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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 22, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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presumptive democratic nominee for president makp her choice for vice president official. good evening i'm dan. amma has the]h night off. just three days before the start of the democratic national convention in philadelphia hillary clinton has chosen virginia senator tim caine as her running mate. the decision came in a text
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message to her supporterstoda today. karen has the story now from philadelphia. >>s/ good evening dan. hillary clinton made up her  and called virginia senator÷ tim caine with the/ official offer at 7:32 p. from tampa6r. she said to be impressed with his down to earth campaign style and really liked the chemistry together. trail tomorrow for the first joint appearance in miam miami. democratic ticket is set. hillary clinton making it official with text to:, supporters and this tweet showing her and virginia senator tim caine fist bumping. he's considered a safe even boring choice had long been at the top of# clinton short list. >> izn got a jobjç to do and for hilary campaign theb5 best they .
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liked what>= she saw. >> hilary ready to beo be pres t president. hilary is readytd to be our leader. hilary is ready to makeake his y history. >>reporter: virginia is av critical battle ground"c state and cain has deep roots and solid approval ratings before the senate he served as governor and lieutenant governor and national security credential. sitting on the senate armed committee. devout catholic he's morally-ñ death penalty but saysds he'll uph7[b the lawm . tim caine took a year offa to v in honduras winning over latino voters. >>lh and there may be another more superstitious reason hillary clinton went with tom-kat. he has never lost an election in his entire political career. clinton campaign perhaps hoping 2+j 3 3 reporting from philadelphia,
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karen traficanrsus abc 7 news. the countñ on us forcí complete coverage of the democratic national conventionez next weekuq'
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>> he may have ruin his political career. i feel so badly. i feel so badly. >> he will come and endorse over the next little while. he has though choice. his past feud with cruz puzzle ee him build momentum from the big speech last night. develop news in germany where authorities given the all clear hours ob here's the7ç latest we havetú fr =úshooter 18-year-oldva man from munichíj with dual citizen .zn total ofa 10 people died includingkh the shooter who police b-÷rq+e killed himselfwhe injured. twqq critically" thev" alex has thepú story. >>reporter: ip shakey cell phone video the moment gunman appears outside the shoppingkl center dressed in jeans and black t-shirt. he draws the weapon and fires. people fleeing interror as shot after shot rings out. and this clip showing a gun man who police believe is the same one pacingat roof of parking garage and appearing to ailment gun and fire. >> all the street are blocked. everybody running around. >>reporter: after early
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reports of multiple gunmen the police told reporters late tonight press conference there was just one and he appeared to have killed himself. he was an$m 18-year-old german iranian$. fromgo munich. motive still unclearúñ. murdered and resident6a children family runíhng through] the streets as police evacuate t(3 area. they are told to keep the0 hand the shoppers insidezç electronic store waiting for the all clea clear. and right outside that store a ound the olympians sh56sing center is sealed offnw and city publicvai9ma=iqq%=9í overheadmentó paramedic descen on the scene and priest the
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and killed along withp)man police officer by a palestine terrorist group. peter jennings reported live from the olympic village. >> most like will i to be in az& from the olympic vil black sept. today attack reinforces what appea*q a recentw change intact> on the house intelligence committee and says crowded public places are on the hit list for coordinatedbh and lone terror attack especially in europe. >>"ñ you have somebody sympathetic to the cause leave europe go down to the battle feevld get skills. acquire weapons and come back with even greater hate for westerners and then they have multiple city across europe where they can take out the
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people at soft target. >>reporter: attaches significance to the fact this attack started at@7,jájt american chain restaurant. >> i think it makes people but think therx odd of being a[ areu still low. >>reporter: shoppers in te" east bay express shockff at the attack iní) munich and sympatpm, >> my heart go out for family those harmedfw.> so my signs making me be more aware about this stuff. >>reporter: airline pilot who worries]m about terrorism. >> hopefully we can stipulate up. so we can do a better job protecting us all. >>reporter: hearts with the people of munich. i'm leslie, abcñ 7 news. >> uc berkeley being urged to make changes to the study abroad program following the attack. home page of uc berkeley education abroad program has a link with information on all the recent incidents. two students have died this month during attacks in bangladesh and france.
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but this is not discouraging students from studying in other country. >> no i wouldn't hesitate because i see the study abroad president obama as new opportunity and new experience. >> danger in i where in the world whether in america or europe and so studying abroad it really broaden"ñ your mind. >>reporter: student senator at uc berkeley urging the school to be more open about the risk is students face. and to provide students resources that would make studying abroad safer. police in san leandro investigating how a woman was hit and killed by a train in. it happen just before 6:00. sky 7 hd over washington avenue and chapman road where police say amtrak train struck her. they are talking with witnesses trying to figure out if this was an accident. gusty winds and triple digit temperatures pushed a fire in southern california to 2500 acres today. brush fire burned north west of los angeles. homes nearby evacuated. at
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time the wind was whipping the flames into a swirl of fire and smoke like you see here. one person reported seeing the plume of smoke 80 miles away. in san bernardino more than 200 firefighters on the scene. they have it zero percent contained at this point. mean time evacuation frazier a fire in vacaville this afternoon have been lifted. sky 7 hd flew over as firefighters were to protect houses into this park and i 80. about 57 acres burned before firefighters got it fullyd& unr control. vacaville police helped with the evacuation. they tweeted this picture with the caption kind family giving water to our offers. the live look outside from the abc 7 roof cam are tonight. parts of the bay area are going to see more of those hot dry conditions this weekend getting pretty hot. let's dmebing now withdrew with more. >> not just one day of really warm temperatures. we have several days on the accu-weather 7 day forecast.
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thinks how it looked moments ago from our sutro tower cam are. the coast is clear. you have the sun setting with clear skies. you know we last mat arena layer we are ready for warm days ahead beginning to. radar shouing it's a mainly clear picture. one exception we have one little lone patch of cloud cover in the sun set district. richmond district stretching to western portions of daly city but future weather as we go hour by hour it does call for the early patchy fog this evening. it gets wiped out of here by midnight and there after look at that. clear sky overs night. really mild temperature starting out at 7:00 o'clock on the saturday. a lot of 50's and 60's and look how hot it is for the weekend and how long the heat last andrt coming up. avenues giant in the football world. >> he was not afraid to break barrier. take on the establishment. >> next. remembering the impact former 49ers and stanford football
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coach dennis green had on and off the field. >> also ahead. >> but where was the sanctuary for kate steinly? >> only on 7 news tonight kat u perspective after donald trump's political statement perspective after donald 7 news at 9:00 continues in a
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0. tonight human error to blame after almost 1 million gallons
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green has reached a plea agreement in his assault case. under the deal green will get no jail time and by a 5 60 dollar fine. green is currently playing with team usa getting ready for the olympic. misdemeanor assault charge reduced to civil infraction the if he avoid carillo fence and contact with the victim for a year. green was arrested early this month and in east lansing", michigan accused of slapping man in a bar. xrúgreen was trail blaze$cb! ie . 1z they are who webñ thought they werezñ. >> sportsp bizarreé[ rant after eric takes a look back at green's amazing career.zd 1z they are who webñ thought they werezñ. cardinalst] loss< to the chicao bears.< but there was much moreé to him is bay area ties. >> i have always ci ár"ered myself part of thec forty-ninerg
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family. >>reporter: green was/ assistantrr under bill walsh inñ the late 70's coaching speciaí teams and.o wide receivers like forty-niner legend'9 jerry riceq >> he was my wide receive=>r coachj/ for so many years3j. and we stayedal+ú friends over e he really did a lot7y for myu& >>reporter: mike=. >> heñ÷ saw it you this%c is a profession you have @ to be serious about it and0z for young playerlx he was kind of just8$ what you needed. >>reporter(ç"after leaving the on to stanford becoming the firstp african american head coach on nd in the pack 12. he blazed a similar trail ato northwestern with the big 10 first black head coach. former niner head coach coached against cal and the pros. >> he learned from the best walsh. many of us did. but he was able to take his own style to the program and really make the most of it. >>reporter: as for the out burst after the loss to the
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bears he says it just showed his intensity. >> this is what they were. they are not invincible. knew upset didn't come through witness. :qáy8orter: green died from massive heart attack. he was 67. eric thomas abc 7 news. amaze legacy. sports director larry biel joins me later thi hour with much more on the passing of dennis green so stay here for that. effort to begin today to help stop string of burglars and break-ins in san franci neighborhood. yee and.j police captain the denise took a public safety walk along the ocean avenue corridor where they met with store owners and residents. supervisor yee says his constituent really appreciate this opportunity. >> very, very thankful that we are get thanksgiving done just showing that we care about this the.
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this is a corridor that doesn't get whole lot of attention. >>reporter: officers took part in the safety walk today. yee says that's especially important in this neighborhood where more than a third of the residents are not english speakers. viewercz pauli/ for this time l of last night4d sunset over san franç>+(z. isn't thatao great? re the pictures with us. (ing hash tag abc 7 now. but we just love getting your pictures and video. "z full accu-weather forecast nowl1 and drew is back with a lock at how weekend. >> we do. we start off with rising temperatures. a little bit of a dip on sunday and then right back up to the accu-weather forecast. radar showing you a really quiet picture. we don't have that fog along the coast in many spots and when yn the evening you don't have that natural ac that will set the
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stage?m for a warm start on our saturday. show you the picture outside live look from the east bay hells camera. after glow is beautiful this evening. not a cloud to be scene along the coast from the advantage toynt and dash point and clear night for many the texas 12 hours.úzñ forecast does call for the clear sky. it will stay kind of mild overnight tonight. we and sll feel war='y even though! we won't get in theqq triple digit$k in the bayp= t.80's and we won't get in theqq triple &igit$k in the bayp= t.80's and stretch for hot days to úspread that the hour. ba. 59y? downtown san francisco.g.yy anq oakland checkingfç with a temperature of 64. overnight?o&+ tonightãwhere youe along the$ coast or plenty of=. q)opping to the 50's across;t e
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board around8vrq regioä. future weather hour by hour there may be>5v7 a few patches) fog early in the morning by 5:00 o'clock in the morning butú you do see the latestf run of the model showing you mainly clear skies around the coast throughout much of thet goes saturday. future weather showing you a bay inland you have sunshine from the get go and that's going to keep us very warm as we head into the afternoon with mainly sunny sky.x high on your saturday. 99 fairfield about 100 in antioch. 98 livermore and bay oaklandt warm at 77. degrees. san franciscol, up to 8 ye. 94 inw santa rosa. here's a look at santa cruz. packed tonight and itçd is a perfect 10[a beach day as we hed into saturday. total sunshine from start to finish. we haven't seen a day=6soy likes in july verylr long time but we have the extremezz uv indexxx so
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slap on the sungx screen as unprotected screen get danieled@ in less thanwg 15 minutesp. on sunday. temperatures on monday that triple digit heat but the numbers go right back up as you had a he had into:@"uujvv. here's accu-weatherb, 7 day forecast. did you notice tomorrow we have the sizzling inland heat. stillrw remains rather hot on sunday. monday 30's the slight dip in our temperature but very short lived because dan on tuesd' and wednesday we are hot and many spots across the region and even thursday into friday. we call it slightly cooler but temperatures only dropping a few degrees from where we stand in the next couple of >> i need a sweater. >> you will. the still ahead. why carrier luggage when it can carry you. find out what's going on here exactly. pretty cool. strange way to honor kevin
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disruption asiz the airlinejb tries to% recover frm the massive computerbe outage. problems could linger into the[ weekend after2b more than 250 flights were cancelled today. technical issues started wed. vw. operationalvt for leg weary travelers,. here's how>. they atedad 200 watt82 electri; motor top piece of lug achblingt igt hits 8 miles an hour travel
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it weighs 19 pounds. and can seat riders up to 260 poundsy. company says it's also tsa and faa client. coming up next. police officers stand together in special tribute. >> wake upy,]z amera. guys.' >> police officers'' in the bayq area honor those who gavew the awayol from a memorialx where m% >>!ú phone call that causeda]ñ evacuation al7.he san jose >>!ú phone call that causeda]ñ p'd she will remember more than just this skyi! dive that's for just this skyi! dive that's for sure. what happened to one san jose sure.
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good evening once again. people gather in san francisco tonight for a memorial to mark the first official mario woods remembrance day. tonight honored a man who was killed by san francisco police. today would have been woods 27th birthday. stabbing suspect was shot multiple times last dmes san francisco bay view neighborhoo neighborhood. his death recorded by cell phonesxn sparking national outrage. >>reporter: first remembrance day taking place inside corner stoneqemissionary baptist church. >> this day represents a healing process for the community. >>reporter: across the street balloons and pictures! fill the area near where san francisco police shot and killed woods in december. woods had a knife and police said he was walking towards officers with it. officer shot woods more than 20 times. the incident was captured on cell phone video.
9:31 pm
there have been several protest since. . livesu: must matterri because black lives being taken. because black li in san franciso the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously passed] mario woods remembrance day. it haze not= been1y withoutd) critique. motion4d angered law enforcemen officers. >> thiefnm different take on why >>reporter: supervisor:m yee hs seen positive changes if the police force recently. >> they go through7j retraining. a little more sensitive toxq u$m happening now. it's important for me personallyj4 that we don't want anybody to die. we don't want police officer to gety5 hurt. don't want our citizens to get hurt. >> with a lot of criticism for the supervisor passing the resolution. this has been a ordinary issue to care for the city but also a
9:32 pm
turning point. >> remembrance ceremony celebration of lifevo event.5= in san francisco melanie.: woodrow7ç, abc 7 news. today forpg fallen officers not only those k5!sq" in dallas and baton rouge but also those who died in the line of duty here bay area he. vic has that story from san francisco. sthot ♪god blessú americadñ. land that i love ♪ . >>reporter: those gathered here remember their fallen colleague from attack in dallas an baton rouge. >> wake up america. our police officers are the good guys. officer brian, officer nick burke and sergeant daryl. >>reporter: san francisco police union president marty read off the names of some of the colleague. officers who made the ultimate
9:33 pm
sacrifice. police union said they chose this date because hayward police sergeant scott lungq s ago today. san jose4wy)oli÷c+yrçzry policeo mourning their losses. officer michael who died in june and michael johnson shot to death last december. >> we have been devastated by losing two officers in only 15 months. >> those here remembered san francisco firefighters lieutenant vincent perez and anthony would died in house fire on diamond heights. they also mourn those who died across the bay. >> in oakland seven years since we lost our hero in one day and we are still healing. >>reporter: officers mark dunn. roman. all killed during a -zh hunt for a gun man. the6 message to the public was this. >> we chose this professionée because we care.e thinks a calling to all of us. >>reporter: to newtown lives on the line for people they
9:34 pm
don't even know. don't even know. . p police inñ san jose arre& a man who forcedl evacuation oft miss headquartersy this mornint lopez calledfp 911 and mentione' a bomb at the yjájtt @epartmen 5 department. 51-year-old z did not mention sr but the call came from within san oh, oh, situation ?wd tracked down. od$cers evacuate the station as precaution. police swept the building.u they didn't find anything.[k police swept the building.u they didn't find anything.[k it has beenp year since kate steinly was killed at san francisco pier 14. she was shot by illegal immigrant with a stolen gun.g8 the case thatr continually is being brought up by politicians including by donald trump last tonight at the respect can national cop convention. >> but where was the sanctuaryq for kate steinly. chris winn spoke steinly family today in an0 view you see only on abc 7 news. it's a place where many people go to soak in the beauty
9:35 pm
of the bay yet for some this memorial bench at pier 14 at san francisco serves as remin reminder of life cut short. >> she really wanted to hear how the dayg÷ was and catch upb with a friend or somebody she didn't know. >> last july kate steinly walking on the pier with her r&legally.h weeks later wec were in dc aszl family members push lawmakers for[ immigration since then politician have shared her story time and time again including last night at the republicanop national convention. so ñ+j the family says there has been a lot of talk but very little action. >> don't pay too much attention to it.wy say. the i have noyd say in wht isov put out there. >>7÷ at the home where ÷ kate gw newspaperç pleasantonus her-y bg q&)) bad6make memory of family. they welcome steinly last december.b
9:36 pm
they call her an absolute blessing. >> she has a little bit of knowing whatfc she wantsfiñ and steinly and sanjay gupta tear us like kate. >>reporter: this october the your soul run benefiting the charity important to kate. >> i feel like i have to take the torch for kit and spread kind of the kate6 that wanted to give back and help. >>reporter: family honoring the past while embracing the present. all hoping to make an impact on generation to come. chris winn abc 7 news. >> good for your soul run honoring kate steinly takes place on sunday sunday october 30 in pleasanton to learn more about signing up go to our web site listedc here. h÷ tonight more than 100 americans are under heat alert from 100,000 americans under check out this video from 75 miles northhq of dallas, texas.
9:37 pm
you cap see the triple digit temperatures were hot enough to buck they will highway. in other cities first0q responders are out in force make sure that people stay saf safe. 100 millionvç americans warned about the heat. even the president warns people. drink water. stay out of the sun and check on your neighbors. all good bits of advice. coming up next. vintage form of entertainment. >> thinks all there used to be. it's radio. sit next to the radio and listen to the radio drama. >> next on 7 news where it's drama. >> next on 7 news where it's about the sounds more than
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drama. >> next on 7 news where it's abouhey guys lunch is here!
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actually, i came up with it at the water cooler. but i thought you'd like this cowboy story better. the portobello mushroom buttery jack is back. part of the buttery jack family. taste it before it's gone. alamed,u will go back in time briefly tomorrow in the kaufman auditorium.
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part of event to help preserve part of history. wayne explains. >>reporter: let's go back in time. mind set with which you may not be fdmiliar. actorsf' on stage rehearsing for a radio play. >> so you know as entertainmen entertainment. perhaps you are not old enough sitting in front of a radio. don't look away like that. >>reporter: this is a benefit for radio day on the bay by the california historical radio society in alameda. down the street in the actual museum there's even more as they will display and auction some of the equipment on which people used to listen to these shows and antique that still work. all the stuff in the room comes with a time when tubes:e were a marvelous technology. >> wheñq i talk to kidsx" about >> wheñq i talk to kidsx" about andaw i say what's this kids ah
9:42 pm
>>reporter: men time close your eye open your earx; fill in the plank with your imaginatio imagination. >> everything is very subtlec. it'say subtle. subtle. it's subtle. >>reporter: welcome back to 1943. for an hour at least. alameda wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> stay here with he m. 7 news at 9:00 is next. steph is backlash some fans not happy with the latest creation off the court. happy with the latest creation off the court. stay with us
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there is a new tunnel in the sacramento area that spawb
9:46 pm
add lot of conversation that needed to come famous on national television. a tunnelust for toad. john has the story from davis. >>reporter: it's story time at the davis library. >> we will read a book today. >>reporter: the tale you are about to hear is legendary in davis. also true. >> the city of davis was planning to build a new automobile road that would cut right through the toad migration tale. >>reporter: that automobile road described in the book toad of davis is pole line road. habitat one side and different type of habitat on this side. >>reporter: small pipe you are looking at is known as the towed hollow towed tunnel. >> western toad was very common >>reporter: back in 1995 real live game of froger happening on this road. toad getting squashed trying to get to bids streets to wet land
9:47 pm
on the other side. solution. 14,000 dollar toad tunnel. there has been no toad that i have observed. wild life specialist says the idea was kind of a flop. to end the sense homicide. >>reporter: news of the opportunity it shortcomings made the daily show back in >>reporter: local author wrote a book about it and even built this small little town for thecñ toad outside davis post office. >> if anything the tunnel become an icon. >>reporter: if wondering about those toad now let's just say human he viced them from the wet lapped. with the#y over crossing really remanufactured most of the habitat for him. >> belongs to everyone. >>reporter: toad legacy lives on at the library. >> you want to hear it again. >>reporter: abc 7 news. >> after one of the scariest leap of their lives the couple would lives in san jose took an even bigger leap of faith.
9:48 pm
aaron and matthew the went sky diving in monterey over the wean. it was his birthday celebration but she got a big surprise when she landed on the ground. he got down on one knee in front of special message written for her in. my head it was like the will you marry me and i was like my god is that for me then it said my name erin and i was like that's when i realize what was happening. >> more than what i envision because i put so much time and so much effort into planning and keepinge$÷yg0ecj2nmñs?d]zu"$ >>2z matthew says it took him to month to plan the epic proposa proposal. they met in high school and have beençp that's an original way to do it. one last j time let's check in n the weather. drew is here. that's sweet. >> that'sm5 awesome. we have an equally spectacular forecast on the way. warming temperatures. tom it shows you we have mostly
9:49 pm
clear conditions. i take you over to hawaii where right now live doppler 7hd now picking up on the outer band of rainfall from tropical storm darby. big island of hawaiiúj looked past 24 hours making its way to thed west. about 60 miles per hour winds receipt now. tracking to the west at 12 miles per hour. we do expects it to get very close to the big island around saoérday 5:00 o'clock specific time about 2:00 o'clock hawaii standard time weakening but winds at 50 miles per hour. we dol expect winds over 40 miles per hour for pretty long wild weekend$ across hawaiiud t 48 hours. 'shine warm]t temperatures. u oakland. . warm spot antioc 100 agrees. 7n< day forecast show you tomorrow it's hot inland4q sizzling remains hot sunday and then still heating up on
9:50 pm
tuesday into wednesday of next week. >> okay thanks very much. this may b-qta ultimate skouchbility uáv' sister>l network espn+6 tweeted thisje picture showingsk old kd jerseyi oklah)lc city. he j state warrt month as you probably know. oklahoma city thunder fans upset over his move. they were burningk his jersey early this summer. stilljv the 99 percent off jery . >> curry backlash over the sho shoes. what do you think. under arm or release the curry hi end lifestyle shoe with the superstar name. some people call it ugly and worst than the last shoes also o?kn=1w/t social mes on sale in new yorko0 in august for 150 dollars. what do you think? let's go to larry with a look at what he has in sports i don't know. don't look any worse than those
9:51 pm
shoes. >> well(k that's not exactly a ringing endorsement. but all white shoe that everybody was joking about like these are nurseç shoes. they are sold out on line. can't even buy them. >> really? >> if you are curry life is good. the giants life not so good. they have the best pick on the mound in new york trying to snap the losing÷ streechblingt washington happens crawford hadç $&hccht he will never?@ forget.j
9:52 pm
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lm coming up tonight 7 newst hillary clinton selects tim caine to be running mate. we have bay area reaction to the decision plus cancelled flights.!geq long delay. 2k frustrated passengers. southwest air lines is stid 2h technical glitch. up news at 11lá:00 on channel 7v it is.
9:55 pm
>:s mr. biel here with allkt the sports. 'ñ all right dan. giants find new way to lose now. mired in the losing streak on the road trip. of them by brandon% crawford of all people. r$ few moment of fouled off the right foot. stay in the= game briefly then he left. goodkúnews is the x-ray are n1flect testify butvt niece some pain.a "e0here. carlosp!6t5ñz6[kg@/@yqj"yq+=çed balm no decision. threaten ino+ the third. fly to rightby. do youvm test thex arm-i of him. fly to rightby. do youvm test thex arm-i of him. he?q does and payse you make thekg call÷÷. the,u tag wasn't there initiall. they did tag himh so he's out. top(n 8 2 outs 2 on for willia. h>m glove=& short stop and crawford
9:56 pm
throw÷s highn1 to first. run scores oní thirder overth crawford+.rk giants leadúy off the 9ux with double but$ 103 miles an>'ur.  stroke now at 6:00. giants fall 3-2. the a's and rays at the coliseumñ1. look at the dog own uniform that's adorable right there. the dog and the human got to see good old fashion pitcher dual. 8 shut out inning. struck out 7. swinging through here. the jay also pitched 8 scor scoreless. bottom 8. hero or zero here. tell they go to extra and they are still scoreless. zero zero now in the 11th inning.b! >> to las vegas we go where tell this is critical. nicely done. team usa preparing for rio taking on argentina
9:57 pm
warrior kevin durant 23 points he can dunk. green with the screen. see a lot of that next season. kd for 3. thompson 9 points in 16 minutes. driving. scoring. fourth quarter. durantw to him for theu;g1pux ñ >úq u$ose are the wordsx from g. part of one of the greatest andc most replayed rants in nfl history. >> the bears are who we thought they were. that's why we took the field. now if you want to crown we let them off the hook. >>reporter: sadly green passed away today. former stanford arizona cardinal and minnesota vikings head coach died from complication following a heart attack. he was the first african american head coach in the pack 12 conference. pioneer for minorities in college in the nfl. green was$f only 67 yearsn÷ old
9:58 pm
a lot of bay area talent on hand for this weekendwú celebry golf event if lake take home. he can still shoot it. swish there how about steph,r. tell stay off the ankle.- give the knee a rest. u$e the e. long birdie on 16. lone pwrde. tied atói 4 point. steph rough day. 8 bogey. so he's tied for 32 with his dad who saved par on sfaechbility 20 point behind the leader. shark captain joe is playing in the tournament for the film time. doing a lot better than the curry. tied for 9th with 17 points. little joe 4 bird on the day. nice one on 18. exclusive interview with abc 7 he sews he could have had a bett round. >> round itself was a few up and down. hit the ball really good. made
9:59 pm
hen you get in the group. >> to the pitch. (r 9th minute with the corneriìc@&& kick. áu)ies it. yú90 degree kansas city weather. team usa 3 goals in the first half. becky free kick and carly thevv using the head. usa wins 4-nil. abc 7 sportsúd brought to you by toyota. >> busy day good stuff 8. lot of stuff. >> that is our report for larry and drew and all of us we appreciate your time hope to see you again in an hour
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, the mysterious death of a british businessman in a chinese hotel. investigators wonder if it could be a homicide linked to one of china's most powerful families. azari: bribery, defection, and public corruption.


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