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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 19, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. throw+7 donald $quu over thevs p in the delegate countq; tonight >>reporter: donald trump his dado. 13 months after announcing he was running for president.
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donald trump is the republican> nominee for presidejv. good evening. thanks for joins. i'm kristen z. dan and ashley are off. a6vq) handing trump the nomination the republicans focus on unifying the party. two of trump children address the convention along with two former rival and most power fl republican/ú lead intercongress. marsy is at the convention hall in cleveland. >> good evening t.after the controversy surrounding the speech last night of me landia tonight the trump family tried to give a glimpse into the personal side of the man who today got the official nod from his party. >> 172 votes. >> state by state. 58. >> 54 delegates. >> they cast their vote. >> it is my honest to be able to throw donald trump over the top. >> donald trump getting beyond the 1237 delegates needed.
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>> congratulations dad we love you. >> trump on video on the second night of the national convention. >> today has been a very, very special day. watching my children put me over the to. but on stage two of his children tiffany trump. >> donald trump has never done anything halfway. least of all as a parent. >> donald trump junior. >> for my father impossible is just the starting point. that's how we approach the business project. that's how we approach his lif life. >>reporter: with large crowds protesting outside. >> whole system inside house speaker paul ryan and two of trump former rival focus on bringing unity to the republican party. >> let's take our fight to our opponent with better ideas. let's get on the offensive and let's stay there. >> i'm proud to support donald trump. extraordinary businessman.y theuc 
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and make sure thatlç donald trup is they next president of the mike pence officially became the party vice-presidential!q nominee. heçj will give the key note speech here tomorrow night. in clevelandoe abc 7 news. >> thanks. republican national convention reconvene tomorrow and you can see every night of it right after 7 news at 6:00 all starts at 7:00 over on channel 7. hollywood power house has died. tributeégouring in for director writer producer actor gary marshall. invm the 1970's it was nearly impossible to watch tv without seeing one of his shows. he created the sitcom happy days. odd kim la verne and shirley morning and mindy he directed pretty woman and princess diar diary. marshall 81 years old. today abc 7 news was the first to report on death threat
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against the man currently leading the san francisco police department. 7 news reporter tweeted the news immediately. 60-year-old suspect lives on the 2600 block of ortega city sunset district. arrested lahy night charged withzñ hate crime and makin/÷ñ threats tgkáhe chiefzl. >> made aware ofeo threats to"! acting>b chief chaplain. so we are still interviews ande language/8$cúéfq(ithet that sorf nature. ives next doorg to8 donald hogan arrested last2 height for making threats?n against2j interim:u chief tony another white extremist is vocal about it.
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'qu)áréñ remark and there is#2 no free ride.%->> hogany posted the thrn t8h'internetv?÷ t8h'internetu0to it a picture m chief.iz police shootings in dallas and baton rouge. >> we take these things seriously. always worried about and particularly more these days. >> mayor lee declined to comment on the arrest but said this. >> just no he that we are read ready. we are always concerned. we are doing what we can to make sure people are safe. >> hogan reportedly has no previous criminal record. 7 news. >> the police asking for help solving a set of cold cases span iinging a three-year period. they could be connected. chris winn spoke with detectives about the case today. >> in east san jose rest didn't in the district here are stunned after the death of one of their own. p.o.w. p.o.w. pow! i knew it
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wasn't fireworks. >> last month 26-year-old his car yards away from his family home. unidentified suspect seen driving away in black lexus sedan. neighbor rodgers still can't get the sound of gunfire out of his head. >> we don't know what happened p.i don't know if he was just could have been me that pulled down there and got blocked in. >>reporter: this case could be connected to three others over the past three years. new video from san jose police show as different deadly shooting that happened in8g marh at the cafe on actualyr;áy 43-year-old brian lee inside when shot. his killer also haven't been 41-year-old man]] was gunned dn in5? december of 2014 outside t golden king cafeçu on al1-jti avenue. you canç; see this video inih sw motion justiç moment before th< suspect pulled the trigger. ÷u':deç back to april 2013u. 37-year-old:4 tran was shot tov[ death on center÷ road outside audio business that d3-@led as police say all 4 victims were
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to frequent the asian cafe whi over the years have been cited forq violent illegal gambling or prostitution. cafe also connected to vietnamese street gang. >> whether or not the particular case6ps were a gang activity that was planned we don't know but we are definitely looking at that as a possibility. that could help investigaéjuáe-l police.÷-q (r)is winn abc 7 new. charges today in a vicious stabbing attack.&ñ charges today in a vicious stabbing attack.&ñ 23-year-oldí poet onwv june 27. police say hart stabbedáj÷ñ outside ofm; building on riley street. hartw also accused of stabbnbig attac hjrjju)qex gore two dayssy later in the thedqju here.ngr[; red cross beggingu; for donatin asb rising concern for zik1y virusx, as who can be a do nort.
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h?+ital across the@%untry. every summer astdonors go onç@g no. 1qpá*r&ling donorssf turned down is4÷low iron level in the;l blood. >> travel dematerial so people travel where there is malaria but zika the latest one in our blood supply. >> zika means travel to many thousands central american country along with mexico and many caribbean island are wee weeding out more donor who have to wait 28 days after returning to donate. but concord base technology company ready to eradicate zika from the blood supply chain. >> basically the technology kills zika and blues transfusion and so this technology was actually deploy entered tahiti about two years ago and basically safe guarded the blood supply during the initial outbreak of zika before
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it got to brazil. >>reporter: using uva light the device zap virus and bacteria in blood at the national institute for health and puerto rico. red cross in california is ready to roll out the sterile device laterfc this year. but it won't address the look of blood happening right now.t >> what is helping northern confidential through this shortageuñ are inter-faith community blood drive every july successfully help fill the void. that and the goodwill of individual donors. >> this is first time i'm donating blood. >> each donation can help to save up to three lives. >>reporter: new app means donation ends up. i'm leslie abc 7 news. >> the american red cross will hold a blood drive tomorrow in san francisco from noon to see to 6 people goñid to the yard to donate. located at third street and the terri boulevard not far from at the time park here.
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much more on this tuesday night coming up. >> we were trying to delay a bad day. >> they lived and they saved lives. california hero now taking on a new roll. >> price hike for people who use covered california for the health care insurance. sandhya here with the weather. >> yes. we have been getting a nice break from the heat with beautiful pictures like this. but not for long. let you know when it gets hot around the bay area and how long it lasts coming up. >> and community that just long it lasts coming up. >> and community that just voted to ban styrofoam cup and
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>> german authorities say the teenager atakes from islamic extremeism. this city.s 5 people 2g÷ critically. police:z shot and killed the atta7ber. he first time we have seen a terror attack on train. this augusd;rp)k 1 yeaç@ since three sacramentofp area.a men stopped an attack on paris with one of the men today to latest terror attack and soon to be releasedau book.
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trio disarmed% a gun man.:) >> literallyg> walk on the train an. 17-year-old injured 5 peoplem]m wielding an3y ax and#.jájt police shot an kil,éf thegcñg t. hefy leftvm france prior to a0? terrorist mowingu down people weekob in)zs nice.h fight it'sy crazy just keeps happening. to random people. >> they have now co-author a soon to be released book along with stern. >> book documents the journey
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before during and after that fateful day on august 21. >> we kind of all entered the story at different times. so we kind of see from it different ways. each trying to correct each othe section like no this didn't happen like that or tha that. >> studio even expressed interest in turning the book into a movie. he and his friend sent this autograph copy to clint eastwood hoping he will direct. as for who will play sadler on the big screen. >> i told everybody will smith because he's kind of old now so he will probably decline but jordan is a good young actor so i wouldn't mind. >> maybefx even before sadler turns 25. if sacramento[m, melanie abc 7 news'. >> two earthquake rattle the holster area this afternoon. first quake hit after 2:30. that one measured 4.2. second quake 10 minutes later 2.9. there were a cluster of quake in that area just yesterday. california obama care premium
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jump more than 13 percent on afternoon next year. increase announced today byw0$e cover california exchange ends the state two year respite from double digit rate hike. officials say consumer can limit the i hope crease by choosing one of the lower cost plans which are set to go up by >> soon see a lot less styrofoam like cup and containers in san francisco. today supervisor gave final approve to ban the sale of product made from$é non-recyclable material. that includes coolers and packing peanut. ban go into effect january 1st. the company are considering a lawsuit saying measure can't stop foam wrapped goods from being shipped into the city. >> right now the full accu-weather forecast rather cool. see fit continues. what do you think. >> i think a couple more more difficulties then we get out of this pattern and we heat things up for those who really like it. hot around here but don't worry we always have a place to go in the summer that's not so hot. show that to you in a moment.
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live doppler 7hd indicating really clear skies across the entire bay area. low cloud fog have not returned yet even places like half machine bay reporting 10 miles visibility one of the reasons we have the gusty wind right now keeping the atmosphere the to 31 miles an hour at sfo. here's live look from the cas the bay visibi,(y good frombv this vantage point. temperatures in the'[ upper 50's aroundñg san francisco. half moon? bay. oak lq z. san jose.39 low mih5 60's still pretty mild. look at the beautiful view of the moon as we look from our sutro tower cam are. in san francisco. 63 right now in santa rosa. novato and currently 6263 livermore and equal spectacular shot. looking across the bay towards the east bay san francisco and the bay bridge there. areas of low cloud overnight tonightoñj#v t.below afternoon o more day and heats up6e inland y &kend. we have to wait ap÷ few days -)(q#ore the heat arrives but yu
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thånext couple days. tomorrow morning sgt out with 'w to upper  get fen you zerrj morning as [-v recall there werery some 80's of drizzle í morrow morningbs we expect limited/2 low clouds andvy fog o start offna your day but it is cool÷í like this morningy,. then here's?e the hour by hour6 look at the time line cloudñn around between 5 and 8:00 m..m % the latter part of the morning. sunny except for the coast line into the afternoon as well. item a mild afternoon. breezy at the coast. once again here are the high for your wednesday. safety bay. 85 gilroy. 78 san jose. 75 sunnyvale. mig peter. santa cruz on the peninsula nice mild day 69 iná san mateo o. ay mid 70's redwood city.
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68 berkeley. 69 oakland. 74 fremont. inland spots nice mild 83 in fairfield. 82 livermore. 80 san ramone. 84 antioching so a lot like today. but that all changes on saturday heat up inland. start to see the 90's even some 100. 60's at the coast on sunday we go with the hottest difficult of the weanú+jth the triple digit inland and as we head to monday we #h3uz the summer spread with the 60's at the beaches. 90's and possibly 100 free readinggt. well inland in places like antioch. 7 day forecast. low 60's. to mid 80's for couple of days so the continuation of the cooler than normal pattern but it warms@u up friday. we crank the heat saturday sunday inland areas will be feeling itt< t.word of caution just watch out heat alert for  inland yaivrments you mid 60's coast triple digit inland(b at heat hangshl-ound fr the start of the@mork week but 6xe0get a little work out.namigt
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>> that's right. >> thank you sandhya. >> still to come on 7 news at sp%or craneeó collapse across x sp%or craneeó collapse across x lanes of highway on the east
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investigation now under way into what caused a construction crane to collapse on the bridge here which connects new york and new jersey. crane fell across all lanes of the span around noon. local time shutting down traffic and trapping drivers for hours. amazingly no cars were hit 5 people suffered minor injuries. officials say the crane was sitting on the deck of the new bridge which is under construction. bridge about 30 miles north of manhattan. >> over sea massive effort to move 500 wild elephant. no
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doubt a big task.!n the telegraph britain release video of massive effort relocating the large animal to wild life reserve here. animal are see dated. check by vest and fitd with tracking collar before krau hoist them on truck using a huge crane/. key to successfully moving them is keeping the elephant family together and moving them as a group. >> if fan of abc shows like we are down load the abc app. it's a great way to watch abc programs like the bachelorette qse0and of course abc 7 news any time on the phone or tablet. app now has more choiceshd for binge watching including throw back show like ugly betty. seasons of show are] a tap away. the app hasm" original digital series. app store and google play.o3ñ some feature req5'$e having cable ora satellite. >> u,3next we have more from the republicanrñ national convention.
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where donald trump ñ has been nominated.%÷ you hear from california delegates insidemd the convention. then this. >> that just shows theen experience of the donald trump campaign. >> also the 15 minute speech by me landia trump whole lot more than 50 seconds of fame. what junior is saying abou7r the controversy. >> massive pokemon go event in san francisco t.police telling participant another half hour i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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of speculation about akf split party it's offiús(s. donald trump is now tgg donald trump is now tgg p0p. played out with rob call on the convention floor in- clevelandnix(. laurajo was on thecfloor withsp
9:29 pm
california delegationñú. >> 100 percent. >>reporter: sokbegan the ficial nomination of donald j trump as republican nominee for president. california front and center led the way with all 172 delegate votes going to)n trump' >> danville john watched the process as alternate delegate. >> we don't see the divisiveness except from other delegation. washington. virginia. utah. a little bit from texas is where we see most of this. >>reporter: money time a small norovirus outbreak at the california del gaiingts headquarters. the resort about an hour from cleveland. >>op we'll contact the health department if anybody comes down ill and everybody is using the hand sanitizer. >>reporter: at the arena a new
9:30 pm
array of speakers on tap for tonight. paul ryan chris and two of trump children including donald junior who spoke with abc 7 news this morning. we are takinf americans put thring need first and not catering to the feelings off of those country who love us wiped off the face of the earth. >>reporter: theme of tonight session make america work again. emphasis on what a trump administration would do for the economy. in cleveland, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> evenw[ though the convention has moved on many correspondent stop talking about the speech miss trump gave last night that speech obama gave 8 years ago. 2 side by side here. >> you work hard for what you want in life. want in life. >> that your word its your bond. you do what you say you are going to do. that your word is
9:31 pm
your bond. and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> trump campaign has denied that melania copied michelle. sergio has more. >>reporter: when you compare me lapia trump speech to what michelle said in two hear theo1 similarities. >> onlyfh limit the height of0h your achievement. willingness to workxt hard for them. section and it sparkedfv anmx with meansmm and hash-tag pillardy the otential first lady and humoristu)us(ed in. poork black child in thec- south side off# chicago shegz left that out. >>reporter: but not everyone istj laughing. house minority sqfp)q),5 pelos> said the trumpo campaign has p)etary aúe/8t$jt(sp. >> derogatoryz, termsee about[t president/) and the nexta& democratic president to then
9:32 pm
say i don't believe if what they believe in. but i'm going use their word in my speech. something with that. >> the speech has become one of the only things any one has been talking about. >> the first rule of conflict management in colonel politic when off problem admit it and move on. and then refuse to do that. >>reporter: donald trump junior avoided most questions about last nigh4%u(r' event. >> what is your reaction of melania's spichlt he said no need to apologize. accusations of plagiarism and political speeches not new n.1988 then senator biden was accused of lift ago pass garage a speech delivered months earlier by a british politicia politician. he ended that run for9. president. sergio, abc 7 news. >> as you saw donald trump ol oldest son donned junior addressed convention in. the david abc news anchor kawpt with him early dwror ask him about the speech last night. i
9:33 pm
know that you have now seen the comparisons side by side. trump speech next to obama speech. >> i have been a little bit busy but some of it. i have seen snippet. >> what do you make of the striking similarities. >> i don't think there was anything in there that the novel in terms of those particular lines. when she talked about immigration talked about her son and having gone through the process legally. to me that was the stuff much more strike. >> you weren't bothered. >> i saw pretty common word in there. there was no novel thought in. v that of course when you work & something like honestly what i more concerned about7r what i was more proudy of herr about ws to be able6 to get on the stage having never done this beforeo and be able to  deliver a speec" with that much confidenceje and emotion for>y me 90 percent of this is about theot delivery. >>reporter: people think thef4 delivery was0a spot on but sheap did saypó in an interview she wrote the speech. >> she wrote as muchv as she wobl could. for speech of this magnitude to say that you are not going to have speech writers. i have.p a hard time doing thati
9:34 pm
speak daily right. it's very different. >>reporter: some junior says he doesn't believe michelle deserves an apology from the campaign. presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton campaign entered las vegas and offered her own opinion how the republican run the until campaign. >> they had eight hours of speeches yesterday[r they spent most of their time attacking me and president obama t.rather than making any kind of argument about the future we want to build for our country. we can do a lot better than that. >>#d clinton hinted today that her decision on a running mate could come this friday although she back away from the time table. >> reñieet so far during theunue .
9:35 pm
clinton said republican have a lotl% of nice things toc say whn year. thanks mayor she was referring to 2010 quote from the new york city mayor saying about clinton i think she's doing a good job. i have tremendous respect for her. >> democratic national ention starts next week in philadelphia. our news crew will travel there after spending the week in cleland for the republican convention. we provide life reports in the morning and you can watch laura live every evening with an update? on. carjacking suspect when he jumped on to the bus. after police say he tried to wrestle away an officer's gun. tom we have the dramatic image images. >> tonight the terrifying video just released showing intense authorities] say last month incidentxñ startedq] when migua
9:36 pm
trying to save÷ the passengers2 bus driver johnu2 mobile pulled& over. >>:g people scurryfa off includg two women pushing baby strol strollers. drawn=the driver still[s inside. >>o( man tries to throwyi the fe átáh#or the s gun. shots firedak. nearly%l hitting
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city leaders in san francisco today dedicated new mexican museum. there were word for those who don't value the contribution made by mexican americans. 7 news reporter has more. dozens came out to see where the largest mexican museum in the united states will be located. on mission street in the gardens art district. it will have 60,000 square feet of space to hold the largest collection of mexican chicano latin american art in this country. it will also have an interactive children museum. >> this is very important. second and third generation of latino children. chicano children. mexican children. know very little about their history. >> new museum business 9 times
9:41 pm
the size of the current mexican museum located at fort mason which is not able to display its entire collection of 17,000 pieces. the cost, 59 million dollars. house minority leader nancy pelosi among those attending the dedication ceremonies'a to ñ today. >> we are herpdu"u(vv to honor the culture"e of the latinoqñ3d in doing sode recogniz that the beautyç is in the mix.?: >> mexicoyn secretaryhl!ew in fa the event. >> mexicoyn secretaryhl!ew in fa the event. >> no matter what;b challenge- united states/g might face thefy mexican-american community will always be part of a solution. >> museum creator peter rodriguez educates died few weeks ago. he was 90 years old. the museum will officially open in the spring of 2000 -- 2019. in san francisco, lee ann 7 abc 7 news. >> so what would you do if you won 1 million dollars. usually retor cal question.
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next week what winners of multi-million dollar jackpot chose to do right away and what they waited on. chose to do right away and what they waited on. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. sfx: turbines revving up, you hear that?er a louder that's the sound of our summer sale firing up its engines with fares as low as $69 dollars one-way. so get ready to take off... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day!
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book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding better(i late than never. winnerg] of the largestlr lottey prices iner california lotto history have finally comex forward.ña& couple with one of the 3 big winners in the power ball jack pot worthnñ 1.6 bill dollars. reporter,z has more. >> in this quiet eastville neighborhood there was a big secret no one here knew about. couple in this house/t were holding the ticket to the largestd÷ jack pot in california lottery history. >> really nice people f.they
9:46 pm
won the lottery good for them right. that's a straight blessing. >> they stayed quiet about for 6 months. neighbors say that's when they moved in to the neighborhood with their children. >> they hit it pretty well. haven't mentioned it to us and i guess i wouldn't mention it to anybody either if i won. >> the couple bought the ticket at this 7-11 back in january. but waited until this past friday to collect their portion of the nearly 1.6 billion dollars. they took the lump sum option and will receive 3 27 million dollars before taxes. at the 7-11 it's still a hot topic of conversation. >> absolutely do the same thin thing. rather than have a whole bunch people come after it. the prize though. >>nm no.  too exciting@t. way6 too exciting. >>uú california lottery require littleg else.
9:47 pm
they readik this statement we have committedmñ nearly all of the new resource to a trust and to charity. it's not our intention to become public figures. outside the eastville home it's not likely they are answering any of these fliers. neighbors say they moved out this past weekend. >> as to why the couple waited so long before stepping forward the couple said in a statement they wanted to assemble legal financial team to help them with the new found fortune. reporting in chino hill, abc 7 news. >> hundreds of pokemon go fan expected in san francisco wednesday night event organized on facebook called pokemon go crawl. make it thousands. 8,000 people have already signed up we checked 4. another 29,000 people say they are interested. players have been told they can meet up at dolores park and agent embarcadero starting at 6:00 o'clock. san francisco
9:48 pm
chronicle reporting that police will boost the press tones make sure things go smoothly. release a list of safety tips that include the advice to avoid bumping into things like parking meters and trees. one last check of the weather should be nice for the pokemon crawl tomorrow sandhya. it definitely will be kristen. let's live doppler 7hd talk@t about why right now skies are pretty clear. low cloud and fog will come back towards morning and speaki some fogll around monterey if traveling. 64 degrees. 80 in tahoe. down south los angeles 85 in the desert it will be hot. no heat here. we are looking at breezy day tomorrow afternoon with low cloud at the coast. temperatures in the 60's inland areas low to mid 80's so mild. definitely below average for this time of year and the cooler than average will continue as we look at santa rosa for few more days afternoon high of 83 but not long over "o starts to haipt. quickly show you the tropic=k. if you haápeel plans we storms5/ in the-%dmu((r#ic.
9:49 pm
continu$sju)jt>é west ward. both weakening.f% the only one of;sy concern is hy around 5:00 p.m. ;u could bring someq# high surf ad some heavy rain so1r if travelig your family for the summertime(h just keep it in mind.;a accu-weather 7 day forecast low 60's to mid 80's next few days. warm it up for you then the temperatures will really go up at least inland. hot upper 90's throw 100 inland then 60's coast side. chris continue. all right that is hos hot compare toyvl what we have been having. >>] twitter increasing the sports presence. signed a 1 year deal. deal with the nba to streamh? original programming created just for the san francisco social media company. twitter show a live stream of new weekly pre-game nba show in another yet to be announced show ahead of the new season. partnership doesn't include digital rights$wm stream actual
9:50 pm
games. speaking of gyms. larry with previewpñ of sports. >>
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. easing xhirt congestion in one of the bay area biggest traffic trouble spots. busy freeway that could soon be home pay to play express lane. join us for 7 newsv at 11:00 over on channel 7. right now larry with sports. come on i only want to hear good things when it comes to my giant. >> well, then, i will be silent the next three or four minute. do you ever think you are going to get me to play pokemon go. >> yes. no. and with that we bring you giant highlights. jake helped boston win the world series in 2013.
9:54 pm
tonight back at fenway park as the enemy with the giants. the rob throwing out the first pitch. he's everywhere. no score bottom of the third. the launching a pl offering. at the bullpen and 1 nothing red sox. next inning. nd farewell to the< . 'o homer.i> and 23rd of the yearógñ 4 nothing red soxsu and look ou next batter ramirez'd. hit him in the right arm hip with come backer. makes a play stayed in the game. 6 innings but the twor home runs. in the seventh still 4 nothing uqq'.s o2é inning ending double play and in the 9th crawford. streak out to end it giants have lost 4 straight. 4 nothing is your final score. start with action in the crowd
9:55 pm
not a good idea to turn your back on the game. spanked by a foul ball. that need some ice good things he's the ice cream vendor. top of the third. start an single to center. that's 1 nothing astros. top 4. line shot.  chris davis. laying out for the catch. beautiful. next batter. the bat flip out of the hands of jake. almost hit the a owner wolf seated down there. just miss a little girl as wel well. top of the fifth. still one nothing until springer muscles up. 21st 2 zip as trochlts coming back in the seventh. new kid brian healey 2bs runxm double off reliever ken giles look at jake. almost passing butler. as they cross the plate to make it a 3-2 game that's where we are right now. in the eighth. astrosuw clinging to a 3-2 lead. now before the game theed sugar fund of root beer float day at
9:56 pm
the coliseum. this event through the years has raised over 400,000 dollars and you can add another 38,000 as a result of tonight's events and this event has extra meaning to those close to the a's. >> this one pegsally my daughter is type 1 diabetic and diagnose at 14 so certainly we do all we can for this event. >> it gives a sense of community. a chance to advocate and really educate people as well and just bring people together who struggle with type 1 diabetes. >> always a goal to not let me to not achieve i want to achieve. that's the message for other diabetic kid. >> on to basketball. resuming practice today. till at the center of everything especially after he told the globe he was kind of tempted to join the celtics after brady personally arrived to pitch him oncoming to boston. fortunately he realized brady
9:57 pm
can't help the celtic win and join the dub. second state day had a chance to get familiar with the teammate. warriors and team usa. practice squad with green and against thompson in the actual jim annual. team usa take on china next week at oracle arena. july 26. first gym at oracle as member of warriors. as for green he's enjoying the entire experience. >> you look at over all time in the usa to be one of the 12 guys to go and represent our country an play for olympic gold medal item special. many it's great. i wouldn't change anything about that journeyhyúf. it's special. it makes everything feel more special. >> for the first time in tiger woods career will miss four consecutive major. it's really clear at this point
9:58 pm
his best days as pro golfer are way behind him. who knows if he will ever win again never mind a major. former stanford star announce he's pulling the plug on the rest of the season. shut it down. not participate in the pga championship that begins july 28 in new jersey. woods is in con isn't rehab either his back or his knee. he's undergone threewr back procedures since the . year 201. former 49ers head coach harbaugh never shying away from the spotlight. once started episode of saved by the bell. he appeared in judge juddy's courtroom now the coach is moving into the music industry. lending his vocal to new song by a rapper named bailey. >> i have a question t.
9:59 pm
>> a feeling ohio state might beg to differ michigan has it better than them abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> thanks for all of us here at abc 7 news at 9:00 thanks for watching. see you over at 11 on channel watching. see you over at 11 on channel 7.
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