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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 16, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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this gun killed a 15-year-old girl. this was the gun used to kill chauncey bailey. >> i don't think there have been so many guns displayed in a museum. >> guns, guns and more guns stunned this member of british parliament as he met with the almeida county d.a. on an educational trip to the u.s. all of these firearms were actually used in murders and shootings in oakland. >> two men would get in an argument and somebody would pull out a gun and start shooting and someone on the street gets killed. >> in a given year, more people are shot in oakland then the entire country of scotland. proposition 63 on the ballot this november would impose
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mandatory background checks to buy ammunition. some gun owners who chose not to go on camera say california is punishing law-abiding citizens. >> terrorists are not somebody who is going to follow the law, they're not going to abide by these restrictions on ammo. the guns are back in a vault now but still others are on the streets of brooklyn. >> still ahead. -- >> i accept your invitation to run and serve as vice president of the united states of america. >> the republican ticket is now set as the democrats close in on their decision. >> and we look at high temperatures today, numbers just about where they should be for this time of the year. but we have changes heading you are way for the second half of the weekend. >> the abc 7
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we're just two days away from the republican national convention and finally donald trump stood side by side with his new running mate. democrats are already blasting the choice. marcy gonzalez son the ground in cleveland. >> reporter: making it official, donald trump naming indiana government mike pence as his running mate. >> i found a leader who will help us deliver a safe society and really prosperous society for all americans, indiana governor mike pence is my first choice. >> reporter: a choice he and pence believe will unify the republican party. >> let's come together as a party and a people and a
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movement to make america great again. donald trump is a good man and he will make a great president of the united states of america. >> reporter: both blasting hillary clinton, who is reportedly closing in on making her own vice presidential decision, reportedly meeting friday with senator elizabeth warren, julian castro and john hi hick hickinlooper. and here in cleveland flyers are being handed out for protests and police say they are ready with barricades and fences now up and thousands of officers on duty. marcy gonzalez, abc news, cleveland. >> coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, why today's worldwide
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debut of pokemon didn't go as planned. >> and coming up in sports, i'll show you how the giants are aga. and ryan
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santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> believe it or not, apparently not everyone in the world is a pokemon go fan. the popular mobile game was supposed to launch in 26 countries today but it crashed. a group of hackers is claiming responsibility. a fix is in the works.
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>> but we had good weather today. let's check in withdrew. >> we did, especially if you were inland once again today. the coast, however, stuck in the cloud cover for much of our saturday. we'll show you that picture outside. a large look from all little up this evening been and that cloud cover like at around 65. we're at 67 in san jose. still rather mild in anti-okay with clear skies and checking in with a temperature of 59 degrees. we have the shrouds over the you
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can see that marine layer fully in fact, not only in here but also in southern california. you see a little ripple of energy just to the east of vancouver. that will simply loom cooler we'll see that fog moves in around the bay overnight tonight. perhaps a little bit of coastal drizzle first thing on a sunday if you go to oakland coliseum to see the blue jays take on the a's, first pitch around 66 degrees. by 4:00 in the afternoon, we should get above 80 in san jose,
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79 fremont, 84 the high in fairfield. about 80 headed to santa rosa. first thing in the morning, we will see a lot of cloud cover. by the afternoon we should see a few breaks in the cloud cover. some afternoon sunshine is very likely. santa cruz up to 69. future track and i do think that people will notice it nn the locations that are in the 90s today on monday probably are going to even struggle to get out of the 70s. tomorrow is a breezy afternoon, monday. it's cool for july around here
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but that chill is shortly relived. by next weekend, there' going a lot after a short battle with luka. he worked as a good will ambassadors. he played 14 seasons in all, 11 with golden state, he averaged 15-15 the who will of famed rebounds. nate called several people to say good-bye, including abc starts sport director. just hang on a second. listen, okay? i'min 4 years old.
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i got a he said don't feel bad for me. in a few days i'm going to see god. >> and i'm sobbing, i said i don't want you to see god, want you to see different more ant, that's the season. >> i just think it going to happen so i was a wreck and. >> go to petco park.
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angel pagan with a two-run shot. the giants tie the game in the sixth on solo home runs from mat williams son yesterday a third baseman, ryan healy, made his hanl prl sunny gray wasn't great but still got the victory. 3 runs, 6 hits over sex innings. edward encarnacion takes him deep. he now has three in two days and 22 for the season. t the. >> welcome to the big leagues,
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kid. >> the final round of the u.s. open should be a pretty good duel. hogwarts is supposedly in cotton. which is ards nailed this birdie to give him a two-stroke lead over stinson. he gave him a suv fear ball. >> she winds up in the rough. michelson would have to be here as long as you need me. >> with a six to eight today, we need more of a leader board. hes could.
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sfrchls so i'm proud of that. and i'd love to play tomorrow's final round the way i did the first two and give myself a shot. >> there's only one thing that matters tomorrow. and i'm certainly going to try not to back down either. so it should be an exciting afternoon.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, san franciscans stand with those in nice, paris. abc 7 news was in fremont for the food festival. it's the largest event of its kind in america. there's food from every corner of the world. all the meals have to meet islamic dietary guidelines. there's clothing, gifts fun for sale. the festival goes on until 10:00 tonight. outside the globe mall. particulars are $5 for adults. and free if you're 10 years old
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or under. >> the worlt famous el toro style wanted to build a simple boat that kids could sale. they designed it so the hull could be cut out of two ships of fly. we'll see you at 11 over and abc 7.
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announcer: today on matter of fact, desperately seeking millenials. >> news flash. we have a big tent. announcer: wt this gop congressman says about bringing young people to the party. plus, trump's time. >> trump will give a speech that will be watched by 60 million or 70 million people. announcer: can he convince america he's ready to be president? and, is this america's kumbaya moment? >> this society is deeply, deeply divided. >> we cannot ignore these issues. announcer: why can't we all just get along? ♪ hello, i am fernando


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