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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 29, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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an 18 month long search for a murder suspect ends. tonight, the personal connection san fan's acting chief has in this case. the waiting game that is a matter of life and death. one deputy seen in this video just got fired but he's not punched or kicking. investigators say he tried to cover up a crime. >> i can now rest because the message i left my son was i was going to fight to the end for you, son. >> more families have waited a year and a half for a sense of justice and closure. today, they got a taste of both. >> police arrested a suspect for the murders of four people found
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shot to death in a car in january. abc7 news reporter lyanne melenez joins us. >> reporter: lee farley pled guilty to possessing a stolen firearm. also found out farley has several priors including a possession of cocaine. in 2010, possession of a firearm and 2012, for second degree burglary. now, today, one victims' mother reacted to this arrest. >> the death penalty. we have to send forth a message you can't go around killing each other. >> . >> reporter: that is what one victim's mother says she wants. police called the mothers with the name. 27-year-old lee farley. >> the suspect was in custody at
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the federal prison atwater, california. a gang enhancement will be added. the shooting of the four young men occurred a year and a half ago in san francisco. their car was double parked on laguna street. san francisco police had reason to believe the killers were members of a western edition gang. >> we'd made an arrest, we believed there was people who knew about the game. >> one man asked for a ride. police say it was a mistake. finding those involved has been a priority for the interim chief of police, tony chaplain. >> i can now rest because the message i left my son was i was going to fight to the end for you, son.
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>> reporter: the suspect will make an appearance in court on monday. in san francisco, abc7 news. happening now, a united nations flight airline is being diverted due to mechanical issues. united tells us the weather radar equipment on flight 881 is not working. the plane is set to land in 30 minutes and the equipment will be inspected. a wildfire is burning in clear lake. flames broke out in the area and cal fire is recommending residents in the area of 18th and 19 avenue to evacuate. the fire is 15 acres and progress has been stopped. now to a traffic alert in santa clara. the road is expected to be shut down after an accident that killed a 15-year-old girl.
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sky 7 hd was over the scene where that pickup truck you see slammed into a light pole. five other people went to the hospital. we're learning that four people aboard a medical plane that crashed on the way to oakland died. debris was found north of mckin hiville this morning. the humbolt county sheriff says the pilot declared an emergency about 1:00 a.m. because of smoke in the cockpit, then, lost contact. ala media county sheriff deputies recovered tens of thousands of dollars of stolen goods. among items, the department's trailer. abc7 news reporter lonny riviera has the story. lonny? >> reporter: that trailer is back in law enforcement custody
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and the individuals responsible for taking it are locked up. officials are relieved to have the $50,000 trailer back. >> the gate won't open. we had traffic and cars backed up, trying to get in and out. >> the burglars hit the business across from his company. >> some of the things are no defense against, you know? >> detectives say it happened over two nights but detective work led them to this area in oakland. >> we received a tip and were able to find it. >> reporter: they arrested two
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people running a chop stop. tonight people in san diego and across the country are mourning a police officer shot and killed during a traffic stop last night. police say he was a 16 year veteran of the force, who was married and had two children. the second officer was expected to survive. can't begin to put in words of emotion and feelings. this is one of the most difficult and heart wrenching situations for a police officer to go through. >> at this point in the investigation police aren't calling it an ambush. the suspect, jesse gomez was shot, and taken into custody. police took another suspect into cu standoff. a major development in the investigation into alleged misconduct by anal media county sheriff's deputy.
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a deputy accused of trying to bribe two witnesses to an alleged beating has been fired. we're live in san francisco with new information. melanie? >> reporter: so far, the deputy is not facing charges for the alleged bribery. alameda county sheriff's office says use of force investigation is more complicated and that is why those deputies remain on paid leave. the deputy is without a job and other cases are being looked at. sheriff deputies say the two men are facing charges in connection with this incident. these deputies remained on paid leave and now forces say a third
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deputy was fired from the department. in this video, you can see him swinging the gold chain. >> the deputy no longer works for the sheriff's office. >> the sarge jentz the sheriff takes all misconduct seriously. >> he feels detrayed. >>. he had 20 years with acso. in an e-mail, his attorney said the departmental misconduct remains ongoing. once completed he is confident he will be exonerated of the third and bribery allegations. san francisco's public defender says the beating and subsequent alleged bribery may have never come to light had the video not been turned over to his office. >> the public agency has an
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obligation, in my view, to inform the public as to what actions were taken f you're willing to mishandle evidence, destroy evidence, bribe witnesses, you're probably likely to do it with other cases. >> he is in custody on unrelated gun and drug charges. in a statement his civil attorneys just provided they write we're planning to bring deputy osbourne and others into court where they will be held accountable for misconduct and attempted cover up. live in san francisco, abc7 news. police released new information on an outrageous kidnapping. police say a man who looks like
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this pulled a woman into a car and tried to take her away as she was walking to work. a good samaritan saw the man pepper spraying the woman and dragging her by her ankles into the car. >> i started to go after the guy, he started macing me. just a coward. >> surveillance video from the apartment complex shows him leaving at the exact moment the attack happened. we can see him drive over to stop it. police are trying to find him urgently. >> this weekend is the first of seven weekends that bart will shut down. next, how engineers will make trainsiter for passengers and neighbors. the latest on chip cards and where credit cards are going
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from here. our intense heat is winding down and air quality improving. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. a group of teens just finished rowing from california to hawaii. the story is about the journey not the destination. stay with us. more still to co
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bart will shut down three stations to perform and reduce
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noise. daily city and balboa park will be closed effective 1:00 a.m. saturday through 4:00 a.m. monday. it's the first of weekend closures across the stretch. >> i thought it was loud. >> more than loud. crazy. >> it will stop a conversation in its tracks. >> coming here since 2000. >> there is 2,000 feet of rail that is jointed. >> there is a section known as balboa curve where wheels generate a screeching noise. >> this sound meter picked up with no ear protection.
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>> i wish i had ear plugs or something i can use. >> neighbors suffer, too. underneath it peaked at 9 decemberin bills. >> i was waiting for the train to go by and pause conversations. >> reporter: bart is shutting down the track to put down new welded track to absorb more vibration. >> they're shock absorbers. and that is. >> it is a little inconvenience to reduce a lot of noise. in san francisco, eric thomas, abc7 news. parking fees at six stations
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will rise on monday and parking at coliseum station rises to $2. bart raises prices by $0.50 at lots that are full. >> deputies are asking for the public's help finding whoever shot a cat with a hunting arrow. they say the cat had a hole and an arrow in his chest. t the cat is expected to be okay. >> multiwell reports say alden smith is back in rehab. raiders and coaches voiced their concerns today in napa. >> if he can get his ducks in a row as a football team, we would
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invite back a good player. but i think the first thing for him and from everybody that has that question is just make sure he takes care of me. >> he is serving a year long suspension for violating the league's policy. nfl rules prohibit the raiders from contacting smith. the monterey county just lifted a few areas of the sobranes fire. since it started a week ago, it's slightly larger in size than the city of san francisco. the fire is 15% contained and could take a month to put out. the massive sand fire, burning more than 38,000 acres since friday is now 85%
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contained. the fire destroyed 18 homes and one person has been killed. the cause is under investigation. >> crews had their hands full today while planning a fire near march bank park. check out the water in the air. the geyser came from a hydrant that broke on mariam street. a new report shows that lake tahoe had a record-setting year. water level is down and temperatures are up. it is the fastest rate recorded. precipitation about average, but only 6.5% fell as snow. the lowest ever reported.
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the conditions head to a decline in the water clarity, which had been improving since the 1990s. environmentalists say the bad news as public funding is disappearing. >> so working with the private industry and forming partnerships to push those improve maments is necessary. >> the report found the lake level only dropped to freezing 24 days next year, another record. not good up there. >> definitely. well, let's check on our forecast and temperatures. >> yes. spencer christian is here with a look at the weekend. >> happy to report temperatures will be coming down a hill bit. no more heat coming our way in the immediate future. we have sunny skies with the exception of the coast. it's 60 degrees in san
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francisco. mountain view, 75. and half moon bay, 60 degrees 92 in livermore, so warm inland and this is my view from the roof. and fog near the coast and bay. low temperatures in the inhand east bay. and in the north bay valleys. overnight, notice how the fog fills in and pushes over the bay and inland.
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highs tomorrow only upper 50s to maybe 70s on the coast. warmest inland readings will be in the low 90s or low to mid-90s. air quality is improving. and moderate elsewhere. we have come to the end of the string of spare the air days. sunday, further cooling with highs into low 90s as well. if you're planning on running in or being a spectator of the marathon, sunny skies later in the day but won't warm up too much. and and notice throughout the
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forecast period it will be nice and temperatures up to or just above 90 degrees inland and so extreme conditions ended for now. >> stay with us. an up and down day for stocks.
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a potential $5 billion line against facebook and facebook challenges the notice. facebook, apple, microsoft, and amazon and google's parent company, alphabet beat wall street earnings estimation. the dow slumped after issuing disappointing reports. it's the third loss in a row and prices for crude oil and gas are not helping the bottom line.
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>> today, jelly belly welcomed it's seven mill quinnth visitor. so took three years to get a million people in the factory. the gilroy garlic festival is under way. this is the last time he will have the honor. >> i got a letter from my son. so i couldn't say no. it means a lot. so it is nice. >> the festival runs through sunday. >> a value of a work of heart is subjective. the question is price may be less so.
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>> next, deciding it was worth it for art work. >> and from california to (man) what i love most about
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you're looking at new art put on display at the veterans hospital in palo alto. this video obtained by abc news. the hospital is undergoing an expansion right now. >> it's all nice, but some are calling it excessive spending by the va. abc news found open the book, meaning the va spent $20 million on art work of which8 million was approved by congress years earlier. in a statement, a spokesperson says we know providing health
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care goes beyond offering most-advanced treatments. critics say purchases were made as long waits for treatment. and master sergeant said the art has a healing effect. >> if you look at a hospital that has bart it's a welcoming environment opposed to military hospitals that don't have art. it's cold. >> one veteran says money should have been reallocated towards staffing and services. case in point, this rock in the mental health courtyard cost taxpayers nearly $400,000. also, video by abc news shows a colorful display to cost of
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nearly $300,000. >> the va is helping improve the care of our veterans and in palo alto, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> the clock continues to tick for a man running out of time. the state of california ohs luther jones and this 72-year-old man redefines the phrase victim of the system. he served 18 years for a crime he did not commit. time for which the state owes
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him close to a million dollars in compensation. his son wonders if his father will see it. >> my father has been given a time limit. >> when the california department of corrections reduced luther jones he was sick and slipped into a deep coma. >> i was put outside of the gate and left and almost died. >> since then he spent time in the hospital, racking up bills without the money to pay them, waiting for his money from the state. this delay is a common story among exonerated persons. >> they arrest you and want to make you wait for their mistake to be compensated. it's not fair play. >> the state board told us since
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2013 it stream lined the process. and if so, it involves a signature of the governor and having the state cut the check. >> it's final in my father's hands. >> so for now, finally being freed. in napa county, wayne freedman abc7 news. >> the obama foundation announced jackson park will be home on the south side and home to the museum of science and technology. >> you know planes can get you from california to hawaii in six hours. >> rowers spent two months making the journey. >> and this is more than just a
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race. >> for the teams, the hard way, it was the ultimate endurance challenge. lou louie bird and his partner a veteran it was a tribute. first person to row across the pacific, solo. >> just have to have another glass of water. >> the boat was found without a trace of my father and i was five years old at the time. i carry his boat on my fore arm. >> for two months, he and his partner have been rowing two
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hours on, two hours off, 24-7. the difficult part is getting off the california coast until it can catch winds and currents pushing them to hawaii. >> i'm not a rower. and my technique is poor. i feel strong. it's here. and is the elements. three teams with larger crews and boats reached the finish two weeks ahead of them. but winning was never the objective for sooem team sons of the pacific. >> i'd like to feel close to him and get understanding of what he
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went through and it's great. >> they reached the finish line off of diamond head. >> this is mike surray for abc news. >> summer olympics may kick off in just a week. >> we're looking at the uniforms for the opening ceremony. >> what is unprecedented for the outfit designed for the flag bearer. >> and it takes more time and is more secure. weighing pros and cons of our weighing pros and cons of our ne
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enis really built into theat foundation of the company. whole foods market is engaged with pg&e on many levels, to really reduce energy and reduce our environmental footprint. for a customer like whole foods, saving energy means helping our environment, and we can be a part of that. helping customers save energy is a very important part of what pg&e does. we can pass those savings on to the environment, the business, and the community. pg&e really is an expert in saving energy, and that partnership is extremely exciting. together, we're building a better california.
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summer olympics kick off in one week. we're taking a look at at the uniforms that the usa team will wear for opening ceremonies. take a look. >> what is interesting is what only the flag bearer. >> yes. let's move on just a moment. having a hill bit of a ghich there. tesla's giant battery plant is not quite finished.
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tesla's new lower cost model three due out next year. 373,000 potential customers have made preordered deepits. which it's finish, the plan will hment double the world's production of lithium ion batteries. >> today, florida officials announced four people have gotten the virus while in america. these are the first-known cases of the virus being transmitted by mosquitos in the continental united states. >> this is a u.s. issue. we're just at the front of it. >> san francisco health department announced an 8th person tested positive for the zika virus. all eight people contracted this virus traveling outside of the united states. >> happening now, a flight diverted from japan to sfo just landed and is taxiing.
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>> more than 300 million credit cards made a switch from strip to chip. >> yes. michael finney looks at how this helps people
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is your wallet filled with a chip card? >> that is really catching on. and michael finney is here with us now. >> reporter: the chip cards can be used at a number of merchants but how does that help you? some are still relying on the stripe swipe, more are asking us to insert chip cards. visa vice president says her company has seen a decrease at counterfeit fraud and says that is good for consumers. >> if it's going away from
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merchants, attractiveness is also diminished. >> the biggest xhant the seconds to use them. but new equipment is going to make using a card more like swiping again. >> we're going to be able to insert your cards and fwerer yat a code, and that is two seconds or less, then, the aujry sxags comes back. >> martin ferenzie dropped by the office to show me what may be the future of the cards. >> when you're online, you are often asked to provide a three-digit number. we're introducing a dynamic cdb.
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>> the number changes every hour. >> it is a solution that we're proposing to reduce the amount of fraud that is going to increase in the present environment. >> so he mernling technology will make us safer. but actually, consumers are doing well now. >> consumers have 0 fraud liability protection. so they don't have to worry. >> to see my reports click on sections tab and select 7 on your side. >> very cool. thanks. >> time to turn to weather. we're at the weekend.
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>> we are. spencer christian is tracking the forecast. >> here is live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies across the coast. we have low clouds and fog and tomorrow's highs no triple digits. notice inland, low to mid-90s around the bay. 70s to 80 and maybe 60s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. all throughout the seven day period, highs in a seasonal range, up to, just above 90 and upper 70s to near 80s around the bay. >> lots to talk about including governor. >> it appears alden
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raiders held practice today, but big news came off the field where olden smith reportedly checked himself into a center. a video showed a man thought to
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be smith, and a woman, talking about a hand rolled cigarette. >> if he can get ducks in a row, you know, we'd invite a good football player. it's just make sure he takes care of me. >> the pga championship, tieing a record for a major, two weeks ago, phil mickelson shot 63, today, his accuracy, not so g his first shot winds up on the street. he took a triple bogey and managed to card at 70 to make the cut. walker now shares the lead and eight birdies in route to 63.
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so, after two rounds, they are both seven under par. world's number one player, jason day is tied for third. and still made the cut at even par. >> cal is looking for a new starting quarterback. it appears davis webb is a front runner. replacing three-year starter jared goff will not be easy. goff set records for passing and passes. the rams went on to make goff a pick in the nfl draft. >> we're hoping that happens the first practice. we're going to let it play out and see. and at that point, our football team around him. >> cal opens his season in
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australia. the bears will play larry beil's alma mater, hawaii. alexander brand at oracle arena, seven awards, 29 belts have been at oracle. >> i have gotten used to it. i'm still souper thankful for it. i can drive down by 880 and i wonder if i can fight it one day. >> talk about driving the first racers in the world. they'll be competing in pro stock motorcycle divisions. >> quite a rush, 3.7 seconds.
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there is nothing i've experienced that compares to that. >> this report, the a's now going five to thee and giants host nationals tonight. >> all rye, thank you, rick. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv20. coming up, lava from the volcano that found it's way into the sea for the first time in three years. the government is warning people to stay back, at 9:00. then, at 11:00 a bay area animal shelter is on lock down tonight. stop the threat of a virus that is deadly to cats. and here is tonight's prime time line up. shark tank at 8:00, what would you do at 9:00, then, 2020 at 10:00. join us for abc7 news at 11:00. at 11:35 it's jimmy kimmel live. finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters. balloons and confetti are
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cleaned up in philadelphia as we put the wraps on two weeks of political conventions. in recent years they've evolved to be nothing more than four-day infomercials. this time, it was different, with republicans and democrats displaying plenty of ranker along with the rah-rah. it's donald trump and hillary clinton. if the tone of the primaries is an indication, we should expect a little of political vitriol and campaigning that perhaps we haven't seen in our life times. it will be entertaining but will it be illuminating? american democracy is a messy process and also a magnificent one. unique in the world. what really matters is that each candidate restrain themselves, letting ambition and ego overtake the crucial choice the country faces in this
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very-strange election. they probably won't restrain themselves, but i sure wirn they would. you probably do, too. let me know what you think. >> we have more news coming up this evening, however, that is going to do it for this edition of abc news, you can look for breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area. we appreciate you and thank you for spending your time with us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm spencer christian. from all of us, we hope to see you later tonight.
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