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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 28, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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 with humilqu, determination and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states of the
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united states. >> hillary clinton and the historic moment on this final night of the democratic national convention. good evening an thanks for joining us. i'm amma. >> i'm dan. it was a speech that made history when she accepted her 'r&lrry before.( >>ñú and so my friends itck is o , @/determination,d boundless confidence in america's,í promisez> that i:t your nomination>n for president$ [applause]. >>reporter: j telling voters this eection marku5ñ critical
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fraying. >>reporter: with poll showing clinton tonight makingu this pledge. >> my primaryzv mission as president will be to create more opportunity and more good jobs with rising wages right here in the united states. >>reporter: general allen former commander making a strong case for clinton. he was interpted by bernie sanders supporters but backed up by others chanting usa. lenton was introduced by her daug&r chelsea who spoke of her role as mom, grand mother and champion for women. >> that's who my mom is. she's a listener and a door. she's a woman]se#' driven by compassion, by faith, by a fierce sense of justice and
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heart full of love. >>reporter: hillary clinton and tim kaine now hit the campaign trail together. 3 day bus tour from pennsylvania and ohio. it's game on for both tickets. 102 day sprint until election day. karen, philadelphia. >> california democrat from the house and senate gave the rousting endorsement for clinton. clton di$y as sí[páor of new york and the day following the 9/11 attacks. >> i sawhill ri true character. she consoled arieving population. are you ready to make history by electing hillary clinton president of the united states. >>reporter: house minority leader pelosi says it's not just clinton who wants to win in november, she expects democrats to wig back majority in the house and senate. >> lgbt after activityist first transgender woman to address a
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national political convention. >> my name is sarah mcbride and i am a proud transgender american. >>reporter: 25-year-old now works at the human rights campaign. she says while her people are targeted by hate tomorrow can be different. mcbride endorse clinton during the speech of course saying she would be an advocate for the transgender community. we have much more ahead on 7 news at 11:00 on chance el 7 and later in this half hour the donald trumpampaign responds to criticism that he was encouraging spying to get to hillary clinton's e-mails coming up shortly. >> stunning turn in the case that made headlines across california involving one time washington, d.c. intern. sandra disappeared 15 years ago. years lar undocumented immigrant was convicted of her murder. tonight he's been cleared of the charge. here's david wright. >> tonight the sensational washington murder case is suddenly wide open again.
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who killed leave very 24-year-old washington intern. apparently not this undocumented immigrant from el salvador who was convicted based on a jail house confession. that conviction later set aside. retrial scheduled this fall but today the prosecutors moved to drop all charges due to recent unforeseen development that were investigated over the past week. her disappearance murder in the summer of 2001 was huge news.tpi ending the career of a powerful= california congressmann. >>od did you kill her. >> i did not in. may the lawyers asked to present bomb shell new allegations in the retrial that they say could implicate the congressman. he may have killed her during a[ rough six act gone wrong. he was found not a suspect years ago and the allegations are outrageous say attorneys
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andip prosecutors won't elaborae what threw the case in doubt. >> sandra's mother sus[ñ reacted today from her modest to home. >>ru i'm the voice of my daughtr right now. and she's not here and just like many million other women that don't have theircr children either boyle boy or girl or shooting or any other major trauma it has5 to stop. >> attention may now fall back on congressman democrat investigated in connection with the murder. he answered some questions but refused to answer que/á%=9m about having an affair with the intern. as for glen will now be turned over to immigration and customs enforcement and face deportation proceedings. >> bulldozer operator killed this week in theud fire in monterey county has been identified now. yosemite area. eagan was crushed"÷ by the bulldozer whenb
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private contractors& working to build containmentpd lines in the# fight against.é e in the county say a lot ofmñ >> robert was4 really big in to with the hands o+ he was witr school buck but2n that's what io remember most aboutmm him. >> reagan leaves behind> take a look at theily. h0incredibleq tif the fire here last night. burned 29,000j/ acres since it startedji last friday.!ó others. rightq now 15ry percent contain. makj"ve blaze forcing people;w from the q=es and interrupting[ what would be a busydp weekend ú7 news reporterg chris winn has
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áárjjuq. >>rxp+ one of the most popular percent because ofg the fire equivalent ofvl couple week in january or february. >> for manger kurt the fire has become even more personal. >> we have an half dozen em who currently evacuated one of them actually the summer. big sur river inn has seen moderate number of cancellation this is week. manager rick hopes the fire doesn't keep potential guest from enjoying everything that big sur has to offer. >> we get a lot of day business here. people just traveling through big sur and that is certainly n decrease we see this in the restaurant and in the general store market sales%3ñ. along the stretch ofy$rru(v tourist take aef moment to capture the>p pacific ocean in their thoughts. unsung hero that make the
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place safe and allow the rest of to us enjoy the place year round. >> they stay closed until furtheró@ notice but highway one remains open through big sur. in monterey county, abc 7 news. >> all right stay with us more for you on this thursday night. coming up. he claimed to be a war hero but it just was not true. tonight the i-team revealsaz the final chapter in a case of stolen. >> wñmajor shot in thel" arm fo cameras. why you could start seeing a lot more of them. >> drew is here with your weather. >> and you can see we start to/u make strides and leaving the heat inland so how long will it take for the intense heat out of here. the numbers in accu-weather forecast. >> thank you. what could be the deepest under water sink hole ever discovere discovered. >> amazing. discovered. >> amazing.
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ofóq remorse. >>iy marin county mancj pleadedw guilty today in san frtkcisco federal courtn to a stolen val=& >> this comes a year after the veteran group have lied about&5 his service and3 raised money:8 based on those liesxj. >> dan has theóc latest on hisw investigation. >>& 69 year;- old gregbk allen
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he left san pd the stolen valor4a charge but told meç[ allen is sorry for misleading so many5s people. >> i thinkxi that they have eveá right to be veryw upset and i think$ that gregcd feels very badly5& about that and understandskm completely6 why people will never talk him gichbility allenqf admit enterednic dollars to people who thougju they were giving3+r(hu(áh$ero. ñ; he ran marin county%g21 vete group and hadg[a a gym called the when ib$ first approacd him more thanx a year agriculturalc talkingá with you.l back up. whatnr!ekú>>reporter: when. hit piece oné= this place and onlj me and?on me i think].g >>reporter: are you afraid tox
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admitoa take you were a maroon. >> i'll notyv admit anything to you becausenc he never served in the marine and discharged fromon the navy after eig sjj for a bump knee. you$ñ men he trained were soil pressed by the funny story. evenl with (7z fake rank of lieutenant.t8& >> youe can't7hu evenl with (7z fake rank of lieutenant.t8& toxq the kid. someãare strong andrñ will$e leave a scar. with the gymxzñ and appearance s marin. wore purple heart he didn't deserve.ñó their limb and then he had the gallon to put on a purple heart. there's no words for that. >> allen could have received a year in prison but both sides agree to just three years probatójz. judgefp says allen will have to pay back the money erased before he pay as fine to be determinedw at hearing in
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november. bay tire store. for the i-team in sanan franci o francisco, dan noyes abc 7 new news. >> police on the look out for for man who tried to kidnap a woman. police release a detailed sketch of the suspect take a look. thisjñ happened at 7:45 this morning on washington avenue near this boulevard. 23-year-old woman was walking to work stranger approached he her. she told police the man pepper sprayed her knocked her to the ground then started dragging her in a car. passerby jumped out of the car and grabbed the would be kidnapper who then pepper sprayed him. would be kidnapper drove away. >> she actually felt her feet enter the car. it was that close to him getting her into the car and leaving him. i truly think if you are this brazen to have that type of attack in broad daylight and public this would have ended in tragedy. >>reporter: the victim and witness not seriously hurt. police are searching for a silver miss san sedan with 4 doors.
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wheel and tinted rear window. many of us have seen the sudden flash of red lit camera as you pass an intersection. now an i said study finds that those cameras have saved some lives perhaps. 7 news reporter has more now from millbrae where there are several cameras. >> the number of cities in the country with red light camera have gone down in recent years. nowf- an independent study done by the insurance institute for highway safety says that may have been a mistake. the report found that when city got rid of the red light camera between 2010 and 2014 the number of fatalities increased up to 30 percent in some cases. number of fatalities increased up to 30 percent in some cases. many people]+
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of accidents. >> not increased since the camera removed. >>reporter: the program focus on making money not saving lives. at's the main reason some city drop it. many police departments say most of the revenue goes to pay the two arizona company that own the camera. ellen is an attorney who has fought the red light camera program. >> these aren't california taking money from california and sending it out to arizona. >>reporter: still the study suggest lives could have been saved if city stuck with the program. in millbrae, abc 7 news. >> well lets turn our attention to our weather. >> yes. red lit weather. drew has a look at the forecas forecast. red hot. >> red hot and slowly making strides to cooler news. you notice one more day of the chance of triple digit heat inland and then .ñ over the weekend refreshing4joñ air sette into the hottestcátu. tht ang the coast making thelú journey through thenoolden gateb straight1 into the bay and expands overnig.  tonight. city around the immediate bay water wake up low cloud cover éj. the pier 15 coit tower shrouded in the fog and the fog is creating cool conditions on the coast. do so once again tomorrow. not strong enough yet. this marine layer really make the influence known in ep land 1 more day likely of triple digit hear heat there spare the air day in effect tomorrow and cooling trend begins this
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weekend. we have 50 along the coast withç that fog and san francisco petaluma.j 59 oakland currently get away from7m the ocean. you are still rather mild. antioch 81. at 80 in livermore at this hou hour. san jose mild at 70 degrees. right now napa bit cooler checking with the temperature of 62 degrees. overnight tonight a wide range and coastal cloudsxw(pá fog is with us. cool right there but away from the fog. kind of mild fairfield antioch livermore mid low 60's. about 60 hand so 8 with plenty of start out there san francisco dropping to about 53 degrees. so future weather our which hour 4. morning fog first thing once again along the coast. and around the bay. pulls back to the coast midmorning then another sunny day away from the coast. we have the hazy sky once again inland with the heat. not the smoke from the fire near big sur influence in our air equal. 87 in san jose to mark the hazy
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sky. 95 gilroy. 82 the high for sunnyvale. peninsula 8177 the high in san mateo o. the fog holding at 59 degrees tomorrow afternoon in san francio. a lot of afternoon sunshine. fog for daly city at 59 degrees÷ 0cooler there at 85 for sonoma. vallejo. san rafael in the 80's 87 in napa. 61 though for stinson beach along the coast. oakland comfortable. 75. yoochlt fremont. 84 castro vaechlt richmond up to 76 degrees and then just got one more difficult of rather intense temperatures especially antioch 101. 94 san ramone and 96 for concord we have the spare the air day in effect and we have the poorest air quality. inland with hottest heat. you also have the poor air quality as well. not a great day to be outside. respiratory issues and if you can use public transportation. we have some good news if not used to the hot weather.
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inland numbers continue to fal fall. even into sunday. a lot of spots hold in the 80' 80's. rather refreshing compared to the heat we have had for much of this week. 7 day forecast shows you hot inland. especially into sunday we are cooler inland that feels fantastic. morning fog on monday. turning to afternoon sunshine across the region by tuesday. typical range of temperatures by wednesday mild warm by thuvrments hot inland for one more dayebjz/>b then mother nate back to reality with the temperature more typical this time of the year. >> thanks so much drew. still to come at 9:00. >>,7 city ofe san francisco is doing ton- prepare for more >>,7 city ofe san francisco is
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researchers have discovered what they say is the deepest blue hole in the world. it's in the south china sea. sink hole measures just shy of 1,000 feet. blue hole are large deep blue pit and they are fairly rare. researchers say that oxygen exist only in the top third of the hole. previous record holder in the fuel station in the city. abc 7 news was outside city hall. the first hydrogen car to be pulled in california. federal government just gave san francisco 250,000 dollars to develop a hydrogen fuel fraichblingt one day instead of gas station we have energy stations so you drive the car up you can get gas and diesel but plug in for your electric car and you can get hydrogen. >> california is joining the effort. state is spending 20 million dollars a year to build 100 new
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hydrogen fuel station by the year 2020. stay here with us. another 30 minute of 7 news at 9:00 coming up next. donald trump appeal to russia. how he is responding tonight to criticism that he was encouraging espionage. >> fall for the pope. how he's doing now. >> scary moment on flight when flames start shooting from the >> scary moment on flight when flames start shooting from the back of the engine.
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democratic national convention comes to a close during the speech tonight hillary clinton became the first woman to accept a major party nomination. she urged voters to unite against the policy and politic of her republican opponent donald trump. from here hillary clinton and xkútim kaine hit the campaign
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trail together. there will be a rally in philadelphia tomorrow and then a 3 day bus tour through pennsylvania and ohio. >> on now to donald trump and his appeal to russia the 30,000 e-mails. >> campaign says he was being sarcastic and he was not encouraging espionage. >> we are on the campaign trai trail. >>reporter: tonight donald trump trying to retreat from his cyberpaddle cry. claiming he was just being quote sarcastic when he encourage the russian to hack hillary clinton e-mails. >> russia if you are listening i hope you are able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missin missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. >>reporter: criticism raining down on trump for seeming to ask a hostile foreign government to mettle in american election. trump words now lighten up. campaign again and again hysterectomy the word sarcasm. listen to his running mate governor mike pence.
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>> once again the national media takes what was clearly a sarcastic comment made by donald trump. >> take the statement laced with sarcasm. >> trump not backing away from the comments when he made them. >> quote about asking a foreign government russia chin a anybody to interfere to hack into a system of anybody in this country. >> up to the president. let the president. >> doesn't give you pause. >> no doesn't give me pause. >>reporter: he applauded putin rescream hack the opponent. >> i hope they do. they probably have the 33,000 e-mails she lost and deleted. because you would see some beauties there. so let's see. >>reporter: tonight from the statement it's not sarcastic. never a joke. he's a republican nominee and we should hold him accountable. >> melania trump professional web site disappeared from the internet.
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whether she finished her degree at a university. web site said she got a degree2y about her says she never finished. trump campaign didn't immediately respond but trump herself post add statement on twitter saying the web site in question was created in 2012 and has been removed because it does not accurately reflect current business and professional interests. >> pope francis just fine after bit of a scare this morning. pope missed a step and fellas he approached an open air altar to sell brit mass at the shrin shrine. 79-year-old didn't notice the step down and he tripped. priest rushed to help him up. he went on as planned. >> mid-air scare just after take off from dallas, ft. wort worth. messages were heading for seattle when they heard a loud is no and saw flames out of the window. pilot ordered an emergency landingrz. david curly has some dramatic video. >> seconds after take off this is what passengers see flames
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shooting out of the left engin engine. >> the flames and boom and bang lasting several seconds. >> we have a engine failure. >> pilots throttle back the engine. turns the jet around and lands safely with one engine. 130 passengers and 6 crew relieved. what happened is called a surg surge. back fire a jet engine. the boom and momentary flames from extra fuel in the engine which ignites but nobody including the american airlines passengers ever wants to see flames coming out of an engine. most of the passengers put up inff hotel and made it to seate today. american airlines says that engine is being changed out. abc news reagan enter until airport. >> u.s. navy set to name a ship after gay rights icon harvey milk!,u he came from navy family and servedrav as diving officer durg
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the korean war. u.s. navy ship harvey milk will look like this and provide oil to selves vessel on the high sea. the board of supervisors becoming the first politician in california who was openly gay. he was killed in office in 197 1978. >> the scientist say they found a fossil foot boom with the ol oldest evidence of malignant cancer ever seen. it's one.7 million years old and show signs of an aggressive form of ben cancer probably belonged to ancient human but researchers not sure about tha that. the scientist say we tend to assume cancer and tumor caused by modern lifestyle and environment environment but this shows it occurred millions of years before modern society existed. some bay area lenders are offering no down payment mortgages to some tech workers. bloomberg news reporting san francisco credit union and others are offering no down payment loans on home valued up to two million dollars.
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that means a home buyer wouldn't have to put down as much as 400,000 dollars before moving in. still san francisco credit union says not everyone will qualify. the company says you have to have an average income of 2 1 19,000 dollars at score of thi this. >> the company announced profit up 8 31 percent over the same period last year. company revenue have grown by more than 20 percent for 4 consecutive quarters. >> coming up. caught in the middle. tips. it tough being african american and also being police chief. >> san francisco new top cop chief. >> san francisco new top cop livi
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metropolitan transportation7 dollars in funding to help relieve bay bridge congestion. money will fund additional ferry trip and help by new vessels. transit will purchase 50 double decker buses arriving late next year. >> bart has gotten crowded. i don't know what you can do about. that won't build a bridge any time soon so anything to ease congestion on the bridge would be great. >> money will also be spent on h o v lanes specifically additional enforcement to catch car pool violators. >> tonight we see a different side to interim san francisco police chief tony chaplain sat down for indepth interview with vic lee and told vic why he almost didn't become an office officer. >>reporter: acting chief chaplain applied to the chp in 1989 but traffic stop in san jose almost changed his mind.
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>> the police officer was just really disrespectful. when i explained to him that i had applied to the police department8. he kind of went in a rain and basically stated i'll never make it. obviously he was wrong. >>reporter: chaplain friends believed he was racially profiled. they told him to forget being a cop. >> they convince me. my mother is the one that brought me back into coming into law enforcement. >>reporter: chaplain 26 year veteran. street cop would rose through minority9t communities overed police shootings. at them but also"v two sides to :át story. >>reporter: is it tough being ((r($p&soo beingb>& police chief. of peoe question where your loyalty% lie and my answer is always going to be both. >> chaplain says these are challenging times for police.
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challenging too in recruiting new officers when police are being villified and even assassinated. especially!e minority candidat. >> this is probably the time needed most. everyone knows chance comes from within and the more people we get in reflect community police the better off we are as an,z organization. >> vic lee abc 7 news. >> up next 7 news at 9:00. last night streak across the sky. >> did you see it. a lot of people did. what the u.s. strategic command says we saw. what the u.s. strategic command says we saw. stay withv us.
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>> social media lit up with photo video bright lights after cross the bay area last night.
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some people thought it was a meteor but it turned out to be qp)t of chinese rocket. it looks somewhat like a fire ball seen from the bay area, parts of idaho and utah. viewers shared photo and video with us now. extra teen ick command says a rocket body the size of a school bus reentered the atmosphere. >> this was the second stage of the chinese rocket no. 7 that was launched june 25. and it finally decay in orbit and came back to earth. >> there were no reports of any injuries or damage from last night reentry. >> teenager was trying to document lightning striking the ocean in bradley beach, new jersey when the lightning struck right by him in instead watch. went up through my feet my body up my chest and arms. >> scary. ethan was qq his bike home monday night when it started pouring. took the phone out of the poc+kh
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tote try to conspire tour the lightning. he says the bolt hit the ground 10 maybe 15 feet away. the only reason he didn't pass out or die eve the rubber tires grounded him. a little bit(, warm. not so scary. >> exactly right. >> drew is here. weather cools off a bit. >> bad scary. cooling temperatures inland really on sunday. all of the inland valley community really feel a lot of refreshing air moving in. >> live done her showing you we have the coastal cloud cover pushing in to the bay. overnight tonight we have that marine layer expanding now bring back to the coast by tomorrow afternoon. wide range again and temperatures halfhmachine bay 65 san francisco. oakland. pretty comfortable 75 warm though in san jose at 87. 96 concord. 100 livermore and 101 is the warmest spot on the temperature
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map to. race weekend in sonoma. we have a 3 day forecast for you warm and sunny tomorrow. where the sun screen if out all day. we have extreme uv level and on sunday cooler day for all not only inland but also the north bay we drop to 79 degree ins sonoma. to finish out the weekend. garlic festival known for hot at times. thanks 30 this wean not too bad. 95 on friday then dip in the 80's about 89 on saturday. and we call it mild and sunny on sunday. temperature pretty comfortable this time of the year at 84 degrees. 7 day forecast shows you hot inland tomorrow. that heat will slowly ease on saturday and especially into sunday we call it cooler there and then you notice mother nature goes into cruise contro control. partly cloudy on monday tuesday typical rainy temperature mild warm right now. no big spike in the heat coming our way after tomorrow. >> all right thanks drew. well if you are looking for something fun to do this wean
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we have some ideas. >> we certainly do. 7 news reporter jessica castro has a look at tasty things happening around the bay area. >> who doesn't love mack and cheese. ready for the great melt off. >> take that and cover that. right 30. i learned how to make a mack and cheese pizza. you also find mac℠ and cheese grilled cheese sandwich vegetarianeñ option or dish loaded with bacon.2[ foodie event this saturday hosted by this event. you get to cast your vote for the melt off. >> craziest unique we ask our vendor to do that's what you can definitely expect. >> best part just 20 dollars gets a taste test. 4 different culinary master pieces. head out to the or door venue at mission bay boulevard north any time saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 9 at night. culinary art isn't your thing how about something more traditionr. art8z night sf returns for brand new season and if you have the
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courage to kick off 2016 organizers added cash prize karaoke contest old talented and tone daechlt art show runs from 5 to 9 on friday night at the un plaza. this weekend for any harry potter f5áh(pách a game of major league inspired by the book series no. flying broom or flying snack talk. support the argue naught playing los angeles at home. game starts at 2 on sachlts it's free to watch and good for all ages. forij more on the event and othr activities head to our web site we link you up with hood line and this is abc 7 news. >> if you were a fan of abc sh shes we are obviously. you will down load the abc app. >> great way to watch these families. and 7 news and you can do it any time on your phone or tablet. >> the app has more choices for binge watching including throw back show like ugly betty.
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full season of show tap away. >> original digital series. down load the abc app through apple store and google play. some feature have cable or satellite. >> blow me away. >> let's turn our attention tozf sports. >> lots to talk about tonight. coming up. highlights post game enter have you from the all star game in san jose and slumpingni giants t home tonight. can they catch a break against
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come up tonight at 11:00. balloon and confetti for hillary clinton. we take you live to philadelphia for complete wrap up of tonight's convention finale. >> plus a violent abduction attempt in the east bay. the good 3mdaritan who stepped into action. >> the stories and more for you coming on 7 news at 11:00 on >> the stories and more for you coming on 7 news at 11:00 on channel >> plenty of sports to discuss. >> baseball. >> giants made a move tonight
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looking to add some depth to the roster. also play second and third for nunez. in return minnesota gets top prospect alberto. giants hosting baker and the nationals as we speak in the first murphy gives this ball a ride the great catch here to take away extra bases. that gets the tip of the catch. 2 outs in the second. washington score 3 runs on 3 great single. the rbi. not toonw happy. bases loaded with no outs but could only score 1 run on the grounder to first. now in the eighth washington leads 4-1. mls all star game held in san jose. league all star took on english power house arsenal z. 18,000 fans packed the stapled. arsenal up 1 nil late in the first half montreal is denied twicef:.
9:55 pm
but]h not there'd time. it was 1 all at the half. chris+j with a great chance but the kick too high. arsenal)h took the lead 5 minuts later as the score and the game winner. arsinals beat the all star 2-1 despite the loss he still had a great time. >> it was true honor to be able in the world z. against arsenaléx who is one of the bes* teams in the>) world. it's jéu amazingsi experience. >>z for meph i'm still especially losingìu$e goal the way we@g2o didaj but it's most talented team we put together. >> raidersta have not made the@ play offs since 2002 but51 oakland may finally have the piece ins place to evenly the post season droughtá. raiders full squad reported to cf7p today up in nap a.quarterback car coming off solid second season on defense mack has emerge as one of the best line backers in the leagu
9:56 pm
league. all serious business punt interking in a green power ranger helmet while newly signed corner back smith was wearing a gold plated cap with pair of superman chains around hisyt neck. team fashion sense may be in question but not the desire to win. >> we know this is for ourselves andlscñ obviously the talk that has be8rtájjt around and do is get0a better. come togethermñ the guy next to you feels the same way and same mind and we all heading in the same direction trying to get this days. as forth college game from stanford cal and had san jose state m it with needia at levi stadium. hear from the bears later thisée
9:57 pm
cardinal. biggest question mark facing stanford is who will replace 3 ryan burnsiú top 2 choic. no matter who,n wins the job with puk maker lition christian andus michael&s returningc3 he has ply of7z help. >>-ç we have guysfs around thos& to make the lives easiera. and i always go back to the young+ó quote quarterback don't make it more complicated how fast can i get the ball of my hand into somebody elsexf hand. >> we have 2 guy are more than capable of carrying the load and i think when they step in they carry the team and do the job well. >> final golf mainly of the year the pga championship got under way today in new jersey. winner take home the trophy. now check out the long putt by watson. the ball will hang on the lip
9:58 pm
let me help you out. despite the birdie he's one over par tied for guy. u.s. open champ johnson in trouble all day. on 11 can't get out of the bunker. tied for 143. first round leader is american walker from the fringe and birdie attempt just falls in. shots a 65. lowest ever at major. 5 under par walker one stroke lead. alameda jim's honor in a 4-way type for fifth just two swing back. the throw mitch lowe is 4 over par. at the oakland public library warriors and team ambassador donald foil host add summer reading time out. 120 local students took part. the warriors+v back school in te bay initiative raises awareness on the importance of education. i guess with donald taking part call it a tall tale.
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sports report brought to you by toyota. >> thanks very much. >> thank you for joining us tonight i'm amma. >> i'm dan. for rick kwan, drugs, all of u us, we appreciate your time. 7 news continues nowv on line on twitter face booze mobile device with our 7 news app. >> great night see you in an device with our 7 news app. >> great night see you in an hour on the big 7
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a deadly shooting spree in paris meant to silence the freedom of expression. cavalluzzi: they burst into the conference room and opened fire on everyone. announcer: 2 terrorists


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