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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 15, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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. tanks, guns, bombs, the tools of a military coup trying to take over turkey right now. >> i'm hearing screams, little kids screaming and moms screaming for children. >> an east bay mother witnessed the attack in france and how they survived and how they are getting back home. and the bay area bracing for a new round of protests and rallies dubbed the day of rage. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. the breaking news changing by the minute overseas where a military coup is attempting to
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take over the country. the country is under martial w law. a large explosion has been heard in istanbul as police and military exchange fire. shots have been fired near pro-government protesters and some have been injured. a top turkish official came out and said the coup is unsuccessful and all government officials are in charge of their officers. the military has taken over state tv. this shows themmin stied of the capital city of ankara. they reported a bomb hitting parliament and a military helicopter killing 17 officers. >> the turkey president went on national tv using face-time and urging supporters to take to the streets but his exact location is unknown. the president is urging everybody involved in the situation to show restraint. this photo shows the president on the phone with john kerry,
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getting briefed on the situation. the u.s. state department is advising americans not to travel to turkey. american airlines was supposed to take off from sfo at 6:00 so now there is no word on whether the flight will leave. some passengers aren't in a rush to travel. >> i'm going to check the news. if everything is okay in istanbul, i'm going to fly. if not, i'll be here. >> the inbound flight landed safely from turkey this afternoon so the plane is ready to take off if they decide to fly to an alternate location. flights have been suspended. wayne freedman joining us with friends of the local turkish community. >> reporter: aim oat the ala turka restaurant where the coup is the main topic of conversation. let's show you video from
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earlier today. every hour has gathered more news and they are gathering it by any means possible, talking to family and friends at home on social media. they don't like the social and religious oppression of the present regime but to see this whole thing play out like this -- >> we are against the military coup in our country, however it doesn't mean the government is good. >> reaction, we want a democratic country. we don't want a dictator -- >> so they continue to watch this crisis evolve as it changes hour by hour, they do have friends back home and they are concerned about friends back home but right now we're along way away, half way around the world and they are serving dinner. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> thank you, wayne. and this is a
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rapidly-developing story. we'll have continued coverage throughout the newscast and get the latest update to your smartphone, download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts. breaking news in oakland. several dozen protesters are gathering downtown near city hall and as we zoom in here on sky 7 hd, you may be able to see them blocking the intersection at 14th broadway. so far this was a peaceful group and part of a nationwide day of action for supporters of the "black lives matter" movement. we saw the protesters beginning the march near oakland city hall around 4:00 p.m. it is hard to make them out here. you see them on video tape earlier and we have video of the march earlier. they started, as i said, around 4:00 and headed to the police station and briefly blocked the i-880 off-ramp before heading back toward city hall. there is also a protest that is going to be taking place at san francisco civic center plaza and that event thus fareaceful and the police chief said officers
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will monitor the demonstration to make sure they stay that way. >> the protesters have got to understand in san francisco and in most law enforcement agencies across the nation, we're here to protect them and that is why we stand out there and that is why we are going to absorb the risk of standing out there in the open because that is what we do. >> want to give you another live look. this is in oakland. and the crowd is heading toward jack london square. we're streaming the video from sky 7 hd and follow it on and we'll keep you updated as the demonstration continues throughout the evening. tonight the promenade where 84 people were killed by a truck in nice, france, last night remains closed. more than 200 people were hurt. >> here is the latest on that attack. the driver killed was unknown to french intelligence and showed no signs of radicalism. he is a father of three and then out of his home by his wife for
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beating her. she was divorcing him. police are questioning her. >> and today the tunisian government condemned the attack. 52 people are in critical care, including several children. >> the truck traveled two kilometers, about a mile and a quarter. we're using google earth map and it is roughly the same distance from the foot of the bay bridge in san francisco down the embarcadero to the ex plorra torum. >> and we have team coverage on the impact. vic lee spoke with local muslims who condemned the violence and we heard from an east bay family who witnesses the carnage. >> and we start with the miss for the lone missing berkeley student. leslie? >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the family of the missing student. as of this hour he has still not been located. his uncle is on the ground in nice going hospital to hospital, but in frustration, the family said the hospitals are saying
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they aren't releasing the names of the patients. 20-year-old cal student nick leslie from del mar, california, is missing. he never returned to student housing after spending the evening on the beach watching fireworks in nice. the dad of another cal student studying in nice said his son told him his friends thought about going to get gelato but they sayed on the beach away from the promenade, a move that might have saved their lives. when they heard the gunfire, they ran as far as they could, taking shelter in a comic book store. >> i have a few friends who were there in nice, right now in france. several people provide facebook updates they are doing fine and they are safe. >> reporter: three other cal students were injured in nice. a 23-year-old and 20-year-old were released. one is still hospitalized with a broken leg. 85 cal students enrolled in the european innovation academy as featured in this video on the
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berkeley study abroad website. the program will finish up july 24th. but three uc berkeley students have decided to head home now instead. >> i think it makes people more cautious about what i do when i study abroad but i don't think it should by a deterrent. >> this congressman is on the house committee and said things have changed for good in western europe. >> here at home we're hoping that those that are missing or wounded survivor come back and we're able to find them. >> reporter: the search is still on in nice. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> now a bay area family was just 30 feet away from the attack and saw the truck running people down. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony continues our team coverage with that story. laura? >> reporter: larry, sarah luca told us she and her kids are scheduled to come back here to walnut creek next month. she told us by telephone today, had the truck driver been going a little faster, they might not
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have been coming back at all. >> these are the images. a young family from walnut creek enjoying the fireworks in nice seconds before a truck barreled through the crowd, hitting as many people as possible. >> people are running. [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: among those running for their lives in this horrific attack in nice, a walnut creek mother and her two young children. sarah luca and her 8-year-old son tiger and 6-year-old who were with thousands of others, many of families with children on the promenade. she spoke with us by telephone from nice. >> i didn't realize what was going on but then i saw people running and i started hearing screams and little kids screaming for moms an the moms screaming for children. >> reporter: luca told us she grabbed her two kids and began running. she couldn't see his face but got the clear impression the driver of the truck was trying
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to hit as many people as possible. >> how could you run over the people when they scream and at the same time he was shooting at people. >> reporter: tiger and nalla attend the french immersion school in oakland and the trip was to help them learn more about the country's people and culture. after surviving this -- >> it was very terrifying experience and i feel like i won the lottery that we -- that my children are alive and nothing happened to them. >> reporter: they were supposed to stay in france until the end of next week. but are now trying to get out as soon as possible. in walnut creek, laura then, abc 7 news. reaction came swiftly from the muslim community here in the bay area including condemnation of the attack and prayers for the victims. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live at a milpitas mosque with the story. >> reporter: muslim-americans i poke with reacted with horror, sadness and angor, the same kind
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of reactions that everyone else reacted with and they say that what happened was a direct attack on islam and that the terrorists were trying to hijack their religion. >> we just cannot condone this kind of act. >> reporter: this is exactly what malik had seen on television. another massacre, more incomprehensible panic and blood shed and watching this numbed him. >> every other day or whenever this atrocity is per traited by somebody, we as muslims, we hope that it doesn't turn out to be a muslim. >> reporter: one became angry. >> that is not islam. they are far removed from islam. they are far removed from god, they are satanic -- >> they are leaders of the bay area muslim community. they were here at the mosque in milpitas for friday prayers. president of the silicon valley
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of the sunshine y-- the sunni community. >> muslim means peace and submission to the will of god and that is to be peaceful. >> the perpetrators have hijacked islam and for their own twisted means. >> reporter: on the lawn of the mosque is a sculpture of the american flag with the word "loyalty" inscribed on the side. >> islam inspires us to become loyal to our country. >> after the attack at 9/11 they launched a national campaign to spread the real truth about muslims. their message -- >> peace. universal brotherhood and tolerance and acceptance. >> reporter: a message they say becomes more important after each terrorist attack. vic lee, abc 7 news. an outpouring of support for people affected by the attack flooded social media with a hashtag that translates to open doors, people offering homes to anybody who needed shelter or were stranded.
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facebook has acted the safety checks feature which allows viewers know friends and families they are safe. you could share this image from our abc 7 facebook page and you see the hashtag there pray for nice. and still ahead, criminal cases could be compromised because of scandals in the oakland police department. only on abc 7 news, following one case in court today. at 6:30, the unusual request one judge made. >> i'm spencer christian, a chilling forecast is coming up next. and tonight, why cutting down trees may be the best way
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we are continuing to follow the breaking news out of turkey. security forces and civilians are resisting a military coup to overthrow the government there. "the new york times" reports that the president of turkey, erdogan just returned to istanbul, signaling that the
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coup may be falling apart. the president pleaded with residents to resist. the head of san francisco state university turkish studies program is in istanbul. we talked to him at 4:00 and he said staging a military coup would be difficult given the control the president has on nation and that has given rise to theories about the coup. >> to the point that some people have started floating the idea that this military coup might, in fact, even have been a charade in order to create a state of emergency to strengthen president erdogan's hold on the country even further. >> martial law has been declared throughout turkey and americans have been told by the u.s. government to shelter in place. repairs on an eight-foot sinkhole in a south bay freeway could take all weekend. this is video from today. the damage is on a northbound lane of lawrence expressway in
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sunnyvale. crews had to close three lanes to get to it. county officials did find water at the bottom of the sinkhole. san francisco police say a tragic accident claimed the life of a seven year boy today. at royal court and hudson avenue in the bayview neighborhood. police say he was playing inside or next to a minivan and somehow the car started rolling forward, trapping him against a pollin side a garage. he was pronounced dead at san francisco general hospital. an emotional service foralitian sterling, killing by louisiana officers last week. music and tears included a eulogy by the reverend jesse jackson. officers killed sterling outside of a convenience store after a response about a man threatening people with a gun. and the next day another deadly police shooting in minnesota and the shooting deaths of five dallas police officers and today
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the fourth of the five officers were laid to rest and the final funeral is tomorrow. we are looking at gun violence across america in niteline called shots fires. it focuses on june 24th through the fourth of july. a investigation found hundreds of people shot and killed or hurt. abc news found cases of gun violence affecting every type of american, people in urban settings and rural areas and every race and economic status. abc 7 news reporter jessica castro talk to pierre thomas about tonight's special. >> what is your hope for people as they do watch the special and hear thetories about the national conversation that we'll be having? >> well, my hope is that people will think about what is happening and one question that they will have to ask themselves is are we okay with this. >> you'll hear the hidden stories behind all of this later tonight. the shots fires special airs on
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nightline at 12:35 a.m. breaking news now in oakland. several dozen protesters are gathered downtown for a part -- part of a nationwide day of action for supporters of the "black lives matter" movement. you could see right now they are marching on the 17th street overpass. this is over interstate 980. we've seen protesters in the past get on the freeway and disrupt traffic. it loo it looks like that is what is happening because cars could not use that overpass at this point with people in the way there. what we don't see, in this video any way -- i see a police car making a turn on the right-hand side of the screen. i know there is a significant police presence in this area and we have not seen them in riot gear so there is a good sign there. but the protesters are making their way along this over-pass and we were told that this would be a peaceful protest and
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hopefully it will stay that way. in fact, during our 4:00 newscast, the march started in oakland and we were told that not only was it peaceful, but it was extremely polite with the protesters stopping at red lights and clearing crosswalks. so i'm not sure exactly where we are at this point with regard to the overall sentiment, but no clashes so far. and let's hope it remains that way. >> you could see officers rolling into that intersection. >> here they are now. >> oh! >> and we are seeing some -- >> there is an officer that just used his baton to try to clear that street there and -- he almost got run over by his own patrol car behind him. and now the officer is retreating as the crowd clearly out-numbers this lone police officer and you see the reinforcement on the back side and they are trying to take a stand and i'm guessing they are trying to make sure the people
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don't clog the roadway any more. >> it looks like they may be setting up a bit of a line to keep people from getting past it at this point and at this point they are getting their gear on and helmets on an the one officer -- going on right now. and you could see the protesters rushing over as this now becomes a bit of a confrontation between police and protesters who this all started out calmly a while ago. >> and again, we were talking about how this evening was going to go and develop. and you saw that clash right there. and this is obviously a very heated situation at the moment. the police drawing the line -- in the roadway there, basically saying you are not going to come past this point. and it looks like a pretty agitated group of protesters at this point. they are responding because of the use of the baton that we saw just moments ago. >> on one of the protesters, you could see people pointing and presumably shouting at this point, talking to the officers
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and hopefully this won't get too heated. nobody wants to see any violence break out. but we're seeing a large group of protesters and right now you only see about four officers there on the street. there are a few squad cars out there but we only see four there in front of those protesters. >> and restraint is obviously difficult to maintain on both sides, i think, at this point, because of all of the events that have taken place in recent months. the police do not want to get into more confrontations with the protesters. on the other side, they also want to see the protests remain peaceful and not obstruct traffic and it is a friday evening and people are trying to get home and wherever they want to get. so there is a fine line, a balance here between both sides and you just hope -- now we see more police reinforcements to the right of the screen there. so the numbers are evening out a
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little bit here and we hope that it remains nonconfrontational. we saw one swing of the bat on and that landed -- a moment of fren there and commotion. >> it doesn't seem quite as heated as it did a moment ago. if you kind of look at the posture of the officers who just walked up, they don't seem as aggressive in stance as we might expect to see as a couple of officers first came out and kind of set up their small line there. this is -- it doesn't look like all of the protesters have come back, though. maybe we can't see because this is sky 7 hd which is zoomed in on the situation to get a closer look. but you see somebody in front there with a sign in front of the officers and it seems a little more peaceful than it did just a few moments ago. >> you can feel the tension here, though. because these things have the
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ability to flare-up in a moment's notice. one movement by either member of either side could turn this thing into something other than a peaceful protest very quickly. in case you missed it a few seconds ago, we're going to cue up the one swing by the police officers. and it is hard to tell because of the darkness. >> did it make contact. >> i don't know if it landed. and then he almost got run over by the vehicle behind him, the officer did. and then the officer -- this guy is actually -- he's doing the right thing by trying to get away from the crowd. i'm not sure that you could say the swinging of the baton was proper but at least he didn't engage and really try to get into it with the rest of the protesters, he was clearly out-numbered there. so we're lack live nowme, and i looks like we have a stand-off that location. >> and it is a peers calmer than it did a few moments ago when
7:25 pm
people were rushing over but there is -- it seems like part of the group has come back but the other part is apparently still marching. >> now the challenge for officers is -- or are they going to clear the roadway at or can they do that or just pleased with an impass and no violent confrontation. we'll keep our eye on this throughout the rest of the newscast, the next 35, 40 minutes or so and i imagine minutes or so and i imagine we'll be streaming it live
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minutes or so and i imagine we'll be streaming it live hey guys lunch is here! it's on me fellas.
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with the chase mobile app, stephen curry can send money to more people in less time. thanks, steph! no problem. even to friends in a growing number of other banks. ya'll ready to go? come on fellas let's go! easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. a live look over sky 7 hd, this is happening on the 17th
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street overpass over 980 in oakland and where protesters and officers are at an impasse right now, face-to-face, they were marching. we saw a moment where inform officer swung his baton. it was unclear if it actually struck one of the protesters but we are keeping an eye on this. we'll follow the latest on air and online and get the latest on abc 7 news bay area. let's check in on the weather forecast for the weekend and spencer christian is here for that. >> it is cooling down sharply. a look at live doppler 7 hd. the marine layer pushing from the coast over the bay right now and a chilling effect. 24 hour temperature change, 12 degrees cooler in fairfield and concord than this hour yesterday. it is cooler in most areas. currently 61 here in san francisco. 23467 oaklan -- 67 in oakland. and mid 80s in concord and fairfield and yesterday we had triple-digits. the golden gate is all socked in with low clouds and fog and cloudy near the coast and bay
7:29 pm
and patchy morning drizzle and cooling with below average temperatures into next week. the forecast animation showing the clouds hugging the coastline overnight but beginning to pull back to the coast tomorrow morning and by afternoon mainly sunny. and that is the pattern we'll see going into sunday as well. the entire weekend will be part of the cooling trend with fog hugging the coastline and surging across the bay overnight. tomorrow's high ranges from upper 50s at the coast to mid-80s in the warmest inland locations and the accuweather seven-day forecast. it looks like monday is the coolest day in the forecast period. temperatures won't change very much. and we'll see high temperatures climbing back up to about 90 degrees in our inland areas late next week. and i should remind you that coming up on this sunday is aids walk san francisco for this year. it takes place july 17th. if you would like to register by phone call register online at sf dot aids
7:30 pm and things will be cooler than average for the next several days. larry and ama. live, breaking news. >> the breaking news continues to be the impasse in oakland at 17th street. this is right over 980 by the overpass there. and what was a peaceful march -- i don't want to say that it is not peaceful at this point. we did see one swing of the baton by a police officer but right now we have a crowd that is agitated and police officers that are trying to maintain open streets which obviously is not working at this moment. but at least there is no violence breaking out. i want to show you the scene a few at ago. and there is the one officer -- i can't tell whether he really landed with the baton, whether physical contact was actually made. but then the one officer was
7:31 pm
clearly outnumbered and he re treats. and when we come back to the live picture, you see the numbers have seened up as obviously the chp and other police officers call for assistance and back up followed a couple of minutes later so what we have right now is an impasse at 17th street in oakland with the protesters starting out at oakland city hall and made their way throughout the cities. we're blocking -- they were blocking this one roadway. for a few moments there this situation really appeared to be on the verge of flaring up into something we don't need more of, quite frankly. but it looks like, at this point at least, it appears calm has prevailed for the moment. it is hard to know exactly how this is going to unfold. the officers have to maca decision whether they really want to clear this roadway and whatter going to do in order to -- or whatever they are going
7:32 pm
to do to get that done or let things remain as they are and let the people take over the street where they stand. >> and we are streaming all of this online so if for some reason you have to turn away, go to abc 7 news.or get it on your device. and now they are clapping, making chanting. we can't hear because this is from sky 7 hd but we are taking a live look at the group. they had started to walk over the overpass but this all happened but they turned around and came back and gathered here. >> this is clearly a situation that we are going to have to monitor throughout the evening. and you moderated a discussion last night, ama, about some of the difficulties that both the police and communities face because of years and years of issues. >> right. >> and we're just at the point where all of this is flaring up. and it is tough on both sides, it really is, to try to maintain restraint. right now you see the clapping right there, again at 17th
7:33 pm
street in oakland by the 980 overpass and again we'll keep our eye on this and see and hopefully it remains peaceful. and it doesn't get out of hand. >> right. now though, we want to turn to other breaking news that we have been following all day. this is out of turkey. cnn and the new york times are reporting a military attempt to take over the government is falling apart. and a top turkish official is saying the coup attempt has been unsuccessful. the president of turkey has just returned to the country. his nation has been under martial law with a curfew in police. >> but protesters flooded the streets after the president urged them to support the government. the u.s. is advising americans not to travel to turkey at this time. and investigators are reviewing documents taken from the home of the terrorist who killed 84 people in nice, france. they seized a computer, cell phone and credit card in a raid today. more than 200 people were injured with 25 on life support.
7:34 pm
the france president declared three days of mourning starting tomorrow. >> the assault is the third major attack on france in just a year and a half. it has some french nationals in the bay area saying not again. >> abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has reaction from san francisco. >> reporter: the french general told us that the french people are resilient and they appreciate the outpouring of support like the flowers left outside of the consulate. >> we will not give in to terrorism threats, france and the united states stand together as they always have, as allies, as partners, as friends. >> it is kind of scary. >> reporter: this man is the manager in san francisco and going home to france for a visit on sunday, not to nice. so he is not afraid for himself. but -- >> i have friends over there and they are all safe and fine. but it is just awful that all of
7:35 pm
those people were there. >> reporter: the deadly attack in nice yesterday is the third major act of terrorism in france over the past year and a half. some french citizens have turned to the church for solis in difficult times. this priest at the notre dame will address the issue at sunday mass. >> i will advise the people to pray for the victims, not only those who were killed but those who are still wounded. >> reporter: in san francisco, a cultural center for french nationals, they've been fielding calls for frightened and angry people who want to vent and they are responding with a message of hope. >> yes, we are in mourning but we'll carry on and peace and justice will prevail in the end. >> reporter: they plan to hold an event in honor of the victims of the nice attack outside of san francisco city hall at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. in san francisco, eric thomas, abc 7 news. a prayer vigil and moment of silence are scheduled for tomorrow. the events will take place
7:36 pm
outside of the san francisco city hall at 3:00 p.m. and stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage of the attack on nice on air online and get up dates on website 7 news bay area. we are one step closer if the scandal will have an impact on a murder trial. a story that you will see only on abc 7 news tonight. >> i just have to fight every day for what i can get from the office of the district attorney. >> this attorney is clearly frustrated with how the east bay police scandal has impacted her efforts to defriend floyd, who go on trial in ten days for the murder of oakland's judy solomon, a beloved dog walker. >> i have to call into question every portion of this investigation. >> she said the conduct and credibility of lead homicide investigator james michael gant could impact what evidence the jury hears during the murder try. through his attorney, he has
7:37 pm
admitt admitted he gave a woman, identified as his mistress, recordings of witness statements so she could type them up for them. she posted them when she found out gant was married. he was been on administrative leave for another issue. >> so i could go down that path. >> reporter: the attorney plans to contact the woman to find out if the case against her client has been rupted by evident turned over to an unauthorized third party. >> reporter: the district attorney concluded gant didn't do anything illegal by letting his miss stress type witness statement. >> it is not supposed to be on instagram. and let's take another live look in oakland. we are monitoring a situation where there are protesters and police pretty close, face-to-face.
7:38 pm
we saw a baton swing at one point but now protesters are moving again across 980 so we're monitoring the situation and you could watch this live stream uninterrupted on and enter the
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7:40 pm
we want to go back live to the scene in oakland at 17th street. the crowd has disbursed from the previous location and they have
7:41 pm
moved on to the 7th street and castro. this is the downtown side in oakland and it looks like the protest marchers have stretched out a little bit. also want to bring you a little video clip that we rorded earlier of the one moment where the police officer swung the baton at a guy apparently in a green shirt. it was hard to tell if any contact was made. but for a few moments, it looks like on what is being called a day of rage, there was a real chance of rage and conflict as this one officer swung the baton and then was surrounded by protesters before his police comrades came in and they formed a blockade. the protesters and the police were there face-to-face for about five to ten minutes and now the protesters have moved on and continue through oakland. again, we continue to follow their progress of the march and hope that it remains peaceful and we will stream it at ama. today abc news was in a san francisco court as a granite
7:42 pm
company owner faced a judge for the first time on charges of in voluntarily manslaughter. seen here in the white shirt, two of his workers died in february of 2014 when white marble rolled out of a shipping con taper -- container and crushed them. he is charged with workplace safety offenses and manslaughter. >> workplace safety is very important. to be able to go to work free from harm, free from possibility of either being hurt or killed is something that our ofls -- our office takes seriously. >> today he posted $600,000 bail. you know the saying, can't see the forest through the trees. well a berkeley program aims to cut down trees. >> abc 7 news traveled to the >> abc 7 news traveled to the high
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another live look at the protest march going on in oakland right now. the protesters -- there was a brief little dust-up, where we had an impasse with police at 17th and the 980 overpass. right now the protesters have moved on. still on 17th but crossing san pablo right now. the protest group has stretched out in numbers a little bit and as we mentioned, peaceful to this point, despite the one confrontation with officers and it was unclear whether there was any real physical contact made with one officer swinging a
7:46 pm
baton but again we are monitoring this and we will throughout the evening. you could watch it live at and we're also streaming it live on our app at abc 7 news bay area. california forests are under extreme threat with more than 60 million trees killed by insects and drought in the past five years. >> and it is not just dead trees that create problems. tonight only on abc 7 news, dan ashley reports on a ground-breaking effort to save our forests. >> all of this tree-cutting is happening in an unlikely spot. sage hen experimental forest, near truckee, it is designated with research with all kinds of gadgets and cameras recording data about this diverse eco-system. a werewolferine was spotted here. and now the forest is sick with too many trees competing for too little water. >> it is a mess.
7:47 pm
>> jeff ground used to think he would never approve of cutting trees here, but that has changed. >> so the prescription in here is any tree under 10 inches is gone. >> on this date, more than 30 people from 18 agencies are here to see a range of forest-thinning operations that could become a model for the western united states. >> we designed the project to figure out what it might look like if we were mimicking the more natural conditions. >> natural conditions include variety and that is what this project is aiming for. some sections are being thinned by hand crewsout small trees with chainsaws, left over logs and brush are piled up to be burned or taken away in the future. acre by acre goes from this to this. >> these big trees will now be able to get the resources that they need to thrive. >> researchers believe the thinned-out area is what much of the sierra used to look like. >> when you read the story of
7:48 pm
the people that came through on the wagon trains, they could drive wagons through the forest. if you look around now, you can't do that. >> because of decades of putting out forests made nature with a thicker forest. water shed expert compares it. >> it sucks up to continue to grow and the more trees on the ground there are more draws out of the eco-system. >> and it includes areas thinned with a huge machine called a masticator and chews up smaller trees. this is a faster and cheaper method but the results are more extreme so scientists want to see how the eco-system responds over time. other patches are being left alone for animals. >> most of the wildlife on this part of the world life the safety of dense areas but they tend to do hunting along the edge, looking out into a more open place. >> the sage hen pilot program
7:49 pm
got input from environmental groups and the timber industry and are watching closely for results. >> it will cost about $700,000, paid for with a combination of state and federal money. dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> and those trees and the rest of us will get plenty of sunshine this weekend because it will be warm. spencer christian is back with our updated forecast. >> let's go right to live doppler 7 hd and right now we have clouds gathering at the coast. low clouds and a few high clouds above. tomorrow statewide, it is mainly sunny and the eastern and central part of the state from the 90s up to higher. in the bay, a cooler trending, upper 50s at the coast to 80s inland. and the seven-day forecast, after days of temperatures below average, we see high temperatures climbing back up to around 90 degrees inland by mid-week next week, all in all a
7:50 pm
lovely weekend with no extreme weather at all, larry and ama. >> i'm in for dan ashley tonight and so rick is in for me. and rick, the best team in baseball record-wise back in action. >> the giants back on the field today. now that the all-star break is over, you'll hear from bruce bochy and bol melvin. and the
7:51 pm
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7:53 pm
rain, wind and cooler temperatures barely slowed down phil mickelson today during the second round of the british open. after a day of sunshine, the umbrellas were out. despite the damp conditions, he stayed hot following up his 63 yesterday with a two under par 69 on eight, the postage stamp hole, his ball nearly goes in for an ace. and spieth found himself in a pothole bunker. it rolls back into the bunker. spieth with a 75 today, barely made the cut. bradley began the day tied for second and he birdied 17 en route to a 68.
7:54 pm
hendrick stenson had the best round of the day, a 65 here on 13, nine under for the tournament. stinson just one back of mickelson who made up for two bogeys with four birdies. so the leaderboard shows mickelson leading stenson by one and bradley is tied for third and zack johnson is in fifth place five off the pace. >> i thought it was a good round to back up the -- the low round yesterday. i played kind of stress-free golf again and led to one or two bad plays that led to bogeys but for the most part kept the ball in play and played stress-free. >> at the pga championship in alabama, vegas had the kind of round you dream about, an 11 under par 60 and included an ace and eight birdies and an eagle and he leads by six after two
7:55 pm
rounds. and the giants in san diego tonight. bumgarner fresh off the one-hit shutout of the d'backs is on the mound. san francisco has the league best record. pret why amazing considering it is without their starters like panik and duffy and pence for a considerable amount of time but thanks to young players stepping up the giants have had the luxury of not rushing back which could prove to be an advantage in the playoffs. >> you have a tendency to rush them back and because they have been doing a good job, we haven't had to go out and get somebody or rush these guys so they should be fresh and good to go the rest of the way. >> meanwhile, the a's have called up right fielder and sent down burns. healy will start at first base against toronto, batting .326 in the minors and healy got the good news yesterday but not before the manager had some fun with him. >> he had me convinced that i wasn't playing hard so he told me he was going to sit me for a
7:56 pm
week to give me rest because i looked tired and i was arguing with him back and forth and our hitting coach comes in and goes, if you come up and do this tomorrow, you're never going to play. i said, who? all of the emotions hit. >> the youth movement is underway with the a's. this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by orchard supply and hardware. >> rick, thank you very much. join ug tonight on cable and at 11:00 here on abc 7 and the president has now returned to the country as the military staged a coup. this is new video into the newsroom. it shows the president arrived at the istanbul airport and we'll have the latest from the ground in turkey and local reaction to the chaotic events there this evening. >> and that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. we are keeping our eye on breaking news. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil in for dan
7:57 pm
ashley. we'll leave you with one final look at the protest march going on in oakland. >> it is on broadway near 11th and things leek peaceful s far. and things leek peaceful s far. get the
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