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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 22, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgotv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, clinton-kaine. the ticket is set as clinton selects tim kaine to be her running mate. >> clip ton made the announcement late this afternoon with a tech and a tweet to her supporters. >> abc7 news reporter alyssa harrington has been getting reaction from democrats and republicans. >> reporter: people call kaine a safe pick who brings experience to the ticket, but will he deliver virginia, a crucial swing state? >> a tweet and a fist pump confirmed it. senator tim kaine from the battle ground state of virginia. a man clinton says has devoted his life to fighting for
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others. >> i think it is a good choice. it is a real good choice. this is a really good person. >> george miller who was a long-time member of congress met kaine two years ago. he describes him as confident and grounded with a deep sense of humanity. >> he has earned the respect of people in the senate. he negotiated tough issues back and forth. >> the former chairman of the california gop calls the pick predictable. >> vp picks are supposed to balance the ticket. she had to go left to meet the challenge from bernie. >> he is not convinced that bernie supporters will get on board. >> i don't think he plays beyond virginia. i think what happens is that pence helps trump more than kaine helps hillary. >> kaine is a father of three, catholic and speaks fluent spanish. here he is on the cam paper trail with clinton last week. >> hillary is ready to be president. hillary is ready
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to be our leader. hillary is ready to make history. >> reporter: clinton and kaine will make their first appearance together in people me. abc7 news. >> and the stage is good to go in hill hill ahead of the -- in philadelphia ahead of the democratic center at the wells fargo center next week. stay with us for complete coverage of the convention. we will go to philadelphia beginning on monday. one day after accepting his party's nomination donald trump spent his news conference rehashing a primary fight with ted cruz. trump revived the unsubstantiated claim that he met with jfk and he revisited the attacks against cruz's wife and of course cruz himself. >> i don't want his endorsement. i don't want his endorse -- endorsement. stay home, relax and enjoy
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yourself. >> trump's next scheduled campaign stop is monday in winston salem, norl -- north carolina. munich police gave a cautious all clear. a shooter, an 18 yearly yearly ---year-old german of iranian dissent shot and killed before turning the gun on himself. teenagers are among the dead. they believe he was acting alone, but it is not clear what his motive was. the chilling has a connection to the past. shear that story -- here is that story jay this telephone video capturing the moments. you can see one gunman aiming at innocent bystanders. a deadly shooting at a place engrained in the hearts of germans and palm all over the world before 6:00 p.m. local time police say a person opened fire at the olympia mall, the same site of the
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1972 munich olympic masacre. it was there during the early hours of september 5th that 11 israeli athletes were taken hostage and killed by the terror group known as black september. today's shooting occurred in a mcdonald's restaurant. the building was quickly evacuated and people could be seen fleaing scene as special forces moved into position outside the mall. >> it is a mall which unfortunately is a very easy target. >> reporter: this is the second attack in germ intoe in less than a week. on monday a migrant teen attacked passengers on a train near the town 180 miles south of munich. jay germany is one of our closest allies. we are going to college all of the support they may need in dealing with the circumstances. >> reporter: police are urging people to avoid public places and remain vigilant. >> you have to get out of the way of what is about to come down the road. the key with that is you run, you hide and if you absolutely
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have to you fight. >> the state department is urging americans to be aware of their surroundings and maintain a high level of vigilance in order to be safe and secure. abc news, new york. >> we want to continue our team coverage with sergio. he is live at sfo with a plane full of passengers that took off from munich a few hours ago. sergio? >> and dan, in talking to some of those passengers they didn't really share a sense of shock at what happened in munich. they are on a nonstop flight there right now. instead a lot of them shared a sense of numb familiarity. as passengers checked in for the direct flight to munich there was a sense of uneasiness. >> it is a concern. it has been happening all over the world. >> i never not -- i never thought it would happen so close to us. it happened in the front
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before, but i never thought they would come to germany. >> he was waiting with his girlfriend who is flying back home to hanover, but will stop in munich first. >> my parents tekdzed me that -- texted me that i should be very careful when i am there and they are very scared. >> the situation on the ground in munich has been resolved and they believe the lone shooter may have committed suicide. in the midst of the violence some called the consulate wonder figure they should warn travelers there. >> this is one of the things should i come down there? it is over. this is something that can happen anywhere in the world these days. >> for those from munich it is a shocking realization about violence. >> we cannot say oh we are living in bovaria and we have oktoberfest and the mountains. it is not possible. we can't do that. it is too naive. >> she said this type of gun violence is unheard of in
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germany because they have very strict gun laws. abc7 news. >> stay with abc7 news for the latest on the shooting in germany and for breaking news anytime download the abc7 news app. be sure to enable push alerts. new at 11:00, hundreds of family and friend remember a grad who was killed by a new york police officer suspected of drunk driving. he was studying electrical engineering and computer science at mit and he died while visiting brooklyn on saturday. more than 300 people attended the vigil at plaza park if his honor including a dozen of his fraternity brothers who flew in. some cried leaning on each other for support and wrote messages on paper lanterns. happening now, a monster fire is burning north of los angeles. look at this. here is a live picture of what firefighters are dealing with. more than 200 homes are under mandatory evacuation order. some people have taken horses
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and other animals to an evacuation center. the fire eke plodded in size -- exploded in size to 3300 acers because of triple digit temperatures and gusty winds down south. firefighters have it at zero percent containment. at home there is a fire danger and with more on that here is meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya? >> we are in a drought as you know and when you look at live dop -- live doppler 7hd. the skies are clear and you don't have the fog keeping the humidity up. tomorrow afternoon during the heat of the day some of our inland areas w be in the teens and 20s which is why we are looking at fire danger for the upcoming weekend. here is a sampling of how hot tomorrow is. concord will get up to 97 degrees. 99 in fair field. you aring looing at 95 san ramon and pleasanton and 98 in livermore. this is not the only day you will have to deal with the hot weather. i will be back with a complete look at the seven-day forecast and let you noy how long the heat will last and where you
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can head to escape it. >> thank you. human error is to blame tonight after one million gallons of sewage water was dumped into san francisco bay. an employee turned the wrong valve at the waste water treatment plant this week sending 952,000 gallons of partially treated sewage into the bay. the valve was capped after seven minutes. jay this one valve was -- >> this one valve was not labeled. one of our state trained operators was just -- had a mistake. >> water officials say the accident did not cause any harm to public health or the environment because most of the poluttants have been removed from the water before it reached the bay. stay with us. abc7 news at 11:00 continues. canceled flights and long delays and frustrated passengers. tonight southwest airlines is still struggling to get things back to normal. >> and one of charles charles manson's followers will find out if she will be released on
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parole for the murders she helped commit years ago. >> and we tracked down the source of the swarm of bees that buzzed over san francisco's union square.
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police are investigating a deadly train accident involving a pedestrian. sky 7hd was over washington avenue and chapman road around 6:00 where an amtrak train struck a woman. they are talking to witnesses and trying to figure out if it was an accident or a suicide. >> it has been two days now since a southwest airlines glitch lead to hundreds of flight cancellations and thousands of delays. >> tonight passengers in the bay area are still facing frustrations. katie is live at the maneta
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san jose airport with news. >> kristen and dan, a lot of volume at the airport you wouldn't normally see. some of the southwest flights getting in late. the airline canceled 370 flights today alone. we know the feeling when you just want to get home or wherever you are going. some passengers have had that feeling now for days. >> ter ruey saw is trying -- teresa is trying to get home to san diego. >> they had pilots ready to go and i volunteer editor a flight attendant. they didn't have a flight crew to back up the pilot and they canceled it. >> she was rebooked eight hours later, but at least she got a voucher. he came to san jose on the business. if he is canceled it means missing out at home. >> my children who expect me to take them to a concert on saturday night and my bed and my pillow. >> southwest says a router failure on wednesday caused a system wide failure. since then the airline has canceled nearly 1500 flights.
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4500 delayed. in a live social broadcast a southwest official called it the highest level of disruption in years. >> we are tieing to reset the network and it is a complicated piece. it takes a couple two to three days. >> an airport is not meant to be waiting for at an hour and a half. >> it is a domino for the whole family. for those who are traveling and for those who are here and parking the car and circling the airport. >> at sfo, the southwest line was even longer. passengers blamed a lack of staff. >> three people chatting together just laxidasical. they just didn't care. we were in line for an hour and five minutes. >> southwest said fewer weekend flights should help them get back on track. abc7 news. the governor has stepped in to block the prison release of a former manson family member. she killed two people in 1969
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as part of charles manson's cult. a california review board granted her parole. today governor brown denied the parole saying she has an unreasonable risk to society. san leandro police released two burglary suspects with the help of surveillance video. darrian smith and brandon polk are accused of breaking into a home wednesday morning. they captured images of the burglars and an undercover officer matched the descriptions later that day. they believe they followed a customer home hoping to find cash and drugs, but they may have broken into the wrong home. we thousand know the source of the swarm of bees that converged on a san francisco street. they were clustered on a truck outside the hotel. tonight the hotel management told abc7 news that some bees left the rooftop to find a new home which is a natural ross
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success. they have 100,000 bees on the roof to make honey and to keep the neighborhood naturally healthy. >> even bees need a change of scenery. >> you are absolutely right. >> we are going to get a change when it comes to the weekend. >> we are tracking it veryosely. >> we know the dog days of summer. we haven't seen much of that. we are looking at 90s or 100's for a good stretch of seven days. take a look at live doppler 7hd and you will notice the skies are clear in the bay area. tomorrow morning as we go into the start of the weekend we may see a patch or two of fog. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s and some of our inland valleys are in the 70s and 80s. we still have warm weather out there. a live look from our mount tam cam looking at the moon here and it is a beautiful shot. here is a look at the forecast. mainly clear and mild overnight. triple digit heat and we are looking at a string of hot
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days into next week. temperatures in the low to mid60s in the inland valleys. a nice, mild one along the coast and around the bay and we will be in the 50s. here is an hour by hour look at the forecast. tomorrow morning it starts out clear, but around 6:00, 7:00 in the morning we will have a few patches of fog and the fog will just sort of skirt the coast, but not for long. it is bright and sunny and it will carry us through the afternoon and the evening on saturday. you will notice the high temperatures will run a little warmer than they did today. the warming trend got under way as you know. 98 in gilroy and 96 in morgan hill and hot and 87 in san jose. 82 sunnyvale and 81 milpitas. you are looking at 82 in redwood city. 81 menlo park and mountain view mid80s and along the coastline it is still enough of a sea breeze. mid60s pacifica cay half moon bay and daly city. the
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north bay temperatures will be in the triple digits. 94 in santa rosa and 92 calistoga. heading into the east bay and you will need the sunscreen. 80 in hayward. oakland 77 degrees. inland you will be cooking. 99 fairfield and 97 concord and 95 san ramon. 98 in livermore and the triple digits and antioch, brentwood and walnut creek, 97 degrees. this might be an a attractive option, san thank you cruz. here is the forecast -- santa cruz. here is the beach forecast. you will be at 82 tomorrow afternoon. bright and sun intoe with extreme uv index. most of the rest of the coastline will be in the 60s. that's comfortable. a look at the seven-day forecast and you will notice temperatures will be in the mid60s to the low 100's for your saturday. fog comes in on sunday and we will dip a little bit, but still hot inland.
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temperatures in the mid90s with morning drizzle. cooler, but not for long. 100's tuesday through thursday inland valleys. 60s at the coast. to get some relief, just become friends with people like dan who have a pool, right, kristen? >> come on over. >> yeah, we'll
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this weekend you have a chance to be taken back to a time before television and streaming devices. the california historical radio society has a voice only performance of the maltese falcon. it will be at kaufman auditorium with other events at the society's museum both in alameda. >> good idea. on to sports and lots to talk
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about. >> lots. you are busy. >> i have a face forayed yow, but i'll -- for radio, but i'll do the tv. >> giants had the best on the mound and the best on the field cost them. and few things are better than pie time especially after
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> good evening. the giants are finding new and rather painful ways to lose now. mired in a losing streak tonight in the bronx they made four errors and three by crawford of all people. and a scary moment as buster posey fouls this ball off his foot. he stayed in briefly, but then left. x rays were negative and is day-to-day. one-time carlos beltran with the r.b.i single and 2-0 yankees.
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the yankee pen had not allowed a run in 31 innings, but that tied it at two apiece. a grounder to the gold glove short stop. he will whirl, twirl t -- and then high. smoke. it is 103 on the gun and giants lose the 6th in a row. a's and rays enjoying bark at the park. the dog has his own uni i love that. they both went eight score less. the bottom of 13 and still score less. coco crisp with a little flare. rookie ryan healy who earlier doubled he scores, good night, game over, drive home safely. i would like my pie please. and to wash it down, there it
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is. a's win it 1-0. to las vegas where balance is critical. team usa prepping for rio and taking on argentina. new warrior kevin durant lead team usa. i love when argentina plays even when kd and draymond are scoring. there is clay tom sopa 9.16 minutes and take it to the rack. he knocks down the three and team usa rolls 111-74. >> it is great to be a part of usa basketball m. we can find our rhythm and our groove. we have so many unbelievable people here. it feels like home. >> in lake tahoe for the american century championship. curry can still shoot it. steph, don't dunk. don't dunk. watch the knee. watch the ankle. please stay on the ground.
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steph is a scratch golfer and bogeyed eight times. joe pavelski is 10 back of the leader. radio face, tv mortgage.


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