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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 12, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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now our family is complete. purina cat chow complete. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this sa bc7 news. >> now a man hunt on the air and on the ground. an an armored car shooting leads to a search for the gunman. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. >> sky 7hd captured the moment when authorities took one of the men into custody. the sheriff deputies loaded him into a squad vehicle. in the last hour we learned the identities of both men. they are 24-year-old gutzo and 23-year-old ivan morales from lake port. >> it started this afternoon at a chase bank in windsor where an armored car guard was shot. the suspect then took off and ended up in calistoga and napa county.
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melanie is live in calistoga with the story. melanie? >> ama and dan, residents who were not home when this began and live here are still not being allowed back inside tonight. that is because law enforcement is still processing this crime scene where one of the robbery suspects was initially ab pre hennedded -- apprehended. the reason it has taken so long is they had to wait to do that. their top priority was finding the second robbery suspect. we found the armored security guard who police say was shot by these two men is now out of the hospital. >> they say two armed men robbed this bank before 2:00 p.m. the men shot the a are mored -- the armored car company guard. they saw him get in a dark-colored suv and speed away. calistoga police spotted the vehicle shortly after. >> when they pulled up behind it a suspect started firing
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rounds at the officer. >> he then knocked him to the ground. >> he jumped out and began running. from sky 7hd you can see the apprehended suspect on a stretcher. the police officer was not shot. he had minor injuries. law enforcement told calistoga residents to shelter in place as s.w.a.t teams and k-9's went yard to yard and door-to-door looking for the second robber believed to be armed. the helicopters searched overhead. he is worried about his wife and two children. >> frustrated because there is nothing i can do to get to them. >> approximately four hours later the search narrowed to a creek bed behind julie linhart's home. the men said to get inside. >> i was surprised it was getting this close. >> an apprehension made possible by several law enforcement agencies. in a city residents say doesn't usually see action quite like this. in calistoga, melanie woodrow,
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abc7 news. >> as this story developed we sent out push alerts from the abc7 news app. download the app for free and enable the push alerts to get updates sent to your mobile device. 11:00, a recruitment flyer are to the could ku klux klan is showing up in neighborhoods. it claims the black lives movement is telling them to, quote, kill white people. the people discovered the flyers on doorsteps and gates. the flyers urge people to join the klan, quote, before it is too late. in dallas president obama and former president george w. bush came together to honor the police officers killed in an ambush. >> there are roughly 2500 people in attendance at this service will after days of anger and anguish and tears, the mood was somber, but up
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lifting. president obama is joining a host of dignitaries and law enforcement at an inter faith service to honor the five fallen officers gunned down in dallas and to commend the city and the police for efforts to unify the community. >> the murder rate here has fallen and complaints of excessive force have been cut by 64%. the dallas police department has been doing it the right way. >> the president along with the vice president biden and former president george w. bush and their wives paying respects. >> today the nation grieves, but those who love dallas and call it home have had five deaths in the family. >> the city of dallas rocked to the core following the assassination of police officers working to protect and serve during a peaceful black lives matter protest. abc news learning the gunman, micah johnson, used this high-powered rifle in a one-man mission to target and kill white officers. the
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president categorizing the sniper's attack as a hate crime. >> an act not just of tau meanted violence, but racial hatred. you will of it has left us wounded and angry and hurt. >> the site remains a crime scene and detectives are pouring over hours of body cam footage. they believe johnson, an army veteran, legally purchased the three weapons he had. dallas' police chief is using lyrics from a steven wonder song to express his love for the officers and their grieving families. >> i'll be loving you until the ocean covers every mountain high. >> reporter: the president set to meet with law enforcement leaders and community officials at the wait house to discuss solutions to ending the violence. abc news. >> this thursday abc news will hold a historic town hall with president obama. the president and the people will be a national conversation about race, policing and how we bridge the
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divide. world news tonight anchor david muir will moderate as the president takes questions from americans all over the country. it begins at 8:00 p.m. thursday here on abc7. >> a woman who can identify with race relations and law enforcement and kamala harris. >> as a nation we need to heal. we really need to heal. a lot of people are feeling pain right now. >> abc7 news was in oakland and caught up with harris at a labor rally. while she works closely with law enforcement and appreciates the risks officers face, she says every black man she knows has been a victim of racial profiling or an unreasonable stop by police. recruiting new police officers was the topic of conversation in oakland as cornell bernard explains, the city is considering making it easier to get a police badge. >> the opd is using this giant banner to tell the world it is hiring cops.
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but in the wake of recent scandals, it could be a tough sell. >> i think the recent sexual misconduct scandal further reinforces the need to fix our recruitment and hiring procedures. >> they are telling oakland's public safety committee that the recruiting tactics need to change to improve the tense relations with the community. they want overhauls like 50% of new recruits should be oakland residents. >> how to build a police force that is maury flect tiff of -- more reflective of and respectful of the community. >> neighbors say they know local cops from the rest. >> there is a huge difference between the local officer, meaning from here, and the other officers. they get a different response. >> some have been rejected in the past because they smoked pot or had student loans. unfair. >> smoked a joint a year ago? we are going to tell them, no, we won't let you put your life on the line for this community? >> yes, we ask about drug
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use. >> reporter: he realizes that there can be exceptions when a qualified would be officer comes knocking. >> we know people aren't perfect and they make mistakes. the best part is a lot of what we look for is corrected. >> reporter: building a police force from the ground up will take time. the city council may consider recruiting changes later this year. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> uc berkeley's chancellor is under investigation. there are allegations he misused you have university funds. he is accused of using a campus athletic trainer for personal use without paying and used public funds to pay for travel on nonuniversity business. accusations come from a whistleblower complaint. the city council unanimously voted to call on sutter health to not close the hospital. all buildings must be
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seismically retrofitted. rebuilding on the current site is not feasible. the city council will likely meet again with hospital officials. google and linked in have struck a big deal to swap land in silicon valley. under the deal google will acquire the 10 building project known as the shoreline commons along shoreline boulevard in mountain view. there will be a six-building site and in exchange they will get seven buildings along the sunnyvale border. that will be linked in's new headquarters. happening now, two westbound lanes of the san mateo bridge are closed. here is a live look. you can see the westbound lanes on the right hand side. the crews are repairing the hole that opened up last month east of the highrise section. both lanes will remain closed until 5:00 a.m., and the closure will happen for the next five nights. keep that in mind.
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>> abc7 news at 11:00 does continue. a peninsula woman was found murdered in her home. a just released autopsy report is revealing new information about the crime. >> and a new pokemon problem tonight. the questionable places users are playing this suddenly wildly popular game. >> and the veepstakes is on. we know when donald trump will announce who his running mate will be. >> i'm sandhya patel. the temperatures are on the rise and i'll let you know how hot it will get where you live. live. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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breaking news happening in san francisco. police are searching for a possible shooter in the city's mission district. it is happening at 17th and shotwl streets.
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the theater is located there. witnesses say there is a lot of police activity and officers are going building to building. they want to avoid the area because the streets are closed. for breaking news alerts follow us on twitter on abc7 news. we know more about a woman murdered in her home. >> finding her killer is the police department's top priority. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has more. lisa? >> reporter: ama, she was the first murder of the year and now every available detective at the police department is assigned to this case. police tape still surrounds jennie's creek side home. five days after a family member found her body the coroner confirmed that the 65-year-old was stabbed to death, likely by someone she knew or worked with. >> our detectives are currently going through a large amount of information
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and interviewing associates with the victim's real estate holdings and with the victim's various business endeavors. >> she was the co prt of bureau chapter in beijing and shanghai. she also owns several accupuncture clinics in the bay area. police admit that they have very few leads. in palo alto, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. livermore police hope you can help them find the owner of this cat. the cat is recovering and doing well after being shot with an arrow. someone found the medium-sized blackmail cat on hahn nea suck kill -- honeysuckle road and police want to find the person who shot the cat with the arrow. that person could face animal cruelty charges. you will see people playing pokemon go just about everywhere and now someplaces are saying it is downright disrespectful.
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arlington national cemetery and the united states holocaust museum are the latest places to request that visitors stop trying to collect pokemon. both places sent out tweets today saying that it is inappropriate. a canadian singing quartet is apologizing for performance protest during tonight's mlb allstar game. watch. >> ♪ all i've mattered to the great ♪ >> before the game the group, the tenors sang "ocanada" and they swapped it to an all lives matter lyric. he held a sign that read "all lives matter." that singer has been suspended from the group. and now moving to your voice and your vote, abc news says republican donald trump will appear with his vice presidential pick at an event on friday. the network said the front runners are mike penz and former house speaker newt gingrich and new jersey
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governor chris christie. who will he pick? we will find out on friday. >> it is time to find out about the weather. >> sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> dan and ama, we have our microclimates coming up. for those who like the hot weather, they are coming up. if you are not near the coast doppler live hd has fog near the beaches. the temperatures are in the 50s and the 60s and antioch is holding on to some of the warmth. 72 degrees. here is a look at the fog from our sfo camera. you will notice that it is not widespread. it is a shallow layer. a spare the air alert for tomorrow. warm to hot days inland the next few days and there is a heat alert for the inland areas and it is just warning you that on thursday it is going to get hot, and you will want to stay hydrated and stay cool. from our emeryville camera, a lovely look at the bay bridge there, and here is a look at our air quality for
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tomorrow. it is moderate for the rest of you. definitely use mass transit if you can. we have the spare the air alert for tomorrow. here is a look at our time lapse. this was a short time ago. look at the time lapse as we look toward saint ignatius church. notice the fog over san francisco. it is pretty low. it compressed about a thousand feet deep. it is not going very far. matter of fact, it is limited to the coast tonight. 11:00 right now we are looking at the fog near the beaches and as we head toward the morning commute, those who commute across parts of the east bay or the coastal spots will see the fog. for the rest of you it starts off bright and sunny and then heading toward the afternoon it will be a sunny one for wednesday. here is a look at your temperatures for tomorrow morning. we will start out in the 50s. 51 in san francisco and 53 san rafael. san mateo and 59 in antioch. not too chilly and then by the afternoon it warms ,p. 85 in san jose. 83 in
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sunnyvale and 78 in santa cruz. you are looking at low 80s from san mateo to redwood city. 63 in pacifica and daly city with a little fog lingering. 69 downtown san francisco. if you like the sun and warm weather, the north bay will be the place to go. 90 in santa rosa and 88 in napa and 80 foir in san rafael. in the east bay, mid70s around oakland and 78 in newark. head inland and this is where it is going to be a typical, hot summer day. 96 in livermore and looking at 94 in walnut creek. on thursday we are expecting it to sizzle inland. we will see the triple digits in the inland valleys. the heat will hold on and don't worry. the coast will be comfortable. on saturday the cooling begins across the entire region. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, it heats up inland and then a heat alert thursday with the triple digits. the temperures will start to fall on friday, but you have
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to wait. inland it will start to fall. you have to wait until saturday and sunday. that's when it is cool enough for you to notice mid80s for the warmest inland valleys. ama and dan? >> thank you, sandhya.
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new at 11:00, the first ever worldwide solar powered flight is near the end of its
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journey. solar impulse 2 landed in cairo, egypt. it will go to its orange starting point. it started the around the world trip in march of last year and it has not used one drop of fuel. it has been fascinating to watch. a real success. >> certainly has. time to turn to sports. >> speaking of fascinating to watch, larry beil. >> thank you, dan. i will pay you later. >> johnny cueto was not fascinating. he didn't have a good feeling before the allstar game and that feeling only got worse once the geam started. the surfing dog was fun, but
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> good evening. if the giants do make it to the world series they will not have home field advantage. that's because the american league won the allstar game tonight with the giants' pitcher johnny cueto getting roughed up. if you are a dog who can surf san diego is where you want to go. cueto woke up this morning and he wasn't feeling well, kind of sick. this would not improve his status. the royals with the solo blast to make it a 1-1 game.
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a couple of batters later perez is high and deep and aloha. a two-run blast. 2-1 american league. a touching moment occurred in this game in the third. big papi is walked by fernandez and papi is feigning anger at the inside pitch. but they are joking and laughing. ortiz then came out of the game and received a standing ovation from everybody at pet co park and all of the players on the field. it is really, really nice. the future hall of famer is retiring at the end of the season. the american league wins it 4-2. kevin durant got all of the headlines, but the warriors introduced another player who could be instrumental. his name is zsa-zsa. he went to work right away. he is 6-11 and about 275 and average 9.9 board a game and signs the contract and then signs autographs for kids at the warriors camp and gave a speech to the youngsters.
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he is a 13-year nba veteran and took a pay cut to sign with golden state, a one-year $2.9 million deal. >> i was kind of jealous of this team, but after a couple hours i heard i was coming here. that was a great 24 hours for me. >> he is enjoying the bay area and kevin durant is touring china. he is holding clinics for kids and he will be there about a week. the nba commissioner adam silver says he is not happy with kd signing with the warriors. he doesn't like the idea of a couple of super teams like the warriors and cavaliers. it will be a collective bargaining tool. >> several stories will call for the notion of these two super teams. i don't think it is good for the league, to be clear. wh


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