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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 17, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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life from the kgo broadcast center, this is the abs 7 news. nick lesley who was reported missing after the attack in n e nice, france, has been found dead. i'm eric thomas, the death reported to cal university-berkeley campus. he was reported to be one of the 80 people killed. leslie's family went to france as h was there to study with
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students for a few weeks. there is a vigil planned tomorrow at sprawl campus. for many of the students on campus, it campus, it is a shock. >> it is like, that you have the be thinking about the whole picture, and rise in peace, and he is already in a better place now. >> i have had thoughts of how dangerous the whole world is from terrorism, and it is no way to get around it. >> and three other cal students were injured in the bastille attack. 21-year-old and 23-year-old students suffered broken leg, and diane twong broke her foot. to day, three police officers were killed in baton rouge, louisiana a community trying to heal after an officer-involved shooting. tonight, the shooter was gavin long who served in the marines for five years where he received many honors and he frequently posted messages on social media
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under an alias. we have more on the shooting. >> reporter: roads blocked off and sirens blaring and what sounds like gunshots in the distance. the city of baton rouge is waking to more violence. >> officer down, shots fired. >> reporter: police with calls of shots fired and just before 9:00 a.m. when they arrived the bullets are aim at them. >> i'm hit. >> reporter: and the president wasting no time to condemn this attack on the police. >> everyone right now focus on words and actions that can unite this country and rather than divide it further. >> reporter: the deadly confrontation is shocking people in the area. >> i don't feel like we are safe, and i feel terrible for the cops, and for the whole
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police force. >> this is coming as the city is still reeling in the aftermath of the killing of alton sterling. police confronted him and shooting him in the struggle. video of the event with the shooting of another black man in minnesota sent off nationwide protest. the mayor is calling for unity. >> it is unjustified and unjustifiable, and the violence and the hatred has to stop. >> reporter: alton sterling's family also reiterating the u calls for calm tonight. the mother of sterling's child said that she hoped that people could come together as a country and as a nation, and try to solve these problems instead of continuing to hurt one another. reporting from baton rouge, abc news. >> they were not the only officers targeted today. in milwaukee, a gunman shot a police officer several times in a domestic violence investigation when the gunman opened up fire on the gunman,
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and the officer underwent emergency surgery and should survive thanks to the bulletproof vest, and the shooter killed himself a short time later. and in brooklyn, police shot and kied ekilled a man who was threatening opening fire at an apartment complex. he was suspected of robberies before the incident. the recent shootings have sparked a debate between law enforcement and race. >> reporter: gun fire instead of church bells in batton the rouge. >> officer down. officer down. >> reporter: we are waiting for all of the detail, but no changing the fact that three off sloers their lives and three other officers are wounded. this after the funerals in dallas. >> the violence has to stop, and
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you can't heal when the violence continues. >> reporter:s ka lating tension was felt in the bay district today. people gathered to protest the killing of a girl shot in may. >> there is way too much use of force. >> reporter: and delores says that her nephew was killed in 2012, and she says that violence against the police are is not the answer. >> we are not out here in any way to kcondone killing the police officers. >> reporter: and a retired san jose police officer and author, says that everybody needs to take a breath. >> the reason ta you are seeing the ambushing of the police officers is because people are having an emotion al reaction instd of a studied response to the ent coucounters and he is a that the police killings won't stop. tiffany, channel 7 news. >> and now, during the the republican convention in
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cleveland, the union representing the cleveland police officers urged the one-time presidential hope ful o ban open carry temporarily, and the convention begins tomorrow. reporter laura anthony and news anchor reggie will be at the convention to provide live coverage, they will also cover the democratic convention which begins a week later. san francisco police are on the lookout for a man who was involved in a fight. a viewer sent us this photo, and the police said that two people leaving the bar got into the fight, and car pulled up and the gunman got out and fired several shots. one person died and another injured. thousands of people walked in memory of those lost to a devastating disease. abc 7 news was at golden gate park for the aids walk in san francisco and since it started in 1987, it has raised $86 million, and all of the money goes to programs and services in the bay area. >> such a wonderful feeling of
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the people, and all of the people, and everyone, and you know, gathered together and it is like a big happy family. >> and the comedian carson kressley were among the celebrities at the walk, and we are a major sponsor of the aids walk, and our anchor dan ashley was proud to serve as the emcee. and tonight, standing against the recall and why a critic of the san francisco mayor says that the mayor should not be forced out of ooffice. tonight's space x mission to o outer space is going to take the scientists inside of the human body, and the tools deliver ed for the first of its kind research project in space. plus -- an event that has gone to the dogs and cats. how the pet owner s as are gett help to take care of their furry friends. a nice onshore breeze today brought us coolerer than normal temperatures for july. one more chilly day and then we will track the return of warmer
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air. we will have more coming up.
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hundreds of people came out to today to stop an effort to recall san francisco mayor ed lee. >> this is no justification for anybody saying they will recall ed lee. >> abc 7 news was in chinatown as the former mayor willy brown and six city supervisors came out against the recall that started last friday. and even though who are critical of the mayor ed lee say it is not legal. >> and there is only if there is legal malfeasance for a recall.
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>> i always ask what we are doing for the city that is the right thing and i believe we are. having been elected eight months ago and the voters saying that we are going to be putting up a way to block him. and there were free shots today for the cats and the dogs that is organized monthly for the low-income partners. >> it is important for the sh t shelter to keep the community healthy for owners who cannot afford it. aband so if we get it early and healthy, that is the way to keep them out of the animal shelter that is already very, very crowded. >> and pet owners received information on the low cost spay and neutering and as well as chipping. an volunteers e donate their time as well. >> and now sh, coming up, hancso has been cast and not in
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carbonate this time, but who is going to be starring as the charming rogue in the sequel? i'm rick quan and coming up in sports, the ace of the pitching staff suffers a
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tonight at 9:45 or less than an half hour from now space x is go ing to attempt to send a previously launched rocket back into orbit for the first time ever. the falcon 9 rocket landed on a barge, and nasa will try it again and they will try to launch a space vessel called the dragon to carry 9,000 of pounds
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that includes a dna sequence r o space for first time. it can diagnose microbes and diseases and keep track of the crew's health. and today, disney made an announcement of who will be playing hans solo, and the first film is about the pilotf of the millennium falcon played by harrison ford, and now it is going to be played by alden wright who has starred in the cohen brother's "hail, cesar." and production is expected to come out in the summer of 2018. let's have a check on the weather forecast for monday morning, and here is drew. >> eric, it is cool temperatures for july, and then we will start to see the warmer air gradually working into the picture as we go into much of the work week ahead. live doppler is saying that we have had the clouds for much of the day, and now they are expanding into the bay, and a
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closer look in doppler seven, and the cloud cover in hayward and the area is stretching over the livermore and now this area is kcontained with the entire city in overcast skies. currently 766 in san francisco, and 660 in hayward and then clear to the mountains and 61 in san jose, and antioch is holding onto the warmth at this hour. the warmst spot on the map is about 69 degrees. we have a lot of cloud cover the talk about in santa rosa, and you are in the clear to san jose or morgan to the clear, and otherwise 50s across the board, and future weather is along the coast picking up on the chant of some coastal drizzle first thing tomorrow morning, and so we will show you the morning drive and a lot of the cloud cover, and the coastal drizzle is possible by 7:00 in the morn, and it is mainly cloudy and then we will start to see the clearing especially in the inland spots
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first thing in the morning. and starting off with the 50s in the cloud cover and going to the morning where we will see some the cloud cover inside of the golden gate, and by early afternoon, the clouds are going to be pulling back to the coast, but across san francisco, very limited sunshine to start off the week tomorrow, an monday at 1:00, and 2:00 in the afternoon, you will notice that there is a lot of cloud cover, and around the financial district, and sonoma and the mission district, and so we will see cool overcast ski skies. into the evening, the future weather is showing you the cool wind is really going to be limiting the temperatures once again. and inland, you noted that it is natural ac and you can open up the windows and e most of the spots topping out in the upper 70s. highs on the monday are good to 61 in san francisco, and high in the sunshine, and half moon bay with cloud cover and sunshine in san jose, and cool for july and we have 79 in fairfield and 68
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in oakland and 76 in napa and 77 is the high in lake port. if you want the warmth to return, we will show you the warmest day we have on the seven-day forecast and that is with one week from today and next sunday and it is going to be substantially warmer, and once again, we are flirting with the central mark, and around the bay, and the 70s and the 80s will make a return. >> here is the accuweather forecast where it is cool for july and average on tuesday and then up ever so slightly wednesday and thursday and nice on friday and then into the weekend, we will bring back the marine layer and bring back the warmer temperatures and the coast will see brighter skies. >> drew, thank you very much. all right. not a good outing for giants and a's? >> that is right, eric. after cruising to the all-star break with the best record in baseball, the giants have hit a road u budge bump as they have tried to salvage the series in
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san diego. they went to petco park, and in the fourth, johnny cueto gives up a home run to matt kemp. then two batters better, cristian bethancourt gets this pitch to hit. and he had not suffered a loss in april 1st. and san diego gets some insurance in their half, and this is a homer right down the left field line of hunter strickland to make it 5-3 padres to sweep is the series. to a's got off to a bad start when rich hill had to leave after five pitches after a blister on the middle finger. it is an ongoing problem. then oakland rallies in the six sixth, and marcus semien with the solo shot, and the 20th home run of the season.
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then with two men on, and yonder alonso comes through with the pinch-hit double into the left field gap, and danny valencia and khris davis core, and then with two outs in the ninth, f m former athletic josh donaldson doubles off of john axford and two runs come home, and the a's win it 5-3, and after the contest hill talked about the blister problem. >> i can't explain it, because i have never had anything like this, and i have had blisters on different parts of the finger before, but nothing, nothing like this. >> and fortunately in the first inning, it was just piece of skin that came off, but it was frustratinging for him, because he looked like he was fine leading into the start, but we will have to give him some time. i am not sure how long yet. >> the final round of theb british open featured an exciting duel between sweden's henrik stenson and phil mickelson.
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after stenson bogeyed, mickelson birdied and after this approach shot, lefty took a one-stroke lead, and then stenson on the roll. this birdie at 2 tied him with mickelson and then another on 8 gives him the outright lead at 16 under par. mickelson shot a final round 65, but it still was not good enough as stenson had the round of his life. on 15, he nails a 50-footer for birdie to give him the two-stroke advantage. and stenson finished with another long birdie on 18, and in all, 10 birdies en route to the 63 at 20 under par and wins by three strokes. stenson takes home the ka claret jug afirst man from sweden to win. and he dedicated it to mike kervish. >> i dedicate this to my friend who has been battling cancer for year, and i feel like he has been with me all week, and so, mike, this one is for you.
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at the new hampshire motor speedway, matt kenseth is trying to get out of the pit, but he is boxed in, and he did get out and with 44 laps to go, he passes martin tru exx jr. to win the lead, but the car fails the inspection, and it is unlikely that the victory is taken away, but it will be a loss of points and a hefty fine. and colombia's harmon won the final stage of the tour de france. it is his first ever tour stage win, and chris broome is going to retain the yellow jersey as the overall leader, and the tour resumes in a week in paris. david bingham have been added to the all-star game, and the game is july 28th. that is all of the sports for now. >> thank you, and now, the
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"ghostbusters" reboot
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coming up tonight at 11:00, we are learning the identities of three police officers killed today in baton rouge, louisiana. we have team coverage and including the reaction from police groups in the bay area. and two hit-and-run suspects could run but they could not hide from san francisco police. the stolen property is now in the hands of authorities tonight, and that is on abs bc 7 news at 11:00. the "ghostbusters" was back in the theaters with the proton packs, and it was very good, but not enough for the top spot. "the secret life of pets" came
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in first, and "ghostbusters" came in second, and analysts said it needed a strong showing in china, but it may not open there because of the regulations against the supernatural movies. and "legend of tarzan" and "wedding day" and "dori" rounded out the top five. we will see you with more details over at see you there. thousands of protesters have stopped the traffic along i-880. >> the team covers your neighborhood. >> in richmond. >> live in san francisco. >> your story. >> 7 on your side is changing the way that guys do business. >> if it weren't for michael finny, i never would have gotten anything. anything. >> watch the news that mat
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♪ it's the michelle meow show, your a-z covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between. [music continues] here's michelle meow. [music continues] hello and welcome to the michelle meow show, your a-z covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between show. tonight we have an insightful program. we'll have interviews with two local heritage lgbtqi organizations, folstrom street events and the dyke march, and we'll talk about how san francisco's changing political landscape has impacted the lgbtq community. we also have interviews with ellen page and ian daniel from "gaycation", a new travel show on viceland. before we get started with the program, let's check in with some right-wing, anti-gay politicians and listen to what they have to say about lgbtqi people. why?


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