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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 14, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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after truck baxm into a crowd. bráonight at least 80i people ae dead and/e the tourist city of nice. french president has called the attack of a terrorist nature.rñ question i'm eric in for dan ashleywh. french president in emergencyj2 meeting at the interior)& ministry after an attack in the southern mediterranean city of nice.( french investigators said truck
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was loaded with grenades and firearms. and death toll could risej# witq 18 people critically injurediú,. ray hasy the;mñ latest. >> people run for their lives!7 in nice. running away from mayhemz on the premenade in this resort city. thousands of people enjoy the night out on the national holiday but the truck driver slam the vehicle into crowds of people. >> the truck broketthrough all the securities and;t we were everyone trying take shelter. >> witness describe apocalyptic scene. i heard loud nob9r.q#s and people startedé truck reportedly dwed into peoplez for over one>r mile befq police managed to3í engage the driver] . :÷ in the
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truchblingt windshield was7c policeónaid truck was loaded -ráh arms anddu grenade.iz city of nice put intz place.of anti-terror prot?iay][sy$4z'ay÷. advising t96rh shelter in8n pl e place. french president ut)ime ministerãmet emergency session5m in the paris prosecutor% oda$ce has investigation & quote murder, attempted> it is unknown if any u.s. citizen were killed in the attack u.s. consulate is + u.s. citizens in nicezq to contact familya members and loved@e ones to let them know0h they are okay. stay with us for conauing coverage of the)u attack in nice
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on"ñ air andml on line. get updates any time on twitter at 7 news7 bay area. >> president obama1ia joined dd conversation tonight that aired on abcjw over the past hour. following the police shooting deathc of black men9 across the police officersv last week9ñ. uk dy leaders from around the bay area to watch the town hall and have their own discussion bay area conversation is streaming live uninterrupted on 7 and on the 7 news app. amma will moderate this evening conversation and will listen in throughout this newscast. amma joins us now with our guests. >> we just finished watching the president remarkal with david muir and the families speaking out tonight and we have assembled a great group of community members tonight. we have members of the church
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law enforcement concernedcbr citizens parent all here responding and reacting to the division in our country. what is happening right now. unrest. i don't know about all of you but just seeing the image of family members crying and just torn up forfé their lived ones inform longer here whether sterling child or whether it's the family members of a dallas8b officer shot and killed by a sniper t-that you will violenc violence, it's hard to watch the pain on the people's faces. so as we begin(9 this conversation i think the i think would i like to begin with you because you are invo a uniquevt position. if youç could tell everyone what happened to your partner and just give your thoughts on reaction to what you heard the president say. >> my name is lori valdez. justice for jo sigh a.
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and how it came to be justice for jo sigh a for my 4-year-old son whose father was shot in the back twice by san jose state university police department killing him. leaving my family totally devastated. but most of all my children. my son who was his father but my daughter who erased and she was three years old. my children have been left in trauma in the aftermath of the unjustice and the retrauma sayings every time we see it on tv. my children can't heal my son cries. he was 4 years old and it hurts me as a mother as a parent how can i fix his broken heart. how can i tell him to trust
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somebody who took his father's life. i it's hard. he's 4. he doesn't understand death. sew willy3 cry mommy i want my daddy. i can't take him to theoq4ç docr so it hurtsñé me. i don't want another child tocb go through1í this.@ mydc sonxh will not nraelu= thìc ever. because there's no accountability the and we continue to allowit things to be kept from the public view likeh the officers in our case. they both have body camera to thislt day they have never been made public. they have them on a going order soí to me i see it from the point of view that if they have nothing to hide why not release the video.if why continue to not let my kidsñ know they said so many stories about his father an it hurts because the way they did things
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the officer is always the victim and always acted in fear not be the driving force for them because our children our children we to it..u my son traumatized when he goes tozl school and he- actswx outée we have already had accidents whereec his friends)y told him where is yourro dad?dz cops killed him. the kid'shz mouth your daddy mut because that's all cops kill. had to defend his dad honor to say no my daddy wasn't doebing÷z dad he just spoke mechanic can meaning spanish. my son didn't want to go to schooláu because he was the weij kid in school because he was the only one that didn'tau havea presents they did a book.
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my father and i where they had to drew and write stuff about them. he only drew a picture of him and his dad what he remembers. turn the pages. my dad and i liked to eat and we liked to play blank. every page after that was blankm i knew something was bothering him and i asked him what is wrong baby? the i let him go. that evening he comes operate backpack and throws it on the table says this is stupid. i don't want going school no more. i don't know why i have to do this. the the violence exposed that our children are exposed to in the school in community by police need to be fixed because it is more detrimental. because there is never the we are the family when we are expected wherever the family left in the shadow. that nobody wants to talk about ordeal with.
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suffering trauma of the aftermath. we are not offered services. i feel for, nobody should take another person life but i feel for the officer when their wives when they sue somebody. i can feel i feel bad for them t.but they get help. the community embraces them. y hero. their children areoc set up funi theyxp get money s]rff. washington do my kid,xqá. they can't even ge/ç on the polic9)report for09heir father the victimñy instead of the program can offer é us helpoñ fr anything mental health counseling whatevervj. we are not offered that. the my son is little. they are right over thereoñ. he should the all our children if we can't save our children exposed to the violence in the
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ones to be role model what kind of role model are they to kid being exposed plus we areyr like blowing them you don't water we kill your dad we won't help you deal with thisu% he's good at that that place where everybody every child09 act1 out has been traumatizen by violence in the tommunity and we need to stopuw addressing kid6 as at they are traumatizedf. insteadxwjt trauu)+r'g them more let'sa, help them beforegw they become thec? broken men doing the crimes[p. we are doing)w things backward.ú we are putting laws and bullying lawbs in all the realy harsh things on our kid. pirning themv; for what adults@a in the community. we need to defend childhood initiative i propose the president goes and loretta lynch goes they need to the defend. that end violence to our children. they didn't address the violence police do and they .
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so we ne=q-to start fresh and new and wvr need toyk focus on 7 and youth. and that's what hurtse me is nobody carekvsy,4s. nobody the,r i didn't evenq4 get like like the way the president said show compassion. i feel sorry for the cops but i have never heard an officer's wife say i'm sorry your son or even officers we didn't really want to do. that we wish we didn't have to do that. not that it would make it hurt less but show the compassion we are humans too. my son is human and he suffered. but nobody cares about my son bus he's not a cop's son. that's not right. he deserves to be taken care of sew doesn't become the broken man. so my son whatever he becomes broken or successful. it will depend on the community that embraces him.
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as his mother i try to instill good value in my son and not to but with everything hejx seesc÷ and)a hos do you know what he told me recently.r he wanted to be a cop. i was shocked and asked him wh why. he said i want: to be a cop to kill all the bad cops. th scared me. and i said pup you can't do. that i go but there's good cops yes but got cops will end up being pad cops because bad cops always win. that's what they did. >> i would like to maybe give perhaps chef brown here a chance to respond. the officers are out trying to serve and protect people in the community and help the situation. >> yes. so far i want toam say i'm sorry for your loss. it's difficult anybody lose as loved one and let's ago loved one is something in everybody can relate to and the more
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democracyeddz and what we have beení working on year over ú?x(gññ policing.& totp what modern bestxx practice areru across theí country. we grabbed the things we feel like fit ourul community in richmondrl. richmondriiñ has very diversifid unique and#> individual neighborhood and we hbqq& in a mix with technologyqy vb" of course are pretty important working in cooperationãwith communities so we feel like the foundation of good the effective constitutional policing is strong police and community partnerships. so we do have organized neighborhoods across richmond and we do aim to keep our
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police officers working in the same neighborhoods for longer periodf time. we encourage them to the get to know the characterisd>)zs of the neighbor. get togñ know people interacélz with them and build relatio relationships and we feelw)e$e that's probably the most importantxf componentra of somef theáj successes that we have hd safecñr. thew truth is that communitync safety is not just the job=z for theñ police. everybody'ssr responsibility and i feel,p like we have been able to make sure%9 wekperfect pet e buildingfó a police forcew with are hired and screeneded prope y . they are given the proper tools and equipment to do the job. and training is big( part of the national
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$hylszatmz6iñç police officer use of force and especially deadly force. we get it. the community standard for how officers use deadlypc force is a loty tighter than maybe the legaln standard under this case and that's the area where we work. we feel like the path way to start to get there really does start withak open communication a>2 dialogue that goes multiple direction at least if we can talk to listen to each other. throws a place to broaden perspective on all side of the issue. we can find a way forward. we are sensitive toóñ those things t.screening and hiring the right folks who enter the profession for the right reasons but we do get them from the general population. they don't come from a special planet. they are not exactly super hero. and so strong policies. checks and balances. things like step we took this year was to step out on ourá&5÷0
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internal affairs processks. we have what's called an>u officer of professional,g accountability. nat5'al search. the function.a" to haveóy a process fordu investigating citizen complaint2. wep,/f moved ours down:j to citl and have itzv managed by civilin who happens to be an attorney. that gives us another layer of impartiality when it comes to investigating these things. richmond tonight's contra costa county and contra costa county> has protocol that deals withl, officer involved shootings and fatal incidents some what happens is there an incident like this in our county. da office comes in and maybe the investigation again impartial eye #qv come to whatever finding they come to. wherever the evidence takes them and as i have interacted with my colleague across the? country up and down the stateotñ that's a?m prettykb solid motz it's a pretty good model that other places are looking at. that's something that we have had in place in our county for 30 years.
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>> obviously we want to not get to the point of these fatal encounter. you talked about being in the community. getting to note people the president spoke about that as well. get to go know the youth. i'm curious as to what maybe some of you thought about that video about what to do if you get pulled over. i'll be honest my mom sent me the video. she sent to it me. heregb watch this. i want to make sure you are safe and nothing bad happens to you. wlal we teaching our university on how we interact with police see them in the community. ronald do youñ or someone elseve. >> i'm antoine claude founder .al i real÷u fast with our policing we haveúé fire jones sits therefc.@ s several other teamkn in
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tee. y we are on the scene as the officersñ? do their job.u in a matter of force they,w keep richmond can be4ú vital and emotion00. )jjipìc@&h&hc we are our people see us>n engagingmz with the officer and open the line of conversation now. we cease fire. we have job opportunities.jy we have education programs. we have a one stop. our people go back in the community. so if you ain't gotb+ the mechanism there like you got the society but behavior has to change with law enforcement. not like all the cops are bad. always use in our meeting that we have an officer newton everybody on the block and if you did something newton would pull up on you and say you got a warrant you need to go see your probation officer. come back again and still sit there get out of the car operate door get if drive you off and take you to jail. that's the kind of realizeship
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he had. these are the relationships we are having now with law enforcement to get back on the street and empower them with the giving them service instead of hand can you have first. that's how you do good policin policing. >> all right. pay as)a conversation continues now on urn interrupted on line on our web site and on our 7kw news app. we also post the entire conversation on our web siteíe later this evening and reminder as you saw 7 news anchor is moderating bay area conversation right now on the issues of race and violence in america if you would like to listen in streaming live on our web site abc 7 and on you.
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>> now for the full accu-weather forecast sandhya joins us now with the latest. >>reporter: and tonight the fog is really making a push across the bay area. let me show you radar. it's socked in at the coast. it's pushing over the bay that means relief is coming for those who don't like the warm to hot weather that we saw inland around the bay day. visibility down to million and quarter. watch out during the morning commute triple digit id inland today. along the coast line in
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the 60's. tomorrow not expecting anyon anyone00. temperature right now wide range from the 50's at the beaches to the 80's while inland and here is a look at the golden gate bridge where visibility is low. spare the air again tomorrow. one more day of heat inland. much cooler weather coming your way for the upcoming weekend. east bay hills camera shoying mat arena layer up above and air quality will remain poor in the inland east bay moderate rest of you so tomorrow is another spare the air. when you get going tomorrow morning we havekáz patchy drizzle. 50's.@ 60's.,ñ watch out drizzled will create slick- roadway for-p the morning hours and? then that will be replaced6 by justf
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right on through the weekend. temperatures will actually drop down for your weekend to the mid 80's inland on sunday. upper 50's along the coast. we hold new that range for the work week. eric. >> thank you very much sandhya. more ahead with abc 7 news anchor amma who is moderating bay area conversation right now on the issues of race and violence in america. on the issues of race and violence in america. stay
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is. ñ[ attack in nice prompted republican presidential candidatea6 donald trump tok postpone an official announcementg tomorrow about his running mate. this afternoon sources confirm to us thatub trump has pick conservative(p indiana governor mike pence to be his running mate÷. hours later pence arrived at new york hotel forwq scheduled joint announcement tomorrow. but then trump decided to put the announcement on hold after
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news broke about the attack in france and thenw3 tonight this stump from trump on fox news tonight. >> i convenient mid a final @ race for tomorrow to fileq papers if he still wants to run. republican nationalh> convention starts in cleveland ohio on monday. laura6 anthony will be there along with reggie to-q provide lyg coverage on 7 news. they also both cover the dnc ater in terror attack in france. latest on the attac that killed at least 80 people during bastille day celebratio l celebration. also amma is moderating a bay area conversation right now on the issues of rest and violence. if you would like to listen in uninterrupted on the web site abc 7 news.coméc and on the abc7 news app.
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join us for perspective where news app. join us for perspective where you live
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book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding >> that breaking news. at least 80 people dead. another 18 critically injured investigators said a driver plowed into a crowd in the popular tourist,s city ofa nice during a bastilleç day celebration.k$ during a bastilleç day celebration.k$ witness said the gunmanw driving a truck and shooting into the crowd while driving into it. police shot and killed the gunman. they found grenade and more firearms in back of the truck. france president extend the state of emergency for three more months that was orman nationally put in place after theyui attack on paris last november. also plans to boost military operations that means more security in france and airstrikes on isis targets in
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iraq and syria.i now no group has taken responsibility for this attack. stay with us for any breaking up dates and follow us onvc twitter abc 7 news bay area.x' stay[b with us for continuig coverage of the attack intueçks on air and!sj= on line and of+ coverage of the attack intueçks on air and!sj= on line and of+ course on twittern at this never hurtsh? to remine. o[ frnd seen by millions() howgç to presi$u(u(rq" the video and from hisíp childhood6. here'kdw the world news anchorp& >> the president inj! landmark . police. piece of video posted. 2h giving instruction on what to do when pulled over by thepolice. >> you have to have your i.d. pulled out before the cop gets @zo$ere because if you are reachingç down-'f he walk up you could bewz pulling a weapon that
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million times and manp behind is good questionk]. >> so my question to you mr. mr. president is have you ever been pulled over and what was your experience like as' a driver. >> well, the answer is yes i have been pulledx over. >>reporter: major of the time the president said he deserved to be pulled over but then he revealed a moment when he was a boy. when he noticed somethi>. >> i still remember when i was 10 years old walking into the elevator andg there was a woman who i thought knew me and as soon as i walked on and she lived on my grandparents floor when i walked on she got off. i said do you want to come up she said no. then i went up and then i saw
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the el vai vaitor going back down i could see she came right back up but just worried about riding an elevator with me. >>reporter: families killed family of police officers did not come home from work. and the little boy stood up and revealed his plan to the president. >> that was david muir reporting. we invited community leaders from around the bay area to watch the special and amma is moderating the bay area conversation right now in the abc broadcast center. that conversation continues now 0uninterrupted on line on our web site and on our 7 news app. we also post the entire conversation on our web site later this evening. some north bay men playing pokemon go may have helped save a life. game is reality treasure hunt virtual characters appear on
9:36 pm
the smart phone screen syrup imposed over the actual surroundings. different characters can be virtually captured in different lotions which is why players walk around just staring at the phones. the vic lee has the story of what two players found if sausolito. >> close;j there. the gas as well. >>reporter: they were doing exactly this two days ago in sausalito o. glued to the÷e phones playing pokemon go. the mobile game that has gone viral hunting on the street for the critters that pop up on the screen blending the digital and real world together. it was about 9:45 tuesday nigh night. the dock on gate 5 road and coloma street. >> happened to be pokemon that neither of husband caught yet back in the general direction. >>reporter: instead of the digital creatures they found something more real and frightening. a man bloody and lifeless. >> notice he wasn't sleeping in
9:37 pm
a normal position face was doychbility i honestly thought i was looking at a dead body like the whole left side of his face was just covered in blood. his hair and it was everywhere. >>reporter: two rushed over to his side called 911. the two stayed with the man until paramedic and police arrived. since pokemon go has become a national sensation the game has led some like these men to places they never would have imagined. >> gentlemen walk up and actually touches one of the children. >>reporter: 2 marines caught attempted murder suspect trying to lure children t.other players have been mugged on the streets. one teen even discovered a body in a river. roy explains why pokemon is so popular. generation we have the based in a show and game we grew up playing. >>reporter: for mcdonl daniel and roy the pokey god had another plan that night. one that perhaps saved a man's life. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> fairfield police are
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organizing a community pokemon event. join officers tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. to play the game togethe together. the gathering point is thew2ky civic center pond on websterú street. up nextv% on 7 newsue@zí 9. >>dmo cup of nishment5b. self nour9cment, yes. >>f tonight the prescription
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>> in san francisco a man offers to serve as listening board for anything any one is worried about. carolyn has the story of the fear doctor. >> take a seat. doctor will see you now. hunter frank isn't a real physician. what he is defending all week on the busy stretch of market
9:42 pm
street isn't immediate. it's advice. his shingle says fear doctor. and he's listening to people's concerns. >> i fear upcoming election. >> why? >> the divisiveness of the two q,ud$u'tq bang out he belongs to the local chapter of the league of creative interventionistrx. >> give people a way to provide some enter respective feechlingts there's not many places to do that in the world an not spaces to do that in public. >>áé quarter tablespoon reliance on myself. >>reporter: dan is being unable ic afford to stay in the city he lovesw'. >> he gave me a cup of newer i i arement. one cup of self nourishment. >>reporter: this is for her fear of failure. >> it's important we know we don't have a sense of com?9nity in a city to havej.qt that are like strangers that you can connecticut to. >>reporter: fear doctor chose
9:43 pm
this block because of its diversity. there are locals and tourists. homeless and high tech. >>hk the fear of racial tension and unrest is something the doctor heard more than once this week. >> will take work to make the change we want to see. voices like yours are the way to make that change. >>reporter: doctor will be in again tomorrow from noon to 2. in san francisco, abc 7 news. state dinners at the white house hosted kings. queens. presidents. today an 8-year-old santa rosa boy was among the guests dining there find out why. and abc 7 news anchor amma dates moderating bay area conversation right now on the issues of rest and violence in america. if you would like to listen in streaming live uninterrupted on our web site the and on the 7 streaming live uninterrupted on our web site the and on the 7 news
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>>si 8-year-old cook9 had moment ku. cannon myers2ç one#v of 56 youny for lunch.çñ he'sr; the california winner of the3 challenge.x >>én let meq tell you don't f t any one tells youn< that kid can't makevt a difference. youk all have really made theá& difference on this issue. winning recipeú% you can make ié too. we have a linkña=t to th california roll8& on our web sie listedd here. dancing?:
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some i ideas for. >> if you are fan with "dancing with the stars"or love to dance there's a huge festival going on in san francisco. there's a huge festival going on in san francisco. and you are invited. >> they dance to the rhythm of live music rochlt dancer will teach you how to dance at the beginning of each day of the festival. i met up with him and tried my best to keep up with the fancy foot work. hecz says there's something abot this that brings people togeth7rp. >> it's-i so passionate. so fun. so playful. when you are dancing sktp with a really good dance partner really electric a party. is well loh great partner. festival this friday saturday from 6 to continue p.m. lessons start both days right at 6:00 on saturday night a big after party. >> lindsayg&.
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all right would loves the show arrested development? what about supporting local arrest snis for one tonight only artist with the beehive society put on a art show. grab the paint and stop by here friday night 6 to continue p.m. for all the info you need go to our web site and we'll link you up with fat line. this is 7 news. one last check on the weather with sandhya. >> yes. utváájjt weekend for all the weather is actually going to be coolersó so keep it in mind. live doppler showing you why we get a pretty strong marine push lowxñ clouds and fog pushing in from the coast all the way across the bay and so tomorrow afternoon i have just lowered some of the high pressure even in our inland valley. we drop you down to the low mid 90's inland tomorrow. along the coast line mid 60's low clouds linger near the
9:50 pm
coast. high clouds filter the sun tomorrow so not crystal mostly clear tomorrow afternoon as you take a look at where the temperatures are going livermore temperature trend tomorrow 93 degrees afternoon high of 88 you will still be above normal until the second half of your weekend going into early next week. that's when we continue to see the temperatures drop andv> thanks. if you are a fan of abc show as we are you want to town load the abc app. great way to watch programs like the bachelorette. modern family. general hospital and of course 7 news any time on phone or tablet. the app now has more choices for binge watching including throw back show like
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ugly betty. full season of show are a tap away. app also has original digital series. down load the app through apple app store and google play. some features require having cable or satellite. all right. rick is here with a preview of all right. a >> okay eric coming up in sports. we@ let you know whofag=e thea title. t british open for mickelson. soñm close to making% title. t british open for mickelson.
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see in coming up tonight at 11:00 we continue to follow breaking news from france. this is a large truck that was loaded with guns and hand grenade and mowed down dozens of people during the bastille celebration. as death toll climbs we have the very latest. >> and the bay area republican@ who say they were left unprotected at violent trump rally because they are not democrats. join us for abc 7 news÷h at 11 n democrats. join us for abc 7 news÷h at 11 n channel 7 >> here's rick with sports.
9:55 pm
>> yes, i am. during today's first round of the british open 46-year-old mickelson had a chance to do something no one has ever done at mainly. go to scotland with the shot of the day. on the) par 3, 14 tee shot from 178 yards goes in for a fu hole in 1. 2010 open champ at even par. reid early lead on the third hole. second shot takes a couple of bounces and goes in for eagle. 5 under par now tied at second. today belonged to mickelson would won the open three years ago. check out the tee shot on 16. it nearly spins back in for an ace. he celtsed for a birdie. >> on 17 lefty with the eighth birdie of the day. puts up 8 under par. if he could make one more period eon 18 he would score a 62. something never done before at major but it just flips out.
9:56 pm
it was oh, so close. so mickelson has to settle for course record 63. reid and 3 stroke back. spieth even mary and day 2 over. mickelson missing the putt was pain fichlt i want to shed a tier right now. that putt on 18 was an opportunity to do something historical. i knew it and with a foot to go i thought i had done it. i saw the ball roll in the center. i went to get it. surge of adrenalin i just shot 62 and then i had the heart brick that i didn't and watch the ball lip out. >>reporter: missed it by that much. local golf pro low gets a chance to play against mickelson later this month at the championship in new jersey. lowe instructor at harding park in san francisco is one of 20 club pros to qualify. >> i'm generally watching other people hit golf shots and
9:57 pm
trying to fix their swing and so in preparation now i just to start my day at early. come in a couple hours before my first lesson and get some enjoy the week. around decemberwk players in the world. see&y one of theay grit golf coe inst$ the world. ñt and it's jua wonderfulút(r'st d round the best n the world. ú& firstl6 time in 56 yeek historyyu the conference pre-season media poll is scampered as favorite to win the pack 12 football title. cal to finish fifth in the north division under head coach dike the offense rely on lots of passing but with quarterback golf and most top receivers headed to the nfl that might have to change. >> we always try to build it around the quarterback. build to his strength. stay away from his weakness so whoever it is will determine what the office looks like. want to be able to run the football. great thing about the team is
9:58 pm
we run it effectively. that's a big deal for us. we can run the ball. takes heat off our quarterback. >>reporter: summer league basketball tournament ctinues tonight in las vegas with the 16 seeded warrior taking on top seed toronto. golden state another strong performance from second round pick patrick mccall. watch him weave his way through the defense for 2 game high 28 point. right before the third quarter buzzer the raptor put up a prayer and it goes. 7 foot center scored 13 points for golden state. but the raptors win 75-69 so they are moving on to the quarter finals. crazy scene tour defrachbilitys ride up the mountain thought far from the finish. port hit the pack of a motor bike that also damages the bicycle of broom with no spare nearby. broom takes off running. he financially gets a new bike
9:59 pm
and finished the race. thomas won the stage and while broom initially fell to sixth place he got back the yellow jersey because of the extent ateing circumstances. somebody thedz to call crowd  this is sports report brought to you by toyota. eric. >> all right rick thank you very much. here's reminder. 7 news anchor amma dates is moderating a bay area conversation right now on the issues of race and violence in america. if you would like to listen in itself streaming live unspurpted on our web site listed here and on the 7 news app. if you missed any of it, we are also pingting it on line at our web site. the the i'm eric thomas have a good night see you at 11:00 the the i'm eric thomas have a good night see you at 11:00 over on channel 7
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a former nfl star quarterback gunned down in his own home. cavalluzzi: he's been shot twice in the head and twice in the chest. announcer: the marriage, the mistress, and the mystery man that leads to the pro player's cold


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