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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 26, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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for hillary clinton, 330 votes. it's official, hillary clinton is the democratic nominee for president. we're live with a california delegation. that is the other stuff. >> court workers say they're seeking justice. how a threatened walk out could affect others seeking justice in south bay courtrooms. >> we're live at oracle arena. fans get a sneak peek at kevin durant but hooes he's not playing for the warriors tonight. >> i move hillary clinton be
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selected as the democratic nominee for the president of the united states. >> bernie sanders urging democrats to stand by hillary clinton. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristin zee. here is a look at the democratic national convention. you're seeing senator barbara boxer speaking. president bill clinton, former president bill clinton is scheduled to speak tonight. >> now, laura anthony is live inside of the convention hall in philadelphia tonight. laura? >> this took on hour it was with a big assist from bernie sanders. >> how do you cast your vote? >> california. >> one, by one, each state cast
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votes. >> for bernie sanders, 221 votes. and for hillary clinton, the next president of the united states, 330 votes. >> there was a last chance to make sure america knows they aren't 100% on board. >> 41 delegates are casting their votes. >> she will work for you. hillary clinton wants to get results. she'll fight for your day-to-day needs. >> what we need is a revitalized american democracy. >> earlier in the day, sanders made a stop at the california delegation and his supporters shouted down speakers for the
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second day in a row. >> this is this is where we need to air out those. among them, wanda johnson, the mother of oscar grant. wanda johnson did not speak but we did hear from trayvon martin's mother, sabrina fulton. >> i would not have signed up for this or any other mother standing here with me today, but i am here today for my son, trayvon martin, who is in heaven. >> this is a look at california senator boxer, a big hillary clinton supporter. later tonight the prime time
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portion continues and the headliner is former president bill clinton. he's been a prolific speaker at the dnc. this will be his tenth live appearance. >> there there was an he megsal moment for sanders when his brother, larry, cast his vote. he is part of the democrats abroad celebration. >> they would be especially proud bern would be doing something. so i cast my vote for bernie sanders. >> and senator sanders swelled with emotion during his brother's speech and vote. let's go back and listen in live to a few seconds to senator
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barbara boxer who has been speaking. tonight's line up includes a speech by former president and alicia keys will be performing. abc news will have it all beginning after this newscast. >> bernie sanders lost fans in the north bay. the city manager says his campaign is not honoring his promise to pay for a rally there. the city manager says they promised to pay for expenses but the bill was declined. donald trump today campaigned in
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north carolina. trump and his running mate, mike pence spoke in charlotte the day after hillary clinton addressed the same audience. trump talked about one plan to help veterans. >> i will create a private white house hot line. this will take the place of twitter. that is answered by a real person, 24 hours a day to make sure that no valid complaint about the va ever talls through the cracks. >> abc7 news anchor will be in philadelphia through thursday. a 16-year-old standoff ended
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and surrounded a house on cumberland street. the standoff began last night and he barricaded himself in the garage with a knife during a family argument. >> we've been figuring out so we can speak with them. >> police sending in a robot, 1:00 p.m., neighbors heard two bangs. watsonville, a teen-ager have has been rescued and witnesses tell our media partner the buy dug a hole four dug a hole. his head stayed above the sand and he went to the hospital to get checked out.
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>> basketball season dotil octo arena is back in action and kevin durant will be playing. when he came out, the crowds went wild and dub nation is ready to see this trio play. oracle arena has been transformed and ready for the usa basketball . for fans it's more than that. it's the first opportunity since
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kevin durant signed to see the small forward do it up, big at oracle arena. his heart is dub nation. >> there are three warriors on team usa. >> it means the world to them to be team usa. >> rick welsh was one architect of the olympic dream team that featured magic johnson and
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michael jordan. tonight a glimpse of the latest push for the gold and a peek at the starting line ups. tip off is at 7:00. >> hundreds of santa clara county court clerks are threatening to go on strike saying they need a better contract offer from the courts. >> they say they've been overworked and underpaid. vick? >> they voted to go on strike and if they do go on strike, it would likely shut down the courts. the court clerks say it's been years since they've had a raise. >> some of us are in shelters.
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others are couch surfing. >> shelly clairy has been a court clerk 31 years, top salary is about $65,000 a year. the courts are offering her 4.5% raise for the first of a two-year contract and immediate 5% increase for most of those who have at least six years experience. the unions local president said that is not enough. >> it's not meeting standards of what we'd be able to survive and having a living wage. >> santa clara courts faced a deficit this year on top of massive cuts in recent years in the branch. the clerks say they just can't keep up with all of the work.
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>> this lawyer sympathizes with the clerks. >> they could be backlogged up to two months. >> must be frustrating. >> yes. >> they'd likely shut down the courts including family law courts and sim nal courts. >> he says they believe, and i quote, neighbor goingses should be done at the table and not through the media. >> some cool sdrekts are desperate to hire teachers. >> it's a present thought. where is the fire at? >> worried about wildfires.
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hear from residents living on the edge. a wildfire continues to grow. >> we'll have wide spread triple digit heat coming up. a woman
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>> the start of a school year, schools are desperate to hire teachers and some have gone as far as offering cash incentives.
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and that is where lyann lyanne melendez is live tonight. >> they had a good turn out and i'm told 131 candidates came through here. we don't have the number, but i'm told that a few were hired on the spot. >> i have a masters in mechanical engineering. i'm hoping to teach high school physics. >> the school district is looking to hire 60 teachers. >> right now, we need special education teachers. and are looking for math and
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science baby boomers continue to retire and pink slips discourage people from getting into the field of education. 82,000 jobs were lost from 2008 to 2012 during the great recession. >> we're paying $1,000 to the teachers we hire. >> the district wants to attract more people like elton webb. he just graduated in public policy. >> i know what it takes to grow up in a tough neighborhood. i want to let them know that you can make it. >> school starts august 22nd.
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we want a good teacher in front of every student. >> repub hick family of companies announced it will donate $30,000 to help families and pay to keep the programs running. investigators say the fire was arson and two teenagers have been arrested. >> a fire was sparked off sorda county road. in los angeles a drone spotted above the sand wildfire meant firefighters had to change their path today. it is 25 contained. one man died, a 67-year-old man who refused to evacuate.
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nearly all he vac orders have been listed. >> safety officials issued more evacuation orders today, 20 houses have burned down and 19,000 acres are charred near big sur. the fire is only 10% contained. abc7 news joins us live from the command post with a look at people who have had to leave their homes and crews trying to save them. >> there are more than 2300 personnel from around the state and if you take a look, you can see some engines on stand by. the fire crews hoping to get the fire under control as soon as possible.
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>> i'm going to get the internet report. >> frank laurie has been under a warning on sunday. he's grateful his home is standing. >> it's an ever present thought. where is the fire? how safe are we? >> the fire is threatening 1600 structures. 300 residents are forced out of their homes and 20 homes have been destroyed. >> we have dense vegetation so that makes it complicated. >> the chief is here as part of a strike team from the city. he says the state has the best mutual aid in the world. >> to support the community means when we need help, the system is there to support us. >> that has been crucial to this
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area. >> so there is many different micro climates in this area. >> whatever the challenges may be -- >> loss of life, you can't rebuild. >> this community is grateful for assistance they've received. in monterey county, chris nguyen, abc7 news. the weather is always a key factor and it has been hot. >> that is true. we have sunny skies and low clouds at the coast that is likely to advance a bit.
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102 in lake port around the bay area. this is the view from our tower now looking into that advancing marine layer just pushing through the golden gate. and bay. 89 in san jose. and temperatures actually going up a degree from earlier. it's 92 in santa rosa and 97 in fairfield and livermore. and today was a spare the air day. heat alert continues and heat in our areas will ease a bit. this is the view at sfo.
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overnight look for lows mainly into mid to upper 50s and dense fog over the bay locally and back to the coastline giving us hot conditions. notice to the weekend a cooler pattern settles in saturday. cooler sunday, temperatures more in average range for this time of the year. so two, perhaps three more days of triple digits inland and relief is on the way. >> one step closer to becoming
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investigators say the tesla driver who died in a crash was speeding. his tesla crashed into a truck. you're looking at video posted by the driver. there is a feature that is not
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activated about the driver. there has been criticism in the model s car. >> apple is on the verge of a rare accomplishment. the tech giant is about to sell its billionth iphone. t-mobile customers can now add services to iths bipg on option which let's users stream all they want without worrying about data caps. >> delivery by drone is getting a trial run by amazon. another option is allowed in the united states. amma zone hopes it can deliver
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packages weighing up to five pounds within 30 minutes. >> tensions between deputies and she have have reached a new level. >> why they are trying to take their boss to court. >> today's decision, and reaction ahead on abc7 news at 6:00. >> olympic athletes changing their minds about living arrangements for the games in
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volkswagon tease yil owners are getting closer to getting things made right in san francisco today. a judge has given a preliminary okay to a nearly $15 billion settlement. wayne freedman was in court today. >> attorneys representing volkswagon emerged if court today. not a victory.
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>> this is a step forward for volkswagon. company wanted to do right by the environment and we think this will achieve that. >> it has been roughly nine months volkswagon was accused of cheating. the cars created legions of angry, duped owners the company will heap a hot line open seven days per week. lead counsel in the action calls this a win. >> it's about consumers being able to say i meant it when they chose an environmental car and
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now i'm going to get the money and buy something responsible. >> if you own one and want to sell it back, you can have money in your pocket as soon as october. but volkswagon faces possible criminal charges and possibly more in fines and there is the stock price. volkswagon sold at $50 a share, and today, 28. >> today, jurors heard closing arguments in pg and e trial. and one point of obstructing the investigation. the jurors heard testimony and hope to get the case this week. >> sheriff laurie smith is being
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sued by her deputies, accused of charging federal taxes for security but instead of sending money to the federal government, she put it in a slush fund. this is not the first clash between smith and the union. a woman in los angeles who is suing uber after an uber driver raped her is speaking publicly for the first time. she used the service after a night out drinking with friends in 2014. the last thing she remembers from that night is getting in the car and her driver offering her a water bottle. >> next thing i remember is waking up, 7:00, 7:30 in my bed on top of my sheets and i was nude. >> the driver pleaded no contest to sexual battery. the lawsuit is asking uber to impose mandatory fingerprinting
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to drivers and to offer gps monitoring of drivers. abc7 news protects identity of rape survivors but she chose to come forward to speak to other women. >> in france, police say two teenagers stabbed and killed an elderly priest and took hostages after pledging allegiance to isis. it happened while he was conducting mass. one attacker tried to go to syria twice and evaded police by using a relative's card and was caught in germany and another time in turkey. >> islamic extremist rebels are taking responsibility for two suicide bombings. among the dead, seven united
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nations guards. this is a day of mourning in japan following one of the worst mass killings in that country's history. 19 people stabbed to death and 26 others wounded in a facility with people with disabilities. authorities say a former worker broke in and attacked the residents. the 26-year-old turned himself in and authorities say the man had expressed strong views about euthanizing disabled people, saying quote, all handicaps should disappear. >> athletes competing in the summer games began checking into the olympic village today despite complaints the compound is dangerous. the australian team was the first to move in. you'll recall the team called it unlivable because of leaks in the buildings.
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the village is expected to accommodate about 18,000 athletes and staff. a little boy's first trip to the beach was ruined by thieves. >> everything, including this 4-year-old's prosthetic leg. >> faulty air bags were just the beginning for this
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a 4-year-old boy got to go to the beach. while making memories a thief was making off with his prosthetic leg. >> liam is just learning karate. his mother fears he may have to stop going because of what happened. >> it's upsetting and makes me sad. >> this 4-year-old missing his prosthetic leg, someone stole it
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during his first visit to the beach. last sunday morning at crystal cove, his father had his son wear an old prostheic and he left it on the beach. >> we were in the water two hours and everything was gone. they stole my leg. >> he used a prosthetic leg when he was one when his right leg was to a rare condition that left him without a fibula. his father looked in garbage cans and behind bushes hoping the person just dumped it. >> he needs it, it's a child's leg. >> his old prosthetic is too short, he tries to wear it. . his mother says they'll have to
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wait for several weeks and his mother carries him around, or he rides in a stroller. his message? >> give me my leg! >> well, there is a good ending to the story. just hours after first made news, shark tank offered to buy him a new leg. and a prosthetics company in southern california is willing to help out. >> that is fantastic. >> yes. >> some top soccer players in the world are in the bay area this week for thursday's all star game. mls and tesla spoke about the play players. >> i never thought i was seven
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years old i'd be sitting here. and it's a complete honor for me. >> you don't expect to have more problems with a car after taking it into the shop. >> you do not. that is what one woman says happened to her. >> her
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here alive look at the democratic national convention underway in philadelphia. bill clinton is scheduled to speak tonight. and there is chelsea clinton. >> and a full hour of coverage begins after abc7 news at 6:00. >> millions of air bags are under recall. >> yes. one woman says it came out with new problems.
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>> yes. michael finney is here to explain how he helped her out. michael? >> this shop didn't charge any money for the new air bag but she'd end up paying hundreds to fix problems she says never existed before. this 88-year-old drove the same car for 10 years until getting a recall. the air bag could be dangerous. >> do not let anyone sit on the right side. >> she says the car hasn't been the same, since. >> came back home and it the horn started to blow. >> neighbors disconnected the horn and air bag light kept blivenging. >> they kept it. >> the car stayed in the shop four weeks last december. >> mamie says the rest had
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collected inside and out. here, she sees rust stains covering her driveway. and she said they called oakland mitsubishi. >> they're obligated to respond to us. >> we addressed what her concerns were. >> the supervisor said he is legally barred from revealing the bureau's finding. >> we didn't find anything that showed it was nefarious. >> the owner did not respond for an interview. when we finally reached them, he
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said he had no information about the case and refused to comment. he did refund the money. all $925. if you think the mechanic overcharged you, the bureau will help you out. to reach me go to and select 7 on your side. >> thank you. have to advocate. >> new metering lights came as a surprise to many drivers today. abc7 news and you can see some drivers blew by the red light. caltrans installed meters in 44 on ramps. they will adjust to freeway and onramp traffic.
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>> let's turn our attention to another day of swelter. spencer? >> we have had a hot day, another one statewide and that includes numerous triple digits inland. you may see triple digits again, friday, but the heat will be diminishing and over the weekend, we'll see a cooling trend as highs drop back down to 90 degrees. >> mike shumann is here with sports tonight. >> yes. and tonight is the night to see the men's olympic basketball team. importantly we get to see kevin durant and look into the dubs of
7:51 pm
next season. a preview for you, com
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oracle tuning out in rio. and kd finds this one train of thought. >> there is one goal to get a win and nobody cares about that and whoever. we're just trying to win. >> most times will be 12 guys to
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represent. >> these teams like spain and australia and france have multiple nba players. so you can't take it lightly. >> the game started with a rain delay. weather wasn't cooperating but sun was shining gray. and we'll have highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. >> the pga championship in new jersey. top ranked player in the world jason day, our defending
7:55 pm
champion. we have had three first time winners will that trend continue? roy mcelroy seems to be ready to bust out this year. and phil michael son won here in 2005 first lefty to win the pga. and at 46 he's due to have a break out week. >> when you get to a certain level if you don't win a major, the year is going to be a let down. winning seems to make our break the year no matter what you've done before or after. how many times you won or not one. a major makes it a great year. we're trying to separate ourselves and to win tournaments and be the best we can.
7:56 pm
hopefully, that is the best in the world. >> the game will be the best from the nls. that is the main event. and wednesday, landon donovan will be coach for a group of rising mls stars and win or lose, they want to get out of the environment. >> for them it's a week of fun but they know that there might be people watching. so they're going to take this game serious hi. >> 49ers will not have antwon bolder. the free agent agreed to a deal to play for detroit 74
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touchdowns. should be a fun time for the guys in oracle. nobody gets hurt. knock on wood. >> yes. that is the important thing. >> thanks, shu. >> join us tonight at 9:00 and coming up, why bill clinton says his wife should be president. >> preventing major wildfires and steps to make sure this is not repeated across the bay area. abc news will cover live coverage and tonight's guests on
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jimmy kimmel live are david spade as well as ozzy and jack osbourne. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. stubd stay tuned for live coverage of the democratic national convention. we appreciate your time. >> from the entire abc7 news team, have a good night.
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