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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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condo owners in one of san francisco most prison teen us and expensive address get a sinking feeling tonight. swanky building is slowly submerging into the ground beneath it. it is the leaning tower ofr#mm n francisco. high-rise isn't jus
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you have probably sqñ eq (ur.t 9 >> it's on mission street. next door to where the newx ans force tower under construction. >> jonathan has]' the story. >> i think:ó they can5 fix the i don't think they want to do[ s expensive. 3 d at t( towers developers but they say it's not their fault. all building settle over time they told us. 301 mission settled more than originally anticipated because it was affected by subsequent construction by others. they are saying the digging for the transit center being built next door is to blame. but the homeowner association brought in an engineer who doesn't buy it. >> explaining. whypr the building is sinking ad tilting and it's very clear after listening to him and i have done that the build in bed rock that's the neighboring transit center say the tower here is built differently from others in the neighbor.
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instead of steel anchor on bed rock more than 200 feet down it's made of concrete sitting on a0 with pilings just 80 feet into the soil. in a statement they said thatsa foundation is inadequate,j to prevent settlement of building with the weight of the tower millenium partner poor design decision is the cause of the illenium partner poor design the tower. it settled 16 inches> they would lose in any court i believe if they fight this. >>reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news.dv >> let's turn now to the race for the white house. every presidential election we see aqú bounce in the poll after the convention.% after the republican convention donald trump hadçz anr 3 point d then wereí 48-45 percent.çñ well tonight just days aftersdqa reversal.q rr&lary clinton is ne
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-43. that3e new poll partlyge reflecv trump attack oné the kahn trump attack oné the kahn dnr son's death on the battle field in iraq. trump now doubling.m down on the goldb= star family sayin1ñ that the fatherxi viciously attacked himm.1 here's more.%á  trail. stillñ hounded by=. these words. dqap'd nobj one. >>reporter: muslimcmn5 a$u(le n condemningçk donald trump and hm immigration at the democratic convention invoking their so thatf- who was killed in action tnkz iraq. ÷+ump questioned by george stephanopolous. >> what sacrifice have you made for your country. i think i made a lot of sacrifice. i work very, very hard. i have created thousands and thousands of jobs. tens of thousands of jobs. built great structures.
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i think there are sacrifice. >>reporter: that answer drawing more anger from other military family who are now demanding an apology. while mr. kahn asked for empathy. >> you don't may line the whole religion, the whole culture. we are the solution to the dealing with the terrorism. >>reporter: trump says he will not apologize. >> all i did is respond and i will always respoyrngsd and trump insists. >> i do honor their sochbility i honor all people that were killed as military or otherwis otherwise. >>reporter: but republican senator and vietnam pow mccain said in a statement while our party has bestowed upon him the nomination it's not accompanied by unfettered license to defame those who are the best among u us. other gold star family and even the head of the vfw all demaned that donald trump apologize to the kahn and other military
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families. >> hillary clinton is set to return to california this mont mon:x. political analyst and political reporter carla says she will appear in both hollywood and silicon valley for high ticket fundraisers with high profile hosts. man in this video being hit by alameda county sheriff's deputy is now asking for justice in the form of a federal civil rights lawsuit. last friday we brokeq the story that one of the deputy was fired. two others on paid administrative leave. other 5 still work for the department. man at the center of this case is petroff fbi called him a career criminal. on november 12th of last year he led alameda county sheriff's deputy open 30 mile chase san leandro to saguh#rancisco. during the chase-f he ram a bcrashed his0 car on stevenson8g street in the missionudráu)ict. he ran intoeáu(sy where heéá was caught and beaten for almost a minute resulting in a than could concussion and multipleó$ fractures.7w melanie has today's new details on the case.
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>>reporter: it was this november incident that.n promptd the federal civil rights lawsuit filed today. you cap see alameda county sheriff's deputysz santa maria and pall weaver hitting petroff more than 40 times n.march petroff spoke exclusively to abc 7 news. >> can't use my hand. can't even tickets lawsuit name 8 deputy. >> item really important that they measure up to what we expect of them. >>reporter: deputy santa maria and weaver are facing criminal charges in connection to the beating. they remain on paid administrative leave but friday the department fired deputy osbourne. in this enhanced video you can see osbourne swinginga gold inkhachlt he alledgedly took it from petroff after the beating and gave to it witness to silence them. >> that misconduct alleges of the gold chain versus the use of force investigation are very different. >>reporter: department will not say whether alleged bribery is why deputy osbourne no longer works for the department. >> i was wondering why did it
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take them so long and when are the criminal charges going to fall. >>reporter: san francisco da office says the city public corruption task force is currently investigate the bribery alleges. mean time the alameda county da office says it's looking into other cases deputy osbourne was involved in. 5 other deputy named in the lawsuit are still working for the department. lawsuit claims deputy high 5 each other after the incident and took a trophy photo of petroff on the ground. sheriff's office has called it an evidence photo. petroff is currently in federal custody on unrelated gun and drug charges. in san francisco, melanie, abc 7 news. bart is launching an internal affairs investigation after two video were posted on facebook over the weekend. video show bart police punching a suspect while he was restrained. witness believe it's a case of excessive force. happened in the embarcadero staivlingts bart officials say officers were trying to arrest a possible robbery suspect but
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when they tried to detain him he was unkoon cooperative and physically resisted the officers. he was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest and 5 counts of battery of a police officer but not for the robbery. video have been viewed more than 120,000 a times. man was shot in the head overnight as he drove on east bay freeway. he's now in critical condition at high land hospital. there have been dozens of freeway shootings in the last 9 months. leslie has more. here along the powell street off ramp on east bound interstate 80 at 2:26 am reports of gunfire were called in to 911. chp found a 27-year-old man from oakland slumped over in the driver seat of his silver nissan ultima with a bullet in his head. he's now in critical condition at high land hospital. >> i think there is a lot of road rage. it can happen anywhere and people have more guns you have
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the more things will happen. >> no safety anywhere apparently like you can't even drive your car on a freeway any more. >>reporter: it's the 36th shooting on east bay freeway in the last 9 months. man died on highway 4. 25-year-old pregnant woman also died from gunshots on highway 4 near pittsburgh. more shootings on highway 2 42. interstate 80. chp says the vast majority are not random. but gang related shootings in which the victim was deliberately targeted. latest incident emeryville chp collected evidence and interviews from those who witness the shooting but the shooter or shooters are still at large. newáthreat from the zika virus,b promptingd almost,unprecedented0 move. by if you are pregnant or talk to yourz?: doctoré. >> new travel warningf for women
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and wha÷ to know. ending. return to san jose!xr8w] states there is thebñ return of the track and field&k team. >>h. i'll show the stronger marine influence isga going to bring cooler than normal conditionse. i'll show you when coming up. thank you. and still ahead. wild rollover and good samaritan who came to the wild rollover and good samaritan who came to the
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in the battle against zeke a.cdc issued first ever travel warning for right here in the united states. it's advising pregnant women not to visit the hardest hit part of miami. 10 new cases just found there linked to mosquitos bites and there is concern that the outbreak could spread because those zika carrying mosquitos are in more than half the country. eva is in miami. >> tonight workers spraying in the heart of ground zero where the zika outbreak is growing. >> on top the 4 cases we announced on friday we have 10 more cases. >>reporter: leading to that unprecedented travel advisory. cdc recommending pregnant women avoid this popular area of miami win wood. impossible former said who lives a block from the trouble
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zone. she knows zika can cause severe birth defect. >> scary really is kind of scary. >>reporter: cdc telling women who visited the area not to get presenting innocent for 8 week. health officials door to door handing out pamphlet and testing hundreds of resident. this man just rarnd he has zeke a.6 of those new cases here are people without symptoms like most who get the virus. new concerns mosquitos in the area could be resistant to pesticide. >> mosquito control efforts don't appear to have been as effective as we had hoped. >>reporter: health officials say they expect there will be more cases. mosquito control now experiment with different types of pesticide as they try to control this mosquito. abc news miami. researchers are one step closer to creating approved zika vaccine with the first round of safety trials already under way in fact. drug company have shown success in pre-clinical trial where they induce immunity in mice
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and monkey likely that the vaccine could prevent infection in people as well. san francisco man is one of three people who died at miscellaneous ick festival in southern california over the weekend. hart summer festival in san bernardino county is a 2 day rage after 147,000 people this year. investigators say 22-year-old derek lee of san francisco was one of the victims. didn't say how he died. temperature was in the 90's both days. last year two people died at themy festival. both deaths were drug related. dozens of people witness the rebirth of one of the nation top track field programs today. san jose state announced it was bringing back the men program after it was terminated 28 years ago. the program has seen many great figure with smith and carlos. lee ann has more. >>reporter: former olympian track and field program. to be reinstated in october 2
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2018. that's 50 years after tommy smith and john carlos made one of the most political statements in the history of the olympic by raising their fists during the medal ceremony in mexico city. smith who won gold in the 200 meter race"#ffo.#?w$xnl[ilrñ hat a black power salute but a fight for human rights. that historic moment is captured in the 22 foot high statue at san jose state. >> carlos and smith might be the ones who put on those steps standing but let me tell you when we walked off, we carried you with us. >>reporter: at the time the nation was still struggling toned racial segregation and discrimination. carlos who won the bronze medal said that effort for equality has shifted to a new phase. >> of course all lives matter. but i have the right to say that i'm concerned about number of young black kids dyingp throughout this nation. it need to story, well known
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socialist and graduate harry edward says it's time to turn the page while never for getting the contributions of these athletes. from 1941 to 1970 san jose state produced 27 olympian in track and field. >> and reporter said extra something in the water there? yes. there is. they call it the spartan spiri spirit. they call it the spartan courage. >>reporter: university is asking those here to once again show their spartan shirt by helping them raise 5 million dollars to build a new track an field facility. in san jose, lee ann abc 7 new news. meeting happening now for the hundreds of people affected by the wild foyvr near big sur. these are photo from over the weekend of the water dropping helicopter being used to try to contain the 40,000 acre fire. 57 homes already destroyed and 3 others damaged. 10 day since it started the fire has burned 64 square
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miles. about the size of san francisc francisco, sausalito, daly city come beat. one person died as a result of the fire. which is just 18 percent contained. still a long way to go obviously. one thing that does help around the bay area and state cooler weather. >> yes. sandhya is here with what the we are facing these days. >>reporter: yes we see cooler weather heading towards the latter part of the work week which as dan mentioned certainly will help the crew out there show you live doppler 7hd right now we have the fog along the coast. starting to push into some parts of the north bay and it will be with us tomorrow morning during the commute. here's satellite picture of the fire near big sur back in time to noon time watch the smoke plume just move northeast ward. some of the smoke made it into parts of the south and east bay this afternoon but the wind has really been keeping things stirred up so actually the smoke layer haze layer disbursed late this afternoon early evening. fairfield gust 32 miles an hou hour. notice the wind direction is coming off the water out of the
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south west and that's going to help to drive our temperatures down later on this week. 28 in hayward. wind also help to keep our air quality good even though up above we see the smoke layers and next couple days. air district says we are expecting good to moderate air quality tomorrow and good for all areas on wednesday. if you do have respiratory issues good idea to stay inside especially in the areas impacted by the smoke. right now live look from the sfo camera. see mat arena layer at this hour. 2000 feet deep. temperatures 58 in san francisco. 60 in oakland. so it's cool off quickly. 65 san jose. 57 half moon bay. 7 news÷joli/ exploratorium camea pier 15 showing you what the morning will look like. gray across many parts of the bay area. 58 in santa rosa and currently 61 in napa. look how cool in petaluma. you get the breeze usually. mid 50's livermore. 65 degrees and live look from the emeryville camera. we look
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marine layer. morning drizría and hazy sky inland and south bay tomorrow because of the smoke and cooler pattern setting up for late this week. so tomorrow morning temperatures start out in the 50's for pretty much everyone so good sleeping weather tonight and then as we head into the hour by hour forecast you will see what will happen. 5:00 a.m. commute time. fog will cover a good part of the by and the coast. 7:00 a.m. the coverage will increase a little bit and as we take a closer look here along the east bayshore line we see the fog and parts of the north bay for the commute. fog does pull away for most of the bay side community butal the coast line not everyone se sees the clearing. some fog linger from san francisco south. and east bay due to the smoke and for the north bay it's bright. south bay temperatures 81 in san jose. 87 for new morgan hill. 80 santa clara. 79 sunnyvale. been hearing from people on social media enjoying the weather. unlike last week where we had the hot conditions. this week not expecting. thatue mid 70's redwood city. palo
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alto half moon bay 62 with the fog. 59 daly city. foggy 64 downtown san francisco and in the north bay 80 in nap a.petaluma 83 santa rosa, 77 san rafael in the east bay 70 in oakland 77 fremont head inland and it's hazy but warm 90 concord 91 livermore. 7 day forecast low 60's to 90's the next couple days then drop to 84 in the warmest inland spots on(d"ááqpvkkeeping you in the mid 80's friday saturday inland low 60's coast side and temperatures come up a little bit second half of your wean. >> all right thank you so much. still to come at 9:00. amy make it possible to use the phone like tachl v remote. how it work. internet access something a lot of us in the bay area take> for granted.
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>> apple turned i-phone into tv remote for apple tv. they relowes an app that allow users to control the set top box with the i-phone. users can navigate apple tv using the smart phone touch screen instead of physical remote. replace the remote for those who lost theirs. the app only work with the latest apple tv went on sale last fall. >> large number of californians don't have broadband internet access. new poll for the california emerging technology fund finds that 32 percent of low income resident can't connect to high speed internet at home. spanish speaking residence and the elderly also lagging behin behind. researchers believe it can be a huge disadvantage for those studying for school or looking for a job. >> there are things that those of us who have access to the internet may take for granted. they unable us to the transact our lives more efficiently and more easily but we forget that
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those who don't have hardships that we don't recognize. >> researchers say smart phones are poor substitute for those who don't have broadband access. next on 7 news at 9:00. donald trump and putin how well does the candidate know russia president. >> thinks pretty special8uu. dedication. hard work8z. hardqp"ership of one man whozd spearheaded a meme%1 for4p what vn who had his@j artificial leg stolengn off the beach just got0 a new one along artificial leg stolengn off the beach just got0 a new one along with bigay sprichlts
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>> good evening once again. begin this half hour with questions about donald trump and vladimir putin. >> trump said he good relatio
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relationship with the russian president and now dense he does so. which is trouchlt. >> here's david wright. >> donald trump insists he won't be pushed around by puti putin. >> people say trump will be weak with putin because putin is saying nice things about me. okay. all right. >> two years ago trump claimed he had a relationship with putin. >> do you have a relationship with putin a conversational relationship or anything that you feel you have sway or influence over his government. >> i do$pn have a relationship. >>reporter: but nowk a complee reverse a. >> i have no relationship. but if you have no relationship why did you say in 2013 im do in 2014. >> because he hakpyaid nice thingss÷ about me over the yishtion he says he's had no contact with putinjñ not even a phone call. >> i have never met him. y know it if you lt rñ i think so. >>reporter: yet. >> i was in moscow couple months ago. i own the miss universe pageant
9:31 pm
and they treated me so great. putin even sent me ao' present.v beautiful present with a&b beautiful note i spoke to all his people. >> i was in russia recently and i spoke in have been nicer. >> what exactly is your relationship with putin. >> i have no relationship=ú wih putin. >>reporter: clinton campaign used the bromance between trump and putin real or xnl rated as scary stuff calling these conflicting statements yet another example of how trump is temperamentally unfit to be president. omaha, nebraska. our commitment to our veteran is a sacred covenant. i don't use those words lightl ! >>v. he talked to the disabled vr] rarns today. announce the number homeless vets rans has
9:32 pm
make upfuñc çy% of the homeless population. first mainly monument on in san francisco.u2 we have the story ofbo 7 careert veterans of the koreanód war in san francisco.u2 >>reporter: for old warrior they want to. if san francisco presidio today such memory came flooding back. good. bad. and by choice. >> both. you can't forgetlc any of it. you remember themdu all. >>reportesm:uz expected as muchúo when the cemetery dedicated the korean war memorial today.3x veterans came fromainterand far. some under' their own power. of sur6l(juáy >>#2 had to bring himfow&$re. >>reporter: lisajo of oakland those are memory of her father hooverz in the box. >>0+ just happy i'm here
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representing. >>reporter: national cemetery lately might appeared that's hardly the case. it's here mostly due to the dedication of one man. ÷ñ >>reporter: we have been following marine lieutenant colonel john black steven since he]f began the project in 2009. how coulddq the presidio hejz wondered not have a memorial to the so-called!z police action that killed 33,000 americans and one million koreans with a lot of@; help erased+d more tha3 and halfyoillion dollarsenq. >> people we getting killed.da we were killingil people. >>reporter: ós one of those who diedñ1 lieutenant lopez. this photo of him cresting the wall serves as memorial center piece.q his nephew mike lopez felt honored for the family. >> what would he say about thi this? >> i did what i was trained to doyshtion they7d didn't given. not then. not now.
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old soldiers never do. at the presidio national cemetery in san francisco, wayne friedman abc 7 news. tl driver in florida is in te hospital but miraculously alive follow a spectacular rollover. take a look at this. look at. that carve rolled over 8 times before coming to rest upside down. we show it to you again. the driver owes his life to thei goodfn sayer+i man who came to p put/d out thej fire.#n flip carto; over. pulled the:@ guy out. >> started pullingts him outvo another guy probably about hi able helped me.÷( we pulled himqb out of the car anduh then cops and param1$c did he rest really. >>reporter: driver was air-liftedp' to the hospital. officials say he hit a million box and some atv parked outside a scooter dealership three block before the crash. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> look at that debris@a field
9:35 pm
incredible. happyen to go the story tonight for 4-year-old boy who had his prosthetic leg stolen from a beach in southern california. he got a new leg now and big surprise thanks to!w celebrity. here's george. >>reporter: he's a little-w spark meeting big shark. 4-year-old captured a lot of part including robert when we told the story last week of his prosthetic leg ripped off from the sand of orange county beac beach. robert let us know he wanted to help. since he wanted to meet liam he decided to throw the kid a party. >> you are so cool. >> you planned the lunch for the day after your wedding because it was that important to you. >> it's that important to me. you know if we have app opportunity to help why wouldn't we? he's such a great kid. >>reporter: robert went out and bought toys for liam and for his brother. >> look what it is. lego. >>reporter: others also showed
9:36 pm
up with gichlts although i didn't mean&x for my microphone to be one of them. >> he's the most positive kid. 4 years ochlt something like this happens to him and he has such a great outlook on life. an he was so nice. look george. >>reporter: he and family also came bearing gift for robert and the man who made his new leg. >> he'll grow and require them quite often. it will be our pleasure to do so. we'll try to get him sponsored. get him pick up by some of our our companies and manufacturers and yes we'll try and do him turned in something so amazing for my son and he is just thrilled beyond relief right no7jñ >> when he walked in and meeting robert and noah he just exploded. he just loved it. >>reporter: noah is noah gallaway former army soldier who was injured in the iraq war. the two got along immediately. >> his future is very bright. he's going to do more
9:37 pm
impressive things i coffee imagined could i do. >>reporter: besides his new leg liam gets a party, new toys and new friends. do you feel like a celebrity now? >> yes. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. >> the start of school is just around the corner but not too late for summer camp. >> see what the kid learn when late for summer camp. >> see what the kid learn when they get to spend
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hundreds of bay area children from under served communities are getting a chance to get out into nature this summer thanks to partne partnership between the y and the national park service. >> program really is a win-win. good for the kid and good for
9:41 pm
the environment. it's the moment of truth for a beginner. >> am i going to sink. >> few minutes later she's paddling like a pro. these kayaker are from the bay view ymca in san francisco. >> it was perfect. >>reporter: city skid. getting a week of out door adventure. >> because stay cooped up in a house it doesn't do anything for your little education. >> it's beautiful. >>reporter: over the next few week more than 500 bay area kid will get to try a lot of activities at tional parks. just a few miles from their homes and with a very clear message. >> i own this park. you own this park. this group from the china town y and on this day they are at the presidio helping with the native plant nursery. >> grow into big purple flower flowers. >>reporter: kid do everything from washing pots for seedling to pulling weeds. >> like. that. >> when kids have a fundamental relationship with nature earlier in their lives the
9:42 pm
whole lives expand and for the rest of their lives nature will be a parti5k& called let's move outside. promoted?e by michelle obama an& made reality by partnership between the ymca of san fra.%asco, national parkszb and xq non-profit")u(port group. >> really thrilled to be able to partner with the ymca to bring san francisco youth to their own national park. >>reporter: goal is to reach kid who don't have easy access to nature. >> because they can embrace all this. you can't always play(o video games. >>reporter: 13-year-old ej favorite thing about the program? is team work. >> we work together as a community. >>reporter: remember the girl who was afraid her kayak would sink. she had such a great time she convinced another frightened girl to give it a try. program director still get choked up by these moments.
9:43 pm
>> it's best feeling in the world. i get goose bump thinking about youth in ourl of programs like community and to make a positive change. >>reporter: this is the second year of ths) program. which cost aboutmeñ 80 dollars team already tryingñf to raise money to keep1n it going nextm%d yearq?u"d÷. is thatqh great or what. camp program runsh%rough august 12th andf÷ still room for fe/&ç more kidsqu the final weeg find out more about attendingm% to help them sight creators we explain in aa mome d ñ.6g. up nextjw at 9 ochltñx+z ine sight
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silicon valley made good on a promise they made to familyp. mountain view base nightscope welcome the family to the photo with the company officials. he received the tour after one of the nightscope 300 pound%i robot ran over his right foot. at stanford shopping center on july 7 causing his foot to swell up. he also ended up with a scrape on his leg for guy. nightscopeácalled the accident hoévhfying and promised the family that new version of the robot will be rolled out. >> bizarre humorous sight in hawaiiñó check this out. look like a smiley face. spotted i hope the volcano crate or last week during ongoing eruption.
9:48 pm
tour company took the spectacular shot. >> that's fun t. one last time update the weather forecast for you. >> sandhya has that. >> yes. look at live doppler 7hd we have some fog moving in across the north bay. already sock in along the line and the smoke from the fire impacting the central valley continue to do so air quality alert up until tuesday afternoon for the area where sky hazy tomorrow if travel to fresno, yosemite, 98 degrees at yosemite. 84 tahoe heading down south los angeles 81 degrees. bay area we go with coastal fog 62 in half machine bay. micro climate breezy oakland 70 frees and it's warm in walnut creek. 88 warm hazy in antioch 92 degree so good 30 to 32 degree spkf coast inland tomorrow afternoon. 62 half moon bay and everyone else in between with the hazy
9:49 pm
sky and south and east bay. livermore temperature trend 88 at the afternoon high. a little bit above normal for two days before we drop down below average thursday through saturday and that cooler than normal pattern take you into the first half of the weekend. bouncing right back up secon second-of the woon. >> thanks. all right the donor stadium making highlight reel this weekend. over the wean. by saving unsuspecting fan from a foul ball speeding their way at 108 miles per hour this ball girl. earned her the biggest cheer of the game and some new fans of her own. here's david muir. >> happened so fast could you barely catch it. >> line drive foul. >> she did. >> nice catch down there. >> check it out again. ball girl on the left catch. the ball head straighttor fan looking down. likely on his phone. looking up after the save. on line they are simply calling
9:50 pm
her emily the ball girl. number new hampshire narrowly saving not only him but that beer. glass half full. the ball clock at 108 miles per hourñí listen to the5% >> catching it handing it to the fan. so many reading her lips when she said to the fanny got you. >> that's great. >> sign her up. we need her quick hands. >> time for more sports. >> larry i like that. she's pretty sharp. >> all over it. if you sit on the first or third baseline it happened fast. if you start wandering around you are going to get knocked out. >> 1,000 people a year get hit. >> unless emily 30's to save you. we have a bunch of dead line deals to discuss. giants get better we think. and the a's ges get worse for giants get better we think. and the a's ges get worse for now while fueling the
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at 11:00. economic professor husband and father gunned down. tonight we have new details on the man mysteriously shot and killed screws days ago in the south bay. >> cyclist make dangerous discovery on north bay trail tonight. some call it a booby trap. >> those stories more coming up at 11:00 o'clock over on >> those stories more coming up at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7 all right some big moves in the bay. >> really. larry has all of it 8. lot of wheeling dealing today. baseball trade deadline cayman went. giants usually don't make the big splashy move. they continue to not make splashy move. they gave up a bunch for 2 left left handed pitchers. 7 and 7 this season. era was all star back in 2013 17-4 year missed most of the next 2 seasons because he had surgery. where does moore fit into the giants rotation? that's unclear tonight. somebody has to move. giants give up third baseman duffy fan favorite along with two minor leaguer and last week
9:55 pm
it was said he wouldn't be dealt. very tough seller market for the giants to operate in. duffy went to 20th tore talk to giants fans saying a part of my heart is always next to crawford at third base at at&t park. in the other deals giants acquired will smith from the brewers. will smith got era over 3.6. give up the no. 1 pick from the 2015 draft. ó]/? fresho prince of belaireh referencete. if you watch the showpu you get that joke. now+= we tonigm+ had free time opeuláh$ands so we skourtd/e of, brett phillipsña. ÷uug how do you find will smh in the snow.!m will smith that's you.gú >> you look4m forhñju hisí fresh prince. >>z not ai0 princek2
9:56 pm
printsjn. thelz [ laughing]>wc-. [ laughingn"],s. >> =screech;v from phillips thee it was mother even that funnybva joke but he just2wy lost it completely. on the other%÷en of the spectruy the deadline9m not friendly fort a's fanslm. stop me if you heardñ this one before.dñ oakland shipping off two key players to the dodgezt. trade popular gold glove outfielder josh reddick and rich hill. reddick hitting 2 96 with 8 homer. hill 9 and 3 with a 2;.25 era 14 players were probably going to leave free agency in the off season and reddick wanted a longer term hval for bigger money than the a's willing to give him. package the donors gave up in the deal. because
9:57 pm
a's getting the right-handedkt pitching prospect. ranked in the top 10 of the develop so billy cap trade them away. no more snap chat from green today. usa back on the court tuning up against nigeria and break from summer of apologies.gá: kevin durant making his mark. shooting 3ic all night long anó with authority here. oh, canada. durant a little shake and bake. pull up. hand in the face. splash. moments later. a lot of this from the warriors next season. durant thompson bang. 41-16 team usax 2 minutes left and how do you stop kd. euro step and with authority.
9:58 pm
right there he's having good time. 4 and o as they win this 110-66 for usa. nfl after sitting out last +k'iner right tackle davis is back. former first round pick repor reported to camp lighter than. he dropped about 30 pound. his return could8o help shore up offensive line that struggled so much last year. alsopt appears that davis and niners? management ready to moe past the critical comments of the big man made about the team on socialxz media. >> we talk about everything. man to man. got past it. we are on the same same page e.i told him he has a blank slate like every other player and coach. we are all new. >> excite that had he's able to be back here with the football team and just speak with him for the last two days now. real excited to be back here time. i want to be healthy and feel good so that's really my
9:59 pm
that was my main focus. get my body to a point where it's healthy and everything is functioning at the highest level. >>reporter: one last piece of video show you. mets yankees at city field tonight check out the first pitch by john mcenroe tennis star full wiped up and throwing smoke. look at. that johnny mack are you serious? still bringing it. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. some people kind of bounties up there 0whatever. he was throwing hard. >> did he smash a bat or anything when finish. chew out umpire. >> i'm sure he got into it with an ump somewhere. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> see you at 11:00 on channel
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