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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 21, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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. live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> now, at 11:00, donald trump accepts the republican saying he is the voice for forgotten americans. >> he delivered a lengthy address clocking in at 1:08:15. the longest since bill clinton. >> we were there for the speech
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and reception. >> reporter: hi, well, this speech was almost twice as long as we expected. it painted the picture of america that is deeply troubled and behind both politically and economically and he told the packed house here that only he can fix it. donald trump gave the longest acceptance speech in 20 years, did it hit all the right notes? trump was introduced by his oldest daughter. who promised that her father was a president for all people, not just the rich and well connect. >> only my father will say, i will fight for you. >> tonight, i will share with you my plan for action for america. >> reporter: he did offer policy positions for trade, economy, and law and order. >> the crimes and violence that today afflicts our nation will
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soon and i mean very soon, come to an end. beginning on january 20th of 2017, safety will be restored. >> reporter: and he trade to appeal to the lgbt community. >> as your president, i will do everything in my power to protect our lgbtq citizens from the violence and -- and opression. >> i'm proud to be gay, i'm proud to be a republican. but most of all i'm proud to be an american. >> trump's speech clearly thrilled those here, but will it be enough to unite a republican party that seemed badly fractured just a night ago?
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>> so far, i think he has deny a good job and i think over the next four months, you will see the party come together. >> we are united and we are bringing in people who have not been together for years. >> i thought it was extraordinary, it drew the lines clearly and it appealed to every american of every background. >> reporter: now that massive party has left a huge mess, you can see the clean-up still going. they are rolling up the carpets and follow-- and folding the ch. a thousand pounds of confetti on the floor. as for trump's speech, we did have an advanced copy and for the most part he stayed on message. the question over the next four months is that a message that voters will embrace? live in cleveland, abc 7 news. >> all right, thank you. >> well, donald trump addressed the shooting death of kate
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steinley by an undocumented immigrant that was deported five times. >> my opponent wants sanctuary cities. what was the sanctuary city for kate? >> the shooter has plead not guilty to second degree murder. it has sparked controversy. the interpretation by a protester, she had to be dragged away by security benjamin tried to holdup a sign saying build bridges not walls. afterwards, she said scapegetting\immigrants and refuges for the problems we face as a nations deeply racist. >> there's some that believe
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that trump missed an opportunity by preying on fears. >> it was a dark speech about an america racked by crime, troubled by immigration, fearing terrorism, there was an awful lot of pessimism and most voters just don't like that. >> it was said that the claims tonight of being a business expertae expert with an outside vision could appeal to voters. >> clinton added her opinion and said, not included, women, african-americ african-americans, lgbt people, muslims and immigrants. >> clinton could name her running mate as soon as tomorrow, it's said that she is leanintoward tim cain, he is seen as a safe pick that could attract middle of the road voters however many progressives that supported bernie sanders
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consider him too close to wall street. >> count on abc 7 for continuing coverage. the morning anchor wl be live in clevela tomorrow morning for a wrap up of this week's event. and reggie and laura will go to philadelphia for the docratic convention which starts on monday. >> tonight san francisco's lgbt community is applauding the nba's decision to move the all-star game out of north carolina. the commissioner announced his decision today citing a new controversial state law there. abc 7 is in the newsroom with the story. >> the lgbt community considers the nba move a victory for equal rights. but the law still exists which is still a problem. >> it shows laws like this have
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consequences. >> he said that the fight is not over. >> the law is still in effect and the governor has done nothing. neither has the state house and they are not going to reconvene until january of next year. so, every day, there's thousands of transgender residents living in fear. >> the law limits protections for lesbian, gay, and transgender people. adam silver said he is not sure they can be in this climate. >> i think it's good that there's consequences and congratulate the nba. i will be more likely to watch the game now that i know they have done the right thing. that's the way to do it. show our muscle through our money and you know, it does not belong there. they don't respect us, we don't respect them. >> jeff curry is from charlotte.
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>> disappointing that in my hometown, we will not host the all-star game as they have planned. i understand it's adam silver's decision. >> in oakland today, protesters took part in a national day of action, calling for an end to police violence. they want the city to defund the police department and divert money to pay for programs to benefit african-american communities. they hung a banner calling for the firing of the mayor. dozens of children attended the protest and it stayed peaceful. the police are investigating a phone call warning them of a bounty on their head. an unknown man called the station saying he is offering $15,000 to anyone who shoots an officer. these calls come days after the acting police chief received a
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death threat. >> we have to look at it and say, be careful out there. look at what is going on. especially the ambush situations. >> since the police shootings in dallas and baton rouge, other stations have paired officers and double patrol car back ups in dangerous situations. shifting gears here, thousands of bees swarmed san francisco today, they clustered around a truck on gary, two blocks west of union square. when the truck took off the bees stayed in the area, some settled a parking meter. the bees were not aggressive, and it's unclear where they came from. more than a half dozen hotels have rooftop bee hives. when they swarm, they are happy, and they are not going to attack. >> new at 11:00, another shark sighting has beach goers spooked. >> for the second time in a month, one has been spotted at the beach.
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we spoke with a surfer who saw a shark leap out of the water earlier today. >> reporter: he did and he tells me you know the sharks are there, but when you see one it's scary. warning signs will be posted but the beach will stay open. the shark was spotted 80 miles off shore. they are not sure what type of shark it was. it was described as six feet in length. the shark was seen leaping out of the water. >> there's a lot of whale action and i saw a shark breech out of the water. >> reporter: this is the second reported sighting at the beach in just one month. but he is certain there's been more. he said that surfers here alert each other when they see a shark but usually don't call police. this father will keep his kids out of the ocean.
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>> stay away from the water. we are not as good swimmer as sharks are. i don't know, i don't want to take chances. >> reporter: people i talk to have noticed marine wild life coming close for shore in unusually large numbers lately. whale watchers have been flocking here, and they have been seen migrating. they are telling people to be aware of your surroundings. >> coming up, a budding silicone valley entrepreneur, the south bay teenager with autism taking on comic books. and the eye in the sky that helped track down thieves and check this out, a star wars serenade. >> we are putting the sizzle back in summer. i will have the weekend temperatures coming up. >> first, here's a look at what is coming up toast -- coming up tonight.
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>> hey, we are proud to share a bit of what we did today. i want you to know, i don't know if you think about this. you are america's favo
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new at 11:00, a true entrepreneur coming out of silicone valley tonight, this one is special. he is 14 and he published his first book, he is also living with autism. abc 7 news reporter has the story from los altos. >> my favorite part of drawing is sketching off the details of my own characters. >> reporter: jonathan can sit in the corner for hours, doing what he loves. as a child with autism, he learned to draw just four years
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ago. then one day, his mother took his large scale drawings and stories and put them in to a comic book format. >> one of my favorite pictures because they are happy in this picture. >> reporter: the plan was to simply print one copy for fun. and then people started to notice and wanting copies to buy and it turned -- >> to something that seemed like a real little business almost for him. >> reporter: comic book sales are strong and so are online sales. on amazon kindle where the magic pencil et al has gotten five stars. >> i am proud. >> it looks funny, isn't it? >> reporter: to write, illustrate -- >> i mean right there -- >> reporter: and star in a 17 page book is remarkable. >> i hope they are popular and they were popular, i was just wanting to try them out. i just try my best.
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>> jonathan is not just resting on his laurels he is working on book two, due out in 2017 and at the same time, he is breaking out these comic books in to individual soft covers. in los altos, abc 7 news. >> two bay area teenagers used a drone to track down boat thieves in washington state, chris harris and nick garlock were on vacation with their family and saw two men take off with their boat and using an ipad and a camera on the drone, the boys tracked it to another island the police watched the video and arrested the two thieves. >> you could say the force is strong with two bay area musicians. >> they took their talents to the lawn of legendary composer john williams. ♪
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>> these musicians were visiting l.a. and found out where williams lived and put together an arrangement of the movie's theme song. >> that is right, williams liked what he heard. >> he is right there, he said hello. >> hi, mr. williams! hi! are you recording? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> awesome. >> hello! >> i started to listen and i thought, they would never make it and they did. >> he made it. >> that was fantastic. >> isn't that nice, after they stopped filming williams spoke with them for a while. >> and bryce is a life long star wars fan. >> that will be a good paper when he gets back, what did i do on summer vacation. >> that has to be extra credit. >> i lured john williams out of that's fun. let's talk about a warm forecast. >> yes, the warm force is strong as well. getting there. >> that's right, i love that.
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we are really going to start to crank up the heat in the next couple of days and you are going the feel it this weekend. before we get to the hot weather, i want to show you this spectacular time lapse of the moon ricing, it's a wayning biggous, and it's incredible. showing you clear skies across the bay area. all we are expecting is a patch or two of fog. temperatures in the 50s and we have a lot of 60s here, running milder in many areas than it has on previous nights. showing you san francisco's sparkling tonight, patchy coastal fog in the morning. a warmer pattern starting tomorrow and we have a stretch of hot summer days to follow. so, just keep that in mind, the hot weather has taken timeoff, but not for long. and as it starts to get hot over the weekend, our air quality is going to deteriorate, we are looking at moderate air quality saturday and sunday. by next week, i would not be surprised if they start to issue spare the air alerts.
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first thing in the morning, temperatures begin in the 50s. notice the fog, it's limited to parts of the coast. and maybe a few patches near the bay. but it's notes a solid marine layer. the patchy fog, 5:00 a.m. for commute time and then it put pulls away. most areas are seeing the sun along the coast line, you will see the clearing and so later in the day, expect blue skies across the entire region. walnut creek will begin in the morning at 5:00 a.m. 56 degrees, hour by hour forecast showing you a 34 degree rise. it will get up to 90. a warmer day for friday. and it will start to cook, as i mentioned inland as we head in to the weekend. south bay temperatures 93, and 83 in san jose. a warmer day, 88 los gatos, and 76 in san matteo, and mid 60s like the sunset district.
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enough of a sea breeze tomorrow. 62 daly city. and in the north bay, you will be seeing the upper 80s. and 82 in vallejo. you will get warmer. 91 in concord, and 92 in livermore. if you don't like the hot weather, it's a live picture from the santa cruz. we are looking at patchy morning fog for friday. saturday, will be sunny. and mild temperatures mid 70s to the low 80 and is here is a look at the accuweather forecast. low 60s to low 90s. we start to notice the heat building. upper 90s to low 100s for the weekend. summer sizzle, sticking around most of the work
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next month the world's final vcr will roll off the assembly line. japanese company announced today that they will stop making vhs vcrs for the first time in 30 years. kids have no idea what i'm talking about. they sold 15 million annually and sold just 750,000 units last year. american movie studios stopped releasing new vhs tapes a decade ago. >> remember that was magic when they first came out. >> right? >> yeah. >> all right. let's talk sports. >> yeah, oh, boy, it's rough. >> it's rough. later on, i will play you something off the a-track. right? the. >> the beegees perhaps. >> yeah, rough outing for sonny gray, this has to be the worst nightmare for every hitter. imagine a 95 mile an hour fa
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abc 7 sports. good evening, last year, sonny gray was in the cy young conversation, this year the conversation is what happened to the a's ace, taking a 4-8 record to the mound, nothing better than catching a foul ball with your bare hands and nothing worse than having it go through your hands. smolinski took care of it with a mighty swing. gave the a's a 3-2 lead. and vintage sonny. brad miller. longoria, you will get nothing and like it. struck out of the side and then
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what happens. first batter on the fourth. it's gone. three rbis, that tied the game at three a piece. this is weird in the fifth. forsythe up the middle and the crazy carom. the rays are up with four in the inning. sonny falls to 4-9. strausburg lost with the first loss of the year. >> in the third, here it comes. there it goes again. five rbis for turner. strasburg, struck out ten and suffers the first defeat, dodgers win 6-3. we are playing the yankees in the bronx tomorrow. look out matt holliday takes it in the face. got him in the nose. bloodied and the


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