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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 23, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center. hillary clinton held her first official campaign event with her new pick for vp. clinton introduced running mate tim kaine in a rally today in the critical battleground state of florida and she took aim at
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her opponent, donald trump. the name of that ticket right there on freshly painted signs. hillary and tim kaine came together for the first time. >> make no mistake, behind that smile, tim also has a back bone of steel. just ask the nra. >> the virginia senator and former governor who was cast over for the vp job by president obama eight years ago this time beat out 23 other candidates. today in miami, the microphone catching clinton cheering kaine on, telling him go get him. kaine's spanish learned when he was a missionary in honduras on
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full display. and the national security clinton wanted, he can also bring in men. >> and speaking of taxes, where are donald trump's taxes. do you want a you're fired president or you're hired president? >> and trump unveiling his new nickname for the newest member of the ticket, trump calling him corrupt kaine. >> senator tim kaine is everything donald trump and mike pence are not. >> that was cecilia vega reporting.
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wikileaks has posted 19,000 e-mails talking about the split of the democratic national committee and bernie sanders. the e-mails show them scoffing at the e-mails. sanders campaign managers believe there were party officials activity trying to hurt his campaign. count on abc 7 news for complete coverage of the democratic convention. >> to developing news now, a wildfire burning just north of los angeles is growing thanks to triple digit temperatures and gusty winds. the fire started yesterday afternoon and is now up to 31 square miles with only 10% containment, at least 1,500 homes are under a mandatory evacuation. at least one home and several structures have burned. fire crews from san francisco, santa clara and al media county
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are among local firefighters to fight a fire that is now threatening a thousand homes and is just 5% contained. and hot and dry conditions are keeping conditions here in the ba bay area high. >> it's warm to hot across the region. look at these highs. it feels certainly like the middle of summer, 100 the high in concord, a mild 79 oakland, 73 in san francisco this afternoon, 89 san jose and napa up to a very warm 88 degrees. even out there right now we're still holding on to some of that warmth, especially away from the coast. 80 in concord, antioch at 78. 65 san mateo. we're not going to have much of a marine layer.
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limited patchy fog along the coast. and the stage is set for another warm to hot day. the core of the heat has yet to arrive. we'll detail that coming up. >> a fire has forced a family of five in the south bay to search for a new place to live. abc 7 news was in east san jose at the scene of a fire that burned a converted garage and two storage sheds. firefighters stopped the flames from spreading to nearby homes. neighbors raised the alarm of seeing smoke. >> i took off running, told my boyfriend to call 911. i banged three neighbors' houses banging on the door, telling them to call 911. >> it's not clear what started the fire. >> maybes dealing with a lot of damage after a house party got out of control. things got so bad early this morning, the s.w.a.t. team had to be called out.
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abc 7 news leslie brinkley has our story. >> it wasn't just a house party. >> they came here and they broke all the windows, they had fun, they left. >> neighbors and witnesses said it sounded like a riot erupting in their usually quiet neighborhood. early saturday morning there were broken windows, broken bottles and fist fights between those who appeared to be rival gang members. >> most of them are juveniles, out of control, drunk, under drugs, who know. >> san jose police rolled in and brought along their s.w.a.t. team. >> cops running back and forth along the street. >> 20 houses were placed on lockdown. neighbors say people jumped fences into their yards to urinate and to hide. the house where the party was centered was unoccupied. new owners, who had not moved in
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yet, were renovating it. neighbors are thrilled with the police presence here and are hopeful tonight is more peaceful. >> and the group calling attention to the recent fatal shootings of minorities by police, including philando castile and alton sterling. participants said they were not marching against the police but for equality, for justice and to save lives. >> i'm just really pleased with what the young people are doing this afternoon and with setting an example, we prayed, we marched, we sang, we spread a message of positivity and love and joy and peace towards all humanity, whether they're black or blue. >> the group also called on the public to create a better tomorrow for all.
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>> still ahead on abc 7 news at 9, saving the day. what a bart train conductor did to prevent a crash on the tracks. plus on the vrj of history. a milestone marked today by this pioneering solar air pran. and pedal power, for people who love to ride on two wheels.
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happening now, the pioneering airplane solar impulse is on the last leg of its around-the-world flight powered by nothing of the sun. this is video posted on youtube as the plane took off from
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cairo, egypt. the plane was headed to abu dhabi. its goal is to present clean technologies. thousands of people in oakland are riding high on all things bicycle this weekend. the sixth annual pedal fest got rolling in jack london square today, including a test track for new bike liners, live music and safety tips. >> it's just an amazing array of vendors, pedal power, every bike thing you can think of is happening right now at the pedal fest. >> the event is put on to raise awareness to provide a safe, convenient and enjoyable biking for people in the east bay. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9 -- >> i can't believe that my dog
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did this and saefd my lived my . >> and the act a tiny dog did. >> and the act a tiny dog did. >> and matt ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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bart officials are commanding the operator who avoided crashing a truck last week. the truck crashed through a locked gate wednesday night. it ended up on the tracks. the operator overrode the train's automatic function and prevented hitting the truck. the driver of the pickup was arrested for dui.
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a sacramento woman is crediting her dog with saving her life. herman, who was hearing impaired, was crossing the street when she didn't hear or see an oncoming train. >> when i got to the track, hook just pulled me off the track. he like ran and he pulled me off the track and i turned around and it's like here i am and here's the train and it just missed me. >> for his efforts, hook has earned himself a spot as a finalist in the upcoming hero award. >> july started off really chilly. we're certainly ending it on a rather warm note. and the core of the heat doesn't even come until early next week. so live doppler showing you this
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really quiet picture. we have clear skies, live doppler and the all clear right now. our east bay showing you the beautiful light all around, the bay not a cloud to be seen with isolated patchy fog along the coast tonight. that marine layer very thin, we're tracking more triple digit heat to end weekend and even more warm to hot days are coming next week. we're still rather mild after that warm day we're coming off of. we're holding in 67 in napa. still warm in livermore at 78 degrees in san jose and currently checking with the temperature of around 69 degrees. a really beautiful night out there if you step outside. comfortable conditions, it will drop to the 50s across the board.
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probably the only exception our warmest locations inland after the hot day they had today. high for sunday, you like today, mother nature is pretty much in cruise control over the weekend, a very similar forecast setting up for the next 24 hours, 86 santa clara, milipitas. downtown san francisco tomorrow up to 71 with a plentiful amount of sunshine, 63 for daly city. on the water, 78, about 83 in vallejo, about 78 oakland, 83 san leandro, 81 caster valley and inland. we'll see 100 degrees in livermore and antioch. and concord up to a warm 99 degrees. that's a really comfortable
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night out there in santa cruz. they're just packed with people. the beach was popular today. equally as popular tomorrow with a cooling off location for many. santa cruz warmer at 74 and monterey bay at about 66 degrees. as you go into monday, we'll fast forward a timeline. you see a slight dip in temperatures, we're no longer in the triple digits. that is short lived. by tuesday this is going to be the peak of heat. high pressure builds back in and we are store offing sun inland. tomorrow still hot inland, there's that dip on monday and then it's several days of inland heat. tuesday, wednesday and thursday. not till friday and saturday, eric, cooler air moves in and we'll drop back into the 90s. >> drew, thank you for the info. >> hey, drew, how's it going? >> hi.
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you never write, you never call. i don't know who you are. >> business first. you two can catch up after the program. >> manager bruce bochy trying to mix it up to end a six-game losing streak. didn't matter. picture perfect in new york. pitched six innings, allowed one, struck out nine. so mack will yaumson connects for his sixth home run of the year. see ya. only run nova gave up in seven innings. starling castro. angel pagan makes a diving catch and then throws to first. game with the extra. castro again. this time san diego, castilla against the hitter and williamson makes the grab and
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ends the game in the 11th. trying to intentionally walk brandon crawford. finally break through in the 12th, williamson again. this time base hit up the middle. trevor brown will score from second. a's have within seven straight, went all nine innings today but in the seventh gives up a base hit. a's still down 1-2. smol and ski destroys it. two-run shot. two batters later. rookie ryan healy called up last week, outta here. sloan gives up two home runs in the ninth. his first walkoff. a's win it 4-3.
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now 7-6 on the year. >> former super bowl cap. >> camps took place all day today. a new quarter, mash sanchez will join it was amazing. we got the little kids to run around. they got to be interactive. their popnot on your normal professional four but the american celebrity event in south shore. you get points for eagles, birdies and pars and lot of
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pounts for double bogey. they're all decent golfers, par three 12. little chip-in for birdie here. >> joe lovelle. he's in contention. he's for eagle on 16. he's 16 points behind the leader, marty fish right here. a two-point lead going into sunday's final round. third round of the senior british open in scotland, on 14 long eagle putt to get to 4 under. like everyone else, he's got a long way to go because later miguel, angel, jimenez shot a 7 under 65 on the day.
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he's 11 under, had-streak next on abc 7 news at 9. pay
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coming up tonight at 11, wildfire help. bay area firefighters racing to help fight a fire that has more than doubled inside with the special skills they bring. and an uber driver accused of
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sexual assault. >> the game polkgaun boy, now across the they were detained by u.s. border patrol agents. the agents were able to unite them finally with their mother. i'm pretty sure they had some 'explainin to do. that's it for abc 7 news the 9:00. our next newscast is at 11:00 p.m.
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announcer: today on "matter of fact." >> what's up, gop? >> uniting the party or dividing the hall? senator cruz: vote your conscience. [crowd chanting -- endorse trump] >> a lot of divisions were on stark display. announcer: has the republican party blown off course? and a coup attempt in a chaotic region. is the united states about to lose a friend? >> i think we're seeing the beginning of the end. plus, busting ghosts -- and twitter trolls? why this actress is fighting back. fernando: hello, welcome to "matter of fact."


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