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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 15, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. [ gunshots ] >> bullets fly in turkey as tanks roll through the streets. the military trying to stage a coup. but tonight the turkish people are fighting back, and the country's president says he is still very much in control. good evening, everyone. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. it's just after 9:00 in turkey where there have been several hours of unrest and uncertainty. >> in the last few hours we saw military forces surrendering. you see the soldiers walking away from a tank on a bridge in istanbul, holding their hands up.
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turkey's state-run news agency says more than 700 military members have already been arrested for taking part in the coup. >> turkey's president recep tayyip erdogan arrived at istanbul's airport a few hours ago. he said he will not compromise with coup forces. and he says military members who depart in the attempt to oust him have committed treason. >> across the country people took to the streets to fight off the military. look at this scene. protesters climbing on top of a tank. but there are now at least 60 deaths reported. >> president obama is closely monitoring the situation. he spoke on the phone today with secretary of state john kerry. let's begin our team coverage with abc news reporter. >> the situation in istanbul and ankara has deteriorated quickly. bombs and bloodshed spilling into the turkish streets. chaos unfolding on the streets of turkey. bombs exploding at the turkish
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parliament in ankara. these pictures on social media showing the aftermath of the overnight in turkey, the president urging his pro government supporters to mass in the streets and fill the squares. secretary of state john kerry responding. >> i hope there will be stability and peace and continuity within turkey. but i have nothing to add with respect with what has transpired at this moment. >> reporter: fighter jets flying low in ankara, a menacing display of intimidation. and now the u.s. embassy sending this tweet, warning americans to shelter in place and stay indoors after martial law and a curfew was imposed. turkey is a critical ally to u.s. and its war against isis and a its military base where some 1600 u.s. military personnel are stationed. the stakes couldn't be higher as we wait to see what happens next. in new york, abc 7 news.
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this scene across the country. people wind up outside atms to get cash following fears banks in the country may have to close because of the coup attempt. >> let's continue our live team coverage with abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana. >> he is live at sfo where a plane of passengers took off toward the uncertainty in turkey. sergio? >> reporter: well, the president says that the coup is over, and there seems to be hundreds of people under arrest so far. but for the hundreds of people aboard turkish airlines flight 80, it remains to be seen what they're going to find in istanbul tomorrow morning when they land. for passengers waiting to board turkish airlines flight 80 to istanbul, there was uncertainty. >> i've got a lot of friends on twitter and facebook. and everyone is telling me you're not going to land anywhere in turkey. >> it will take a few hours until we get ther hopefully it will be over by then. >> reporter: many were monitoring their phones, waiting to learn new developments. some decided this was not a good time to fly. >> they were saying that some
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bombings were happening. it's literally we don't know what is going on. so we didn't want to send my mom back. >> reporter: his mother came here for a wedding a few days ago. she'll stay a few more days until they feel things have calmed down. passengers arriving from istanbul learned about the coup d'etat. >> the person next to me had a live feed on his screen. and he nudged me and pointed to it. i was shocked. >> there is wifi on the plane as well. i started to get text message from friends. because they knew i was in turkey and they were concerned about me as well. >> reporter: one of the first places taken over by the military was ataturk airport which has now reopened. it's the same place suicide bombers attacked a few weeks ago. none of which is comforting to patience it's not fun. you hear all the news. got a family here and a lot of planning. >> reporter: flight 80 to istanbul did take off this evening. but it's not clear what will happen in turkey during their 13-hour flight. in san francisco, sergio quintana, abc 7 news.
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let's go now to abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow. >> she joins us live with how this coup attempt hits close to home for many people in the bay area. >> trea's owner moved to san francisco 13 years ago. he says he and his parents and extended family still live in turkey. he had three missed phone calls from his mom today. he picked up the fourth call and that is how he learned the news. his owner moved to san francisco 18 years ago. during that time he says he has watched turkey change significantly from afar. >> i think in turkey right now. and my mom until a few years ago she would always call me like oh, how are you doing, because i'm here all alone. now in the last few years, i am calling her. >> reporter: burk says the images on the news don't seem real. >> i don't think it's ever good for any country for military to take over. i think our government is kind of like a few steps behind the turkish people. because we have a really young
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generation. >> reporter: the type of generation that is especially active on social media. for a time today, citizen journalists found it challenging to get on facebook and twitter. >> the isps were actually throttling the traffic to make it so slow as to render the websites and the services almost completely unusable. >> reporter: electronic frontier foundations global policy analyst says it's a move used to control the narrative about what is happening on the streets, though she says censorship is so common, many turkish people also know how to circumvent it. >> hopefully everything will resolve soon. >> reporter: leaving burk to work through his worry, with no shortage of updates from his family back home. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> and we'll have continuing coverage of the coup attempt in turkey on air and online. follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area for updates any time. tonight, 25 people are on life support after the deadly attack in nice, france. 84 people were killed by a
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driver. ten of them children. abc news reporter molly hunter is in nice with more about the suspect and the french government's response. >> the state of emergency is back in place across france tonight as this city struggles back to life. we're in the promenade des anglais, the heart of this famous coastal city. behind me, mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel plowed his car through the crowds last night. many of the wounded are between life and death. the investigation in full swing here. police raiding the apartment of bouhlel and his ex-wife. they're going through divorce proceedings now, say neighbors. he didn't seem like a terrorist or a radical islamist. he was a bit crazy. he smoked and drank and beat his wife. and though he had a criminal record and two convictions, he was entirely unknown to intelligence officials. there are makeshift memorials popping up across this city, and president hollande has called for three days of mourning
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starting tomorrow. molly hunter, abc news in nice. and tonight a uc student who was part of a study abroad program along with dozens of other students remains missing. the daily beast of cal reported a friend saw 20-year-old nick leslie run away safely from the truck. however, leslie never returned to student housing. three other cal students were hurt in the attack. 21-year-old darius midora broke his leg. he remains at the hospital. 23-year-old valadislav costa alo broke his leg. students were looking to social media to find out if friends were among those wounded or killed. >> i have a few friends who are there in nice right now in france. several people provided facebook updates said that they were doing fine, that they were doing safe. >> a total of 85 students were in nice as part of the study abroad program. so far seven said they'll return to the u.s. by the end of the
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weekend. that program finishes up on july 24th. >> abc 7 news was outside the french consul general. several flowers have been placed outside the consulate. the manager of a french restaurant cafe de la press is headed home to france sunday. he said this is a time to remain defiant. >> we cannot stop traveling. we cannot stop going back to france. i figure what we have to do is keep going. >> the french consul general will host a memorial to remember the lives lost tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. you can show your support for the victims by sharing this image from our abc 7 news facebook page. see the #there, pray for nice. abc 7 news at 11:00 continues. we continue to follow the breaking news out of turkey. the significant damage left behind in that country in the aftermath of the coup attempt. and breaking news in the mission district. protesters clashed with police. an update on the unfolding situation. plus the rush to get a busy
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south bay road back open for commuters. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. a good delta breeze and a deeper marine layer means the cooling trend will contititi
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updating you now on the breaking news in turkey, where people are waking up to scenes just like this. this is the turkish parliament where 12 people were killed in a bombing during a military attempt to take over the country. turkish television reports at least 60 deaths across the country. state-run media report morse than 750 members of the armed force there's have been arrested. turkey's president says the soldiers responsible will pay a heavy price for their acts of treason. now the head of the turkish
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studies program at san francisco state university happens to be in istanbul right now. david sayers told abc 7 the coup would have brought turkey more into line with the united states and the failure will just increase the president's authoritarian power. >> a crackdown including of course military officers, but also down to the level of journalists, academics, et cetera, et cetera. and might he crack down anyone who president erdogan perceives to be an enemy. that seems to be the direction in which things are going right now. >> sayers was safe during the clashes. he was not staying on a main thoroughfare, so he didn't see what was going on or any of the violence there. he did, however, hear military choppers and the fighter jets overhead. you can stay on top of the coup attempt in turkey with the abc 7 news app. download it for free and enable
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push alerts to get updates just as soon as they happen. we have breaking news now. right now police and dozens of protesters are in a face-off in san francisco's mission district. witness video from earlier this evening shows police on motorcycles holding their line near valencia and 17th. witnesses say the protests stopped at a business across the street and suddenly rushed it. >> and that's when police moved in. we saw a group of police run up toward the group of protesters with their batons and use their batons to push the crowd back. there was a lot of chaos. >> the demonstration was in support of teachers in mexico who are themselves protesting education reforms. occupy oakland tweeted it would join the march. there was some damage left behind. a smashed window and burn marks and graffiti in the street as you see there. at least one person has been taken into custody. tensions flared in oakland tonight between dozens of protesters and police. sky 7 hd was overhead as a chp
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officer used a baton to keep the crowd back. the protesters marched through downtown oakland as part of a national day of action by black lives matters supporters. this thing cleared after an hour-long standoff. the protesters have been blocking highway on-ramps on 880 throughout the night. everything has remained peaceful. a 19-year-old man faces murder charges tonight for a hit-and-run bike collision that killed a san francisco woman last month. now this happened on john f. kennedy drive in golden gate park. police believed the suspect, nikki garcia was driving a stolen honda at high speeds when he struck the cyclist head-on. 41-year-old heather miller died at the scene. repairs on an eight-foot sinkhole in the middle of a south bay freeway could take all weekend. this is sky 7 hd video from earlier today. the damage is on the northbound lane of lawrence expressway right near east arquez avenue. county crews had to close three lanes to get to that spot. county officials say they did find water at the bottom of the
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sinkhole. a man who flew his drone over a wildfire is in jail tonight. cal fire says it had to ground its firefighting helicopters and planes when eric wanzer flew his drone over the wildfire in placer and el dorado counties. he was trying to get pictures of the fire. he was booked today on charges of interfering with firefighting operations. it's the first time cal fire has made such an arrest. the weekend is almost here. >> yes. sandhya, for many of us, it is here. >> it is indeed, larry and ama. we are expecting the temperatures to continue to drop. today, believe it or not, a good 5 to 10-degree temperature drop this afternoon. so we were out in the 100s. we had the 90s. from our east bay hills camera, you can see the high clouds that were filtering near sun this afternoon. we also had the low clouds lingering as we look towards mount tam. a beautiful shot. expect the low clouds to stick around all weekend long. they're here along the coastline on live doppler 7 hd and over
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the north bay. visibility in half moon bay is down to two miles as we do have some areas of fog. so tomorrow morning there will be some pockets of low visibility. temperatures right now in the 50s to the 70s. and a live look from our abc 7 news exploratorium camera, showing you the gray skies over the bay. cloudy coasts and bay tomorrow. patchy morning drizzle with below average temperatures going into early next week. tomorrow morning when you get going, it is going to start out overcast in just about all locations, except for the far inland valleys where you start off clear. temperatures in the 50s. and then as you take a look at the hour-by-hour forecast, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow when you get going, you will notice that it's our marine layer. that's around near the east bay. the north bay, along the beaches. and for the afternoon, they were quite clear at the coast. so we'll keep it around for those of you who do like the low clouds and fog there will be drizzle sunday morning as well. 7:00 a.m., you'll notice a little bit of green there around half moon bay. the drizzle gives way to a
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little more clearing sunday afternoon. and we will see sunshine for most of the bay area. but the temperatures will continue to remain below where they need to be. 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon in the south bay and. 75 milpitas. santa cruz 70 degrees. on the peninsula, 71 in san mateo. really a mild day. redwood city, menlo park mid-70s. 77 mountain view. upper 50s at the coast. you'll still need a sweater. 57 in daly city. breezy and cloudy, 63 downtown san francisco. and in the north bay, low 80s for calistoga, is an rosa, 74 in san rafael. 77 sonoma. 73 vallejo. if you don't like the heat, this weekend is your weekend. 77 castro valley. 75 fremont. inland area, 87 in fairfield. a warm 86-degree day in livermore. 88 in antioch. 84 in pleasanton. a look at your game forecast. a's take on the blue jays tomorrow afternoon. 1:0069 degrees. it's going to be really mild, sunny, 79 degrees.
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uv index will be high. you'll need the shades and the sun have screen. our cooling trend continues right on through the weekend. spotty drizzle saturday and sunday morning. and you'll notice below normal as we head into monday. really only 84 for our warmest spots. don't get the 90s retu wednesday and thursday. but this the summertime, we always think about the fire daengers. it's always good to get a break from the heat for t
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♪ looks like fun. dozens of couples showed off their salsa dancing skills in san francisco tonight. abc 7 news was at the fillmore center for the salsa festival on
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fillmore. we spotted randy kno. >> i'm told there is some video of rick doing west coast swing. and i will pay for that video. not a lot, but i would pay for that. >> i'll help with that. >> the only salsa i know has to do with my chips. >> okay. let's talk about the sports. i do know about that. okay. a wild one at the coliseum as the a's and j's combine for 15
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abc 7 sports brought to you
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by river rock casino. >> in his last outing, giants pitcher madison bumgarner was almost untouchable, tossing a one-hit shut-out. but tonight against the padres it was a different story. we go to petco park, where giant fans made their presence known. san diego got to mad bum in the first. solarte drives home wil myers. 1-0 san francisco. conner gillespie with a base hit brings in brandon crawford. but the padres score one in the third and another in the fourth on this home run by former athletic adam rosales. in the ninth, check out this catch. angel pagan with a foul pop. solarte hustles over and makes the grab, covering the ball with nacho cheese in the process. padres win 4-1. it's the first time they have beaten the giants in ten tries this season. at the coliseum, third baseman ryan healy made his major league debut with his parents looking on. it was 3-2 toronto in the third when josh reddick ties it up
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with a solo shot off marcus stroman. the a's rally to tie in the fifth on back-to-back home runs from khris davis and all star catcher stephen vogt. oakland took the lead in the seventh. vogt with this third hit of the game. redick races home. he was originally called out at the plate. but replays show he was safe. a's win 8-7. there you see his foot touching the play right before the tag. warriors rookie patrick mccall summer league final i against dallas. roscoe allen with a nice pass to winston shepard for jam. now check out the slick ball handling of cory lucius who lays it up and in. beating the warriors 80-74. the umbrellas were out for the second round of the british open. royal troon has a lot of these pot bunkers. just ask jordan spieth who found himself stuck in one on 8. his ball rolls back into the
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bunker. spieth with a 75 today barely made the cut. keegan bradley is tied for third place. he birdies 17 en route to a 68. henrik stenson had the best round of the day. he is now just one stroke of the leader, phil mickelson. lefty followed up his 63 with a 69. this is one of his four birdies. he is 10 under for the tournament. and as abc 7 sports report has been brought to you


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