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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight at 6:001 on one with san francisco's acting police chief. how he's hoping to regain public trust. plus... >> he jumped out and ran into the garage. they were him. >> surveillance video of a chase moments before a man was tased by police and later died. his family, and officers are telling very different stories. a massive wildfire near big sur turned deadly now. we're live with the latest. and... >> there is no box they need to be put in. >> tournament to keep girls in the game for years still to come. >> there is so much to be done.
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i'm focusing on getting to a better place. san francisco's intern police chief sat down to talk about his mission. he wants to reform the use of force policies and bring communities closer. good evening, thanks for joining us. >> vic lee join us with more. >> it was a candid interview focused on the progress the chief is making in his mission. now, this interview on the day abc7 news learn that had the state attorney general may be offering more transparency in investigations of shootings. abc # news learned kamala harris, the attorney general is working to have her office investigate shootings.
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acting chief tony chaplain didn't comment on it. >> i'm looking at a way to get the public trust in the process of officer-involved shootings and i hear they don't want us investigating ourselves. >> chaplain says he's 80% through the process. in the two months since chaplain has been chief, three incidents have been diffused without using lethal force. a man with a gun in a chinatown apartment after a standoff. and another man with a gun, this month, taken into custody. and police taking down a team armed with a knife. >> it's guiding principles have
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been a huge part of it. now, that fact-based situation to show these are working. >> we've got some of those out in the field now. it's in the process. >> he is aware that he has to owe gain the trust of the diverse communities. he meets with community leaders every chance he gets. >> how would you describe the conclusions you've come away with? >> there is a lot of support for police and rank and file. >> now, as to whether the interim chief wants the job, he says he's too busy to think
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about. >> a man led officers on a chase and caught with them while they tried to arrest him. leslie brinkley is hiv in front of the house where it unfolded. >> there is amazing surveillance video showing the police in pursuit of mart yesz to where i'm standing. it's what happened in the garage, that is where the family, and the police's accounts, differ. >> i know they killed him. >> they're lying. >> friends and family say the 32-year-old humberto martinez was killed by police. this is a neighbor's video. the traffic stop turned into a pursuit. they tased him. police say martinez struggled away from officers in the garage and they followed him into the house. >> ended up getting into a
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estling match on the ground for several minutes to to where officers were physically exhausted. >> this man gives a different account. >> i can hear them tasering and and beating on him. >> police say martinez resisted arrest and bit an officer in the scuffle. back up arrived. >> as being handcuffed our officers realized he was not responsive. our officers have adds in the car. we started providing life saving measures. >> paramedics arrived. police say martinez died at the hospital. his mother doesn't believe that. >> he didn't die in the hospital. they beat him up. >> they murdered him in. >> he says his 6-year-old daughter watched it all.
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police say martinez had a long list of convictions for assault, drugs and violent crime. his family said he had a job and leaves behind a 15-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter. three officers are on leave as the da investigates the death. results are expected to reveal where martinez died. a passerby discovered a man's body and investigated the area. investigators say the man is in his 20s and they have no idea how he died. >> a deadly turn today on a front line of the explosive fire in monterey county. a bulldozer operator died creating containment lines. the fire has burned nearly 24,000 acres and is only 10%
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contained. 2000 homes remain threatened. chris nguyen is live with the latest. chris? >> reporter: temperatures dropped quite a bit here. the number of personnel have gone up from more than 3,000. we're learning about the man who died and the conditions that he was facing at the time of his accident. this view shows flames burning near big sur. 2000 structures are threatened and 20 homes destroyed. this firefighter was using a motorcycle to access houses hard to reach. >> i've been c local residents and getting them turned around and went and checked on where the fire was. >> at the base camp, a somber day, temperatures reflect on the loss of one of their own. a cal fire contractor died overnight after the bulldozer rolled over.
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>> this is a brotherhood. it is devastating. >> the man has not been identified. >> it's extremely unfortunate. and does cast a shadow over our efforts. >> this isn't the first time a firefighter died in the area. in 2007, a 30-year-old was driveing a heavy bulldozer when it rolled over and crushed him. a reminder of how dangerous conditions can be. >> working at night is a challenge. >> multiple subdivisions have been evacuated. cal fire and partner agencies are holding a meeting at the big sur lodge to brief the community about the fire. a boulder came down on a fire truck.
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cal fire warns it is just not stable. officials are asking people to stay clear. this is the foushg fourth day in the row for a spare the air day. >> officials are asking everyone to conserve until 9:00 tonight and tomorrow from 2:00 p.m. until 9:00 in the evening. >> spencer christian is outside with more on our heat and dirty air. >> i'm going to give you a view from our camera of the stagnant air over parts of the east bay. tomorrow, poorest air quality will be in the santa clara valley. high temperatures well into the 100s. and we have a little bit of a breeze near the bay and coast,
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adding to a kooming. >> right, and we heard joe biden, there he is. the vice president is about to speak in the democratic national convention. >> day three of the convention. big speeches tonight. let's listen. >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you, thank you. i love you. ladies and gentlemen, eight years ago, i stood on the stage in denver. and i accepted your nomination to be vice president. and every single day, since then, it's been the honor of our
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lives, for jill and me, every day, we've been grateful to barack and michelle for asking them to join us, join them in that incredible jurny. a journey that can only happen in america. we not only worked together as it becomes obvious, we've become friends. we're now family. we're family. folks you've seen over eight years what president obama means to this country. he's the embodiment -- he is the embodiment of honor, resolve, and character. one of the finest presidents we have ever had.
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that is right. this is a man of character. he's become a brother to jill and me. and michelle? i don't know where you are, kid, but you're incred. you are incredible. i was talking to barack today, it's no longer who is going to give the best speech. we know who did that. you were incredible monday night. the delaware delegation as they say in southern delaware. barack and i married way up. way up.
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folks -- >> the vice president joe biden speaking at the democratic national convention. >> firing up the faithful and a big night of speeches culminating in tomorrow's speech by hillary clinton. among those who have taken the stage, california governor jerry brown and the key note speech from president obama. >> we've been continuing to take live looks inside of the convention. laura anthony is live in philadelphia with more. laura? >> reporter: hi, kristin. we're expecting the president to speak in about an hour after vice president biden wraps up his speech. we'll hear from the vice presidential nominee, tim kaine, then, president obama. we're told he's been working on the speech for months and will speak for about 30 minutes about the woman he hopes will continue his legacy. while the protests continue in downtown philadelphia, the
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convention itself, a few miles away is moving forward. tonight, three of america's top democrats will take the stage. vice president nominee, tim kaine, vice president joe biden and president barack obama, expected to focus mostly on hillary clinton, while mentioning her opponent just a few times. the under card, if you will, included california governor jerry brown. >> trump says global warming is a hoax. i say trump is a fraud. trump says there is no drought in california. i say trump lies. >> trump stanningeled the sunny optimism of ronald reagan and replaced tear down that will with the bigotry of build that wall. >> it comes one day after senator bernie sanders threw his
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support behind clinton. with just two days to go in this historic convention, the clear goal for democrats is to leave here united. >> i think a lot of them are going to. some are going to take longer, that is just how it is in politics. when you care, it takes time to see and value goodness of other people, too. >> reporter: we're back live where vice president joe biden is speaking. he's going after donald trump, talking about him, describing him, donald trump, as a liar. now, some other notes on the speech of president obama, coming up, we understand president obama met with the speech writer in june. there have been six drafts of the speech and he will deliver tonight. very important to him, well aware that this is one of the last big moments of his presidency. live in philadelphia, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> laura, thank you very much.
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>> we continue to take a live look inside of the convention in florida. as you see, vice president joe biden is speaking now. the main event will be the key note address by president obama. >> abc news will have it all during a full hour of live coverage at 7:00 p.m., right after this newscast, so please, stay tuned. >> still ahead, on abc7 news at 6:00, how a car ended up on the lines of a power pole and the warning for drivers. a big assist in the south bay. a surprise for bay area soccer players. coming up on 7 on your side, the clothes drier bought two
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here is a reason not to drink and drive. napa police say a drunk driver drove off the road and ended in support wires of a power pole like this knocking out power to that neighborhood. no one was injured. police did arrest the driver. strange picture. >> definitely. >> it's time to check on the weather. it's been warm around here. >> steamy, steamy. spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> we have sunny skies now and you can see cooling coastal fog at the coast, which is why they call it coastal fog. looking toward the coast, it's 59 in san francisco. 68 in oakland. 86 in san jose. 82 in morgan hill. check out this view of low clouds and fog.
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these are inland readings in santa rosa. 95 in fairfield. 100 in concord. 98 in livermore, check out low clouds and fog at the golden gate. a wide range of temperatures with us through saturday. but the heat will ease up by sunday, overnight, mainly mild inland, where low temperatures will be in the 60s. around the bay, lows in the 50s near the coast. low 50s and tomorrow morning fog moving along the coast, pushing locally across the bay. 7:00 tomorrow morning, 8:00 tomorrow morning we'll see little patches of fog in the bay and by morning another day like today, hot, sunny inland. hazy down south. and smoke will be rising into
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our area and fog at the coast. high temperatures upper 80s to upper 90s. and downtown san francisco, a high of 67 tomorrow, north bay, 91 in santa rosa. inland east bay, triple digits once again. as we look ahead, there is a little relief in site. friday, hot inland with fewer locations reaching 100 degrees but on saturday, a bit of a break. most locations inland reaching into 90s saturday but not 100s. sunday, further cooling will take us into next week. monday, tuesday, and wednesday, highs in a seasonal range of low 90s and low to mid-70s around the bay.
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>> thank you, spencer. >> shattering the glass ceiling is not just for politics. >> hillary clinton's impact on girls playing in a male-dominated world. the last thing they want is a league of their own. a live look from philadelphia. air force one just landed president obama to speak tonight. stay with us.
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hillary clinton shattered a glass ceiling at the democratic national convention last night. >> her speech to girls has many listening even if they aren't interested in politics. >> i may become the first woman
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president but one of you is next. >> hillary clinton's historic moment is resonating with girls like 12-year-old izzy teller, she's trying to succeed in a male-nominated arena. >> both hillary and baseball brawl are trying to make females more revel vent in the world, and well respected. >> baseball for all is dedicated to breaking barriers in the sport and is the organization sponsoring this second annual tournament. they're competing in a game they love. they're often discouraged are from playing. this 14-year-old-year-old has been on boys teams since kindergarten. >> they ignore you or don't expect much. then, when you do something good, they're like oh, good job. but they are like i didn't know she can do that.
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>> despite title 9, experts say many have obstacles for girls or funnel them into soft ball. >> when you teach a girl she shouldn't play baseball, she'll wonder wt he will she shouldn't do. the founder says as a teenager, she was laughed at over the desire to coach but became the first female in the major league after a stint with the a's. >> for these girls i try to push the barriers further over. >> most umpires and coaches are also female. another crack in the glass ceiling. in san francisco, abc7 news. well, there is more ahead in our next half hour. up next a san francisco police officer arrested on firearms charges. >> a tragedy averted on a central california river thanks to a team aboard this helicopter. >> they're happy and people like
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a a saan n frfranciciscscoo ofoffificer r isis free o onn h recognizance. ththisis i is aa b booookingng the charges of making an assault weapon. lots of police officers have their own ar-type rifles and two, you may be surprised at who turned him in. >> this 18-year-old police veteran is facing charges for a rifle he didn't carry on duty. >> it was not a duty firearm. it had nothing to do with his employment. >> the charges are manufacturing and possessing an illegal
7:31 pm
assault weapon. the generally don't hold more than 10 rounds and have a so called bullet button. neither defense nor prosecution will say what is illegal about the gun. but after spending the night in jail he was released with a condition. >> we asked for a additional requirement to turn in all weapons and firearms. that is what the judge ordered and that is what the best will be doing. >> we're pleased he was released and he is sworn to explain what is going on. >> what is curious is that state law allows police officers to have not fied ar15s with written permission. obviously he did not have that permission and he was turned in
7:32 pm
by other officers. >> it's not about the bhu wall of silence. it's about officers seeing conduct they have an issue within they're department. he saw something and he said something. >> san francisco is huesing it's public school superintendent. he's been with san francisco unified for the last four years so why houston? >> when houston, the opportunity to go to houston came around, i did my home work and the work they're doing around meeting needs of students.
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>> a crew and county gave instructions after dropping the caller. this is video from the sheriff's department. the river was pulling her under. she was clinging to a tree and afraid to let go. the "fresno bee" reports she was praying when saved. a man who attempted to assassinate ronald reagan has been released from prison. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. doctors said for years, that
7:34 pm
hinckley is no longer plagued by mental illness that drove him to shoot ronald reagan. >> it's time for bay area business watch. the dow fell 1.6 points closing and s and p500 down three points. a revenue blue away on estimates. the company reported $6.4 billion in revenue. it's official. apple amazon teamed up with kick starter on a decade. the new section will highlight unique products and the smithsonian is looking for an
7:35 pm
expert to chronicle the drink's history. and applications are due august 10. tomorrow night, all star major league soccer game, but the league isn't forgetting young fans in san jose. they just dedicated a mini pitch field at an east san jose public school. etc. special for a school of high achievers. >> there are so many new soccer players in this campus. usually from the area we thought this is a perfect location to start. >> it's part of a program tied to thursday's all star game. some came out for a dedication ceremony. >> it's nice. and i'm happy today.
7:36 pm
>> having like a student, me, and my other classmates are going to, i think it's going to help them. instead of just sitting down, you know, i think they're going to have more outdoor activities like this. >> the earthquakes are making a similar commitment to build 20 fields in the bay area. students see it as a benefit. >> i think it's going to have a great impact to the school, not just soccer players because the school loves to pl soccer and we're going to have, like, lots of tournaments as well. >> it fits in a corner of the school yard and will be made available to all 11,000 students in the allen rock union school district. unlike grass fields, the paint should be low maintenance, lasting eight years. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. >> still ahead at 6:00, an
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outpouring of support to help a 4-year-old boy whose prosthetic leg was stolen. next. >> and michael finney steps in to help a bay area woman get the clothes drier she bought nearly two
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a 4-year-old boy from southern california whose prosthetic leg was stolen has a new one tonight. he was fitted yesterday after someone took his old one while he was exploring tide pools with his family in newport beach over the weekend. the family says after the story went public, several prosthetics companies offered to make him a new limb free of charge. one company made him two legs. one he can wear in the water. many people donated money as well. >> all of the kindness and everything people reached out to do, thank you. it's helping me adjust with that. >> his family says they'll use the money to send him to a camp for amp tooes. >> that is great. >> if you don't have one yet, there is time left to get a lottery ticket. the power ball is expected to hit at least in order to win,
7:41 pm
you must match five numbers as well as red power ball. the chances of winning 292 million to 1. players do have better odds of winning smaller prizes. odds are about one in 25. >> store closing sales can be great opportunities to find bargains. >> what happens after the store closes? and there is a problem with that sale? >> yes. michael finney helped a local veteran with her issue. hi, michael. >> a woman showed remarkable patien patients. >> almost two years ago, next month, it had been two years. >> that is how long she has been dealing with her purchase. the army core veteran bought a dryer on the same day it closed for good.
7:42 pm
marion gave us a copy of her receipt. marion told her sears didn't have a record. >> they had my money. >> she called asking why her dryer wasn't delivered. they referred her to sears on hill top mall. >> i called them, and tried to talk to the manager. no response. then we went in person to the store several times. and every time i went, the management won't talk to me. >> she did reach an assistant who invited her to the store to get a refund. but a family ergency came up and she said it was several months before she can go back to tears. she did and that manager no longer worked there. she can find no one to help her he won't talk to me.
7:43 pm
>> more time elapsed and we got a hold of sears. sears did in the return our calls or e-mails. >> i'm just vry happy with 7 on your side. >> here is one side note. the former tears location is scheduled to open as office space for uber you can reach me on my facebook page and through ama? dan? >> thank you. >> coming up we've seen ht of fires this year. >> and goats are going wild in the north bay to clear space and prevent more.
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this is a new interest throughout the bay area on making sure that you have defensible space around your home because of this. the wildfire raging out of
7:47 pm
control in monterey county that we've been reporting on to you. officials are asking for 100 feet of clearance between brush and structures but abc7 news reporter wayne freedman found out there is more than one way to clear that space. >> reporter: if modern science were to mess around to create a organic brush eating machine, it would be hard pressed to do better. >> the stuff they're eating is too good. >> but the area to which this builder passed down look great and that amounts to roughly 15 acres this month. the city wanted to clear the area to create a defensible fire zone. among advantages to goats, they don't complain. they don't ask for overtime. and as for lunch breaks... >> they're having it now. >> that is dave davenport from the san rafael parks department. he wanted areas cleared because they tend to flood and pose a fire hazard in summer. the fire department needed to
7:48 pm
get the brush out of here. >> this is pretty tall grass. >> now, it's gone, so until steven opened his back door, he never even knew they were here. >> you're saving fuel on back and forth. you want the labor force out there. and create employment. but sometimes, it's not practical. >> just watching is enough to give a die indigestion. >> and happening now in san francisco, a field ofreams has turned into a slumber party for hundreds of giants fans. abc7 news was at at&t park as fans started to arrive on the field and pitch tents. families will get to play games, watch movies and treated to a bed time story featuring former giants relief pitcher. fans will get breakfast tomorrow before heading home. that is fun.
7:49 pm
>> yes. >> great night for a slumber party. and abc7 news viewers sent us this picture. >> she captioned it lemon mereinge. >> we've got hot weather, but it's cooler now. i'll show you how much cooler it is. 24 hour temperature changes are significant. nine degrees cooler now in san francisco. oakland and palo alto and this hour, yesterday. 11 degrees, santa rose wra. so despite the fact heat will bounce back there is a cooling affect so far this evening. look for lots of heat in the state, highs of 108 in chico, 103 in yosemite and fresno will top out at 110 degrees, palm
7:50 pm
springs, 116. another mild to warm to hot day. mild at the coast. highs around 60. warmer on the bay. upper 70s to low and mid-80s and inland, numerous locations break the 100 degree mark again tomorrow. here is the accu-weather forecast. >> what a difference. >> yes. >> thank you. >> so we have shu tonight. hi, shu. >> he they return home and lose their series to the lowly reds. once again, home runs are killing the giants.
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giants and reds on the opening game of the three-game set today. angel pagan tossing a ball before the game. no score in the third. conner gillespie with a homer on former a. umpires will review it. now, top five. same score. later that inning, live on left. angel pagan, oh, man.
7:54 pm
keep the ball in the love. nine strikeouts, one earned run. this is the inning ending double play here in the 6th. 1, 1, bottom of the 6th. gregor blanco pops the ball to left. a career high 7 and 2 thirds innings with one earned run. he has six over the span of the record. giants pitching staff surrendered 24 home runs. they lose their ninth game. and #-one,our final. a's looking to take their next, dollar dog night at arlington. and the game with a triple down the right field line of hugh
7:55 pm
darvish. and later that inning, chris davis crushes his 24th home run of the year. now, #-1a's in the fifth. right now, rangers lead in the 6th. we'll have highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. >> warriors center has been diagnose with a herniated disc that will prevent him from playing for the brazilian national team. he should be raining for training camp with the warriors. i know how bad he wanted to participate in the olympics. 98th pga championship in new jersey. this is a final major of a season. and will that trend continue this week? very emotional victory as it is for every mayer.
7:56 pm
several players have a shot at this title. the final chance to win the sham, including 20 club professionals to qualify until the only major they're allowed. >> it's very, very difficult to win golf tournaments. i think the bar has been raised. everyone has seen it before and expects it to happen every time. it just doesn't work out that way sometimes. golf is a difficult game. >> and warriors guard andre igualaa completed today in hayward. proceeds from the tournament will benefit the warriors community fund. got to tell andre there, you want to wear shorts on a pro event. and that is a good cause.
7:57 pm
>> eagle. >> yes. i know. >> yes. >> thank you so much, shu. >> join us tonight at 9:00. right here for abc7 news at 11:00. president obama arrived to make a case for hillary clinton. >> then, at 9:00 why researchers say e-cigarettes are worse for your health than you may have thought. >> then at 11:00, got to catch them all. a teenager claims he's one of the very few people in the world to catch all 142 pokemon. but he's not done playing just yet. >> coming up next on abc7, abc news will have live coverage of the democratic national convention and president obama's speech. and don't miss abc7 news at
7:58 pm
11:00. >> and. >> hots to come. >> that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz and from all of us, we appreciate your time and will see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. ady...
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