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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 24, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast s center, this is abc 7 news. two massive wildfires burning out of control. swun burning through homes while another is affecting air in the bay area. i'm eric thomas, and in los angeles, an out of control wildfire in santa clarita has grown to 22,000 acres and blamed for one death. the authorities say that the fire burned through 18 homes and now affecting 15 others. mandatory evacuation orders are in place for those near the fire
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lines a. man is found in a car near a burned out fire. and today, the expanded wildfire burn was expanded because of palo alto, colorado, and bixby creek roads are now under the e evacuation orders. the fire has burned at least 11,000 acres. firefighters say 1,600 structures are threatened there and the fire is 5% contained a. live look at the emeryville camera. there are clear skies out there, but official s as are warning a the possibility of air quality issues, and here is drew with more. >> we are tracking that with chances of poor air quality in the inland areas, and so spare the air day has been put into effect for monday. what that means is that if you can, use the car poole, the t n transit or bike or walk and cut down on the pollutant, because the air, and those sensitive with the respiratory issues are
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not that great with the poor air quality once again. look at the highs again, and it is the summertime spread, and we had a coastal cloud and it was nice and cool, and half moon y bay, 63, and inland, there is the triple-digit heat. 100 in antioch, and 102 in concord. more likely spare the air days this weekend with the hotter air arriving, and we will have more on the forecast coming up. eri eric? >> thank you. firefighters have contained two brushfires near hercules. it started near 4:30 this afternoon at highway four at franklin canyon road. the fire burned near a barn and a few homes with no people or animals hurt. and the investigators are hurt to figure out what caused it. developing news overe seas and ten people are injured following a suicide bombing in the german city of aunspak.
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he blew himself at a festival. he was a syrian who had been denied asylum in germany, and none of the ten injuries are life threatening and this is two days after a deadly rampage in a munich mall that killed nine people. the search continues in a east bay for a gunman who opened fire on an oakland police officer last night. she was not hit and had minor injuries and now home nfor the hospital. tonight, now, many are reacting to the violent confrontation. tonight, we heard from the mayor who said it was unprovoked. >> i was shot at. i can't get out of the car. >> reporter: the terrified police officer calls for help after a gunman opened up fire on her, after she was involved in an unrelated collision. >> as soon as i heard the gunshot, i closed the gates. >> reporter: the police identified her as oakland police
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sergeant nadia clarke, and she was not hit, and the gunman ran away. >> fired several offers is at the officer, and a gun. this is a horrible, horrible thing to happen. >> reporter: oakland libby shap, the mayor was quick to respond to the killings. >> we don't believe it is provoked and no actual interchange between the suspect who did the shooting and the officer. >> and the recent shootings against the police nationwide have prompted the team to prompt two officers in the squad car, but since she was a super vicer she was alone. >> i can't believe how difficult it is to be a police officer these days. >> and at no time has black lives matter or movement from black lives asked anybody the shoot cops. >> and police are checking this
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surveillance from a liquor store to see if it shows the gunman still at large. >> oakland police are investigating two separate shootings happening ten minutes apart. one at 10:15 a.m. east oakland when a man was killed at a house party, and then two other people were injured in west oakland when a 21-year-old man died in a driveby shooting, and the police are looking for suspects in both incident incidents. the chp is trying to find a driver who hit and killed a person lying on the road in concord overnight. the crash happened just after 2:00, on olivera road. he was headed southbound, and he did not stop. the officers are looking for damaged vehicles. the head of the democratic national committee a has said that she will step down amid a party scandal. debbie wassermann schultz said she will leave her position at the end of the democratic convention.
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this comes after leaked e-mails from dnc show them trying to undermining bernie sanders' campaign in the primary, and today, bernie sanders said he is not surprised. >> i told you a long time ago that the dnc was not running a fair operation. that they were supporting secretary clinton, and so what i suggested to be true six months ago turns out in nakt to be true. i am not shocked, but i am disappointed. >> and sanders said that the leaked e-mails do not change his support for the clinton campaign, and he believes that russian hackers are behind the leak, because they the stole dnc research on donald trump. >> we are told that the russian state actors broke into the dnc and stole the e-mails and other experts are now saying that they are the russians releasing the e.t mails for the purpose of helping donald trump. >> sanders supporters outside of
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the convention in philadelphia cheered the news that wassermann schultz was stepping down. president obama thanked wassermann schultz for her support, and he said that her critical role in supporting the economic recovery and the health care for all is ale hall mark of her chairmanship. count on abc 7 news tomorrow for complete coverage of the democrat democratic national convention. and tomorrow, we will see what is seen in a struggling tech company. and why, rising prices may not be a bad thing. and a rescue on a golf course. we will be right back.
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tomorrow morning yahoo! is expected to no longer be an independent company. verizon has agreed to buy the sunnyvale tech giant for $4.8 billion and yahoo!'s board agreed to sell the core internet operations and the land holdings. acquiring it would give verizon a large cut of the online market, and verizon plans to use yahoo! toreate better valuable ads and the deal is expected to be announced early in the morning. the number of children with autism in california public schools has risen 7% last year which is seen as a good thing. that is because the experts are saying that the schools are better at identifying and detecting the autism especially among the children at a early
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age, and the definition of autism has now broadened. >> and more than an epidemic, it is now children who used to be more mild on the spectrum, and they are getting diagnosed an accessing the services in a way that before they were being missed. >> one of the biggest challenges for schools dealing with children who have autism is the teacher short and. there's an especially high level of burnout among the special education teachers, and the researchers at ucla and uc-davis have secured grants to get a look at the forms of children with autism. and coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, at comicomic-come, a - comic-con, and a look at the reviews. and in l.a.,
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freemont, pal loe o alto, al of the bay, this is abc 7 news. a great horned owl had to be rescued from the netting at a driving range in santa the cruz, and video from the national wildlife services shows the owl entangled friday and the crew had to work the talents to make it free of the netting. and the veterinarian decided that the owl was in good enough health to set free. a popular cultural event is taking place with the comic-con, and fans are getting a look at the geeky shows and showing the love for the muggles, and the jedis and the zombies and fans got a look at the "wonder woman" trailer and nearly 9 million views. and marvel has said that brie larsson is going to be captain
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marvel in the first female-led movie. and it was nice and hot out there. >> and the forecast if you liked it is for you. we will see a brief break in the triple-digit heat and the that it comes back tuesday, and part of the reason why we are getting the marine layer is live doppler 7 is along the coast, and the cloud and trying to make the presence known throughout the day, and it will be inland tonight, and that is going to be helping us cool off and cooler temperatures tomorrow. and the sfo camera is showing you the clouds along the coast the make their way along the bay, and the forecast along the night, and not as hot day monday afternoon, and the cooler air is short lived relatively speaking, because tuesday, we are alerting you to the heat and inland and the triple-digit temperatures are looking at least by last
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friday. and 58 in san mateo, and then by antioch is still 84, and 67 in san jose and san francisco is coming in with 56. with that fog starting on the cocoast and pushing in and around the bay tonight, it is going to be keeping the temperatures on the cooler side co compared to the numbers on the previous couple of night, and everybody drops to 50s with the patchy fog around the bay. and we will show you hour by hour, and watch the time stamp 2:00 in the morning and some coastal drizzle which is picked up by the future weather, and the fog first thing all around san francisco and the portions of the north bay into vallejo and oakland and hayward and then lit evaporate around the bay, and goes to the coast, and lingers for much of the monday. the coast is cool and with plenty of sunshine inland and a nice day, we areal cooler than we were today. and looking at the highs, we don't have the triple-digit readings, and still, upper inland and 70 in oakland an 74 in san francisco, and a cooler
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tomorrow the. an 85 in san jose, and 85 for the high in santa rosa. we can show you by the doppler that it is turning hot again, and century mark there and a few above that with antioch around 103. and you can see the temperatures around the waters not that warm, and 70s an 80s and san jose is n in the 90s for tomorrow and wednesday as well, and then the sizzling sunshine will warm up the bay. san francisco is going into the low 70s and the mid-and the upper 70s in oakland and hayward and redwood city and into the north bay, we are toasty in the low to mid-90s. something to think about if you are inland with the intense heat again, check on the seniors and the pets and stay hydrated with the water outside and take frequent breaks in the shade, and wear lightweight clothing. and the accuweather forecast will show you the relief for monday, and the temperatures
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take off tuesday and wednesday, a and no heat on thursday, and holds out friday and that is where they are backing off on the heat, and this is what is happening sunday, and much cooler compared to earlier in the week, and the temperatures are lower than normal for this time of the month. >> and before we get away, between me and you, who is the se senior, and who is pet? >> well, i don't want to answer that. >> and he is taking the safe way out. drew, thanks a lot. and now a look at that sports >> well, give the usa olympic medal in hoops right now sh, because they destroyed chinese. exhibition at the staples s center, a and they will play at oracle, and kevin durant leading team usa for the second straight gaining 19 points in 18 minutes, and 4 of 5 behind the arc, and this is over in the first quarter. kyrie irving drives an lays it in right before the buzzer, and 59-20 before the half. and six american players in
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double digits, including klay, and a peek into the future with that assist from durant, and team usa wins it 106-57, your final. le with ta's have not lost a series since the all-star break, and taking 3 of 4 from the rays with billy butler doing most of the damage. and jesse hahn was brought up to replace rich hill. and nervous father made a debut at catcher. and now, after a 2-0 lead, replaced in the 8th by brian dole who gave up a bomb to logan forsythe and looks like that game is tied at 2-2. and then a little help from the country breakfast billy butler. he delivers the third home run of the season, and the a's have not lost a series since the all-star break thanks to two walkoffs and the late game heroic heroics. >> these games are enjoyable, but they don't happen like that all of the time. >> and definitely contagious,
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and it gives the offense confidence, and yeah, i mean, just all around good baseball. >> all right. the giants are looking to take two in a row from the yankees, and the shark jeff samardzija on the mound, and a solo shot from carlos beltran, and the yankees up just like that. second inning, mark teixeira with the 200th career home run, and he a allowed five runs and struck out three. they lost to the yankees today 5-3. ken griffey jr. and mike piazza were inducted into the hall of fame. and all-star and ten gold gloves and he goes in as a mariner, and he was also the last man drafted by the dodgers and with 427 home runs and a record of 396 as a catcher, and he goes in as the second new york met, and both
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players gave thanks. >> i want to thank my family, my friends, the fans, the mariners and the white sox for making this dream come true for this kid. >> and the only way i thought that i would ever come here is if i bought a ticket. it is tremendous and a testament to the great country and game that you can have dreams come true, and you have to pay the price. and now, at lake haw -- lake tahoe came down to the end. jerry rice was not in the hunt, but this long par on 13 made his day. jerry has game, but it has not transferred to the big stage here in tahoe. and the defending champ mark mauleder with the back nine, and 31, but he misses the par putt on 18 to open up the door for
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tennis star marty fish. and now for the eagle and tie forcing it to sudden death, but mark mulder is going to win b k back-to-back, and $125,000 for the efforts and bragging rights for the next year. venus wilson and britain's johanna konta looking for a first win and venus looking for her 50th win, but it was a hot day down there on the farm. and venus trailed 4-1 games, there but a beautiful crosscourt match. and konta severing for the match, and venus with the unforced error finds the net and the three-seed wins the banning of the west championship in three sets in the first ever singles title. team usa is looking impressive and they will be here at oracle where coach k better start playing durant and klay thompson.
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yes. and "star trek" does she have
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coming up tonight at 11:00, the bay area police officers headed to baton rouge to pay tribute to their fallen comrades. and meet the neighbors coming together to stop the construction of two public tennis courts they say will ruin their green space. and resistance was few tall for movies other than "star trek and beyond" and the restart of the reboot topped the box office earning $60 million even though it is $20 million less than the original. and the anal enough for the paramount pictures to make a fourth. and ghostbusters was tied for third with "low lights"
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which is a low-budget horror movie. "ice age collision course" debuts in fifth place. that is it for abc 7 news at 9:00, and the next broadcast is going to be at 11:00. we will see you later.
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♪ (female narrator) it's the michelle meow show. your a-z covering the lgbt, lmnop and everyone in between. [music continues] here's michelle meow. welcome to the michelle meow show. your a-z covering the lgbt, lmnop and everyone in between show. i'm so excited to be back in studio and producing new shows. i know we were re-running a few shows back there during pride. it was a very intense time and still continues to be. since pride, we have experienced mass shootings such as orlando and haven't had a chance to even reflect upon that here on the show. but, we've also experienced some deaths by police brutality and murders within this country. and, also, i should add, terrorism. so, it's been really, really, really hard. but, i'm very, very glad to be back here in studio to have a conversation about the topics that we


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