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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 29, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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the past pass. police make an arrest next execution style killing that left 4 people dead. it has been 18 months since police swarmed this san francisco neighborhood looking for a suspect. good evening i'm dan. >> i'm amma. 4 victims were sit nling a car
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when they were shot in what police call an ambush. >> and tonight we hear from the mother of one of those victims. lee ann has more. >> the death, we have to sen a message you can't go around killing each other. >> that's what one of the victim mother says she wants for the man arrested for the murder of 4 young men police called chandler and the other mothers with 27-year-old lee. >> suspect already in custody at the federal prison in at water, california and he was arrested today peculiar up from the prison in at water and transported to san francisco. booked in the san francisco county jail and he's facing 4 charges of murder. >>reporter: gang enhancement also aheaded. shooting of the 4 young men occurred year and a half ago in the haze valley neighborhood of san francisco. the car was double park on laguna street. at the time san francisco police had reason to believe the killers were members of
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western addition gang. >> we believe there are persons throughout with information that is relevant to the crime. >>reporter: chandler's son was on his way to work when he recognized one of the young men in the car and asked for a rid ride. police say it was a tragic mistake. finding those involved has been a priority for the interim chief of police tony chaplain who back then was the head of the homicide division. >> i can now rest because the message i left my son was i was going to fight to the end for you, son. >>reporter: suspect will make his first appearance in court on monday. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. we are learning that sadly all 4 people aboard medical plane that crashed on the way to oakland died. emergency crew humboldt county found debris from the plane north of mckinleyville this morning. plane took off last night from crescent city. humboldt county sheriff's office says the pilot declared an emergency around 1:00 a.m. because of smoke in the cockpi
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cockpit. then they lost cockpit. >> in south bay all roads are open after an accident killed 15-year-old girl. sky 7 hd over lafayette street at expressway as police try to figure out what caused the driver to slam into a light pole. 5 people went to the hospital. officers say no indication dru drugs or alcohol were involved. >> all right. to politic. hillary clinton back on the road the day after making history accepting the democrat he can nomination for president. republican nominee donald trump is also back on the campaign trail. but he made time to speak exclusively with abc news. here's kenneth. >>reporter: hillary clinton and tim kaine riding the post convention wave of support. spouse including former president clinton by their side in philadelphia. >> what better place to kick off this campaign than right here in philadelphia where it all started 240 years ago. >> democratic presidential ticket kick off stronger
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together bus tour after historic night in american politics. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states l. >>reporter: fill fall really showed off this week. >> celebration went into the early morning hours after the dnc the mingling with donors and supports but the party is over. the general election match up against donald trump is just about 100 days away. >> his speech whole convention seems more about insulting me instead of helping the american people. >> abc george stephanopolous sat down with trump. >> she quoted jackie kennedy suggesting you are a little man moved by fore and pride. >> she is a dishonest person. i have a winning temperament. she has a bad temperament she's weak. we need a strong temper men that's all it is i have a strong temper minute know how to win. this country if they chose her this country will not be in good shape. >>reporter: while trump is back on the trail swinging
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through colorado 0clinton and tim kaine take the bus tour to battle ground states in the white house. kenneth, abc news philadelphia. >> convention all wrapped up hillary clinton and donald trump are getting ready to square off face-to-face. first presidential debate is set for september 26 at university on long island followed by two more debate in october and st. louis and las vegas. hillary clinton presidential campaign says computer system connected to the campaign has been hacked. campaign aide say the intrusion was part of a larger breach of democrat he can national committee computer that was made public early this week. fbi says it's looking into it. the bart will shut down three station this is weekend to perform track maintenance and reduce is no like this. daly stishtion balboa park glen park closed saturday through 4 a.m. monday. that's less than 4 hours from now. free shuttle buses will get
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passengers to and from the station. it is the first of 7 weekend kloshs along this stretch. eric has the story. >> i thought it was pretty lou loud. >>reporter: more than just loud. >> real squeak loud. real crazy. >>reporter: it will stop a conversation in its tracks. >> i have been coming here since he was a baby. >>reporter: this section of track south of the about boa park station generates an ear splitting is no. >> about 2,000 feet of rail that is jointed make a click klabing sound as you travel over it. >>reporter: there's also a section known as the balboa curve where the wheels grind against the track generate a screeching is no. >> we measure the sound inside the train with this sound meter. it peaked at 100 decibel for the is no level of busy factory floor with no ear pro tickets. i wish i had some ear plug or something i could use. >>reporter: neighbors suffer, too. underneath the track nearby park the sound peaked at
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99.9 decibel like standing inches away from an electric dry. parent try to get used to it. >> i pause conversation to wait for the train to go by. >>reporter: help is coming. bart shuts down the track to put down new welded track to lessen the vibration and some of the is no t.labor day weekend they close again to install these high tech damper to absorb even more vibration. bart provided these pictures. >> they are basically shock absorber. putting those in every 30 inches and that will make things markedly more quiet as well. >>reporter: bart will run a free bus bridge around the closure this weekend. a little inconvenience to reduce a lot of is no. san francisco, eric thomas abc 7 news. multiple reports say suspended raider linebacker smith is back. news comes 4 days after smith denied being the man in a periscope video talking to a
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woman about a hand rolled cigarette. nfl is investigate. raiders team mates and coaches voice their support for smith today at training camp in nap 8. if he can get his duck in a row obviously as a football team we would invite back a good football player but first thing for him and everybody that has that question on him let's just make sure he takes care of him. >>reporter: smith is currently serving a year long suspension for violating the league substance abuse policy. 26-year-old was arrested three times on suspicion of drunk driving during a time with the 49ers. nfl rule prohibit the raiders from contacting smith. in rohnert park tonight deputy ask for the public help finding who shot a cat with a hunting arrow. owner of the cat sent a picture of their 2-year-old cat. they say the cat had a huge hole in his front electric and arrow tip in his chest. had happened on monday or tuesday perhaps in the east section of the city. the cat is okay. coming up.
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waiting game that is a matter of life and death for for man who served 18 years in prison for crime he didn't commit. also t.hero to the rest kuchlt emotional interview with man who helped save a woman from a kidnapper. fire prompt evacuation in the north bay. what fire officials are saying about it tonight. also 7 news meteorologist drew is here with the weather. >> we are saying goodbye to the intense heat inland cooler air arrives this weekend. look at the nice numbers in the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you drew. changes in the water at lake tahoe. what researchers are finding. >> stay with us. 7 news at 9:00
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in napa county tonight the clock continues to tick for for man running out of time. state of california owes luther jones almost 1 million dollars for a wrongful conviction that sent him to state prison for 18 years. but as wayne explains 5 months have passed with no check. it's a story you see only on 7 news. >> luther jones doesn't have much time left and he knows it. this is a 72-year-old man who redefines the phrase victim of the system. that was luther jones last february just out of prison after serving 18 yourself for crime he did not commit. time for which the state of california now owes him close to 1 million dollars in
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compensation. but it hasn't arrived yet. his son wonders if luther will ever live to see it. >> my father has been given a time limit. so fast isn't fast enough. >>reporter: when the california department of corrections released luther jones he was so sick that the first night he slipped into a deep coma. >> i was put outside the gate and left and almost died. >>reporter: since then luther has spent most of his time in the hospital wracking up bills without the money to pay them waiting for his money from the state. this delay is a common story among exonerated inmates. rick walker served 12 years for murder he did not commit. >> they arrest you. convict you and send you to prison but then they want to make you wait for their mistake ton compensated. that's just not fair play. >>reporter: we spoke with the state board of compensation and
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they told us since 2013 it has stream lined the process but still it involves a second declaration of innocence. vote by the state legislature. signature by the governor then having the state cut the check. they tell us that check is essentially in the mail. >> it's final when it's in my father's hands. >>reporter: luther jones remains in the hospital bed for now finally being free has become as simple as staying alive. in napa county, wayne friedman abc 7 news. police in san leandro release new images of man accused in a brazen attempted kid nag. tonight we hear from the man who stopped it. police say the man seen here wearing all black pulled a woman into a car and tried to take her away as she was walking to work. notice the after market wheels on the car. now the attack happened around 7:45 in the morning yesterday on washington avenue 94 monterey boulevard. good samaritan saw the man pepper spraying the woman and dragging her by her ankle into the car. >> i just ran and i got them
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loose and i made sure she was free and okay and i started going at it with the guy then he started maceing me just a total coward. >>reporter: timing is everything. video from pt apartment complex where at the lives shows him leaving at the exact moment the attack happened. we don't see the attack but we can see him drive over to stop it. take another look at sketch of the suspect. 30's the suspect. police are still trying to find him. >> lake county firefighters spend the night mopping up after brush fire. started this afternoon in clear lake oaks off highway 53 and ogle canyon road. 30 acres burned. fire destroyed one building. people animal evacuate. dry and windy conditions just spread the flames so quick limit fire is at least 75 percent contained at this poin point. today's fire comes exactly one year after the start of the devastating rocky fire in lake county. monterey county sheriff's office lifted mandatory
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evacuation order for three years affected by this fire. order lifted for carmel highlands, riley ranch road and red wolf drive and carona road. cal fire released time lapse video showing the fire growth since it start add week ago. grew by more than 1,000 acres today now slightly larger in size than the city of san francisco. fire is 15 percent contained and could take a month to put out. california's giant sequoia are weathering the state drought better than most other tree species. that's incorporating to long-term forest monitoring program run in part by the u.s. geological survive. one of the reasons the leaves in the sequoia crown can store more water than in ground leaves. this at any rate works as buffer against water shortage that otherwise daniel the shoot system. another adaptation shedding leaves can reduce water loss. >> new report shows lake tahoe had record setting year. water temperature is up and clarity down.
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tahoe research center reports the average temperature rose half degree last year fastest rate ever recorded. precipitation average but only 6.5 percent show as lowest ever recorded. there was a decline in the water clarity which had been im proving since the 90's. environmentalist say the bad news comes as public funding to restore and protect the lake is disappearing. the. >> so working with the private industry and forming partnership to push those improvements is necessary tivrjts all right also found the air temperature at lake level only dropped below freezing 24 days last year. another record. all right now weather forecast it has been so blistering hot. will there be relief. >> drew is check on that for u us. true. >>reporter: it looks like financially the heat wave will break tomorrow and you are going to notice about a 20 degree drop over the next 48 hours or afternoon high at some
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of the hottest spots. refreshing air headed our way. live doppler right now coastal fog pushing into the pay so we take you outside. here's a live look from the exploratorium camera pier 15. misty view at the financial direct of san francisco. that fog is thickening at this hour. and it's going to push even further inland that brings some cooling air to our warmest spots overnight tonight. fog near the coast right now pushing into the bay next 12 hours we have cooler day on tap this doesn't have any heat spike forecast in the next 7 days. really a seasonal pattern setting up as we head through the next week in accu-weather. right now 55 in san francisco with that mist. hop inland 30 degree jump in temperatures. still rather mild in antioch at 84 degrees. we are toasty this afternoon in san jose but right now we are still mild at 69. 60 oakland. 58 santa rosa and fairfield currently checking in with temperature of 74 degrees.
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overnight low cool on the coas coast. 63 san frachbility overnight tonight. about 56 bottom out oakland 59 san jose but still a couple of 60's still mild air trying to hang on and our warmest spots overnight tonight under mixture of stars and fog. future weather hour by hour fog will spill and the the pushing further inland is the marine layer ex pan. more high pressure is losing the force allowing the fog to move even more inland. bring about the cooler temperatures. slowly burn back to the coast. sunshine away from the coast. typical afternoon setting up to round out kind of a july pattern we have been in. so high saturday starting in the south bay. 85 san jose. morgan hill 92 degrees. 84 cupertino. 80 sunnyvale. 78 redwood city. 80 palo alto. 57 pacifica with fog. downtown san francisco cloud to sun 64. about 58 daly city into the north bay 81 petaluma. 77 san rafael.
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60 for stinson beach with afternoon sunshine t.76 for valet hovlt east by tomorrow lots of sunshine. 73 oakland. 77 fovrjt 74 for hercules lock at this we are out of the triple digit. slowly making progress. low 90's in san ramone and 91 in fairfield. other good news. there is not a spare the air day in effect fo tomorrow we notice air gets cleaner around the north bay and the coast. even inland today we have poor air quality. tomorrow moderate so we make some steps there and even santa clara valley south central bay moderate air quality. improving in the heat and also the air. 7 day forecast show you tomorrow. the heat is going to ease inland and it feels cooler even on sunday. a lot of spots inland will struggle to get out of the 80's. couple spots hit 92 otherwise by monday and tuesday it is a real seasonal rain then wednesday thursday friday we are looking pretty nice compared to where we were this week. only topping out in the low 90's inland.
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upper 70's on the coast and low 60's around the bay. the heat is snapping. >> thanks drew. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. homes selling like hot cakes. how long it's taking to unload a bay area house. how long it's taking to unload a bay area house. >> the biggest
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>> bay area homes are selling almost twice as fast as the national average. real estate web site sill 0reporting homes here are on the market for average of 43 days shortest time period in the u.s. national average is 78 days. it's happening even as prices keep trending upward. >> happening now grand opening for tesla new gig a fact trip.
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giant battery plant in nevada is only partially complete. located just outside reno. tesla trying to speed up construction to meet demand for the company's new lower cost model 3 that is due out late next year. more than 3 73,000 potential customers have already made pre-order deposits. when it is finish the 5 billion dollar plant will almost double the world's production of litheum eye on battery. tim cook plans to throw a fundraiser for democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton next month. fundraiser scheduled for august 24th according to invitation obtained by the on line news service buzz feed. cook will host the fundraiser as private citizen not as boss of apple. not clear if cook will do the same for republican nominee donald trump. some called for boycott of apple product earlier this year. stay here another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming. one of the deputy scene seen in the video got fired but he's not punching or kicking.
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how investigators say he tried to cover up a crime. also zika in america. virus is very likely spreading byinspectors are on the hunt. and red hot lava spills into the sea. the amazing sight off the coast of hawaii. owe.nother half hour of news
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good evening once again. now to new development into alleged misconduct byal mowed county sheriff's deputy. >> 7 news has exclusively learned that a deputy investigated in connection with this beating of suspect in san francisco last year has been let go. and worked his final shift with the department today. >> melanie has the story. >>reporter: in the surveillance video you can see
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alameda county sheriff's deputy paul weaver and lewis hitting the man more than 40 times. both of the deputy are facing criminal charges. they remain on paid administrative leave. in this enhanced video you can see a third deputy. deputy shawn osbourne swinging a gold chain. alledgedly taken from the man and given to a couple who witnessed his beating. they say this video was big piece of the internal investigation. >> what i can tell you is that the deputy no longer works for the alameda county sheriff's office. >>reporter: reliable sources osbourne was fired. in march sheriff said this. >> that allegation is true. that's one of the most horrific things i ever heard. >> he's sad that this happened. he feels betrayed but he knows that the public trust is the most important thing for him. >>reporter: deputy osbourne had nearly 20 years with the department. his attorney said the departmental misconduct
9:31 pm
investigation remains ongoing. with no final determination having yet been made. once completed deputy other borne is confident he will be exonerated of the theft and bribery alleges. san francisco public defender said the beating and subsequent alleged bribery may have never come to light had the surveillance video not been turned over to his office. >> public agency has an obligation in my view to inform the public as to what actions were taken particularly when you have an allegation such as bribing a witness. if you are willing to the miss handle evidence. destroy evidence and bribe witnesses you are probably likely to do it in other cases. >>reporter: stanislaus petroff is in federal custody on unrelated gun and drug charges. he has appending civil lawsuit. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> attorney for petroff issued a statement saying we are planning to bring deputy
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osbourne and other involved deputies into court very soon. but they will be held accountable for their civil rights violation, misconduct and attempted coverup. tonight people in san diego and across the country are mourning a police officer shot and killed during a traffic stop late last night. police say john thon the was 16 year veteran of the force who was married and had two children. second of swhor was shot 9 year department veteran irwin expected to survive. >> can't begin the to put in wortdz emotions and feelings that surround an event like this. this is one of the most difficult and heart wrenching situations for police officers to go through. >>reporter: at this point in the investigation police aren't calling the shooting an ambush. suspect 52-year-old jesse gomez was shot and taken into custod custody. places took another suspect into custody after a swat stand off. now to the battle against the zika virus. for the first time the
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mosquitos born disease being spread by mosquitos right here in the united states. 4 people have caught the virus through mosquito bites in miam miami. eva pilgrim is in miami in the neighborhood considered to be ground zero for this fight. >>reporter: tonight for the first time evidence of zika spread by mosquitos here in the u.s. >> this morning we learned that 4 people in our state likely have the zika virus as a result of a mosquitos bite. >>reporter: first case announced july 19 in miami-dade county. two days later another case in nearby broward county. then on wednesday the health department revealing two more suspected cases in both counties in south florida. >> we think about this just like we do a hurricane. the way you do well at this you get ready. >>reporter: so far 1658 reported cases of zika in 46 states but these 4 are not linked to travel outside the u.s. or sexual contact with some one infected. all cases stemming from this square mile just north of downtown miami where we were on
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the ground today. workers going door to door reminding residents to take extra precaution. days ago we were there when mosquitos control sprayed affected areas and collected samples. so far officials have tested 1 19,000 mosquitos. none of them tested positive for zika. zika especially dangerous for pregnant women disease can cuss severe birth defects but symptoms are mild. blood center test donation for zika. concerned neighbors telling us tonight they are nervous. >> many you never know. many better be safe than sorry. >>reporter: cdc would not be surprised if there are more reported cases of zika in the coming days and weeks. they are not at this time however recommending people limit travel to miami. mayor here saying he is confident that mosquito control can contain this outbreak. today san francisco health department announce an eighth
9:35 pm
person has tested positive for zika. all pooe 8 people contracted the virus travel outside the united states. today the obama foundation formally announce chicago jackson park home to the library. it's on the chicago south side close to the university of chicago where the president once taught constitutional law. item also home to chicago museum of science and technology. well it takes more time but it's also more secure. >> still ahead. it's also more secure. >> still ahead. michael weighs the pro and con
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is your wallet filled with the new chip credit card. >> new technology is really
9:39 pm
catching on. we keep a close track on the chip roll out. >>reporter: although sommer chant still relying on the magnetic stripe swipe more and more are asking us to insert our chip cards. stephanie says her company has seen a 26 percent decrease in counterfeit fraud at merchant that accept chip card. she says that's good for consumers. >> if the fraud is going away from the merchant system the attractiveness of the did the a diminished for criminal. for you as consumer less of a chance that a criminal will try to get your account number out of a merchant stirjs the bi biggest complaint few more seconds it takes to use them. new equipment is going to make using the chip card more like swiping again. >> for now able to have the same experience for you where you can insert the chip card. generates the secure code. take the card out and that's two seconds or less then the authorization goes out and comes back just like we have had with the swipe.
9:40 pm
>>reporter: this is largest provider of chip cards in the united states here. martin is north american president. he dropped by the 7 on your side office to show me what may be the future of credit cards. >> when you are on line you are often asked to provide 3 digit number on the back of the card. what we call cvv. we are introducing a motion card that is a dynamic card. >>reporter: look at the back of the card it's different from yours. that's a little digital display and the number you see changes every hour or so. >> it's a solution. we are now proposing to the market to reduce the amount of fraud that is going to increase in the the present environment. >>reporter: he mentaling technology and chip cards will together make us safer but consumers are doing pretty well right now. >> consumer also have zero
9:41 pm
fraud liability protection on the advice a card so they don't have to worry from their revie review. >>reporter: you must report lost or stolen card in a timely manner. i'm michael 7 on your side. power ball players have a shot at the eighth largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. >> but physician a very listening odds of course. what it takes toiwin big that's listening odds of course. what it takes toiwin big that's coming up
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>> power ball players have a shot at 4 78 million dollars. >> that's the nation's eighth largest jackpot of all time and the fifth largest power ball jackpot in the game. >> largest ever was world
9:45 pm
record 1.58 million dollar prize in january. three winning ticket including one bought in southern california. >> we didn't win it either. next largest prices was 5 90 million in 20 tlaechbility third largest 5 87 million until 2012. >> what are your odds of winning tomorrow? we have more:00 the answer. >> power ball fever is heating up again. with three months and no winners the jack pot has exploded to more than 4 78 million dollars. and the next drawing is saturday. >> keep hope alive. >>reporter: what are the odds of taking home the big prices with two dollar ticket. not so great. 1 in two 92 million. >> ability of winning. >>reporter: we met with caltech assistant professor moose to break it down for us. >> imagine you let a monkey play with a football on the field until it gets tivrmentd
9:46 pm
what are the odds that the football ends up within a tenth of an inch of where it started. that seems pretty unlikely. but more likely than winning the power ball. >>reporter: more likely to be struck by lightning. those odds 1 in 1.99 million. amateur golfer have a much better chance at hole in one at 1 in 12 500. >> any way of better ering your odd. >> not really. the. >>reporter: lottery officials say there have been more wing tickets purchased with computer selected number instead of the individual selection by players. despite immense odds many power ball dreams have come true. >> couldn't believe it. a blessing to whoever it touches. >>reporter: with players in 44 states and washington, d.c. keeping hope alive that they could be next. abc news, los angeles. wow! >> well next power ball drawing is tomorrow night at 8:00 o'clock. >> down load the 7 news app and push alert to get the numbers
9:47 pm
as soon as they are drawn. 38th annual gilroy garlic festival under way and mr. mr. garlic got things starred when he passed the torch to the chef at the alley. >> last time he will have the honor after donning the bowl the last 29 years. his son will at that time reig reign. >> letter from my son and he said i want to take your place so i couldn't say no. it means a lot to be the say i'll take your place it was nice. >> festival runs through sunday at christmas and park in gilroy. >> lava flow from hawaii volcano has reached the ocean for the first time in three years. lava began flowing on may 24th and moved 6 and a half miles to reach the ocean. thousands of tourists and boaters started showing up to see it. lava which is as hot as 2000 agrees fahrenheit create huge plume of steam as it hits the
9:48 pm
water. amazing sight the survey warns getting too close is dangerous because of acid fumes and steam vent that cans to rock and just the hot half 8. not good. but it's spectacular. really weird. update the weather forecast for the weekend. >> drew is here with the lates latest. >> gilroy garlic festival is known to have hot temperatures in the triple digit. a lot cooler this weekend. perfect for out door activity. live doppler show the coastal fog. push into the bay. inland valley overnight cooler start to the saturday. cooler start and cooler afternoon in some of the hottest spts. no triple digit any more on the map. top out low mid 90's. 94 antioch. san francisco close to the ocean water about 64. morning fog. san jose pretty typical temperature at this time of the year about 85 degrees or 73. oakland napa up to 82 with
9:49 pm
afternoon sunshine. if you are running on sunday san francisco marathon will start off with that cloud cove cover. feel cool in the mid to low 50's. by 9:00 o'clock the fog will be away from the bay but will still linger along the coast and west wind 5 to 15 miles per hour. not going to come right across the golden game. across the bridge off cross wind to bear. accu-weather 7 day forecast heat eases on saturday. it's cooler inland on sunday. sunday many struggle to get out of the 80's. how refreshing. then mother nature giving us the seasonal rain of low 90's 70's around the bay. >> very good thank you drew. >> yes. >> all right. now to an extreme and we mean extreme stunt in southern california. l sky diving daredevil preparing to leap from 25,000 feet without a parachute or wing suit. only a huge net there to catch him. we talked with him before tomorrow's big jump.
9:50 pm
>>reporter: death defying stunt. luke is one movts skilled sky divers in the world with 18,000 jumps under his belt. now going to the unthinkable. 25,000 foot drop twice as high as the normal sky dive. you will not have rehearsed or wing suit just have this. no parachute. it's like a rest car driver. >> exactly. >> free fall at 120 miles an hour. using only his body to steer him into this 100 by 100 foot in. i have roughly over 200 jumps training for this whether he to have so many jump in a row to be able to say we'll do this thing. >> testing the net dropped 200 pound dumpie like this but one crashing right through. after final just thment daredevil hoping to make history tomorrow night on live television. >> what make you most nervous. plan on being here a listening time t. >>reporter: both cheer for the planning. >> i don't know.
9:51 pm
that's really scary. >> it is. >> nervous wreck watching that. definitely. >> all right. well time to get to our sports report tonight. >> yes. rick working it without a net for larry. >> i was hoping to say yes hope nothing but net. coming up in sports. show you if the giant break out of the slump against washington tonight and a's back-to-back of the slump against washington tonight and a's back-to-back home run the with davis is it
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>> 7 news at 11:00. east bay family make public plea tonight after deadly crash. >> and bay area animal shelter is on lock down to stop the spread of a virus that kills cats. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11 over >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. rick is in for larry tonight. >> hi rick. >> giants still struggling. all star break giants had the best record in the major and 6 and a half game lead in the west. since then they have had the worst record in the majors and the lead is now down to just 2. newest giant nunez was at at&t
9:55 pm
park but did not start. san francisco took a 1 nothing lead in the second. blanco single off matt. that scores connor who had doubled. but washington got to jeff for a pair of run in the fifth. murphy nearly has home run. it goes off the wall for rbi triple and made it 3-1. 7 innings allowing 5 hits while striking out 6. now in the eighth nationals lead 4-1. giants lostn 10 of the last 12. a's at clove land. apparently the mascot not a big fan of the hot dog races. in the sixth oakland took a 3 nothing led on back-to-back home runs for reddick and davi davis. reddick pump for the teammate. but the answer with 4 run in the seventh. wild pitch allows the score for go ahead run. down by 2 in the 9th. a's 2 men on for reddick who sends this bull deep to right field. but not deep enough. cleve learned wings 5-3.
9:56 pm
kendall took the loss. american robert grabbed a share of the lead at the championship by shooting a 63. that ties the record for a major. two week ago mick el shown a 63 at the british open. today the accuracy not so good. first shot of the day wind up on the street. walker followed up a 65 with a 66. he nails this long birdie on 1 13. walker now shares the lead with tell him who has 8 birdie in the record of 63. so after two rounds they are both 7 under. world no. 1 player day is tied for third 2 back. alameda had to settle for 73 but still made the cut at even par. like stanford cal looking for new starting quarterback. right now it appears texas tech transfer webb is the front run we are forest and bowers not
9:57 pm
too far behind. replacing 3 year starter golf will not be easy in just three seasons. golf set school records for yards passing, completion and touch down passes. los angeles ram went on to make golf the no. 1 pick in the nfl draft. the coach is taking a witness and see attitude towards his replacement. >> very moment that somebody separates themselves we'll name a starter. we are hoping that happens the first practice. so we let and as soon as the separation takes place then we name a starting quarterback and at that point build our offense scheme and football team around him. >> cal opened the season in sidney, australia august 26. bears take on hawaii. week from tomorrow oakland ward put unbeaten record on the line when he takes on brand at oracle arena. final tune up before fighting champ the until las vegas. 7 of 29 bout have been at oracle but stale thrill for him.
9:58 pm
>> i have gotten used to it but still super thankful for it because i have to drive down 8 80 going to kings boxing gym as 12 or 13-year-old. man i wonder if i could fight at oracle. fight there you are going to headline there one day. >>reporter: the drag racer in the world at sonoma race way this weekend for the nationals. competing in these divisions. so what is it like to rest in a top fuel dragster? >> quite adrenalin rush. 3.7 seconds almost 330 miles an hour and 1,000 feet. nothing i have experienced compares it. maybe riding in a fighter jet which i have yet to do maybe try it out and xairt. >> 330 miles an hour almost as fast as amma leaving the channel 7 garage. almost. >> right after dan. >> this is brought to you by
9:59 pm
toyota. >> threw you under the bus. >> throw him under. >> wow! >> let's pick on chris that's our report. pressure time. >> thanks for joining us. >> for all of us here, we better get out. >> let's do this.
10:00 pm
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