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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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next on abc news at 11:00, trump tweets. the gop response to ted cruz after an uproar at the republican national convention. >> and pokemon and pints? the pub crawl bringing out thousands. abc news at 11:00 starts right now. >> live from the kgotv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> god bless the united states of america. >> now at 11:00, ted cruz shouted down. the texas senator refuses to endorse donald trump at the republican convention and he gets booed off the stage by angry delegates. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. all of the gop candidates for president pledged to support the republican nominee for president during the primaries. >> but tonight cruz refused
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instead saying vote your let's get to abc7 news reporter laura anthony who is live in the republican national convention in cleveland. laura? >> larry, this was a highly anticipated speech. ted cruz walked out here to the arena with a standing ovation. when he left though, the mood here was much different. >> unlike hillary clinton, donald trump is committed to cut taxes. >> in hindsight it may have been better to go the marco rubio route to appear by video. >> stand and speak and vote your conscience and vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust. >> cruz stood before a party who has now nominated donald trump and refused to endorse the candidate, even if the face of a loud chorus of chants and booze. boos. >> we will defend freedom and
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be faithful to the constitution. >> in the end cruz was being booed off the stage. >> god bless the united states of america. just as donald trump walked into the arena. at the same time cruz's wife, heidi, had to be escorted out due to verbal threats. >> honestly if he wants the trump supporters for a future run, that wasn't the riiht way to get them. >> he signed a pledge and his word isn't worth much. i think his career is over. >> i am deeply humbled by your confidence. >> for his part, vice presidential nominee mike pence did what he was supposed to do, attack hillary clinton and make a passionate case for donald trump. >> when we elect donald trump as president of the united states we will make america great again . >> donald trump joined mike
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pence on the stage. this is the third night in a row we have seen trump in one form or another. tonight he is expected to finally and formally give his acceptance speech. in cleveland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> it is all leading up to that. thank you. donald trump responded to ted cruz on twitter. he said, quote, wow, ted cruz got booed off the stage. didn't honor the pledge. i saw his speech a few hours earlier and let him speak anyway. no big deal. >> trump did an exclusive interview with abc news and talked about the controversy over his wife's convention speech. >> he explains why he didn't accept the resignation of the woman who is responsible. she committed a letter of resignation today saying she inadd ver at the present timely timely -- inadvertently left portions of mrs. obama's speech in the draft. he praised her for accepting
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responsibility. >> if she hadn't been with me for a longtime and she is a terrific person. she just made a mistake. >> she is a san jose native and a registered democrat. you can count on abc7 news for continuing coverage of the republican national convention, laura anthony and morning news anchor who will stay in cleveland for the final day tomorrow, and then they will be at the democratic convention next week. watch your voice, your vote after the abc7 news at 6:00. "black lives mart" protesters are chained to police headquarters. alyssa harrington tells us why they want the city to cut funding to the police department. >> protesters chained themselves to the doors of the oakland police officers association. one demonstrator
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said it symbolizes how the community feels. >> we are physically chained as well as metaphor rickly trying to find job and the continual racism we face just being black as well as trying to find housing jay they shutdown the credit union posting signs that say black lives matter. they want the city to stop funding the police department and instead use the money to invest in black futures. >> the oakland budget is drastically awaiting funding from the police department. >> we want the funds to go to the black community. go to mental health services. what is happening is a lot of black people have been displaced. >> protesters say they plan to stay throughout the night. in oakland, alyssa harrington abc7 news. >> to the developing news, a tanker truck caused big trouble on the richmond san rafael bridge. this is a live look from the
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richmond bridge camera and traffic is moving. earlier tonight it was a mess. here is why. the tanker truck overturned. they posted this video on instagram. it happened in the eastbound lanes just about midspan. for several hours the chp recommended they use highway 37 as a detour. new tonight bart service is back to normal after the trans bay tube was shutdown because of a pick up truck on the tracks. bart officials say it crashed between the west oakland and 12th street bart stations. this was around 7:45. thankfully a train spotted the pick up and was able to stop in time. trans bay service was shutdown as they worked to clear the truck off the tracks. >> the bart is not running and this is what you use every day. this is something you lean on. when it stops running it stops a lot of things you have to do
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afterwards. >> the driver was arrested for suspected it dui. >> southwest airlines slashed the number of flights as it tries to recover from a massive computer glitch. it lead to the cancellation or delay of 700 flights nationwide. abc7 news was at the oakland airport where just tonight eight more flights were canceled. the airline says the systems are gradually coming back on-line and they hope to return to normal operations tomorrow. a grassfire forced the chp to shutdown in solano county in the middle of the evening commute. the fire was never that big, but it was up against the freeway and blowing smoke over the road making it dangerous for drivers to get through. the highway was shutdown for more than half an hour. the chp gradually opened lanes as the smoke and flames cleared. new at 11:00, people who love playing pokemon go, credits 10, decided to go by the thousands in san francisco. >> oh please. you went out to get a taste
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for yourself. >> i wanted to see what it was all about. >> what started as a facebook invite to one woman's friends has turned into a massive pokemon go pub crawl. katie is live on the embarcadero. katie? >> hi, kristen and larry. this is just one place where the players were invited to meet up and there are a handful of people out here. the other spot was dolores park. thousands of people with their face in their phones with food, clothes. >> that's how you know they were not just a bunch of people standing around checking their e-mails. >> i was hunting down my egg that hatched. >> hundreds of people chose to start their pokemon go pub crawl. >> i was telling one of my co-workers i am going to the crawl in san francisco. they said you're crazy. i said you're crazy. >> the park is where we found the woman who innocently posted the invite on facebook. >> i woke up the next day at
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like 8:00 and there was like 500 people going. by the end of the day it was 2,000 and today it is 9,000. >> he wouldn't have missed. it he loves pokemon so much he has a tattoo. >> some people asked me is this new? is this temporary? no i had it for years. >> when they captured all they could in the park off they went to search for more. this is one of several places offering discounts and prizes to people playing pea key money go. >> we cash dash pokemon go. >> we walked down the embarcadero and we are stopping here and charging our phones and getting something to eat. >> and making new friends thanks to an old game as a new spin. >> i played it as a game so i am reliving my childhood. >> i can see people get out and it is game and the real world. >> it is not all fun and games. one woman said her phone crashed an hour into the crawl. she enjoyed getting the
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exercise and walking around. for anyone who couldn't get around lift was offering discounted rides for anyone on the crawl. abc7 news. >> all right, katie, thank you. i won't be getting the tattoo. abc7 news at 11:00 continues. coming up, we have water whoas on the peninsula. he doesn't have enough water to go around. >> and the sky high bay area rents are coming down. what is making housing slightly more affordable tonight? >> and a powerball jackpot worth $361 million. find out if anybody matched all six winning numbers. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. warmer today and hotter for the weekend. we'll look at all of your temperatures coming up. >> first here is a look at what is coming up after abc news at 11:00. >> thanks, larry and kristen. here is what awaits you if you so desire it.
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>> all right. i still have it on.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all o tf bay area this is abc7 news. >> east palo alto is short on water. so much so the city council has officially put a stop to all new developments. >> as lilian kim reports, the push is on to find new sources of water for the peninsula city. >> 70 vacant acres in east palo alto must sit idle for now putting jobs, affordable housing and hopes and dreams on hold for at least two years. >> we don't have water. >> the east palo alto mayor says there are plenty of developers who want to build on much of the vacant property, but there simply isn't enough water to go
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around. >> this is the honest conversation we are having. instead of us continuing to take in applications for projects we had to put a stop on it. >> it has nothing to do with the drought and the city's water whoas can betrayed back to 1984. >> that's when they entered a contract with the san francisco public utilities commission. east palo alto is a newly incorporated city and failed to negotiate a good deal. now the city is doing what they can. they are looking to enter a new deal with the sfpuc and drill foreground water. >> i feel optimistic that it will give us a push to get to that point in a couple years, two or three years where we will have water. >> schools founded by mark zuckerburg and pricilla chan will help identify new sources of water. it is one of several projects hoping to make east palo alto
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its permanent home. lilian kim, abc7 news. a small sign of hope for apartment hunters in san francisco. vacancies are up and rents are down. a lot of new construction and high end apartments are competing for tenants now. those in the business say what we are seeing is a correction for super high rents. >> i am actually finding it is fairly comparable with the market i found in new york. >> the san francisco apartment association says the largest represent drop is on the high end luxury units. >> palo alto-based tesla is out with a new master plan. ceoelan muck introduced plans for tesla transportation vehicles and trucks. they will look into the other company solar city for integrated solar storage.
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they hope a new tech hub will make tech more diverse and bring jobs to oakland. abc7 news was in uptown oakland as they opened their renovated office. the company helps fund start ups that increase opportunities for the communities of color. >> we are thrilled to be here in oakland opening our building after a long process and we are thrilled to be part of a revitalization of oakland that can have national significance. >> by next year the company will have invested $40 million into tech start ups that boost access to tech and business in minority communities. the powerball jackpot is now $390 million. that's because no one matched tonight's winning numbers of 6, 25, thert 5, 58, 66. larry, the numbers you did not pick. the powerball was five. nobody has won since may 7th and that's 21 drawings. once again saturday's jackpot
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is now $390 million. >> i will continue wearing make up every night. we are going to the weather here, and i just want to say earlier in the day somebody, not me, said sandhya patel was wearing her big bird dress. i don't want you people to repeat that. i prefer to think of her as bright as the sunshine. >> there you go. i was just dressing for the forecast. this upcoming weekend will be bright. call me big bird, call me bright, i don't know what you want to call me. it is getting warmer as we hit the weekend. live doppler 7hd is showing you the fog near the coast. it is not going to advance very far because the marine layer is only a thousand feet deep. the wind isn't strong enough to carry the fog layer into our inland valleys. here is why we have been cooler than average. there is a system off our coastline that has been spinning and keeping the temperatures from really rising too much. it was a little warmer today, but we are expecting it to heat up over the weekend.
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the temperatures are in the 50s and the 60s. antioch is reporting 72 degrees. a live look at the shallow fog layer from the emeryville camera. and here are the highlights. foggy for morning commute and much warmer for the weekend and we are expecting triple digit heat in the inland communities. get ready and brace yourselves. summer weather is returning. cooler spots tomorrow morning is in the north bay valleys. you will be in the upper 40s. it will be cool enough to where you need the extra layer. most other layers are in the 50s. the fog will be dense along the coast and even right near parts of the bay. that's where the visibility will below and your commute could take longer. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow you can see the fog footprint and then notice what will happen as we head toward the afternoon hours. most of the bay area will be enjoying the sunshine. if you are heading to santa cruz and if your kids are out of school for the summer and want to enjoy the rides and head to the beach here is a look at the forecast for tomorrow. temperature will be in the
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upper 50s to low 60s for the bay area beaches. santa cruz 74 and mostly sunny. extreme uv index so obviously you want to make sure you lather on the sunscreen if you are heading to the coast. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay 80 degrees in san jose and 88 gilroy and 75 in milpitas. on the peninsula mid70s redwood city and palo alto 72 and san mateo. breezy near the coast with some lingering low clouds. 58 pacifica and 61 in half moon bay. 59 in daly city. 64 downtown san francisco. north bay will be up in the mild category. low 80s for napa and santa rosa. vallejo and in the east bay 71 in oakland and 76 castro valley and fremont 75. inland areas will be warm just like today, but it only gets hotter as we head into the latter part of the workweek. 85 livermore and 88 in antioch. walnut creek and pleasanton. look at the temperature trend for livermore. the average high is 88 and tomorrow is a little below
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normal, but not for long. we bump you back up to where you should be for friday and then the heat really starts to build. you will be well above normal for the weekend and going into next week. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is a mild to warm one for your thursday. temperatures are rising for the end of the workweek. hot inland on sunday and tuesday. i will see the triple digits. in between you have the midto upper 90s in our inland areas and along the coastline in the 60s. i prefer the canary as opposed to the big bird. kristen and larry? >> bananarama, is that okay? >> which ever metaphor you want to go with. >> w
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nba point guard and palo
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alto native jeremy lin has a new look. he posted this photo to instagram before his first press conference as a member of the brooklyn nets today. he called this brooklyn braided. he has braids in his hair. it probably take awhile to do. >> he had the mow hawk for awhile. that was really hard to manage for awhile. >> new team, new hair do. >> that's it. since the allstar break the giants have given up 14 homers in five games. their trip to boston ended up with another loss and an
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> last time the giants beat the red sox at fenway park it was 91012. 1912. granted they only played a few
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series there. 104 years or so. the giants will not soon forget ramirez. how about jake peavy with a sneak attack on big papi. a big hug before the game, former teammates getting together. what will the giants do about matt cain. ramirez is happy to see him back. mac williamson is up and over and taking a tour of the bull pen at fenway. 2-run jack right there. in the third and ramirez again launching deep to center field. another two-run cloud and the red sox have an early lead too. williamson gets even here and crushes a three-run homer and two batters later and suddenly it is 8-5. the homer knocked pomeranz out. look at pena. the sliding basket catch and that was sweet.
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giants load the bases and nobody out and cannot score. he grounds into a double play and they reviewed it and you are still out. they failed to score after suarez beamed ramirez and happenedly beams back. his third two-run jack of the night and the giants lose their fifth in a row 11-7, red sox. giants are off to new york to play the yankees. nice day for a jog at the coliseum. still can't figure out he beats ricky in one of these races. a's going for a sweep. george springer off the wall and scores castro. astros take the lead. later in the inning and walks kor -- walks correa. the bases are loaded again. correa with a shallow pop up. can't get there. astros go on to win it and salvage the series finale. team usa continues practicing for the olympics


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