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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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donald trump makes an appearance fit for rock star tonight on the first day of the republican national convention. good evening thanks for joining us. dan and amma are off. >> republican got off to bumpy start when apartment trump delegate made a last ditch effort to derail his nominatio nomination. it failed. but not without a fight.
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marsy is there. >> good evening. there was a mix of speakers with no mention of the controversy here earlier. they instead focus on praising donald trump and bashing presidential opponent.56 ♪. >>reporter: night theme make america safe again. >> usa usa. >>reporter: but as much as the message on the first night of republican national convention was with national security and recent violence. >> would i like to make something very clear. blue lives matter in america. >>reporter: the focus also stage sharply on hillary clinton. >> woman who somehow feels that she's entitled to the presidency. >> 2012 attack on u.s. compound in benghazi. >> hilary fails from text her people on the ground. >>reporter: clinton speaking
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earlier at campaign event in cincinnati. >> i am so thrilled to be here. >>reporter: while in cleveland donald trump took to the convention stage. >> my wife an amazing mother and incredible woman. mrs. trump. >>reporter: his wife the headliner. >> he's tough when he has to be. but he's also kind and fair and. >>reporter: attempting to show a softer side o presumptive g.o.p. nominee and unified the party after drama earlierr6> but the never trump movement could protest on the floor again tomorrow but with no chance of success as delegates cast their vote to officially name trump the party nominee. in cleveland, abc 7 news. thank you.
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as%-zu)áju expect security is heavy in cleveland. >> group calling the northwestern ohio minute men are among those patrolling the streets. they wear military style uniform and carry automatic weapon. ohio is open carry state. police keep an eye on the group who claim they have a constitutional right right to form as citizen my litigation a. >> california delegation has front row seats at the convention. the laura talked to local delegates about the anti-trump revolt. >> the security at the rnc in cleveland oíecedented level. fencing around the inner most area of the arena. bomb sniffing dog and 3000 officers from ohio and california. it all makes for a long wait for del gaichlts do you think it's necessary to have this much security. >> i think better safe than sorry. sure. >> ohio is an open carry state "m outsidee
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secure zone are allowed to carry long and hand guns.c8f2u but the police chief is certain the officers on hand can manage any situation. in the arena revolt by those who chaptered never trump but they were quickly drowned out by cry of usa by the larger delegation. san mateo county delegate among those who say they are ready to set aside difference and support donald trump. >> what do you think trump needs to doñ"únñ this week to ue the party. >> as far as i can tell our party is united. so i think this is very unifying week for us by the end when he comes when we come together and recognize he is our nominee. he's the republican running against hillary clinton in november. republicans are going to realize if we want to put our own in the white house we need to support him. >>reporter: the theme of tonight's session keep america safe again among the law enforcement speaker some actors headliner donald trump wife
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milan yeah in cleveland, abc 7 news. >> tomorrow night every night at the convention following abc 7 news at 6:00 watch your voice your vote within depth coverage by abc news of the day events starting at 7 on channel 7. thousand. now to the difficult image of the moments when three officers shot an killed in baton rouge. gunman aims only at!]awñ those&. back into danger trying to save a fellow officer$;yc. s)qphysiccinn baton baton roug ! >> louisiana law enforcement officials aren't mincing words tonight calling this an ambush saying 29-year-old gavin long seen here in video went hunting for cops. >> no doubt whatsoever that these officers were intentionally targeted and assassinated. >>reporter: at the say the screen show how he snuck up on police officers sunday morning. >> 3 dead.
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one injured. this location. >>reporter: as the first calls to 911 were coming in. police say he was already shooting. wounding a city police officer then killing sheriff's deputy brad who ran to help he turned around and executed wounded officer. >> officer down. >>reporter: in the end they took long out with gunfire from a s.w.a.t. team firing more than 100 yards away and through when she got caught in the cross fire and started recor recording on her cell phone. >> difference actually kind of of waiting for a lull let to hit me. the bullet were that close. >>reporter: 5 police officers were wounded. one still fighting for his life tonight. killed were brad, matthew jerrold and mr. jackson the same color as the shooter and powerful facebook post last week defended his badge to
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friends saying i love this city. but i wonder if this city loves me. sandra sterling is the woman who raised 37-year-old sterling who died at the hands of police. she's still fighting for justice but saysqe killing cops justice but qñ it's wrong what . my heart wept out. i cried. first heard it i cried because back to me i'm back today one with allison. >>reporter: that was steve reporting. you can show your support for the of centers baton rouge. go to our facebook page. look forth image and share it>sn ax wielding man attacked several people on a train in germany. injured 4 people today shouting allah akbar as he stabbed people. suspect jumped out of the train when it made an emergency stop. police later tracked him down and shot him to death. officials say the attacker was 17-year-old from afghanistan who lived in germany.
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german authorities describe it as probable islamic attack. now to the terror attack in nice. thousands gather for moment of9s soil ns today at the attack site in honor of the 84 people killed last thursday. investigators said the attack was premeditated and planned. they believed the suspect mohammad bouhlel began to show interest in isis just days before he drove through the crowd. italy investigating whether he recently had contacts with few initial living there. the attack claimed the life of uc berkeley student who was studying abroad in france. nick leslie was 20 years old. today his friends gather to remember him on campus. here's lease lee. i have the image of smile young man who was full of generous ambition. the who will was willing to act positively in the world.xuhóx to make the world better place the and today the world misses necklace leslie.
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>>reporter: plaza filled with people and practitioners and praise force a young 20-year-old whose life was cut short in a terror attack on what was to be the start of the vibrant life. thinks the second time in a month uc berkeley has mourned the loss of student over seas. >> really amazing person. and shame that he got this. >>reporter: nick was from del mar, california and came to berkeley to change the world. frenth describe him as charismatic and happy. avenues junior. mainly oring in environmental science and went tonight's for 4 week summer entrepreneurship program along with 85 other cal students. many of them were on the beach for the bastille day fireworks and caught up in the attack. three were injured with broken bones. others escaped and hid then ran back to student housing. nick never returned. fbi informed cal officials of his death on sunday. i'm leslie, abc 7 news.
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legal victory today for the warriors and effort to build a new arena in san francisco. superior court judge today ruled that the city environmental review profit posed arena was adequate. rejecting argument the city had failed to consider alternative sites. decision clears the way for the project in mission bay to move forward. warriors hope to break ground on the new facility texas 84 and have tonight open for the 2019 season. tale of video justice tonight out of the south bay still ahead how a woman effort to prevent crime helps catch a thief. >> side show on the bay bridge. police make sure this driver is spinning do nut gets his just dessert. >> i'm sandhya strong marine influence tonight. we have drizzle coming tomorrow morning. let you know how long the cool july pattern will last coming up. >> lake where algae bloom toxic enough to kill a dog.
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sfx: turbines revving up, getting louder and louder you hear that? that's the sound of our summer sale firing up its engines with fares as low as $69 dollars one-way. so get ready to take off... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding family is devastatedh=t3ç tonight. 3-year-old girl died after visit to deny advertise in san ramone. they rushed in after getting call about unresponsive child. paramedic gave the girl cpr and rushed her to a hospital on saturday. girl didn't wake up after undergoing some kind of
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procedure in the dental bliss office. police do not believe negligence was involved. highway patrol hopes to find more witness after side show stopped traffic on the bay bridge. you look at picture shot by a driver stuck on the bridge weern span yesterday afternoon. e suspected of doing do nut across lanes when they exited the brim)j@. one driver arrested and impounded car. another driver cited and released. >> rash of theft from bay area door step. tonight we have a story about one san jose woman who had enough and she did something about it. here's vic lee. >> she didn't want to be identified for security reason reasons. for this story we call her jennifer. the security video taken last wednesday shows an amazon carrier delivering her lap top. placing the box on the apartment office door step. the still taken from another camera shows a different
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delivery man making his rounds at the apartment complex. then later this video. it shows them stealing the box with her lab top -- lap top. screen ferry contacted amazon and police. amazon sent her another lap top. but she decided she had had enough. >> i had another amazon order few months ago that disappeared and this would be the second time. >> this time she had the goods. the video hopefully some one will ring him and he can get caught. >> sent the video and photograph to amazon. low and behold she got this reply from amazon delivery unit. >> manager actually recognized his employee from the video and he contacted me and let me know that he has fire the employee with the via >> spike in the number of packages stole friend door steps. jennifer did her part next pose ago thief who is probably stolen before. here's her message to other victims. >> if you see a wrong do what you can to fix it.
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>>reporter: vic lee, a about bc 7 news. >> hurt ago guy dog could come with greater penalty in california. board members from guy dog for the blind and companion lobby in sacramento today. they support a bill working its way through the state capitol. that proposal calls for making it miss did he mean or to willfully knowingly recklessly harm a guy dog. violators have to pay up if the bill passes. >> it will increase the protection for the guy dog team and the dog are attacked either by another animal or by human being there is coverage for both medical and lost wages. >> guyvrb dog owner could also receive money from the victim compensation restitution fund. californians urge to stay out of 2 lake found to breed a type of green algae that make people sick and kill dogs. test show the algae is in the pitch river arm of lake shasta and parts of pyramidtjm lake in los angeles county.e-t/ñ swimming remains banned at
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oakland lake because of the presence of blue green algae there. third street summer the water is off elements due to the toxic algae. >> full accu-weather forecast for you. sandhya is here with the very latest. it's kind of cool. >> you are absolutely right. today our inland areas the barely made it to the 70's. only a cup oval 80's out to antioch and along the coast line. we were in the 60's. cool by july standards not cool over all. as we look at live doppler 7hd we do have some low clouds and fog along the coast line and starting to push into parts of the north bay. wind is a factor tonight. wave good delta breeze out of the south west 26 miles an hour. and that's a good indication that this cool marine influence from our east bay hills camera reach the inland area again overnight tonight. temperatures in the m id 50's around san francisco. 60 in oakland. cooling down nicely. 64 san jose. 63 mountain view. 55 had a of mp bay and beautiful picture from the kgo
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roof cam are watching the moon there. clouds going by really pretty picture. 60 degrees right now santa rosa. upper 50's napa novato. see the marine layer as we look to sutro tower. low clouds spotty drizzle tomorrow morning. below normal temperature continue the next few days. today high were either at normal or below normal in many areas. that trend is going to continue but much warmer by the end of the week. so when you get going total morning notice the temperatures are all in the 50's. going to start out cloudy and also run into a little bit of drizzle. so 5:00 a.m. you see the green showing up here on the screen going into the 7 to 8:00 o'clock hour also some green around the coast and in the east bay. so we look out for some drizzl drizzle. for the morning commute and then as the day goes by watch the cloud layer shrink. most of the bay area actually see sunshine for 3:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. and here are the temperatures. a lot like today. 77 in the south bay. san jose. 82 gilroy. 75 sunnyvale.
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cupertino 70 santa cruz nice day peninsula. mid 60's and millbrae 68 san mateo. mid 70's redwood city. mountain view 59 degree ins pacifica. daly city 60 degrees. good breeze going for the afternoon. downtown san francisco 63 and in the north bay you get up to 75 in san rafael. napa 78 santa rosa east bay 68 oakland 70 in hayward. inland areas really nice an mild. it is going to be sunny but the to be what you normally see in july. i don't think i'm hearing too many complaints about this 79 livermore concord. 77 san ramone and looking at 77 in walnut creek as well. fast forward to friday. it's a warmer afternoon we get up into the low mid 90's in some of our inland valley saturday you see the triple digit for the hottest spots but don't worry the coast quite comfortable going in sunday. inland area bake in the heat summer sizzle return as we hit the wean.
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7 day forecast patchy morning drizzle tomorrow. afternoon high on the mild side as you look at wednesday, thursday, mid 80's inland. low 60's coast and then we warm it up for you uses as we head towards the end of the work we cannot weekend. this is when the triple digit return. it's hot inland again. coastal areas remain in the 60's. kristen. >> thank you. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. (avjt(s fire departs giving away a fire truck. plus 94-year-old park ranger gets her replacement presidential coin but she got something even better from the
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is. if you you tube or plenty of company the ride sharing
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service just completed the 2 billth ride. 147 riders tiedvh for the honor of being uber 2 billion customer. that's because they began the trip at the same time. riders used uber in 16 different country on 5 continue nechbility milestone really speaks to uber growth. uber completed the 1 billion trip on christmas eve only 6 months ago. took uber 5 years to reach that point. santa clara fire department come to the rescue of firefighters in mexico. today the department donated a fire engine to the fire department in so nor 0, mexico. new app rat russ was bought to replace the older engine. they do naturallyed to santa clara, and south bay regional public safety training consortium. bay area park ranger thought she lost something really special when robber broke into her home and stole a commemorative coin she got from president obama. but that changed this wean.
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during a ceremony in concord yesterday interior secretary sally jewel surprised betty with an envelope from the president. inside was repleasement challenge coin. she also got a personal letter from the president. that note made the new coin just as special as the origina original. >> that memory that was embedded in that coin that was stolen, i didn't think that that would come back and i found when i received this one yesterday that the memory is imbedded in the coin. >>reporter: in the letter the president says the service is extremely inspiring. at 94 years old she's the nation oldest park ranger. >> another 30 minute of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up. >> keep eye on this truck. >> on the job on edge the news rides along with local law enforcement as the daily danger officers face suddenly multipl multiply. >> and push for driverless car safety right here in the bay area.
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event coming this week that will focus on more than just cars and the making of a world wonder. what archeologist found inside
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i think that a lot of people don't really understand what this job is all about. >>reporter: tense and sad. tease how logical law enforcement officers describe patrolling right now. after police the dallas and baton rouge targeted and killed. melanie rode along with alameda county sheriff's deputy today during the tense time in america. >> just left the station. >>reporter: sergeant rob evans with the alameda county sheriff's office 15 and a half years. >> i get sometimes fractions of
9:30 pm
a second to make a decision.mkz thinking about state law, federal law, constitutional la law, my policy and procedures, while i'm trying to determine if you are trying to hurt me. >>reporter: lately mood in the field has changed. >> tremendous amount of tensio tension. >>reporter: friction between residents and law enforcement at an all time high following the shooting death of alton sterling and castille. >> would it help if the community had a little more understanding of what this job is like. >> ambush of officers in dallas and baton rouge translates to new threat for law enforcement. >> things not getting better and getting worse. >> sergeant says people stopped seem more brazen. >> i think they are looking for a confrontation with us so they can get it on camera. that is not helpful for us and that is not helpful for any on one. >> on this afternoon deputy arrest an alleged prostitute and alleged undercover agents near international boulevard. no one arrested is armed.
9:31 pm
>> scene was secure and safe here but we are in uniform marked car who knows what other people intention are. secure the scene and maintain situational awareness is tough. everyone leaves this scene safely. >> would i said biggest tájjuz go for everyone's safety is if we get xlichbilitys he says making sure the deputy and the people they interact with both get home to their family is paramount. in oakland, melanie, abc 7 new news. >> this week planes trains automobiles will converge on san francisco for special convention. they all have one thing in common. they are self drichlingt wayne has a preview. in downtown san francisco. no death no injuries hardly memorable. if not the timing and proximity because. >> just few floor above this group of engineer sat in a room trading theory about self
9:32 pm
driving cars and envision safer world. >> some envision not needing traffic lights in the future because cars are awar of one another. >> that's probably a long which off. >> first fatal traffic accident first ever happened in 1899. bliss stepped off a curb in new york city directly into the path of oncoming taxi. only become worse. last year 1.3 million death worldwide. >> most notable death this year joshua brown. last may he became the first person to die in a self driving car. he was reportedly watching a movie behind the wheel of the tesla when the camera and radar failed toxzu@ñ recognize a semi truck. consumer advocate jamie court calls this accident a warning. >> when you call the system auto pilot it better work by itself. >> court came to san francisco to caution those researchers. he wants federal regulated enforceable safety standard. >> i'm afraid of we use cheap
9:33 pm
videocamera like tesla and automatic breaking system without radar and i'm afraid the next generation of these auto pilot features won't come with the best technology. >> with all things where folk come together and find new partner technology advancement will be accelerated. >> everybody scoot back for me. >>reporter: it didn't come soon enough for those drivers. down below. in san francisco, wayne, abc 7 news. >> in less than 10 years president obama expects all the vehicle in america to average 54 miles gallon. new report out today say we are following short of the goal. it's because drivers are actually keeping older less fuel efficient cars and with gas prices fairly low americans are buying new cars and truck that are not particularly fuel efficient. if we stay with our current trend the average will probably be closer to 50 miles per gallon not 54 by the deadline of 2025. these reports are part of review that will decide whether to relax the standard or to
9:34 pm
keep them in place. yahoo surprised many investors by showing sales growth instead of decline when the earnings report came out today. the sales grew to 1.3 billion at the same time last year. today earning report came as the third and final round of corenéwv business of sunnyvale e yahoo. the stock rose slightly today closing at 37.95 up about two-tenths of a percent. report was actually released after the closing bell. shares of netflix fellas much as 15 percent in after hours trading after the company announced subscriber growth is slowing. company added more than one and a half million subscribers 1 million less than what they were hoping for. office senator boxer is leaving capitol hill at the end of her term. forward. sergio has the story.
9:35 pm
>> senator box are is an avid hillary clinton supporter but would she serve in a clinton administration. >> no i'm not interested. >> boxer in san francisco on a book signing tour. called the art of tough.ñ1]p during the qa session she quickly took the opportunity go after proumtive republican presidential nominee'b0 ÷ donald trump. >> there is an art to it. or else you are kind of like someone else in the news. >> that's not tough. >> that is a bully. >> the republican conventi/v&)p& kickedd off in cleveland today with protest outside an argument inside. senator boxer says she's looking forward to a more settled democratic convention next week where she has a prominent speaking slot, item safe to say this was a room full of progressive democrat and they are hoping for bigçhvñ turn out for clinton in november. >> i can notu [m emphasize to my children or to the young people thatptym this will decide. >> boxer ran forth u.s. sen natural 1992 and entered office along with 4 other women
9:36 pm
including fellow california senator feinstein. it was dubbed the year of the woman. sñ she rounds out the last few months in the senate she had some advice for her successor. to the dance. it's the people. >>reporter: two top candidate in november for the two senate seat are two women. thisqx1ñ is 7 news.x3÷ >> next on 7 news at 9:00 from razor to toy to shampoo. why are women paying more for every day items? >> i think it should be the same price. >> that's ridiculous. same price. >> that's ridiculous. >> examine this and
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the. ancient logbook detailing
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the cn instruction in cairo. it's written in character and record the building of what is considered one of the great wonders of the world. details how the lime stone taken from quarry near cairo and shipped by boat to the pyramid site. one trip took 4 days. logbook is 4500 years old. it's the old est document ever discovered in egypt. california congresswoman spear is trying to get rid of what she cause this pink tax. we have more from carolyn. >> this pink basketball cost 1 16.99. gray one 10.99. peninsula congresswoman jackie spear calls that a pink tax and wants it revealed. >> weather the gender tax is caused by an unconscious bias or by scheming really makes no difference. it's unfair. and it's unethical.
9:41 pm
>>reporter: gender pricing for services like dry cleaning and haircuts was banned in california 20 years ago. under a measure sponsored by spear when she was a state lawmakers. now she wants to include product like these marketed to women and girls and she's h. similar effort at the state level failed earlier this year after lobbying by group like the california chamber of commerce. which said it would expand the number of individuals who will intentionally seek out alleged violations. spear bill would allow the federal trade commission and state attorney general to crack down. consumer we talked to support it. >> let's talk about equality. we should all pay the same prices. >>reporter: spear pink tax repeal act has 2 dozen co-sponsors. in san francisco carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. sandhya back with the final check on the forecast.
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sandhya back with the final check on the forecast. >> how do keep people
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. >> double dose of success for space x overnight. >> 3, 2, 1. >> first the fell con 9 rocket lifted a capsule packed with !ñ of supplies into orbit. minutes after the launch falcon returned todñ earth and made successful ground landing. only the second time that's happened. international space station on wednesday it will be docked carrying supply for experiment conducted by as to naught rubens who graduated from napamv vintage high school. she's seen in the video tweet the by the iff. she's the first person ever to
9:46 pm
sequence dna in space. lion population grew by leap and bound at the oakland zoo. we were there at the exhibit as three south east african lions made the public debut. three brothers are here. they were born at seattle zoo just 20 months ago and they were already 300 pounds. as you might expect they are full of energy. >> trouble maker if one is off prancing about the other will chase it and start batting at him. they are like annoying little brothers. kind of like poking at each other e-the three male lions live as pack fought often seen in captivity but to avoid conflict they won't hang out with the oakland zoo other male lions just to be safe. one last check of the weather. let's go to sandhya we have a let's gorh)ightt.ya we have a just as we wind down the work week and head into the weekend but before we get to that we continue to see the:1jh below average condition. live doppler 7hd showing you
9:47 pm
some low clouds pushing into the north bay and east bay. so not just near the coast line right now. high for your tuesday around the state. 63 in monterey. 76 in tahoe. heading to the desert triple digit heat. 80 los angeles. and we are not going to see the hot weather here. we get a break from it but it's nice. inland area in the 70's and 80's so it's mild along the coast line. breezy and in the 60's with some patchy low clouds for the afternoon. san jose temperature trend showing you below average for few days average high 83 tomorrow 77 degrees. but notice as we hit the weekend temperatures will be up into the low 90's. accu-weather 7 day forecast temperatures in the low 60's to low 80's to. a little bit of morning drizzle and then we continue with the cooler than normal conditions for july at least through the middle of the work week. but it does turn warmer by friday. go from the inies to 100 inlan inland. i take it you like the hot weather. >> well i like both. a little variety is always goo good. >> it is always nice absolutel absolutely.
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>> thanks for delivering that. >> you are welcome. if you are a fan of abc shows like we are you will want to down load the abc app. good way to watch the programs like bachelorette, modern family, general hospital and abc news on your phone or tablet. app has more choices for binge watching with throw back show like ugly betty. full season of show are a tap away. app also has original digital series. you can down load the app through the apple app tore an google play. some feature do require having cable or satellite. uc berkeley closing part of edward stadium to protect workers and the public from crumbling concrete. lee ann here now with what the university plans to do with edwards. >> when we destroyed to begin access
9:49 pm
making it a safety hazard. today the university announced it would take action. to address that potential safety issue we are going to concrete. >>reporter: university estimates it will take the contractor about 5 to 6 weeks to put up that netting. in the mean time the west tunnel will remain closed. this is where the campus gardener have their offices and of the track and also the public won't be put at risk.)abc >>reporter: number of high schools and organizations have!n track meets here. the university assured us that despite the concrete falling the pillar have not been compromised. the bleachers and the track will remain in use. people will have accessd-ns thrh the east tunnel. >> for me i'll use the track. >>reporter: it opened in 19 tloo. last year the university seismic action plan for if a utilities gave the stayed
9:50 pm
automatic poor seismic rating. university will send out another structural engineer possibly this week to examine in the pillars. >> they will confirm what they know of the structure now and let the university know of proposed or ways that it might be strengthen. >>reporter: edwards only a few block from the hayward fault. since 1997 cal has upgraded 75 percent of the buildings that needed retrofitting. edwards has yet to make that list. at uc berkeley, lee ann, abc 7 news. larry is here with sports. more kd talk. >> we never get tired of talking kevin durant. can't wait to see him play. working on his play but nothing to do with the wavr war yovrments kd and friends ready to do with the wavr war yovrments kd and friends ready for a trip to rio sports
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coming up tonight at 11:00. milania trump takes the stage at republican national convention but tonight there is a fire storm over possible plagiarism. plus blocking lanes and spinning do nuts. highway patrol tells uses dangerous stunts like these
9:54 pm
happening more often now on bay area roadway. join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. . >> man with entrance music. >> let me screws say before i get started. kristen z has this in one hand and hot tea. playing hurt to get through. >> just like the warriors. >> save your voice. save your voice next few minutes. all right. getting ready for the olympic. team usa gather in las vegas for practice. first time three warriors on the squadág. thompson, green and kd and durañ/ ; asked again today about the decision to joi7]i warriors. russell west brook among others not all that happy about it but dñ for w days because he knew so many okc fans upset with him. for now he is focusing on blended in with new teams warriors but team usa as they prepare for rio. feels good.
9:55 pm
tell it was good. good to get back out in team setting3 >> i love coming to lay for the usa basketball because every experience i have with them i have gotten better. i have been playing with them since i was 19. being around even the select team seeing the young guys out here work something cool. motivating. now out here with my team mates and one more go around. it's fun. really dream come true. >> when you have mutual respect for each other it's easy to get together and bond especially when you compete against all these guys. just a matter of you getting in front of them. and i have had guys i didn't know in 2012 really good friends now but just having the mutual respect i think that make the friendship come together a little easier. >> timberwolves and bulls summer league championship in vegas. valentine scored 5 points but
9:56 pm
he hate 3 to tie the game seconds left in overtime. spin move. at the buzzer. the fade. goodbye game over drive home safely. valentine's night as bull win the summer league title 84-82. grave man acquired by the a's in the now infamous and dreaded donaldson trade. started to pitch like the guy a's were hoping for on 4 game winning streak. check out this cute little gir girl. she's already land add few souvenir. hat. payable. having a good time. 1 nothing astros in the second. the double to the gap in left center. marcus comes around to score and we are tied at 1. top 4. gomez. tapper. off of graveman here and the number a healey throw off line gets away. carlos scores. 2-1 astros. very solemn. 7 innings. allow two runs. at it again this one just sneak through the middle.
9:57 pm
the score. he will shimy shake. next batter. healey just up from triple a. and he can hit. the start mike fire from the game not much relieve from the astros. michael walks 4 straight guys including reddick and valencia with base loaded. score 5 in the inning then frustration boiling over in the dug out as gomez get you want a piece of me you want me is that what you said. right now 7-4 a's they are in the eighth. bank of the westin is in classic began today at stanford big name in the field is venus williams shaend begins play on wednesday. tonight action down on the farm featuring two former stanford athletes nicole gibbs and carol sou. gibbs top player at stanford. took the first set. throughout the second and fired up after win thanksgiving rally right here. gibbs on match point.
9:58 pm
the with the serve. the return. but can't handle the gibbs back hand. a winner in 3 sets. curry decided to sit out rio but cleibx could not pass up the opportunity to avenge the 3 point contest loss to his fellow brother thompson. this time the dual a little bit different. nickolodean kids choice sports award over the weekend. 3 point shoot out with the gigantic basketball and gallons y2ñev slime that would plunge dn on the kid after made shots. it's pretty funny stuff. the kids left thoroughly slimed. steph won that one. 18 inning game this kid stole the shovlt little sparky. a had the of emotion sadness and jubilation. and it ended in 18 innings in a two-1 pirate win.
9:59 pm
7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> so much better. thank jew so i'm the saying for all of us here thanks so much for watching. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile device with our 7 news app have a good night of course we'll see you at 11:00 over on app have a good night of course we'll see you at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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