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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 21, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will to an end. >> after months of campaigning
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tonight donald trump makes the biggest speech of his campaign accepting the republican nomination'é and promising to restore law an order to the country if he is elected. good evening i'm dan. amma has the night off. trump spoke for hour and 15 minutes on the final night of the republican national convention. the longest acceptance speech at a convention since bill clinton in 1996. the. >>reporter: donald trump making it official. >> friends. delegates. and fellow americans. i humbly and greatfully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united state states. >>reporter: on the last night of the republican national convention the new g.o.p. /ú of the republican national convention the new g.o.p. /ú nominee wasting no time already looking beyond the general election.
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to an÷xw.b end.yx january 20th ofzf afety5n will be restoredvúa. >>reporter: after é days of drama. and controversy in this room, trump captivating the crowd of delegates asad he touched onyìcc course hillary clinton. >>+!ñ in 2009 pre-hilary isis ws not even on the map. more personalnl side trump introduced by his daughter ivanka. >> i have seen him fight for his family. i have seen him fight for his employees. i have seen him fight for his company and now i am seeing him fight for our country. >>reporter: now 13 months after launching his bid for the presidency, donald trump
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closing out the convention that officially put him on the ticket. abc news cleveland. >> there was a minute interruption by code pink protestor from the bay area. she had to be dragged away by security. the. donald trump also addressed the shooting death of kate steinly in san francisco by undocumented immigrant who had been deported 5 times. >> my opponent wants sanctuary cities. but where was d theéw shooter has pleaded not,o urder. case sparked&+ national debate over deportation, border
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tonight. he's one of 3 san francisco delegates he's also the first openly gay speaker to speak about his sexuality at the rnc. >> i am proud to be game. i am proud to be a republican. tishltion addressed north carolina controversial transgender bathroom law which trump has spoken out against. he said who cares. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton could announce her running mate aso1 early as to. during a stop at the swing state of florida. two sources tell the associated pretty that virginia senatortv cain is the leading contender but she hadn't made a final decision yet. >> dnc begins on monday and at that time list of speakers released. 10 from california including governor jerry brown. lieutenant governor house minority leader pelosi
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andat boxer. abc 7 news willmm have live coverage in philadelphia all next week as we did in cincinnati. reggie and news reporter laura covering the republican national convention that you will week. >> news happening in the bay area. we were first to report today on the arrest of a forme&& police officer for sexual assault. vic lee tweeted the news just before 11:00 o'clock this morning and he has the latest developments tonight. >>reporter: the allegations against her former officer shocked police chief susan man i'm. >> we are horrified. >>reporter: this is noah when profiled in the student newspaper at american river college in sacramento. winchester was campus cop until he transferred to the san mateo police department early last year. >> we would never hire any one were we aware of these serious allegations such as this. >>reporter: we broke the story in may when we learned that
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winchester who had by then resigned from&d the force was being investigated for rip and other sexual attacks while on duty. in the fall of last year a woman told burlingame police she had been attacked in her car by the officer here at coyote point recreation area. burlingame reported the attack to san mateo police. >> we immediately put the5mçñ officer onl÷ leave. protect the community4á >>reporter: while police referred the@ kaçe is to distt attorne8&investigators. victims. to 3 two othergg allegd da(fvestigators then found two other /é)q' who claim they too had been sexually assaulted by winchester while he was a college cop in 2013.i& district attorney steve wax describes how the suspect took" advantage of the 5 reported victims. >> while on duty he would make contact with women on the street. and would engage in various g1jjt.
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rape and taking them to is he concluded places. >>reporter: he was arrested this morning without incident near his know him stockton. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> as of half hour ago protestors calling for end to police violence has cleared out at oakland. skyxl 7 hd over oakland city hal earlier tonight. where dozens of children took partdx in the peaceful protest s part of a national day of protest. the demonstrators are also calling for the firing of oakland mayor shaft. lee ann has the story. >> the freedom now demonstration began this afternoon with dozens calling for an end to police violence. protestors had chained themselves to the doors of the oakland police department and supported black lives matter organization. yesterday tim of asian for black lives was among a handful of protestors who did the same outside the offices of the police union. >> if we all truly want to be
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free as human beings then black folk need to be free from this kind of persecution kind of danger. >>reporter: this morning he and other protestors showed up at oakland city hall with demands that include defunding the police department and diverting that money to pay for needed programs. >> what looks like is program for our youth. what that looks like is job for our people. >>reporter: they also want the mayor to resign. >> we are sick and tired of the brutal of black and brown body under the regime of shaft. >>reporter: she won't go. >> i share their passion to reform our police department. >>reporter: protestors also highlighted the recent miami incident where an unarmed health care worker shot lying down by police as he tried to help a client with autism. >> he was black. he is black. thank god he's still alive to tell his story. >>reporter: other city in the country are also taking part in a day of action. in oakland, abc 7 news.
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>> 7 news asked mayor shaft about the search for new police chief in oakland. >> the search as informally begun but we have not formally launched the job description. that is something that has to be really co-created with the community. that process is really important to me. >>reporter: series of embarrassment this summer contributed to the departure of three chief in 9 day. started with the 18-year-old who calls herself celeste. she told the i-team she has had sex with more than 30 bay area sergeant and captain. as under age. oaklaha city council is expe#m:d to vote next weekqnn proposal= to createk a citizenb÷ expe#m:d to vote next weekqnn across thefñ bay mean time policer happened late monday night on jackson street just minuteswq after a robbery about a block awayao. police say the men drove to san francisco from oakland and
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would look for menz and women wearing gold necklaces they would violently rip the jewelry off the neck then speed off in a waiting suv. police say there have been at leastq< 5 similar crimes over te pastnñ couple of most.( san leandro man regrets doing do newton the bay several misdemeanov today(kúin. several people dialed 911qa when it happened. officers were waitingk  on the far side of the bridge and immediately took him into custodyyñ. >> do want to apologize especially to people that commute. i made a stupid mistake. >> no one was hurt during the incident. his car has been impounded. another driver was cited and released. >> stay here with me coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. the bees that swarmed san francisco today. what happened when one man walked right through the cloud. >> thieves versus bay area teens. how two young people from menlo4
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park help police nab two boat thieves. >> we have comfortable day temperature wise. look at the numbers. no intense heat but it all changes over the weekend. ahead >> and "star wars"serenade. big surprise for one east bay teenager.
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>> tonight, fire forced organize investigators look for other location for groups that use the millbrae community center. look at this drone video shot above the fire by central county fire department. flames destroyed the center on link on circle causing the roof to collapse. investigators suspect arson because of a pattern of charring on the rear wall. looks very suspicious to us them. thousands of bees swarm san francisco this afternoon. the bees seemed particularly attracted to a trushing at geary street between may son and taylor. although not clear where they came from. melanie has the story. >>reporter: thousands of bees in the air swarming the truck ladder outside the san francisco art exchange on the 400 block of geary street.
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the owner couldn't believe his eyes. >> somebody on my staff called me downstairs. to say there's something out here you have never seen befor before. that's a big claim. >>reporter: he says the bee seemed passive. >> i could walk right through the cloud. the bees would part. they were still looking at that truck. >>reporter: once the truck left the bees congregated on the parking meter. >> now the bees are lost. they are flying around. don't know where the others went. >>reporter: he says the pee keeper came by late this afternoon to collect the bees. as for the sight of so many of them just outside his business, cambridge says only in san francisco. >> most unique city in the world. >>reporter: certainly buzz worthy if nothing else. in san francisco, melanie, abc 7 news. if you take bart this weekend you can expect delays pus of track repair. crew will make critical safety repair on the track including dampping equipment. this video from bart shows the
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kindfzm6@ of work being done.s÷ shuttles will be availablem. euut)u&y thrift #kd mid october. delayqs will be upb to 40 minut@ south of glen park and up to an hourm- for trips at sfo. bart chose weekendw6 with no major event like outside land. in oakland today some young people looking for work got hired right there on the spot. unlike other hiring event had mandate come down from the white house. >> been in california for 6 months now and i have been homeless after my first month. >>reporter: andre downs moved here from st. louis with little more than the clothing on his back looking for opportunity. and today it looks like he found it. >> just want to say on behalf of the president of the united states and all of the administration we are just so proud of what is happening here today. >>reporter: presidential advisor johnson oversees the my brother keeper alliance forth
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obama white house. the program was created two yourself ago to help young people of color brick down the barriers that kept them away from good9e education and promising careers. the executive director says they are trying to reach the 5 and half million young people between 16 and 24 years of age who aren't in school and don't have >> that number would i submit to you is absolutely unsustainable for this nation. it does not important tend to the future that any of us in this room want or rightlygt expect. >>reporter: it picked oakland forth first job fair. 1,000 young people enter have you gone for 300 position. resume writing and network with employers from airlines to police departments even a chance to chat with oakland nativem and retired nfl star lynch who unfortunately wasn't talking to the media. and that brings us back to andre. the homeless young man who showed up an hour before the event and whose boundless energy and infectious smile
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paid off. >> i got 7 job offers today. 7. >>reporter: sounds so nice he said it twice. congratulations. in oakland, abc 7 nuts. abc 7 and luck ag as film volunteers offered mentoring advice at today summit. we are in the light blue shirts there. we are there as part of disney important work building diverse community effort.1l turn our tension to the weather forecast.b here o:dráuásv the heat is going to intensify sounds like. drewm has the forecast drew. >> that's right dab. tomorrow feel comfortable to round out the week then the numbersáw are really going to take off over the weekend radar showing pretty quiet picture.4 mainly clear sky. marine layer is very shallow at this hour. so show you the live look outside from the east bay hells camera. after glow of the of the sunseting is a gorgeous night under mainly clear skies. forecast will call for a little bit of coastal fog overnight.
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really won't expand too far around the bay like previous nights. much warmer day spreading in next week. we will probably hit some triple digit reading especially inland location rather over the weekend. currently right now it's not too bad. 58 san francisco. mainly clear sky.f÷ 62 currently oakland. 65gmount view. mild antioch and fairfield holding on to the temperature right around 66 degrees. overnight tonight mainly clear sky in no, sir areas. a little bit of fog developing along the coast and likely patchy fog stretching through the golden gate straight around portion of the east bay and nothing wide spread and dropping into the 50's overnight tonight. those are the starting temperature for your friday. hour by hour really limited fog along the coast. it pulls back by 10:00 o'clock in the morning. ample amount of sunshine across the bay area. partly cloudy skies. right along the coast. going into the afternoon and evening hours that marine layer so by 0 o'clock in the evening we talk sunshine.
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not only inland but also nice day shaping up across the region. high on friday. breezy along the coast. 67 in san francisco. that's about ample for this tix$hju$e year. 074 oakland. 82 vallejo. 88 santa rosa andt# antioch the warm spot 92 degrees t.on saturday it's above afternoon warmth especially inland start to see a couple triple digit readings but most spots mid upper 90's by sunday. call ate summer sizzle around here even in san francisco low 70's. mid 70's low 80's around the immediate bay and 90 degrees and then inland that's where we are tracking some of that intense heat. upper 90's to lower 100. as we get into monday we call it slight relief. we see numbers drop about 10 degrees inland so out of a threat of triple digit in themwd mid 90's. more comfortable aroundzñ the by watch t onhe fñlq(páu it's avs he
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next 7 dayjy tomorrow it's a warmer,bdayqx.dr a little like today. u hot on warmer,bdayqx.dr a little like today. u hot on saturday and b] sizzle inland. but the temperatures rise ongx tuchlts warm. hot the. really not much change woods into thursday. talking about a comfortable day tomorrow before the heat spikes over the weekend. >> thanks drew very much. coming up next. warning for any one with an i-phone. what you need to do right now to prevent hackjs frer stealing your data. stay with me. your data. stay with me. 7 news
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#=l 3 >> we have a warning. if yourg haven't updater the nw operating systemc on the i-phoe
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allow hackers to steal pass words with a single text message. apple came up with a patch anõ". system won'tay update itself so i-phone users have to down load the 9.3.3 update themselves. parents get popcorn ready and mark the calendar for this friday night. brand new animated series is s2e channeloqe. brave4> adventurous teenager. 16-year-old princess +áeses h d hader kingdom from an.% evilbtç person but she rules before[+ she can become queen. fae ine@&ture5z and folkloreúd. isl because sn[ goes through
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something everybody can relate to. how do i go from a child in my parent home to being my ownç÷ person. story of becoming who/1 you are. >> weekly show hope to inspire kids to become leaders. catch the special debut tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. ono the disney channel#t. remember disney is the parent 7. stay here. coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. >> vigilant. so at this timez we are not overly worried. >>reporter: worried but still working. despite a threat that now hang over the head of every san francisco police officer. there's weed in the water. town dealing with problem leaving residents high and dry. also ahead. double down. there is a reason thesey dogs are hanginging 20. another half hour(ñ of 7 newsmt 98g:00 another half hour(ñ of 7 newsmt
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good evening once again. we start in san francisco where police are investigating two threatening phone calls warning them of a bounty on their head heads. the calls come just days after the acting police chief received a death threat himsel himself. carolyn tyler has detailspzn. >>reporter: police officers assignedy) to san franciscokz ingleside station are onnb alet after learning ofú[ a threat frm some one p.m2ñ ingleside stationló receid a phone call, known male saying that he was offering about 1 15,000 dollars to any one that would shoot ingleside police officer or any officer. >>reporter: investigators are trying to determine the credibility of that and similar call to dispatchers around 5:30 this morning. this after a man was arrested
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earlier this week. accused of posting death threats against acting police chief chaplain including a picture of him next to a gee teen. mind but not too worried that it will stop me from doing my job. >> everybody is vigilant. so at this time we areys not overly worried. >>reporter: since the police shootings the dallas and baton stations have prepared their officer and double patrol car back up in potentially dangerous situations. now expect more precautions. >> item just even more of a catalyst where we have to look at it and say be very careful out there. look at whatx is going on especially the ambush type situation. >>reporter: ingleside in may lee neighborhood and he dropped by today to signal his support. >> officers are placed in very stressful situation also. i just want to let them know i recognize that. >> the department says threats
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arehb not uncommon butnp in ligt of what is happening nationwide they are taking no chances. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. in miami still no answer tonight about why a police officer shot a man with his hands high in the air. the group home care give was trying to;n help a young man wih autism who ran away when he was ordered to lie on his back. suddenly an officer shot him. then other officers swooped in and handcuffednf7d him.t& we have the story. >> you are looking at the behavií@l therapist charles kinseyd÷ laying on theí? grouns hands in the airzq. at his feet a 23-year-old muz with autism.v3 who had just run away from a group home where kinsey works. authorities say a 911 caller monday reported that some one with a gun was threateningxp suicide. and when police arrived guns drawn. therapist talking to the officers.
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therapist pleading with his patient to stay still. north miami police officer fires his gun hitting the unmed=t 47-year-old. kinsey attorneybj who released the video says that moment wasn't recorded. kinsey shot in the leg lived to talk about it. >> my hand in the air i said i screws dot shop. i'm saying why did you shoot me. his words to me he said i don't know. >>reporter: tonight the union chief says the officer who fired his gun thought kinsey was in danger and meant to hit the young man with autism. now north miami top cop says he wants a full transparent investigation. and now kipsy is here at the hospital recovering from those injuries and that officer rowe leased a statement through the union saying this. i took this job to save lives and help people. i did what i had to do in a
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split second to accomplish that and hate to hear others paint me as something i'm not. this is abc news miami. brazil men industry of justice hazard 10 isis recruit manage attack during the upcoming olympic in rio arrest made during a series of raids across brazil. no specific target was mentioned and thordz say the threat is minimal. jihadist called for people to ti on the olympics which start nextv? month. p there isqm a major00 chane tonightw@ fox news. ceoa! rogx ails handed in=+ resignation. it comeb5 after alx sexual harassment la yout= suit brough )q' foxml superstar megan kelly% was interviewed by investigators brought in bys8 fox. rebecca has this mainly shake up tonight. >>reporter: tonight the man who built fox news from the ground up is out. resignation letter obtained by abc news roger ails reference
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the recent sexual harassment)/ charges against himyu)iting i will not allow my presence to become a distraction. shockingly swift exit less an month after former fox anchor gretchen carlson filed a suit claiming he sabotaged7 her career because she refused her sexual harassment. he vigorously0e denied carlson execution but other women have also reportedly come forward including one of the network biggest nameãmegan kelly. >> let's just dive ncaa right nishtion he's absolutely a mentor to me. he's always friend. he's he is m i boss. i mean we are not equals. >>reporter: according to new (qancessttoward8!p ailstq in the rest ignition letter says he willéh take over as>g advisor and headxb of fox parent companyñ rupert murdochg
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will assume the role of chairman and acting ceo of fox news. rebecca jarvis, abc news noyvrjt small town ino' colorao has marijuana in the water. state investigators are heading to hugo about 100 miles south east of denver after investigators found the chemical ingredient in pot called thc in drinking water. recreation medical marijuana is legal in colorado. people there have been warned not to shower or drink the water. to pull next 84 all star game from charlotte, north carolina over the state controversial bathroommv law. commissioner silver says he's disappointedas done to modify the law which requires transgender people to use public restrooms that match the birth gender. they reach out to multiple host city as alternative for the all star game. coming up in sports, sports director larry has reaction from warrior superstar and north carolina!ñ native stepw($c
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curry. two teenager boy from his menlo park help police track down and find their stolen boa boat. chris harris and nick gar were visiting the family vacation home in washington state on wednesday when thichbs tied the launchn÷ed his drone[ñ. graduation giftéf from his parents=m for making the honor the boati police watched)5 the video and were ableo to find the two suspects & and>8 arrest them. . off to camp. some kid put on a jacket and seeing life a little differently as we continue breaking barriers and pain changing some stereo
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zoo. in sonoma county the sheriff's department down by 40 positions and looking to its future. they take steps to take some long-term precaution ins that direction this week by reaching out to young people to find new recruit and as wayne explains, they are getting straight talk and hands on experience. >> if you are in that path which of looking for a job, this is definitely something career and good start. >>reporter: might also be the last place the teenagers might think to look for a job. sonoma county sheriff's department. or maybe you haven't been talking to the right kid t.what do you like about this. >> i like everything. >>reporter: are you thinking about a job if law enforcement. >> thought about it since the day i was born. >> helping out the community. i want to help out my community make it bet. >>reporter: in a he can woo when out front the american flag still flies at half staff to honor fallen officers, this may have been a pirn add verify tent coincidence as sonoma
9:42 pm
county sheriff's department hosted 29 regional kid for youth citizen academy. hands on close-up and an honor according to deputy mark. he see this is week as opportunity to brick down any barrier or stereo types. >> hard part is us to expose our personal side. personal lives yet when we take the uniform off we mow our lawn go to the grocery everybody else. >> shiite al,t1he way through. >>reporter: they put on bomb protection suit. heavy ones butóy in reality they spent just as much time in the classroom listening to veterans like sergeant randy williams. >> some one there's do this job. when we=d all leave. so these are the people that will take the torch and do the right thing and help the public out. >>reporter: another form of paying it forward. in sonoma county, abc 7 news. >> great)k idea. couple next at 9:00. >> great)k idea. couple next at 9:00. hollywood serenade.
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bold bay area mu sution take the music to galaxy far far away to composer front lawn. the music to galaxy far far away to composer front lawn. the news continues in a moment
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well, you could say the force is strong in two bay area musician. pair decided to take their love of "star wars"directly to the front lawn of legendary compos composer john williams. listen-5x. 55pg÷op/g
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mentor michael mi,&r were put together an arraneament of apparently liked what he heard. >> he's right there he said hello. hi mr. williamsr.&9 hello. i start to listen they will never make it they did it. madeos=4=roc it. 13. >> after they stopped filming williams spoke with them for a little life long "star wars"fan. he's going to begin foothill middle school in walnut creek this fall. what a great summer. one talented dog soaked in the sun and waves in san tran today. we were at ocean beach as sully the english bull dog showed off the skills.
9:48 pm
dog is in town to attend bark the park tomorrow after the a's game at the coliseum. more than 800 dog expected to attend. sully looking for fellow surf dog to participate in the 2017 rose parade with him and need to purchase a ticket, separate ticket to attend bart the park. >> sully prettyfm good. lets update the forecast. drew is here. hi drew. >> at least a warming up period over the wean. live doppler 7hd showing really quiet picture across the bay area. just take you out in the pacific where we track a tropical storm out there. this is darby at this hour. wind sustain at 65 miles per hour and moving to the west at 15 miles per hour and current track does have portion of hawaii in the sight by saturday we track to get close to the big island where storm watch has been posted. winds could be in excess of 39+ bu sea.
9:49 pm
from then onxn kind of pa2ulel the island chain b2]juráe it t e takes itself out not] much change happening ÷s much of the ccu-weather forecast.jt >> pretty steamy. >> qj. >> thanksbg very much. creamr partner with hood out whatb; after 10ú÷
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she says coming up with exotic0 flavor is all aboutmp trial and error. >>ê really fun a.lot of2m fun ad it's much better than sitting behind a desk all day. i have a flavor this took about 30 batches to make but it eventually worked/s out but it's ur'kering with things. >>reporter: this:á you roast bad nana. pudding, wolemon thyme:g and cream. on saturday they are5:é]rg at  2jp:45 and in the áz 11 to 3a-. p s"ajey also[$ deliver. also a49xc familyt÷ friendly treasure 100í put#: on by the pk wall, slackkx line and make sure to!p rsv p. for how to doe this and other events head to ourúz1b site. we'll link up with hood loon. this is 7 news. good stuff.
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now to sports director what is happening in sports. >> not so sunny and much more gray for the oakland a's when sony is pitching these what's up with him. hear from steph curry reacting from the news that the nba from the news that the nba
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coming upeñ tonight at 11:0. >>e> donald trump claims the republican nomination for president telling a nationwide audience' he is the voice for for gotten americans8í we take you liveñx to cleveland÷ >> a siliconá entrepreneur)$ soh bayám teen with autism taking o the world of comic book?]=i% a see you for 7 newstñ at 11:00 sunny gray was in the running
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a's against tampa. nothing better than foul ball at a game and nothing worse than having it fall through yourás hands.9/ econd. leadyñ wq gives uph5 homer to dickerson here tie the game at 3 appease and then in the fifth here it comes. there it goes up the middle and then crazy the hit out of second base. miller rbinú single and he follows with another rbi singl allow 7 runs on 9 hits in 5 innings and the game just went final moments ago. 7-3 ray's. regrouping in new york after losing 5>z straight.
9:56 pm
all star break. play the yankees in fact they took a train from boston to new york. private trainu. play a 3 game series starting tomorrow. for the dodgersu. 3 and 3 since all star break. threaten and o. 1st inning that's crushed. 4 30 feet. not a fluke the first time. turner again. 5 rbi on the day. didn't strike out 10 but thinks his first loss of the year falls to 13 and 1. dodgers we know 6-3 and now 4 back of the giants. cardinals padres 6th inning and look out here. andrew cash coming inside. hitting the holiday right on the nose. look at this. couple of inches to the right and his face would be totally crushed. it turned out he was bloody. good news is the cardinals say no broken bone just a facial abrasion day-to-day. st. louis wins 6-5 but really scary. that would have been a from it engine situation if he got hit
9:57 pm
flush there. celebrity golf event this lake tahoe. practicing todayq$. missed a putt. irving would have made that. memory of game 7 will not go away for steph. spent a few minutes on espn with lend situation. the question the warriors her all summer long how will kevin durant fit in with golden state. are there really enough shots to go around? the. >> you have to figure< out the flow the. and that will come like i said because we have such smart guys that we figure it out. can't expect usñ/ pre-season tx rollc[ the ball out. syrup=c amazing team8e. will take some work. >> 3 seconds left. tie game. who gets the shot? >> i would assumeea one of us is opencand knock it down. i know if i got it i'm taking. try to make it. have the confidence. clay. andre shawn whoever.
9:58 pm
we have options so never know where it comes from. >> steph also commented on the nba decision to move the 2017 all star game out of charlotte because$m north carolina law which limits anti-discrimination protection for lesbian, gay and transgender people in the state. in. about. a flex the mr. it cal muscle here could end up moving the game to new orleans. all star @=kme in charlotte who have been a whirl wind homecoming for curry who watched his dad play for the hornet. >> disappointing my hometown can't host the all star game as they had planned. i was to understand the a decision and see white ends up. but obviously unfortunate situation for the city and it is what it isø3me#p(1zçó. >>reporter: seven and other@ celeb readyoé for the annualñó americanbñ celebrity tournament&  tomorrow andjq his dad andre anñ. former niners#c raiders
9:59 pm
charles barkley/y will be participatingfg and you will see a lot of swingñx but one handed now. that5f what it evolved into. odds of him winniqñ set at 6000 to 1. i think that's low. i make it 1 million to one. no which. 7 sports brought to you by toyota but he loves the game. so there's that. >> you have to love he struggle mightily#'ç and for yearscz. some!ñ sort of psychologicalms hitch in the sw> youtook me out. interesting. practice swing no problem but when he tries to hit the ball forrv2x/eal. for all ofs÷ us we appreciate your time. more
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a pop icon gone too soon. but is this man really responsible for the superstar's shocking death? coombs: they said that dr. murray was reckless and deceptive. narrator: and later, a wall


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