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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 30, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live, this is abc 7 news. >> donald trump is at the center of a new political fire storm tonight. it's about one of the most powerful moments of the democratic convention and it's drawing outrage from liberal and conservative critics alike. mary bruce has more. >> reporter: tonight donald trump is sparking outrage and
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disgu disgust. it was the most raw and emotional moment of the convention, khizr khan with this comment. humayun khan died fighting in iraq. his father -- >> let me ask you, have you even read the united states constitution? i will gladly lend you my copy. >> reporter: tonight trump responding saying that like the khans, he, too, has sacrificed. >> i think i made a lot of sacrifices. i've worked very, very hard. i've created thousands and
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thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. i've had tremendous success. >> those are the sacrifices? >> oh, sure, i think they're sacrifices. >> reporter: and pointing a finger at captain khan's mother, suggesting that ghazala khan did not speak because maybe she didn't speak because of her faith. the real reason she tells us is because of overconsuming grief. >> the next step will be the presidential debates, the first set at hofstra university on long island, followed by two more debates in st. louis and las vegas. >> in texas, a hot air balloon crash killed 16 people this morning. it happened near the town of lockhart about 30 miles south of
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austin. the faa said the balloon hit power lines and caught fire before the crash. >> first i heard like a whooshing sound and then just a big ball of fire up. >> all 16 people were riding in the balloon. that's the maximum number allowed under regulations. last november the faa rejected safety recommendations because so few people go ballooning. >> a man died after falling 50 to 100 feet from a cliff in san francisco today. rescuers pulled him from the water at about 4:30 but he was declared dead a shore time later. a woman with him was not seriously hurt. >> tonight bart is investigating an arrest made by some of its own police officers. witnesses believe it was a case
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of excessive force. it happened inside the embarcadero bart station as police were making the arrest of a possible robbery suspect. . >> reporter: this was the scene pamela martinez captured. >> it was a brutal scene. my legs were shaking. >> reporter: bart police were arresting a 22-year-old suspect inside the station. some say officers went too far. >> one of the officers had his knee on the kid's back. it looked like he was going to break it. >> reporter: bart officials said they believed he was armed but a gun was not found. they say the man resisted arrest and may have kicked and spit on the officers. videos show this officer punching the suspect.
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>> thaeks sesive force. everything that's coming forward about people of color being profiled and treated unfairly by the police, the bart police thought it was okay to behave that way. >> reporter: we showed the video to san francisco police commissioner member who has no jurisdiction over bart police. >> the young man looked like he was hit while he was on the ground and subdued in handcuffs. i don't see any reason for that. that looked to be a very unnecessary, very improper. >> bart said in a statement the suss september was uncooperative with officers. the man was arrested for resisting arrest and battery on a police officer. better is running on time once again after a track fire shut down service in the east bay. the fire started around 3 this afternoon at the walnut creek station. there was most likely debris on the track.
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>> the fire in monterey county has grown to more than 35,000 acres. 57 homes have been destroyed. it's just 15% contained. hot and dry conditions have made things tough for firefighters. for more let's check in withdrew. >> certainly today the air near the fire was filled with smoke and winds today were prevailing out of the south and west. you can see that smoke right here on the satellite imagery and some of this particulate matter was moving into the south bay as well. look at the winds headed our way the next 24 hours. tomorrow afternoon those winds are out of the south and the west. once again, we do expect to have hazy skies. only right here and that's because that smoke from the fire that is burning just to the north of -- the cooldown we felt
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today will continue tomorrow as well. we'll have the numbers coming up. >> the skies above san jose are a little smokey tonight because of an 80-acre brushfire. right now no homes are threatened and firefighters have it about 40% cop tand. >> 26,000 runners are getting ready for the san francisco marathon tomorrow. they picked up their race pacts and bought last- >> it's my first time to san francisco actually. >> and is it your first half marathon? >> it's my third but it's going to be the hilliest one i've ever had. >> road closures start along the embarcadero at midnight and continue into the the morning hours. >> critics worry about the cost
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of california's shift toward all renewable electricity. still ahead at 9:00, find out how californias say they feel about spending more to go green. and a water warning across california. why state officials want warning signs posted at. >> abc 7 news app, on the go, on
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nearly 200 rez voirs throughout the state are contaminated with excessive levels of mercury, prompting
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health warnings over the next two years. several rez voirs are right here in the bay area. as debate over climate change heats up in california, a recent poll shows people are willing to pay more for electricity if it comes from renewable sources. government glen's exbut a report from the state's nonpartisan public institute stutin. >> more than 60% of those polled say the effects of climate chang are happening now, but among
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republicans, about a quarter say those effects will never occur. >> nintendo may once again be doing certainly completely different with the gaming console. the any tender. >> coming up next, it's tykes on bikes. the race that's not just about finishing first. and our cooler eyes. >> i believe we're already talking
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take a look. these guys and gals may be find sized but it took all day rinsing. it's the ryder cup world championship this weekend. the raisers are ages 3 to 5. professionalies were handed out to the top raters and stunt wearing. sfw sfwrnbruchl look at the 4-hour temperature change. yesterday we were around 100
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degrees, today's were in a 14-degree kol down, about two in mountain sfrfrm 65 currently in san francisco. 3 f sfrchl sflfrm and will isn't that hutch harr p sfchlt.
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sfchlt. >> the majority of the read is. >> >> and there's that pop of the jay-z him the. >> if kweerp p we were still there in the morning parkthere will be a lest wind about 15 to. >> sfw spmd.
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>> it a cool 70, it will if. (sfrm dm you've got 5 to sunshine and really it's just a summer spread, continuing and still seedal thur ride. so father in neat (he is running in the marathon tomorrow but he's waiting till the sun comes
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up, right? >> i think the latest are time are the sue and prash sfrrchlt sfufrmt spchi think he runs ands of of who else? the jack man not hurry and still in the roar sfrm spmt johnson is
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did sfrurchlt the thing is monday's trade deadline and everybody has this home from hoffal torn form the bottom, too f sfchlt. but (and the a's for the first serious lost, are you ready be
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the football. nchltd a big clubhouse leader. matt says he's become a dominant ton. it's going o give us the confidence when the season hits go to and out win games consistent by it. >>p a lot of questions to be answered for the new red coach, including who will be a starting quarterback. but the run game, will set this tie if he can sta you not just
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for me p. >> it definitely a competitive advantage. i mean, it not like he's out there like drawing up players in the sand that are brand new, but just the way he puts things together. >> tonight at levi's stadium, liverpool and ac milan. eg creates his own -- >> nhra this weekend almost, went to the finals thinking of.
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. coming up tonight at 11:00, getting ready for the san francisco mayor thrathonmaratho. what you need to know to avoid a traffic headache tomorrow. and people line up for the furst time in nine years for an abc news look. >> and two of the registered
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monday zooms from the park. they're making the join to throw watch at other times. they police. >> we'll see you there. bye-bye.
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announcer: today on "matter of fact" -- game on! he said -- donald trump: hillary rotten clinton, right? announcer: then she said -- hillary clinton: he offers zero solutions. announcer: what are they both saying to convince you to vote? karen tumulty: that really does sound like a recipe for a slugfest. announcer: making the case for hillary. can the congressional insider help her up her game? plus, first it was a cold war. now it could be a cyber war. will a hack attack put russia in charge of our election? fernando: an international watergate on steroids.


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