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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 25, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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i hope you take enormous pride in the historical accomplishment we have achieve ñ achieved. >> just short time ago at the democratic national convention, bernie sanders rallied his supporters urging them to vote
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for hillary clinton. good evening amma is off i'm dan ashley. we begin with the latest from the dnc. opened with a chaotic first day in philadelphia. as bernie sanders supporters refused to yield in their support for him. just minutes ago sanders wrapped up his speech at the convention. karen has flights philadelphia. >>reporter: rocky start to the democratic convention. on a night that was billed as united together. democrat insisted they would be more positive, optimistic than what republicans offered but deep divide couldn't be sweptrz under the arena rug. during the early part of the night the bernie sanders delegates chanting his name. and booing at mention of clinton. bernie sanders closing the night with a fiery speech urging his passionate suppor supporters to put differences aside and help hillary clinton beat donald trump. >> hillary clinton must become
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the=báz next president of the united states. >>reporter: elizabeth warren didn't even endorse clinton until after the primary slamming the republican nomine nominee. >> we are not going to be donald trump hate filled america. not now. not ever. >>reporter: first lady highlighting hillary clinton decades of public service but g"amk the clear shot at donald trump. >> don't let any one ever tell you that this country isn't great. >>reporter: the controversy still brewing over those leaked dnc e-mails. security os tell abc news that federal officials believe russian government operatives hacked the dnc e-mail system and then pushed the material to wikileak in blatant attempt to influence the presidential election. >> tuesday night will focus on hillary clinton record working for families and children. m1yjjt the case and no doubt
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throwing in personal anecdote former president clinton. philadelphia. now laura anthony will be live from philadelphia on abc 7 news tonight at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. she and abc 7 news anchor will be there all week in fact for the convention. now the republican nominee for president donald trump held two rally today with his running mate mike pence n.virginia he went after the drama caused by the dnc chair resignation. >> debby was totally loyal to hilary. and hilary threw her under a bus and didn't take her more than 5 minutes to make that decision. man, i don't want her covering my back i'll tell you right no now. it's true. the. >>reporter: trump is enjoying a boost in poll number after the rnc. trump now polls ahead of cnn poll has margin of error of
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moving on.u!!p tonight firefighters struggle to contain two rapidly growing wildfires. in los angeles county flames have charred nearly 52 square miles and crew concerned that shifting winds could make things even worse. the sand fire which started friday has destroyed 10 homes and threatening thousands of others. mandatory÷/k! evacuation are in effect for 10,000 residents. the fire is only about 10% contained at this point. mean time 20 homes destroyed by wildfire that is growing rapidly in monterey county. nearly 15,000 acres have burned south of carmel. mandatory evacuation ordersb,% e in effect. some roads are closed. right now the fire is only a 5 percent containment meaning there is a long way to go here. sergio has a look at the local firefighters helping out on the fire line. >>reporter: for people who live near the fire here it's unnerve to go see it in so close. >> it's stressful. yes it's definitely stressful.
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>>reporter: this is a fire that has expanded by thousands of acres in just a few days. >> fire has grown from saturday from 3000 acres to the 14,000 plus we are seeing now and it really is just hard to get toyshtion but northern most edge of the fire continues to inch toward an area called carmel highlands. many of the residents were evacuated early this weekend but returned only to be put on notice that they may have to evacuate again. >> what we have heard is that the fire has come down and jumped the creek so it's now way back in the canyon here now they say they put it out but if the wind changes, what are you going to do. >> i lived in ojai a little while and i watched a fire come almost into the valley in ojai but this is the first five seen close-up and personal here. >>reporter: that resident also voiced concern about the neighborhood water shed which is currently threatened by the fire. there are dozens of firefighters who have been dispatched here from the bay area. many are stationed near the
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homes to provide fire protection in case it gets any closer. >> there's a crew that has been here constantly. first crew came from san jose. theng]u were from santa cruz!o. 1l guys here andc i mean, they areyw great. that are here are among thehe ! battletz the fire heremá. in monterev county, abcr 7 news. a and here's how[h bad the thing ist/. smoke fromj$e fire in monterey÷v in the picture from b(q& national weather se >ice in the distance and from a satellite photo;ç. that smoke along with hot weather are prompt ago sparefñ turn now to sandhya with more on that. sandhya? >>reporter: yes dan. let's take a looks÷ at the current conditions near the the temperature has been dropping. it's 56 degrees. notice all the low clouds around the area relative humidity is coming up which should help the firefighters 93 percent.
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winds right now not an issue and as you look at the next 24 hours wind gust are expected to remain anywherevá'[ between zero continue miles an hour and notice the wind direction west south west primarily which is bringing the cool marine air in but unfortunately the smoke contributes to our poor air quality. live look from the mount tam cam and look at the forecast for tuesday. air quality will suffer inland east bay santa clare valley poor and moderate the rest of the> okay thanks very much. now keep track of the changing weather conditions where you live with the abc 7 news app. down load it for free and track oaklandó the streets for a suspect who shot at a police officer over the weekend. as she was trapped in her car following a carúo accident.
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the leslie has the latest on the investigation. >> shooter deliberatelyd" walked up to marked patrol car with a and fired:ñ a round into the ca. this l is definitely a deliberate act. >>reporter: shooting happened here. near the corner of 73rd avenue and wells street in east oakland. 5 surveillance camera at the intersection and at the liquor sto captured the shooting. all started when an o pd suv driven solo by a sergeant collided with another car saturday night at 9:30. the other driver was arrested. the officer was trapped. that's when a man shot at her. >> i justi got shot at. imn can get out of the car. >>reporter: the radio call for help came as other bystanders tried to assist the officer. in the end she was release from high land hospital with injuries suffered in the accident and not from the shooting. >> for those of us that live on
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those streets we experience that daily. threats of shooting. shooting. robbery. you name it.e1#9 >> protect the lives of officers and from text the lives of everyone in our community we need to do a lot more to crack down on the flood of illegal guns. >>reporter: police don't want the sergeant identity to be made public to protect her and the other officers who are being actively targeted they said by a suspect still out there on the streets of oaklan oakland. i'm leslie, abc 7 news. and san francisco police officers working in pairs after that officer in oakland was shot at saturday night. riding in pairs after the deadly shootings in dallas and baton rouge. san mateo county deputy arrested a couple accused of burglarizing several homes in three bay area cities. brook and ryan were arrested last week as they tried to break into a burlingame home police say. they drove off in a u-haul.
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witness help deputy track down the vehicle. detectives say the kim is also responsible for otheréfx home burglaries in millbraetv and sn carlos9x the bail waszñ set at 200,000 dollars. uc berkeley police investigating a rash of; auto burglaries around campus since the start ofeh 81 there have ben 19 reported car break-ins. most happened in parking lots on or near the universityñr. police say in almost every case thieves smash a window to steal valuable left in plain sight which we are always remineed never to do. dead whale washed up on a bay area shore. ahead on 7 news at 9:00. why experts say we will likely see more beached whales in our area. and fish are biting. what's behind a rush of salmon in the sea this season? and what tech analyst are saying about today's multi-billion dollar yahoo dea ual.
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in the world. bean hollow  has the story. >>reporter: sea gulls were surveilling thet!rr nature foo chain here. carcass of 32 foot juvenile female humpback.í-ud which washed ashore at bean
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hollow state beach just south of historic pescadero. others took pictures of the massive mammal. this%ç group of austrian en roue to monterey. something unusual on the beach. >>! we were not sure what it i. ñ or whatever. i was very sad because i thought the whale was pete completely shredded. >>reporter: picnicker stopped but the stench drove them away. >>reporter: picnicker stopped but the stench drove them away. >> the smell is incredible. >>reporter: so you cancelled your picnic. >> yes. we are going to go agent bit farther. >>reporter: this morning a team of scientist from the marine mammal center academy of çt=w#44ólííg!cídw dead humpback. to the skull. wounds] consistent with a whale colliding with a vessel. earlier this month ar!cv dead 0 foot humpback was found off the same beach. into a ship.
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many humpback have been spotted along the coast these past months. the big mammal hi grating north and feeding along the way close to shore, greating. mammal0 says with increased number of whales my greating in , abc 7 ne. mean time veterinarians in owner about his a deadly illnessyscm.ll this killed nearly all rabbit that it infects. not dangerous to people oroyçz other animal. media partner in the east bay timesi reported three rabbits had to be put down as a result. this disease is from biting insects like mosquitos and fle fleas. symptoms áu)uggling to breathe. vets say keepmd rabbitycé)jtjjud use flea control product advantage to protect them. you may have notice add lot of fishing boats lately off the golden gate. there is a huge v number of salmon offdl the coast and that
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did not happen by accident. here's wayne frod man to+khj explain.uñ >>reporter: it's an experience so timelesst1 so element anglera fight. let it go"ñ. captain let it go. >>reporter: the trip on this boat called the whacky1i jackie began before dawnyn. that's jacqueline douglas atgñ the helm the queen of bay area fishermen.ó& taking thought group of÷0 angler once a week'ç for more than 30 years. they are hooked. >>iom wheníy you see themí rod g zing zing+]. oh, >>reporter: mñ it has been said that catching a fish is like eating=0 chocolate don't know what you are missing until you hook one then you want more. for arnold it has been awhile. every cast and exercise in optimism. >> took me about tell praying. optimism. about w day. a certain kind of fish.
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>> we are looking for king salmon chinook. >> nights one.rk >>reporter: nor would the fish be the last. an experience partially man induced. the. >> there's good chance some of thea fish we have seen before. we saw that fish when he was >>reporter: here's where. two years ago while in the clutch of drought the state transported some 30 million sacramento river delta and then released them.r$ it saved the fall run. now we are seeing the payoff as the same fish return home after a water odyssey and if you waiting hook. >> challenge to fight. it. makes for great fishing. >>reporter: so much in fact when the boat landed they caught enough to spread the wealth for everyone on board. tradition on this boat%o. >>. >>reporter: sharing the boat fish they call it.
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unless you are arnold who landed two fish of his own. >> great day great day. >>reporter: great season for all of us. from fishermen wlavsh in san francisco, wayne abc 7 news. that's good stuff. okay. turn our attention to the weather forecast. a little bit of reprieve today in terms of the heat sandhya but coming back. >>reporter: that's right. i hope you enjoyed today brief cool down in the inland areas and it was still obviously hot inland but we were not in the triple digit. had 90's inland. we are going to bump you up to 100 over the next few days. some fog right along the coast line and live look from our south beach camera. see just how shallow the layer of fog is so tomorrow morning its will impact your commute. temperatures 55 in san franciscoá÷ñ. oakland 61 degrees. san jose still warm at 71. half moon bay you cooled off nicely 54 degrees. sutro tower cam are this is part of the reason why it cooled today over san francisco we have the fog. a little morermuñ of a sea bree temperature low mid 50's from
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santa rosa to no vat o. stilljs fairfield concord mid 70's livermore 79 degrees and live look from the golden gate bridge camera. murky from this perspective. dense fog in some areas. watch out. we are looking at triple digit temperatures the next 3 days. tomorrow morning when you get going the fog will be around the coast and bay. temperatures will begin in the 50's for most of you and thenm/& you will fwhi will happen to the fogth. it linkers near the coast line. 5:00 a.m. the fog dense watch out for that. 8:00 a.m. fog still in the east bay and parts of the north bay we head into the latter part of the morning and fog burns off from the bay side areas inland spots are already sunny and cooking quickly. along the coast line. we hang on to the fog so it's not too hot for all areas. high for your tuesday in the south bay 97 in morgan hill. 90 san jose. 85 in sunnyvale milpitas on the peninsula. mid 80's redwood city. menlo
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park 79 san mateo o. 64 half moon way. downtown san francisco 70 degrees. 63 in daly city and you will have the typical fog lingering into the afternoon. 90 in novato north bay 84 san rafael. 92 santa rosa but look at the triple digit. clover dale ukiah and lake port area east bay 80 in oakland. 86 fremont. 82 hercules. if inland really be aware of the fact that this is where the heat alert is in effect. you need to really take precaution if you work outside stay hydratedz.q and stay cool. 103 in livermore. 101 concord. fairfield. pleasanton. 104 degree ins antioch. now when you take a look at what's going to happen on wednesday, still going to sizzle inland in the triple digit. warm hot for most areas on thursday except for the immediate coast line and slight dip in the temperatures on friday still in the 90's you have to wait until the weekend when you really do get some relief. accu-weather 7 day forecast will go with 100 tuesday through thursday than land areas low mid 60's alongfç the
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coast. summer sizzle sticks around for several days but the heat does ease as we head towards the end of the work week and for the weekend it is a cooler pattern actually closer to where we should be for this time of year when we drop you down to the 80's. >> that will be nice. thanks very much. coming up next. sea how virtual reality is about to get a little more real. m"kjt mechanical puppet now n tour. m"kjt mechanical puppet now n tour. wh
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ag yahoo sales to; ,a verizon isn't swaying ceo myers. she wants to stay. she loves yahoo and wants to see it into its next chapter. this is on the heel of verizon
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4.8 billion dollar buy-out of consumer shouldn't expect to see many changes. >> i believe that yahoo will do everything it can to keep and improve whateverí the consumers need. it will be crazy for verizon to cut any of their what they bought essentially to cut that off. >>reporter: rob says meier is one of the best leaders in silicon far there has been no word whether she will have a role with the company after the deal closes next yea year. the companies stock dropped slightly today on the news. look at the next generation of virtual reality. this is video from the tech company visa 0created the first vr head set that tracks your face and transmits your expressionth displaying emotion on to virtual avatar in real time. they are currently seeking funding on kick start tore begin phase 2 of the product development-u5eñ.
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head set is available for a pledge of 70 dollars. they hope to ship the device by december. and check this out. giant mechanical puppet is roaming the englishzp7j countr e countryside. nobody is being terrorized but it's there to celebrate the historyhñ. man engine is making a 130 mile journey to celebrate the cornish mining industry. creation is 32 feet tall. 40 tons. and is designed to look like the basket that carry miner down into mining shafts. all right. just ahead here. move by cal train to help speed up your commute. >> also ahead. how massive wildfire in california hit too close to home for some firefighters. plus we now know what caused a beloved community center to go newspaper flames. we have the latest on the investigation. and sipe of gratitude. how neighbors in one south bay and sipe of grat to their police officers. police officers. another half hour of abc 7 news another half hour of abc 7 news
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good evening once again we start this half hour with two massive wildfires in california that now have swept through more than 782m square miles. one is burning in monterey county. second in los angeles county where a wildfire is blamed for destroying the homes of firefighters who are working to put out the flames. christina from our sister station in los angeles has the latest. >>reporter: child bicycle. kitchen sink. back yard garden. charred reminders that what now looks like a war zone was home to at least three firefighters and their families. >> not evenyñ 24 hours ago this was a house. now piles of rubble. across the way the forest service compound house 20
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person hot shot crew. that structure gone too. good news is everyone got out safely including pets. two of the firefighterwes already out working this fire when the flames took their house. another sergio the a firefighters with the u.s. forest service was fighting another fire near camp pendleton. >> i was getting text and phone call from back home updating me on the fire that was going on back home and eventually got. >>reporter: they clean up other residents in the area come for any word on their hom home. >> do you think it's okay it's material but when it comes down to it. wow! i really would like to keep my house. >>reporter: katherine has lived in the area for 20 years and says they have been evacuated maybe a dozen times but never been this worried. >> because the resources are spread so thin in the past they have always had a fireman in each of our back yards.
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but every place else there's nobody there. there was only one fire truck that's the first time we have had a fire so close with so little resources. >> that is christina reporting. coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7. health dang they are one of the massive wildfires is causing right here if the bay ar sure t. all right over seas now. shock in a japan where 19 people killed during a knife attack at care facility outside of tokyo. 25 other people were injured during an attack at facility for people with disabilities. again outside tokyo. those killed wounded were mostly clients of the facility. officials previously feared more people had died or were hurt. police arrestedj a 26-year-old man who was a former employee of that same facility. event derd to officers and later told them all the handicapped should disappear. obviously disturbed person. hundreds of people gather for funeral service today's for one of the three louisiana law enforcement officers killed in
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an ambush in baton rouge. mr. jackson 10 year veteran leaves behind a wife and 4 month old son. jackson widow hugged each officer during the service. family and friends vow to follow jackson message don't let hate infect your heart. jackson wrote that in a facebook post days before his death describing the difficulty of being both a black man and a police officer. his co-workers had this message for jackson's widow. >> you are super woman and mason was a super baby. the phone stop ringing and people stop visiting you, we got you. >>reporter: public memorial for all three officers is planned for thursday. let's move back to politic for a few minutes and rubbing news philadelphia for the democratic party.
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tell. >> thank you all so much. >>reporter: party chairman schultz congresswomanbjú from florida booedcn in front of the camera today. is he wasn't even allowed on the stage. >> we have got to elect hillary >> w" tim kaine.o elect hillary >>reporter: and more boo for bernie sanders when he tried to get his supporters to unite behind hillary clinton. cecelia is in philadelphia with more about the turmoil at the dnc. >>reporter: day one and before the convention even begins this explosive scene. [ yelling] anger erupting as dnc chair woman schultz addresses her home state florida delegation.
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she stand firm. >> i'm so proud to have been able to serve as the chair of ánational committee. >>reporter:xueitáááp'eers supporters out9 in such force no one can stop themobuy. t.revolt in the democratic party. after hacked et(r&s revealed: the dnc favored clinton over sanders during the primary. schultz in the middle of the scandal yet she was still scheduled to gavel the at 4. >>çp thank you. >>reporter: outside the convention hall sanders booed as he tries to fire up hundreds of his delegates. >> we have got to defeat!ñ donad trump. and we have got to elect
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>>reporter: sanders tries to quiet the crowd to no avail.s[fç . we live inç#.ep real/jql world t trump' is a bullymv.qç' wty >>reporter: thiskk is not carolina clinton painting ikind of convention than they had last week. 'h and/y soon after this announcementm. miss schultz would not gavel in thegj convention after all. insteadu time to ring in the convention and some one else is up there on the stage than miss schultz. she said she made her decision
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in the interest of making sure that we can start the democratic convention on a high note. and now it is all up to sanders and his big speech tonight as he toured the podium before the big show i asked what are you going to say to your supporters to get them to vote for hillary clinton of theç(r[o upporters boonjing every mentionb7 oftq clintono÷#t name. >> break in the millbrae< communityn center fire investigatiozh. investigatorsf say two teenagere have a@5 confession froml] bothd social0y media play add roleñ in identifyingqñ the(ñ.có lee ann has details now from millbraefhñ >>reporter: investigators have outside the community center
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building the san mateosu county sheriff's officex said it was not an intentional#nñ8o instead the teenagers[r wereñ neglect. suggeç-&ng they were perhaps smokingc or playing with-í fire. >> during th/cñóa interview thy acknowledged0 to the incident x information where the detectives were comfortable >>reporter: the 16 and 1 mateo-1 youth+a services cent] investigators saych social media playvh add role in findingoñ th. social media that helped$8 absolutely. items of evidence that detectives have. dozens of local organizations have used the center>- for years including summer day care center. grandparents like rose mary, another center opened its doors to the children. >> the 2 little guys went in there and doesn't matter to
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them. they are just busy playing basketball already. >>reporter: her husband was sorry to hear those responsible were teens. >> i feel sorry for their parents. and i feel sorry for them. >>reporter: this room at city hall is where the different agency are meeting to try to find spaces for all the the organizations displaced. >> we have an opportunity tomñ join forces and we'll get true this. so the loss is the building. >>reporter: city says once things settle down in early august they will start talking about rebuilding. in millbrae, abc 7 news. cal-trans today began operating longer trains on the business yebingt trip. agency has added a sixth train car on two northbound trips and twoáh south bound trips during weekday to carry additional passengers. trips will feature the newer bombard rail car. cal train announced it begins refurbishing some of the older rail cars some of8n#sñ which are long overdue for repairs.
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stay here with me coming up. dance party that is both heart warming and heart breaking. i'llç explain. how entire community came i'llç explain. how entire community came together to help a young girl
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if you are a fan.j of energy drink you are heavy happy to hear@d this. several lawsuits alleging monster energy drink causes variety of illnesses have been dropped. monstersñ energy company says there should be no safety concern about its drinks. message to the law firmoñ which filed the lawsuit was not returned. santa clara police officer say that lately they have been seeing a lot moreó6 acts of kindness towards them. departmentv
9:44 pm
early this month. z off a thank you note received santa clara university baseball team. he says that's just the tip of the ice berg. >> we have received cardsn of support.z we have received flowers at ourh front door. made backed0y goods. they sent us pizza. officers have been receiving notes on the cars. >> and they appreciate it so much. by the way the dallas police department says applications to become; a police officer have tripledl8p6r'ce the july 7th attack. teenager in wisconsin who  illness that unfortunately will take her life hasna decided last dance. she is almost always in chronic pain. she has spinal muscular atrophy type ii which destroys nerve ú. her mother decided she wantshr
9:45 pm
town hook her v tilator. her parents decided to celebrate her life. hundreds turned up friday nightd for j's lastjh dance. she was escortedcv bay(olice and fire truck, flowers were sent(7 friends wantedoeduz make it a night to remember. she, idshe was really close to  and i don't want to cry in front of herzç and ruin the nic for her. iri want her to haz:y(/d?ciññi t night of her life and remember this forevert. >> itwñ make my heart explode. come for meúe. ç?,,wñi come you. z . history$ was made tonight. check out the momenté that made it happen. plane trip around the world withoutgy]kz a drop35 of few. e beenp- following it closelyzç k withoutgy]kz a drop35 of few. e beenp- following it closelyzç k in a moment
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people love my portobello mushroom buttery jack, made with portobello mushrooms, grilled onions, and garlic herb butter. ever wonder how i came up with it? well... actually, i came up with it at the water cooler. but i thought you'd like this cowboy story better. the portobello mushroom buttery jack is back. part of the buttery jack family. taste it before it's gone.
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[applause]pw. s and applause break.k out at mission control to sellfr brit a history makingnq moment. tonight solar impulse 2 completed around the world trip powered soley by the sun energ  energy. the plane landed in abu dhabi took autopsy more than a year ago. it has flown epicziááñ 25,000 ms and)u made 16 stops including oe in the bay area at move it field in santa clara county. the record setting flight mark the first time
9:50 pm
taken by the hubble space telescope. star burst is galaxy with unusually high number of new stars forming inside. the telescope snapped the photo of the galaxy which is about 50 million light years away from earth. that is fascinating. all right back on this planet let's look at the heat that's come back. sandhya is here with the forecast. >>reporter: yes. that heat will be primarily inland where we deal with warmer weather around the bay. al the coast you see why item not hot. we still have fog around. it's around tomorrow afternoon. 70 in monterey but really 89 in tahoe. see the triple digit from chico to sacramento, from east no andh desert 113 in palm springs. micro climate 64 half machine bay with the fog sitting 70 in downtown san francisco. 80 oakland getting warm there sizzling as we head to walnut creek and antioch. 100 to 104 degrees. rest of the high for tomorrow. 90 san jose looking at 92 in santa rosa and here is a look
9:51 pm
at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. notice the triple digit heat. sticking around for three days. 60's coast side. then we start to notice that the heat does back off. cooler pattern a welcome change by the weekend dan. >> 104. thanks very much. larry is off. mike is here wl3h all the sports. shoe baseball both side. >> that's right. after winning with several walk off the past three series the a's fell in texas. giants needed home cooking. brandon didn't have a rbi in the road trip. packing fence the red and the road trip. packing fence the red and starter ra
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>> tonight at 11:00. wildfire rapidly growing in monterey county. health danger it's causing here in thew bay area. plus new shark sighting off the peninsula coast but this one was caught on0t camera. those stories and more coming up at 11:00 on channel 7. shoe is here with baseball.
9:55 pm
>> home cooking will turn the second half around at 1 and 7 road trip following the all star break. jake on the hill tonight against the reds and welcome to giants fans. matt and joe doing some work on the field pre-game hoping to come off the dl soon. scoreless in the first. buster÷w delivers with single to right field. fans score but thrown out trying to reach second. giants go up one nothing. top 4. same score. bruce hold of the offering. nice catch by the giants fan but he reached for it. might not have been a homer. quickly destroys the evidence with damage done. still in theny fourth. 2 run homer of his own here. doing his best to suppress the anger. 4-1 reds but bottom]] half ought inning. the answer. 2 run homer for the giant and happy to be home after tough road trip. 1 run game. next inning. angel give them a lead when the ball lands near the back of the
9:56 pm
arcade in right field. another 2 run shot. 5-4 giants. top of the sixth guess what happens next. you guess it. 2 run homer. you ever correct. bruce second 2 run shot of the game. complete highlights at 11jt:00. importantdñ bad news for the giantsd:. cubs today traéaw, for yankeesv (sqáipìc@&h&hc throws mainly heat usually in bullpen could have used him. after winning 3 straight series at home a's hit the road star starting in texas where everything is bigger including this batáh. homer in the 1st inning. up 2 nothing. rangers answer. solo shot. u$e third. rbi double. drives home jed and score 3 in the third to make it 5-1. a's lead in the seventh when he
9:57 pm
takes over. home tore right field and now 1 run game. close it out. he crushes 2 run walk off home tore left center. 16th homer here and rangers win 7-6. all right niners promote senior personnel assistant tom gamble to assistant gm today. put general manager on the hot seat. gamble helped build play off team in 2011-12 a and been with the niners in the nfl for years. he worked in philly stay tune. former forty-niner offensive tackle davis announce on twittere reaapplied for reinstatement to the nfl after concussion issues last year. this niners could use his skill set on the offensive line. cleveland star the josh gordon reinstated to the nfl on conditional basis after suspended for the entire 2015 season for multiple violation
9:58 pm
of drug policy. he can join the team for all pre-season activity and games but miss the first 4 games of the season and can return on october 3rd. this is best week in a long time for bay area soccer fans. game takes place on thursday international power house liverpool and ac milan play at levi stadium on sunday. the game taking place thursday night but week of activity playing for bay area soccer fans. including meet and greet. pre-concert featuring low rider. didn't make the all star team but advantage of all the if he is tips. i think item a really big deal. exciting that arsenal is here.@v all the stars will be here. cool san jose is putting us on and able to host the event. really fun. >>reporter: 5md they have a new look at the arena. check out the video. the usa takes on china at 7:00 o'clock. kd take the court in oakland
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