects were arrested in sacramento and fairfield. 23-year-old larry young appeared in court as well but his arraignment on kidnapping for ransom charge until tuesday when the other two suspects will also appear in court. abc 7 news went to the solana county jail to0 view the 4 suspects they all at the kleined. meanwhile lb babb still missin missing. >> right now we are just really collecting the information that is coming in various tips. >> police department actively trying to locate her at this time. and hopefully she's still alive. >> for now the suspect are not cooperating. bail has been set at 1 million dollars. in solana county, leslie, abc 7 news. >> off season is not off to good start for warriors superstar greechbility over the weekend he was arrested for
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assault. we explain. >> video obtained by tmz supports shows green in handcuffs sun. san francisco chronicle reports the basketball star slapped a man who was taunting him. officers in east lansing, michigan saw it happen outside a restaurant around 2:30 in the morning. >> green was arrested for assault and battery. the victim was a male subject. he was uninjured. green was arrested. taken to the east lansing city yale where he was lodged accidently posted 200 dollar bond and released sunday morning. >> warriors are not saying much. part of a statement read at this point we are collecting information and will have no further comment until we have a better understanding of the situation. fains talked to are disappointed. >> i think it's unfortunate. for green to get caught up in something like this. >> i don't know why would he do something like that. in the profession he's in. he's jeopardizing the characte
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character. >>reporter: green temper got him in trouble during the play offs. here is kicking thunders player in the groin. grown was suspended against james. some fans say this boils down to green emotion getting the best of him. >> i love green. he's the heart and soul of the team and hopefully he can put it together and puts us back in the path. >>reporter: he's arain july 20 two weeks before he's supposed to be in rio to represent team usa in the olympic. thinks 7 news. >> rare sight on the bay captured on camera. do you want to miss this video you will see only here. it's of whales in a feeding frenzy. >> oh, my. that was so close. >>reporter: so close. this incredible video was shot by the linda snyderman part of group on sunday morning kayak trip near angel island for 45 minutes. they saw group of whales team
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up to lunge out of the water and swallow fish all with the san francisco sky line as back drop. >> three whales. coordinate to put the head together and all come up at the same time with their mouths wide open and burst through the surface. >> to see the contrast of the city and this primitive prime evil wild life, contrast was immense. >>reporter: experts tell us that a whale usually only do this type of lunge feeding in colder water farther north. they think the whales are probably feasting on an abundance of her rig in the bay. we are feasting on the video bus it's spectacular. love the back drop with the sky line. >> turn the attention to the forecast with another week. drew is here. >> hi dan. beautiful start to the work week. superb day out therement plenty of sunshine. comfortable temperatures and we see similar forecast set up to. one difference right now.
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live doppler 7hd picking up on a little bit of fog developed along the coast. down closer to street level. sunset richmond san francisco also part of daly city half machine bay and that's where we see the low cloud cover right now. a lot of dry air over much of the bay that's why the fog is having a really hard time advancing past where it is right now. i think it stick just those location overnight tonight. emeryville camera showing awe beautiful night we have at han hand. the forecast will call for the patchy coastal fog overnight tonight. really mild to warm for tomorrow and then as you notice we heat up inland especially wed and into turs and friday. right now current temperatures really comfortable out there. 57 san francisco. 60 in san mateo o. 67 san ramone. 72 the high in fairfield currently. the call in the 50's across the board. probably the only exception antioch dropping to 62 degrees overnight tonight. there's the little patchy cloud
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cover along the coast otherwise plenty of stars to be seen across the renal the next 6 to 12 hours. hour by hour on your tuesday we have coastal clouds developing first thing on the immediate coast line. you notice away from the coast nice conditions starting off the bright sky again 8:00 o'clock in the morning. bright side dominate the forecast. lock at. that cloud cover really breaks down along the coast even into the afternoon so by the afternoon we call it sunny from the coast to the bay and inland. really, really nice temperatures once again. for july. micro climate south bay. 82 san jose. 81 santa clara. 87 the high for morgan hill. along the about instant la sunshine 75 san mateo o. 80 palo alto. 59 degrees. downtown san francisco 67. that's spot on. for the time of year. 60 for daly city. north bay. 86 santa rosa. 80 san rafael along the water cooler at 68 degrees. 82 the high in sonoma.
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80 vallejo. east bay oakland 73 sunny skies there. 81 castro valley inland mixed bag of 80's and 90's. 84 san ramone but 90 for the high in brentwood. headed to the coast tomorrow really nice looking beach day once again. enjoy sunshine. very high uv index wear the sun screen burn unprotected less than 15 minutes. 80 in santa cruz to. 62 for ocean beach. 64 for monterey bay. ocean water temperature currently sitting right at 55 degrees. accu-weather 7 day forego. mild to warm out there. coast tell cloud first thing in the morning but sunshine into the afternoon. returning warmer especially inland on our wednesday and you notice the trend really continuing for thursday hot inland and heat hold on for one more day on friday saturday sunday nice little on shore breeze. cools us you have and by monday nice steady pattern. morning cloud afternoon sunshine and temperatures nice and comfortable for this time of year. >> not too extreme there.
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>> not too bad. >> not at all thanks very much. >> still to come. cal-trans is about to launch the smart freeway. what to expect when it arrives
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and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. 7-11 turns 50 tomorrow ncaa and handing out free slurpy not in berkeley. viewer snapped this photo from 7-11 on san pablo avenue. sign indicates none of the berkeley locations would be participating. sites the sugar drink law. >> this wednesday cal-trans plans to unveil i 80 smart corridor project since last year. the signs have been in the testing phase from the bridge to the bay bridge. signs can change the speemd
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based on conditions and alert drivers to lane closure and crashes ahead. >> this is animation of what the project would look like. the signs will be activated in stages so drivers can get used to them by labor day 44 on ramp have the new lights. goal base this on traffic conditions and congestion. >> stay with us. another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up caught in the line of fire. hear from wounded officers in dallas. >> also how the shootings have changed the race for president. both candidates taking positions tonight. >> pilot suddenly hits the break during take off. what the crew saw that forced them to abort the flight. stay with me. them to abort the flight. stay with me. another half hour of 7
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we are hearing from some of the wounded who were caught in the line of fire in dallas last week. mother is giving her thanks to the officer who risked their lives to save her as she shielded her young son from the gun fire. also the powerful words from a surgeon heart broken over not able to save everyone. martha on his message to stop the killing. >>reporter: taylor took her sons to the march for this reason. >> i want to show theme there could be a peaceful march. >>reporter: but just as they were leaving that peace shattered. >> hundreds of round. i never heard anything like that before. >> praying for my properties and mom i was scared. really did the. >>reporter: hid in the wac of the leg taylor tackle the nea
9:31 pm
nearest son and then what she will never forget. officers racing to protect them. >> officer jumped on top of me and covered me and my son. there was another one at our feet. i saw another officer -- saw another officer get shot item in front of me. >>reporter: image hard to forget and kindness she never wants to. >> they saved my life. they saved my son's life. all of them i want to say thank you to them. >>reporter: martha abc news. >> fun fire broke out today killing two bail i was in michigan. investigators say an inmate was able to wrestle a gun away from an officer and opened fire. people dove for cover. deputy civilian injured in the shooting. happened in the city at the barren county courthouse.
9:32 pm
two bailiffs shot and killed june man ultimately. house speaker paul ryan and leadership team decided to put off any gun related legislation until after the seven week summer recess including measure to prevent suspected terrorists from obtaining guns. shooting are changing focus in the rest for president. donald trump declaring himself the law and order candidate and in interview with david muir hillary clinton offered her support to police as well. all of this with count down to the g.o.p. convention 7 days aweek. tom has more. >> donald trump announcing today there's a new sheriff in town. >> i am the law and order candidate. >>reporter: with the country locked in a debate about race and police team trump argue as president he would be tough but fair. >> but i'm also the candidate of compassion.
9:33 pm
believe it. >> trump annualing the police shooting death if bat open rouge and minneapolis but make it clear he stand with law enforcement. >> it's time for hostility against our police and against all members of law enforcement to end and end immediately. right now. >>reporter: hillary clinton also supporting the police but in an interview with david taking it a step further. do you think police officers are gting a bad wrap across the country be action of a few. >> absolutely. vast majority of police officers in our country are serving honorably and bravely and that's why it's very important we support their work that we respect their service and at the same time we put in place guidelines to make sure that every police officer understands what is expected of him or her. >>reporter: trump today revealing the search for running mate down to 4 people.
9:34 pm
recently he publicly audition gingrich, new jersey governor christy and indiana governor pence. latest name to surface retired general michael flynn but erased eyebrow among conservative telling martha he supports abortion right. >> women have to be able to choo. >>reporter: today reversal flynn calls him safely pro life democrat. this is abc news. >> tomorrow hillary clinton is expected to pick up a long awaited endorsement from bernie sanders. vermont senator has mathematically been eliminated now from clinching the nomination but not formally exited the race. sanders scheduled to appear at rally with clinton tomorrow in new hampshire when we expect that to happen. he won the state by 22 points during the primary season. democratic national convention starts in two week in philadelphia. one week from today the republican convention begins in ohio. both will be presented live on twitter which will stream news
9:35 pm
coverage and 7 news crew will have live coverage at both events. we move now to the scare on the runway in houston. united passenger jet forced to abort take off. pilot slamming on the brake after noticing something was wrong. here's more. >> tonight passenger were counting the terrifying take off on united flight out of houston. >> everybody there was like. >> pilot slamming on the brake over fear of possible mechanical problem. >> i think we blew a tivrment you have spark coming out the left side. truck coming. >> she and her husband taking pictures of the emergency crew who responded. >> gone so fast i was scared. >> united airlines telling us two tires blew out when the pilot hit the brake. similar problem just two months ago on another united flight. tire blowing before take off. ignite ago fire engulfing the plane and smoke.
9:36 pm
>> usually the only time you see tires blow in tandem when the crew asked so much of the breaking system that it lit are el did lock up the tires. >> nobody injured on the fligh flight. all airplane are equipped with anti-skidding technology to ensure the tires don't pop. something the airlines will investigate. >> coming up next at 9:00. here a science lesson from very experienced teacher. >> lots of time to come up with lots of different ways of triggering pain. >> what scientist can learn about stopping pain from the >> what scientist can learn about stopping pain from the spied that's
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>> san rafael. south bay >> san rafael.
9:40 pm
>> some day you are able to take a new revolutionary kind of pain immediate you could have a tarantula to thank for it. maybe something just as scary lurking in a special lab at ucsf. >> does have the fang underneath you can tell. >> even if you can't spot the tarantula fang yourself it's painfully clear if he sinks them into you and thank evolution for that. >> he's animal with lots of time to come one lots of different way of triggering pain. >> in the lab at ucsf jeremiah 0stein and colleague collect and study pain producing venom from a variety of scary creatures. tarantula and snake to 0out sized wasp. the goal isn't to cause pain but figure out new way to interrupt it. >> different things in the venom trigger different path way so for us it's really kind of gold mine. >> first they isolate molecule in the venom and attempt to identify the affects on the body. in the recent case of african
9:41 pm
tarantula the detective work revealed a breakthrough. venom they found works on a lesser study type of pain nerve associated with a type of discomfort you feel when some one inches you. >> they help us identify molecule and neurocircuit that elicit pain. >> lab director julius says the ultimate goal here is to find drug that stop pain in specific ways. and possibly provide alternative to powerful pain killers like opiad. >> think rationally about new way to act on the path way and molecule to turn pain signal down. >> back at the lab the team continues to test some of the most painful products of evolution. searching for new clue to help human lives more comfortable, less painful lives. >> wild ride turns out the nerve path way targeted by the tarantula venom also involved in disease like parkinson's and alzheimer's so the ucsf team is
9:42 pm
hoping the discovery could some day benefit the patients as well. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00 haven't heard of pokemon go you are missing something big. we explain how the high tech scavenger hunt works. it's taking over cities all
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>> stock soared today for a nintendo jumping 35 percent. it's all because of the popularity of pokemon go. currently the most popular app for both apple and android devices. so what is the deal? here's jonathan bloom. >> they have taken the world by storm. phenomenon that only started last week. it looks like this. >> see the group of two to 4 people standing around staring at the phones. >> naked eye there's nothing
9:46 pm
there but through the camera on the phone. >> you are able to see pokemon on the shoulder like i catch i it. see behind you. >>reporter: editor justin took on the tough task of teaching me pokemon go. game you may out in the real world. >> a couple bowl items do it while you are walking. >> object to catch the mythical creature. >> pokemon just showed up and he's right over there. >> hundreds of species. what's the other kind of bat. >> zoo bat. >> they prefer different habitat. >> in the city this is a forest or park this park was packed with players. >> looking for pokemon to show up on the screen. and they are all kind of walking around like zombie. >> faced down in virtual world you may not notice danger in the real world. >> last we want is some one to get assaulted or robbed so or wander into traffic to get hit bypassing motorist not paying taichblingts it can get worse.
9:47 pm
>> the flowers fall over here somebody release add lure. >> 3 teens arrested lured pokemon to attract players and rob them at gun point. in wyoming. >> i didn't know what to do i was scared. >> she was looking for water pokemon but found something else. >> dead body. >> stay aware of your woundings and game could benefit the social life. >> people congregate around 80's and making new friend they wouldn't have made before. >> even your health. >> i have been meeting my daily walking goal a lot more since playing this. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> disney "star wars"land won't open for quite some time but the company is offering a tantalizing new image. official disney blog posted the picture showing what it looks like at disneyland in anaheim once it's finance issued. you see the falcon one of 2 ride being built. also imperial shuttle and blockade runner in the pick.
9:48 pm
looks pretty slick. disney not opening date yet. huge project obviously. "star wars"disneyland all owned by disney. some of the nation most skilled brack cowboy and could i girl rode into the bay area this weekend and fans were in for a thrilling time. here's the bull riding event. >> that one guy versus 1500 pounds of bull. fans were also treated to steer wrestling and bare back riding as well. 5000 fans packed into the rodeo arena in alameda county. it's the 32 year for the bill picket invitational rodeo. the only african american touring rodeo in the united states. a lot of fun by everyone out there. pretty good. >> has to be sore the next morning. that looks prutal. >> that's what i was thinking. nice day for it though.
9:49 pm
talk about tomorrow really comfortable temperatures. no intensity the next 24 hours. we are tracking a little bit of papy fog and really con find to the coggan that's really where it stays. not inconvenience around the by like it has been much of last week. overnight tonight fore in san francisco. 57 palo alto. 56 if san jose same in oakland overnight. 57 vallejo santa rosa up to about 51 degrees for the overnight low. tomorrow pent of sunshine. nice looking day. 80 san rafael. 67 san francisco. comfortable 73. oakland 82 for san jose. warm spot antioch at 92 tomorrow vallejo. up to 80 degrees. accu-weather 7 day forecast. tomorrow really is in afternoon lot of sunshine mild to warm we turn warmer especially inland on thursday then cooling off just in time for the wean saturday sunday pit of a breeze is in temperature for july. >> that's he left the heart in san francisco. now the cities planning several tribute next month to sell brit tony bennett 90th birthday.
9:50 pm
♪i left my heart there in san francisco. >> legendary singer performed many times at giants games and team will have tony bennett night on august 19. same day public dedication of 8 foot tall bronze statue of bennett unveiled at the pair mont hotel. benefit dinner concert also held that wean in the hotel and we are told mr. bennett will be at all of the festivities. the. >> 90 years old strochblingt i heard somewhere that he still sings two hours a day to stay in shape and one of the world great voices. nice guy met him couple years ago and couldn't have been more of a gentlemen i was really impressed. >> living legend. >> he can really, really sing at 90. >> last project with lady gaga. fantastic. >> unbelieve afternoon.
9:51 pm
unbelievable. >> so home run derby for one guy. used to good on forever. take hours. now like speed swinging. you have to two. as many as you can hit in 4 minutes and john carlos stanton as many as you can hit in 4 minutes and john carlos stanton he could hit a ton
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. thieves have new tashingt. how whom owners try to sell the homes may be putting themselves in danger. >> and this robot was designed to provide security but one south bay family says it injured the toddler. those stories and more coming injured the toddler. those stories and more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7 >> sports director larry biel is here with a lot to talk about tonight. >> i'm still think about tony bennett practicing for two hours a day on his voice. >> inspivrmingt i may start practicing this. i just start with two minutes. might be more than most viewers can stand. mainly league baseball all star game tomorrow but tonight the sluggers took over in san diego. few players in baseball as
9:55 pm
strong as stanton. he put on a show. petco park for everybody. loves big poppy ortiz. gonzalez would he not advance beyond the first round but he did smash the one person's drink to smithereens. plastic cup is gone. mark leading the league in homers. this is an impressive bomb. at one in the round but stanton he's so strong the muscles have muscles danni tell you. club 25 homers in the and frasier versus stanton in the finals. line drive-by frasier smash into the western metal supply building but final round too much but yes we pus say down goes traitioner. stanton won the contest. deepest fly of the nye. stanton 4 97 feet.
9:56 pm
his homer travel a total of 2 27,000 feet 5.1 miles. that's a long way. 57 and 33 giants have the best record in baseball all star break but the cubs have the most all star in the game. they have 7 playing tomorrow night. at least in the game. giants represented by madison. buster and steve the only a's representative. start the gym for the national league got the news today while white sox pitcher and leading the majors with 14. right behind him. such a grit acquisition for them. he won the world series with royalsless season tee petting all star skipper collins mets in game 2. look lichlt. >> like you said honor to represent the dominican republic to star in the all star game. great to be part of the world series. might do everything i could to win and i'm happy i'm seeing
9:57 pm
the results. >> last week when we were sitting talking about who we might start in the all star game we had 5 very, very qualified guys and as the game got closer closer he continued to dominate the league so i thought he was the right choic choice. >> able to start this game i know what it means and i know how much fun i have had in the past so just try to go out there with some energy. start the game off on the right foot for the guys. >> we have reported this earlier in the newscast but warriors all star green was arrested over the weekend back home in east lansing, michigan. got into altercation with another man. some physical con tachblingt the police report not really specific whether slap or punch but altercation. good news there were no injuries. green taken though custody at 2:40 am sunday morning. tmz posting the video. he post bail two00 dollars and release released. this is not a huge deal because nobody got hurt no. weapons involved. not a serious confrontation but green has to realize he's a
9:58 pm
celebrity. target at this point. can't put your hands on anybody even if it's a little slap. we know he's emotional. volatile at times part of the reason frankly he's successful in the fba and get the big contract of 82 million dollars but he needs to keep the emotion under control beth on and off the court. tonight the warriors lakers summer league action in las vegas. warriors fans want to see the rookie patrick mccaw and we will hear a lot of mccaw mccaw. mccaw. this season. and you probably already heard enough. 13 points for the rookie. russell look at the cross-over right there. of course lakers are hoping he will turn into a star pretty move right there. abusing robert carter taking him to the basket. financial wish 26 point. spin mav of his own. chance to make the roster. lakers win 78-65. best power forward in nba
9:59 pm
history. quietly retired today. opportunity can big fund mental after a mean year hall of fame career shutting it down in typical duncan fashion. no news conference no farewell tour. nothing on snap chat. no facebook live. issued a statement then see you i'm done. spent entire career with the spurs. one 5 championship. league mvp twice. final mvp three times. fish up with one more story from the all star festivities in san diego. this is so good. young perez from san ramone finalist in the pitch hit run contest in the 9-10-year-old age group. over 600,000 kids entered and among the handful who made it to the time. round third base and head home. came in second in the age group and had a terrific experience. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. so much fun. >> that's
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, white supremacists planting bombs. each blast designed to generate death and devastation in a south african township. coombs: the police realized this is a very serious threat.


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